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Monday, October 15th, 2012

Election 2012: VP Debate


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byAndrew Meechum Associate Editor ROSWELL, NM Felix Baumgartner stepped out of the Red Bull Stratos pod Sunday afternoon and into the history books by breaking the sound barrier and reaching a speed of 833.9 mph (that’s Mach 1.24!) with nothing but a flight suit, a helmet and a parachute. Breaking records for highest manned balloon flight, highest skydiving attempt and fastest free fall, Baumgartner successfully completed a mission that began in 2005 when he and Red Bull began planning for a stratospheric free fall. Despite two previous aborted attempts earlier in the week, the Stratos pod successfully took flight at 9:30 am local time. Rising at an average rate of 1000 feet per minute the pod and balloon rose past the planned jump altitude of 120,000 feet. After a two hour bal-

Baumgartner jumping from 24.4 miles up. loon ride into the stratosphere and completing a long list of flight checks, Baumgartner stepped out of his pod at 128,100 ft (24.4 miles) and onto the skateboard sized ledge. After flashing a peace sign with his right hand, he gingerly stepped off the edge of the platform and into the edge of space. Baumgartner, a 43-yearold native of Salzburg, Austria, has been skydiving since he was 16 and is the holder of several world-records for BASE jumping. BASE stands for buildings, antennas, spans (bridges) and earth (cliffs). His parents were present in Roswell for their sons historic

jump, marking the first time either had travelled outside of Austria. During a late afternoon press conference after the jump, Baumgartner described falling at great speed in his pressure suit as, “Swimming without touching the water.” He sighted none of the usual tactile cues skydivers use, such as wind on his skin and the flapping of his suit, were present, making corrections difficult. The Red Bull Stratos team consisted of many talented and experienced professionals. Perhaps no one was more suited to help in Baumgartner’s endeavour as Colonel Joe Kittinger, USAF (Retired).

Kittinger acted as mission control’s “Capcom I” (capsule communications) for the mission and at Baumgartner’s request was the only one in radio contact with him throughout the ascent and jump. Kittinger held the record, (until yesterday that is) for highest free fall attempt after his record jump in 1960 at an altitude of 102,800 feet. Kittinger’s jump helped NASA develop systems used in the space program during the great space race of the 1960s. At the press conference, when asked what his feelings were about losing the world record, Kittinger said, “Records were meant

Photo:Red Bull Stratos to be broken,” and that he, “would like to give a special one finger salute to all the folks who said he [Baumgartner] would come apart when he went supersonic.” Telemetry and data gleaned from Baumgartner’s jump will be used to develop life saving systems to prevent lose of life in accident’s like the one that killed all seven crew members aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia. When asked what his next step is Baumgartner said, “I want to inspire the next generation.” He says he wants to be sitting next to a young guy in forty years giving him

Immigration Worldwide Part Three by Kyle Jones Editor-in-Chief In our series on immigration worldwide we’ve looked at human trafficking lines for Northern Africans into Europe, the economic promised land of Norway for Polish workers and discussed the similarities of the two to our own immigrant work-

force here in America. In this article we look at a region of the world that has so much money due to the benefits of their oil-rich governments that they have no real need to work. The GCC or the Gulf Cooperation Council is a political and economic union similar to the EU or the EC referenced in the previous article. The GCC consist of namely Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE). The countries that make up the GCC are extremely

wealthy due to their abundance of crude oil and natural gas, these countries main export. Due to the abundance of wealth and very strong ties to the Western World, this region is experiencing a boom of economic prosperity. Dubai is home to the Burj Khalifa, now the tallest man-made structure on Earth, and as we’ve seen before when there is a job to be done and money to pay for it, it will get done. In 2009 there was an overall unemployment rate of about 0.8 percent in

Dubai. That leaves only 11,152 people 15 years old and over who were unemployed at the time of the survey. There are 15 million immigrants living and working in these countries. Where are they coming from? The majority of the immigrant workforce comes from India and Southeast Asia, and also includes workers from Pakistan and Kenya. What draws many to these GCC countries is that they share the same religion of Islam and it is more accessible for them cul-

turally. Many of them are young and or have little education, so they are less qualified for acceptance as workers in Western countries. Once again the main jobs for these immigrants include service and manual labor work. Wealthy Arab women consider staying home to tend to the house and take care of their children beneath their dignity, thus they require maids for such tasks. For the men, the city of Dubai is flourishing into a major tourist destination, someone is going to

have to build all the luxuries and amenities. This all seems like any other system, especially ones we’ve talked about before with Hispanic or Polish workers coming to a country to work to support their families back home. The problem is that these GCC countries and the people that live in them have more than enough money to pay these migrant workers an average wage, but they choose not to, reports Jay Johnson of http://www. continued page 7

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Monday, October 15th, 2012

Four Day Weather Forecast

USA Student Shot

by Matthew Lord Contributing Writer The recent, tragic death of Gil Collar age 18 and freshmen at the University of South Alabama has created a heated debate on the use of lethal force. Collar, acting on the effects of the drug LSD, stripped nude and then banged on the windows outside the campus police station. Officer Travis Austin went to investigate the noise where he found an erratic Collar in the nude. Collar reportedly approached the officer, unarmed, in a threatening manner. In the course of the con-

frontation Austin shot Collar in the chest. Austin was equipped with both mace and a baton during the confrontation, but had his gun at the ready when leaving the station. The questionable use of lethal force is being investigated by authorities in Mobile. Collar’s family has hired an attorney, seeking charges against Austin. It is currently unknown if charges will be filed against Austin. Jere Beasley, former Alabama Lt.Gov and an attorney for the family, does not believe lethal force is justifiable in this case. He commented that he does not see anything on the video that would warrant such action. This position was taken after viewing the surveillance footage. Beasley stated

