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BRAND ACTIVATION WINS CANNES LIONS GOLD LIVE EVENTS METROPOLITAN Republic Johannesburg were recently awarded a Gold for Retail and a Silver for Best use of Live Events at the Cannes Lions Advertising Awards, for their Wimpy Braille campaign.


ETROPOLITAN Republic were tasked to create a campaign that highlighted Wimpy’s braille menus. This came at the time of the infamous case of a rival burger chain that would not allow access to a blind person assisted by a guide dog because no dogs were allowed to enter the restaurant. The Metropolitan Republic team, headed by executive creative officer Paul Warner, creative director Wesley Phelan and executive creative director Peter Khoury conceptualised a campaign that included both direct mail and a public relations event. They knew that traditional media would not help them reach many of the visually impaired people living in South Africa so in October, the month of Blind Awareness, 15 burgers topped with sesame seed braille were hand delivered to Blind SA, Louis Braille House and Braille Services. The Wimpy Braille Burgers had an overwhelming emotional impact on the staff at Blind SA who couldn’t believe that in a world built for sighted people, a restaurant chain would go the extra mile just to make them feel welcome. The message that Wimpy had braille menus was conveyed to

their network of 1 200 000 visually impaired people via their newsletters and screen-reader emails. This software enables visually-impaired people to communicate via email. When a blind person receives an email, this program reads the email out for them. Careful research and planning was crucial because of the team’s limited budget, so they brought in braille experts to find out the best

way to construct braille burgers. Each sesame seed was inserted by hand to create a message that could be read by visally impaired people. The team also made extensive use of social media to extend the reach of the official campaign video which was seen throughout the world, and even made international headlines in publications such as Huffington Post. The campaign generated two million

dollars’ worth of free media for a campaign that only cost $302. “Our own awareness of the fact that Wimpy produces its menus in braille really grabbed our attention during one of the review sessions with Wimpy, when we were being briefed on their latest menu update. It really resonated with us and even though it hadn’t been identified as a conventional product promotion, we all agreed

that it was too much of a good thing to leave it unnoticed because it really demonstrates that Wimpy is about being the home of burgers for all South Africans,” says Wesley. “We are ecstatic with the overwhelming response to the braille burgers campaign. Wimpy is committed to ensuring that all South Africans are catered for and are not prejudiced in any way. Wimpy has, and always will be, an iconic South African brand for everyone. We have also received thanks from The SA National Council for the Blind,” said Nicky Correia, the marketing executive of Wimpy. The campaign was awarded a One Show Entertainment Silver Pencil in the Events and Installation category as well as a Gold in the Public Relations/ Special Events category and a Bronze in the interactive/ Email category at the Clio Awards. “If the response that we have received from the public and media, not only locally but even internationally, is a measure of how well this campaign resonates with the consumer, then it is proof that it doesn’t necessarily take big budget campaigns to reach the consumer and just how powerful ambient media is really becoming” says Paul. Watch the official Wimpy Braille campaign video on The Event Newspaper’s website and let us know what you think www.

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Adene Pringle

ASSOCIATIONS IT is clearly with much regret that the South African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI) accepted the resignation of their general manager, Adene Pringle.


OR ten years, Adene served as the sales manager, first dealing with exhibition and then with association business, at the Sandton Convention Centre, before accepting the GM position at SAACI in January 2010. However short her tenure as GM, Adene’s announcement came as no surprise to SAACI’s Na-

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tional Chairperson Nina FreysenPretorius. “From the start we knew that Adene intended to retire with her husband and potentially her term of office would be limited to two years.” Nina explains. “These two years however seem to have passed much too quickly and Adene’s contribution has been very beneficial to SAACI and our industry at large.” Adene says she had always been involved with SAACI, as a member and later a committee member in the Northern Territories Branch, when she was offered the position as GM. “SAACI just came naturally to me.” says Adene. “I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to give back to the industry. Having previously been employed by another industry association, I had the experience and knowledge to establish a solid National Office structure with good governance policies in place.” Adene says her tenure at SAACI has been the most ‘satisfying and gratifying time of her career’. “I have been forced out of my comfort zone to achieve in situations where I didn’t think it was possible.” When SAACI was approached by the Tourism Grading Council to review the grading criteria for MESE, Meetings, Exhibitions and Special Event, venues in South Africa, she says it turned out to be a task much larger than had been anticipated. “However, the document was successfully delivered and on deadline,” Adene remembers. In February this year, SAACI was invited to make a presentation to the Parliamentary Tourism Portfolio Commit-

tee. “This was particularly daunting when I was suddenly asked to speak with no preparation.” Being in such a public and responsible position comes with its own bag of tricks. “I have never been comfortable in dealing with the media,” Adene admits. “However, the number of times when I did participate in a media interview, I managed to hold my own. The thought of media interviews is probably more nerve-wracking than the actual interview!” Nina agrees that the position brings with it great responsibilities. “Being the general manager of an industry association is really a very challenging and tricky position to hold.” says Nina. “The fact that Adene took on the position, and accepted full ownership, is a huge personal success. Always taken into account the end objective and keeping perspective of the situations at hand is really a commendable attribute.” Nina says the reason why the SAACI board appointed a general manger was to assist the association and its members to grow to the next level and take its necessary place in the Business Tourism sector. “Adene Pringle was our second general manager. What was abundantly clear to the then SAACI board was that whomever was appointed needed to understand what SAACI stands for. Adene’s tremendous hard work and extensive industry experience have helped establish a solid head office structure for SAACI and taken the association to a new level of professionalism.”

Adene embraced the fact that when she started at SAACI, the GM position was more permanent, which she says gave SAACI an opportunity to participate on various industry forums, which in turn gave the body a louder voice. “And we found that we were being approached more and more by the Department of Tourism for inputs and comment,” she says and adds that the future is looking good for the industry at large. “With the newly established South African National Convention Bureau this can only bode well for business events. More concentrated efforts to bid for, and win, international events for South Africa which will in turn increase South Africa’s ranking as a desirable business events destination.” “The vacant position of GM will now become that of chief executive officer”, Adene explains. And what would she say to the future CEO of SAACI? “I would advise the CEO to enable SAACI to create a professional environment to grow the business events sector.” At the end of October, Adene and Trevor, husband of 20 years, will move to Kleinmond in the Western Cape. As for any future endeavours, Adene remains mum, “Nothing is planned at the moment, but we’ll wait and see when I get there!”

Astrid Stark

NEWS GENERAL INDUSTRY IF you have any news highlights to share please visit our web portal and load your own stories for consideration in next month’s edition. PAMRO Conference to share research across the continent PAN African Media Research Organisation (PAMRO) will hold its annual conference at Lake Victoria, Uganda, from 26-29 August 2012. “The PAMRO conference has grown into a remarkable networking and learning opportunity, and provides a valuable forum for intracountry communication and the exchange of ideas,” says PAMRO president and MD of Telmar Media Systems, Jennifer Daniel. The conference will have the theme “From Local to Global: Media Research in a Developing World”. Speakers have been confirmed from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa and will be joined by experts from as far afield as the UK, Hong Kong and Switzerland. “The conference has grown enormously since it was first held in Johannesburg in 1999, and is truly the key networking opportunity for media researchers and clients on the African continent. I look forward to seeing you all in Uganda,” says Jennifer. Correction IN the ‘Golf Tourism Feeling The Pinch’ article featured in the May issue of The Event Newspaper we incorrectly stated that Thebe Exhibitions & Projects was the organiser of Expo 18. The organiser was in fact Proudafrique Trading 306 (Pty) Ltd t/a The Eighteen, Louis Jonker. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Indaba Hotel

ASSOCIATIONS THE Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI) annual conference takes place from 29-31 July 2012 at Indaba Hotel in Fourways, Johannesburg. This year’s conference is expected to attract 400 delegates.

SAACI’s annual national congress has been instrumental in positioning the value of business tourism in the broader tourism industry. As such, the event enjoys my full support,” says Minister of Tourism Marthinus van Schalkwyk. “I am also pleased to note the firmly established partnership be-

tween SAACI and South African Tourism – not only in terms of this congress, but also in terms of marketing and growing the sector. The recent establishment of the National Convention Bureau was a crucial building block in this respect. In fact, these initiatives, all in line with the National Tourism Sector Strategy, have already begun bearing fruit. The theme, Shifting Paradigms, says it all. The international playing field is level, economic power is shifting, new markets are emerging and technology is constantly changing the way we do business. South Africa cannot afford to lag behind. While we have some of the best meetings facilities and

destinations in the world, we need to remain at the forefront of the industry for sustained growth. I trust the SAACI congress will influence our collective mindset so that we can shape our future togethe,” he says. This year’s conference programme includes a host of internationally acclaimed speakers. Topping the list is President of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Arnaldo Nardone. Arnaldo’s keynote will give conference delegates an accurate glimpse of the state of the industry worldwide. Bestselling business author and trends forecaster Clem Sunter will be speaking about ‘The world and

NEWS South Africa beyond 2012 – latest scenarios, flags and probabilities,’ with a special focus on the challenge for young people and the importance of job creation. Karen Kotowski, CEO of the USbased Convention Industry Council (CIC) will also be addressing delegates. The CIC is a federation of 34 organisations in the meetings, exhibition and travel space and maintains several signature programmes, including the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation. SAACI became a member of the CIC last November. Industry can also look forward to the latest statistics and facts about tourism in South Africa delivered by South African Tourism CEO Thulani Nzima. Another highlight is MasterChef South Africa judge Benny Masekwameng who will give delegates a taste of contemporary food and beverage at meetings. Benny will address and entertain SAACI delegates in the congress’ interactive closing session on Wednesday, 31 July. The conference programme includes a look at the status of the South African National Convention Bureau as well as a panel discussion with regional Convention Bureaux. Other topics to be covered include a case study on successful mega events, calculating the carbon footprints of events, social media do’s and don’ts, and meetings industry ethics. The conference will also address issues raised by members who responded to a survey conducted by the organising committee. Sally Fink

