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Spinnin’ Fairy Tale News!

Fairy Captives Swarm Apple Orchard Early release Surprises Many


t wasn’t long after hundreds of families had gathered in the ripe thickets of Peckover’s Apple Orchard when the first unusual signs and peculiar sounds were heard— ‘We heard the whispers, almost like a song. A strange language; familiar yet foreign.’ one witness said. Sure enough, forms soon began to emerge from the dotted hillsides, slowly at first and then

...switched out

for a changeling child and sent home some 200 pounds heavier. in incredible amounts. Single file, creatures from all walks of life began spilling into the orchard and causing uproars of Joy at their return. The Apple Orchard, many said, turned into a place of wonder. Peckover’s Orchard has been a place of release for those spirited away and held as fairy captives for as long as anyone can remember. If you’d lost a loved one during the year then the following Halloween meant you would surely be at the cluster of Apple trees, watching the hillside anxiously in hopes of their return. Sometimes the captives served their penance in just a short time, but other times they could remain as prisoners for years. Last year, reporters from the Filigree visited the orchard and followed several families as they waited, hopeful for the return of a loved one. While the moon was highest, the captives

slowly started appearing. Most appeared bewildered and confused, while often times mumbling a strange language. Some of the returned captives were even completely altered— Earl Cahail, who had been ‘bald as a biscuit’ returned to his wife Karen after 7 years of captivity, sporting a full head of silken hair.

Arbella Stoll was pleased to receive her son, Tomothy, who smelled like Fairy waters and was even more beautiful than before. Little Freddie Krommer was switched out for a changeling child and sent home some 200 pounds heavier. The re-uniting was plenty bittersweet, as the Mahoney family could attest: More than

21 years had passed since the disappearance of their father. Every year saw the Mahoney family faithfully and hopefully waiting at the orchard on All Hallow’s Eve, only to leave every year emptyhanded, without the faintest sign of Mr. Mahoney. This year, however, they finally got the surprise they had all been waiting for: ‘Our father retuned!’ said a beaming Mahoney daughter, ‘Well, a miniature version of him, but exactly like we remembered him.’ Standing proud beside his family and looking young and healthy while bearing no strain of the last 21 years was Will Mahoney. A completely proportionate miniature version that was hip tall to his 23 year old son, Ralph. Another happy ending was experienced by the Arbuchle family of Pine Swamp. They waited six years for the return of their daughter Emily, who had been spirited away along with two friends while playing in a forbidden fairy ring. Earlier years had seen the safe return of her two companions, while Emily Arbuchle remained captive until this year— ‘She looks just the same, as if a day hasn’t passed!’ Her parents smiled. So many captives were released this year that it has even the scholars baffled— ‘It’s seen us re-calculate & reexamine what we believed to be the strict protocol of spiriting away,’ Dr. Odell Osbourne said, ‘Most definitely. Either Fairy is too crowded or they’re making room for Winter! We’ll never know!’ One thing is for certain: Never play in the dangerous haunts of the wild Fairies, especially during the shadowy and fragrant days of Autumn, when dead leaves can easily pile up on secret portals and trip up even the most seasoned Fairy Veteran.

Diltz Express takes passengers for Ride of their Lives B

y the time the alarm sounded at the station, the train had already vanished into the hillsides on its way to a mystery destination. The route was unknown because the conductor was not on board— the conductor had sounded the alarm. ‘None of us were sure how it even pulled out of the station,’ said station manager, Alvin Spillers. ‘We knew one thing: something had to be driving the train.’ That information was more than any of the passengers knew. For all they were aware was that they had purchased tickets on the historical Diltz Express, a ride that was known to be a treat for the whole family. Winding around high above the valley gazing out over the colorful trees that looked so breathtaking this time of year - that’s exactly what everyone thought they were doing. ‘I didn’t notice anything was off until we pulled up to the misty train station and they got on,’ said train rider Willy DeHale, ‘One of them sat in front of me, sorta old fashioned looking and reading a paper. I think he even

looked at me and before you knew it, he vanished. My wife told me it was a ‘projection’ and not to stare. Whatever it was, more and more of them climbed aboard and then suddenly vanished as we headed up the mountain into the Forests of Drobny.’ In fact, many thought this was part of the famous Diltz Express Fall Package and were amused by the prospect of sitting next to an old apparition. ‘Are you kidding! I thought it was an excellent act!’ said passenger Lennor Stacey, ‘I had no idea how they got all the ghosts to cooperate. The mystery dinner theater hadn’t even begun and I was intrigued. I had to walk up to the conductor and congratulate him on the fine train he was running but this is when the strange stuff started happening.’ The train came to a screeching halt in a black tunnel. Passengers were stunned and confused. Then they heard the echoing whistle from someone outside the train. ‘It was uncanny. Some of us were excited, thinking it was a part of the act, but I was

pretty sure at that point that something extraordinary was going on. I peeked out the window and saw him: an old time train conductor seemed to be fiddling with the lights while whistling. That’s when everyone noticed him, too. The train slowly started rolling backwards and then we heard the screams. Terrible, agonizing screams and the cracking and crunching of bones! No matter how much we covered our ears we couldn’t escape the screams. They continued forever and the tunnel only magnified them. I realized then it was a ghost conductor and he had driven us up to this tunnel. The train was slowly moving and the screams continued so a couple of us decided to go out there and try to help him. The closer we got, the louder the screams became, but I don’t think he even saw us. His boot was stuck in the tracks and at that exact spot we actually found a boot with a bone wedged in it. As soon as we removed the boot, his screams stopped and the train stopped rolling.’ There, the passengers of the Diltz Express

waited until help arrived for them. Most people agreed it was the ride of their lives, but the Diltx Express will probably never experience something like that again. Historians later discovered that it had in fact, been the anniversary of the mysterious disappearance of a train conductor named Jibben Cleeves. The boot with the bone is now on permanent exhibition at the Drobny Station, where Mr. Cleeves served as a train conductor until the tracks took his life.

