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The 1 Dollar Record Review: Showdown Night Ranger vs. Eli

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Monday, September 24th, 2012

by Kyle Jones Editor-in-Chief The film Innocence of Muslims has electrified the Muslim world the past two weeks with its anti-Islam message. This has sparked protest in over 20 countries last Friday, which is the Muslim holy day. The film directed by Alan Roberts, who is known for softcore pornography and other low-budget films, depicts the Prophet Muhammad in lewd and violent situations; any depiction in any shape or form of the Prophet is strictly forbidden by the Islamic law.

protesters clashed with riot police in Greece, and numerous cities and countries have held demonstrations and protest denouncing the filmmakers and calling for the U.S. to hang the people involved with the film. In the Lebanese city of Tyre, thousands of people marched in the streets chanting “Oh, America, you are God’s enemy!” To make matters worse the provocative French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo ran in their Wednesday issue multiple cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. The cover features the prophet being pushed in a wheelchair by an Orthodox Jew under the title Untouchables 2, in reference to a popular French movie featuring a friendship in France between a disabled white man and his black helper. Also, inside the newspaper a page was run depicting a naked Muhammad naked in

Violent and nonviolent protests have erupted from Asia to Africa. Since the protest 17 people were killed and dozens were injured in Pakistan, continued on page 3

A censored example of the cartoon that poured fuel on the fire

The Giants Finally Get Bigger Toys by Reed Strength Staff Writer Searching “Giants and Toys” on music streaming site Spotify won’t get you much. The Montevallo based band can’t be found under Artists or Albums. However, under the label for songs, they’re mysteriously featured in Auburn rapper Larry Lank Lank’s victory tune, “Must Be (Champions)”.

ants and Toys’ lead singer Michael Messina told me. Two and a half years ago, Messina got a call from the rapper, telling him that he really liked his vocals. Messina traveled to the rapper’s studioapartment, and was told to sing lines that they would incorporate into the track. “I didn’t hear any of the lyrics, I had no clue what it was about”, says Messina.

Long story short, the song was eventually put on YouTube, and that’s when Messina finally heard the full track. “I had no clue it was gonna be this thing for Cam New “There is a long ton”, Messina admits. and funny story”, Gi- The singer thought his

contribution would be an un-credited “ghost vocal”, but instead, his band’s name was placed within the song’s title. Giants and Toys have been around four years now; however, there current lineup has only existed as is for a year. John Nicholson was the newest addition after multi-instrumentalist Jake Finn left Montevallo to pursue a Graduate Degree in Auburn University’s engineering program. The band released a self-recorded, self-titled album before Finn’s departure. The collection is 20 tracks long, and marks the difference in G&T’s sound from the other Montevallo continued on page 3

Photo:Mike Messina

The Falcon

news DC Shakes the Comic World and Ours

by Matthew Lord Contributing Writer In issue zero of the new 52, a recent revamp of DC Comics major heroes, Green Lantern sent shock waves through the new world. What makes this issue so important is the new character introduced as a Green Lantern is Simon Baz, an Arab American. With this move DC Comics has made history, Simon is the first Arab American superhero. Arabs have been in comics for a long time, but have usually been portrayed as villains and often stereotyped as terrorist. Writer Geoff Johns drew inspiration for the character through his own Arab American ancestry which makes this characters struggles very personal. Simon is a fresh face in a title that has not seen a new character in years. Most of the characters that have been Green Lanterns share a military background, like Hal Jordan the classic Green Lantern. Simon has a more modern feel to him then the statuesque of the Green Lantern title, which makes the character standout from those who have come before.

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Monday, September 24th, 2012

In the course of Simon’s introduction issue he is accused of being a terrorist during a car theft gone wrong. In fact, Simon is a car thief that stole the wrong car. The car he stole happens to have a bomb in it, acting quickly Simon decides to crash it into an empty factory to save lives. This heroic act leads to him being accused of terrorism. Geoff Johns bravely shows him going through F.B.I interrogations as Simon is insulted and water boarded. As Simon is about to be water boarded his interrogator says “relax Muhammad this is just routine” this single panel speaks so profoundly against intolerance.

“Maybe some of today’s papers have too many ‘feel-good’ features, but there is a lot of good news out there. “ -Ben Bradlee

A Study in Sherlock by Reed Strength Staff Writer

There’s been a recent Sherlock Holmes revival within our culture. A hit BBC television series about the obtuse sleuth has gained a cult following, he is the direct inspiration for the difficult doctor that starred in the recently finished television series “House”, and Robert Downey Jr. has starred in two movies portraying the detective as a lustful, ass-kicking genius who can see visions of a slowed future. The Sherlock Holmes Literary Society, the working title for a group of Montevallo students and professors interested in the literary figure, focus on where he originated: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary books. Started by Professor Kenneth Laeger of the Theatre Department and new English Department faculty

Simon then finds himself with a gun pointed at his head, that is when the green power ring chooses him as its host. As it goes on to his ring finger the phrase every Green Lantern fan knows appears, the acceptance words for every new lantern Most of the “Simon Baz of Earth you have the ability to comic focused on showovercome great fear”. ing the persecution he has to live with. It is The differences likely that this theme between Simon and pre- will follow the characvious lanterns do not ter. Though is the charend with his heritage. acter just a ploy to get Simon with his fore- people talking or will he arm tattoo “courage” in be a permanent addition Arabic adds even more to DCs line up? Geoff to the character. Tat- Johns doesn’t think so; toos being forbidden in Simon will not only be Islam and superheroes a major character in the generally do not sport Green Lantern comic, tattoos. This small de- but also a member of the tail further sets him Justice League of Amerapart from the other ica. It is hard to say DC characters. Which how long he will last, are traditionally rather but this major change clean cut characters but reflects both how we this may be something as readers and AmeriDC is trying to change. cans have changed.

