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Photographed by Dan Burke.

Special Effects Darrin Crow Produced by Dan Burke Tabitha Black Kaila Brothers

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Book photographed by Tabitha Black and Dan Burke. Cover and Poster photography by Dan Burke. For more information contact Dan Burke.

Photographed by Dan Burke.

The Virus Girl that takes over the Computer Network and Bill’s life.

“Office Scandal”, contains several animated scenes and characters as Bill pops in and out of reality. Bill sees the world as a comic book.

Nathen confronts Margaret for a date. Facing page.

Scenes from the feature film “Office Scandal�.

Natalie Stockton as Margaret.

Erik Doyle as Nathen.

Office Scandal Filmed on Wall Street in Bend, Oregon, writer and director Dan Burke talks about the making of the movie.


e were in trouble. It was 2 weeks before the movie was set to shoot and I got the word from the guy who owned the building we were scheduled to shoot the movie at, had changed his mind about allowing us to rent the

space. This was not the first time I would lose my temper over the movie. We had a signed deal and I had met with this clown several times, and given him a script (as if I had to!) and discussed the nature of the film with him. All to make things go smoothly as possible. So what was the problem? He had heard (or had imagined) that some of the actors on the movie could be gay.., he could not have gay people in his building. I was floored. Was this 2008? Was this America? Is this guy a moron? Yes, to all questions. I wrote him an angry e-mail and then moved on. I needed a place to shoot and that is all that mattered. My co-producer, 18 year old Tabitha Black and I, had put together the entire film, from actors, to sets, props, shooting schedule, and so on, and now, at the last minute it was all about to fall apart. I had spent all my money setting up for the film, (printing scripts was $500!) and I was damned if I was going to let it all slip away. If I had to I figured I would empty my home and redress it as the office set. Oh what a terrible mess THAT would have been.

Mike Johnson on the set of “Office Scandal”. A comedy about a man that releases a virus into the Computer Network of his workplace with crazy results.

Mike Johnson.


raigs list was how we had found all the actors. And after meeting with a dozen realtors who had dozens of empty buildings, and all of them turning me down. “Sorry we cannot rent anything to you.” I ran an a desperate ad on Craigs list looking for a venue to shoot the film. The super nice guy that owned the local grow shop offered to let me use his warehouse for the shoot. But it was unheated, uncarpeted (lots of echo) and the cieling needed work. It would be usable but far from ideal. Then a local business man contacted me from Craigs list and offered me a space in any of his 3 buildings to shoot the movie. I was thrilled. This guy saved the movie. I checked out his buildings with his super nice assistant and I decided to use the lower floor of a bank building located in downtown Bend. We had 3 rooms and a hallway given to us to shoot in and we made the best use of it we could. The small of-

Mike Johnson relaxes between setups in the room with the 2 big doors that we redressed for every scene. Building and breaking down sets all day was a bear. Fixed sets with removable walls are the way to go. We had the removable walls, but we did not have room for fixed sets.

Behind the scenes from the feature film “Office Scandal�.

Director Dan Burke with Mike and Mysti.

fice we used for props and costumes and it was filled to the top with crap. This made it hard to find props and we often lost them (when needed) in this sea of stuff. Tabitha spent hours searching for props and she always found them. Each morning we would come in first thing and dig them all out. We really needed a warehouse for all the stuff, but we used this 10 by 10 room and made it work. The other two rooms were a large office and a slightly smaller room with 2 large bay doors. We redressed both these rooms over and over for every scene in the movie. We even had the Coffee Cowboy set built on set, till I thought better of my fake set and moved that scene to a location that was an actual coffee vendor stand in Bend.

Mike Johnson animated in “Office Scandal� as he confronts the head of the IT department. Voiced by the super talented Todd Hanson.

The Disc Medic is killed in the movie.

