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Monday, March 4th, 2013

Happy National Poundcake Day!

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Rodman globetrots to the DPRK CAMPUS


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by Kyle Jones Editor-In-Chief February 28 was an unprecedented step forward for U.S. North Korean diplomacy, though the trip was never sanctioned by the Obama administration. NBA Hall of Famer and Chicago Bulls legend, Dennis Rodman, visited the Hermit Kingdom with three Harlem Globetrotters and a VICE media company crew, for what is being dubbed “Basketball Diplomacy”. Just two weeks after North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test in defiance of UN bans against atomic and missile activity, the Supreme Leader entertained the American stars and news crew. At first glance Rodman may seem an unlikely diplomat, in reality, himself along with the 90s era Chicago

Bulls, particularly Michael Jordan, are somewhat famous in North Korea. The reason for this leads to another unlikely source. In 2000, then secretary of state, Madeleine Albright gifted former Supreme Leader King Jong-il, a noted NBA fan, a basketball signed by Jordan that later went on display at Mount Myohyang, which holds gifts presented to lead-

ers of North Korea. The trip consisted of a friendly pick up game in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, the teams consisted of VICE correspondent Ryan Duffy, Moose Weekes, Buckets Blakes, and Bull Bullard of the Harlem Globetrotters versus North Korea's "Dream Team". Rodman was seated next to current Supreme Leader King

Jong-un who reportedly thoroughly enjoyed the match up. After the game the players and crew were invited to King Jong-un’s palace where stirring speeches of peace and friendship were exchanged. As well as the olive branch being extended to the Hermit Kingdom, visitors were met with food and drinks, an interesting way to spend a visit

in a country where 3.5 million people have died of starvation since 1995. Of Kim Jongun, Rodman noted that, "I don't condone what he does, but as far as a person to person, he's my friend.” The Supreme Leader also hopes that President Obama will give him a call, which the White House responded that they have other ways of communication.

Alabama is recruiting early for the 2017 class

by Neal Embry Staff Writer The defending national champion Crimson Tide offered a scholarship to eighthgrader Dylan Moses, a 6-foot-1-inch, 215 pound athlete from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The prospect, who has already been offered a scholarship by LSU, has wowed YouTube viewers with a highlight video. In the video, Moses uses a variety of Maddenesque moves to get past defenders that are physically and ath-

letically overmatched. "For Dylan, excitement spilled over. When he heard those words from Coach Saban, 'We're offering you,' you could see him light up. It was shocking because we were going in thinking we were just going to get a tour of what Alabama has to offer,” said Moses’ father, Edward Moses Jr. Middle school students, along with freshmen high school students, do not often receive scholarship offers, but this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Alabama offered scholarships to 2013 and 2014 players while they were both freshmen in high school. The University of Southern Cali-

fornia (USC) offered David Sills, Jr. a scholarship when he was in seventh grade, and the young quarterback “accepted” the offer.

The scholarship offered by Alabama will count toward the total allotment for the 2017 football season. Top schools go-

ing after middle school students? Some might call it crazy. Head coaches would simply call it planning in advance. What do you

think of this story? Let us know on Twitter @ TheUMFalcon or check us out on Facebook.

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Monday, March 4th, 2013

“We oppose the reactionary policies of the U.S. government but we do not oppose the American people. We want to have many good friends in the United States” -Kim Jong Il

Horse radish with horse meat

by Reed Strength Arts & Culture Editor Swedish furniture company IKEA is currently investigating the contamination of its popular meatballs and wiener sausages with horse meat. The corporation has moved the product out of its instore cafeterias and assorted supermarkets in 24 countries. Shoppers consume 150 million samples of the signature food item a year. The furniture outlet’s woes are only the latest development in an evolving horse meat scandal within Europe. It began in January of this year, when Ireland’s food control agency tested several beef products and found samples of horse DNA within them. Swedish food producer Findus and French supplier Comigel were the next to test their products, and found horse DNA in several frozen dinners that were labeled as 100% beef. Traces of pig