Five Day Weather Forecast

Photo:Reed Strength thoughts on just what Dr. Watson, the narrator of the story, as well as Holmes’ valuable right hand man, saw and described. Some points of interest included a passage where Holmes, unsatisfied with his failed attempt to poison a small terrier, mixed up a stronger concoction that left the animal dead within the first sip.

mons, despite garnering false information, and later apologizing to Mormon leaders about the passage in 1923.

of being firebombed by a camera. protestors last November for running a simiFrance is home lar editorial cartoon to Western Europe’s and pleas from French largest Muslim popu- government officials lation, and due to the the editors decided to film and cartoon, France go forward and run the ordered that all embas- cartoon. Foreign Minissies, cultural centers, ter Laurent Fabius said schools and other of- in regards to freedom ficial sites to be closed of expression that it last Friday as well as “must not be infringed,” the French school in Tu- but also had this to say, nisia, where US ambas- “Is it pertinent, intelsador Chris Stevens was ligent, in this context killed during protest on to pour oil on the fire? September 11th. The answer is no.”

their decision, “We’re a newspaper that respects French law,” said Gérard Biard, the editor in chief. “Now, if there’s a law that is different in Kabul or Riyadh, we’re not going to bother ourselves with respecting it.”

member Alex Beringer, what was a small meeting to discuss the figure, has blossomed into a full blown club. I sat in at their recent meeting in Hill House. The group had read the first novel in the series, “A Study in Scarlet”, and discussed the portrayal of Sherlock within the story, versus his “Rambo meets Sherlock” persona via Downey Jr. Everyone chipped in observations and ideas, with nary a disagreement or argument. Beringer lead the discussions with a PowerPoint presentation to share background info and help bring up topics. Important passages within the story were brought up and read out loud, and Beringer asked the members for their

The next meeting for the organization is scheduled to be on October 27, at 7 pm in Hill House. Membership is totally free and voluntary, with the only true requirement being to finish the next story After an hour in the series, “The Sign of discussion, a break of Four”, for discussion. was called, and ProfesIn addition, the sor Lager pointed us group plans to watch the to the kitchen, where “Mormon Trail Bis- American adaptation of cuits” (he later admit- the BBC series, “Eleted them to be as “dry mentary” on September as the Nevada desert”) 27 when it premieres, were available along with further details with Utah brand honey. to appear on a future Facebook page. If anyThe combina- one wishes to know the tion was used to coincide real Sherlock Holmes, with a lengthy disserta- and has a knack for discussion, tion Doyle writes during literary “A Study in Scarlett” this group of “Sherwelcomes about the threat of Mor- lockians” you with open arms.

UNREST continued

front video

Despite the ofThe editors of fices of Charlie Hebdo Charlie Hebdo stood by

The unrest does not seem to be getting any better as the Muslim world continues to rage on. As the turmoil begins to rise or fizzle out we will keep you updated.

The Falcon


continued music acts: Messina’s voice and lyrics are up front and the instrumentation, from Chris Estes’ busy drumming to the bit of trombone that Finn added, showcases each musician’s personality and talent.

The mix on the EP is stellar: every instrument sounds warm and crisp. Messina’s voice goes from clear and bright in “Blue Cars”, to a Paul McCartney-like screech in “Eileen”. Estes and bassist James Vance keep a locked, head bobbing groove throughout “Disco (Only Love). The band sounds professional. So professional, that a copy of the EP was sent to Birmingham’s Southbound Radio. The station liked the EP, and invited G&T to chat and play on the air.

While the songs on the self-recorded collection are still a part of the band’s repertoire, according to Messina: “We weren’t happy with what we got, it just wasn’t a good representation of what we sound like live”. G&T looked to seriously record, and sought the The space that advice of some of their favorite bands the band played in was for guidance in just tiny, “about the size of where and how to start. [a] dorm room”, according to Messina. “It was Messina sent an kind of strange. What e-mail to one of his “Top it felt like was that we Ten Favorite” bands: weren’t playing to hunAthens, Georgia’s the dreds of people. [It felt Whigs. Drummer Julian like] we were playing Dorio sent Messina “a 2 to, y’know, two or three page spiel on how they people.” Messina comrecorded their first re- pared it to “sitting on a cord”. The band initial- porch and playing muly tried to gather studio sic”, calling the atmomaterials themselves, sphere “pretty natural”. but scrapped the idea And what betafter adding up the cost. ter to go with a profesInstead, the sional sounding EP and band opted to look for a professional radio a professional studio. session, then a profesAnother e-mail was sent sional show? A curious to Dorio, who pointed Messina noticed that the them to Chase Park Whigs upcoming show Transduction in Athens. in Birmingham needed After contacting the stu- a supporting act. An dio owner David Barbie email was sent, and afand engineer Alex Crow, ter a solo Zydeco show the band spent 3 days was put on to showcase in the studio recording the amount of crowd the an EP. The band was band could bring in (“We able to stay in the top texted all of our friends floor of the studio, and ‘Get Over Here!!’”), would record from 10 Giants and Toys were am to 10 pm every day. added to the bill, along The group’s with Gringo Starr. three day effort, “The Strand EP”, was available for streaming on Grooveshark and Bandcamp June 10. The EP features two rerecorded songs from the original self-recorded collection, “Disco (For Love)” and “Eileen”, and three newer tunes. The master was done by Brian Lucey who mixed The Black Key’s Grammy winning album Brothers

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Monday, September 24th, 2012