"without reservation, there is nothing on the surveillance tape that justifies the use of deadly force”. His reasoning is that Collar was not in the position to cause harm to Austin. Before he was shot Collar’s arms were outstretched and palms open. The incident has also thrusted South Alabama Students into the debate of when lethal force should be used. A protest was held by students last Wednesday calling for campus police to be issued stun guns as another non-lethal option. Along with stun guns students want campus police to go through additional training in what is being called “mental emergencies”. Mental emergencies would include people on drugs such as LSD.

A Riot Waiting to Happen

by Rosemary Maguire Staff Writer A group of around twelve out-spoken, politically minded women joined together last year to spread messages of protest against a government they deem discriminatory toward women throughout Russia. The collective, dubbed Pussy Riot,

has been nothing if not outspoken since their formation in August 2011, but the events of February 21, 2012 shot three members to international recognition. That Tuesday morning, five women entered the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, removed their outerwear to reveal brightly colored outfits complete with the band’s signature balaclavas—also known as ski masks— and began a performance they called “Punk Prayer,” a protest of the imminent re election of Russian President Vlad-

imir Putin. The group’s demonstration resulted in the arrest of three of the members: Maria Alyokhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Yekaterina Samutsevich. Earlier this month, Samutsevich successfully negotiated her release from custody on the grounds that, though she was a member of the group and had helped plan the cathedral protest, she had not made it into the building due to an altercation with a security guard and therefore could not be charged in the participation of the act itself.

Page Two “I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours. “ -Hunter S. Thompson

Big Brother Reads Mail Determines we are all Terrorists

byAndrew Meechum Associate Editor As some of you may be aware the government has seen fit to put together a watch list of words commonly used by terrorist groups, militias, organized crime, gangs and other would be evildoers. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), along with several other alphabet agencies, is keeping tabs on phone conversations, text messages and internet traffic, especially social media, for uses of words such as nuclear and dirty bomb as well as seemingly innocent words like aid, pork and cloud. The list contains over 600 words that may land you in the hot seat with suited men asking you tough questions. Keep this in mind the next time you tweet, “I’m going to Target to buy enriched flour and Crest toothpaste.” That tweet had three suspect words alone. The goal of this “word hunt” is to identify, and hopefully prevent, potential terrorist threats and attacks by known terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban and even homegrown radicals à la Timothy McVeigh on American interests here at home and abroad.

Trying to cover all of their bases, the government has included watchwords that might suggest connections to any sort of nefarious group from pirates, kidnappers and drug cartels to North Korea, human trafficking and even illegal immigrants. Two southwest high school cheerleaders in an email about an upcoming cheerleading practice might use words like drill, exercise and response. However, organizations like the Secret Service (USSS; notice how they put the US on the front so they don’t sound like the old Nazi SS shock troops) check on potentially threatening language like this to insure these young ladies don’t intend on carrying out an assassination attempt on a border agent or smuggling marijuana and cocaine in from Columbia. Even a Facebook or Twitter threads between a group of doctors discussing a resistant strain of swine or avian flu they encountered will be looked into to determine the nature of the conversation. But correspondence between doctors, and especially between doctors and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), is going to be loaded with hazardous language about sick patients, resistant bacteria strains, influenza figures, infectious bacteria and overall public health. When you get groups like the CDC communicating with peers like the World Health Or-

ganization (WHO), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the much reviled Transportation Security Administration (TSA) about measures to prevent exposure to an outbreak of small pox before it turns into an epidemic, the hard part isn’t going to be controlling quarantine or dispensing antiviral medication. The hard part is when they have to explain to the task force assigned to read their mail that they were trying to help and not part of a jihadist cell plotting to release a biological weapon. One would hope the good people working in the agencies tasked to watch for suspicious language are capable of knowing the difference between a real threat and say an email between colleagues studying the correlation between typhoons and erosion. Either way, watch what you say on the Internet, in text messages, and over the phone. We all want people to traffic our social media pages, but now you must also be aware that big brother is watching. Big brother is always watching. To find out which words you should avoid to keep the feds at bay or overuse to annoy them, we are not advocating the latter option; you can go here (http://www. to see the complete list. *this article contained eighty words from the watchlist, can you find them all?

Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova, however, still face two-year sentences in Russian labor camps, a sentence that has outraged Pussy Riot supporters across the world. According to, the three women held in custody for over six months have been denied numerable judicial rights and have received inhumane treatment from the state, including “being denied food and adequate sleep.” In an August 3rd article for The Guardian, Miriam Elder reported that Judge Marina Syrova would not allow ten of the defense’s thirteen witnesses, including Vladmir Putin himself, as well as Russian Orthodox Church officials. The women were charged with “hooli-

ganism” with accusations of protesting the Church itself and participating in blasphemy. "We sang part of the refrain 'Holy s***'," Tolokonnikova stated in court, according to Rolling Stone,"I am sorry if I offended anyone with this. It is an idiomatic expression, related to the previous verse — about the fusion of Moscow patriarchy and the government. 'Holy shit' is our evaluation of the situation in the country. This opinion is not blasphemy." The women, as well as many of their supporters, suspect the trial has received pressure from Putin’s administration and the Orthodox Church. Even with the sentencing of Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova looming in the distance, Russia

has not heard the last of Pussy Riot. Freed member, Samutsevich, has vowed to continue her protest efforts, though stating that she will be more careful of legal reactions in the future. Meanwhile, the fate of the two women still in custody still has supporters around the world on edge. Both women have young children from whom they have been separated from for over six months already. The possible locations the women will serve their sentences is also a matter of controversy. The Moscow area has only one women’s penal colony, and there is a possibility that the band members will be sent to a labor camp

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Monday, October 15th, 2012

Election 2012 The Falcon Guide to:

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The Vice Presidential Debate 2012

by Reed Strength Staff Writer The Vice Presidential debate between current Democrat Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Vice Presidential nominee Congressman Paul Ryan for the 2012 Presidential Election took place at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. ABC news reporter Martha Raddatz moderated the debate. Raddatz opened the debates explaining that she would ask the candidates nine questions about foreign and domestic policy. The candidates would have two minutes to answer, with Raddatz encouraging further discussion with follow up questions. Raddatz began by asking if the murder of Chris Stevens and three other Americans on the anniversary of 9/11 during a “preplanned assault” was a foreign intelligence failure. Biden won the predebate coin toss, and was the first to answer. Biden commented that Stevens was a brave man, and then promised two commitments: The administration would bring the assaulters to justice and to get to the bottom of just what happened. Biden then pointed out that a president’s most important responsibility was caring for the national security of the country. Ryan responded by criticizing Obama’s administration for taking two weeks to cite the incident as a terrorist attack and touched on the embassy’s “low” security. The congressman then stated that the Romney-Ryan ticket held the same position on Iraq as the Obama administration, chiding Biden for not getting a status of forces agreement (SOFA) to secure their gains, and pointing to the lack of that agreement as their main difference on the issue. Raddatz pointed out that in the middle of the crises, Romney talked about the “weakness” of Obama’s response, and asked Ryan if these remarks were appropriate. Ryan re-

Photo:Reuters plied that “It’s never too early to speak out for our values”. Biden stated that Congressman Ryan’s criticism on the American embassy’s security was self-inflicted, as Ryan had cut the security by 300 million dollars below what the administration asked for. Biden attempted to protect Obama’s decisions, saying the President “Set out to say everything he said to do”, and that Romney and Ryan “Bet against America all the time”. Raddatz next asked Biden what he was first told about the attack, and why there were talks of protests, despite a lack of evidence that protests at the compound. Biden pointed out that the information they’d been given was from the intelligence community as they “learned more facts”, and when asked if the embassy wanted more security, said they were not aware of a request. Ryan was asked if the U.S. should apologize for the burning of Qur’ans and the urinating of Taliban corpses by U.S. Marines. “Oh god yes”, said Ryan, “What we should not apologize for is standing up for our values”. The congressman stated that there had been requests for more security, and that extra security should have been present since it was the anniversary of 9/11. The topic moved

to Iran, with Raddatz asking the candidates how effective a military strike to prevent the Iranian accumulation of nuclear weapons would be. “We cannot allow Iran to gain a nuclear weapon”, Ryan first stated. He then stated that sanctions to further prevent accumulation of nuclear material in Iran would’ve been placed earlier, if not prevented by the Obama administration. Biden shot back saying Republican administered sanctions would have had no support from the rest of the world. He then promised that the administration felt confident they “could deal a serious blow to the Iranians” and that Iran is “a good way away” from becoming nuclear armed. Raddatz asked both candidates if they could solve the case two months before spring. Ryan said they would probably need a longer time. Biden insisted that the administration would now allow Iran to acquire the nuclear weapons, and that if they did decide to strike, “We will have the world behind us”. Raddatz then questioned whether another conflict in the Middle East would be worse than a nuclear armament. Ryan warned it could start an arms race. Biden stated that war should be the last resort, and that “This President doesn’t bluff”. Raddatz’s next

questioned the candidates on whether or not they could get unemployment to 6%, and how long it would take. Biden said he wasn’t sure how long it would take, but that they would get it under 6%. Biden then reminded people of the steps the Obama administration has taken to save the middle class. Congressman Ryan cited Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate as an example of the rising unemployment across America. “This is not what a real recovery looks like”, pointed out Ryan, and proceeded to tell a story about Romney reaching out to help a middle class family that was struggling. Opportunity and upward mobility were promised with a RomneyRyan administration. Biden commented that he doesn’t doubt Romney’s personal generosity, but seriously doubted his commitment to the auto-industry. Biden said he “Never met two guys more down on America,” and that the Republican party won’t allow the middle class tax cuts and jobs bills the Obama administration have to offer. Ryan stated that the entire premise of their progrowth plan was to grow the economy by 4%, and create 12 million jobs in the next four years. Medicare and entitlements was the subject of Raddatz’s next question. She asked the candidates if benefits

