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Welcome to TFL Media The growing homestead, self-sufficiency niche is where TFL Media supplies the information and info that people are looking for. In August 2021, surveys showed nearly 4 out of 10 people (39%) want to grow their own produce to save money, as the average American currently spends $45.25 per person on fruits and veggies each month. In addition, 62% believe a garden would help improve their overall diet and wellness, while 71% feel it would benefit their mental health.


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We share old-timey, downto-earth, common sense homestead knowledge, and experience. Life is often chaotic, stressful, and sometimes painful which is why our goal and purpose is to be a source of encouragement, information, direction, and strength for all those seeking to live a more selfsustaining lifestyle.


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The Farmers Lamp Community Magazine Available online and print

In 2022, TFL Media launched a bi-monthly community magazine dedicated to the FARM TO FORK homesteading population. Our goal is to be a force for good by sharing old-timey wisdom for today in an informative and entertaining format.

The magazine features content by popular blog writers from the same niche as The Farmer's Lamp. These featured writers then share the magazine with their own audience via email lists, social media, and websites. This gives your ad the chance to catch the eyes of over 100k readers interested in products ranging from the kitchen to the field.

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The Rates shown are a per add cost If you purchased a Third Ad size for three placements Your investment would be $120 a magazine for a total of $360

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1. There Are More Magazine Readers Magazine readership has held steady over the years and even experienced a rise recently. Half

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2. People Trust Traditional Media According to The Association of Magazine Media (MPA), people trust traditional media more than any other channel out there, including search engines, online-only media, social media, and more.

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A study from the Magazine Fact Book revealed that a massive 95% of all people under the age of 25 still read magazines on a regular basis.

Magazine Advertising Spurs Readers to Take Action The Association of Magazine Media claims that 62% of readers will take action after viewing a magazine advertisement. Coupons, free samples, and QR codes are a few of the many ways to turn our readers into your customers!

3. Magazine Readers Are Influencers The MPA’s 2019 Fact Book also indicated that magazine readers are among the most influential of your target audience across a variety of product categories. 4. Brand Awareness and Purchase Intent If your primary or even secondary, objectives are to increase brand awareness and purchase intent, then magazine advertising should be an essential part of your media strategy. According to a study by The MPA, brands measured an average lift of 11% in purchase intent after readers were exposed to their ad.

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Product Reviews If you have a product you want me to review, it must be something that I would use on the homestead. These are considered on a case-by-case basis. 1. It must be something that I am able and willing to use. 2. It must be something that will benefit my readers. 3. It may take a reasonable amount of time for me to try the product. To submit your product for review, you may contact me by email with your product's website and info. I will make my decision and let you know within two weeks. I will also let you know how long I will need to try your product before I submit a review You will need to supply me with your product. After trying it, I will submit a review consisting of the following: 1.


400 - 800 word blog post reviewing your product and submitting it for your approval before publishing. Three posts on social media and one pin on Pinterest linking to the article.


Old Fashioned Chocolate Pie From My Great-grandmother Raising Heritage Breed Chocolate Turkeys Best Heritage Breeds of Pigs For the Homestead

WHO I WORK WITH I only work with people and companies that I feel I can trust to recommend to my tribe of loyal readers. I research every company that approaches me for product reviews to make sure they are a good fit for my audience.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT I am available to answer questions every day but Sunday. I respond to all emails and calls within 48 hrs. I love to meet new people and explore new ideas.

GET IN TOUCH Author, Editor of The Farmer's Lamp Community Magazine, founder of The Farmer's Lamp. Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Gardener, Flock Leader, Pack Leader, Southern Country Girl Sharing old-timey wisdom for today. 601-850-0328