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Express opens new venue By Erica Fletcher Nelson Becker, owner and publisher of the Express Newspaper (and now the electronic version, The Express News Update), is on an adventure that has been 22 years in the making. Becker came to Nelson in 1988 by way of Montreal, Vancouver, Asia, Denmark, and Ottawa. He is originally from New York. After falling in love with Nelson, he decided to start an entertainment venue in the old Scandinavian church at the end of Baker Street. When the dream was postponed by a city council that refused to allow commercial zoning, Becker continued on with the publicity arm – What’s On Magazine. The publication provided comprehensive entertainment and community listings. “What’s On Magazine” was a calendar, helping people to get together, that eventually grew into a provincially recognized community newspaper called the Express” says Becker. “I had no intentions of doing this, but life has purpose and I just go with the flow.” Upon the end of printed version of the Express Newspaper in Jan. 2011, Becker put his energy into creating something that could continue providing what the Express had done for so many years. This is what sparked The Express News Update, an electronic version of the Express. “The closure of the printed version of The Express never changed my intention and passion for this community, it just challenged me. I came this far on good fortune and have trust in the future, everything happens for the best“. As readers and interest grew with the Express News Update, so did Becker’s dream to bring people together, and after being in a newspaper office for 22 years


Nelson Becker stands with his newly purchased piano at the Express entertainment venue (currently under construction.)

he realized that behind filing cabinets and cubicles was an incredibly beautiful heritage building. This re-ignnited the original idea, and the seed that planted the Express returned. The Express entertainment venue will host its first performance Monday, Mar. 2 at 7:30 p.m. with the Tania Gill Quartet, a jazz group from Toronto. They have come to Nelson to do a workshop with Selkirk

Music students. It is a alcohol free event. The idea for the space is to be used for acoustic, jazz, folk and roots music. The space is also appropriate for film, poetry, workshops, meeting and even video conferencing. Becker is very enthusiastic and says, “This new venue means a lot to me and I am extremely excited to see it become reality. Come have a look.”

CommunityNews theExpress Update

Friday, March 2, 2012

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Teachers to withdraw all services March 5 to March 7 Submitted by SD8 The British Columbia Teachers’ Federation has announced that its members will be fully withdrawing their services for three days commencing Monday, March 5, 2012. This is an escalation of strike action that has been taken by teachers throughout the Province of British Columbia over the past six

months, and which has already had significant impact on our school district. Teachers will be unable to provide students with instruction or appropriate, safe supervision during this period of job action. Parents should keep their children at home on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (March 5, 6, and 7), or arrange alternate child

care. Our schools will not be staffed adequately during this time to ensure the safe supervision of our students. None of our regular bus routes will operate during this time. It is the sincere hope of the Board of Education that this dispute will be concluded quickly and that normal school operations will resume as quickly as possible.

“In the meantime we will do our utmost to keep you informed in a timely manner over the next week. We will strive to keep our website upto-date with current information. We also encourage our communities to listen carefully to local radio stations throughout this escalated strike action being taken by teachers. “

Submitted by Keith Wiley Nearly 100 people came out to talk about local opposition to the Enbridge pipeline proposal in Nelson on Thursday, Feb. 23. Two guest speakers outlined issues with the pipeline. Local biologist Wayne McCrory has worked extensively on the bear populations on the coast and the Great Bear Rainforest. Local energy expert Dan Woynillowicz talked about the national eco-

nomic future the pipeline and the tar sands are creating. McCrory explained some of the basics of the pipeline project. He also focussed on possible impacts on the coastal environment and the new traffic in huge oil tankers, some over a kilometre long. Local energy expert Dan Woynillowicz who works for the Pembina Institute, pointed out that the proposed pipeline is part of a growing concentration of the Canadian economy

in the tar sands. He raised concerns, as he put it, on “What that means for the sustainability of our economy over the longer term.” Woynillowicz said that the hazards of depending too much on the tar sands are already being felt. “We now have a currency whose value is correlated directly with the price of oil.” That means the value of our dollar goes through huge swings with the oil price. ����������������������������� After hearing more about

Students from Selkirk College’s School of Industry and Trades training recently helped make the Castlegar community stronger by helping with a Habitat for Humanity West Kootenay (H4HWK) project. Carpentry students have helped with every Habitat for Humanity project throughout the region in recent years. Construction of the home on 11th Avenue in Castlegar began September 2011 and students from Selkirk’s Carpentry Program helped early on with pouring the foundation and framing the building. In January

2012, graduates of Selkirk’s Electrical Foundation and Electrical Apprenticeship Programs, who are now journeymen, volunteered four days of their time and expertise to help install wiring in the home. H4H provides families who have stable employment but are unable to save enough money to make a down payment on a home with a no-interest with no money down. In place of their down payment, they donate their time to the community. In this case, the 11th Avenue home will be sold

to a working single mother be used to build more houses with two children. Benyon and Selkirk’s support helped says the goal of H4HWK is a great deal with that. to keep building costs to a minimum so the money used Submitted by from selling the homes can Selkirk College

Local activists plan local opposition to Enbridge pipeline

the pipeline and the tanker traffic on the coast, people took time to come up with local activities to show opposition to the project. WestKootenayEcoSociety coordinator David Reid led the crowd through a group exercise to come up with action ideas. Supporting the First Nations, t-shirts, shareholder activism and local pipeline parties all came up as ideas and several groups formed to pursue some of these actions.