DNA were also found in these products, which raises concerns for Jewish and Muslim consumers that do not eat pork due to their religious beliefs. The Czech Republic was the first to test IKEA’s meatballs for contamination. One to 10 percent horse meat was found mixed in with the standard beef and pork. IKEA President Familijen Dafguard thinks that the tainted meat comes from slaughterhouses that are attempting to cut costs by adding horse into their shipments. While companies pull their meat products from store shelves, consumer concern grows. As the Guardian reports, sales of frozen beef burgers in Europe have decreased by 43% since the growing scandal. In contrast, the article notes that the sale of fresh beef from markets and butcher shops has risen by 41%. While traces of unlabeled horse meat is cause for concern, the

meat itself is not dangerous. Horse meat is considered a delicacy in France and is eaten routinely in low income Asian countries such as Kazakhstan. Food officials are instead concerned about the veterinary drug Bute that has been found in samples. Bute is a standard medicine for horses, but has the ability to flare up a rare blood clotting disorder in humans, Granted, only one in 30,000 people have the disorder and the traces of the drug found so far are nowhere near powerful enough to harm those certain individuals. IKEA cafeterias in the US have nothing to worry about, according to the Associated Press. The US does not allow the production or sale of horsemeat due to cultural beliefs which label the animal as a companion. Because of this, the country has very strict meat inspection policies that prevent horse meat from entering the country.

Google sees the future by Teddie Taylor Staff Writer With their Android system a proven iPhone competitor, Google is planning to make more waves in cellular phone technology. Project Glass is a hands-free, headmounted display that is expected to be released later in the year. Resembling a lensless pair of glasses, Glass is essentially a small display screen above the right eye that operates by voice commands. The headset is equipped with a 720p camera that allows for photos and videos to be

taken from the eyesight perspective of the user. By saying “ok Glass” a user can instruct their device to perform a number of tasks such as finding directions to a location, taking a photo and even translating their voice into a foreign language. Google released a limited number of developer models that came with a $1,500 price-tag; once available to the public, the headpiece is sure to cost less. Unlike many additional features for phones, Glass will be able to connect to both Android and

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iPhone using Bluetooth. Although someone wearing Glass without the sunglass lenses attached will resemble a Star Trek character, the futuristic capabilities outweigh any aesthetic downfalls. Here is Google’s official page for the product.

The Editor’s Desk: Do the right thing

by Andrew Mechum Associate Editor Now that we are staring the effects of sequestration in the face it is perhaps time to hold accountable the people who put us here. Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, it would be hard for anyone to argue against the fact that our elected officials have failed miserably in fulfilling the contract they agreed to when we the people elected them. Gallup, Pew, Rasmussen and other polls all place the president’s approval rating at about 50 percent and Congress has a dismal score of 15 to 18 percent. Based on these polls, the majority of Americans don’t think the government is doing its job. The Senate has failed four years running to pass a budget. . Our politicians have decided to forgo the rule book and rule us from their perch in Washington. We are subject to a Congress and presidency that raises our taxes, only to raise their paychecks. Our military is lead by people who see fit to send aid to the Syrian rebels, who have in the past been linked to Al Qaeda, while cutting down our military. When Obamacare passed Nancy Pelosi famously said, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Whatever is in Obamacare, Washington knew it wasn’t any good and saw to it that they wouldn’t have to adhere to its policies by creating their own level of healthcare. We are not a military dictatorship, and nor should we be. Our military answers to our civilian government and the president is the commander and chief of the armed forces. Unfortunately, no one in the government

is subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, known more simply as the UCMJ. This prevents a “legal coup” from ever taking place. If it were however, perhaps we could finally do something about the dismal job our elected officials are doing. Our government as a whole is derelict in their duties under article 92, subsection 3 of the UCMJ. Surely there is some precedent, some righteous loophole in the rule of law that allows us to try every elected official in Washington for their piss poor performance. Under the article, someone can be found derelict in one of three ways. Each one presents a different way to look at Congress and Obama’s administration and neatly separates the arguments of their detractors. There is willfully, negligently and the third we’ll get to later. On the far right we have the crowd that thinks our Democrat heavy government has been deliberately misleading this nation. This group will often sight Obamacare and the increase of entitlements as a move toward socialism. One could argue our government officials are willfully being derelict in their duties, namely the oath where they swore to uphold the constitution. Unfortunately, another segment sometimes gets lumped in with the willful thinking crowd. Just a little further to the right there are the conspiracy types who think Obama and the Democrats are Marxists who want us to turn into the second coming of the Soviet Union. Then we have people who think our elected representatives simply aren’t doing their job. They provide Obama’s numerous vacations and continued campaigning along with Congress’s inability to get anything done regarding the mounting debt, or anything else for that matter, as

proof of their negligence. This group just wants government to do right by the people and the country. But what if we can’t find anyone willfully or negligently derelict ? That’s where the third option of culpable inefficiency comes in. Under this part of Article 92 one could argue that despite the genuine effort of Obama and Congress to do the right thing and lead this country to success, they simply can’t get anything done and are therefore derelict in their duties because they are inefficient. At the end of the day, this route may never work. But looking at Article 92 of the UCMJ we find that our elected officials hold our military to higher standards than themselves. However, with the new aid package being delivered to the Al Qaeda backed Syrian rebels we may have a slim chance in charging its supporters with treason. Article III, Section three of the Constitution states, “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” With the pledge to send food and medical support to the Syrian rebels our government is providing aid and comfort to our enemy. They are committing treason. Sadly, the treason argument will never work. The power to levy a charge of treason rests with Congress, and we can’t very well expect them to try themselves. There are numerous issues facing America such as the debt, immigration, global terrorism and of course gun control. Our government hasn’t been able to make any real progress in solving any of these problems, and there seems no easy route to force them into action. What do you think needs to be done? What do you think can be done?


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Monday, March 4th, 2013

Tebow cancels speaking engagement by Neal Embry Staff Writer Popular NFL quarterback and wellknown Christian Tim Tebow has cancelled his appearance at First Baptist Church in Dallas due to controversy surrounding the pastor, Pastor Robert Jeffress. Tebow, a backup quarterback with the New York Jets, tweeted regarding the cancellation: “While I was looking forward to sharing a message of hope and Christ's unconditional love with the faithful members of the historic First Baptist Church of Dallas in April, due to new information that has been brought to my attention, I have decided to cancel my upcoming appearance. I will continue to use the platform God has blessed me with to bring Faith, Hope and Love to all those needing a brighter day. Thank you for all of your love and support. God Bless!” Jeffress has come under fire for comments he has made regarding Muslims, Mormons, Catholics and homosexuals. The assumption is that Tebow as a public figure wanted to avoid controversy. However, the former Florida Gator has been scrutinized for not standing up for what he believes in and supporting a fellow Christian, even in controversy. Jeffress appeared to respond to the player the Sunday after Tebow cancelled. "I am grateful for men of God like these who are willing to stand up and act like men rather than wimping out when it gets a little controversial and an inconvenient thing to stand for the truth," Jeffress said. I’ll try to explain and lay out Jeffress’ “controversial” statements the best I can. Keep in