GENERAL INDUSTRY IF you have any news highlights to share please visit our web portal and load your own stories for consideration in next month’s edition. EXSA WC tackles CPA THE Western Cape chapter of the Exhibitions and Event Association of Southern Africa (EXSA) held an educational workshop on Friday 29 June 2012 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). Era Gunning from ENS spoke about the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) which has far reaching effects for suppliers of goods and services. The act came into affect from 1 April 2011, and the National Consumer Commission is expected to be completely up and running from August 2012. “The Act affects everyone,” says Era, who explains that customers are finally becoming aware of their rights and fighting back against unfair business practice. The CPA will necessitate significant changes to business operating models as it regulates aspects such as marketing activities, contracts, loyalty programmes, pricing, returns and liability. Era explains that exhibition organises need to be especially aware of Section 61 which covers product liability. “The consumer no longer needs to prove that the supplier was negligent, and everyone in the supply chain is liable.” Her advice is to ensure that terms and conditions are as compreghensive as possible, and that imdemnity forms are in place to protect all parties. Sally Fink

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Danielle Chirnside

BUSINESS TOURISM DURING Meetings Africa, University of Johannesburg student Danielle Chirnside was awarded a bursary as part of South African Tourism’s Student Leadership Programme. The bursary was sponsored by the Society of Incentive and Travel Executives (SITE).


ANIELLE says her experience as part of the student contingent at Meetings Africa was eye opening. “I was exposed to many people within the Business Tourism industry, each with their own experiences and many interesting

0 4 | The Event

industry related stories to tell. Myself and the other students that were fortunate to be part of the Student Leadership Programme, each saw this as a learning curve to which all of us need to learn from in order to grow and in turn one day make meaningful contributions to future student programmes as well,” she says. For a budding travel executive, the programme was incredibly beneficial. “I was present during the interview with the BRICS country representatives and it was interesting to observe these countries that experience similar problems and I feel that it is valuable to our economy that they are working together to enhance business tourism and it is something to remember whilst in the work place as well as there is evidence that team work is vital for success,” says Danielle. “It was required of us to network with the exhibitors as well as to find out as much information about Meetings Africa as possible from various perspectives. I realised just exactly how much the business tourism industry is growing and what potential there is, especially for a student to consider whilst preparing for a career path. I noted that Africa is not as developed in their conferences and meetings as South Africa and the rest of the world and this could be something to work towards.” The bursary was a godsend for Danielle and her family who were still struggling as a result of the recession. Danielle says the bursary will contribute towards her goal of achieving her Doctorate in Tour-


ism. She is currently studying Tourism Management at the University of Johannesburg. “I want to become an expert in the field of Tourism, particularly in Business Tourism. I hope to one day make a meaningful contribution to the industry. In addition to this, it has become my passion to assist others and I would really love to incorporate communities and their benefit into the business tourism industry, further than they are involved now,” says Danielle. SITE member, and director of Terra Nova Debbie de Villiers says, “For some time now SITE SA have been discussing the Tourism Management courses available in South Africa and how little is included in the curriculum for Incentives. As a result most graduates have limited or no understanding of Incentive Travel. SITE have been looking at ways of introducing our specialised field to Tourism Students and at the same time offering support through a bursary. The SITE board made the decision to take the opportunity offered by piggybacking on SAT’s student programme and offering a bursary to the top student. We awarded the bursary to Danielle who we felt was a truly bright and dedicated individual and the top academic achiever. In addition to her bursary, Danielle received a laptop computer which was kindly sponsored by Caroline Daniel of Preferred Hotel Group.” Sally Fink

EXHIBITIONS EDUCATION and Training was a major topic during the 5p Expo (International Forum of the Exhibition Industry) and the IFES Convention and AGM at Moscow in June 2012.


ARLA Juegel, international consultant, coach and trainer with over 30 years of experience in the exhibition industry held the key-note on this topic. Karla allocates education and training as a marketing tool. She pointed out that training is not only a matter of education for young professionals of the industry. “It is an instrument of marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and human resources management,” she says. “But above all it is an investment that positively impacts fairs and exhibitions in the long-term planning for every stakeholder. The benefits range from improving the service quality of our industry, where the employees are the assets of our business and where customer loyalty is another important target which can be reached by strengthening the exhibitors and visitors requirements.” But Karla believes that too often these benefits are underestimated. According to her experience one major recommendation is to focus on the benefits of in-house training and in so doing gain the most possible profit out of your investment in time and money. She says in-house training is beneficial as it is designed to your company’s individual needs and ensures

Karla Juegel

that staff meet the required level of knowledge and responsibility. Karla is an advocate for exhibitor training, and insists that exhibitor training has to be provided by every organiser. “Training has to be recognised as a customer relationship management tool and not as one of the services to earn money with,” she says. She says exhibitor training represents the perfect win-win situation. “It brings tremendous quality to the overall trade fairs or exhibitions by serving the exhibitor, who gains more contacts, and also the organiser, who ends up with satisfied exhibitors and strong customer relationship.” Karla outlines the seven golden rules as: •Consider know-how as Investment •Build-up competent customers •There is a difference between open seminars and in-house trainings •Increase your level of competition •Integrate training as regular “maintenance” •Compare training with harvesting •Choose experienced exhibition practitioners as trainers


ASSOCIATIONS THE South African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI) Western Cape chapter held its annual general meeting on Wednesday 27 June 2012. The event took place at Trinity night club and was as unexpected as you can imagine.


ESTERN Cape chair Zelda Coetzee wanted the AGM to be fun and funky, and a reflection of her dream for the future of events. The invitation said strictly

Natalie Kensley

casual, so jeans and sneakers were welcome. The set up was also distinctly lounge style, with comfortable single seater sofas arranged in threes around the room. Once proceedings got under way Zelda informed those present that cell phones were welcome, and Tweeting was encouraged. There were also iPads available for guests wanted to go online during the evening. The formalities out the way, Zelda dove right in to her Chairman’s Report, where she revisited some of the branch highlights from the past year including the West-


ern Cape winning the Branch of the Year award at the SAACI congress, which her chapter also sccessfully hosted. Other highlights included vice chair Crytsal Kasselman being elected as chair of JAMMS, the roll out of Pastel, a CSR donation to Nazareth House, participation in the TICE Ball and the Western Cape being the first branch to have a Facebook and Twitter presence. Zelda believes there is still much to be done to encourage the youth to be part of SAACI. “Social media is taking over. The future PCOs and venue managers are out there Tweeting. We need to engage with them,” she says. For this reason, sAACI Western cape has a dedicated youth portfolio. Zelda is a key driver of innovation and has envisioned various activities designed to give value to members, such as two successful Speed Dating sessions and an educational workshop at the Pavilion. She says a resource library is going to roll out nationally in July to coincide with the National Congress, and wil be found on the SAACI website. The branch will also be launching a communications strategy as well as undertake road shows to the West Coast and Namibia. Zelda’s speech was followed by committee voting. Elmarie Delport was voted in as New Forum chair. Guests were welcomed to the networking segement of the evening with cupcakes and the vibey sounds of a live band. Sally Fink

EVENTS THE transformation of Victoria Falls, in preparation for next year’s United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) general assembly, has begun in earnest. And air access into Zimbabwe is also on a steady surge after a trying period that has adversely affected the country’s vital tourism industry.


HE catalyst for such significant investment and action by the Zimbabwe Government is the awarding of the UNWTO’s global summit to Zimbabwe and Zambia as co-hosts at Victoria Falls in August 2013, expected to attract up to 3,500 delegates. “This will be the most massive boost and showpiece ever experienced by Zimbabwe tourism,” said Ross Kennedy, chief executive of Africa Albida Tourism (AAT) group, whose flagship property is the awardwinning Victoria Falls Safari Lodge (VFSL).

VFSL is constructing a world-class facility in the $2,7 million exclusive Victoria Falls Safari Club, a new butlerservice, luxury wing of VFSL that features 20 rooms, including four suites. The Club is set to open on schedule in August this year after construction began late last year. A $150 million project to lengthen the runway, to handle larger aircraft, and upgrade the facilities at Victoria Falls International Airport has commenced and water pipes are being laid by the Zimbabwe National Water Authority from the Zambezi River to the airport for the construction process. A new international terminal and tower are also being built. The major facelift of the “Wonder of the World” resort town will also include the $2.5 million rehabilitation of trunk and council roads and a $15 million rehabilitation of water and sewage works. The Victoria Falls Hospital is also undergoing a major $6 million expansion in preparation for the UNWTO event that will see Victoria Falls emerge as a world-class destination in every respect.

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DIGITALISE YOUR EVENT TO STAY AHEAD you will see the embedded images on the packaging come to life. Augmented reality gives a multi-dimensional effect to what the naked eye would typically view as one dimension. It is still in its infancy stage here but leading brands with higher LSM reach are investing in it as a way to extend the engagement between the brand and the target market.