for Americans under the programs have to change for the programs to survive. “Absolutely,” Ryan said. He discussed his family history with the programs, and concluded that the programs would not change for those near retirement, but would be adjusted to fit Ryan’s younger generation, those aged 54 and below. Ryan also cited Obamacare’s expense on Medicare as an issue. Biden said the Obama administration saved $716 billion dollars, and cut insurance fees with “Obamacare”. He accused the Romney administration’s proposed Medicare reform of adding an additional $6,400 a year to Medicare. Raddatz asked Ryan what the specific plan was for seniors who couldn’t make up the cost difference in a “premium support plan”. Ryan quickly promised 100% coverage by income adjusting to the payments by taking down the subsidies for the wealthy. Ryan attempted to explain that the plan was bipartisan, despite Biden’s insistence that “Not one democrat endorses it.” Raddatz asked Biden why slowly raising the Medicare eligibility age by two years to solve the problem would be an issue. Biden cited his experience in raising the age with social security in 1983, adding that the system was set until 2033, and that they would take no part in

a “voucher” program. Romney’s proposal, according to Ryan, has no changes for anybody fifty-five and above, to slow the benefits of the wealthy, and to raise the retirement age over time. Biden said that Americans in their forties would get $2,600 less, and Americans in their twenties would get $4,700 less through Romney’s Social Security proposal. Ryan said that Biden didn’t have “a record to run on” and that he was trying to cast the Romney campaign in an unfair light to scare people from voting for them. Moving on to taxes, Raddatz asked the candidates, if their ticket was elected who would pay more and less on taxes. “The middle class will play less, and people making a million dollars or more will begin to contribute slightly more,” stated Biden. Ryan explained the premise for Romney’s tax reform plan was estimated to create 7 million jobs. He pointed out that their administration only wanted to take 28% of American family and business income in taxes, while Obama insisted on taking 44.8% of a small businesses’ income. According to the congressman, the proposed Obama tax reform would cost 710,000 jobs, adding that “It doesn’t even pay for 10% of the proposed deficit continued page 7

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Monday, October 15th, 2012

Heidi Chronicles A Roaring Success

by Mandy Steadman Staff Writer The University of Montevallo Theatre Department will astound audiences with their production of “The Heidi Chronicles,” directed by Tammy Killian. The show premiered October 10th and ran until October 14th to enthusiastic audiences in Reynold’s Theatre. The play is about the life chronicles of Heidi and how she lives her life for the good of all women. She has a dream to be a successful art historian and to teach women it is okay to be successful and they do not have to strive to become good housewives. Walking into the theatre, the audience is greeted by a simple set with an abstract background. The back of the stage consists of many different screens and abstract

placings of metal rods. The music of artists like Aretha Franklin and ABBA permeates the room, aiding to put the audience into the right mindset for the mood of this show. The first act consists of Heidi, played by Tavi Juarez, taking her first steps towards becoming a women’s activist and art historian. Along the way the audience is introduced to her lively and funny best friend Susan, played by Jade Rice. The audience is also introduced to Heidi’s best guy friend, Peter, played by Matt Smith. Peter is an intelligent and sarcastic pediatrician who has an interest in waiters. Then the fast and witty journalist, Scoop, played by Chance Caruthers, joins the cast and becomes Heidi’s first love interest. Scoop also has a thing for grading everything he sees, tastes, and knows. The cast was absolutely phenomenal in this performance. They all worked really hard, did their research on their characters and the time

frame of the sho; 1970s through the late 1980s. Juarez, a BFA senior, was the jewel of the show. The audience watched her every move and was in awe of her charisma and realistic performance. On stage, Juarez portrayed so many different sides of Heidi and really portrayed the character truthfully. Every movement, every choice she made had a reason behind it and even helped bring out true emotion to the young actress. Caruthers was a joy to watch onstage. He created a unique character who captivated audiences with his charm. Scoop starts off as an immature man trying to make his mark in life and soon grows up into a successful journalist who starts a paper and then goes into politics. Rice was a treat to watch as Heidi’s best girl friend, Susan. Susan was a very funny and loving character who got Heidi started in her women’s activist role. She also helped Heidi break from her shell

Tavi Juarez and Matt Smith every once in awhile. The charming and adorable best friend, Peter, was a treat to watch as Smith carried out his personification onstage. He was sarcastic, loving, and entertaining to watch. Smith created

Photo:Tammy Killian

the gay best friend that every girl dreams about having in their lives. He had the audience rolling with laughter and charmed his way into their hearts. “The Heidi Chronicles” was a treat to watch and an-

other fabulous success for Killian. She always brings a unique perspective to the stage that amazes audiences and has them leaving the theater in wonderment. Great job to this amazing cast and crew of talented students and faculty.

8 Essential Falcon Albums for Fall by Matt Sanderlin Arts & Culture Editor Fall is officially here, so here are some classic autumn albums to help ring in the season of orange leaves and cool breezes.

giously emotional manner. The topics of death and darkness are unabashedly explored, hinting at a solitary winter to come.

M. Ward: The Transfiguration of Vincent — She & Him's less-famous half knows how to pen a solid tune. Just try some "Outta My Head" on for size; and when that fits, tackle a little bit of "Undertaker" and his stunning cover of David Bowie's "Let's Dance." Transfiguration's woody guitar tones and earthy production recalls October and November in a soothing and inviting manner, making it essential for a fall album collection.

Big Star: Third/Sister Lovers — Big Star's last official studio album is easily their most difficult. Certainly, there are some instantaneous tracks that transport you from a swooning "Blue Moon" to Alex Chilton's "Big Black Car" on an inviting first listen. But the best tracks are the ones that take a few listens to fully unlock. The aggressive "Kizza Me" will immediately send you reeling, and the dizzying "Kangaroo" will promptly tug you back in. All the while, the warm strings and gloomy bass groans will properly introduce you to the weather of the late months of the year.