...As soon as we removed the boot, his screams stopped


Vavr i n i a B e m o a n s Fun Park direct from a Tasty Meadow Worm


* * *

ince last year’s monumental dispute between Vavrinia Fun Park and Tasty Meadows Cemetery, things have taken a surprising turn: ‘Last year, the DeadResters were complaining about the new fun park and all the screaming and fun disturbing their peaceful Rest,’ said Tasty Meadows worm and local reporter Thaddeus Stitt. ‘Then you have the fun park officials saying ‘That’s just too bad, and here ya go - some life long passes to the park’ to all these ghosts. In an attempt to appease the DeadResters, the passes were also extended to their living families. Well, the Dead Resters didn’t like this, and moaned about why any apparition would want to go to a fun park and be reminded how fun it was to be alive and roller coasters losing their effect, blah, blah, blah. Suddenly what happened was this: One of ‘em started going over and checking out the place. Then another and then another. Before Vavrinia officials knew what happened, the place was swarming with ghosts and their Goo; ya’know that stuff they leave behind them in a trail? Apparently it’s real difficult to clean up. So what do you have? Cleaning Crew after Cleaning Crew quitting. Vavrinia starts getting messy. But that’s fine with them because the people keep on rolling in. Ordinary folks like seeing ghouls at a fun park! That is, until they start getting grossed out by the DeadResters. One thing people never count on is that stench that the ghouls carry with them from the grave. Well, they are resting and rotting most of the time! DeadResters carry this smell with them, like a mist or a cloud of putrid rot, and before 2 – Autumn ‘10

Vavrinia knows it, people stop buying food ‘cos they’re losing their appetites. Meanwhile, these Ghouls are having the time of their Deaths! The place is great. Mingling with the living. Spooking them by hopping on rides. Getting a kick out of scaring them. It’s all good fun. And Tasty Meadows Cemetery? Well, the place is booming! The plots are getting filled like there’s no other boneyard! A cemetery across from a Fun Park suddenly becomes the deal of the century! But what’s Vavrinia to do? They made this bed and now they’re having to lie in it. Vavrina administrators made a big whoop and holler last Spring about Tasty Meadows residents moaning about their park, and they said please come over anytime! So the Dead Resters did come over, and now it looks like it’s gonna be a Fun Park for the Dead! And every night they’re coming back, telling me these stories. Kicking back in their tombs, with stars above them and their feet up, laughing about the night. All the people they’d scared and I’ll tell ya, never seen them Rest so good.

...looks like it’s gonna be a Fun Park for the Dead!



2nd Snatching at Haunted Horse Hill Horses choose Victims Carefully


n first glance, it would seem that there was no connection between the two victims of the Haunted Horse Hill abductions. Many called them merely victims of circumstance. How else were they to know that the victims held some secret scent, some strength, perhaps, that would cause the horses to snatch them up suddenly, buck them onto their misty backs, and ride them into Oblivion, never to be heard from since? For they, along with hundreds of others, had visited Haunted Horse Hill this time of year since childhood. ‘Oh, sure, she wanted to come every year,’ said the devastated father of Maye Gabor, who was taken last week. ‘That’s all she used to talk about.’ Maye, along with countless others, had longed for Autumn, a time when the veils between the living and the Invisible become just a tad thinner. A time when she could take a hayride up to the hill, with a small pail of freshly picked apples and oats, while holding her hands out and hoping that a warm velvety

...every year she got a nibble


nuzzle would choose just her apples and oats to nibble. ‘Every year she got a nibble. We were all impressed, we used to joke with her that she had a secret admirer,’ mourned Mr. Gabor. Seems the Gabors weren’t the only family to have that joke. According to close family member of earlier abducted child, Silas: ‘Little Silas Stenne, too. Every year he got a nibble and everyone on the hill used to gather around him as the ghost horses surrounded him. He was very popular. We used to joke that maybe

he was King of the Horses!’ Locals say this is more than just a casual connection. ‘First of all, not many have seen the ghost horses. They only appear to certain folks. And to have them take a bite from both children’s apples? Every year? There’s your connection. Now the question is why?’ The Neighbors of the bald hill that sits surrounded by forest spend much of their days now speculating on the motives of the ghost horses. Many believe they want to Right the Wrong that happened in battle hundreds of years ago when many horses perished in an epic

struggle. ‘Maybe the children are meant to lead them into battle again,’ said young witness, Charlie Higgins. Others laugh that off as superstitious nonsense, declaring, ‘You can’t re-write the past!’ Still, both children were carried off in a hurry, as if racing to meet something or someone. Now the real question on everyone’s

mind mind is, will they ever return? Families can only hope they will. ‘Of course they will. I can’t fathom a sweet horse kidnapping our daughter and never returning her,’ said proud mother Delphia Gabor. ‘They’ll bring her back, soon as she fulfills whatever it is she was meant to do.’

the Lamplighter’s Lullaby P

opular Attican Lamplighter, Bertus Pinch leaves his home behind and sets out on the high seas, led only by the strange formations in the clouds that show him the way...

October 16 Strange to see Onetoe and Curse hop about the decks with their plant heads and rat feet. Marvellous how they’ve adapted so quick! A fascinating breed the rat. After the horrid island that tried to lure us with their cakes and sweets only to try to plant us in their gardens for later eating, we made it safe away and have been at sea ever since. The greyness is deeper and the nights are colder. Hard to tell where my friend the cloud is with his misty fingers. We sail until we stop. That’s a sailors way. At the mercy of the wind. October 31 The ship rats along with Cap’tn Paki and I have m a d e make shift jack o’ lanterns carved out of driftwood and they sit along the corners of the ship with their flickering grins. Makes us feel a piece of home. Water ghosts and spirits

have been breezing by but never stop to say Boo! Always seems that water creatures are the coldest. November 7 Can’t help but notice Onetoe and Curse shivering in the corners and looking awfully dried out. Everytime I ask they shrug it off and say their fine and happy to be plants. But it can’t be! I brushed by Curse earlier and a withered leaf fell off. I think they’re wilting. We must get them to land. If I plant them will they make roots? Where’s an old ship witch when you need one? November 17 We made an Emergency landing on a tiny island with only a few shrubs. Curse and Onetoe could no longer make it. we carefully brought them ashore and did the only thing we could: we planted them in the lush earth. It began to rain as they lay there but I could see already that a change was rippling through them. The MAIN