mind that his comments might offend some. Jeffress made his controversial statements regarding homosexuality in the context of speaking about megachurches. While Jeffress’ church is considered a “megachurch,” he is concerned about pastors seeking to add numbers instead of faithfully preaching the Bible, including the Bible’s stance on homosexuality. "My sense is that people are just avoiding the subject, by and large," Jeffress said. "They are so bent on trying to add to the numbers of their churches that they don't want to disenfranchise new members or be characterized as unfriendly,” Jeffress said. Jeffress affirms the biblical view of homosexuality, calling it a sin and an “abomination” to God. He has stated that homosexuals are going to hell apart from Jesus Christ. On this topic, most Christian leaders stand by Jeffress. What Jeffress has said is controversial, but it’s true. Jeffress has also caught the secular eye for his comments regarding Mormonism as a cult, most highly seen in his comments made during the 2012 election season that were aimed at presidential candidate Mitt Romney. “Mormonism is wrong, it is a heresy from the pit of Hell.... Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Even though he talks about Jesus as his Lord and savior, he is not a Christian. Mormonism is not Christianity. Mormonism is a cult," said Jeffress. Again, on this issue, Christian leaders seem to agree, with Jeffress. Christian leaders claim Mormonism is heresy, as it distorts the teaching of the Bible.

While I may not agree with attacking Mormon people, I do agree with calling the religion and belief system what it is. Jeffress begins to get in deeper trouble when he begins to speak about Catholics and Muslims. “The deep, dark, dirty secret of Islam: It is a religion that promotes pedophilia - sex with children. This socalled prophet Muhammad raped a 9-year-old girl - had sex with her,” Jeffress said. While he later backed down on his statement, the words were already in the ether. According to Islamic scholars, while Muhammad had multiple wives, including a 9-year-old, there is no reason to believe that he raped her. And to assume that all Muslims condone or practice pedophilia is a hasty generalization. While I, and many others, appreciate Jeffress’ boldness in standing for truth, we must speak it in love and speak it carefully. Jeffress continued on, saying that Islam was used to incite violence and oppress women around the world. He called the religion a “deception that led away from the one true God.” On this last point, Christian leaders as a whole would agree with Jeffress. Any religion that leads away from Christ as Lord and Savior and the one true God of the Bible is a deception, and is seen as coming from Satan himself. However, I strongly disagree with his words and generalizations of Muslim people condoning pedophilia. The last controversial statement I’ll examine is the pastor’s statement on the Roman Catholic Church. “Much of what you see in the Catholic Church today doesn't come from God's Word,

it comes from that cultlike, pagan religion. Now you say, 'pastor how can you say such a thing? That is such an indictment of the Catholic Church. After all the Catholic Church talks about God and the Bible and Jesus and the Blood of Christ and Salvation. “Isn't that the genius of Satan? If you want to counterfeit a dollar bill, you don't do it with purple paper and red ink, you're not going to fool anybody with that. But if you want to counterfeit money, what you do is make it look closely related to the real thing as possible,” Jeffress said. Again, I would caution Dr. Jeffress on assuming things about a large number of people based on the teaching of a few. There are many different aspects of Catholic theology that Protestants disagree with. That’s another story. However, there are Catholics that love Jesus, and will spend eternity with Him. There are many who won’t. The problem is, it’s the same within Bap-

tist churches as well. There are many people sitting in church on Sunday that will spend an eternity apart from God because they never put their faith in Him for salvation. They had religion and church affiliation, but they never recognized their depravity and need for Christ. They never put their full weight on Christ. I would agree, again, that any teaching that leads away from Jesus for salvation is demonic, as Satan uses false religion to lead people away from God. However, the implication behind his words, whether he meant this or not, is that Catholic church members are satanic. That’s not loving. It is loving to tell them that without Christ they are “dead in nature, children of wrath” as the Bible says in Ephesians 2. They are under the influence of Satan. But to imply that they are somehow complicit with Satan’s lies and schemes doesn’t sit well with me, and I imagine the same

for many Christians. Christian leaders have not been extraordinarily vocal about the issue, and research found no pastor posting his remarks online. In the end, I understand why Tebow cancelled. But I also understand why he’s getting heat for it. Jeffress is a pastor that I, and maybe others, haven’t decided on yet. Some of what he says is true, and I believe most of what he says is loving at its core, in the Bible’s definition of love. But his delivery, word choice and generalizations make him controversial, and someone that people like Tim Tebow will avoid. I can’t judge my brother here. Tebow made his decision, and I hope he did so with the Lord’s counsel. All I, and any other believer, can do is pray. Pray for him and for Jeffress. What are your thoughts on the story surrounding Tim Tebow and Robert Jeffress? Let us know on Twitter @ TheUMFalcon or check us out on Facebook.

