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GREENWASHING IS NOT AN OPTION Instead of fudging the numbers and faking sustainability at your next event, take a leaf from the experts and make greener choices now. Susan Reynard examines the options. © Jaymantri (Pexels))

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reenwashing is one of the marketing messages that businesses and consumers need to watch out for. With some venues, organisations and major events showing the way, it has become easier and more cost-effective for event planners to deliver on their promises to people and planet.

Event Greening Forum tackles naysayers The Event Greening Forum started the year with a comprehensive article on their website busting several greening myths doing the rounds. Triple bottom

line reporting – business, community and environment – is increasingly becoming the norm. The aim is to host events that are audited and certified green. A summary of the key findings: 1. Honest: A “green event” is one which through its sustainability practices has achieved carbon neutral status. The forum is clear: “To claim your event is green prematurely is essentially greenwashing – a term used to describe any misleading communication or PR spin about greening and green benefits.” Greening is an ongoing journey for the industry.

2. Integrated: Greening of an event should be integrated into the event planning process from the outset and not considered an optional extra or add-on with a separate price tag. Factors that inform green decisions include choice of venue, décor, catering, communications and waste management. Normalisation, compliance and best practice in greening is a mindset. 3. Cost-effective: Many greening actions do not cost anything or lead to cost savings, for example doing away with conference bags. Some initiatives may cost more initially but save money in the long term, such as introducing a grey

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Event Issue 2 2018  

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