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Friday, Nov. 30, 2012

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Arts&Entertainment It’s Panto time at the Capitol Theatre for the 25th year

Thursday to Sunday, Nov. 29, 30 and Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m. and Dec. 1 and 2, matinees at 2 p.m. The Capitol Theatre Forst, know exactly what they ens of volunteers backstage. “It’s a Nelson tradition. proudly presents the 25th think of her evil antics. “Lisa Lowther, Tom Lavis There’s no better way to kick Annual Christmas Pantomime “I wrote this year’s script and Janine Keeling-Hemphill start the holiday season than this year featuring Sherlock with Nelson in mind,” says anchor an incredible team of to come out to the Panto with Holmes and the Hound of Jarvis. “We poke fun at a very talented painters,” says your family and boo, cheer Buskerville. The story is very few local issues for sure.” Jarvis. “June Spearman and and laugh along with your loosely based on the origi- Pantomimes are designed MaryLou Anctil have moved fellow Nelsonites onstage. I nal Sherlock Holmes and the for a multi-age audience, so from being onstage partici- love it.” Hound of the Baskerville, there’s something for every- pants to helping put together Tickets are $15 Adult $10 one of the most famous and one to enjoy, from physical props and costumes. In fact, Youth/Senior and $45 Family admired detective stories ever comedy and one-liners, to all I think Mary Defeo has been of four. Buy online at capitolwritten. Published in 1901 the singing and dancing that involved in more Pantos than or 250-352-6363 and 1902, it appeared in nine are traditionally seen in this I have. And that’s a lot!” Tuesday thru Friday noonmonthly installments in The type of show. This is the Capitol 4:30 p.m. Strand magazine. Not only is there a large Theatre’s 25th Christmas submitted by the The Capitol Theatre cast onstage, but there are doz- Pantomime. Jarvis explains: Capitol Theatre Christmas Pantomime is a Nelson tradition that features a cast comprised of local community players ranging in age from 6 – 60. This year’s chorus features experienced Panto actors like Kendall McPherson, Liz and Soleil Babcock and Mary Anderson, plus first-timers like Kaj, Created by the Dylan and Oliver Gyr. “One Halcyon Culinary Team. of the things that makes this project so much fun is the combination of actors from all ages and levels of experience,” says director, Laurie Jarvis. “We’ve had entire for families in the cast together.” Book two nights and receive the third Once again gracing the Panto stage are Bruce night FREE. Call or visit online for details. Ormond, who brings his own keen intellect to the role of the amazing Sherlock Holmes, Dustin Cantwell as the bumbling but warm-hearted Dr. Watson, and Craig Korth playing Mrs. Hudson, the very hairy housekeeper. Panto audiences are always invited to participate in the show LUNCH & DIP DINNER & DIP 1.8 88. 689 . 46 99 and this year is no exception. PER PER PERSON PERSON HAL C YON -HOTSP RI NGS. C O M Children and adults alike will delight in singing along, talking back and letting Professor Mariarty, played by Lisel

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