Selkirk students pitch in on Habitat for Humanity project


theExpress Update


Friday, March 2, 2012

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Multiple collisions

Weather, road conditions and vehicle speeds were contributing factors resulting in 11 motor vehicle incidents over a 16 hour period in the City of Nelson between Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning. Fortunately, most of the accidents were minor in nature and no serious injuries were reported. Five of the incidents occurred Friday between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. including a chain reaction of collisions involving seven vehicles in

front of Rosemont School. Traffic was restricted to and from the area for over one hour to allow City trucks to sand/plow the street for safe removal of all vehicles. Another two accidents occurred Friday evening with four additional incidents reported by 11 a.m. Saturday morning. Howie Grant, Sergeant Nelson Police Department (250) 354-3919

Bizarre tresspassing

Youth get involved in CRT

Young leaders from On Monday afternoon, he removed some of his around the Basin are invited Nelson Police responded to clothing, including a large to participate in an important a report from a woman of an knife in a sheath, and put on conversation at the Columbia intruder in her Fairview resi- clothes belonging to the hus- River Treaty Young Leaders dence. When officers arrived band of the complainant. Conference. Hosted by on scene they found a 21 yr. The young man has been Columbia Basin Trust (CBT), old Nelson man sitting at a remanded in Nelson Police the conference takes place computer desk in the base- custody and appeared in March 16 to 17 in Rossland. ment of the home and he the Castlegar Court House The event is FREE to attend. was taken into custody with- on Tuesday Feb 28, 2012 The goal of the conferout incident. charged with break and ence is to help young peoIn a bizarre twist the sus- enter, and possession of a ple better understand what pect, prior to entering the weapon. the Columbia River Treaty residence,Difficulty placed two dogs sk9E000430 Howie Sergeantsk9M000441 DifficultyGrant, Level - Medium udoku Classic Level - Easy Sudoku Classic (CRT) is, how it works and in the complainants van for Nelson Police what considerations exist for an unknown reason. Then Department the future. upon entering the premise (250) 354-3919 The CRT is an international agreement between Canada and the United States Solution to Sudoku to coordinate flood control and optimize hydroelectric Easy Medium power generation on both 7 4 6 9 3 5 2 8 1 sides of the border. Under 5 1 7 8 6 3 2 9 4 2 8 9 1 4 6 3 7 5 6 3 8 4 2 9 5 1 7 the 1964 treaty, three dams 1 5 3 7 2 8 6 9 4 2 9 4 7 1 5 6 3 8 were constructed in Canada, 3 2 8 4 5 7 1 6 9 4 7 6 2 3 1 9 8 5 including Mica, Duncan and 4 9 7 3 6 1 5 2 8 9 8 3 5 7 4 1 2 6 Hugh Keenleyside. A fourth 5 6 1 2 8 9 7 4 3 1 5 2 9 8 6 4 7 3 dam, Libby, was constructed 8 7 4 6 1 3 9 5 2 3 6 9 1 5 8 7 4 2 6 3 2 5 9 4 8 1 7 in Montana. Its reservoir, the 8 2 1 6 4 7 3 5 9 9 1 5 8 7 2 4 3 6 7 4 5 3 9 2 8 6 1 Koocanusa, extends 67 kiloSolution Solution metres into Canada. see puzzles on page 11 The CRT has no official

expiry date, but has a minimum length of 60 years, which will be met in September 2024. Either Canada or the U.S. can terminate many of the provisions of the agreement effective any time after September 2024, provided written notice is filed at least 10 years in advance (2014). While no decision has been made by either Canada or the U.S. on the future of the current treaty, given the importance of the issues, and the approaching date of 2014, both countries are now conducting studies and exploring future options. Over a thousand Basin residents have already attended CBT-hosted information sessions about the CRT in communities around the Basin. The CRT Young Leaders Conference is one more way CBT is helping ensure Basin residents are informed about the CRT. For more information, or to apply to attend the conference, visit

CommunityNews theExpress Update

Friday, March 2, 2012

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Gravity Climbing Team cleans up at competition The Nelson youth Gravity Climbing Center team had impressive results after participating in the “Psycho” bouldering competition at the Wild Walls climbing facility in Spokane, Washington on February 18, 2012. This was the first competition for the climbing team which has been practising under the direction of coach, Brad Winter, and assistant coaches Carrie

Clark, Myranda Lavalle, Kate Exley and Kathy Wade, since Spring, 2011. The competition included youth and adults in each category which made the results achieved by the Gravity team even more of an accomplishment. Carrie Kilbourne-Quirk came in first in the women’s beginner category with a points total of 1670. Zaraya Brook and Tosh Sherkat, each

Rick Hansen Relay comes to Nelson Thursday, April. 11 25 years ago, on the original Man in Motion World Tour, Rick Hanson wheeled through 34 countries and hundreds of communities,– including Nelson. This year 7,000 people will follow in his tracks in the Many in Motion tour to continue the journey of making positive changes in the lives of others. It hopes to educate a new generation by increasing accessibility and raising awareness of spinal cord injury. The relay is arriving in Nelson on Thursday April 19, 2012 and staying until Sunday April 22. There will be over 30 Nelson medal bearers in total carrying the medal for a 200m distance on the way in and out of town. Medal bearer applicants are still under consideration by the Rick Hanson Foundation. Championing inclusivity, promoting health and empowering youth are all values and tasks that our candidate takes seriously and does with heart. It is, therefore, our privilege and pleasure to announce that Nelson’s honoured medal bearer is Ed Natyshak. End of Day event details to follow at a later date.

came in fourth in the women’s beginner and men’s beginner categories with point totals of 1290 and 1825, respectively. Jared May received a prize for being the youngest competitor on the team. The Nelson team also included Josie Day, Simon HradilKasseckeri, Ben Marken, Liam Kelly, Peyton Whitaker and Nicole Browne. Kevin McBride is also a member of the team but was not able

to attend the competition. It was an inspirational end for a climbing team whose last day of practice was February 23, 2012 due to the closing of the Gravity Climbing Center. The kids are holding out hope that a new facility will be up and running in Nelson soon so that their climbing goals can continue to be achieved. For more information, contact Christine Deynaka 250-352-0527