Sea Spirit.. earth was dark and the rain came fresh but they wanted to come with us. Instead, they were trapped as plants on some tiny island in the middle of nowhere. As we sailed away, we could just barely make out their tiny faces peeking out to us from their leafy foliage. But what else could we do? November 29 Can’t believe our turn of luck! After sailing for several days we came upon a small but bustling port. Full of friendly folk and warm rooms. We had a hearty supper and now I’m retiring in a snug bed. The sea is always with me somehow. It’s cold clutch has wrapped itself around my soul and the 2 faces of my trusty ship rats stare at me from their island prison. Autumn ‘10 3

the Cakes of Shady Grove

Potluck Party to mark Abernathy’s Return T

he Cakes of Shady Grove, a neighborhood lining the Merla Swamp that was recently the haven for the notorious ‘Swamp Thief’, will be hosting a neighborhood potluck party. Everyone region round is welcome. After the ghoul dubbed ‘the Swamp Thief’ was finally seized last Summer, the neighborhood has been able to sleep sounder and come together in ways that neighbor Matilde Alvin called, ‘A miracle! We never spoke before! Just the presence of one another was a nuisance. I just wanted to gaze out over my piece of swamp. That is, until—

…Until a ghoul haunted the serene banks of the swamps, leaving muddy trails and tracks across their beautiful lawns and dining rooms. With his gooey claws, he stole their good silver; the kind that’s been well tended and passed down for generations. The thief moved silently, able to collect astonishing amounts in his dark oilcloth sack, and would slip back into the still and misty waters without a sound. ‘After he took Innis, that’s when we really started to garner attention,’ concluded Mrs. Alvin.

I just wanted to gaze out over my piece of Swamp


Innis Abernathy’s disappearance was the last straw for many. Last Fall, neighbors huddled together,lit jack o’ lanterns, and made small floating cakes with flickering candles to set adrift on the still swamp, sprinkled with written prayers. Then, miraculously, the Ghoul was seized, ending everyone’s fears. Innis was returned, as if emerging from a mist. Now the neighborhood has found a community together, one where they won’t hide their silver away but instead use it to slice through cakes and treats that are baked for friends.

Riddlers, Rhymers & Raconteurs Reunite! T

he Second Annual Riddlecraft Retreat will take place over four weekends this November. Organizer and riddler guru Professor Storey Foote said, ‘It’ll be four berries in a Pie!’ Last Fall, Professor Foote’s riddling success brought riddlers from all walks of life out of the woodworks. Since that event, Professor Foote and the Riddlecraft Society decided to make the Retreat a tradition. Now, many riddlecrafters wait and practice all year for the Riddlecraft Retreat! ‘Last year was my first time but definitely not my last,’ said amateur rhymer Orpha Burch. ‘I’m new to riddling but have found in riddles and rhymes a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Even when the Sun is black like coal and without heat, riddles tug me along and make me eat.’ Nonsense is commonplace and swirls without bias between creatures that not only

4 – Autumn ‘10

understand this sort of communication but prefer it to ordinary structures. ‘This year, Minadarko is giving us the freedom to take over the entire Blue Ballroom, making it the largest Riddling hub ever. There will be the much loved Riddling Relay Races and back-to-back classes, lectures, and amusements featuring last years favorites: Fay Staggoni, Ferely Kitt, and Rodney Railsback. In addition, I will also be offering Master Classes focusing on symbolism in Rhyme and Riddles.’ Professor Foote also encouraged the curious to attend and promised that there is only fun to be had with Riddles. ‘There is no judgment. We offer a safe haven for individuals who look for Meaning in Nonsense and also those that look for Nonsense in Meaning. Between two trees. That’s where we are. Trees grow and twist but not without wind. Be the wind!’


Misty Tightrope Procession at Chabra Falls U

nsuspecting picnicers and strollers who toes glided expertly across to the finish, had come out to the Chabra Falls to where he was finally able to complete enjoy the moon rise were privy to a shock- the act that so violently took his life. ing treat that took many of them minutes to Other unrecognizables flitted across mentally sort out. and were able to prove their skills while ‘We were watching the Falls, ‘ said witness putting on a show that the lucky few Merry Farrar, ‘and the moon was coming spectators would always remember. up but you could still see the bright Autumn Perhaps most astonishing of all was foliage, when suddenly, out of the churning famed tightrope walker and champion waters we saw the first one.’ Damora Dunn, Cromora Nicholson’s The shimmering form of a tightrope walker own dear mentor. Ms. Dunn rose up came carefully across the falls. Then another from the Falls all ablaze in moonlight followed quickly afand frothy petter and seemed to ticoats and float delicately over began her the misty wire that jaw-dropping the Ghosts of fallen stretched itself tight performance across the roaring across the tightrope walkers Falls. rope. past... ‘Then we realized ‘She danced, what was happentwirled, and ing: It was the ghosts even flipped. of fallen tightrope Her foggy walkers past.’ In fact, as they came one by curls shot out from all sides and her one across, the crowd began to grow and wand poked at the night, shooting it wasn’t long before rippling rumors rose streams of white water. After that, all between them. we heard was just the thundering Falls ‘We recognized Ethel Susanka, the poor like an applause. We all wondered if dear who succumbed to the Falls during the we were crazy.’ Spring before last. She pirouetted without ‘They’re not crazy, ‘said Chabra Falls fear across the rope and then, just as she historian and Tightroper expert Nawas finished, she was swallowed up again by thaniel Hulone. ‘A mass hypnotism of the Falls - but we all saw it. Yes, we did.’ this scale is unlikely. It is probably a ­—After Ethel came the recognizable top hat healthy act of redemption for those of Parlee Mikels, who had followed Ms. spirits who never got to pass the Falls. Susanka that fateful Spring. His vaporous Why tonight? Why only a handful of arms did a delicate balancing dance as his walkers? We’ll never know.’


the Towered Town of Tewskberry I

f you haven’t visited the beautiful countryside of Tewksberry, then there is no better time than the flaming months of Fall. Marked on the Historical Registry of endangered places, Tewksberry sits high aloft with its clusters of ancient towers and gates watching over the Sangamon Forest. Its tall turrets do more than host hundreds of bird, insect, and fairy species; the turrets also have recently welcomed the New Immigration of the Liandnar Dragon. The dragons typically live deep in the surrounding caves, emerging only at night to take part in many Evening Festivities. ‘They are most welcome in Tewksberry, as is any creature,’ said Mayor Lewis Gabel, ’Our town attracts special people and our folk spare them the gawking. New residents


in turn get to enjoy the spectacular views and culture of our town.’ And there is plenty of culture. From the famous Fortnightly Barn Revelry, to the Anglesley Graveyard Jig, Tewskberry has become a popular safe haven for artists, musicians, and families wanting to live closer to Nature. After a lengthy restoration that initially found the fragile towers of Tewksberry neglected and in poor condition, the town has slowly been returning to its former glory. Now, bustling streets spill over with flower and fruit markets, and plenty of social activities are scheduled to bring in new creatures from all walks of life. ‘What’s the point of having all this beauty, if you can’t share it?’ Mayor Gabel summed up.