Giants and Toys are holding an EP release party at Eclipse on Thursday, the night before the big show with the Whigs. The group Facebook page stated that “neat stuff” would happen during the show; while Messina kept some details under wraps, he did discuss rhythm guitarist Jack Kish break-

ing out his homemade silver confetti cannon, for some “Flaming Lips inspired antics”. “It’s important for us, not just the music, but like, the experience of a live show and the style, and everything [that] kinda goes into account. Some people think that’s really corny…but when you go to see a band, and they’re just sitting there in shorts and a t-shirt, and their just like, ‘Here’s my music’, there’s no expressiveness…the music can be great, but you’re like ‘Well I can just listen to this’”, explains Messina. The EP Release Party at Eclipse starts at 9 PM, with Younger Siblings opening up for Giants & Toys. While the show itself is free, the band encourages you to buy their EP, and take cash, checks, and cards. The EP is in CD format, and features a screen printed design, and tshirts will also be available to purchase. The link can be found here. We here at the Falcon encourage the student body within The University of Montevallo to listen to the local artists around. With the Falcon Playlist via Spotify, we hope to introduce you to the artists we write about, so that you can form your own opinions about them. To take a small town band’s music, and spread it to your friends in other cities or countries, literally places you at the heart of the band’s promotion and success. “If you’re a fan of music, and local music, it’s an effort. Y’know, it’s not something that’s effortless”, Messina states. “Just listen to and support local music; not even us, if you don’t like us. Just go to other shows…I’m trying to keep [Montevallo’s music scene] alive”.

Editorial: You Must Be Born Before Today’s Date

byAndrew Meechum Associate Editor

we have to do the very same thing to cast a vote everyone is up in arms and taking sides. I for one applaud the laws. I have to show my ID to walk into establishments like bars or to prove I am who I say I am when writing checks.

Anyone can argue the laws make it difficult for people to cast their vote, and I don’t intend to argue against that. But there has to be a better way to make sure everyone has the chance to vote. And it starts with Most recently your state issued I.D. however a big stink is Whether you being made about national voting laws and have a driver’s license how new laws may hin- or a non-driver ID, der the voting process. reach into your pockWe have the Republi- et or purse and pull it cans on the right say- out. On the back are ing these laws are good two barcodes and a and wholesome and will magnetic strip similar insure an accurate vote to what’s on your debit and deter voter fraud. card. While the state Valid points to be sure. certainly uses these strips to store informaOn the left we tion about you, are they have the Democrats cry- using them effectively? ing foul because they Here’s how say the laws will make it you solve the whole harder for certain people law mess: (read minorities, elderly voting and the disabled) to vote; also valid points. 1. All citizens have to show a variety of So what is all the combinations of docufuss about anyway? At ments including sothe heart of the debate cial security cards and are the voter identifica- birth certificates to retion and proof of citizen- ceive a state ID. This ship laws many states serves the purpose of have adopted, Alabama determining your resibeing one of them. dency and citizenship. Here in Alabama these Once you’ve laws passed, but won’t proven or disproven take effect until after they receive preclear- your citizenship it ance approval from the should be reflected Department of Justice. on your ID. We don’t have to put a big letter The real ques- or symbol on the ID to tion should be, why single out non-citizens, weren’t these laws in but for voting purposes place a hundred years a simple encoded yes ago? When you buy or no on one of baralcohol you have to codes would suffice. show your ID, and no Certain felonies one complains. Cor- 2. void your right to vote. rection, no one of legal age complains. When That too should be notyou go for your driv- ed with a simple yes er’s license you have or no on the barcodes. to prove citizenship 3. Have you regisand residency, and be- tered to vote? Again, sides the absurdly long annotating this on lines, no one complains. your state ID would Plenty of fuss is being made about the upcoming election. Some say it’s the most important election in decades, others say it’s a clear choice who you should vote for; insert party affiliation here.

Yet, now that save some headaches

your ad here. It’s free too, contact us at


Follow me at @amechum Election


Now that we have all your information on your ID card we can simplify the voting process at ballot locations. When you arrive, you show election officials your ID, they swipe it in a card reader and all your pertinent information is displayed. This allows the officials a quick, easy way to process potential voters. With each voter swiping their cards before they cast their ballot, the chances of someone going to another polling site and doubling down on their vote are diminished. Having election officials also keep a written tally of who has voted would serve as a redundancy to the computer verification system. More to the point, elections are a state and federal affair. While I don’t believe the federal government should meddle in state affairs, and the constitution does a bang up job of insuring that, this is an area where the feds need to take charge. With 50 different states, and even more variations on voting laws, it would behoove both the states and the federal government to come up with one unifying set of voting laws. But, before they do that they need to eschew all the red tape and adhere to the acronym KISS (keep it simple stupid). A new set of clear, easily defined and nationally universal laws that prevent rampant voter fraud and decrease voting errors would ultimately help the democratic process. To paraphrase Ben Stein’s comment on the health care debate, fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are of age to buy alcohol…but not everyone must prove they are a citizen to vote.

