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This year’s edition of the Durban FilmMart runs from 17–20 June, and is a co-production and finance market and a joint programme of the Durban Film Office (DFO) and the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF).

Crew on location at Alison’s house, Courtesy of Anne Kruyer, Fineheartworks


“The Durban FilmMart will always be a big bastion in the Alison journey. It was there where I pitched my final Alison concept - after developing it for a few years, and it was there where after pitching, the final few adjustments were made that eventually became the movie we have today. It was also extremely valuable to hear the feedback from different type of commissioning editors, broadcaster and financiers from other countries. Especially with a story like this, which we as South Africans know so well and are so loyal to. It was quite something to hear objecti ve responses not tied to the story and who didn’t have any loyalties to this heroine. A great exercise to give that final confirmation to myself as to why I would just never be willing to

KNOW WHEN TO STAND YOUR GROUND, DEFEND YOUR VISION AND WALK AWAY. THE BEST ADVICE I EVER RECEIVED IS: “NEVER IN ANGER ALWAYS IN STRATEGY AND HEART.” compromise certain elements of my visual realisation and to find partners who felt the same. Some wonderful partnerships came out of my Durban FilmMart experience - partnerships that stretched beyond the Durban FilmMart and have become partnerships that can last a lifetime - as for me it’s all about

Alison with Christia Visser as Young Alison

sustainability. The idea is to have many more and to find the perfect fit for partnerships that are solid, partnerships with heart that can also profitable for both parties at the same time. It’s show business after all. It was after Durban that I closed all my deals - and in a big way - because of what transpired at DFM.”

UGA’S ADVICE FOR DELEGATES PITCHING AT DFM “Show Durban FilmMart some love. You got chosen, someone else didn’t and ultimately you will be benefi tting from this opportunity. You have also just come one step closer to potentially opening doors for the story that you have worked

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