Will it be an early spring this year? dr. science Christine Humphries

Many people, including me, associate the beginning of Daylight Saving Time (DST) with the beginning of spring. However, this year, it looks like spring will be early in most parts of Canada. This is because Canada and the United States have decided to adopt a new start and end date for DST. In the past, DST started on the 1st Sunday in April, and lasted until the last Sunday in October. In 1995, the US government approved the “Energy Policy Act of 2005” which announced that starting in 2007 DST would begin on the 2nd Sunday in March and would end on the 1st Sunday in November. Most Canadian provinces opted to follow the American plan for DST as this makes it easier to trade with the US. Therefore, this year, we will have to set our clocks forward three weeks earlier than usual, on March 11th, 20012. At 01:59:59.999 the time will officially change to 03:00;

March 11th will be a 23 hour day. Only parts of North-eastern BC, small portions of Ontario and Quebec, and the entire province of Saskatchewan do not have DST. DST was first started in 1915 in Germany as a way of saving energy, and other countries including Canada adopted DST soon after. The time change essentially moves one hour of daylight from the morning hours to the night and, because most energy is consumed at night when people are at home after work, the reduction in the time between sunset and bedtime reduces the need for electricity during this time. Some studies have shown that energy savings of the order of 1% per day of DST can be achieved by moving the clocks forward one hour. DST has also been shown to reduce the number of traffic accidents because more people are driving home from work during daylight, and reduce the crime rate because crimes are less likely to occur during daylight hours. So get ready to get up early and enjoy daylight on March 11th!

Dr. Science is in real life, Dr. Christine Humphries, a molecular biologist

theExpress Update

Friday, March 2, 2012

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Tania Gill Quartet

Monday, Mar. 5, 7:30 p.m. at the Express, 554 Ward Street Acclaimed composer and pianist Tania Gill, originally from Victoria BC, is a key figure in the Toronto jazz and popular music scenes. Tania will be touring with her Bolger Station Quartet. They will play music from Bolger Station that features free-spirited improvisation and compositions that are by turns playful, contemplative, fiery and serene. The Tania Gill Quartet is a consummate contemporary jazz group that plays with intelligence, passion and grace. Tanya has twenty years experience working with worldclass artists. Her long-awaited 2010 debut recording, Bolger Station was a “Disc of the Week� and a Top-Ten disc for 2010, according to The Globe and Mail, and was nominated for debut album of the year in The Village Voice critics’ poll. Tickets at door only and are $10 ($5 for students/seniors). For more information call 250-5051357 or 250-354-3910.

Monday, Mar. 5, 7:30 p.m. at


theExpress 554 Ward St, Nelson $10 at the door, $5 for students/seniors


see puzzle on page 12





theExpress Update

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Shambhala voted best in the world On Saturday February 25th, in London, UK, Shambhala was named “Best Large Event” for the second year in a row at the 11th Annual Breakspoll International Breakbeat Awards. Similar to 2011, Shambhala was among the smaller events in the Best Large Event category. Former Shambhala Site Manager, Mike Brewer, who currently lives in London while working on the 2012 Summer Olympics, accepted the award. He communicated with former co-workers in North America via Twitter during the evening, his final tweet being,

“‘It’s all about the people on the dancefloor, so a Breakspoll award voted on by fans means the world.” The awards ceremony was accompanied by a night of electronic music from some of the biggest names in breakbeat music at Cable in London. “A lot of credit for this award should to Rich-e-Rich & the Fractal Media Crew who create the Fractal Forest stage,” said Corrine Zawaduk, Shambhala’s Executive Producer. “They’ve been creating the ‘funkiest place on earth’ for 14 years.” With the surge in popular-

ity of electronic music all across North America over the past year and half, Shambhala has seen it’s strongest year of sales on record. Online sales sold out in a shocking 17 days in November 2011. Just a handful of tickets remain in stores in Nelson and Salmo, as well as those allotted for the festival’s camping accommodations package, ShambhaLodging. International attendance has doubled in 2012, with many travelling from the US, UK and Australia (among other countries) to experience Canada’s premier electronic music festival first hand.

New exhibition opening at the Kootenay Gallery

Once upon a Leprechaun Friday, Mar. 30 at 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Mar. 31 at 4 p.m. Covenant Church , 702 Stanley St., Nelson, BC The Kootenay Home Educators Theatre Company is proud to present “Once upon a Leprechaun.” With luck and the good fortune of story tale, you’ll be whisked away by the music and spirit of the Emerald Isle in this uplifting, action-packed musical comedy. Folk lore glitters like a gem amidst peaceful Celtic melodies, clever dialogue and slapstick humor to inspire many a chuckle in the wee as well as the old. The Kootenay Home Educators Theatre Company consists of local home-schoolers and their parents. This is the 5th For home schooled consecutive year that the children, Nelson offers rich Company has collaborated options for socialization, with local director, Jeff musical and theatrical expoForst.

Friday, March 2, 2012

sure and community cohesion: a testament to the vitality of our community. Admission by donation.

The Kootenay Gallery will be opening the exhibition season on March 9 to April 21 with The Language of Drawing, a show of works submitted by ten artists who live and work in the Columbia Basin. The Language of Drawing illustrates how different artists interpret the practice of drawing, one of the oldest forms of visual expression that has played a crucial role in the work of artists throughout history. There is no admission charge and the public is welcome to attend. The artists and curator will be in attendance A drawing workshop facilitated by one of the exhibiting artists, Deb Thompson, will be offered on March 31st. For more information contact the gallery or visit the website at

theExpress Update

Friday, March 2, 2012

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Sweatshop Union

Saturday, Mar. 10, 10 p.m. The Spiritbar With tens of thousands of albums sold and hundreds of shows rocked, the word of mouth is spreading about Sweatshop Union’s style of conscious lyrics, highly musical beats, and high energy live shows that far surpass the average hip hop concert. Sweatshop ais embarking on their most extensive phase of touring ever, hitting over 100 cities across North America in just over four months. Sweatshop Union began as a collective of Vancouverbased artists pooling resources to release an album, transforming into a group in the process. The crew, made up of Kyprios, Dirty Circus, Pigeon Hole, and Innocent Bystanders, released their debut album Local 604 in late 2002 via indie label Battle Axe Records. In support of the album, they created three music videos and toured Canada with Jurassic 5 and Blackalicious, as well as thenlabelmates Swollen Members and Abstract Rude. This was the beginning of a relentless touring schedule that has proven to be a key catalyst to solidifying their growing fan base and maintaining momentum. Tickets $10 available at the Hume front desk