Close to 100 scenes and the goal was to shoot them all in 10 days. Certain parts of the film were filmed at the local college a week before principle shooting. These were the hallway walks and elevator scenes. The attack in the elevator (Bill is attacked by the sexy office girl)is the first scene we actually filmed for the movie. Several things happened on that first day of shooting that changed the course of the movie. Tabitha was scheduled to direct the film, so I could focus on filming, (she had directed plays and is good with people) which she would have done without a hitch, but it became apparent, right in the middle of that first scene, that to get the takes I wanted, over and over, I would have to direct. Later in the film Tabitha would direct parts of other scenes and her smoothness with people and ability is apparent. But this was the moment I took over the directing job. And I know she felt the sting but she took it with class never complained and followed me all the way into hell (for the next 2 weeks) to make this movie. I knew she had as much invested as me emotionally and

Mike Johnson. Erik Doyle.

Erik and Mike on the set of “Office Scandal�.

time wise, and she was not going to let anything stop her from making the film. I was sorry to do this, but I knew that to get the many shots that comprised each scene I was going to have to direct. If had a month to shoot the film I think she and I would had collaborated and me acting as DP, and her as director, would have worked. But time was against us. So I took over directing and never looked back. Without Tabitha Black and Mike Johnson and all their hard work, we had no movie, and I am proud to say these two never faltered for a second. Thanks to Tabitha and Mike, we made this movie. That first scene went well. Mike

is a natural actor, like a young Dustin Hoffman, and the Girl, Hanna Reese Winkler was also really good. We filmed it all in 40 minutes. It took several trys to time the elevator door closing with her physical attack so we had to shoot it about 4 times till we got it cold. I left that day confident that the film was going to be a success. Then I got the news that the landlord in Redmond did not wanting us filming in his building and the entire thing went to hell. About 5 days before the shoot, we got the final location Bend, Oregon and I checked that off my list. The last big problem I had was casting the other lead in the film. The person who would carry the film, along with Mike, all the way to the end. We still had not found the person to play Nathen Deshelp. Nathen was a key character and

Tabitha doubles for Dead Bob.

Mike Johnson starring as Bill Johnson in “Office Scandal�.

Mike Johnson. without him I was sunk. Tabitha cast the film and I helped. We had a very reliable guy lined up to play Nathen, a local actor and very nice man, but when I heard him read (at the table read through 2 week before shooting) I knew he was wrong for the part. It was just not him. His voice, his mannerisms, were not Nathen. I met with him in person and let him go from the movie and he was very kind about it and understood. It hurt me to let such a nice guy go. So, that left me without a Nathen. Tabitha did a great job casting the film and using Craigs list and all her connections we rounded up a fine cast, starting about 4 weeks out from shooting. We had begun pre-production in late July and August, and scheduled to shoot in October. The first to be cast was Laura

Lee Callan as Tina. Almost every part was cast 2 or 3 times (as people dropped out) except Tina. Laura signed up the first day and was with us to the very end. At the last minute (because we offered no money I think) several (50% of the) cast people dropped out, (including a guy we cast as Nathen 3 days before the shoot, a local guy who seemed great for the role) of the movie. usually the day they were scheduled to shoot their scene they would fail to appear, but Tabitha some how always managed to find a good person to replace them. We always knew if someone dropped out because Tabitha called each cast member the day and night before the shoot to remind them to come. (Continued 1 page over)

Mike Johnson on the set of “Office Scandal”. Bill gets his paycheck. This scene is on the extended 2 disc version of the film.

Mysti Gilbert as the copy girl.

Mike Johnson starring as Bill Johnson in “Office Scandal”.

Westley Pearson as Mike Murphy.

The day before shooting starts our Nathen stops answering his phone. This was a bad sign. We never did reach him. I do not know what happened to him. We did not need Nathen till day 3 of shooting, but after that we needed him every day! So we began shooting the film without a person to play Nathen. The first two days were hard. We posted a daily plan, but because no one was being paid, it was hard to rally the troops to build sets quickly. The real issue was we had no troops. It was me, Tabitha, and Kaila and Mike. We four, dragged all the stuff around (lights, chords and et all), built all the sets over and over, and then shot the scenes. 10 set ups a day. 10 pages or more of script a day. It was crazy and we did it. My broken back and herniated discs in my

back and neck were killing me. And at night I was in a lot of pain. By day two I was in agony and would remain so for the rest of the shoot. I do not take pain killers so I sucked it up and said nothing. Somewhere around day 3 the other people saw me dragging a giant wall alone, and I was struggling badly, and they all jumped in to help. That got the ball rolling. They knew I was messed up and since I was filming and directing and buying lunch, they knew they needed to help me or the film would never be made. After that, they all helped, all the time, do everything. Something changed. The shoot was hard. It was long. And I got no sleep for 2 weeks. I had to let entire sequences from the film go (the Super Hero sub plot) due to lack of actors, but I pressed on.

