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August 1, 2013

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...Reddell From Page 1 while its owner was taken to the hospital. So there we were, on our way to Waco with a small animal that easily would make any cute-dog list. I warned MaLinda that separation from this little fur ball was going to be difficult – no matter how brief our temporary dog-sitting would be. I had left my business card with the police officer investigating the accident and he gave it to the car’s driver. It didn’t have my cell phone on it and therein lays another problem to this tale. As it turned out, the hospital staff was able to track down MaLinda’s cell – Recorder photographer Linsey Turner’s mom works at ETMC – and the woman

...Council From Page 1 construction and more. “We need someone experienced; not a novice,” said Place 3 Councilmember Linda York. Asked how do-it-yourselfers would be handled, Wiggins said the situation came up in Corsicana and the best approach is to make sure everything is up to code and each project that requires a permit, receives one. City Administrator Jeff Looney noted that the process for building permits has not changed. Fairfield uses the international building code 2006 edition and the electrical and plumbing edition 2008. “We have new forms and some new regulations, but that’s it,” said Looney. “The process hasn’t changed at all.” To get the word out to Fairfield residents, Looney and Administrative Assistant Debbie Nesbitt took copies of the building permit package and code of ordinances to Ace and Capps, as well as local contractors, electricians and plumbers. “There’s still some tweaking we’re gonna have to do with these codes before we’re done,” the mayor said. Council agreed the most important thing was to keep the process simple. While there is a building code, Hill said he can guarantee not everyone on council or at City Hall has read it, including him. The mayor assigned Wiggins the task of reading the code of ordinances and building permit package. “I don’t think he (Wiggins) should be used until the zoning is read,” said Hill. Reunion and Hall streets are the first that will be repaired in this year’s city street improvement project. Brenham-based Cornerstone Paving bid of $182,000 to fix several Fairfield Streets was accepted by council. Vice-President of KSA Engineers Bob Thurber, P.E., submitted Cornerstone’s bid to the council. Thurber has worked with the City of Fairfield during their street construction for several years. The city used Cornerstone to repair other streets, including the west end of Reunion, in 2012.

called after a couple of hours wanting her Ranger back. We immediately left Waco and returned to Fairfield to bring Ranger back, all the while the puppy endeared himself further with us. The reunion between Ranger and its master went all right – for them. The woman, ironically, was from Bay City, where we lived before moving to Fairfield. We didn’t catch her name and if gratitude can be measured, the bar would have raised just a scratch above zero. Regardless, I watched MaLinda and Ranger playing. The time with the puppy was well spent. Never mind the human factor. We developed a bond with the young canine and breaking that hurt some. Like I said at the start, no good deed goes unpunished.


Advocacy Center provides the training for them. This position is the most difficult to get people to sign up for, noted Martin. The position requires a SANE nurse to be an RN for at least two years, take training through the Attorney General and special training for one year. The nurse would then be on-call 24/7. “Within 96-hours, a SANE nurse can still take data (at the hospital),” said Dr. Kerry Burkley, program director of the Children’s Advocacy Center. “Outside of 96-hours, a medical examination will be needed and that will be done at the Waco agency.” “This is a crime that cuts across socio-economic lines,” said Martin. “The more we’re bringing this here, the better the chance that we may help prevent it from happening.” A grand opening is already planned for the center, although Martin seeks any type of help from volunteers. “We will need volunteers to help with the moving of the buildings, the painting, electrical, plumbing, you name it we could use it,” said Martin. To volunteer or learn more, call the district attorney’s office at 903-389-3977. Interested persons can also contact Dr. Kerry Burkley at 254-752-9330 ext. 101 and Amy Perkins at 254-752-9330 ext. 112.