Copeland: You Are My Sunshine — The late, great, alternative band Copeland's final release is easily one of its strongest. The gorgeous amalgamation of angelic vocal strands and fiery instrumental helpings forge an unprecedentedly aching sonic atmosphere and an autumnal vibe that will Snuggie you right into a comfortable October breeze. "Should You Return" is an instant masterpiece, and the solemn strings of "On the Safest Ledge" make it a contender for the album's best as well. Indeed, it will be your autumnal sunshine. Arcade Fire: Funeral — We all know who these guys are, right? If you're new to the Grammy award-winning band, or keen on revisiting their timeless older material, debut studio release Funeral is the way to go. Every little string movement, from "Crown of Love" to "In the Backseat," emits autumn's bittersweet sentiment in a conta-

Matt Pond PA: Several Arrows Later — No fall record collection is complete without Matt Pond PA's autumnal masterpiece, Several Arrows Later. The album begins with a track called "Halloween," and naturally only furthers the fall connections from there. If "Is It Safe" doesn't strike you as the musical painting of the yellowing trees that it is, then the mid-tempo melancholia of following track "Emblems" should address November quite directly. Several Arrows Later, you'll be fine. Rufus Wainwright: Want One — Baroquepop's fearless leader has a few late-year tunes on file. 2003's Want One (musically) speaks of blue and cooling nights ("Pretty Things") and tranquil Sunday afternoons in late September ("Vicious

Photo: Matt Sanderlin World"). Wainwright's versatility is key to the album's overall success, and is consequently an intricate characteristic of what encourages repeat listenings as the season progresses. Not to mention how opener "Oh What a World" feels like a year coming to a close as a hopeful, reflective musical summary. You'll like One so much, you'll Want Two. Fantastic Mr. Fox (Original Soundtrack) — This is the king of autumnal music releases. Wes Anderson's endearing stop-motion movie (starring the always-charming George Clooney and the ever-graceful Meryl Streep) has a soundtrack that was crafted for such a time of the year. "Mr. Fox in the Fields" will cheer you into bright orange fields with its tickling banjo and its breathtaking strings melody, and "Jimmy Squirrel and Co." will coax you into an October romance that you simply can't resist. The film is a must own as well, exactly like its soundtrack. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals: Jacksonville City Nights — The alternative/country superstar and his faithful Cardinals know how to die a soundscape rouge. More natural, earth-tinted acoustic guitar tones here (especially in tragic tale "Dear John" and locomotive confessional "The Hardest Part"), and lots and lots of sorrowful strings ("The End," "Peaceful Valley," and "September"). An underrated album to be sure, but one that should hold its place in your fall music collection for many years to come.

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Monday, October 15th, 2012

The Falcon

The Best Worst Idea in History Photo:Mandy Steadman

by Mandy Steadman Staff Writer On Friday evening, Oct. 12, I spent a night of cinema with my dad. We talked for a bit and decided to see the new movie, Argo, because it took place during a time of history that Dad remembered very well. We sat in the back of the theater at the Rave Motion Pictures in Patton Creek and awaited the opening credits. From the beginning

scene to the end of the credits I sat in astoundment and pure awe. What is so amazing about this film is the historically accuracy in telling the story of a classified CIA mission that became declassified 17 years after the events unfolded. On Nov. 4, 1979 in Tehran, Iran a huge number of Iranian Muslim student followers of Imam’s Line protested


and stormed the U.S. Embassy. They were outraged because the U.S. government protected the Shah, an Iranian prime minister who brought poverty and sadness to Iran. These Iranian student radicals supported the new revolutionary leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. The students demanded that the U.S. send the Shah back to Iran to be tried and executed for his cruelty. The U.S. became hated among the Iranian community. During the seizure of the embassy, Iranian students took 66 U.S. citizens hostage. What they did not know is that six of the American diplomats snuck out during the seizure and escaped to the Canadian Ambassador's house undetected. The CIA was contacted and started to try to come up with ideas on how to rescue these six “houseguests.” Antonio Mendez, the chief of technical services and a professional at forging IDs and disguises, set to work on creating the best, worst rescue mission in American history. They were going to create a

fake film and have it filmed in Iran. The six “houseguests” were to be part of the crew of the setup of this film. At first this idea was questioned and the members of the CIA were astounded by how outrageous the idea was. They soon realized, though, that the idea was so outrageous it just might work. Mendez met with his friend John Chambers, a famous Hollywood make-up designer whose credits include the creation of Spock’s ears in Star Trek and the gorilla prosthetics in the Planet of the Apes movies. Chambers helped Mendez create cover stories, job statuses, and resumes for the “houseguests.” With the help of producer Lester Siegel, they created storyboards and found a script. They named the production company Studio Six and the movie was set to be a sci-fi space opera about colonizing planets. In the book that Mendez later writes with Matt Baglio, Argo: How the CIA and Hollywood Pulled Off the Most Audacious Rescue in History, Mendez said