Autumn ‘10 – 5

the Abandoned House Tour W

e all enjoy the creaks and groans of an abandoned house. The kinds of houses where mold and rot are welcome and where peeling wallpaper is commonplace. Some of us can hear their stories; tales of earlier tenants and their memories and hopes for the future, while others of us can’t help but feel the sudden pinch of repulsion at the piles of old trash that are scattered like broken dreams. But what if you could feel a dash of both? That’s what the Abandoned House Tour in Velpen hopes to accomplish. ‘A careful balance of Intrigue and Wonder sprinkled gingerly with Disgust,’ said director, Newton Briy, ‘a difficult recipe. but when you get it right— it’s a real treat.’ ‘Treat or not, it’s something to behold!’ said house tourer, Stacy Hren, ‘I’ll tell ya, I don’t know how they made those

houses whisper but they did! It was like eavesdropping on gossip, but only the good stuff! That house knew how to pick the juicy bits!’ The tour consists of three large abandoned houses. One even has an apple orchard that unfolds itself like a mystery. Groups will find themselves in the middle of a ‘whodunnit’ trying to get to the root of the house’s abandonment. ‘The holes in the floors; it’s like you don’t notice them. It’s like they transform themselves before you and you’re transported into the past when it was warm and bustling. Later it’s kind of sad, though.’ said visitor, Jeff Brigsy. Organizers of the event hope it will not only be popular, but also successful in the way of finding new owners for these houses that they endearingly refer to as their, ‘Orphans.’


That house knew how to pick the juicy bits!

Enchantment Emporium sees Boom

thanks to Sculpture Museum debacle M

rs. Tally Finnis of Attica is thrilled to see the hustle and bustle and general new and youthful curiosity spill through the big glass doors of her Enchantment parlor. ‘I think people were tickled and their interest was sparked,’ she said in reference to the recent happenings at Ludwig Lystilla sculpture museum during Summer’s Maricopa By Night’s Festival. ‘On the one hand, spectators got to enjoy the historical arguments of the sculptures, but on the other, they could sense the strength of Enchantment; that inability to fully control something else, even through Magic. Though,’ she assured, ‘even mishaps like those are rare.’ Last season, Maricopa by Night attendees got far more than they bargained for when they entered the dimly lit corridors of the stunning and ancient Sculpture Museum. Accustomed in the past to seeing slightly enchanted sculptures who were always known to blink or cough or giggle as to add a bit of amusement, many were simply not prepared mentally for the amount of interaction that followed.

Among the sculptures, fights broke out, hissing and animosity were commonplace, and absurd threats were flung, all in front ofthe shocked guests. ‘Most of the time, a well concluded Enchantment must meet certain regulations as well as pass safety standards,’ Tally added, ‘I’m inclined to say that whoever was in charge of the Sculpture Enchantments may have been cutting some corners.’ Whatever the case, the Museum promptly issued a lengthy formal apology and assured the public that it would not happen again. And Enchantments are, after all, supposed to shake things up and give your heart a pounding. Even while standing around such a pleasant and cozy parlor such as this one, the energies bottled up are fierce and ready to be let loose. Energies with eyes that seem to peek out at you, imploring the passer-bys to give them a try. But no, the only way anything will be tried in here, Tally Finnis assured all, is by an unlocking for which only she possesses the key. Most agree, they wouldn’t want to ever get on the wrong side of an Enchantment again.

Swope DeBoe’s MiraGro Hair Wash

Bristle s that brustl e with l ife!

6 – Autumn ‘10


A Werewolf’s Guide to Winter Living

Shalaye Squier RayClass of ‘10


hange is the law of Life. The seed becomes the plant, the plant blooms and becomes the seed~ an endless cycle. Now we are confronted with a new change, and our hearts are filled with Sadness and Joy. ~Joy at a task accomplished, Sadness that never again will we drift in just this path. There are no friendships as those formed under intense Fear and Trial, Success and Failures. Through these corridors we have wandered together and we have emerged stronger and braver. May the class of ‘10 forever Endure! Ray Squier Shalaye Academy has long been an established Institute, existing even before anyone can remember. Think of what it has meant and continues to mean to this Community! Properly directed, Haunting is the broom that sweeps away Arrogance from the path of Reality. They who build a school build wiser than they know. Teach the Spirits Patience!~ for the worst of them abstain. Teach them loyalty!~ they are loyal. They say, before death is reached the Apparition is already fully formed, for good or evil to be changed only by the Grace of Nature. Our school has loyally and successfully met all demands upon it and from its portals each year go ghosts and ghouls, better fit to wreak a proper Haunting on the Living. With four pupils having passed on during the year, the Class of ‘10 is composed of three poltergeists, two apparitions, four Zombies, six Spirits, and two Ghouls. We have tried to express our Respect & Affection for our school. We wish also to pay tribute to those who have so faithfully haunted with us, aiding here, comforting there, and serving with the patience of Lantos and the Wisdom of Fejes, our Teachers! With Esther Fitz we’ve studied the ancient scriptures, deciphered their riddles, and cracked the codes of Curses. Temmy Stelle showed us the wonders and mysteries of Nature and how to control our appearances in the Physical World. Our beloved Drama Teacher Delphia Brye put the bass in our ‘Boos!’ and gave us hideous faces that we will always treasure. Creed Nemes helped us unravel History and explore hidden labyrinths in Time. Dear Teachers, we thank you! May our future Hauntings reflect credit upon you. May your memories be kindly ones with our fear and timidity erased and bravery and horror in their place. Your hands were the ones at the helm of each of our early voyages and may you Curse us as we Curse you.