From Page 1 charge. Patients currently have to travel to the Limestone County office in Mexia or the main office in Waco for counseling or other services. At a commissioner’s court meeting June 17, Burns and Martin requested approval for this project. The buildings Burns donated will be used as a forensic interviewing room, case management room and other needed areas. The Waco center has unofficially served Freestone County for years through federal and state grants. The forensic interviewers are on-call to travel to Freestone County from Waco to service victims. The goal is to help victims locally, giving them a better chance of getting the help they need. Counselors will also provide 12 sessions free. “Most victims and their Available in the streets families don’t get the help they budget for the city is $150,000 need because they have to travplus an additional $75,000 in el to Waco and that is just not the sewer budget – more than in their budgets,” said Martin. enough to finish the necessary In the future, Martin hopes to have medical examinations repairs, officials said. Thurber discussed the cost and SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examination) nurses to to repair Reunion Street at council’s June 11 meeting. As perform the exams required for some cases. a separate task, Reunion will Throughout the six-county require a pipe burst project to region CAC covers, there are be done at a cost of about 52 SANE nurses. The $172,000. Pipe bursting is a wellestablished trenchless method that is widely used for the replacement of deteriorated pipes with a new pipe of the same or larger diameter. The city will request bids for the project to be included in next year’s budget. The council was concerned there may not be enough time to repair the surface of Reunion before school begins Madisonville, Texas Aug. 26, but Thurber assured them it would be no problem. Saturday, August 17 • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fairfield hired two new police officers, Sergio Antonio Sunday, August 18 • 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Palacios and Cal Jason McKinney. Both began July 26 with a six-month probation The Truman Kimbro Center period. On the Square in Downtown Madisonville Palacios is stays in Sponsored by: Madisonville Noon Lions Club Corsicana with his family and plans to relocate soon. Admission: $5 per person McKinney, along with his wife Misty and daughter Shea, Questions? Contact W.C. Bennett at 936-349-7029 are relocating from Pittsburgh, Tex.

Fishing Friends, Between Adam and I, we had a boat on the water everyday last week and we both fished a couple of days. The fishing and conditions were consistently good all week until Saturday when a cool front and a little rain blew in, and Adam and his customers had to bump around in a strong north wind for a bit before finding fish that cooperated. The only difference this week and the past few weeks was that the white bass were on a different timetable. The full moon had the bite starting much much later everyday and we had one day when the fish didn't bite till almost 11 a.m. Still, we ended all our trips with either limits of white bass or a nice ice chest almost completely full of fish fry material! Seems that summer is full of memorable trips and this week was no different. While we had a couple of trips with

RichlandChambers Fishing Report

new customers, all the others were with customers who have become good friends over the years and are now bringing kids and grandkids to fish with them. Check out the 309 Flats and the Pelican Island area for schooling white bass each morning. Tie on a Clear Tiny Torpedo or a Tail Spinner from RSR Lures ( ) and you're in business. Keep an eye out for the Herons and Egrets and they will help you find baitfish and then the fish. We did have a couple of nice hybrid stripers this week. These larger brutes are in areas like the Windsock Point and the Turnaround off Pelican Island. Large Chartruese twoounce slabs will sometimes catch you the fish of a lifetime! It's hard to believe but August is almost here, School will start soon and time's running out to get the family on the lake! Give us a call as we have openings between now and the time School starts and we'll go do some Catchin'!!! Royce & Adam Simmons Gone Fishin' Guide Service

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Hometown Health We are pleased to welcome

Dr. LaShaundra Thedford-Smith

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Pediatrics & Internal Medicine

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*Mention this ad for nce to win a the chance

Parkview Regional Hospital is $423((5 ,'+6


pleased to welcome Dr. Shaun Thedford-Smith to the community! Dr. Thedford-Smith is now


accepting new patients at the

Subscribe by calling 903-389-3334

Parkview Rural Health Clinic in Mexia. She is trained in all aspects of pediatrics and internal medicine, so she sees patients of all ages, from the very young to the elderly. Dr. Thedford-Smith accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans. Same-day LaShaundra Thedford-Smith, M.D. Pediatrics & Internal Medicine

Training Medical Degree University of Kentucky College of Medicine - Lexington, KY

appointments often available. Appointments can be made by calling (254)562-9321.

Residency University of Tennessee Health Science Center - Memphis, TN Pediatrics & Internal Medicine


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