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Children get a close-up look at the living Nativity scene during the Kootenay Christian Fellowship’s Christmas celebration on Friday, Dec. 5. Jaden Schulhauser, back left, played Joseph, Nome Reake played Mary and Ahelia Snell had the starring role as Jesus. The evening featured music and a petting zoo as well.

Forest fire plan Fire mitigation plan for the West Arm Provincial Park unveiled. PAGE 5

Christmas up close


See page 7 for photos from the Santa Claus event hosted by the Nelson Business Association the following night.

Condemnation and praise Proposed coalition debated after Governor General decides to suspend Parliament

David Orcutt Slocan Valley artist in Vancouver hospital after fall. PAGE 12

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by Chris Shepherd Alex Atamanenko, the MP for the B.C. Southern Interior riding, is afraid the suspension of Parliament will just delay action on the economy, but his opponent in last month’s election says it was what Canadians wanted. With Governor General Michaëlle Jean’s decision to prorogue, or suspend Parliament, Atamanenko sees a stalled government. “In my opinion, nothing is happening. All that’s happening is a battle for the hearts and minds of the nation.” Jean’s decision came after Prime Minister Stephen Harper asked her to prorogue Parliament in the face of a coalition

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We need to offer some hope to Canadians that we can do things differently. Alex Atamanenko, NDP MP for B.C. Southern Interior

between the Liberal and NDP. The coalition, which would have had the two opposition parties form a government with support from the Bloc Québécois, was set to defeat Harper’s Conservative government. In a bid to avoid such a move, Harper suspended

Parliament until Monday, Jan. 26. Atamanenko said the Conservatives will spend the next month and a half attacking the coalition while the coalition proponents will be busy explaining what the coalition will look like.

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402 Baker St. Nelson Trading Co.

Rob Zandee, Conservative candidate for B.C. Southern Interior

Support for a coalition is gaining momentum, Atamanenko said. There is some fear around the idea because Canadians don’t have this experience. “They feel it’s tough times, it’s uncertain. ‘How can this function?’ they

Basically it’s a coup and that’s not Canada as far as they’re concerned. It’s not what they voted for. ask. I understand that and we have to explain what is involved here.” “What’s involved is actually the majority of the members of Parliament getting together and trying to do something.” See COALITION p.9…

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December 10, 2008


Bibo decants a new restaurant Menu and decor set the mood for comfort at restaurant that aims to provide a new neighbourhood eatery by Chris Shepherd Last week the owners of Nelson’s newest restaurant popped the cork on their place with a grand opening. When asked to describe Bibo, 518 Hall St., just up from Herridge Lane, June McEwen says it’s an evolving concept. The group of partners want to create a modern take on the bistro and combine it with a neighbourhood restaurant that people will want to visit often. The restaurant offers a wide variety of wines (“bibo” is Latin for drink) that compliment the menu. Brad Lazarenko is the executive chef and he says Bibo offers the kind of food he would want to go out and eat. “There’s not going to be food that intimidates people but there are combinations of flavours people might not think of at first,” Lazarenko says. The term “modern comfort food” comes to mind, he says. Bibo’s ambience matches the menu. Trevor Furmanck is another partner who guided the design

of the intimate restaurant. Furmanck kept the buildings brick walls exposed while knocking down the interior walls to open the space up. Dark wood adorns the bar and tables and while the space is newly renovated, it looks comfortably lived in. “Everything has been thought about,” Furmanck says. “We’re trying to let it wear naturally.” Bibo is open from Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. when they serve brunch. The appetizers start at $4 and dinners run the range from $10 to $18. Sunday’s brunch costs from $9 to $14 and that is the only day Nathan Rothgeb’s famous caesar is available. The restaurant’s fourth partner and general manager is also the creator of a double-bacon caesar that they insist is the best way to recover from a night out. To be clear, this is a drink, not a salad. Bibo can be reached at (250) 352-2744 and reservations can only be made for groups of six or more and holiday bookings for the month December.


The creative minds behind Bibo hope Nelson adopts their new business as a neighbourhood restaurant. Pictured are Brad Lazarenko, Nathan Rothgeb, Trevor Furmanck and June McEwen.