The Falcon



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Monday, September 24th, 2012

Dharma House Records Presents:The $1 Record Review Showdown

by Matt Sanderlin Arts & Culture Editor

Kyle and I went to Montevallo’s own Dharma House Records and picked out two of the most random $1 records we could find. Both albums will get a review, and then we’ll see who would win in a fight to the finish. NIGHT RANGER: MIDNIGHT MADNESS (1983)

Night Ranger, gifted to the world in 1982 A.D., is our first, five-member band. Originally active for only 7 years, Night Ranger is wellknown for precisely one song - “Sister Christian,” a pianoled power-ballad used in 1997’s “Boogie Nights.” While the band’s signature 80’s style undeniably dates their music, the band’s work on Midnight Madness proves that corniness is not always in complete contrast with musical competency. Lead guitarist Brad Gillis is really the key player in Night Ranger’s legitimacy - His tasty electric guitar licks are actually remarkably welltracked and notably polished. When the cheesy factor begins to arise in any given situation (namely, keyboard and synth sounds borrowed straight from the MS-DOS MIDI collection

THE VERDICT bank), Gillis’s hairy, glam-based electric guitar shredding and shrieking just dares you to diss the music. And honestly, even with the handful of unbearably corny lyrics (ex: “Take off your rocket shoes” in “Let Him Run,” “Chipping away at my heart every day! / You got me hanging by my window!” in “Chippin’ Away,” and my personal favorite - “We learned about love in the back of a Chevrolet...” in “When You Close Your Eyes”), the songs themselves are actually respectable (at a distance), overall. Their composition formulas are logical and fitting, and the band plays cohesively and energetically. And while they may take themselves pretty seriously at times, that doesn’t mean they can’t still have fun playing these ridiculous songs.

While the members of Night Ranger are clearly better musicians than that of “Cookie’s” gang, I would have to say that the ELI crew would likely win in a fight between the two. The Night Ranger dudes definitely know how to strut the 80’s garb, but ELI’s “Cookie” really believes himself to be a legitimate “rock” star, and so he could probably take the whole Night Ranger gang himself. From ELI’s official website - “[Cookie’s] MARITAL STATUS: Divorced with no children, but I’m optimistic. I’ve always got a look-out for my future X-wife!!!” I mean, the guy is clearly overcome with reckless abandon - He’s got nothing to lose and everything to prove. “Cookie” is the kind of guy you’d want on your team during a 5-v-5 fight, and so I name him victor in this imaginary battle!

ELI: ELI (no year given, though I’m guessing mid/late 80’s)

Photos:Matt Sanderlin

While finding background information on Night Ranger was a breeze, all I could find on our second band was an outdated website. ELI’s discography page was completely blank, giving absolutely no information on the band’s releases or upcoming studio plans. All that the LP jacket revealed was that the main songwriter on this selftitled album goes solely by the name “Cookie” - which is terrible, strange, and intriguing, all at once.

being the only decent song on the album. The rest are either terrible by nature, or plagiaristic by design. Hoards of classic rock hits are musically stolen from throughout the record - “Kathleen” borrows unabashedly from every major power-ballad written by bands from Kansas to the Zombies, “I’m So Sorry” is a blatant Boston rip-off (not to mention a complete disaster in the lyric department), and the inadvertently creepy “I’ll Never Let You Out of My Sight” owes every melody line to one Journey song or another.

Immediately, I could tell that this album was going to be a perfect competitor for Night Ranger’s Midnight Madness. Chugging, arena-rock powerchords rapidly build the sonic foundation in opener “Crazy Over You.” Spacey synths accent the arrangement in a fitting fashion, and their funky bass player methodically adds his parts in a competent and lively fashion. The melody and song progression were respectable as well, but the creepy whispering throughout the song and Pink Floyd-atthe-end-of-”Speak to Me”-esque laughing at the end was slightly frightening. Disappointingly, “Crazy Over You” ends up

The band even has a song called “Hello, Goodbye” (yes.. exactly like the Beatles track), which sounds nothing like the song whose title this was ripped from, but instead like the most generic piece of “rock ‘n’ roll” music possibly ever written. (Yes, “Cookie” wrote this one.) These guys probably really tried, but it’s clear why ELI’s music isn’t available on iTunes or even YouTube. “Cookie” and his crew just didn’t have the right ingredients to become rock stars, or even to put together a decent album - This self-titled release is barely worth listening to once.

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Monday, September 24th, 2012

The Falcon

The Master at Work

by Mandy Steadman Staff Writer On September 22, there were many high hopes and intrigue when the movie, The Master, premiered in select theaters. Many were excited about seeing a story on the beginning of Scientology, a very unique form of belief system. Others were excited about learning about the man who created Scientology. This movie did none of these things. The Master was not what anyone would expect after watching the previews. It is a complete disappointment. It had so much potential to be a great movie, but that potential was destroyed in the script, the

staging, and the music. came her character and showcased her ability The movie is of personifying many about a Navy veter- different types of charan, Eddie Quell, who acters throughout her comes home feeling work. It was impressive uncertain about his life. how she moved and He is drowned in his reacted to the events alcohol addiction and around her in the film. his sexual desires to the The true master point of unemployment. Then he meets Lancast- in this film was Philip Hoffman, er Dodd and his family, Seymour who shows him a new who played Lancaster belief system. They Dodd. He was fearcalled it The Cause. some, crazy, and witty throughout this movie. This movie un- He portrayed his chardoubtedly had an amaz- acter so well it is hard to ing cast. Joaquin Phoe- picture Lancaster Dodd nix, who played Quell, as anyone but Hoffman. absolutely created an He also was the acunusual and unique tor that kept the movie character. He adjusted somewhat intriguing. the way he normally The performancspoke; he curled his lips in a weird way and even es by Adams, Phoehad a certain way of nix, and Hoffman were carrying himself as he what kept this movie walked. His talent shines from complete and utdisappointment. through this movie. ter From the beginning Amy Adams, to the end, the movie who played Peggy had practically nothDodd, was the jewel ing mildly exciting nor of the film. She be- was it worth watching.

The storyline, itself, was choppy and uninteresting. It was an interesting idea to tell the story from the point of view of a follower of The Cause, but it would have been more eye catching and more connectable if the story was told from the point of view of Lancaster Dodd and his family. Nothing was explained about his family struggles or when his beliefs all started to form into The Cause and gained so many followers. The Master is an interesting film with amazing actors, but lacked in entertainment and class. It is being shown in select theaters across the state. If you would like to see this film, go to www. to find out which theaters it is being shown in. The gives


Falcon 3.5 of 5.

