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The Norval Foundation is a new centre for art and cultural expression, yet is far more than a museum, and far more than a mere events venue - it is already the most exclusive, forwardthinking and in-demand destination for local and international event planners.

Elana Brundyn, Executive Director at the Norval Foundation.


t comprises state-of-the-art facilities and gallery spaces, as well as a sculpture garden, an intimate amphitheatre and a world-class restaurant, all enhanced by a design that is guided by the fundamentals of light and air. To visit the Norval Foundation is to understand elegance in its most natural form, an adaptive space that, through architectural expression, puts culture first. Elana Brundyn is the Executive Director at the Norval Foundation and serves as a trustee of the Gerard Sekoto Foundation. From 2014 to 2017 she was Director of Institutional Advancement and External Affairs at Zeitz MOCAA (Cape Town), part of the inaugural team to launch the institution in September 2017. Brundyn’s career in the contemporary art industry spans 20 years as a consultant and advisor to corporate and academic collections, charity art auctions and commercial galleries with a strong focus on philanthropic projects and fundraising.

What is the overarching purpose of the Norval Foundation? We aim to create high quality exhibitions and public programming to broaden our

Wim Botha, Prism 5, 12 and 7, 2014. Image courtesy of the artist.

understanding of the visual arts. The Norval Foundationis honoured to be the custodians of the Gerard Sekoto Foundation, Edoardo Villa Estate Collection, and the Alexis Preller Archive. We believe that art has the power to enrich our lives and that artists contribute to or communities in a profound way. The Norval family are the founders and initial funders of the Norval Foundation, through which they aim to make art widely accessible to local and international visitors. The proceeds from capital donations will be used to secure the foundation for future generations.

What kind of events is the Norval Foundation suited to? The Norval Foundation was designed to be a flexible space that can be adapted to suit the needs of the event, therefore we are not limited to the kinds of events that can be held here. Smaller spaces such as the library are perfect for smaller gatherings, such as C-suite meetings. The foyer is an elegant space, with the Serge Alain Nitegeka sculpture as its focal point, and I envision cocktail functions taking place within it.

The larger halls are ideal for cultural exhibitions, while the amphitheatre is perfect for intimate performances. I am certain the restaurant will be popular for fun, informal foodie events. The most important feature of the centre is not the spaces that comprise it – it is the artwork that provides the essence. Above all, the art will ultimately provide the complement or counterpoint to the event.

Will you be hosting opening events? We have organised a Private Garden Party Fundraiser to celebrate the opening of the Norval Foundation on Friday, 27 April 2018, and tickets can be purchased by the public. The Norval Foundation is opening to the public on April 28th, 2018. For more information please mail or call us on +27 (0) 76 476 1299

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