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OCTOBER 2012, Part 1


elcome to the fashion photography magazine, Saga. We are happy to bring you the first half of a two volume magazine! Since we never had a September issue, we now have for you guys, two magazines. The October issue will be in two parts, and you will be brought even more fashion. Isn’t that great? We kick it off with series from five of the founders of this magazine. Each of them with different and unique styles! With that, I and the rest of the group, hope you enjoy this magazine, and perhaps, if you have some creative ideas, you could contribute! You could help us make this magazine even better! We are looking for more submissions for the other half of the magazine, so don’t hesitate. Shoot, edit, and send! Maybe your series will appear in the next magazine? - The Fashion Saga crew.

YOUTH COVER: Martin Jensen MODEL: Tone Faber

Publisher: SAGA The Fashion Photography Magazine // Design: Anton E. Kristiansen and Ida Nøkling Østebø // Photographers: Drífa Þöll Reynisdóttir, Ane Gåsvær, Ida Nøkling Østebø, Birger Hagevold Johansen and Martin Jensen // SAGA: Birger H. Johansen, Anton E. Kristiansen, Ida Nøkling Østebø, Martin Jensen, Drífa Þöll Reynisdóttir, Ane Gåsvær and Ingileif Friðriksdóttir






FORCES Photographer: Drífa Þöll Reynisdóttir Model: Dagbjört KRistín

UNTITLED Photographer: Ane Gåsvær Model: Tine Blomsøy


Photographer: Ida Nøkling Østebø Model: Marte Aubert

AUTUMN Photographer: Birger Hagevold Johansen Model: Helle A/ Trend Models Makeup & Styling: Maria Helløy Schistad & Kristina Hansen

YOUTH Photographer: Martin Jensen Model: Tone Faber


SAGA THE FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE 2012, PT.1. INCLUDING: Drífa Þöll Reynisdóttir, Ane Gåsvær, Ida Nøkling Østebø, Birger H...