Samatha Savage Smith with Sarah Calvert Wednesday, Mar. 7, 7 p.m. The Royal The Royal presents the immensely talented Samantha Savage Smith. She is a pixie sized, blonde, blue-eyed knock out visually and vocally. With the voice, the songs, the skills, the confidence and enough chunky guitar riffs in her 24 year old little fingers to instantly captivate and charm any audience. Loud, brash, soft and soothing...this lady’s got it all. Her powerful vocals and distinct sound will

turn your head the moment you hear her. Sarah Calvert (the Artist formerly known as “Que Sarah) returns to the Koots for a show in Nelson and Rossland BC to begin her BC tour, which will take her to Revelstoke, Golden, Invermere and end in Calgary. She’s been touring internationally since she left Nelson 5 years ago and has been based in Toronto performing.

Accompanying her will be the fabulous local David Mitchell on upright bass. Her earthy voice is typically accompanied by guitar, piano or harmonica while her style ranges from blues, jazz to bluegrass and country. This is sure to be a fantastic night of music with two lovely ladies! Tickets are $10 and are available at The Royal, Urban Legends, Eddy Music and www.liveatthero

Travis T. in the Kootenays, Wish You Were Here by Chris Rohrmoser

theExpress Update


Friday, March 2, 2012

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What kinds of shows do you want to see at the new Express venue? Click here or visit the link below Last week’s survey responses

You are what you eat... So what do you eat? Why do you have this certain dietary choice? I eat low-fat, low sugar, whole grain, mostly nuts, legumes and fish, and very little meat and poultry I recently quit eating wheat after reading the book “Wheat Belly” I also avoid sugar -Too much everywhere NO soy either I try to buy organic. MY husband is on a restricted diet consisting of low-fat foods. I was formerly a vegetarian, but have incorporated some meat into my diet so I could enjoy some meals with my husband...who loves his meat. I have learned to cook a lot of low-fat recipes for him and have become so accustomed to eating low-fat...that I cannot assimilate fat like I used to. I also prefer to eat whole grain because my health is too important to eat anything but that! I am 3rd generation vegetarian. HEALTH and environmental benefits of a plant- based diet DAIRY gives me too much mucus. Gluten causes bloating and flatulence.

What is your dietary choice?

I eat a balanced diet of meat grain and vegetables I am vegetarian I am a vegan I eat a lactose and gluten free diet I eat whatever doesn’t eat me

I value my health and the healthofanimals.Industrialized farming practices, which use hormones and antibiotics, are unhealthy for people, and these farming practices treat animals callously and cruelly. I will not purchase meat and survive well without it. Regarding, vegetables, I grow my own as much as possible and / or buy organic. I read labels and avoid anything with corn or corn syrup due to genetic modifications.

I’VE noticed that a balance of some meat, grains and vegetables keeps me functioning at a good level of energy. Sardines are the best! I eat organic grown veggies and I know where my meat has come from. HEALTH & well-being (physical/spiritual/karmic) OPPOSE animal cruelty, health and environmental concerns, so many great food choices.

I eat what makes me feel good in the moment. Chocolate one moment, brocoli the next. I try to never turn down anything offered to me. I would consider myself an opportunivore. Definition of an opportunivore by the urban dictionary: an individual who seeks food in any situation where no exchange of capital is needed, e.g., dumpster diving or crashing a wedding buffet

theExpress Update

Friday, March 2, 2012

Opinion&Editorial Commentary

A federal year in review: part II

drawing from the Kyoto Accord, taking no lead role to address climate change. Instead, our federal government has accused Canadians with environmental concerns over the mega Enbridge pipeline project and oil tankers of being part of “radical groups” and under “foreign” influence. At the same time, the Harper Conservatives and oil companies have lobbied the Americans to allow the comAlex Atamanenko pletion of the Keystone pipeMP of Southern Interior line to transport even more As expressed in my last unprocessed bitumen from column, it has been diffi- the Alberta tar sands. cult over the past year to Canada has also continwork with the current federal ued its unbalanced support Conservative majority gov- of Israel in the Middle East ernment. conflict, instead of working to Internationally, Canada broker a long-lasting peace. has continued its obstrucAs well, the Conservatives tionist policies by with- are committed to spending bil-

Restore the Civic Theatre

Dear Editor, I support the many survey responses which demand the restoration of the Civic Theatre to its former purpose. At the same time, I remind those readers who suggest the demolition of the Civic Centre to rethink their position. Besides being a historical site – “one of the few art deco building in Nelson” - presently the facility, other than the movie theatre, is a very vibrant building with a dance studio, gymnastic club, and a

Page 9

fully functional arena and sports museum occupying the main areas of the facility. These are all essential to the sports and dance community in Nelson. If you have not been to the Civic Centre recently, I invite you to do so, to witness the activities throughout the building. The Nelson Regional Sports Council completed two years of upgrades to the interior of the Civic Arena and Sports Museum. Bill McDonnell Director, Nelson

lions on F-35 stealth bombers without a transparent, competitive bidding process, and for the primary purpose of first-strike capability, not protection of our sovereign territory. Under the new configuration of Parliament, when the vote comes, the Conservative majority has the final say, despite having only 29% of the eligible vote in Canada. We need to change our antiquated system where such an elected government has an absolute majority to do whatever it pleases. (Look for the Conservatives to solidify their position even more in the coming years with federal electoral boundary changes.) On top of this, we have a Senate stacked with the Prime Minister’s political appointees