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December 10, 2008 EXPRESS Page 3


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Locals gather to talk about what a Liberal-NDP coalition would look like for Canada by Chris Shepherd While the political schemes unfold in Ottawa, a group of West Kootenay residents came together last week to learn what a Liberal-NDP coalition would look like and what they could do to support such an alliance. Alex Atamanenko, the NDP MP for the B.C. Southern Interior riding, had his staff organize the Thursday, Dec. 4 meeting. Andrew Shadrack, the director for the RDCK’s Area D, started the evening by reviewing some basic elements of Canadian democracy. A prime minister is not elected in Canada (compared to the United States where a president is). “The prime minister is the head of government. He serves at the will of a majority of the members of the House of Commons and the Governor General.” If the majority of those members of Parliament

There are clear precedences for both coalitions and for the leader of the second largest leader of the house to become the prime minister. Andrew Shadrack, retired political scientist choose not to support the prime minster, the government fails, Shadrack told the audience of roughly 65 people in the basement of the Nelson United Church. At that point, it is up to the Governor General to either dissolve Parliament or ask the opposition to

form government. This has happened once in Canada, in 1925, and once in England in 1923. “There are clear precedences for both coalitions and for the leader of the second largest party of the house to become the prime minister,” Shadrack said. Later in the evening, Shadrack a retired political scientist, answered a question about proroguing, or suspending, Parliament. “It’s rare and unusual for the House [of Commons] to be prorogued before the business is completed. The usual idea of prorogation is to do it at the end of the session when you have no other business.” Ann Harvey, Atamanenko’s constituency assistant, also took time to explain the role of the Bloc Québécois. The Bloc, a federal party that only has members from Quebec, would only support the coalition government on confidence votes (the only votes in the

House of Commons that could see the government toppled). On other votes, the party would vote as they saw fit. “Say if a motion of the coalition does not pass because the Bloc votes it down, then you go back to square one and start negotiating again, but it is not a major crisis.” The evening also featured speakers from the labour sector, the national Green Party, childcare, the environment and agriculture, all speaking against Prime Minster Stephen Harper’s actions in Parliament. Two speakers did caution those at the meeting and politicians on creating a coalition. David Clark said if there was no concrete plan for people to follow after the evening’s meeting, it would lead to the coalition’s failure and lead to a Conservative majority in a subsequent election.

Draw is Friday, Dec. 19 at 11:30 The Nelson firefighters will sell raffle tickets for nine more days as they raise money for muscular dystrophy research. Tickets are still for sale at numerous locations including BCAA, Glacier Travel, Nelson Fire Department, Stuart’s News, as well as booths set up at the Chahko-


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Please proof for accuracy then ph Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 2 The Express is not responsibl

Briefly Final weeks for muscular dystrophy raffle


Coalition possibility



Andrew Shadrack, far right, spoke about the legal questions around forming a coalition government in Ottawa on Thursday, Dec. 4 at the Nelson United Church.



Mika mall for the next two weeks being manned by the Nelson firefighters. Tickets are $20 each with only 2,500 tickets printed. Funds raised by British Columbia firefighters remain in B.C. and are used for appliances and support programs for those living with neuro muscular disorders.

Old-timer knowledge needed

The Nelson Street Car Society is looking for some old parts from

its street cars that were used to fill a hole on the Powel Lumber Company Edie Match Block factory property at the foot of Stanley Street. Apparently the wheels and trucks from street cars Number 21 and 22 were used to fill in a large hole on the sawmill property. If the society can find the location, they may be able to salvage the parts for use on Number 23. If anyone can help, please phone Charlie Bunce at (250) 352-2780 or Rudy Boates at 1-877-367-9564.


December 10, 2008



Childcare at City Hall

Bella Boos

Partnership between city, province could provide 25 spaces while demand much higher


I am a 5 year old Shih Tzu and I love to play with Soapie, the cat. I can be kind of growly but really I’m just scared most of the time. My favorite time of day is supper. I love chicken. I like it when people cuddle me. My doggy friends have told me that I’m a lot smaller than I think I am, which is probably true.

Adopt a Pet!

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There’s more than enough demand. We won’t be able to fill the demand. Mayor John Dooley

into a child care facility. The city would then maintain the new space while a child care company would operate it.

In May 2008, council directed staff to explore the possibility of creating the child care facility. “We could easily rent that out tomorrow morning and we would generate a fair bit of revenue from it,” Dooley said in an interview with the Express. “But we feel if we could contribute that piece to make this happen, that would be our contribution.” Dooley said the city’s willingness to come forward with the space is encouraging to the province to join in the project. During his inaugural speech, Dooley said Linda Reid, the province’s minister of state for childcare, has supported the

project. Talks with province have have happened as recently as last week, Dooley said. He hopes the space, that would provide 25 spaces for children aged three to five, would be ready by September 2009. Creating child care spaces is vital to keeping employees, said Dooley. “That’s what it’s about. It’s about attraction and retention for . . . us and the provincial government.” A survey of city and provincial staff showed an overwhelming demand for child care spaces, Dooley said. “There’s more than enough demand. We won’t be able to fill the


by Chris Shepherd The city is closer to providing 25 child care spaces but surveys show that doesn’t come close to satisfying the demand, says Mayor John Dooley. During his speech at council’s inaugural meeting on Monday, Dec. 1, Dooley said a plan to provide child care spaces for city and provincial employees should become a reality in 2009. The plan, Dooley said, would be for the City of Nelson to donate space in the City Hall Building and the province and other partners would pay for the estimated $150,000 of renovations needed to turn a currently empty room


Is your pet unique and interesting?