The U Review

Ben Folds Five: The Sound of the Life of the Mind by Matt Sanderlin & Kyle Jones Arts & Culture Editor & Editor-In-Chief

Once-dissolved bands must all be drinking from the same cistern these days. Retired bands from the Beach Boys to the Darkness to Blink-182 have recently found a new life in reviving their old band. The Ben Folds Five are now one of them, thanks to a fan-funded project on Kickstarter. com, a website allowing fans to financially contribute to a variety of ongoing proposals. Instead of just giving you guys my opinion on the new Ben Folds Five album, Kyle and I hit the streets of UM to see what you guys think of the reunion record, The Sound of the Life of the Mind. Photos:Kyle Jones Mike Messina of Giants & Toys – “Michael Prater, Five Years Later” “It’s refreshing; the best Ben Folds stuff I’ve heard in awhile. It’s uniquely Ben Folds, but also un-Ben Folds-y. The composition was more attractive to someone who may not know Ben Folds’ music.” Would you recommend it to someone else? YES.

Josh Robertson – “Do it Anyway” “The music was a little frantic, but the lyrics seem to be talking about wanting to do something but not knowing whether or not you’ll regret it.” Recommend: YES Emily HoeKenga & Maggie Millican – “Sky High” Emily says, “I like the way they blended stringy sounds with the words. I didn’t listen as much to the words, but I was drawn to the keyboard.” Maggie says, “It’s good and relaxing. I thought it had a religious feeling to it, and that it might help struggling people to calm down and help them solve their problems.” Would you recommend it to someone else? Emily and Maggie both say YES.

Grizzly Bear- Shields Photo:Reed Strength

by Reed Strength Staff Writer Follow me at @ReedStrength “This is hookless, gutless, grooveless, shapeless drivel for college children who still wet Mom’s bed. ‘Doo Wop’ my ass”. This is what Village Voice contributor and music critic great Chuck Eddy had to say about Grizzly Bear’s indie hit “Two Weeks”. While the band’s 2009 stand-out album “Veckatimest” was a critical darling, some detractors complained that the band piled on one too many doses of harmony lavished, lush instrumentation for there to be anything substantial under the sonic make up. Those complaints are rendered invalid on the band’s new album, “Shields”, once the winding guitar lead for first single “Sleeping Ute” is called to action. Where “Veckatimest” and 2006’s “Yellow House” felt labored over and delicately crafted, Shields fines the band using raw vocal takes and more angular, dense instrumentation. The excess found in the band’s previous efforts has been petrified within dense, heavy song structures. This is an album to be studied and picked apart; a “grower” if there ever was one. That’s not to say that the band’s old tricks have been completely thrown out: the vocal trade-off between singers Daniel Rossen and Ed Droste is still present, with Droste’s confident calls and calm statements contrasting with Rossen’s pleads and shaken insights. Bassist Chris Taylor keeps things as grounded as he always as, especially with the pulse he gives “gun-shy” and “Speak In Rounds”, his bass ringing out more audibly with less strings to choke his rhythm.

still the group’s secret drumming weapon, bringing beats that range from distant rumbles (“What’s Wrong” and “The Hunt”),to pelting rain (“A Simple Answer” and “Speak In Rounds” ) to full blown thunder storms (“Sun In Your Eyes”), often all within the same song (“Sleeping Ute” and “Half Gate”). An unfortunate link runs through Grizzly Bear’s discography, however, and this album fails to correct it: the band’s albums are often front and back loaded. Shields starts off with “Sleeping Ute” and is closely followed by “Speak In Rounds” and the stellar “Yet Again”. However “The Hunt”, “A Simple Answer”, and “What’s Wrong” are subtler affairs, with Droste and Rossen showcasing their strong voices, and not much else. The three songs plod and lounge about for 15 minutes of the album, never growing, and slowing the chugging pace that Shields starts on. It begins to pick up with the emotive “gun-shy” and closes with the muscular and epic “Half Gate” and “Sun In Your Eyes”.

While Shields dares to rough up the beauty that critics were skeptical of, it fails to keep a consistent flow that great albums showcase. While Grizzly Bear has now built enough material for a stellar Greatest Hits collection, it has yet to make the masterpiece that defines their place in Indie Rock’s Finest. I predict it will happen eventually, but not when the band continues to leave the middle half of their albums as steep valleys between monolith mountains of Chris Bear is great songs. The Falcon scores this album 7/10.

The Falcon

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Monday, September 24th, 2012


Falcon Fever Takes a New Flight Pattern able to reach beyond the friendly confines of the brick streets of Montevallo and to a much broader audience of fans and students.

by Joey Antonio Sports Editor The University of Montevallo may not exactly be known for its athletic prowess, but the popular Mass Communications sports show Falcon Fever, which is run primarily by the department’s students, is looking to expand its audience by mixing things up on the show this coming season. Falcon Fever  was initially created back in 2008 by Dr. Jay Cofield of the Mass Communications department. Cofield would nurture the show in its infancy before handing off responsibilities to Dr. Chandra Clarke, who assisted with the show until her departure a year ago.

           Not only has the show become quite popular, but it gives aspiring news anchors, writers and behind the scenes tech specialists invaluable hands on experience outside of class, which they may not get anywhere else. Not to mention, it also looks pretty good on a resume as well. So, why tamper with what seems like a good thing? Well, because Finklea believes they can make it even better.             He desires to shift away from the mundane of just reading information to the viewer, in part because by the time the show has aired, fans and followers could have already looked up the stats online and have the game’s basic rundown. This would make the point of the broadcast pretty moot.  So what Finklea wants is for “Falcon Fever to become a show where we have stories that they are not going to get anywhere else.”