Prakesh Patel

TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATING new technologies (AR) can be used to enhance the client experience. The Event Newspaper spoke to Prakesh Patel from Prezence to find out how. What is augmented reality? AUGEMNTED reality is a live view of the physical, real-world environment whose elements are amplified by computer generated sensory input such as sound, video, and graphics. It can be loosely translated as to where the “real world and virtual world meet”. Using a practical example, if you aim your smart phone or tablet at something in your physical presence (like a can of baked beans)

0 6 | The Even t

What are the advantages of augmented reality in the exhibition space? AR offers a high impact way of capturing the audience’s attention and creating excitement during activities such as product demonstrations. AR technology also uses the surprise and entertainment factor to the exhibition space and in turn encourages the users to create their own content such as video recordings, and sharing via social media platforms. You can also use QR codes to drive traffic to your online platforms where they could learn more about your products or services. How can exhibitors apply this to their products? (Virtual events etc) DORITOS recently launched a campaign, Doritos Late Night, in which you can use a webcam to view a concert printed on their bag of chips. The bags of Doritos were printed with a computer vision tracking marker which the webcam detects and uses to render a pre-recorded 3D concert. With the increasing adopting of smart phones and tablets in South Africa and considering the technological developments there’s no doubt that similar concepts can be executed through these devices.

You can also use interactive touch screens as a way to engage with your consumers. How can QR codes and geo-location be used effectively in the events sphere? QUICK Response codes: Increasingly being adopted by mainstream businesses, QR codes can be used as a call-to-action and to encourage interactive engagement such as free downloads, or to simply drive users to a web address and/or mobi-site where they can find out more about the product or service. With QR codes you can encode text or URL information which, when scanned, will instruct the device to perform a specific action such as driving people to a web address and/or mobi site where they can find out more about your product/service. Geo-location: When a user is “mobile” their location generally becomes their first point of relevance. With geo-location targeting, either activated through network tracking or the hardware on their phones, you are able to effectively target and send georelevant information. Geo-location targeting also helps to drive traffic to your specific trading/ event area. Its success lies in the fact that even if you nothing else about the consumer, the fact you know where they are enables you offering them relevant, valuable, time-specific information. How has social media and mobile technology changed the way we do business? WHEN most people hear the words ‘social media’ the first thing they’re are most likely to think is Facebook or Twitter. But social media isn’t


just about Facebook or Twitter; it is about bringing together people with common causes and interests. Mobile + Social media = uncontrolled connectivity and mobilisation of the masses. Together they offer the luxury of information exchange and interactive engagement regardless of time or location. When the user receives a message about a special offer they are far more likely to take action immediately. You just need to ensure that your offer is relevant and compelling to the end user. The added availability of the latest mobile payment facilities offer today’s users the convenience of making a purchase without having to swipe their cards or be in front of a PC. What are the current technological trends for events and exhibitions? THE increasing adoption of wireless and mobile technology will continue to influence exhibition and events in many ways. Organisers now create technology centres within their event so that delegates can still conduct business remotely. Mobile apps and mobi sites are also becoming widely used at conferences to access information from programme lineup, speaker information, locating exhibition stands, interacting with speakers on a one-one basis to viewing and sharing speaker videos. We’re also seeing more and more live tweeting from conferences, including twitter feeds displayed during speeches and presentations; more blogging, from companies and delegates. Sally Fink

GENERAL INDUSTRY IF you have any news highlights to share please visit our web portal and load your own stories for consideration in next month’s edition. Loeries Live Events panel announced THE Loeries has announced the Live Events judging panels for The 34th Annual Loerie Awards taking place in September this year. The judging panel consists of: •Chairman: Alex Schill, Serviceplan Group •Billy Domingo, ESP Afrika •Caroline Pretorius, VWV •Charl Smit, Gearhouse Cape Town •David Boon, Exp Agency •Donovan Everitt, Kreate SA •Greg Cameron, Brand Activation Johannesburg •Howard Simms, Hammer Live Brand •Mark Winkler, M&C Saatchi Abel •Peter Blond, Omage •Roger Tavares, Cell Media •Spero Patricios, Launch Factory Experiential EXSA goes online EXSA has joined the world of social media at last. You can now find EXSA on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Find them on Twitter as @EXSA_SA and on Facebook /EXSA ANC-Special Provincial General Council held at ELICC THE East London International Convention Centre (ELICC) hosted the ANC’s Special Provincial Council Conference from 17-18 June 2012. 1200 Delegates attended the conference. The East London International Convention Centre is managed by Premier Hotels & Resorts

THE EVENT NEWSPAPER GOES TO RUSSIA EXHIBITIONS THE IFES Convention and General Assembly, which took place from 6-8 June 2012, saw 81 IFES members and partners from 28 countries converging in Moscow.


ESPITE the long-haul trip from South Africa, the warmth of the organisers and delegate combined with a gorgeous hotel and an exotic location helped make it an event that was well worth attending. The event was co-located with the 5p Expo - the 7th international forum of the exhibition industry at the Expocentre in Moscow. Founded in 1984, the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES) now represents more than 1600 companies worldwide. Following the event IFES President Bruno Meissner said: “It is my sincere wish to send my greetings out to the IFES world all over the globe. We can report that we had a great time in Moscow.” IFES executive director Gloria Guevara added: “The Russian market and its particular business requirements may not be well known but are of interest and Russia remains an important neighbour to the EU and to other BRICS.” Justin Hawes, managing director of Scan Display and incoming IFES treasurer, felt the exhibition could have been greener. He said: “It was a new market and it was interesting to see what their exhibition companies are doing. It was quite surprising to see how little green technology was being used in terms of LED lighting, fabric on stands and with re-usability in mind.” 5pExpo was fairly small with just over 100 Russian stand builders and suppliers exhibiting, however the ex-

hibition did feature some impressive stands. The exhibition, and the entertainment organised for delegates around it, created opportunities for the IFES members to network with Russian businesses. Delegates went directly from the conference to a boat trip down the Moscva River on the first evening. The boat left from a dock right outside the venue. The trip, which included dinner and live entertainment, took four hours - which provided ample opportunity for networking. A dramatic storm halfway down the river meant only the bravest people got photos on that evening, but a tour on the Saturday following the conclusion of the conference meant everyone went home with souvenirs from The Kremlin and Red Square. The impressive IFES stand hosted a business to business solution on Thursday 7 June 2012. This was followed by a delicious dinner at the Restaurant Rusky on Thursday evening. The generous meal and goodnatured round of toasts by IFES presidents past, present and future were a welcome ending to a day of hard work, which included talks from local bureaucrats, industry and a fascinating talk on training from Karla Juegel and Han Leenhouts. The Sharing Knowledge theme of the event was in plain view with a master class called International Cultural Protocol: Necessary Intercultural Competencies in Our Industry from EWI managing director - European operations Benedict Meissner. On the third day delegates were also lucky to attend a fascinating talk from Geert Jannsens from Belgium thinktank VKW Metena. Geert discussed the effects of the current financial downturn in Europe and projected what businesses can expect in future. Han rounded off proceedings on Friday afternoon with an energetic,

multimedia presentation about stand training. Following his talk delegates had the chance to visit a local production site and learn about the specific characteristic of this segment on the Russian market. Others marshalled their energy for the Euro 2012 opening football match later that evening. On the Friday morning the IFES delegates attended the Annual General Meeting, a four hour session which included board elections, the IFES Excellence award, reports from the various IFES committees, a warm welcome to new members and much more. Newly elected IFES treasurer and Justin gave a presentation on what delegates can expect at IFES 2013 in Cape Town. Many delegates were enthusiastic about the destination despite the long-haul flight and the feeling among delegates is that the 2013 event will be well-attended. The IFES World Summit 2013 will take place from 28-29 June 2013. Looking ahead to Cape Town Gloria said: “Unlike the Moscow event which was hosted in conjunction with an annual local industry event, the IFES 2013 event in Cape Town will be a standalone event, this provides more time for educational workshops and the programme to be focused on topics of interest to IFES members and partners. For example, there is a specific greening theme attached to the 2013 meeting which aligns well with the sustainability efforts at the CTICC, where the meeting will be held. The cultural activities in Cape Town will also play a larger role since we expect delegates will be interested in taking time before or after the congress to explore the local area and other SA tourist spots.” Justin concluded: “IFES 2013 in Cape Town can only be much better. We are not tied into another venue’s ac-

Moscow Expo Centre

tivations as was the case in Moscow. Cape Town is very tourist friendly and the venue (CTICC) is very committed

to a very successful event.” Kate Hodges

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GENERAL INDUSTRY EVENTS THE Cape Town Book Fair returned to the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) after a year’s absence with a new organiser, Thebe Exhibitions & Events, and a new plan. The event took place from 1517 June 2012.


HE Cape Town Book Fair is one of South Africa’s favourite consumer shows, with numbers reaching as high as 50 000 in the past. This is the problem, as the majority of the world’s most established Book Fairs are trade shows, such as the Frankfurt Book Fair and the London Book Fair. Thebe it seems, tried to shift the focus more towards business, by im-

0 8 | The Even t

plementing a trade day on the first day of the event, as well as a conference programme on everything from editing to SEO. The CTBF also coincided with the International Publishers Association annual meeting in Cape Town that attracted nearly 1000 delegates. According to Brian Wafawarowa, executive director of the Publishers’ Association of South Africa (PASA), “The value of the 29th IPA Congress being held in Cape Town is enormous – not least because it is the first time that the Congress is being held in Africa in over 100 years.” Trade visitors from India, Bangladesh, USA, Nigeria, Turkey, Ghana, China, UK, Uganda, Pakistan and the Netherlands were in attendance. The Academic and Non-Fiction Authors’ Association of South Africa

(ANFASA), together with the Publishers’ Association of South Africa (PASA), also hosted their Copyright Symposium during the fair so the networking opportunities were endless. Sadly, the new-look Book Fair might need more time to hit off; this judging by the lack of established South African publishers in attendance. Out of the larger houses including NB, Penguin, Jonathan Ball, Jacana, Random House Struik, Oxford University Press and Maskew Miller Longman, only Pan Macmillan attended. Also noticable by its absence was Excsuive Books. The Cape Town Book Fair was attended by 10 000 visitors over the three days, a marked decrease from previous years. Sally Fink

JULIET Curtis and Crystal Events recently organised an Auction of Promises to raise funds for the Intyatyambo educare project in Khayelitsha.