by Gergeley Flynn


inter is usually a delightful time for Werewolves with lot’s of dating and social activities as well as unusually easy hunting as prey is prone to be more unsuspecting and weak this time of year. As they leaves turn from orange to red and finally fall down, only to be blown away, we smile to ourselves knowing that this season is ours. As our coats become more thick and glossy now is the time for deeper conditioning and plenty of brushing to keep it looking its supple best. I love hair oils that smell deeply of roots, woods and spices and I usually keep a collection of my favorite vials of scent well stocked and ready for generous use in the Winter. Something about the chill whisking away our heavy colognes calls for more of it to be used and that is fine. Teeth need extra whitening powder. The sheer and overwhelming abundance of food this time of year, sits unsettled, upon our fangs. A good tooth powder will do the trick and keep them scrubbed and sparkling with shine. Nothing like the pride of a werewolf for his den. The warm embrace of a quiet home after a night of parties and hunting. One must have a thoughtful sitting area in front of the

fire where you can sit and reflect upon all the marvelous events of the evening. Did you make a new friend? Witness or even, perhaps were yourself involved in a fight? A chair must be fashionable yet practical displaying the many drawers and compartments that is necessary for a werewolves late night grooming ritual. Virage’s Dept. Store carries a fine & fancy collection. All the cleaned utensils for a proper manicure must be available and must be sharpened. Nails grow more quickly over Winter some say it is the Fault of the Full Blood Moon this time of year but whatever the case, keep them cleaned filed but still sharp. Remember: nothing speaks silent volumes of a wolf like the shape his nails are in. Decorative candles around the den help encourage late night imaginings. Especially scented with pure essential oils of Camomile and Lavender. This will ease you into sleep but not before you’ve enjoyed your warm Winter brew of herbs. A tired wolf needs constant hydration and carefully selected concoctions will aid in not just deep sleep but less tormented dreams. Try my favorite blend of : Skullcap, Passionflower Herb, Valerian Root, and Lavender Flowers for a rest fit for a Wolf.

* Llesenia

Lantern Co.


Autumn ‘10 – 7

AUTUMN EVENT CALENDER pple Festival Dauphin Wood Aeverywhere: Oct 29-30. Apple Enthusiasts You won’t want to miss

from 11 am with plenty of Superstitions, Sweets and Scares! Absolutely No Entrance without Costume!

out on the annual Apple Festival. Black Twigs, Jubilees, Blushing Golds and more! Warm Apple Pies and Cider and crisp and creamy Caramel Apples! Enjoy the cozy strolls through acres of some of the finest Apple Orchards Region Round! Artisans + Activities

ayonne Ballet presents, ‘Knock, B Knock’ recently proclaimed a ‘Suspenceful and Intriguing Masterpiece mixing Classical dance with Classical WhoDunnit’ by 1-2-3 magazine. Performances run from Nov. 7 - 21


aunted Horse Hill- Do you dare to visit the spectacular Haunted Horse Hill? Do you risk being chosen by one of the Ghost horses and whisked away on a vapory mission? Tours continue into Winter where hay filled wagons will wind their way up to the bald mountain that sits surround by lush Autumn Forests. Pails of Apples and other treats will be available to feed the Horses. Wagon Rides 12-8pm Sat. & Sun.

ebra Pollard Museum, Sibley has SA Winter’s the much talked about ‘Dark Days: Preperation’ exhibit still


avrinia Fun Park , Peoria chock full of Spooks, Ghouls and Goblins! No other park offers this arrray of Free Amusements. Vavrinia Boasts the Only and Original Ghost Staff here to assist you in anyway, from making their famous pancakes to adding that extra bit of Boo on the rides; at Vavrinia there’s something special for everyone!

running until the 19th of Nov. If you haven’t already seen it, now’s the chance.

atrenk Pound will be reading from P‘Shattered’ her book of Poems entitled, Tues. Nov 23. at Chariton’s Main Library from 5-7 with light refreshments served.


rt Now opens doors to host, ‘HUNGRY’ an introspective into creatures eating habits through 2D, 3D and Performance. Doors open, Nov. 5 and shows runs 3 weeks.


eadresses Fashion Show, Rashodi Hall Time to mark your calenders for the Grand Gala Event. Plenty of exciting new designers will make their debut as well as some of last years favorites. Presented by Ruby Cordray. Nov. 30


all o’ Bogatha for Woodland Creatures: from Sept- Dec every Sat. evening. Gathering begins at twilight. The Bogatha Bog is a protected safe haven for creatures that need a break from it all. Musical guests include the Anura Toad Choir.


arivell University’s International Inventors Day opens Dec. 9 & 10 and will showcase many new Inventor Talents with cutting edge demonstrations, Exhibitions, Lectures and Seminars. Not to be Writers. Patchwork quilts for story lismissed for Inventor Aspirants and En- tening. Featuring: Blood Curdling, thusiasts. spine Tingling and Nail biting Suspense Stories of the Season! one Dancing! Join Anglesley in B Tewksberry as well as every other Boneyard in the Region for every-

one’s favorite seasonal pastime of Bone Dancing! On site shovels and gigantic Bone fires will be provided. Let’s hope loved ones come back to dance in their old bones! tory Telling Festival in Pine Swamp SCrawling Riddlers! Rhymers! Raconteurs! out of the woodworks will be some of the best yarn spinners around! Country Buggy Rides! Candle and Soap making! Master the Colored Candle Flame! Meet and Greet with 8 – Autumn ‘10


iltz Express Fall Package offers an exciting trip through the Drobny Forest. Complete with Dinner Mystery Theater and stops at Enchanting never seen before places! Included in package is a peek at the mystery conductor boot recently revealed to a train of unsuspecting passengers. Enjoy the spectacular Fall Season of the Forests.

with Alice Elliot. Popular CElliotooking Halloween Recipe Writer, Alice will be giving demonstrations of

Sunday through December. your edge? Are your brews Is the Future Cloudy? Come Refreshed before the New

Anglesey Graveyeard Jig

Lost some of her favorite recipes from her weak? best selling book, Trick or Treat! Terri& get ble Treats to Tempt!, as well as offering Year! tidbits of the treats to taste! Join her at De Marie’s in Quinby Dec. 12.