Coldsmoke Weekend

It has become crystal clear, this season, that Whitewater’s days as a small time, back woods ski area are over. Last Saturday, for those on the mountain, was absolutely hectic with skiers and snowboarders lining up to get the powder they dream about all week. Recently, Whitewater has been planning preparations for improvements such as the construction of a secondary lodge or an expansion to the existing one. Also included is the eventual replacement

Click here to submit your

Letter to the Editor theExpressNewsUpdate

that rubber stamp anything he tells them to do; not great for the democratic process. It is my sincere hope that a fair system of proportional representation will continue to be one of the key elements of the federal NDP, and that our new leader will make it his/her priority. It would be a very healthy step in the development of our democracy to have a Parliament made up of a number of political parties that actually have to work together and reach compromises for the benefit of all Canadians. Let’s try to make this happen, and not give up hope! I would like to wish everyone all the best in 2012. I look forward to working with constituents to advance their issues. Colin Greenlaw

of the Summit chair and the creation of another parking lot, which will provide much needed parking space for patrons. More than ever before, people are parking on the side of the road, creating traffic blocks and hazards for cars travelling on an already challenging road. Fortunately, Whitewater has addressed all of these aspects in their master plan and, as always, still offers legendary terrain and snow quality that is second to none.


theExpress Update

Friday, March 2, 2012

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This week’s EXPRESS NEWS UPDATE was produced by:

Nelson Becker

Mary “Marjorie” Fullerton

With broken hearts, we announce the peaceful passing of Mary “Marjorie” Fullerton on February 23rd, 2012 with her daughter Dianne and Christine at her side. On December 5, 1921 the world was blessed with the birth of Mary Marjorie MacGlashen, born to Owen and Rhoda (Chappell) MacGlashen, in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Other than having rickets as a baby, Marge enjoyed her childhood. In her early years (2 – 10) she lived in Salem, Massachusetts. They returned to Amherst, Nova Scotia (Tidnish Bridge) to the “Farm.” When mom was 19 her mother died suddenly and mom took over looking after “Daddy” and Brother Bill. She also worked at the Canada Care stocking new airplane parts. She was always called upon to care for sick or dying family and friends, also delivering babies. On January 1, 1948 she married George Burgess Fullerton, they purchased their own farm where they raised three children; Rickey, Robert and Dianne. Mom worked hard on the farm raising us “Brats”, cooking for the mill bunkhouse, milking cows, haying, gardening, fixing fences, and being a valued community member. Due to a poor economy in 1961, Dad moved to BC to look for work. Mom was left to hold the fort down raising us and keep the farm running. In 1963 mom loaded up the car with camping supplies, maps, 3 kids and a dog. We looked like The Beverly Hillbillies minus the rocking chair; and drove across Canada ending up in Castlegar. Mom was active in the community supporting hockey, teaching Sunday school and CGIT and starting St. David’s thrift shop. Mom and Dad made may good friends in Castlegar.

You would see them camping, hunting, fishing, usually with a few grandkids in tow. All grandkids and great grandchildren were proud owners of her mittens, socks and sweaters. In 1993, Dad passed away and mom continued to maintain and live in her own home in Castlegar. In January 2010, mom moved to Nelson to Lakeview Village, to be closer to her daughter, Dianne. She enjoyed one and a half years there: Due to some major health issues she moved in with Dianne in September 2011 and remained with her until her passing. Mom was predeceased by her parents, Owen and Rhoda MacGlashen, husband George, brother Bill, son-in-law Ken Herbert. Left to carry on her legacy, Rick (Pam) of Prince George, Robert (Mary Ann) of Kelowna, Dianne Hebert of Nelson, grandkids Jennifer (Ken), Lisa (Dave), Nicole (Doug), Kathleen (Chris), Jay (Melanie), Jeff (Roxanne); great grandkids, Kathryn, Daniel, Brooklyn, Jordann, Bobby, Cassidy, Abby, Alexis, Nathan, Tyler and Mason; two step great grand daughters Brianna and Alyssa; sister-inlaw Marie MacGlashen. Deeply loved by nieces, nephews and cousins. Celebration of life to be held at the United Church in Castlegar 809 MerryCreek Road at 11:00am on Tuesday, February 28, 2012. PLEASE WEAR SOMETHING PURPLE TO HONOR THE LADY THAT LOVED PURPLE Online condolences may be expressed at Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Thompson Funeral Service Ltd.

Robin Murray

Erica Fletcher

How to contact us Classifieds, Events Listings, Press Releases, Fish Heads and Flowers and Letters to the Editor can all be submitted via the Express web site: You can also reach us by phone at 250-354-3910, by e-mail. or by post at: P.O. Box 922, Nelson, BC, V1L 6A5. Please note that the Express Update and all its contents are copyrighted by Kootenay Express Communications Corp. and may not be used without expressed permission. Copyright 2011 The Kootenay Express News Update 554 Ward Street Nelson, BC V1L1S9 Nelson Becker, Publisher


Victor Mintz

Victor Mintz passed away peacefully in Nelson, BC Canada on February 19, 2012 at the age of 93. His passing was as gentle as could be. He was surrounded by his family. Fay, his wife of 64 years, held Victor’s hand as Mozart played in the background and he just slowly slipped away from us. Victor was born in the East End of London, England in 1919. He grew up on Brick Lane in the bosom of a large, close-knit extended Jewish family. He was predeceased by his mother, Debbie, his father, Max as well as his beloved brother, Lenny. In the UK his sisters-in-law Dot Stern (Gerard Curran) & Millie Levene; his nieces Blanche Zaph, Nicole Rincon (Guido) & Rachel Stern and his nephews Alan Levene (Anthea), Robert Levene (Fay) & Matthew Stern, and as well as many more relatives and treasured family friends the world over will miss him greatly. Victor served in the British army during WWII. He returned home to marry the love of his life Fay in 1947. Their eldest daughter Brenda came along in 1948.

