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trapper keeper or Easter egg than a mode of transportation as it sat idling like a sickly little bee behind me. Surely this boy knew that I had been waiting for this spot. I rolled down my window to kindly let the young man know—just incase he was genuinely oblivious to his surroundings. His dark hoody and chrome tinted sunglasses concealed his facial expression, but he told me in not so many words—just two in fact—to get lost. The only way I was getting that spot was to put my car on top of him. Feeling it wasn’t worth it, I moved on to find another. I gave up trying to find a spot near the mall entrance, and then gave up trying to find one near the closest department store entrance before heading next-door to the movie theatre lot. Finally, I found one between a curb and a huge pickup with scary looking tires. The owner of the truck must have not realized that his vehicle was a bit too large to fit exactly between the lines, and I was forced to exit my car through the passenger-side door. Once I managed to squeeze out, I maneuvered carefully between my car and the boxwood bushes adorning the curb, but one of the branches reached out and snagged me. As I tried to free my sweater, one of my buttons became a casualty— popping off and rolling up under my car. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and got down on my knees to peek under and look for it. After all, it wasn’t just any button; it was an antique button I found in my grandmother’s sewing room about ten years ago. She had two of them and gave me both. I put them on a sweater and have always received nice complements when wearing them. I reached under as I spied my button lying close to the back tire. I felt around blindly in the spot next to my tire and pulled it out. As I rose to my feet dusting myself off, I opened my hand to blow the dirt off of my button; but when I opened my hand, lying in my palm wasn’t my button, it was a tossed out - 25 -

The Fine Line Issue 3  

The Fine Line presents its third compilation of art, fiction and poetry by contributors Francis Raven, Michael Young, Dorothee Lang, Raj Sha...