1st and 3rd Saturdays through Fall & Winter. Once again the Lee-Lizenbee band will be joining the mystical waltz with the phantasms of Anglesey’s Favorite Boneyard. A misty procession against a beautiful Moon backdrop. Bring your dancing shoes and happy spirit!

osegin opens it spooky ghost town M doors to thrill seekers again this year but without as much fear. After

last years discovery by Braveheart Arlie Lippett of Toothless Timmy’s gambling weakness, Mosegin has turned into a novelty bringing thrill seekers far and wide to try their wits at a poker game with the poltergeist of ctober Dance on City Pier in Attica Toothless Timmy. Open to the public Come out to Attica Pier in all your during the Fall and Autumn. itch Refreshing Courses, Costumed Glory under the ol’ HalExtended! at J.J. Phipps Au- lowed Moon! Sunday Festivites start ditorium in Pontabry 2-4pm every





. . . ! from the Horsetorian p l e Hi Horsetorian, It’s hard to be taken seriously this time of a year especially when your a big ol’ scraggly monster of a Tree with no particular talents or attributes. I suddenly grew twice my size this past summer and with each leaf I lose I feel more awkward. How will I survive this long Winter, totally naked and exposed? Trembling Teen Tree

Dear Horsetorian, My baby passed away not long ago and now I’m left with her adorable little apparition that still needs love & nurturing. Everyone’s trying to give me advice on how to raise a ghost baby; even random ghosts come giving advice about how to care for my own baby! Even a misty wet nurse came and insisted she feed the howling baby her ghost milk. I admit, it helped but she’s still my child—or Dear Trembling Teen Tree, isn’t she? Who does a ghost baby belong Look on the bright side: When the to anyway? storms come sweeping, you’ll be dancing Mother of a Ghost in the wind and it’s said to be the most liberating thing a Tree can experience. Dear Mother of a Ghost, So treasure it while it’s here! HH The baby will stick with you until she’s ready to move on—but ghosts also have responsibility in the raising of this child. Since you will be haunted until this baby moves on it would be wise of you to take the Ghost’s advice because they can hear her cries much louder and with greater annoyance than you can and it deeply disrupts their Peaceful Rests. HH

Hello Horsetorian, Last year, I fell madly in love with a mummy and we were quickly married— it was a whirlwind Romance. Now, I’m overwhelmed by all of his traditions and customs and habits that always have to be his way. Since, he has a few thousand years of experience, he thinks he’s right about everything. Now, he wants to have children and I’m getting cold feet. Mummy Wife

you and plenty of dreams of a long, lost love in your heart— Fake it! They wont know the difference and are very fond of mortal romantics! HH

Hey Horsetorian, So tired of flying south for the Winter with my family! My parents bicker the whole way. My dad never knows how to get there. My sister and I fight constantly because we’re tired of being in the same Mr. Horsetorian, family. My parents won’t let me stay beI’m a spider and at this time of year hind because it’s some sort of ‘ancient trawhen things get spookier and leaves start dition’. How do I persuade them? falling - everyone, I mean everyone asks Are we there yet? me to spin a ‘little’ web for them. Most of these little web requests are over door- Dear Are we there yet? ways with complicated messages weaved Have you tried the broken wing tactic? on them or in nooks and crannies which You would need to study up because it’s can be very time consuming. but they all far from perfect and any old bird would just laugh and say, ‘just make something know your faking but it’s probably the cute’ as if I have nothing else better to only thing that would ever work to keep do. Meanwhile, the bugs are laughing at a bird from flying south. Talk to Geoffrey us! It’s hard to tell friends & family, ‘no!’ at Stump’s in Dauphin Wood, he’s an exHow do we do it? pert in these matters. HH Cobweb Maria Dear Cobweb Maria, Tell them your food source is catching on and unless they want to cook for you everyday and night in exchange, you’ll have to decline. HH

Dear Mr. Horsetorian, Autumn’s a busy time for a Worm. Cleaning up Nature after the Summer requires great dedication and I’m just not feeling it with the younger generations. They never seem to follow through. I see all these half nibbled piles of leftovers—. What’s going to become of Nature? I’m terrified for the Future! Are we to be buried in Decay and Debris? Doubting my Descendents Dear Doubting my Descendents Listen up Grandpa, here’s the Deal: When things were so organized when you were a kid and everyone was so polite and respectful and everything was built to last, all the older generations were saying the exact same things about you! And so Nature goes on— without a care! HH

Dear Mummy Wife, Mummies are very traditional Creatures and your husband most definitely expects you to become a Mummy when you expire, meaning you’ll be together for eternity! That is a serious consideration. Another one being that the Mummy Curse becomes very strong if you have offspring and will follow you for Life if you break up the family. A few things to think about! HH

Dear Horsetorian, Fall’s here again and I can feel it in what used to be my bones. I’ve never been what you call a scary ghost. I’m more of a ‘Ghost of Christmas past’. All of my friends put so much peer pressure on me to be scary and powder and soap people’s houses and to scare the heebie jeebies out of them when I really just want to give them a hug— not a fright. Sappy Spectre

Dear Horsetorian, All the other girls in my class have found ghost dates to the Misty Waltzes and are all so excited. I lied and told then I had, Dear Sappy Spectre, too yet truthfully, I’ve never seen a ghost If you feel like hugging them, — then do let alone been asked out to dance by one! it! You’ll get the hug and they’ll be scared How do I attract one? out of their minds. It’s a win-win! HH Seeking a Spook Dear Seeking a Spook, Hang out at Lake shores, with your hair down while gazing wistfully at your reflection with preferable, a full moon behind


To reach the Horsetorian write to the Filigree HQ at: 607 South Main

Autumn ‘10 – 9

HSeasonal SuggestionsH W hen large groups of Spiders scurry across a wall, there will be Rain HBake a cake in the morning and as the storm rises, so too will your cakeH sweets that are over baked can cause sudden nasty wartsHUse the finger of a Corpse to rid oneself of bothersome Lumps HTap dancing will keep Corpses away from your door as stomps startleH Carry your breakfast tea bag wrapped up in a Ribbon and see the face of your true love by noonHAlthough one has lost a leg one has gained Luck!HIt is better to be Lucky and Legless than HandsomeHCarve your Jack o’ Lantern and slowly your Beloved’s face will warp to matchHJack o’ Lanterns placed on still Swamps carry important messagesHTwilights listen best to Candlelight flickerHAutumn apples are best collected in the short minutes of Twilight to be kept good all yearHDo not fear if you see a Mummy or Skeleton during the Twilight hours of Fall, they only wish to exchange CabbagesHthe Happy dance in the Moon while the sad stay in the ShadowsHA deal made between Friends is stronger than between StrangesHWhen a Sranger points the way, it is always the quickest and best Road thereHWhen a journey is dark, Light is at the end of the TunnelHThe best way to cross a Mountain is to go through itHExpect the UnexpectedHPay a Wood Hag a cabbage for good AdviceHAlways pay in full before drinking a DroughtHLeave a button on your trail before returning home, for a safe JourneyHHome is protected by Spiders and plants, if you leave a window cracked HTend a fire with care and calm, fire flames sing their own types of SongHLet things take their time~ ........Twist, Unravel and Unwind....


