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Like MOD’s for example (read about it on page 8), and the little mad guy that sits in my brain throwing books off the shelves because he can’t eat doughnuts. His name is Fred, and he’s an arse. The little shitty parts brought us a lot of up’s and down’s over the past few months since our last issue. It made us question whether or not it was worth continuing at all, if the ‘no time for socialising’ issue was indeed an issue, or whether the cost of everything will sink the ship before it’s afloat. Luckily, in this time we met a few creatives, such as Matt Cherubino (page 42) and Anna Cordel (page 20), who soon showed us that we were absolute babies about the whole situation because they are living out their hard-earned dreams every damn day. YES, this is hard work. The time it takes to collate the darn (beautiful) magazine is a lifetime squeezed into one month, and it never stops. Ever. But we were shown by these amazing people, and all the creatives we’ve featured, that life is indeed about passion; and there is nothing that we are more passionate about than The Eye Creative and spending every day celebrating our creative community. Quite honestly, you guys rock our socks off; and we love you for it.

Change is a shit of a thing, isn’t it?

You may have noticed guys and gals, but we’ve been on a bit of a, well, we’ll call it a ‘holiday’ (because mental break doesn’t sound as good). It’s a fabulous thing, the mind. Full of thoughts, goals, endless cat videos on repeat, future business prospects, beautiful memories, etc. But then there are the shitty bits.

So in saying that, this issue is a big ‘fuck you’ to the shitty side of our brains that insist we spend every night curled up in snuggies like burritos watching re-runs on Netflix - and we only have you to thank! Enjoy this issue (and our new app available in iTues NOW!) and let us know what you think by emailing us at Cheers, Samii.

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calai photography Callie Shultz is super busy. The Melbourne-based photographer & blogger makes that clear when she lists off the multiple jobs and current projects on the go (not to mention she’s a mum!) She’s not stressed, though; in fact, she’s smiling the whole time we talk, and her happiness is infectious. He giggles with every sentence, and her arms wave loudly and proudly as she speaks. It’s not hard to see why people like working with her. “I guess it’s cliche, but my photography and other art forms are an extension of myself. It’s almost like a safety platform for me. I am so unbelievably insecure in so many ways but when it comes to being artistic this strong willed, confident and courageous person is revealed in me. I feel like art is so great because it’s not like anyone can tell you that you’re doing it wrong because it’s from your perspective and you choose where you want to take it. It’s the one area where I feel I fit completely and can be myself even personality wise. I like to think that being an animated, bubbly chatterbox is good when you work with people and it makes them feel more comfortable.” Having started her journey as a lifestyle/ portrait photographer many moons ago, it wasn’t here where her creative story started. If it wasn’t enough that Callie is a recognised, well-published photographer who’s worked with clients such as Street Smith for Vogue, Marie Claire and even for the blogger Young Mummy at just a tender age of 25, she also is an incredible musician. (She will probably hate me for mentioning that.)

This little engine that could is chugging her way along, taking with her the best experiences that the world can muster up. Callie’s aesthetic sets her apart from other photographers with her raw and moody settings. It’s not often you come across such a vintage, almost nostalgic aesthetic in modern photography. Even though there are a lot of photographers budding across the country, there’s no one quite like Calai, with her ambient, soothing images that almost make you feel as if you’re looking inside of a dream. The nurturing aspect of her personality shines through, as well as her ability to soul read through her lens, creating the perfectly honest introduction to all things naive and vulnerable in human behaviour. “I remember starting out, and all my best images I’d taken were of people/models when they didn’t know I was taking a photo or in moments when they have been fully relaxed. The honest truth is that as soon as you let go trying to force a person to act or pose in a position and just be human with them, you can capture a person’s soul in an image. I find that just having a chat about their everyday life makes someone just let their walls down. I sometimes get a person even to shut their eyes, think about something in their life, take a deep breath and then open and look at my camera. It’s amazing the feelings you can capture when doing that. It’s like they have just woken from a dream and you can capture that! It’s super rad. I love looking at my images back, just sitting there in awe of that person and how utterly beautiful they look at that moment.”

Having all of that, you would think that she would be a little run down, especially coming off the back of one of the busiest racing seasons in Melbourne, and with @calaiphotography a big wedding season upon us. But, no.

matt cherubino

“As a kid, I was super into my art; drawing, painting, you know, all the artistic stuff…it seemed to make sense to me, unlike maths. I still haven’t found the point where I need to square X to the power of 249. I discovered film and visual storytelling and then photography followed suit soon after; I would spend more time researching and practising than I would on my homework, but hey, what does all that matter now?”


hese are the words of wonderkid and lifestyle adventure photographer/boy-genius, Matt Cherubino. At the tender age of 19, this native Melbournian has done more, seen more of the world, and photographed more than I can ever imagine doing in my whole life; and he’s showing no signs of stopping. Loving to travel and being damn good behind a lens has enabled Matt to successfully combine globetrotting with photography, ensuring that he remains one of the freshest, most exciting young camera-toting spunks out there. So successful in fact that he’s been known to have accepted briefs from clients that have allowed him to travel to places like New Zealand, Norway, Iceland and Canada. More recently he worked in the Northern Italian Dolomites for a Mercedes Benz campaign which pushed him to capture higher quality imagery while trying to fulfil the brief to his greatest ability. “I find it really rewarding to receive a brief from a client and creatively interrupt an idea into the work I do. I’m very fortunate to have travel intertwined into my lifestyle; the majority of my work involves plane tickets and meeting amazing people on the road. Travel ties together all my passions and I am humbled at opportunities to pursue light around the world. At this stage, I have no interest in changing that.” Matt’s love of a constant change of environment and the fast-paced buzz that travel allows has been the backbone of his work. Having spent a large chunk of his childhood travelling - think summers on the Western Australian coast and visits to overseas destinations where he found new and unusual inspirations – a great deal of influence for his photography comes from his shared family property and the memories he made while holidaying on The Great Ocean Road. Since he first picked up a camera in high school, it opened his eyes to the beautiful places around him and taught him not to take them for granted.

The Eye Creative - Issue Nine  

Preview the latest issue of The Eye Creative, with talents from Matt Cherubino, Calai Photography, Anna Cordel, Old 2 New and so much more!...

The Eye Creative - Issue Nine  

Preview the latest issue of The Eye Creative, with talents from Matt Cherubino, Calai Photography, Anna Cordel, Old 2 New and so much more!...