In 1954 they packed all their worldly goods into their piano and moved to Canada to seek a better life. They settled in Calgary where their daughter Helen was born in 1956. She married John Pengelly in 1989 and to Victor’s great delight, late in life, he became a grandfather. Callum and Ryan Pengelly were his pride and joy. The Mintz’s Canadian life was filled with music, theatre, intellectual pursuits and great friendships. They were founding members of the Musical Theatre of Calgary, The Calgary Opera Society and Calgary Pro Musica, but Victor was especially fond of his membership in the Alberta Sceptics Club. He would often ferry passengers to their destination in his trusty vehicle licensed to PunGent. He published a book titled Musical Cheers: A Music & Opera Lover’s Guide to Humorous Verse in 2001 of which he was most proud. An opening limerick read: “I know my verses don’t scan/But I do the best that I can/Opera praises rhapsodic/Are somewhat spasmodic/They come when the fit hits the fan.” When he was merely 80 Brenda & Helen turned the limerick tables on him producing this quintessential ditty --From Olde London Town came a gent/ Who cracked puns wherever he went/ His subjects were various/ His punch lines never precarious/ But his grandkids didn’t get what they meant. Victor was a raconteur extraordinaire and many were blessed to enjoy his wit in the prime of its seasoning. We’ll miss you Victor/ Daddy/Papa/Grandpa/Uncle/ Friend. Most especially whenever we hear a good groaner.

Sudoku Classic theExpress Update

Difficulty L Friday, March 2, 2012

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Sudoku Easy 5







9 4

5 1


7 6 3

3 1





7 3 Difficulty L

Sudoku Classic 6



6 4 7

7 4 5

3 5 8


Sudoku Medium 4 6 5 8 1 6 8 3 9

9 7 7 6 6 3 2

6 1 5

9 7 4


4 3 9

5 3 3 1 1

5 6 8 1 9

8 7 2

9 5 4

6 5 1 1 6

9 2 5 3

9 7 3 1 7 4 3

4 7and 3 3by 3 square 5 must TO WIN : every6 row, column each contain the digits 1 to 9. Solution on page 3

7 4 5



theExpress Update

Friday, March 2, 2012

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theExpress Update


Friday, March 2, 2012

Page 13

Live music

Fri. Mar. 2

After Work Dance Party. The Royal. 6pm - No Cover. Come dance your work week blues away with live music by Clinton Swanson and friends Cedar and Rhapsody. The Royal. Doors 9pm - $5 at the door. Following Mostly Swing’s After Work Dance Party Local Dj’s Rhapsody and Cedar take over to play some bumpin’ bouncin’ beats. All Request DJ. Finley’s Irish Bar and Grill

Sat. Mar. 3

Violin vs. Vinyl feat. Kytami @ Spiritbar. 10 p.m. Kytami is a violinist extremist. Perhaps Canada’s most diverse and engaging fiddle player. Kytami can bound between classical and fiddle styles, match them to heavy bass and electronic dance beats and then effortlessly cross genres to combine her skills and sound with the pounding of skins in punk and metal. Tickets $5 - $10 at the door. Junipur Jupiter & Brynn Forsey, Sam Scholes, Joy! at Ellison’s Cafe Acoustic Unplugged Sessions (Facebook) 12-3 Abstrakt Nights w/ Lady AK, Buck Lee, and Mach-1. The Royal. Doors 9pm - $5 at the door.Join us for the first installment of Nelson’s latest Monthly Night featuring the finest in Drum and Bass, Jungle, Dubstep, Funky, House, Moombahton, Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop.

Sun. Mar. 4

Niko at the Hume Library Lounge. 6p.m. to 10p.m.

Karaoke. Finley’s Irish Bar and Grill. 9p.m.

Mon. Mar. 5

The Tania Gill Quartet, The Express. 554 Ward St. 7:30. The Tania Gill Quartet is a consummate contemporary jazz group that plays with intelligence, passion and grace. Tania has 20 years experience working with world-class artists. $10 at the door (students $5) For more information call 250-3543910. Tues. Mar. 6 Cliff Maddix and friends 6p.m. The Library Lounge The Jam Experiment. Finley’s, 8 p.m. Every Tuesday. No cover. Drums and amps are supplied (bring your own instruments) Rob Funk and Friends (No Cover) The Royal. 9pm Magic Bus features local musicians. Sometimes they’re a DJ, sometimes it’s a band or artist. Whatever the sound, it’s always quality and it’s always free! Come support local music!

Womans Day Celebration @ Spiritbar. 8 p.m. Come out and dance for the ones who gave you the chance! Featuring Avalon alumni DJ Leif, DJ Morninglory and DB! This is a special early show with doors opening at 8pm and donations of $2 or more at the door going to the Women’s Center. Moonbeam Hustle w/ Breakfluid. The Royal., 9pm. No cover. An evening on the dancefloor with Breakfluid and guests and some of the best hiphop, reggae, soul, dub, funk, disco, broken beat and rare grooves.

Fri. Mar. 9

The Fugitives w/ Rhoneil. The Royal. Tickets $10 available at The Royal, Urban Legends and 8pm. Modern Folk Quartet. The Funk Hunters (Live AV Set!) @ Spiritbar. 10 p.m. Armed with 4-turntables and the unique ability to create live mashups and remixes, their DJ sets standout. Seamlessly Wed. Mar. 7 blending original productions Variety Shows w/ Estevan and with everything from HipHop Tracy Lynn. The Royal. 8:30 to Funk, Disco to House, p.m. Come to listen, come to Dubstep to DnB, and everyplay! The stage is open. thing in between. Tickets are Samantha Savage Smith $10 for the first 100. w/ Sarah Calvert. The Royal. All Request DJ. Finley’s Irish 8pm Tickets are $10 and are Bar and Grill available at The Royal, Urban Sat. Mar. 10 Legends, Eddy Music and www. Sweatshop Union at the Spiritbar. 10 p.m. Sweatshop Union’s Paul Landsberg at the Library style of conscious lyrics, highly Lounge. 6p.m. to 10p.m. musical beats, and high energy Thurs. Mar. 8 live shows that far surpass the Kiyo Elkuf and friends at the average hip hop concer. Tickets Library Lounge. 6p.m. to 10 $10 in advance, available at the Hume front desk. p.m.

