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What Is It Like To Be Chronically Tired? Not so long ago when people went to their doctors because they were so tired that sometimes they could not get out of bed, they were sent away with a flea in their ear and told to pull themselves together. This tiredness was accompanied by joint and muscular pain, flu like symptoms and cognitive impairment. Not until 2006 did doctors finally acknowledge that people that presented these symptoms were not malingering but were, in fact, quite unwell. The condition was called ME or CFS which stands for chronic fatigue syndrome. So what causes this condition? The medical fraternity still do not know what the causes are and research is still ongoing. However it is believed that the onset may be due to a previous viral infection or when a person has been exposed to an enormous amount of stress. If you have been feeling tired for more than six months and you display all the above additional problems, physicians usually conclude that you suffer from CFS.

Chronic fatigue is much more debilitating and severe than just being tired. Your body is unable to produce enough NADH which is a necessary co-enzyme and electron carrier which helps supply cells with energy and water. If you suffer from CFS it seems that your immune system is chronically active as it thinks that it is continually fighting off an infection. This is what causes energy levels to drop and fatigue to set in. Once you have been diagnosed with this condition your doctor will prescribe several kinds of medication. For joint pain they will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-depressants are supplied for mood problems. However, you may be able to try and increase your energy levels by taking a supplement that supplies the body with the co-enzyme lost in your body fighting the imagined infections. If you are on medication, however, you should always discuss this course of action with your doctor as the medication may be at odds with what you are trying to do. In addition, it is sensible to start to adopt a good diet which needs to include plenty of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables. Substitute white rice and flour for the unrefined varieties and cut out

convenience meals altogether. Exercise also plays a part in getting well, but if you suffer chronic fatigue, you need to be very careful about this. Advice from your doctor apart, no safety concerns have been noted in the taking of this supplement, but it needs to be explained that no proper studies have yet evaluated this substance. However, there seems some indication that the co-enzyme has helped people with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and fatigue issues. This product should never be taken with stimulants that are prescribed medically as together they will make you feel hyper anxious and it may deprive you of sleep. It has also been shown that relatively low doses seem to help the taker best. They should also not be taken every day. A large dose will give you diarrhoea.


Chronic fatigue syndrome is a debilitating condition that has only recently been recognised as legitimate. Although presently there is no c...