of peanut butter or ginger cookies. Coffee, while not locally grown, was locally roasted and served by Eclipse. Tell us your opinion of the film if

you’ve seen it. Let us know your thoughts on eating local by contacting us on our Facebook page or tweeting us @TheUMFalcon.

What’s eating Alabama?

by Reed Strength Arts & Culture Editor

On Monday, February 25th, the UM Environmental Club hosted a showing of the documentary “Eating Alabama” for its annual “Social Justice Movie Night”. The event aims to present a movie that tackles current and growing social issues. The movie follows the challenge of its director, Andy Grace, to eat only locally produced, organic food for a full year. The film show-

cases the decreased role farmers have in the production of food, even when it is grown in their own fields. Strict copyright laws are now in place by chemical companies that allow them to control and sue farmers who plant their produce without a contract. Grace’s inspiration is his grandfather. While he was never a farmer, he grew up on a farm and would tell his grandson stories of eating what his father and family grew in their fields. As the director

noted within his film, eating and sustaining an organic local lifestyle is tougher than imagination would assume. At one point, Grace was forced to buy $400 in locally grown and canned goods to stay within his diet. According to the movie, the trick to maintaining this lifestyle is to buy directly from regional farmer’s, as farmer markets can carry produce from several states. Grace admitted to losing weight and feeling healthier during

this time and continues to try to eat locally as much as he can. The experience taught him the benefits of slowing down and spending quality time with his wife by cooking together. Three of the viewers won a copy of the documentary during a post-film raffle. The audience ate a locally grown and prepared snack buffet afterwards.. The main entree was vegetable chili, with pickles and salted kale. Desert consisted of blueberry squares with a pecan crust and a choice

The Falcon



Birds of a Feather by Reed Strength Arts & Culture Editor

An Introduction

Music seems to occur in shifts. One genre gives way to another as trends and ideas are experimented upon, refined and later done away with. Popular music continues to grow as the artists that make it are affected by technological advances, world events and critical opinions. Each decade carries with it a unique era of music which helps to define and solidify a certain sound within musical history. But where are we now? What sound is currently holding the attention of critics and fans alike? What do the upcoming years have in store for music? Will there be innovation and experimentation in sounds we’ve never

heard before? Or will the revivalists win out in an attempt to bring golden era sounds back into prominence? What bands are currently defining our generation? The Falcon intends to find out. With new series, “Birds of a Feather” the Falcon will examine several alike musical artists and attempt to discover their origins and tally their career success so far. We will utilize aggregate score collecting website Metacritic to give readers the average critical opinion of these band’s efforts. We hope to uncover current music trends as they unfold in our collective ears and establish a written record of their progress.

The Rise of Shimmery Surf Rock Currently, indie rock still seems to be under the effects of a subtle movement that started in 2009. Guitar rock turned gentler, breezier. Bands began to convert the shoegaze worship of the 90’s into more blissful, less druggy territory. The doors and windows were open, and the sun shined down. New Jersey’s Real Estate is arguably the oldest of these dreamy acts. The band consists of friends that played all throughout high school in assorted groups, most often in a Weezer cover band. On Real Estate’s debut, the track list includes song titles like “Beach Comber” and “Let’s Rock The Beach”. An assumed surf rock sound for these guys wouldn’t be

totally far off. Guitar is their most predominant musical instrument and players Martin Courtney and Matt Mondanile fill their songs with bright chords and leads that mimic gently lapping ocean water. Courtney, who also sings and writes songs for the band, revealed that his “fun in the sun lyrics” sprouts from his nostalgic memories of growing up in the Jersey suburbs. He noted that because the band “had a really good time” during the summer they were forming, that the songs began to naturally reflect the sunny and warm environment. His group would later add beach themes in simply “because who doesn’t love the beach?” The band’s debut holds a current score