Shred Kelly. The Royal. Doors open 9pm. Foot stompin’ good times. Tickets $10 available at The Royal, Urban Legends, Eddy Music and

Sun. Mar. 11

Acres of Lions w/ Almanak. Doors open 7pm. Pop-rock band. Tickets $5 at the door Niko at the Hume Library Lounge. 6p.m. to 10p.m. Karaoke. Finley’s Irish Bar and Grill. 9p.m.

Mon. Mar. 12

Sarah & Rich at the Library Lounge. 6 p.m. to 10p.m.

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theExpress Update


Friday, March 2, 2012

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special events

The Nelson Storytelling Guild. At 7PM in the Back Alley Studio in the alley across from Oxygen Studio. Informal, easygoing, anybody can tell kind of atmosphere. Special guest this month is retired RDCK Director

(310 Cedar St.) at 7 PM. Live fiddle music.r. 9 Opening reception at Kootenay Thurs. Mar. 8 Gallery -The Language of KHAOS world premiere. The Drawing, an exhibition of ten world premiere production of Basin artists. this exciting new opera is being Fri. Mar. 9 presented by Nelson Community Opera. The production has a KHAOS opera. The Capitol cast of 42 singers and instru- Theatre. For more information mentalists and 1 solo dancer ticket prices and show times visit and a behind the scenes crew www.capitoltheatre.bc.caFri. of over 15 designers, and direcSat. Mar. 10 tors and technicians. Tickets are KHAOS opera. The Capitol $50 and are available at tickets. Theatre. For more information capitoltheatre.bc.caFri. ticket prices and show times visit Contra dance at the Scout Hall www.capitoltheatre.bc.caFri. M

Kootenay Rhythm Dragons Membership Drive. 10:00 noon. Community First Health Co-op Building in Nelson. 518 Lake Street. All women are welcome to join Nelson’s local dragon boat team, learn the basics of paddling, get fit and have fun! For more information: Dorothy Hatto (250) 551-3104

Wednesdays Alzheimers/ Dementia Caregiver support group meetings. 2nd Wednesday Monthly. 7 p.m. Call 250-352-6788 or email Lhoskin@alzheimerbc. org for more info. Nelson Women’s Centre Dropin. Noon - 4p.m. Free clothing and food. 420 Mill St. 250352-9916 Darts at the Nelson Legion. 7:30p.m. 250-352-7727 Girls’ Night with MargaretAnn at the Youth Centre. 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. 608 Lake St. ph. 250-352-5656 Nelson & Area Elder Abuse Prevention Resource Centre. From 1200 - 2pm 719 Vernon St. or phone 250352-6000 Thursdays Skate Lessons at the Youth Centre

Toastmasters: Improve your public speaking, communication and leadership skills. 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month. www. toastmasters.or Nelson Women’s Centre. Dropin. Noon - 4p.m. Free clothing and food. 420 Mill St. 250-352-9916 Acupuncture for Addictions. Free drop-in clinic. 9:30a.m. Located at 333 Victoria St., 2nd Floor. 250505-7248 Fridays Gender Outlaws, a support and social group for trans and gender diverse folks. 250-354-5362 Saturdays Meat Draws at Nelson Legion. 3:30p.m., in beverage room with Karaoke after. 250-352-7727 The Nelson Scrabble Club meets at 1p.m. For further information, please call 250-352-6936 Sundays St. John’s Lutheran Church Service. Everyone welcome to

Pool Table Nights, Finley’s Irish Bar and Grill Heritage Harmony Barbershop Chorus. Welcoming anyone! Tim 250-825-9694 or John 250-3526892 Tuesdays Nelson’s Parkinson Support Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 1:30 pm at 701 Gordon Road (in Christie Lee Hall). Contact Bob at 250-2292272. Breast Cancer Support Group. Community First Health Coop, 518 Lake St. Noon on every 4th Tuesday. Alice 250-3526223Nadine 250-359-7777 Belly Dancing with Ashala. at The Youth Centre. 8-12 yrs, 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. 13-19 yrs, 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. 608 Lake St. ph. 250352-5656 Skate Yoga at the Youth Centre. 8 p.m. - 9 p.m. 608 Lake St. ph. 250-352-5656

Fri. Mar. 2

Regional Dramafest. 7 p.m. at the Capitol Theatre. AGM - West Kootenay Therapeutic Riding Association, rescheduled. Best Western, Baker Street, 9:00 A.M Everyone Welcome!

Sun. Mar. 4

Al Dawson who will tell a story about the Sons of Freedom.

ongoing events

4p.m. worship. 321 Silica St. 250354-3308 Nelson United Church Service. 10 a.m. All are welcome. 602 Silica St. 250-352-2822 Cribbage at the Legion beverage room, 12:45p.m. 250-3527727 Ascension Lutheran Church Service 10:15a.m. 1805 Silverking Rd. All are welcome. 250-3522515 Quaker Meeting 4th Sunday of each month in Winlaw. 11 a.m. Phone 250-226-6701. Everyone welcome. Texas Hold’em Poker at the Nelson Legion. 12p.m. Last Sunday of every month. 250-3527727 Mondays Scottish Country dancing 7 to 9 pm at the Central School Gym, 811 Stanley Street. For more info contact Kathy at 359-7545 or June at 352-1836.