HE Fun and Funky themed auction took place on 14 June 2012 at the Table Bay Hotel and attracted 130 guests. The evening consisted of a three course sit-down meal and auction, which raised R148 000. The money will go towards the construction of a Preschool Centre designed by achitects Otten and partners. Some of the goods up for grabs included a trip on the Rovos rail, hotel stays, diamonds, fashion, game reserve stays and wine. Juliet reports that Group 5 have agreed to partner on the construction and the first ground was broken two days after the event on 16 June 2012. “The ceremony was attended by locals from the area, our head-

mistress Nomawethu Tunce and ourchairwoman Lindiwe Mfeketho, 20 of our children, our project manager Tommy Le Grange, Minister Debbie van der Laar and the local minister from Khayelitsha. It was an exciting day with singing from the children, prayers and blessings on the land and speeches from parents whose children have attended ICP and are now representing the province in Maths, Science and Running. This is a huge achievement and great news that we are doing something right at the project,” says Juliet. This new centre will provide a pre-school day care and education facility for 100 AIDS orphans and vulnerable children from Khayelitsha, a playground with jungle gym, a vegetable garden, laundry, bedrooms and office. Juliet has been working with the project for five and a half years and was present when a brutal attack nearly ended in tragedy for the facility. The new premesis will not only provide a roof but also safety. Visit



EXHIBITIONS MARKEX World of Events, considered by many to be South Africa’s definitive marketing, promotions, and special events trade exhibition, saw a 5% increase in visitor numbers this year with more than 10 000 visitors recorded.

ASSOCIATIONS AN evening for hospitality youth members was organised by FEDHASA Cape, and hosted by Highlands Country House in Kenilworth on Thursday 21 June 2012. The event was well-attended by various FEDHASA Youth members from the Peninsula All Suite Hotel, the Vineyard Hotel & Spa, Varsity College and Root Basic Hospitality.


RAD Hook, portfolio director of Specialised Montgomery, believes that some of the reasons for the growth in visitor numbers are the improved features, such as the co-located Markex Trade Show, an area which allowed wholesalers of promotional products and giftware items to conduct business with bona fide resellers; and the Unique Speakers Bureau, which featured a line-up of professional speakers at no cost. “Even after 12 years of working on Markex it is still the most exciting exhibition on the calendar, and it’s wonderful to be part of a show which keeps growing from strength to strength”, says exhibitions manager Fran Lurie, who has seen the show grow exponentially over twelve years. “It’s constantly changing, and its incredibly heartening to see your clients grow from a small three by two stand to one of your biggest players.” Two halls at Sandton Convention Centre were filled with more than 250 exhibitors showcasing products and services in the various marketing, promotions and special events disciplines. Highlights included the Loeries Awards Travelling Exhibition and the Pendoring Awards which promoted the best advertising tal-

F Scan Display at Markex

ent in South Africa; as well as the launch of the brand new Markex DMMA Digital Media Village, dedicated solely to digital media companies and service providers. Exhibitor feedback was mixed. Justin Hawes, MD of Scan Display, shares the belief of many that Markex is a must-attend event. “Being a company that encourages our clients to market themselves through exhibiting, we feel it is vital we put our money where our mouth is. And because we believe Markex is the best platform for us to do this, we exhibit there every year. Was it successful? Yes. This year we achieved all of our objectives: we met existing

clients, captured new leads and created a strong brand awareness at the show.” Len Kahn of Harry Kahn shares this view. “This year’s show was in my opinion, probably the best so far, with many more potential clients visiting the show than in the past. From our point of view, we were absolutely spoilt with enquiries.” Lynda Sumpton Delaney of Laycol had a great first day, but would have liked to have seen more trade visitors. “The first day was obviously by far the most beneficial with Amrod having their client breakfast and catalogue launch. It filled the Trade Section with positive and

exciting clients. We were able to share new product ideas to the right target market. Thereafter, the caliber was not that great. I think we are still finding many non-Trade Only customers getting through the pipeline. I think this is attributed to old client lists gathered over the years when Markex was operating under one large roof. We cannot ignore those clients and therefore it is very difficult to filter the lists. This will take a couple of years I am sure.” Sally Fink

EDHASA Cape Board members Chris Godenir and Carole Armstrong-Hooper also attended the event, and were joined by guest speaker Gavin Coetzee - a well-known inspirational speaker and coach – who spoke to the attendees about leadership skills, self-motivation and ways to set and achieve goals and dreams. FEDHASA Youth was created in a bid to address the unique challenges of entrants and upcoming leaders of industry within the hospitality sector. Motivational workshops, networking and industry information sessions are some of the benefits that FEDHASA Youth members enjoy. FEDHASA Cape represents 700 members across the hotel, small accommodation, restaurant, catering and hospitality allied sectors, as well as youth in the hospitality industry, in the Western and Northern Cape.

EGF KICKS OFF NATIONAL ROAD SHOWS ASSOCIATIONS THE Event Greening Forum (EGF) is offering event managers and meeting specialists greening workshops to help them manage the “instant impacts” their events have on the environment.


VENTS draw instant audiences and with them the associated water, waste and energy impacts. This makes managing these resources effectively, and mitigating the resulting carbon footprint, quite challenging. From August to October the EGF will present one-day event greening workshops in Port Elizabeth, Pretoria/Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. The aim of the workshops is to promote awareness around environmental issues and equip busi-

nesses in the events industry with the know-how and skills to address this by practicing event greening practices. Naturally, training opportunities are an important element of this. “The events industry has a vital role to play in terms of safeguarding South Africa’s resources, by using them responsibly and in a way that will enhance the industry for years to come. Its all about forward-thinking, and not exclusively focusing on the here and now,” says Justin Hawes, chairman of the Event Greening Forum. “A frustrating misconception that many people have is that greening is expensive. But this is not necessarily the case. Some event greening can have cost benefits, and some simply cost the same as traditional approaches. The most important thing about the training is changing people’s

mindsets so that they start to see opportunities to improve their business,” Hawes adds. The workshops run from 8.30am to 4.30pm, and are designed to introduce business owners and their staff on how they can implement event greening through practical measures. Modules include: •What is event greening? •Why does it matter? •What are the main practices that need to be implemented? •Practical case studies are provided throughout The workshop is applicable to all service providers and suppliers who operate within both the business and leisure events industry (including meetings, incentives, exhibitions, conferences, events and festivals). Dates for the training are: •Port Elizabeth – 14 August

•Pretoria/Johannesburg – 16 August •Durban – 13 September •Cape Town – 09 October Heritage Environmental Management Company and Steadfast Greening are the two service providers who have been contracted to carry out the training. “The Event Greening Forum is not a training company, but we have members who provide this training and are experts in the field of environmental sustainability. They will be running the workshops,” Hawes says. The cost of the one day workshop is R750.00 per person (excluding VAT), which includes training materials, refreshments and a light lunch. EGF members receive a 10% discount. CMP Network members can also claim Clock Hour Credits by attending the workshops.

The Event | 09

EVENT LISTINGS Centre, Port Elizabeth


Eskom KZN Regional Expo for Young Scientists 27 July, ICC Durban


Bafunny Bafunny 27-28 July, ICC Durban

SAACI KZN Branch AGM 4 July, TBC

Limpopo Wine Show 27-28 July, Meropa Casino, Polokwane

SAACI NTB Annual General Meeting 4 July, Wanderers Club

Baba indaba 27-29 July, Gateway Shopping Mall, Durban

Southern Africa International Trade Exhibition (SAITEX) 15-17 July, Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand

SAACI National Conference 29-31 July, Indaba Hotel, Fourways

SAACI Eastern Cape Committee meeting 26 JUly, TBC

8th Annual Future Leaders Conference 29-31 July, Durban

SAACI National Conference 29-31 July, Indaba Hotel, Fourways, JHB

Banking Outlook Africa 30 July- 3 August, Sandton Convention Centre, JHB



ICCA Africa Workshop 1-2 August, Emperor’s Palace, Gauteng

ICCA Africa Workshop 1-2 August, Emperor’s Palace, Gauteng

Southern Africa Marketing Reasearch Association (SAMRA) 16-17 August, Rosebank Crowne Plaza, JHB IT & CM India 21-23 August, India Expo Centre & Mart, India EXSA Western Cape Chapter Meeing 23 August, CTICC, CPT SAACI KZN Committee Meeting 29 August, TBC

Tourism Business Conference 2 August, Cape Sun Hotel, Cape Town The Bafunny Bafunny Tour kicks off in July

July Disney on Ice 6-8 July, CTICC, Cape Town Baba indaba 6-8 July, Tshwane Events Centre