Since then the responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of new Montevallo teacher Bruce Finklea, another Mass Communications professor. Finklea describes his role on the show as “just someone who The producers oversees the action, an plan to do this by inadvisor or consultant.” terviewing players and The students are coaches, which they the ones who have al- hope will give a more most complete control personal, broader focus of the program, which to the show, rather than Finklea believes is a just names and stats. In good thing. “I’ve just other words, the format been really proud of will now be more like the students who have ESPN’s SportsCenter, shown a lot of initia- rather than just a quick tive and make the show fix sports segment. their own, it’s not about             For those me, it’s about them.” who are interested in The show, ac- viewing  Falcon Fecording to Finklea, has ver,  it  is normally rebecome “a great suc- corded on Wednesday cess,” because of its afternoons and is posted rising popularity on on youtube and its varitodays social media. ous other social media This includes you- sites that same night. tube, facebook, twitter Finklea also says that and a partnership with there will also be a live Fox 6, which allows show once or twice a the show to be posted semester, which can be on a website for south watched on Ustream. Shelby County. Due to For more information the show’s ambitious on how to get involved nature, it is now plau- with Falcon Fever sible to believe that contact Mr. Bruce FinFalcon Fever will be klea in the Mass Communications building.

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Ultimate Frisbee Standings Men’s Standings Team 1 Alpha Kappa Lambda 2 Highland House 3 Lambda Chi Alpha 4 Alpha Tau Omega 5 Swag 6 Flint Tropics

W-L-T Win% PTS-AVG 2-0-0 0/0 1 1 1-0-0 0/0 1 1 1-1-0 0/0 0.5 0.5 1-1-0 0/0 0.5 0.5 0-1-0 0 0 0-2-0 0 0

PF PA TOT PTS 28 13 10 12 2 5 17 15 5 18 24 5 2 12 0 11 22 0

Women’s Standings Team W-L-T 1 TNN 1-0-0 2 Phi Mu 1-0-0 3 Delta Gamma 1-0-0 4 TBA 1-0-0 5 Alpha Delta Pi 1-1-0 6 Alpha Gam 0-0-0 7 TieDye 0-2-0 8 Chi Omega 0-2-0

Win% PTS-AVG 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0.5 0.5 0 0 0 0 0 0

PF PA TOT PTS 10 0 5 7 4 5 0 0 5 0 0 5 11 1 5 0 0 0 4 7 0 1 21 0

Upcoming Games Men’s Games

Women’s Games

Mon. 9/24/2012 Lambda Chi ..(4) Flint Tropics(5) Highland Ho..(1) Tue. 9/25/2012 Swag(6) V Alpha Kappa..(2) Lambda Chi ..(4) Wed. 9/26/2012 Alpha Kappa..(2) Lambda Chi ..(4) Thu. 9/27/2012 Swag(6) V Lambda Chi ..(4) Highland Ho..(1)

Mon. 9/24/2012 TNN(4) V Delta Gamma(3) TBA(2) V Tue. 9/25/2012 Alpha Gamma..(7) Delta Gamma(3) TNN(4) V Wed. 9/26/2012 Alpha Gamma..(7) TieDye(8) V Delta Gamma(3) Thu. 9/27/2012 TNN(4) V Chi Omega(6) V TieDye(8) V


Alpha Tau O..(3) Alpha Kappa..(2) Swag(6)

Alpha Tau O..(3) V Flint Tropics(5) V Highland Ho..(1) V V

Swag(6) Flint Tropics(5)

Flint Tropics(5) V Alpha Kappa..(2) V Alpha Tau O..(3)

Alpha Delta..(5) V TieDye(8) Phi Mu(1) V Chi Omega(6) V Phi Mu(1) TBA(2) V Alpha Delta..(5) Chi Omega(6) V TBA(2) Alpha Gamma..(7) Phi Mu(1) Alpha Delta..(5)

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Monday, September 24th, 2012


“The day you write to please everyone you no longer are in journalism. You are in show business.” -Frank Miller

God and The DNC by Neal Embry Staff Writer It’s out in the open now. At the Democratic National Convention two weeks ago, the delegates shouted to keep Jerusalem and God off of the party platform. Despite the uproar, the chairman decided to go against the delegates and allow for the issues to be added to the platform. I’m not surprised. I’m concerned, but not surprised. This country may have been founded on Christian principles, but we haven’t been living like Christ for a long time now. So the decision by DNC delegates to keep God and Jerusalem off the platform isn’t surprising. They’re just affirming what I knew was true all along: The Ameri-

can people couldn’t of God, but indeed, as care less about God. we see at the DNC, antagonistic towards him. There’s a dif- We’ve created phrases ference between Chris- like “YOLO,” which tian morals and ethics has to be the most aband being a Christian surd, unintelligent country. A Christian phrase I’ve ever heard. country would uphold We listen to music by the gospel as the most artists that tells us that important message, as since life is short, we the single most impor- should seek our pleasure tant doctrine and I can’t in the things that are see any mention of the here. According to Wiz gospel in our Constitu- Khalifa, “we’re young, tion. We may believe in wild, and free.” We Christian morals, such read that Christianity as loving other people is becoming “old-fashand going to church. ioned,” and we need to We think being a Chris- catch up with the times. tian and a good, GodIs it across the fearing American means we say we love God, board? No, certainly go to church and love not. There are some America. We’re a coun- great, fruitful churchtry of patriotic, religious es in this country that people that think put- are making the gosting something on Face- pel known, and I see a book is enough to make new generation of beus right before God. lievers making much of Jesus and little of And that’s on a themselves. Unfortugood day. From what I nately, we are the mican tell, my generation nority, not the norm. doesn’t even believe So what hapin going to church or saying the name God. pened at the DNC is We’ve moved from le- a verbal expression, a galists to a people that confirmation of what the are not just unaware majority of this country