Wed. Mar. 14

Forest Art for Kids, Kokanee Park. A day of outdoor exploration and creativity. $30 Contact: 250.352.6346/ Judith_robertson@hotmail.

theExpress Update


theClassifieds NEW IKEA QUEEN bed frame, white $175 obo, FREE: mattresses, single & queen, desks, stool. 250-352-7977

WHOEVER COLLIDED WITH parked Jetta, 419 Delbruck St, 24th/ 25th February, please conHealth & Fitness tact OVER SUPPLY OF Acupuncture Blessings needles. Assorted sizes Art Dongbang, Carbo & Tewa. $5 / ENCAUSTIC PAINTING box call Susan 250-354-1900 WORKSHOPS in Nelson. Visit KARATE MMA SELF defense. Balfour Community Hall. 7-9 (click News) for more information p.m. Mon, Wed, and Fri. $10 or call 250.352.2812. drop in fee. Children, seniors and disabled welcome. For regAutomotive-Cars istration call Robert 250-77799’ CHRYSLER 300M, 4 door 0512 sedan, purple, lady driven, in nice Help Wanted shape with 269400km. Mostly highway km -never had any prob- CERTIFIED DENTAL lems with it. V6 engine, loaded ASSISTANT required for P/T -black heated leather seats, abs, position in upbeat, team-orientgood winter tires, good sound- ed dental office in Nelson, BC ing stereo, power seat adjustment, starting April 1, 2012. Please always change oil every 5000 km call (250) 352-2711 or toll free: with synthetic oil. Smooth quiet ride 1-877-647-8476. Please email $3500 obo. Call 250-551-7687 resume to mistisosplace@shaw. 2002 SUNFIRE 2DR automatic. ca Black, tinted windows, winters + Internet summers on rims. 151100k $3200 PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS 250-505-5270 Design ;Without Breaking Automotive-Tires/ WEB The BankÖCall Cosmo at 250Parts/Other 354-3612 or visit my website NOKIAN TIRES, ALL season 10- ply, LT245/75R16 VATIVIA, excelLost & Found lent tread and condition. $620.00 LOST EARING: BLUE diamond obo. 250 505-3468 around Baker street on Automotive-Trucks/ shaped Tuesday Feb. 21. 250 354-3881

Misc. Wanted

WANTED: KEYBOARD WITH weighted keys. 250 352-1917.

Pets & Livestock

WANTED: ORANGE TABBY Kitten Preferably female. We will provide her with a loving home. 250-352-2342 OSTER TURBO A5 Clippers. Professional grade, barely used. New price $290: http://www. roomer&cid=926&scid=0&pid=6 476 $75. 250-352-3545

Real Estate

REVENUE PROPERTY, PROCTER, house with 2 suites on large, private lot. $289,800 Details: http://www.procterhotel. com/home.html 250-354-9465 2.35 ACRES AND cottage in Harrop, $319.000 Details at html


2 BDRM APPT. Nelson. Close to downtown. $800 a month + Utls. Children and cats ok. Upper duplex. Private entrance. 250354-1456 NELSON VACATION RETREAT rental. 2 bdrm house. Utilities incl.. Furnished, beautiful, peacful. Wireless, wood-stove. March 5 to April 5. Lisa 250-555-5742 or 250-304-6825 SUVs/Vans 3 BDRM, 2 bathroom in Fairview. 90’ 4RUNNER 4X4 4 cylinder, 4 LOST. WELL NOT REALLY. For pictures and information door 209,000k. Everything works. Brown boiled wool hat, aqua visit aluminum roof rack. lining, embroidered perimeter. ance/Douglas-Road $1,500/ Inadvertently taken to Sally Ann. mo+utilities. jdanniels@gmail. $3800obo 250-505-5034 Reward. 250 225 3296. Furniture com or 403.686.3270 Misc. for Sale 2 LARGE BDRM Beasley dayWORKING HOTPOINT FRIDGE light basement $1275 p.m inc BEAUTIFUL SENAGALESE $75.00; Toshiba 32”TV $25.00; heat and lights pets considered MAHOGANY. jimbe. $400.00 12x16 rose carpet suitable for 250-352-3559 250-352-7876 basement $25.00; Ph.250-2292385 you pick up. BATH TUB SURROUND, boxed, COZY BACHELOR SUITE in ABOVE TOILET CUPBOARD not used. White acrylic, 3pc. uphill, looking for conscientious, good quality $25.00. 250-352- 30”X60”. $200.00 Phone: 250- ‘eco’ minded, quiet tenant, $550 + utilities 250-352-7269 352-7154 9847

Friday, March 2, 2012

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WELL CARED FOR 2 bedroom Duplex, in Castlegar, available April 1, 4 appliances, $775/month, References, 250-354-3793 1 BEDROOM SUITE, $750 includes utilities, Lots of storage, Off street parking W/D, N/S, N/P 778-678-5709 ROOM $450.00 PER month. Will Consider garden work exchange after March 21st call Bren 250 229-4346 MAY-JUNE-JULY SUBLET. 1 bdrm apt. downtown Nelson. 875$/ month, all-inclusive. 5 appliances. Furnished .Quiet. Luminous. Non-smoking. No pets. single/couple. Ellissa tel:250-3529279 FURNISHED 1 BEDROOM ground floor apartment - Fairview $1,175 + utils Available April 10 - June 30 250 505-5119 FURNISHED 1 BEDROOM ground floor apartment - Uphill $1,000 + utils Available April 1 - June 30 250 505-5119 AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY: BEAUTIFUL cabin in Beasley, 15 min west of Nelson. Sleeping loft, full bath w/clawfoot tub, kitchen, livingroom, storage, deck, gardens. $700+utilities pets considered, references & DD.Can send pics. 250 359-7979

Rentals Wanted

SENIOR WOMAN, NS/NP/ ND, PENSIONER, Excellent References, requires Nelson longterm house for rent. Excellent homekeeper. 250-352-4647 MUM/TODDLER WISH TO rent (studio/1BR/shared pad) in town for 1-2months from mid April. SENIOR COUPLE SEEKS longterm home to rent in Nelson. Need 2 bedrooms plus woodworking shop space. Pension income, can’t pay over $700/mo. Have 2 cats & a bird. Robin 250354-1412

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The Express News Update  

building community since 1988