Johannesburg Eid Shopping Festival 12-15 July, Coca-Cola dome, JHB

Office Professionals Conference 18-20 July, Protea Hotel The Ranch, Polokwane

Franschhoek Bastille Festival 13-15 July, Franschhoek

Africa Mining Congress 16-19 July, Sandton Convention Centre, JHB

Intervitis Interfructa Southern Africa Exhibition 2-4 August, CTICC, Cape Town The Luxury Travel Fair 3-4 August, Sandton Convention Centre, JHB Baba indaba 3-5 August, CTICC, CPT


Pick ‘n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival 6-15 July, Knysna

AFM Women’s Conference 13-15 July, ICC Exhibition Centre, Durban

18th IPM Women’s Convention 19-20 July, ICC Durban

Sports & Events Tourism Exchange 12-14 September, ICC Durban

International Wildlife Management Conference 9-12 July, ICC Durban

Breyten Breytenbach Boekefees 14-15 July, Montagu

Future Ed 19-21 July, Coca-Cola dome, JHB

Conversations on Architecture 8 August, Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand

World Economic History Congress 9-13 July, Stellenbosch University

Africa’s Big Seven 15- 17 July, Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand

World of Dogs and Cats and Pet Expo (WODAC) 20-22 July, Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand

Switchfoot live in South Africa 8 August, The Big Top Arena, Carnival City, JHB

Site International Conference 14-17 September, Beijing, China SAACI KZN Committee Meeting 26 September, TBC

OCTOBER ICCA Congress 20-24 October, San Juan, Puerto Rico

NOVEMBER SAACI KZN Year End Function 22 November, TBC

Comics Choice Awards 10 July, Teatro Montecasino Procurement Summit & Expo 10-12 July, Birchwood Hotel & Conference Centre, JHB 9th international Network Conference 10-12 July, Summerstrand Hotel, Nelson Mandela Bay

Intl Conference on Entrepreneurship & Investment 15-17 July, ICC Durban SAITEX 15-17 July, Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand BRICS Africa Export Import Forum 15-17 July, Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand

EIBTM 27-29 November,Barceona, Spain

Aviation Outlook Africa 10-14 July, Sandton Convention Centre, JHB

Drinketch Africa 16-17 July, Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand

For more or to add your own:

Bafunny Bafunny 11-14 July, Teatro Montecasino,

International Mandela Day 18 July, Robben Island, cape Town

10 | The Even t

Cape Town Festival 21 July, Good Hope Centre, Cape Town Intl Federation of Teachers of French Conference 23-27 July, ICC Durban Bafunny Bafunny 24-25 July, GrandWest Arena, Cape Town Cape Town Fashion Week 25-28 July, CTICC, Cape Town Homemakers Expo 26-29 July, Moffett on Main Lifestyle

Keivits Kroon Arts Exhibition 5-26 August, Kievits Kroon, Pretoria

Women’s Arts Week 8-11 August, Artscape Theatre Centre, CPT Decorex 8-12 August, Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand OppiKoppi festival - Sweet Thing 9-11 August, Northam, Limpopo Klein Karoo Klassique 9-12 August, Oudtshoorn Robertson Slow 10-12 August, Robertson

Switchfoot live in South Africa 11 August, Grand Arena, Grand West, CPT

Sustainable City Exhibition 30 August-1 September, ICC Durban

World Down Syndrome Congress 14-17 August, CTICC, Cape Town

adidas Originals Live Performances: Little Dragon 31 August, Old Biscuit Mill, CPT

IP Expo 15-16 August, Sandton Convention Centre, JHB South African Sugar Technologists’ Association Congress 15-17 August, ICC Durban Interbuild Africa 15-18 August, Johannesburg Expo Centre SAMRAConference 16-17 August, Rosebank Crowne Plaza, JHB Andre Rieu 17 August, Coca-Cola dome, JHB Gravity Adventure Festival 17-19 August, Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, Kleinmond 5th International Conference on Advanced Computer Theory and Engineering - ICACTE 18-19 August, CTICC, CPT IT&CMA India 21-23 August, India Expo Centre, Delhi Durban Business Fair 21-23 September, ICC Durban Logistics Indaba 21-24 August, North West Transport Museum, Klerksdorp Visual Communications Africa Expo 22-24 August, Sandton Convention Centre, JHB Sign Africa Expo 22-24 August, Sandton Convention Centre, JHB Africa Print Expo 22-24 August, Sandton Convention Centre, JHB Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction Showcase 23 August, CTICC, Cape Town Cape Homemakers Expo 23-26 August, CTICC, CPT Good Food & Wine Show 22-26 August, ICC Durban Wedding Expo 25-26 August, Coca-Cola dome, JHB IEASA Conference 29 August - 1 September, Cape Sun, Cape Town Winebiz Conference 30 August, Spier Wine Estate, Western Cape

The Getaway Show 31 August - 2 September, CocaCola dome, JHB South African Society for the Surgery of the hand annual congress 31 August - 2 September, Elangeni Hotel, Durban

September adidas Originals Live Performances: Little Dragon 1 September, MOAD, Johannesburg Franschhoek Uncorked 1-2 September, Franschhoek SA Orthopaedic Association Congress 3-7 September, ICC Durban Shoprite Checkers Conference 3-7 September, ICC Durban Intermodal Africa 5-7 September, ICC Durban BT Africa Expo 6-7 September, Sandton Convention Centre, JHB Baba indaba 7-9 September, Bloemfontein Showgrounds National Boat Show 7-9 September, Coca-Cola dome, JHB South African Tattoo 7-9 September, Montecasino, Johannesburg FNB JHB Art Fair 7-9 September, Sandton Convention Centre, JHB Eastern Bridal Fair 7-9 September, ICC Exhibition Centre, Durban International Aquarium Congress (IAC) 9-14 September, Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town South African Genetics and Bioinformatics Society Conference 10-12 September, Stellenbosch University

Lady Gaga will be performing at the FNB Stadium on November 30 2012 & at the Cape Town Stadium on December 3 2012

Expo Centre

Expo Centre

Sports & Events Tourism Exchange 12-14 September, ICC Durban

Good Food and Wine Show 21-24 September, Coca-Cola dome, JHB

E-Tourism Africa Summit 13-14 September, CTICC, CPT Spar Back to School Trade Show 13-14 September, ICC Durban Business Opportunities and Franchise Expo 13-16 September, Coca-Cola dome, JHB

Sunday Tribune Garden Show 21-24 September, Royal Show Grounds Pietermaritzburg Loerie Awards 22-23 September, CTICC, CPT Cape Town Marathon 23 September, Ciy Central, CPT

Medunsa Refresher Course 14-16 September, CSIR Convention Centre, Pretoria

Cape Town Wine Show & Vindaba 25-27 September, CTICC, Cape Town

ISBC 15-18 September, Santon Convention Centre, JHB

South African National Horse Championships 26-29 September, Tulbagh Show Grounds, Tulbagh

Creative Week Cape Town 15-23 September, Cape Town Planning Africa 16-19 September, ICC Durban Business Indaba 17-18 September, CTICC, CPT SA Council of Shopping Centres Congress 19-20 September, ICC Durban Pendoring Awards 21 September, Cape Town

Social Media World Africa 10-13 September, Sandton Convention Centre, JHB

Durban Business Fair 21-23 September, ICC Exhibition Centre, Durban

Electra Mining 10-14 September, Johannesburg

Soweto Festival 21-24 September, Johannesburg

Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of SA (ABASA) Conference 27-28 September, ICC Durban SEXPO 27-30 September, Johannesburg Expo Centre Nederburg Auction 28-29 September, Nederberg, Paarl Hermanus Whale Festival 28 September - 1 October, Hermanus, Western Cape Heineken Symphonic Rocks 29 September, The Grand Arena Grand West Casino, Cape Town International Academy of

Pathology 29 September-5 October, CTICC, Cape Town

October Aardclop National Arts Festival 2–7 October, Potchefstroom Homemakers Fair Expo 4-7 October, ICC Exhibition Centre, Durban Rocking the Daisies 4-7 October, Cloof Wine Estate, Darling Rage 5-7 October, Coca-Cola dome, JHB Heineken Symphonic Rocks 6 October, The Big Top Arena, Carnival City, Johannesburg Afrimold 10-12 October, Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg Laboratory Equipment Exhibition 11-12 October, ICC Durban Sports Life Expo 12-14 October, Coca-Cola dome The CFO Show 15-18 October, Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg Cosmetex Africa 16-18 October, Sandton Convention Centre, JHB Photo and Film Expo

The Event | 11


VENUES THE curtain lifted on an important event for South African theatre in May when Soweto’s Jabulani district became the first township to have a fully functioning theatre of its own.