has believed for the past to vote for President several years: We’re Obama, vote for him. okay without God. Am I concerned? So, what should Yes, but not because I Christians do about believe our economy is this? Does this affect going to be better if we how we vote? Well, pray about it. God is the obvious factor in not a magician. God is this argument is that not an entertainer. God the majority of evan- is not here to fix Amergelical Christians will ica. God is God, and vote for Governor Rom- he’s doing what he’s doney. But for those who ing to receive the glory are on the shelf, what’s he deserves. We are the proper response? not God, and we don’t get to tell God what to I can’t tell you do. The bigger conwho to vote for. I don’t cern is that America is want to. If I’m being becoming increasingly honest, I don’t like ei- turned off to the gospel. ther of the two major I believe it’s candidates. Neither one of them reminds more important to recme much of Jesus. Nei- ognize God than to put ther one of them seems him in a party platoverly concerned with form. The Republicans others, the gospel or fol- may recognize God in lowing biblical values. their platform, but I’m afraid the lives of a corDo I believe that rupt government more voting for a party that concerned with money denied God is tanta- than people shows little mount to denying God fruit of a true faith. Perhimself? No, I do not. haps I’m just cynical. President Obama is the Jesus is God. candidate, not the Democratic delegates. And Denying Christ is deto his credit, President nying God. That’s not Obama has not denied me, that’s Jesus himGod. So if you wish self in John 14:6. He

tells us we don’t come to God without going to Jesus. The good news of the gospel is that we can know God through Jesus. The bad news is that there is no other way. So recognizing God in a party platform without recognizing the Lordship of Christ in our lives is meaningless. So more than I want to see God in a party platform, I want to see a repentant people. I want to see people, from both parties, turn to Jesus for forgiveness and grace. I want to see people trusting in Jesus for salvation. I’d rather see people boast in Christ’s name and cross than boast in their political parties. I long for the day where we see God as God, and not a political platform. Until that day, putting three letters and a city on a sheet of paper or screen won’t mean anything more than just that: a sheet of paper with letters on it. Follow me at @nealembry

Borderlands 2 Picks up Where it Left off; Doesn’t Disappoint byAndrew Meechum Associate Editor on your character build.

Photo:Andrew Mechum early stages of the game.

Shopping at vendors for new equipment and selling overstock loot has been improved as well. With the click of a button you can identify and With Border- sell all the equipment lands 2 the folks at 2K you don’t want or need. Games and Gearbox Familiar faces Software set the stanlike the original vault dard for making video game sequels. They hunters, Scooter, Mad brought back every- Moxxi and many more thing people loved are all back to give playabout the first install- ers plenty of missions, ment; irreverent humor, money and loot. Using obscure pop culture characters from the origreferences, tons of loot, inal game Gearbox filled guns a plenty, wacky in plot holes and made bad guys, and awe- the anticlimactic ending some character abilities. of the first game seem a little less horrible. But Gearbox Many games on didn’t stop there. The character menu has the market nowadays been updated and pro- put a heavy premium on vides a much more ac- the online multiplayer cessible playing ex- portion of the game experience. With three perience, leaving solo character trees for each players with a someof the four characters in times short, sometimes the game it is possible half cooked single playto play the game over er campaign. However, and over and experi- co-op play as opposed ence a different game to online multiplayer each time depending is where the Border-

While graphics are limited by the current (and aging) console generation, the textures and colors of each location pop out and make you want to stop and enjoy the scenery for a moment. The wide variety of baddies roaming the wastes will quickly correct you if you stop to smell the flowers however.

The sequel to Gearbox’s 2009 smash hit Borderlands arrived on store shelves after it’s announcement nearly a year ago. For fans of the original, last Tuesday was a very happy day.

lands franchise sets itself apart from the pack.

of difficulty and more importantly increases the chances of finding The co-op sys- those rare items. A new tem that fans loved from feature that shows you the first game is back how good a potential and better than ever. co-op match will be imWhether with friends proves the match makor random people on- ing system so you don’t line, playing the co-op get stuck with someone campaign adds a level trudging along in the

Borderlands 2 also offers you the chance to customize your character. There are dozens of options for changing the look of your characters face and body. Even changing your weapon and equipment load out changes small features on your character. Overall, Borderlands 2 delivers, then gives you a little extra just in case. Though minor issues with getting stuck on small ledges and rocks detract from the experience, it should be noted that most

games suffer from this issue. Most games save the first Borderlands, making this issue stand out all that much more. Borderlands 2 combines the best elements of the first person shooter, role-playing and adventure genres. If you haven’t picked up the first one yet jumping into the sequel will be easy. Regardless of your gaming preferences you are sure to enjoy this game if you go and pick it up. The game retails for $59.99 for the standard edition and $99.99 for the special edition. The replay value of this game is very high, so if you’re waiting for a used copy to buy, you may have to wait a little longer than normal because it could be awhile before anyone puts this game down. So save your money, dip into your couch cushions or hold a carwash because this game is a must have. 10/10

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Monday, September 24th, 2012

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The U Review continued

Amanda Fox (Associate Registrar/Coordinator of Veteran Affairs) – “Hold That Thought” “I like it - It’s very Snow Patrol-ish. It’s a very happy tune, and there’s nothing particular I don’t like about it.” Recommend: YES

Julie McEntee (Office Manager Department of Music) – “Away When You Were Here” “It’s very nice, and very easy to listen to. I liked the vocal quality of the singer’s voice, and it interested me enough to want to sit and listen to it again. Recommend: YES

Caroline Ponder and Garrett Sims – “Erase Me” Garrett says, “It reminded me of Panic! At the Disco in the beginning - I like it! I could see it being on my iPod.” Caroline says, “I like beginning, but after that, I thought it was stupid. I did like the beat, though.” Both said that they would recommend it to someone else.

