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The Many Benefits of Starting the Day with a Probiotic Supplement Many people are in need of taking a probiotic supplement. This is because our lifestyles have depleted our naturally occurring body fauna (i.e. naturally occurring good bacteria). Stress, poor diet, overuse of antibiotics, overuse of antibacterial sanitizers, have all lead to a reduction in the volume of good bacteria (i.e. probiotics) in the body. OK, so what does that mean for you? Well, if you’re body doesn’t have enough friendly bacteria, it can lead to many different problems. In fact, a lack of probiotics is linked to the following conditions:  Gingivitis  Eczema  Diarrhoea (not all types, but certainly some e.g. antibiotic associated diarrhoea)

 Thrush  Lactose intolerance  IBS (particularly the gas and bloating associated with the condition) …and this is not an exhaustive list! In fact, experts generally agree that probiotics are implemented in well-being. The better the balance in your body, they better you will feel and the higher you will score on life satisfaction ratings. Sure, that doesn’t mean that a supplement like Optibac probiotics is suddenly going to turn your life around and make you feel much less depressed and much more happy, but it does mean that it can contribute to a lifting of your mood and an improved score on life satisfaction and it does this by alleviating common problems, such as those listed above. You don’t have to take our word for it though, science is on our side. Many studies show a strong

correlation between probiotics and better immunity. There are even studies showing a direct cause. From weight management to oral hygiene, probiotics have their role. Where do you find probiotics? You are probably aware that you can buy probiotics in supplement form. We’ve already mentioned Optibac probiotics, for example. However, this is not the only source of probiotics. Here are some more: 1.The womb That’s right. We have now found probiotics in the womb, which means that our exposure to them starts from conception. This was a radical discovery because it had been thought that we derived our first ‘bout’ of probiotics in the birth canal, but it actually starts much earlier than that. 2.The birth canal

This has been known for a long time now. It’s common practice to give babies born by caesarean section probiotics to help boost their immunity. Without this, caesarean-born babies tend to suffer from a greater number of diarrhoea episodes. 3.From the food we eat After our birth, the most common place to find probiotics is from our food, especially fermented food, such as natto and tofu, as well as live yoghurts.

Taking a probiotic supplement in the morning can be a great boost for the day. Overtime, it can give you more energy and fewer health issues. Probiotics are fantastic, which is why we call them “friendly bacteria�. If you would like to buy probiotics, then please visit Orderline: 0800 2800 486 Int'l: +44 (0)118 969 1402 Advice Line 0845 017 0755

The many benefits of starting the day with a probiotic supplement  
The many benefits of starting the day with a probiotic supplement  

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