10 – Autumn ‘10


Went sneaking with some misty man

casair cline

up over the hill looked icy but couldn’t feel the chill he shoved me into a warm room dark and shadowy and felt like gloom until he started to Boo! and then I realized whomy very own grandfather, prankin’ the living! He says we’ll have great fun on Thanksgiving!

Leafy smells when they drop and mush up warm soup pured into a cold cup a crackling fire and a sweet treat wooly socks wrapped tight around my feet ‘ things I miss ah, earthly bliss

Phebe bates I hear the giggling and laughing of my best friend as onto the ice she pushed me in it’s echoing in my ears still but why, me? did she wish me ill? I sunk below and she floated above in a light vibrant glow full of Love

lennor thu ri

olive sapo granville crews

jennie black

they dance! these creaures of the night! Strong and Long and Full of Boom and Might they sweep me up in their Ghost charade and before I know it, I too am marching in this misty Parade!

this Jelly world so bright and fancy! I’ll learn to walk and soon after dancing!

isco hll

Maggie lindy

Life is a strange thing when you wind up here full of wonder, joy and loads of fear afraid someone will take it away and you’ll end up like me someday

tip toeing across the sky over prairies and mountain sides somethings chasing I can feel it close behind is it my soul I hear that faintly cries?

I’ve got flaps that hang at my sides my mother tells me I’ll use them to fly For now, I’m buried deep in a nest where I’ll wait until Spring and rest

walter Mobus Having 200 siblings is a Joy! Don’t know whose a girl or boy we have fun counting cows and getting lost in this rotten ol’ house

georgina reyo

Moaning? Are they? About what they miss? When look around, they have all this? Unbelievable! —the Human soul! The grass is always greener with them! Their chances of ever being content? Slim.

Mollie garrett I remember drinking the drink though they said you couldn’t taste but it had a strange undercurrent of paste but I got it down though I probably should’ve not now I rest beneath lilies and wait to Rot

2 potions mixed together and I was born but they said I was wrong so I was scorned thrown out with the dishwater only to get swept up in a stream but I like it here! It’s not nearly as bad as it seems!

I have to get out of here! Seems I scream this in circles and no one hears where is this light I heard about my whole Life? must be a door somewhere.... la rance

Me l l o t t

Nancy pitts

rasia kazaz

sheridan r oss

A Message! ..I brought from the other side Something Important! do before I die yet the longer I’m here the more I forget I’ll make sure this message won’t turn to regret—

they said Vampires don’t Die? well how come I stepped out into the Sun and fried? Seems the Undead are here dancing with the Deceased! They may snark and look away but at least I didn’t die of Disease!


Autumn ‘10 –11


hat’s me got, here in me pot? Things that wriggle! Things that sleep! Things that’ll cost ya a penny just to take a peek— With here me’s a’precious spoon stirs it up til it reflects tha Moon! Dropped somethin’ fried un greasy down there yesterday un when I done pulled it out... it was alive un gray It looked me in me eye un said, ‘sister you’ve done bad!’ So I honked it’s long nose un made it real mad! He He! Down below, there you go! Come un take a peek, ‘tis a penny for thee! So gather round ya dearies! Gather round me brew! Let’s see what the dark sludge under has in store for you...”


A strange dark sludge turnin’ thicker than mud a-ha! A copper, that’ll be nice ta melt this thing that’s grown cold like Ice un when it freezes like so— there comes a flourishin’ wantin’ ta grow so unfurl yer heart


SAGITTARIUS Now me sludge has stopped un is turnin’ thick throw a rock in it or yes, poke it with a stick! You, too, ain’t moving! why, it says so right here! what’s got inta ya, dear? Is there something round tha bend ya Fear??


smackin’ un clappin’ gotta stop me brew from gettin’ excited about you! Going somewhere? hmmm,. it seems ta think so! A journey on tha horizon glows! so though it may, take you away don’t ever come back until yer ready ta stay

Angry un Fierce un hungry for a coin! go on! throw it in, be you girl or boy— a dreamy lad! why, look at the dreams in yer eyes! but will ya share yer dreams? ...or keep ‘em as a prize? Pack ‘em in tha dirt un grown them up strong then when they blossom in Spring— they’ll be for everyone!

AQUARIUS aha! see the colors turn like Autumn leaves, yellow un black like a swarm of bees! You! Yes, give me yer penny let’s lean over un take a peek,... hmmm, ya best ta watch that ya don’t get stung by vicious words that will soon be flung...

a mesmerisin’ pool— if ya sit starin’ it’ll turn ya into a fool! un we all know how fools act too happy when glad un goofy when sad act yourself un you’ll never go wrong un at the end of it all ya can call that yer Swan Song! hehe



a tired brew! bored and bland don’t know what’ll it say aha! tis a nice, cool copper in me hand see her spinnin’ round with secrets boilin’ then never ta be found— Yer secret , must keep it tucked safe away un never let it out, me brew says!

me brew grows stormy un sloshes to tha sides it doesn’t know what ta make of that gleam in yer eyes jaha! tha penny helps it see a bit clear come closer, yes, gather near— something dark is biting at yer heel watch out not ta make any shady deals un never any Silver ta steal!



Sneakin’ round tha swirlin’ pot watch as it grows Fierce un Hot! Hoo-Hoo! Ya’ve got a smile yer heart be on yer sleeve be careful not ta flaunt it while those ‘round ya grieve!


Jumping’ and Squealin’ me brew does a quick dance throw yer copper in— c’mon give it a chance! aha! Yer not shy– so take the night by the neck! un not a hint ta those wantin’ ta know when yer comin’ back!

ooooh, none like a brew that be dark un scary in these Autumn months ‘tis good ta be weary— look over yer shoulder somthins followin’ quick behind but ta that pay no bother nor should ya mind teehee!