Talented actor Mike Johnson is the star of “Office Scandal”.

It is totally worth mentioning that by the end of the 2 weeks (that we worked on this film) we became a very elite crew. We actually came to a point that we broke down and rebuilt a new set smoothly and quickly without any undue stress or even talking. I was amazed at how good everyone became doing 10 jobs at a time. By the end of the 2 weeks, they were setting up lights and cameras without direction or help) while I layed on the floor to rest my back. I was proud of how good the crew became. Who ever was acting that day, became the crew, along with Mike, Tab and Kaila, and they all did an amazing job.

Mike and Amber clown around on the set of “Office Scandal”.

Superb actress Amber Barnhart was nothing like herself as the quiet and shy Brenda. Seen here on the set of “Office Scandal�.

Day 2 wraps and still no Nathen. My wife Kathy, picks me up (I have no car) after her day at work and we drive home. She knows how desperate it all is for me. If I do not find a Nathen I have no movie. It is just that simple. All the work and planning are gone. I have no idea what will happen. I say a prayer, watch the dailes and go to bed. 3 hours later I wake up and get ready for Mike to pick me up with Tabitha and drive to Bend to make the movie. They arrive at 6:10 and we are off to Bend. Tabitha tells me that she has a lead on an actor and she talked to him and he is coming in today. She says he is very good according to reputation and on the phone we sounds wonderful. I am amazed that once again Tabitha saves the movie. The 16 miles to Bend go quickly. (Continued 2 pages over)

Scenes from the feature film “Office Scandal”.

Scenes from the feature film “Office Scandal�.

Animation was by Dan Burke. These scenes took months to produce. Skilled actor Todd Hanson provided the voice of the Head of IT.

Directing begins with casting. You have to cast Around 9 strolled in a guy named Erik Doyle. He people that look and sound like the people in the was an actor home visiting his parents. He live movie. Since I wrote the movie I had solid ideas in LA. He was charming and handsome and as it about who the characters should be. turned out he could act. I mean really act. Like an orchestra, each actor brings a different He transcended everything I had originally seen in sound and texture to the movie. Each actor has the character of Nathen and breathed a personality be handled gently and given the chance to relax into Nathen I never saw coming. In other words, I and actually get into their acting. So no matter had in my hands an amazing actor. Who with the how stressed you are as a director, you have to slightest direction could play his instrument in the relax to, and commit as much time and emotion most amazing and complex ways. We got along to each scene as possible. No matter how long it smoothly as director and actor and that opened the takes you are there to shoot this scene, with them. door for scene 57-B. I knew I had lighting in a bottle You are in it, together, you and the actor. First you calm them down, then you tune them up and then the good ones perform. Watching actors work is fun, sometimes. Other times when they struggle, it can be painful. So directing begins with casting the right mix of humans. Old and young, loud and soft and so on. This mix is a key element to the movie. One person is the tuba, one is the violin. When you have them all working smoothy, you can create a beautiful melody. Do the actors have chemistry? Are they the people they seem to be? Do you believe it? This all starts with casting and then directing them so they can all do their best work. Most actors are type cast and are a certain type of instrument. I would call them good but they have limited range. But there are special actors that have an amazing gift, and their The original title and poster instrument can play very for the movie. deft very complex parts. We arrived on set on Day 3 and Tabitha and I waited.

