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newsclipping september

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Newsclipping. / November 2010

If there's something we are really proud about it's our projects. They're exciting and have challenges to overcome that we love to tackle, and what's more, we can be as creative as our sense lets us be. Autumn is here, climbing up and down the thermometer, and that feeling of change has caught us. That's why we want to innovate format newsclipping this month. We want to suggest an odd and alternative activity these days: thinking. We'd like to propose you to take a few minutes to sit, read and think. We don't pretend to be philosophers or go into digressions; we just invite you to spend a little while enjoying silence and reading. Susanna Cots

DESIGN./ Imagine a character from another world. An alien. A being that doesn't know culture, traditions and human ways of living. Imagine that he/she/it lands in Barcelona at the end of October 2010 and finds a newspaper with "design" written in the front page. Imagine it's a clever character. How would we explain to that fellow what design is? Spanish and Catalan dictionaries describe design as "the activity aimed to get useful and beautiful objects serial production. We stop and think it over: "Serial production?". Does an architect design his buildings aiming to reproduce them? If we look it up in Cambridge's dictionary it says: "a drawing or set of drawings showing how a building or product is to be made and how it will work and look". There are a lot of questions around design. As seen, languages are the first in confusing everything. Design, from an abstract point of view, involves a great amount of creativity: we design houses, products, but strategies and plans as well. Moreover, we design socially, culturally, environmentally, and economically... You might ask: why do we need all that? Honestly, we just want to explain our point of view about design and why we bank on it.

Design in a financial crisis period./ Economic crisis has been in our lives for a few years already. Someone said it would be a long period. Optimists would deny it. Nevertheless, economic crisis has made the financial system teeter. And everyone has had to adapt to the new situation to move on. The design industry, in whichever discipline -interior design, architecture, graphic design, and editorial design...-, has been seriously affected. Who will survive? Neither good nor bad ones, but people with better ability to adapt themselves to a new stage. We've got reduced budgets and the same need of satisfying our customers, and we don't have to forget to keep our market position: challenges are not easy. Although we all know we have to move on, we've seen a big mistake in the market: a lack of effort (in time and inversion) in creativity and design. If you manage to avoid this mistake, you are going to be reinforced when the crisis passes.

Design as sign of our cultural identity./ We are all doing big efforts to move forward. Proof of this is the intense activity in the design industry in the last few months: "Design Week" editions in cities such as Barcelona, Moscow, Mexico City...; Open House Barcelona (following London), Feria Hábitat Valencia, Construmat exhibition, WAF architecture show, New York design and architecture audiovisual festival? it's a non-stop list! Design helps us to build a collective identity and the way that foreigners see us. Have you ever thought about how it'd be to visit our city as a foreigner? We'd probably visit Sagrada Familia and the Cathedral... but we would pay attention on shop signs or street banderols, even with graffiti that would remind us of Banksy.

Change-lasting lover, she loves understandable metaphors and comfortable contrasts. If you ask her what she is looking for, she'll say "visual comfort"; if you ask her how she does it, she'll reply "through order, white and functionality..."Susanna Cots has been designing spaces to make them last. Her simplicity and perseverance have moved her into pole position in the design world. She faces up to new and different challenges everyday and she adapts to them. She shows us a new image this autumn. In fact, more than one new image. Susanna Cots' projects have been recognised by publications as Diseño Interior, Casa Viva, La Vanguardia and El País, among others. Moreover, she has taken part in the most nationally and internationally prestigious design awards and competitions, such as ICFF New York (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), Premis FAD de Barcelona, Porcelanosa Interiores and Andrew Martin's Interior Design Awards in London.

Design as a driving force./ Design has to satisfy our customer's needs, as well as improve our brand identity. We strategically define how we want to be seen and remembered. We design our attributes so that our work is highly valued. That's why customers and companies feel in the same way part of an industry that moves thousand of Euros, illusions and surprises.

Design to make feel good./

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newsclipping september

We can't end a design discussion like this, without talking about design as a force for personal, emotional and intellectual development. Design is about living in an organised but warm house, it's about finding easily what you are looking for in a shop; it's about looking at ladies and gents' toilet signs and giggling; design is about having a personal order in our chaos. That's why design makes us feel good and how we understand it and use it to make sense of the world around us.

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Design as a driving force./ Design as sign of our cultural identity./ Design in a financial crisis period./ Design has to satisfy our custom...