HE Soweto Theatre opened in May and has attracted as much praise for its bold exterior design as it has for its existence. The R150m complex resembles three giant colourful toy building blocks held together by curves of steel. The main theatre can seat an audience of 420 in front of a traditional picture frame stage and an orchestra pit. Two smaller and flexible ‘black box’ venues have 180 and 90 seats, while a foyer connects all three venues. Artwork by Soweto’s Ubuhle

Bobuntu Arts Collective hangs in the passageways and walls. There are multilevel dressing rooms, storage rooms and a greenroom, and an outdoor covered plaza that can serve as an additional performing space. The theatre is on Bolani Road close to Jabulani Mall, and was appropriately opened on Africa Day, May 25 2012, by Johannesburg Mayor Parks Tau. Construction work began in June 2009 and contributed R20 million to the economy by creating 460 jobs. The first show to be staged there was The Suitcase, a South African classic written in 1954 by Es’kia Mphahlele and directed by James Ngcobo.In June the events in were in keeping with Youth Month, with concerts by Johannesburg Youth Orchestra, the Soweto-based SA Comedy Academy running daily workshops for as-

pirant stand-up comedians, dance workshops held by Nyakaza Youth in Motion and street-theatre workshops staged by Pavement Special. Other shows lined up include the musical Scenes from Soweto, the Miss Soweto pageant and the Soweto Comedy Festival 2012. The theatre will serve both as a receiving house and a producing house, staging touring productions as well as developing its own. The aim is to produce performing arts in a wide variety of genres, with the emphasis on an innovative and culturally relevant programme, including traditional African art forms as well as European productions. The theatre is in the high density, mixed-use heart of Jabulani, and will be used for stage shows, music and dance and to host festivals, conferences, meetings and community

gatherings. Productions will also include curriculum-based setworks for students. Councillor Chris Vondo, Joburg’s mayoral committee member for community development, describes the theatre as a platform for the community, and a way of encouraging the participation of previously disadvantaged companies and individuals. “It’s a dream realised for the Soweto community,” he said. The theatre’s acting CEO is Steven Sack, Joburg’s director of arts, culture and heritage services. “We want to turn Soweto into a viable neighbourhood that has facilities you find in the inner city, including entertainment and recreational facilities of the very best Johannesburg could offer,” he said. The theatre was designed by Afritects, who were tasked with creat-

ing an iconic and photogenic building that was also highly functional. The budget was initially between R40m and R60m, but the first plans drafted demanded a budget of R80m. Steven said the final bill hit R150 after the specifications were enhanced and the dire global economy pushed up the cost of raw materials. The bill was met by the national and local government and by the developer. The city is also subsidising ticket prices to make a night at the theatre affordable for the local community, and organisations wanting to rent its spaces will be charged a suitably low fee. As the theatre develops, the government hopes more work will be created for actors, directors, producers, dancers and musicians. When construction began, Joburg’s then executive mayor Amos Masondo expressed the hope that creating a world-class theatre in Soweto would finally dispel the idea that theatre isn’t for the masses. “The passion for theatre is growing rapidly among all sectors of the South African population, thanks to the strong foundation laid by luminaries such as Gibson Kente,” he said. “We have noted that despite this growth, for many, theatre continues to be perceived by some as something reserved for the elite. We seek to ensure that all kinds of entertainment become a reality in the Greater Soweto community.” Building a theatre was “an important part of transforming Soweto from a mere dormitory into a normalised neighbourhood,” he said. “We are striving to change Soweto into a sustainable human settlement that is known not just as a place where people come from, but where people also go to,” the former major said. Lesley Stones

AIBTM REPORT BACK GENERAL INDUSTRY MARLENE Govender, Marketing and Sales manager at ICC Durban, recently returned from America’s Meetings & Events Exhibition, (AIBTM) which took place from 20-21 June 2012 in Baltimore.


URING AIBTM Marlene had a number of prescheduled appointments with international association and corporate meetings buyers. “Apart from the scheduled meetings the opportunities to drive business during AIBTM are important as there were a whole host of valuable networking functions in which to participate,” says Marlene, who brought home a string of business leads. There was a lot of interest expressed in the ICC Durban as a conference venue and South Africa as a destination. Interest was pre-

1 2 | The Event

dominantly from the DMC and meeting planner sectors,” she says. AIBTM was attended by over 15000 buyers from the US and other continents. In particular, there was quite a lot of interest expressed from hosted buyers outside of the US to do business with Africa and South Africa. “The show also offered networking opportunities for over 1000 companies. There was also opportunity to network with other exhibitors from the industry. This created plenty opportunity for South Africans to generate new contacts in all aspects of the conferencing and hospitality industry. AIBTM also provided South Africa with a platform to show off the South African offering to over 2500 meeting planners on a global scale,” she says. A personal highlight for Marlene was the AIBTM Welcome reception that took place at the Baltimore Power Plant. “The event was a themed “street party”. This event was open


to all exhibitors and hosted buyers and provided the an excellent fun networking opportunity whilst we got to enjoy Baltimore’s array of lively restaurants, bars and nightlife.” “After Europe the USA is home to most of the world’s international associations and it is important that the Durban ICC is able to interact with this market,” said ICC Durban CEO Julie-May Ellingson, Sally Fink

FILM & EVENT MEDIA ADDRESSES THE LOGIC BEHIND SATSA WESTERN CAPE GUEST EXPERIENCES GENERAL INDUSTRY ON 7 June 2012, Film & Event Media were invited to engage Western Cape Chapter members of The Southern Africa Tourism Association (SATSA) about how leisure companies can benefit from the film industry.


HE panel consisted of Film & Event Media’s Taryn Fowler, The Callsheet’s Makkie Slamong and The Event Newspaper’s Sally Fink, who each represented one of the company’s brands. Film productions can benefit the leisure tourism industry in many ways, from venue and car hire, to hotel room and restaurant bookings. Commercials crew need to be housed and fed for weeks, while TV series or Film crew might spend many months in South Africa (or commute in and out over the course of many months) while shooting. The spend from the feature film Safe House, starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington, was estimated to be around 350 million. Taryn opened up proceedings by explaining the value of the South African film industry. “According to the Department of Trade and Industry, South Africa’s entertainment industry is valued at around R7.4-billion, with film and television generating more than R5.8-billion in economic activity each year,” she explained. She also mentioned a recent economic impact assessment study conducted by the Cape Film Com-

mission which revealed that the industry has a direct annual turnover of more than R2.65-billion and contributes an indirect annual turnover of more than R3.5-billion to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). “The commercials sector grew to R1.26m turnover in 2010/2011. There were 54% more local commercials than service jobs, but service commercials generated more shoot days and turnover.” One of the burning questions was how the tourism industry can benefit from productions being filmed in South Africa. Makkie explained that leisure companies can become more involved with film by developing relationships with the industry bodies as well as individual production companies. “Do your research, build relationships with the associations (CPA; CFC; GFC; NFVF; DFA etc) and let them feed you information about upcoming productions and projects.” Sally echoed these sentiments by driving home the message that networking is key. “Don’t underestimate the value of the phrase, ‘It’s who you know that counts’, she says.” Taryn also introduced Film & Event Media’s range of products, such as The Filmmaker’s Guide to South Africa and The Callsheet Newspaper, which is distributed to more than 5000 film and production companies in South Africa, and has an international reach via distribution at Cannes. The group also holds monthly networking wrap parties where producers and suppliers have the opportunity to mingle with inter-

GENERAL INDUSTRY WHEN something goes wrong at an event, even something as inconsequential as traffic, the public can be brutal, especially through social media.

S Taryn Fowler

ested parties. Charmaine Beukes of White Shark Projects, who heads the SATSA Western Cape Committee, used the opportunity to introduce the new committee members for 2012, comprising Alvin Kushner, Alida Erasmus, Howard Johnson, Gerhard Louw, J.P. Quickleberg, Deon Cox, Helen Baker, Ince Maree, Theresa Towers and Mark Finglenurg. The event was held at Mandela Rhodes Place in Cape Town. GM Desmond O Connor spoke about how despite recent negative press surrounding the liquidation of West Cities, one of the owners of the venue, its business as usual. “We’ve seen 41% revenue growth so we’re doing very well,” says Desmond. Staff Writer

AMANTHA Gabriel, the director of guest experience agency Logic, says an event’s logistics are seldom the stuff of news articles, but get it wrong, and you can very quickly have a bad press nightmare on your hands. “The last thing you want to hear about your event is ‘It was great, but...’,” she says. An independent sister company of VWV, which owns a 70% share in the agency, Logic already contributes approximately 10% to the VWV Group’s turnover. Since its launch in December 2010, Logic has grown its staff from two to eight, and its client base is up by 30%. While maintaining strong relationships with existing clients such as Pick n Pay, BMW, MINI, and SAB Limited, Logic has attracted the attention of several new clients, including Blue Moon, OSISA, and Nike. Logic makes the logistics part of the guest experience. It’s a unique offering that grew out of Samantha’s experiences on several large projects for the VWV Group. Through her then-company T2 Events, she worked in partnership with VWV on projects like the Millercoors Distributors Conference in Las Vegas in 2007 and 2009, the Confederations Cup 2009 opening and closing ceremonies, and the

opening and closing ceremonies for FIFA World Cup 2010. It was on these projects that she saw a real need for someone who could make logistics part of the total event experience. “Typically, logistics service providers work in isolation, each doing their own job,” she says. “And while they might all do great work individually, there’s no one person keeping guests’ overall experience in mind. Handling logistics without keeping the big picture in mind results in disgruntled guests before your event has even started.” Kingsley Potter, CEO of the VWV Group, agrees. “Event operational environments are getting more demanding and challenging. We realised that there was a need for a new kind of company, one which truly understood the complexities of managing guest and delegate logistics, whether locally or across borders, without losing sight of guests’ overall experience.” “You should be connecting with your guests at each touch point leading up to the actual event,” says Samantha “What we ensure is that from receiving their invitation to catching their flight home, your guests will have a memorable, positive experience of your brand.” “We really do care about the experiences people have at the events we work on,” she says “We put ourselves in their shoes, imagining what they will see, hear, taste, touch and smell at every point in the process. It’s this attention to the total guest experience which makes all the difference in the final evaluation of an event.”