that they chose the title Argo after Jason and the Argonauts sailed to liberate the Golden Fleece, who also fought against impossible odds. Everything was set up and the six were soon briefed by Mendez, himself, and his partner, Julio. They were given their bios and fake Canadian passports. Mendez instructed them to memorize them backwards and forwards and they would be quizzed later that night. On January 28, 1980, the six plus Mendez and Julio departed Iran without suspicion of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. This rescue mission was credited to the Canadian government and Ambassador, Ken Taylor. The world did not know the CIA was involved for 17 years. The remaining hostages in the U.S. Embassy were detained for 444 days. They were released in January 1981. The movie that Affleck directed is so empowering and so moving. I was so nervous and anxious I was literally shredding napkins in my lap because I felt like I had to do something. Watching the terrifying story

of these brave souls really affected me deeply. The movie is so real; the acting is extremely intense and it reached to every person in the audience. My heart broke for these hostages, both the six and the 66 in the Embassy. When the movie concluded the most magical thing happened. As the credits rolled and showed the true pictures of what happened next to the events of the movie, everyone in the theater stood up in respect. As the pictures of the six “houseguests” came into view, the whole room seemed to bow their heads in respect and let their energy flow towards them. My father said because America gave the Canadians all of the credit, he barely remembers the newscast that announced the release of the six “houseguests.” This movie is one of the most beautiful and moving pieces of art I have ever witnessed in my entire life. I am honored to have been witness to this art and to learn the truth of the six “houseguests” and the CIA agent that rescued them. Photo:Mandy Steadman

by Reed Strength Staff Writer

Godspeed You! Black Emperor, the seminal 90’s post rock band, has announced a new album via their label Constellation slated for release on October 16 in the US. Titled “‘ALLELUJAH! DON’T BEND! ASCEND!” the album is the first from the band since the release of “Yanqui UXO” a decade ago. At an appearance in Boston on October 1, the album was put up for sale during the show. The new album had no pre-press release, and according to the release page via Constellation’s website, the group wanted “people to care about this new album, without telling people they should or talking about themselves. They want to hold on to some part of that energy that comes with the thrill of anonymous discovery and unmediated transmission”. The description of the album via Constellation’s site reads: “We are proud to announce the first new recordings by Godspeed

You! Black Emperor in a decade. Featuring two twenty-minute slabs of epic instrumental rock music and two six-anda-half minute drones, 'ALLELUJAH! DON'T BEND! ASCEND! provides soaring, shining proof of the band's powerful return to form.” The LP version of the album has the twenty minute tracks on a 12’ and the six and a half minute pieces on a separate 7’. Those attending any of the band’s shows before October 15 (which included the sold out performance at the Bottle Tree in Birmingham) have the opportunity to buy an early copy of “ALLELUJAH…” at the concert. The band’s current tour ends with their performance at Australia’s ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror Festival. Stream the new album here. musicblog/2012/ oct/08/godspeedyou-black-emperorstream?CMP=twt_gu

Main Quad 2pm-5pm Nov. 1st

Monday, October 15th, 2012

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Is It Basketball Season Yet?

by Joey Antonio Sports Editor To even utter the word “basketball” in the midst of college football season in the state of Alabama is nothing short of blasphemy. This holds true as everyone closely follows either Alabama and their undefeated, number one ranking or by shaking their heads dismally in wake of Auburn’s 1-5 start. The last thing on everyone’s mind would certainly seem to be basketball season. Maybe this is the reason the sport seems to creep up on so many of us, because we give it no mind till it is here in full throttle force, de-

manding our attention. But this year, there should be a bit more of an early season spirit than usual, because the Montevallo men’s basketball team is a preseason top 20. That’s right, you read that correctly, top 20 favorite. The men received their first preseason honor of the 2012-13 season by being selected as the number 16 team in the NCAA Division II preseason poll. This ranking seems to be a well deserved one as the Falcons finished last season with a disappointing loss in the NCAA Division II national championship game. Their opponent in the championship game, Western Washington University, is ranked eighth in the same poll. You also

have to consider that after coming so far last season and so close to a championship, that there would be some itch left to be scratched. The Falcons are also the only Peach Belt Conference team to be ranked in the top 25. As an added bonus, Montevallo returns three of its five starters from that championship game last season. These starters helped Montevallo to a Peach Belt Conference West Division title, the Peach Belt Conference Tournament Championship and Southeast Region Championship. All of this was done while finishing with an impressive and record tying 29-8 record. The only other team in Falcon’s Men’s Basketball history to duplicate such a feat was the 2005-06 squad. Kind of makes

it easier to see why the bar is set so high this season, doesn’t it? So don’t postpone day- dreaming of a championship season this year if your heart desires, because it is certainly not an unattainable feat. Plenty of last season’s magic has been retained for the coming year and there should be some pleasant

surprises along the way. However, this will not make the task any less daunting, as there is a full season and a long road ahead to get back to the Promised Land. The first official practice for the Falcons will begin Oct. 15 in preparation for their season opener on Oct. 30, which is an exhibition

match against Division I and Big Ten Conference opponent Purdue University in Indiana. The match should prove to be an early and tough test for the Falcons, before they begin conference play against Stillman at home on Nov. 13th.