in the form of Erik Doyle (think young Jack Lemon my friends) so after 2 days with him on set I went home and rather than sleep I wrote scene 57-B. “Nathen talks to Dead Bob”. Wedged in between the dance scene and the model room I created a scene that only this guy, Erik, could pull off. Nathen, in the film, is spaced out on drugs and spends hours during the party to talking to Dead Bob. It is an emotional roller coaster of a scene and required a deft performance. Call it inspiration or whatever. But that night I wrote the scene and the next day Erik performed it, and as it turns out, it is the peak of the film. He could have predicted this sort of crossing of the stars? I was not the only one that felt it. Tabitha told me how amazed she was by Erik after his first scene and I agreed. We had found not only Nathen, but a great actor that could memorize a page in about 2 minutes and then perform perfectly as if he had been doing this part every night for a year on some stage in Ohio. he was relaxed and polished and focused. All the girls thought he was dreamy too. And he was. And his

acting is so good, it rubbed off. Mike got a lot better, whenever Erik was in a scene with him. It was like magic pixie dust all over the set. Erik changed the movie, for the better. And I never saw him coming. Amazing that prayers are answered. When Erik Doyle was on set acting, it was electric. The air seemed to change. Things seemed to slow down in a good way. He was and is exceptional. In scene 57-B, you will see what I mean. I recall tears running down my face as he did this scene, trying hard to focus and not distract him. Tabitha was in convulsions trying not to laugh. She was in the white wig playing Dead Bob that day and when you see Dead Bob “shake” in the film, that is her (trying not to be) laughing as Erik talks to her. The sound girl fell off the ladder laughing. We were all in tears. He was brillaint. I remember, I handed him the scene, he read it, then performed it and we moved on to the next set up. It was movie making magic and for the first time I realized, I had experienced it for myself. END

Scenes from the feature film “Office Scandal”.

Mike Johnson and Amber Barnhart on the set of “Office Scandal”.

The HR Lady confronts Bill in his cubicle. Another scene that did not make the final cut of the film. It was funny though! Sandra Moreau was wonderful as the angry HR lady that hates Bill.

Behind the scenes from the feature film “Office Scandal�.

Erik Doyle as Nathen Deshemp.

Natalie Stockton as Margaret.

Scenes from the feature film “Office Scandal�.

Tabitha Black played the Virus Girl. After she acted out her scenes they were re-drawn by hand, as an animated character for the movie.

Erik Doyle.

Laura Lee Callan.

Carl Fuller.

Behind the scenes from the feature film “Office Scandal”.

Erik Doyle.

James Shank. Scenes from the feature film “Office Scandal”.

Todd Hanson as The Midnight Coffee Cowboy.

Mrs. Black as Mrs. Whitehead.



Behind the scenes from the feature film “Office Scandal”.

Stan Roach.

Bill heads out for coffee. “Two pumps, one squirt!” One of the few ad-libs in the entire film. By Todd Hanson.

Kaila Bothers, producer, helps prepare the model room set for its big scene. Dan Burke built this model and all the sets and props for the film.

The party scene. Laura Lee Callan as Tina, looks smashing as the sexy witch and so does Amber Barnhart as the warrior girl! Tabitha eats the eyeball.

Stan Roach was fantastic as the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Chipfield. Seen her with Mr. Whitehead, played by the unforgettable Mack Lochrie.

Scenes from the feature film “Office Scandal�.

Hanna Reese Winkler as Elle Vatrix.

Todd Hanson as Dead Bob.

Behind the scenes from the feature film “Office Scandal�.

Behind the scenes from the feature film “Office Scandal”. W.C. Fields: “Never work work with children or animals.” Quoted to me by Erik Doyle.

Lauren Burke came in on a Saturday and performed her scene in “Office Scandal”. She was great as the little girl that bothers Nathen.


Erik Doyle..........Nathen Deshemp Mack Lochrie.....Mr. Whitehead Westley Pearson....Mike Murphy Todd Hanson....Dead Bob, Hodge Patel, Midnight Coffee Cowboy, Head of IT Mike Johnson.....Bill Johnson Amber Barnhart.....Brenda Laura Lee Callan.....Tina Devine Sandra Moreau.....HR Lady Kaila Brothers....Jane Natalie Stockton....Margaret Stan Roach...Mr. Chipfield Colby Kine...Hans Carl Fuller.....Mr. Dayboard Hannah Reese Winkler.....elevator girl Rick guard Mysti Gilbert....copy girl Melissa Ash....Nancy (car girl) Olivia Harvey....meeting girl Jeanette Rivas....TV show host William Bropha...DEA agent Tabitha Black......Virus girl Raven St. John....meeting guy James Shank.....Tony and Lauren Burke....little girl

The Making of Office Scandal