Album Review:

of 79 on Followup “Days” was released in 2011, and holds a similar score of 77. It was the “Album of the Week” on music sharing site Stereogum upon its release. Writer Corban Garble praised the record as an “effective release for an outfit that not only somewhat begot an indie rock sonic trend, but crystallized the merits and emotional reach of that sound.” Brooklyn band Beach Fossils toured with Real Estate in 2010, and for good reason. The one man band kept the good vibes rolling in 2010 with the release of the similarly self titled debut. The debut carried titles like “Vacation” and “Lazy Day” also evoking identical themes of relaxation. Frontman and songwriter Dustin Payseur evoked the feel of 60’s garage into his sound, with his lo-fi setup masking the energetic and rowdy live shows his band would play. The group just released their sophomore album “Clash the Truth”, a better recorded and punchier version of the band that still retains similar sonic touchstones. In an interview with’s Alternative Music section, Payseur rejected the tagging of his music as “summery”. He insisted that his surf rock mimicing tendencies were not intentional, but were instead “a sound that I like, a sound that reflects the way my mind feels, and my attitude to life in general.” Beach Fossils’ two albums currently hold a 73 and 72 average score on Metacritic. During the Fossils’ 2011 tour, temporary guitarist Zachary Cole Smith helped support Pay-

seur. Smith never recorded with Payseur’s project, instead opting to start his own band. Smith formed DIIV, named so because “everybody in the band is a water sign.” DIIV released their debut “Oshin” the summer of 2011. The title of the album, lead single “Doused” and the cover art depicted further images of surf and beach culture. In an interview with SPIN, Smith admitted that he formed the band “because I felt like there weren't really that many Brooklyn bands that I thought were very impressive.” While this statement seems pretentious, the critics have lapped up DIIV’s take on this watery indie rock sound. The band’s score on Metacritic is an 80, the highest of all of his contemporaries. In his review of the record for Sputnik Music, critic Adam Downer concluded that DIIV’s first release “is definitely of the current moment in that it has all the signifiers of an album held together with Nostalgia Spackle (™), but its impeccable songwriting is making me think more and more that this is a bit timeless.” The east coast isn’t the only hive for this surf rock revival. In California, two bands connected by a romantic relationship were also making a splash, albeit in separate ways from both themselves and their inner city contemporaries. Best Coast was a project between songwriter Bethany Cosentino and instrumentalist Bob Bruno. Cosentino wrote and sang songs of boys and weed, her imagery content with forever lilting in the California sun she so loved. Her first album

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Monday, March 4th, 2013

“Crazy for You” was released in 2010 to high praise. The cover depicted her internet famous cat Snacks on the cover behind an afternoon coast. “Crazy for You” garners a 76 on Metacritic. Pitchfork writer Larry Fitzmaurice felt that Cosentino’s debut was more “endearing” than her contemporaries and characterized it as “carefree and instantly likeable.” Sophomore effort “The Only Place” did not recieve as much praise upon its release in 2012, and ditched the beachy themes of her first album. That album currently holds a middling 66 on Metacritic. Despite her fame in Best Coast, Cosentino is also known for her very public persona as the girlfriend of Nathan Williams, the leader behind California pop-punk band Wavves. Williams has released four albums, his first a cassette only release in 2008. He gained prominence with the release of “Wavvves” in 2009 and “King of the Beach” in 2010. Williams too was caught by the nostalgic ocean air, but played a harder and noisier brand of rock than his reverb loving contemporaries to the East. The band has earned a career average