Intramurals: Flag Football Men’s Standings Team Name W-L-T F/D Blackout 2-0-0 0/0 0 Highland 1-0-0 0/0 0 LCA 2-0-0 0/0 0 Flint Tropics 1-0-0 0/0 AKL 1-1-0 0/0 0 ATO 1-1-0 0/0 0 Bad Company 0-1-0 0/0 SWAGG 0-1-0 0/0 0 M 0-2-0 1/0 0 Swag 0-2-0 0/0 0

SR 1 1 1 0 0.5 0.5 0 0 0 0

Women’s Standings


1 0

Team Name W-L-T F/D TieDye 2-0-0 0/0 TNN 1-0-0 0/0 0 Delta Gamma 3-0-0 0/0 TBA 2-0-0 0/0 0 Femme Fatale 0-1-1 0/0 Chi Omega 1-3-0 0/0 0 Phi Mu 0-1-0 0/0 Alpha Delta Pi 0-1-0 0/0 AGD 0-2-0 0/0 0

SR 0 1 0 1 0 0.25 0 0 0

PTS-AVG 1 1 0.3 0 0

Upcoming Games Men’s Schedule

Women’s Schedule

Tue. 10/16/2012 Lambda Chi ..(4) Flint Tropics(1) Blackout(2) Wed. 10/17/2012 Bad Company(10) Lambda Chi ..(4) Flint Tropics(1) Thu. 10/18/2012 M(7) Lambda Chi ..(4) Flint Tropics(1) Mon. 10/22/2012 Alpha Tau O..(5) Blackout(2) Lambda Chi ..(4) Swag(8) Tue. 10/23/2012 M(7) Swag(8) Blackout(2) Highland Ho..(3) Wed. 10/24/2012 Lambda Chi ..(4) Alpha Tau O..(5) Swag(8) Thu. 10/25/2012 M(7) Alpha Kappa..(6) Highland Ho..(3)

Tue. 10/16/2012 TBA(3) Phi Mu(8) Wed. 10/17/2012 Phi Mu(8) TNN(1) Femme Fatale(7) Alpha Gamma..(11) Thu. 10/18/2012 Femme Fatale(7) Phi Mu(8) Delta Gamma(2) TBA(3) Mon. 10/22/2012 Phi Mu(8) Delta Gamma(2) TieDye(4) Alpha Gamma..(11) Tue. 10/23/2012 Phi Mu(8) Chi Omega(5) TBA(3) TNN(1) Wed. 10/24/2012 TieDye(4) TNN(1) Alpha Delta..(9) Thu. 10/25/2012 Phi Mu(8) TBA(3)


SWAGG(9) M(7) Highland Ho..(3)


Alpha Kappa..(6) Alpha Tau O..(5) Highland Ho..(3)


Swag(8) Bad Company(10) SWAGG(9)


Bad Company(10) SWAGG(9) Flint Tropics(1) Highland Ho..(3)


Alpha Kappa..(6) SWAGG(9) Flint Tropics(1) Alpha Tau O..(5)


Blackout(2) Alpha Kappa..(6) Flint Tropics(1)


Alpha Tau O..(5) SWAGG(9) Bad Company(10)


Delta Gamma(2) Chi Omega(5)


TieDye(4) Chi Omega(5) Alpha Delta..(9) Delta Gamma(2)


Alpha Gamma..(11) TNN(1) Chi Omega(5) Alpha Delta..(9)


Femme Fatale(7) TNN(1) TBA(3) Alpha Delta..(9)


Delta Gamma(2) Alpha Delta..(9) Alpha Gamma..(11) Femme Fatale(7)


Chi Omega(5) Alpha Gamma..(11) Delta Gamma(2)


Delta Gamma(2) Femme Fatale(7)

The Falcon DEBATE

continued spending increases.” Ryan’s three “bottom lines” were “don’t raise the deficit, don’t raise taxes on the middle class, and don’t lower the share of income that is born by the high income earners”. Raddatz asked Ryan if he had the specifics or if they were still working on how the administration would pay on their proposed “20% across the board tax cut”. According to Ryan, the administration would lower tax rates by 20%, raise around 1.2 trillion dollars through income taxes, forgo 1.1 trillion in loopholes and deductions; this would allow for more taxation from higher tax payers, and lower tax rates across the board. Ryan contested that six studies have confirmed the math for the proposed plan. Biden said the loophole closings that Ryan proposed were not enough, and they’d resort to cutting deductions for the middle class. Ryan said that this was wrong, and that the plan was indeed mathematically possible. “Let taxes expire like they’re supposed to!” retorted Biden. Raddatz asked how cutting the defense could help, automatic defense cuts aside. Ryan warned that if the defense cuts the Obama administration proposed were passed, that the American Navy would be the smallest it’s been since before World War I,


Jay Johnson reports that these migrant workers work in harsh, violent and unsafe working conditions and has started a campaign to fight against this. What we’ve seen was obvious to us before, some places in the world are better off than others, and this draws people trying to survive or take care of their own to them and will no doubt continue for a very long time. If continued in a negative way like in this example what we face is the disappearance of unique culture and the exploitation of people and or racism and xenophobic. The positive side of immigration is the cultivation of new ideas and perspectives. Where do you stand on immigration in our country and elsewhere? Let us know at