GEMINI Bubblin’ un Brewin’ seems it’s got a secret in store! Give me yer copper un it’ll tell me if yer a bore! Snore! yes I see it’s in tha future, that’s right! Winter’s rising up un it’s hibernating time so Goodnight!

12 – Autumn ‘10


“Me hands be knotted and tired, the veins ropin’ bout them like bits of twisted wire un I heave a sigh un a ho— un take me a little rest let the earth be calm un be at her beautiful best....”


—Classifieds— (All contacts made c/o Filigree Editor)

Real Estate —Little River Lofts— now Renting! Glorious, hypnotic views over the rushing Pataky River.

—Room for Mice n’ Monsters!—


*Silky Spider Webs! ...nestled in the tall trees of Sangamon Forest! Sleep like you never have before,


Safe! ::


Antique Cash Registers! Plenty of drawers with satin pockets, and built in clocks. Rats far and wide come and See!



Do you love the smell of old, Ivy eaten Hotels? With the lulling echo of waves crashing against ragged and dangerous Cliffs?

:::the Keepsake Inn::: Chariton

~for Haunters & the Haunted~ EEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Gorgeous Tree Root move- in ready! Live like Kings next to the Hacha River.

Jagged Rock Dwelling under the Chabra Falls. Most delightful Views!

Vacated and Cleaned and ready for Winter Dwellers. for Sale! Beautiful pine speckled Prairie land stretching as far as the eye can see.



—Pine N’ Prairie—

Build your dream, Today! F Quinby Realty F GGGGGGGGGGG When Good Taste Matters:



Moultrian Bungalows As the weather turns blustery & cold, rest in the ever warm perfect temp of the Caves. Pure air and fine dining and entertainment are all you’ll need to make this winter pass by in a breeze!


Kyra Waters

‘the Caves of Harlow Woods’

!!!4 Vacancies!!! —these won’t Last!—

Exceptionally Well built Travel Chests with over

H5o Plush Velvet CompartmentsH ::::::Nefad more than one?:::::: ::::::We build ‘em Fresh!:::::: Just say the Filigree sent ya!

Kensington’s, Weona ######### Desireable Historic Properties recently listed. Locations in Norwood include Bat Caves, Worm Holes and Haunted Swamps.

:::Norwood Forest Agency:::

Gorgeous little Nooks with warm Breakfast served! Rest a Little! Rooms with small ever-bubbling baths and pleasant neighbors. Breakfast optional, Velpen, S. Main


jjjjjjjjjjjjjj Does ‘Resting in Peace’ for you mean not merely sleeping snug in a tomb but having fun in your new, bodyless body? Then join the new & exciting way to Rest in Peace at:

*‘Tasty Meadows

Memorial Park’

Now, with the magnificent Vavrinia Fun Park sitting just a stones throw away, you can mingle with family & friends without feeling shy & disembodied. Together you can find Peace. But only at:

TASTY MEADOWS jjjjjjjjjjjjjj BBBBMoleHolesBBBB

for Rent!







—Autumn Getaways— on the Isle of Keokuk! Comfortable Rooms +

::::::Excellent Meals:::::: Stop by Keokuk’s Welcome Center today! F







Sell your Summer Nests! at :


Garden Vacancies!

Zeenes Agency Plots of Land from Deuth to Sinfai now up for lease! Rent in exchange for cleaners ! Caretakers Welcome! Rodents, Insects and Earth Dwellers, Welcome! Lots of Lakes & Swamps!


Autumn Lily Apts.

off the Pataky River 3 mos. rentals in both —Porters, Cooks & Maids — are just some of the distinctions of Lily Living!

‘Yesenia’ in Sherman Oak Forest bat colony now renting

Hon the Ller RiverH

Autumn ‘10 –13

—Miscellany— !!DREAM JUICE!!

Been collecting dream juice for over a year from unsuspecting family members and now offer these dazzling jars at a STEAL! They are an Absolute

We furnish everything & there’s absolutely No Experience Necessary!



!Bargains! !Bargains! !Bargains!


*—Nuf Sed—*

...Remnants, Ginghams, Tissues and more— at the Ribbon Barn,

Gloria Patterson via Musk & Sons.

59 Deros Sq., Tewksberry


Watch & Time Piece Restoration

::::: Bharin Clocks ::::: ‘‘Saving Time’’ 141 Willora Ln, Quinby

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The finest Powder & Soap for *Halloween


Raspberry, Licorice and Salt Powders! Stain the skin or color the fur with our Potent Powders! ‘the Impossible to Remove Black Mud Soap!’ Gooey Blood and Tree Sap!

#Trickery Emporium/ Quinby# #

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: !!!WE WANT YOU!!! for our...

—CANDY FACTORY— Start one of our charming Candy Factories right from the comfort of your own home!


Ilinian —Cookers—

Providing the greater Bobola Area with Magical Cookers for over 730 years. If it says:



it’s Magic!

FAgnes Atter Fine DyesF

Purveyors of the finest in Vegetable Dyes & Specialty Plants. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Snellings Hats 11 Resquie Sq., Attica

‘the Latest in Fall Fashions!’ EEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Early Bird Brunch House —Cafeteria & Bakery— Fall Early Bird Catches the Worm! 1231 Packell Ln. Adony

**************** :::Nature’s Gardeners:::

Nolansian Slippers



—Patrenka’s— Pumpkin Patch

Adopt a loving & helpful ‘specializing family of worms today and in Warty watch your garden get cleared Pumpkins that up for the Winter, produce Toothy —Dreary to Dreamy!— Grins!’ Stop by ‘Weona’s Worm Society’ for a helpful ########### Brochure & maybe your very own loving family of Worms! 8501 Grenadon Blvd. Weona

**************** Need a handyman to help prepare my cave for hibernation.


Herbal Remedies “Miracle Packets for Exo-Skeletons” If you’re Small & Defenseless & in need of a Friend, come to :

the Lion’s Den!

::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::


winterwood s


s pidery

Copyright © 2010, [Martin Obakke & Celena Cavala / the Filigree]. All rights reserved. H Special Thanks to Guest Editor Jessica Averitt H THEFILIGREE.COM

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