TOTAL SCORE: 8/8 would recommend it - A must-own!

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featured essay

Cookie vs. Fitz: A Ballad of Fists

by Matt Sanderlin Arts & Culture Editor

Light pours over the weather, grey mat in the center of the stadium. Around the outside of the mat and its tethers - The crowd is loud, but ever-nervous, like cautious old machines in a poorly-lit boiler room. The two zebra-suited referees are heavily distracted - One is carefully penning notes in a notepad, and the other is adjusting his personal pager. At once, the lights fall to complete darkness. As if on cue, the crowd releases its ferocious lust for battle into the air - Screams, yells, whistling - All rush toward the center of the room at the speed of sound. A stream of papercut-pink light pierces the darkness, focusing intently and hotly on the west corner of the mat. A small group of shadows bleed from the dark, outer ring - Over the ropes and into the ring. The shadows assume rehearsed positions with unchallenged rapidity. An icy blue counter-light shoots through the vacuum on the east side of the ring - Contesting the dominant pink glow, and giving a second group of shadows their silent call to the battle ring. “PLEEEEEASSEE WELLLLCOMMMME, TONIGHT’S CHALLLENNNGERRRRRS.... NIGHT RANGERRRR …. AND ….. EEEEELLLLIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!” Unfathomable, unintelligible resonance from the crowd follows the announcer’s fiery lines, and every member of the audience slides forward to the slightest degree to catch a glimpse of the brewing brawl. “REEEEEEADDDYYYYY???? …........... FIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!” The buzzer sounds loudly, apathetically. The Night Ranger crew - Electric guitars, microphones, drumsticks and bass picks in hand, and dressed entirely in decadent leather uniforms - launch their primary attack on their opponents with a set of gritty powerchords. Cookie, Eli’s feral leader, leaving no time for a measured plan, reacts defensively with a reflexive strand of hastily-penned lyrics - “Oh, beautiful girls - So many girls in the rock ‘n’ roll world!” The Night Ranger crew receive the passage with nary a blinking eye, and continue palm-muting through their powerchord progression. Cookie scans his opponents’ faces with visible uncertainty, seeking a weakness or a hint of fear. Instead, he finds stone eyes and concrete cheekbones. “I need a touch, I need a touch of madness!” Night Ranger’s lead vocalist Jack Blades suddenly exclaims. Night Ranger guitarists Jeff Watson and Brad Gillis concur musically thereafter, adding musical legitimacy to their growing defense. Kelly Keagy, Night Ranger’s drummer, slams his drumsticks downward with a mighty force, sending a wave of contagious rhythm out from his kit in a 360-degree wave. Eli’s Cookie, now feeling pressured and bullied, begins firing and hiring band members at free-will! The Rangers have him running scared! “CRUSH HIM!!” “FINISH THEM!!!!!” - The crowd’s cries for blood are relentless! “YYEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” To appease the crowd, Night Ranger’s keyboardist Alan “Fitz” Fitzgerald makes his first (and last) forward gamble. “Fitz” hurls a handful of keyboard notes at Eli’s ---, not realizing how corny and ridiculous his keyboard effects are. The cheesy keyboard sounds have no damaging effect, but instead reveal Night Ranger’s lack of adaptation-abilities. Cookie realizes this is his opportunity to drive his oppressors back to the ropes. He changes keys, recklessly bobbing and weaving between the keys of C and F Major. All at once, his fingers find their correct grooves between the frets and Cookie charges ahead - “Old fashion girls - They like to tease you! If you’re willing to wait, in the end, they’ll please you!” Night Ranger’s Gillis and Watson take the brunt of the lyrical catastrophe, and Watson loses his footing - Cookie has sent him sprawling to canvas! Gillis attempts to continue the chord progression without his guitarist sidekick, but Cookie leaves him no time to catch his breath. “Hello, Goodbye!” Cookie taunts, his blatant disrespect for the Beatles effortlessly knocking aside Night Ranger’s keyboardist “Fitz” and lead vocalist Jack Blades. Ranger Gillis still stands square, one eye twitching from the unbearable lyrical bombardment that has powerpacked his crew. Ranger Keagy attempts to continue keeping tempo, but stray whispers from Cookie’s crew plague his inner metronome with rhythmic inconsistency. Cookie knows it, but the Rangers don’t yet - The match is nearly over. Cookie, after hiring and firing a few more ELI members for good measure, cues the band to cut the music. The distorted crowd sounds are all that remain, vibrations muddied by pure, dark noise - Until Cookie pridefully discloses his secret weapon. “Ha... HAhahHAhHAhhahahhaAHHAAHahahAHHAHA,” Cookie’s unnerving laughter rises methodically in speed and in velocity. “HaHHAHHAHAAHAHAAHAAHAHAA!” The surviving Rangers try to clog their ear canals with anything within reach - Gillis finds his guitar picks scattered about the mat below; but they are too little, too late. Drummer Keagy passes out from the attacker’s sheer lack of creativity - Keagy is finished for the night! sound.

Cookie approaches Night Ranger’s Gillis, towers victoriously over him. Gillis is still on one knee, scavenging for anything to assist the blockage of

Cookie unfurls his lips for once last winging right - “HAHHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!” Gillis goes sailing through the ropes - Cookie and his crew have won! An earthquake of applause erupts from the audience - lights flashing, spinning in every direction. “THHHHE WINNERRRRR IIIIIIIS …. EEEEEEELLIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!”

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