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Monday, October 15th, 2012 which invites weakness. Biden said the solution was to not cut the defense budget, and that the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the military asked for a smaller army with more special forces. Raddatz asked about Afghanistan next, calling it “One of the biggest expenditures this country has made,” in money and soldiers’ lives. Since the recruitment limit for Afghan forces had been reached and Al Qaeda was crippled, Raddatz asked the candidates if it was worth more American lives to stay. Ryan explained that while they agree with the Obama Administration’s 2014 pullout date, the Romney/Ryan administration was worried about losing the gains they’d achieved by allowing the Taliban to know there was a set date of departure. Biden replied that the administration had accomplished its goals, and that the Afghan military needed to protect its own security. Biden made it clear that the US was leaving by 2014 with their administration. Raddatz turned to Ryan, and asked what conditions could justify staying. Ryan explained that he did not want the country’s enemies to have a date on their calendar. Raddatz asked Vice President Biden if the timeline was hurting the country, as soldiers were being “murdered” by Afghan forces. According to Biden, the timeline was essential for Kabul to step

up, paralleling Baghdad’s lack of a timeline as part of the extension of the Iraq war. Raddatz’s next question to Biden was if the removal of surge troops was a military move, and not a political one. The Vice President pointed out that the decision to move the surge out by the end of the summer had been announced beforehand, and that it was a Joint Chiefs’ decision. Raddatz moved to the civil war in Syria, asking the candidates why the military intervention that occurred in Libya did not happen in Syria. Biden listed Syria’s larger size, smaller population, and geographic location as prime components of a regional war. Biden explained that once the government can identify which group in the country needs help, it can establish a legitimate government once Al-Assad falls. Ryan took the opposite side, criticizing the Obama administration for not recognizing the conflict until the pressure was high. According to the congressman, the Free Syrian Army could’ve been identified sooner by the country’s allies had quicker action taken place. Raddatz asked Ryan about the consequences if Al-Assad does not fall. Ryan admitted that Al-Assad would “Continue to slaughter his own people.” She then asked what he and Romney planned to do about it. Ryan accused Obama of calling Al-

Assad “a reformer”, and waiting to give Russia “the green light” to supply weapons to him. Raddatz further pressed Ryan about his “criteria for intervention” in both Syria and worldwide. Ryan stated that it was the national security interests of the American people. When Raddatz asked if these interests were humanitarian, Ryan said that each situation will require unique circumstances, but bottom lined that putting soldiers on the ground was a national security interest. Raddatz moved on, pointing out that the debate was historic in that it was the first to feature two Catholic candidates. She asked what role the candidates’ religion played in their own personal views on abortion, citing “personal experiences” as important. Ryan admitted that his views inform him on “How to take care of the vulnerable.” After telling a story about how his first daughter’s nickname was Bean, based on her appearance in her mother’s womb, Ryan stated that he believed life begins at conception, and that he is “pro-life”. Biden stated that his Catholic faith informs his social doctrine. Despite accepting the Church’s view that life begins at conception in his personal life, Biden refused to impose it on others of different religions. Raddatz asked Ryan if they were voted in, should those that wish for abortion to be legal be worried. Ryan

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said that a democratic process would make that determination, repeating that abortions used in instances of rape, incest and insuring the wellbeing of the mother would not be hindered. The closing question was a comment on the campaign. Raddatz explained that a decorated soldier told her that the negative, attacking ads of the campaign left him dismayed. The candidates were asked what they would tell the soldier about the campaign, and if they were ever embarrassed by the tone of the election. Biden commented that he would tell the soldier that the government’s true obligation was to properly equip and take care of US soldiers. He also explained that the soldier’s time served was an honor, and that there are times when both candidates probably regret things said. His final comment to the soldier would be to determine whether Obama or Romney was better for the job. Ryan said he would thank the soldier, and would tell him that the defense cuts would not happen. He would then point out Obama’s shift from a campaign of change to a campaign of attack. The congressman then listed several of Obama’s “broken promises”, and would tell the soldier that “he deserves better”. Before the closing statements, Raddatz asked the candidates if elected, what they could uniquely give to the country as

men and human beings. Ryan said honesty, that several “fine people” could lead the country. When it was Biden’s turn, he stated that his record stood for itself, and that his life was devoted to “leveling the playing field for the middle class”. Biden was the first with a closing statement. Biden thanked Martha Raddatz and Center College, and began by reminding the audience that the administration inherited a “god-awful” circumstance. Biden says he was most frustrated with his opponent’s view on the American people, saying Romney called them “takers”. He reiterated that he was devoted to leveling the playing field for the middle class. Ryan thanked Raddatz, Center College, and the Vice President for debating with him. Ryan turned to the camera, and stated that the American people face “a big choice”. Ryan stated that Obama had his chance, and that his choices weren’t working. The congressman promised that he and Mitt Romney wanted to earn voter support, and would offer “real reforms for a real recovery for every American”. He reiterated that the choice rests with the American people. The next presidential debate airs on Tuesday October 16 at 8pm local time. Stay with The Falcon for a full analysis of the coming debates as we get closer to November and America’s big choice.

RIOT continued in Mordovia instead. Pussy Riot supporters also fear the reactions of the other inmates at such facilities who may have been exposed to negative portrayals of Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova in Russian media or may be encouraged or even bribed by prison administration to act out against the women. Throughout the trial and now in the face of sentencing, the two women promise not to allow the government to silence them, and supporters across the world have echoed this resolve. Fundraisers, petitions, and websites dedicated to translating articles about the band into some twenty different languages have emerged in every corner of the Internet. In an official press release, Amnesty International described the women as “prisoners of conscience

wrongfully persecuted and convicted solely for the peaceful expression of their beliefs.” The Russian Courts are expected to decide today whether the women will remain in Moscow or be transferred to a penal colony in another province.

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