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Newsclipping/. July 2010

Better late than never. Summer finally came! Beach, heat, holidays... The end of spring has waited for Camamilla Design's launch. We could not have started the summer in a better way. We have to admit that without your daily support in every action we do and your monthly newsclipping reading, we wouldn't have got that far in 2010 and it wouldn't have been as exciting. Camamilla Design is starting a new path with an impressive collection and a team who takes care of it. The new furniture brand's launch event in Palo Alto (Barcelona) was a success. From now on all the predictions are favorable and it's expected to get excellence in the furniture design industry. Thank you all for making this dream come true. See you in September.

Susanna Cots



Design is already real! On June 17th,

after months of hard work preparing the launch, the new furniture brand was born. More than 300 people gave their support to the new brand starting shoot. It had a great acceptence. People from the world of art, design, architecture, interior design, journalism

First impacts Mass media has started talking about Camamilla Design and its first collection, Blancollection. Journalists from DiarioDesign, Diseño Interior and Casa Viva went to the event and some of them have already published it.

and even motorcycling made a luxury launch party. Getting everything ready for the event For almost two days, Susanna Cots Interioristes' team and all its partnerships went to Palo Alto to get the mise-en-scene ready. Vans coming in and going out, ropes up and down, carton boxes and pallets. The






following sustainability. From the bars to the reception, everything was eco-friendly, because we wanted to show our concern about the environment.

Susanna Cots is the heart and soul of the interior design studio with the same name, Susanna Cots Interioristes, from where she designs interiors, furniture and everything sensible to be designed, with an own sensitive and innovative style. The perfect combination to get a sublim result in each project playing with volum and contrast. She's a designer by nature and conviction. She gets involved not just with the environment but with a particular conception of the world: organised and pure with materials and colours. The Urban Garden and the new collection designed for Camamilla Design, Blancollection, 'just about to be launched!- are a few examples of her creativity. Susanna Cots has found a chair in the design world due to her compromise with functionality and order; and she's always looking for a lasting design. Susanna Cots' projects have been recognised by publications as Diseño Interior, Casa Viva, La Vanguardia and El País, among others. Moreover, she has taken part in the most nationally and internationally prestigious design awards and competitions, such as ICFF New York (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), Premis FAD de Barcelona, Porcelanosa Interiores and Andrew Martin's Interior Design Awards in London.

Welcome cocktail The launch party seemed so far that we couldn't believe that people we already arriving. Some of them earlier than other, but everyone enjoyed Camamilla





Catering was excellent: melon cocktail, a mango soup with goat cheese and violet jam, white and black chocolate lollipops as a dessert...

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Collaborators We would like to thank to all our partners for the success of the lauch party: Susanna Cots Interioristes team, artists Aurelio Cachafeiro and Ángel Uranga, Associació de Dissenyadors Professionals, Troll, The Water Company, Jordi Mas -J&T BCN, Albert Casas, Construner, Comunica de

Recommendations/. - Mirrror and Music. The best of music and dance in a show.

05/07/10 10:05

newsclipping febrer10 anglès

Pep Creus, Destileries del Maresme, Tandem, Nomads Group, Electrodomèstics Bases and The eyesland project.


- Some of the all times greatest movies this summer in Montjuïc. From July 5th to August 6th. -Teatre Grec Restaurant, open during the months with Festival shows, offers stunning views of Barcelona. /XMLServeis/ XMLHomeLinkPl/0,4022,6952 76287_702423596_2,00.html

- Ecological houses affordable to anyone: a Swedish example

- To music lovers, don?t forget to check summer music festival over Catalunya: from Castell de Peralada and the Cap Roig Gardens to the Senglar Rock... and much more! cas/festivals.htm

- FAD 2010 finalists are mostly eclectics: eclecticismo/reina/finalistas/FAD/elpep ucul/20100611elpepucul_10/Tes - Santiago Calatrava will design the museum of the future in Rio de Janeiro: 9/view/10647/santiago-calatravathe-museum-of-tommorow-rio-dejaniero.html - Proposals to design houses just using solar energy as energy source in Solar Decathlon Europe:

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Mass media has started talking about Camamilla Design and its first collection, Blancollection. Journalists from DiarioDesign, Diseño Interi...