We’re distributing 4 000 copies a month free via bulk distribution at event industry organisations and associations; key industry meeting points like convention centres, hotels and rental houses; and at key industry events. This means we’ll remain the most read events industry trade publication. After seven years of carrying the cost of mailing another 4 000 copies direct to everyone else, we’re asking for subscriptions to help us cover our rising distribution costs. Subscribe now for just R22.80 pm to keep receiving your copy, delivered to your door every month. Please contact us for a subscription debit order form: or 021 674 6691. The Event | 13

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HE Pavilion recently unveiled a second conference centre in June 2012. The Pavilion Clock Tower boasts venues with stunning views of the harbour and the ability to accommodate up to 21 different room configurations for conferences and events. Maximum capacities include 850 pax for a cocktail event; 380 for a gala dinner and up to 460 cinema style seating. “The need to increase venue size is a decision not taken lightly, but has become a necessity for us. We have listened to our cli-

1 4 | The Even t

ents’ needs and the desire for more large venues in Cape Town. We are proud to announce the development of our new Clock Tower centre, as well as the redevelopment and enlarging of our current venue. In the new development our capacities will drastically increase to roughly 1000 pax and will still have additional breakaway rooms available in our multileveled venue. Our venue will enable functionality on an entirely new dimension in conferencing” says Johan de Villiers, GM. The new development is the initiation of the group’s vision on greening moving forward. Situated in one of South Af-

rica’s top tourist destinations, and surrounded with a backdrop of Table Mountain, The Pavilion Conference Centre and The Pavilion Clock Tower focuses on a “custom made conference experience” that combines a beautiful and flexible facility and service excellence. All together, The Pavilion now offers 28 conference venues covering over 4200sqm at the best rate in town. Visit for more information.

LET YOUR DELEGATES SWIM WITH THE FISHES VENUE THE Two Oceans Aquarium at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town isn’t only one of the city’s favourite tourist attractions for young and old alike, its also a conference and function venue that offers a unique twist on events.


HE Aquarium is a popular venue for functions and afterparties, having hosted successful events in collaboration with The Cape Town International Jazz Festival and Fashion Week to name but two. Guests can be entertained in front of the 11 metre long I&J Predator Exhibit which is a stunning backdrop for dance floors, networking events and even dinners. What better way to enjoy an evening than surrounded by more than 3000 marine creatures in the most tranquil of marine settings? The Aquarium’s in-house restaurant, Shoreline Café, provides the catering for all functions hosted, so guests can be assured that only MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) accredited and SASSI (Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative) endorsed seafood is served. There are conference facilities as well as smaller breakaway rooms. The I&J predator exhibit can accomodate a maximum of 250 guests, The Atlantic Ocean Gallery can accomodate 100, the Think Tank can accomodate a maximum of 120 in cinema style, while Tranquility, with a window looking in to the Kelp Forest, can accomodate 20 seated and 30 standing. The venue is playing host to the prestigious 2012 International Aquarium Congress (IAC) from 9-14 September 2012. The The IAC is the most important event for the public aquar-

ium industry and will take place on the African continent for the first time. The IAC will be attended by approximately 500 delegates from various aquariums around the world. The venue will also be playing host to the Two Oceans Aquarium Youth Symposium on 29 July 2012. At the conference, a group of 30 debaters who will be invited to attend an overnight video conference at the Aquarium on 7 September 2012. There is good reason that the Aquarium is an obvious choice of conference venue: sustainability. The venue committed to reducing its environmental impact and, in recognition of its efforts, was awarded Platinum status by the Heritage Environmental Management Company in 2011. The Aquarium was chosen by Project 90x2030 as one of six renewable energy demonstrations sites in South Africa and currently generates a small percentage of its energy requirements from wind and solar energy. The Aquarium is currently offering a Winter Warmer functions special from 1 June – 31 August 2012 that includes venue, meals, staff costs and décor (excluding beverages) at R230 per person. Year end function packages are also available at R350 per person and cocktail parties at R280 per person. The Premium Full Day Conference Package has been reduced from R360,00 per person excl VAT to R245,00 per person excl VAT and includes a buffet luncheon. The Premium Half Day Conference Package including a buffet luncheon is now on promotion at R205.00 per person Excl VAT. These prices are valid till end August 2012. Sally Fink

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Innovative Exhibitions Sponsored by Complete Exhibitions LONG TERM PARTNERSHIPS LEAD TO GROWTH AND SUSTAINABILITY

Complete Exhibitions built registration and the shell scheme as well as selected stands at this year’s IISA Conference and Exhibition

SUSTAINABILITY is defined as ‘the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed.’ This is a critical aspect in the business world as it leads to long-term benefits and growth.


OMPLETE Exhibitions believes in this concept and has, for the last number of years, been cultivating partnerships in the annual Insurance Institute of South Africa Conference and Exhibition. This affiliation has

lead to the growth of the exhibition, not only in terms of the pure number of exhibitors, but also in the investment in terms of the quality of the exhibits on display. The 2012 IISA conference, hosted at Sun City from 10-13 June 2012, is a valuable commodity within the insurance sector providing delegates with a proven business-to-business platform. With increased interest externally, it has followed that the organisers and exhibitors have also recognised this as a growing event

and have therefore begun investing more resources into the event – particularly within the stands in the exhibition component. Complete Exhibitions has been instrumental in advising and assisting exhibitors in their creative ideas and execution. “IISA has grown into a formidable business platform within the South African conference calendar and as such, the quality and creativity on display at this year’s event was exceptional” says Nigel Walker, managing director, Complete Exhibitions. A valuable part of the offering to the exhibitor is the assistance provided in maximising the space each exhibitor has at their disposal. Some exhibitors have limited space such as 6 square metres whilst others have large stands of 36 square metres. Both options provide unique challenges and require equal attention. Complete Exhibitions in onhand for all the exhibitors to guide and consult on efficient and effective space utilisation in line with their distinctive objectives. Should an exhibitor be marketing their products the main goal of the stand must be to highlight the product and their features, this can be done using showcases, creative lighting or even through the use of screens. The fundamental objective is to capture the visitor or delegate with the exceptional factors of the product. If the objective of the exhibitor is to network then the stand must

allow for various areas of interaction between company representatives and potential or current clients. The fundamental elements of such a stand should be seating and tables of some type, either a cocktail setup or a more relaxed lounge setup. Both stand styles have different benefits, but to ensure success, the exhibitor must be certain of their objective. The role played by Complete Exhibitions is to advise and support every exhibitor to assure that each one has the best experience and return on investment possible. Whilst Complete Exhibitions was responsible for developing the overall floor-plan and building the entire exhibition area shell scheme structure, there was one particular exhibitor for whom this event was a little more nerve-wracking than previously. Clayton Khojane, Sales and Business Development, Complete Exhibitions explains, “They had previously used a basic shell scheme and this year decided to invest in a design stand at IISA. This represented a significant investment on the behalf of the exhibitor and as such they were understandably nervous about the whole process.” Complete Exhibitions assisted the exhibitor with all aspects of this new venture from conceptualisation all the way through to delivery. “When the exhibitor arrived and saw their stand fully built, the reality exceeded their expectations. They had a fantastic

experience at the show and their stand proved popular amongst the visitors. It was certainly successful in giving them the competitive advantage they sought.” Khojane concludes. Complete Exhibitions went further with the client to ensure that elements of their stand, such as graphics, could be reused thereby ensuring the best possible return on the client’s investment. Whilst this year’s event provided exhibitors with a pleasant encounter being assisted at every turn, this is only a small, but crucial, part of the role Complete Exhibitions played at the conference. They also provided valuable support to the conference organisers with the management of the exhibition, a critical element of the event, ultimately adding to the overall success. With the event being hosted nearly 200km from their factory, they needed to ensure that their planning and logistics were perfectly executed. “Complete Exhibitions has become an integral component of the team. They have repeatedly managed the exhibition successfully and we have always been assured that our exhibitors have been offered the very best service. This partnership has meant that each of us can focus on our core responsibilities while ensuring together that the overall event is a success.” explains Estelle Lötter, Ripcord Promotions. Claire Grundy

FILM & EVENT MEDIA LAUNCHES LOERIES & CREATIVE WEEK EXPO FILM & Event Media, the media house that publishes The Event Newspaper and the soon to be launched Event Planner’s Guide to South Africa, is proud to be organising The Loerie awards and Creative Week Expo.


AUNCHED for the first time this year, The Loerie awards and Creative Week Expo will take place from 20-22 September 2012 at the historic City Hall in Cape Town. The Loerie Awards encompass all areas of brand communication and is considered by many to be the Creative Mecca of the South African advertitising community. The Expo will take place alongside the awards weekend and also serve as the culmination of Creative Week, now in its third year, that runs in the week leading up to the Loeries. A limited number of twenty exhibitors will not only be exposed to South Africa’s creative community, thousands of advertising agency

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movers and shakers, but also the international delegates attending the Loeries Seminar as well as 3000 award ceremony guests who will be registering at City Hall. Exhibitors are encouraged to embrace the spirit of Cape Town Design Capital 2014. The Loerie Awards were first held in 1978, as a mechanism to support and grow television advertising. Since then the awards have expanded to encompass every area of brand communication including radio and print, design, architecture, direct marketing, non-broadcast video, live events, and digital media. Creative Week Cape Town started in 2010 as a legacy event for Cape Town’s World Design Capital 2014 bid to coincide with The Loeries. It is a celebration of Cape Town Cape Town’s creative life and includes lectures, presentations, demonstrations and networking. Together, Creative Week Cape Town and The Loerie Awards have

become one of the most important dates on the creative calendar.

Launched for the first time in 2012, the The Loerie Awards and

Creative Week Expo will complete the Loeries experience.