score of 69 on Metacritic. In his column series “Resonant Frequency”, Pitchfork editor-in-chief Mark Richardson attempted to discern the reason why so many bands and artists looked to the coastal shorelines for inspiration. He wrote about the strange idea of listening and paying attention to these bands who evoked images of the surf, only for the listener to realize the reality of listening and reading about these albums while in front of a computer inside of their house. “The beach, I suppose, is the exact opposite of time spent in front of an LCD screen, which is why it's so appealing as an idea here in 2009”, he wrote. Perhaps the nostalgic and laid back attitude was to evoke some sense of ease. America had just elected Barack Obama as its President and was staring down the gaping maw of the never ending financial crisis. Whatever the reason, these bands are still together, and have much growing to do in their young careers. Let us know what you think of these artists and this trend in music. Listen to songs from the albums mentioned on the Falcon Playlist via Spotify.

“Welcome Oblivion”-How to Destroy Angels

vocal track there isn’t a whole lot for the listener to identify with on a personal level. Yet somehow, this quality ends up being “Welcome Oblivion”’s most interesting quirk. Lead vocalist and wife of Reznor, Mariqueen Maandig, sings in a plaintive yet hypnotic fashion while layers of cold electronic production simmer beneath her cryptic words. All of this works Reznor’s latest project, to create a mood not by Jake Smith is how startlingly inhu- easily describable with Staff Writer The first thing man it sounds. These conventional language. you’ll notice about the songs are expertly The sound of this redebut album from How crafted in an electronic cord falls somewhere to Destroy Angels, Trent mire, and even with a between a video game

soundtrack on songs like the title track and twisted vaudevillian on songs such as the nearly flawless “Ice Age”.This track features an odd soundscape of acoustic instrumentation while Maandig sings a disturbingly innocent vocal over a perky beat. Elsewhere, however, the songs are dependent less on traditional instrumentation and more on the veteran production of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross who crafted the devilishly entertaining soundtrack to the film “The Social Network” a few years back.

Songs like the opening shot, “The Wake-Up”, and the groove-inflected “Strings and Attractors” would amount to almost nothing if not for the layers of sounds and effects that Reznor and Ross utilize. Other songs, however, suffer from being overly fleshed out. For example, “We Fade Away” falls victim to having too much going on. Its lack of focus prevents it from ever truly catching fire, which is a shame considering it has a wonderful piano track at the bottom of the mix that will really catch your ear.

The opposite problem, under-production, also occurs from time to time. Closing track “Hallowed Ground” is too thin to pass as a solid industrial track and instead feels like a modern dance track with a Frankenstein’s monster twist. While that may sound intriguing on paper, it ultimately ends up boring and exhausting over its seven minutes of play-time. Speaking of play-time, “Welcome Oblivion” is unforgivably long. At 65 minutes, it takes a good, concentrated marathon to get through in one sitting. continued page 5

The Falcon

Monday, March 4th, 2013

UM Concert Choir returns to Lebaron Hall

by Mandy Steadman Staff Writer The University of Montevallo Concert Choir is back from their week tour in Louisiana. The choir commemorated their return in a free concert performance on Tuesday, Feb. 26 in the LaBaron Concert Hall. The choir is made up of about 40 students who auditioned to become a part of the group. Their recent performance showcased spiritual songs and choral masterworks. Some of the songs included: “Es ist verraten,” “Song of Triumph” and “The Word Was God” (the choir’s favorite). This performance also gave the

choir’s soloists a chance to shine, whether it was singing or piano playing. One of the soloists was Zachary Banks, also known to the choir as “The Pastor.” The concert hall vibrated with the intense enthusiasm of Banks’ voice along with the choir’s harmonies. The UM Concert Choir travels to states including Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana. These tours are by invitation to different churches and orchestra performances. The choir also has the privilege to sometimes perform with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. The UM Concert Choir performs every semester. If you would like to attend a choir performance keep an eye out for updates from Broadcast. Also, look at the fine arts calendar on the University of Montevallo website: http://www.montevallo. edu/cfa/calendar.shtm.

Music preview 2013

by Jake Smith Staff Writer We are only just entering the third month of 2013, and already we have received a multitude of fabulous albums. From the triumphant return of My Bloody Valentine to another veteran effort from Yo La Tengo to fabulous new releases from The Joy Formidable and Foxygen, 2013 is already shaping up to be one of the best years in music in recent memory. Yet still there are even more records just waiting to drain your wallet and infiltrate your ears. In the next few months, there will be new releases by everyone from hip, new young guns to age-old professionals returning to the fray. The Falcon has, therefore, decided to give you a guide to some of the more exciting releases you’ll see over the next few weeks. On March 5 Trent Reznor will release his debut with How to Destroy Angels and They Might Be Giants will release a new album. However, this is but a taste of great things to come. March 12 will see a new album from the legendary David Bowie. “The Next Day”, which is now streaming on iTunes is already being hailed as a return to form for one of music’s bonafide elder statesmen, and

Page Five

The Falcon agrees. Justin Timberlake is set to drop his new album, “The 20/20 Experience”, on March 15. The lead single, “Suit and Tie” features a guest spot from JayZ and is already getting significant radio airplay. March 22 will herald a new album from Depeche Mode as well. March 26 sees a slew of new releases, and chief among them is “Comedown Machine” by The Strokes. The album will feature the track “One Way Trigger” as well as the first single, “All the Time”. The album is already reaching astronomical levels of hype, and it is the hope of most fans that the “Comedown Machine” will bring The Strokes back into the spotlight. April will see releases from many more artists including The Flaming Lips who will release “The Terror” on the first of the month. The lead single, “Sun Blows Up Today” is available for streaming on most programs. The months will also see new releases from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Black Angels, The Dear Hunter and Phoenix among others. Keep in mind that all of this music is just a month away from us. Stick with The Falcon for coverage of these new releases as they drop, and never stop listening.

Johnny Depp’s pirate music

by Teddie Taylor Staff Writer Known for his on and offscreen personification of Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp has recently taken a step into the pirate music industry. Sons of Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys was executive produced by the actor and Gore Verbinski, director of the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films as well as Rango. Featuring artists ranging from Iggy Pop and Anjelica Huston to Dr. John and Macy Gray, the thirty-six track album unites varying styles to present a unique concept album. Contrary to initial assumptions, Sons is no silly musical project; the songs all display the versatility and honest talent of the musicians performing them. Depp himself plays guitar while Patti Smith lends vocals on “The Mermaid.”

Smith’s voice is gruff and fantastic as ever as she sings about flowing rum and the rolling ocean. Although the guitar playing lacks originality and fails to stand out, it is further testament to Depp’s plethora of artistic talents. One of the most memorable moments is the collaboration between R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe and Hole vocalist Courtney Love. Stipe, who is the godfather of Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain, harmonizes beautifully with his female counterpart on the track. As with the Depp and Smith partnership, “Rio Grande” could easily belong on an album that was not dedicated to seafarer themed pieces. Sons of Rogue’s is certainly an interesting compilation that will satisfy fans of the many contributing artists. The album can be purchased and previewed here.

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This run-time would be manageable, though, if not for the fact that the final four tracks are a dull slog. In addition to this, the album also doesn’t fit together as a consistent whole which makes it feel more like an overly-lengthy playlist than a proper record. Still, these problems are easily rectified with a track skip button, and they do nothing to lessen the appeal of the

stronger tracks. While “Welcome Oblivion” may not be a masterpiece or sell as well as Reznor’s records with Nine Inch Nails, it still manages to create for itself a comfortable little niche. For those looking for a foreboding atmosphere with a slight dash of dance flavor, How to Destroy Angels will not disappoint. The Falcon gives “Welcome Oblivion” a 7 out of 10.

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Volume 2. Issue 8 of The Falcon  
Volume 2. Issue 8 of The Falcon  

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