Stand Innovations Sponsored by 3D Group

3D BUILDS 27 STANDS IN FOUR DAYS AT TWO SHOWS TURNKEY exhibition and promotions company, 3D Group, has confirmed why it is one of the leaders in its field by building some 27 stands in four days at two shows.


N site at the Expo Centre for African Utility Week as well as the Sandton Convention Centre for Satcom, 3D’s team of specialist stand builders and outfitters ensured that exhibitors at both had a trouble-free exhibition experience when it came to build up and break down. And it supplied the infrastructure – the shell scheme, carpets, furniture and electrics – for both shows. Asked what qualities the 3D teams have that enable them to work so quickly and so well together, sales director, Conrad Kullmann, was forthright: “This industry proves the maxim ‘you are only as strong as your weakest link’. “I believe we have the best of the best when it comes to our teams and their managers – they’re experienced, they’re hard-working and they’re professional. With these guys, there just is no weakest link. They deliver on time, every time so that everyone else can get on with their own jobs with the minimum of fuss – exhibi-

tors and show organisers alike.” 3D built the majority of the 27 stands at African Utility Week, including those for ABN Braun, Fuji Electrics, Holley Metering, Malaysian Switchgear, MTN, NERSA, Quanta, Schneider and Surgetek. At Satcom, it put CCTV, Rascom Star and Russia Satellite on the floor. “Our biggest build was a 64m2 for CCTV and the smallest just 9m2 for Omicron. Possibly the most complicated was for CCTV, not only was it the largest but it had a roof that changed colour thanks to the use of LED lights. The 3D Group links several strategic business units specialising in the supply of a comprehensive range of products and services for exhibitors and exhibition and event organisers alike together. These have the capacity to design, construct, project manage and execute up to 400 events, exhibitions and exhibits a year, as well as provide specialist services such as furniture and lighting hire, and the development of marketing collateral. Most of these disciplines were utilised to prepare the stand for MTN, and which took the award for the best stand at African Utility Week. According to Conrad, the prime objective of the stand was to showcase a remote water me-

ter reading application. It therefore had to have a ‘green’ element – to highlight the water savings that can be achieved – and depict water in some way. “MTN’s 36m2 stand was required to reflect ‘greenness’ but also incorporate elements that would make it practical to do business,” said Conrad. “There also had to be two counters where the water reading application could be demonstrated. “To really bring in the green, we opted to utilise long Astroturf grass to cover the bar and part of the floor. It worked really well, as the bar looked as if it had been built from soil and grassed over. We also used this grass to cover lights and fitted these with energy efficient globes. “We located the demo area right in the front of the stand and printed everything here with water and bubbles to depict the application. “Coffee and smoothies were served from the bar with delicious chocolate-coated fortune cookies. Everything was supplied by 3D Group, and we think the stand looked wonderful and provided for a great experiential experience.” This is the first stand 3D has done for MTN, but it is working with the company on its prestigious MTN IQ Game Show build. This, an event held in 13 dif-

ferent venues targeting the MTN sales teams countrywide, allows them to win a car or big cash prizes. The final round kicked off in June. “The way in which we handled IQ obviously impressed MTN and we were delighted when they awarded us more of their business.

We’re even happier now that we’ve won Best Stand on Show with the stand, one which ably demonstrates the group’s versatility and high standards across all disciplines,” said Conrad. Sally Fink

NEWORLD DESIGN BATTERY POWERED STAND FOR MARKEX NEWORLD Exhibitions, a new BBBEE exhibition company, made a bright entrance to the design and manufacturing side of the exhibition industry at this year’s Markex.


ITH greening and technology on everybody’s lips, Neworld Exhibitions came up with a novel way of drawing attention to themselves at this year’s Markex and World of Events that took place from 12-14 June 2012 at Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg. Neworld’s Lesley van der spuy says the company prides itself on its knowledge of the latest technology, which is why visitors to this year’s Markex were greeted with an incredible sight - a battery powered stand. “The stand relied on simplicity to make a statement,” says Lesley. “LED back lit seamless fabric

graphics were reliant for their energy from a battery operated system and enabled the stand to run independently and in the event of an interrupted power supply.” Once the hall lights were out at night the stand could continue to shine for a further twelve hours thanks to the battery power. “It was completely green as we used LED lighting as well,” says Lesley. The stand was manufactured by Neworld with fabric printing provided by Tali Digital. Having entered the market in October 2011 Neworld Exhibitions has made its presence felt by winning the South African Tourism International contract for the next three years. For more information please visit Sally Fink

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OPPORTUNITIES GENERAL INDUSTRY IF you have any opportunities to share please visit our web portal and load your own stories for consideration in next month’s edition. Imvelo Awards call for entries THE Imvelo Awards, which recognise responsible tourism in South Africa, is open for entries. The deadline for entries is 31 August 2012. Entries can be sent to info@

ASSOCIATIONS SITE, together with Adventure Works, recently hosted an outing to Langa which allowed members to give back to the community.


HEY say the three R’s (Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle) are important to look after the environment, but Shelley Morton from Adventure Works believes in the three I’s -Interact, Involve and Impart. A large portion of Cape Town’s Society of Incentive and Travel Executives (SITE) members and the team from Adventure Works got involved in making that difference in Langa. Time was spent interacting with the

kids at Joe Slovo Creche, as well as getting stuck into painting and creating murals on the wall. “The most important part was not the fact that we gave our time and resources (although that does play a big role), what counts at the end of the day is that we got to interact with the locals, learn more about how their community works and left with a sense of joy and accomplishment,” says Shelley. Following the Joe Slovo Creche visit, the group then gathered at Mzansi Restaurant to start off the evening with a Township walk. “Here we encountered various areas that play a large role in the local peoples’ lives. We walked past smileys (sheep heads), Hair Salons, Tuckshops and


Shoe repairers. Experiencing the ins and outs of the township was truly fascinating,” says Shelley. Site chairperson Tes Proos says the association recognised the need to spend more time on CSR projects and created a specific portfolio headed up by Debbie de Villiers of Terra Nova. “It is a very important component for many of our incentive programmes so it is vital for us as DMC’s to be physically involved ourselves. There is such a great need out there and every little bit helps. It is heart warming to see the industry pull together and getting things done,” she says.

Boutique Hotel & Spa

Boutique Hotel | Spa | Wedding & Conference Venue

A mere 15 minutes from Pretoria’s City Centre and only an hour from Johannesburg The Two Oceans Aquarium provides

lies Isiphiwo Boutique Hotel & Spa. Isiphiwo

a dramatic backdrop against which to

is privately owned and prides itself in its

host a function or conference. A number of venues with flexible seating capacities are available. Hosting your event at the Two Oceans Aquarium will create a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests. Please contact us to enquire about our

warm country like hospitality and distinct attention to detail. The rooms are spacious, modern and uniquely styled with custom made furniture and art deco pieces.

winter and year-end packages.

tel: +27 21 418 3823 fax: +27 21 418 3952 email:

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tel: +27 128 082 328 mobile: +27 798 763 236 email:

Sally Fink

EIBTM Technology Watch open for Submissions THE EIBTM Technology Watch Award is open for submissions. The award winner will receive an exhibition stand within the Technology Village at EIBTM (value €3000) to showcase their product to over 15,200 industry professionals expected to attend this year’s event. The awards are free to enter. EIBTM takes place from 27-29 November 2012 in Barcelona. For more information visit www. SAACI seeks General Manager THE South African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI) is accepting applications for the position of general manager. The position requires: •Someone who knows the workings / mechanics of SAACI •Patience and appreciation for the role that SAACI plays between the private sector and government. •It’s not about the money! •Good management capabilities, experience to work with national office staff, consultants, branch secretariats and the various committees •The ability to listen to the direc-

tion of SAACI Board and its members •To be based in Gauteng •There will be an adequate handover period CVs can be sent directly tp Diwali call for proposals IN November, Indianspice will resurrect the annual Diwali celebration, entitled ‘Diwali in Jozi’. They are seeking input, proposals and cultural organisation support for the festival. Members of the public can submit their proposals and enquiries to Lakshya Malhotra at FEDHASA seeks Restaurant Chair The Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa (FEDHASA) Cape division has called for nominations for chairperson of its Restaurant Segment following the resignation of newly-appointed chair John Sanei. For more information about FEDHASA Cape, please visit www. CIBTM Hosted Buyer and Visitor Registration Open HOSTED Buyer and visitor registration has opened for this year’s CIBTM (China Incentive, Business Travel & Meetings Exhibition) CIBTM takes place from 12-14 September 2012 at Beijing’s China National Convention Centre. It is considered to be the leading international event for the business travel, meetings, incentives, conferences and events industry in China and the wider Asia region, last year’s record breaking event attracted over 4,400 industry professionals. For full event details and to apply for free Hosted Buyer or visitor status logon to Sally Fink






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Champagne Sports Resort boasts 16 conference venues, sea�ng from 16 to 1350 delegates and can now accommodate up to 750 delegates at the foot of the majes�c Drakensberg mountains. Champagne Sports Resort offers 152 hotel rooms and 91 �meshare chalets of which the majority are 3 bedrooms (all rooms en-suite). With a wide range of spor�ng and leisure facili�es there is something for everyone to enjoy. Nestled within this spectacular leisure, conference and �meshare resort is a hidden golfing masterpiece. The top ranked 18 hole championship golf course has been rated as SA’s most beau�ful golf course in recent years with the clubhouse rated in the top five 19th holes in South Africa. So whether you are wearing your golf cap or your thinking cap, there’s no be�er place to find inspira�on! Tel: 036 468 8000 Fax: 036 468 1169 l reserva�

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