Send a photograph of your pet with a 30 word explanation of why your pet stands out from the rest to: ������� Community Newspaper, 554 Ward Street, Nelson, BC, V1L 1S9, or email us at

NDCC gets plaque

����������������������������� ������������������� NELSON BECKER

Al Dawson, left, outgoing director for Area F, Donna Macdonald, City of Nelson councillor, Josh Smienk, outgoing director for Area E and Mayor John Dooley were happy to be on hand to dedicate the plaque for the Nelson and Disctrict Community Complex on Thursday, Nov. 27.

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Renwick elected Chamber of Commerce prez The Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce have elected Cal Renwick of Nelson Toyota as the 2009 chamber president. Completing a two year term as vice president, Renwick a long time business leader in the community, was voted president at a chamber election meeting on Wednesday,



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Dec. 3. Central Kootenay, Invest Renwick said he looks Kootenay, the CP Rail forward to carrying on Restoration project, as ��������������������� with the positive eco- well as co-ordinating the nomic development ini- formation of the Nelson ������������������ tiatives the Chamber is Kootenay Lake Tourism ��������������� currently undertaking. Partnership. ������������� These include the Nelson The first and second Economic Development vice presidents will be Partnership with the elected from the existing ����������������� City of Nelson and directors. The past presi���������������������������� Community Futures of dent is Janice Morrison


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viduals to learn about the subject ��������������� The Academy of Classical while staying in their home comOriental Sciences has������������������ munity. The combination of audio, ��������������� written text, photos and class dislaunched online courses. ���������������������������� “We have been steadily ������������� work- cussion board brings the course ing towards our goal of opening material to life.” �������������������������� The first course offered in this ������������������ up traditional Chinese medicine to ������������ a broader group of people���������������������������� – the format will be an introduction to

launch of this online course is excit- Chinese medicinal substances. In ������������������ ing,” says Dr. Warren Fischer, �������������������� dean this introductory course, students will gain a general understanding of of the academy. ���������� “The online format allows indithe origin of Chinese herbology.

�������������� �������

and the secretary treasurer is Brent Irving. Directors include Barry Auliffe, Chuck Bennett, Harry Davidson, Graham Edwards, Melanie Gettel, Brent Holowaychuck, Chris Jury, John Knox, Travis Mann, Justin Pelant, Kerry Rakuson, Karen Van Vogt, and Melissa Walsh. – submitted

Students will study the habitat, collection, cultivation and processing, dosage, basic properties, and methods of administration of herbs. Students will learn general botanical terminology, as well as techniques for identifying a selection of Chinese herbs and their related North American species. For more information call Regula Langenegger at (250) 352-5887, or e-mail


Deficit haunts SD8

December 10, 2008 EXPRESS Page 5

West Kootenay/Boundary

Months after announcing it would pay off previous debt, new financial problems arise by Chris Shepherd A potential deficit has School District 8 staff and directors looking for ways to save money and the solution might lie in classes with low enrolment next semester. At the Kootenay Lake School District 8 (SD8) Tuesday, Nov. 18 board meeting, trustees learned they were headed for a deficit, this just as the school board was looking at making their final payment on a debt that had accrued over several years. The deficit could be as high as $200,000 if the staff don’t make any adjustments, says Pat Dooley, superintendent for the school board. The main resource of the overspending is the district is paying for five teachers over the preliminary budget, says Bob Wright, chair of the school board.

Are there any places we could reorganize right now without laying off any of our permanent staff? Pat Dooley, SD8 superintendent

The extra ‘teachers’ are actually spread out over several schools as the district works to meet student-teacher ratios. To avoid a deficit, Wright says they have to “look under every rock” to ensure every expense is

necessary. “Is it a need or a want type of situation?” Some savings might come through the secondary schools’ semester system. New classes are scheduled to begin in the new year and Dooley says classes with low enrolment could be cancelled. That option is the least desirable, but could happen, she said. A class would be cancelled only when the instructor were on a contract for just that semester, she said. “Are there any places we could reorganize right now without laying off any of our permanent staff?” There are some highlights in the district’s financial future. Dooley expects the international program will make SD8 money and the province is expected to make their funding announcement by mid-December. The

annual announcement was expected by the end of November but nothing has been heard yet. Dooley is optimistic they will get more money than they planned in the preliminary budget because enrolment didn’t drop as much as was feared. Dooley also noted the district is about to retire a debt that had ballooned to $3.9 million in 2004. This year SD8 is making their final, $637,000 payment on that debt and managing that expense has been a hardship, Dooley says. With that expense off the table, Dooley says they’ll be better able to manage unforeseen expenses such as paid medical leave for staff. The school trustees will have met yesterday, Tuesday Dec. 9, to see what staff have come up with to deal with the situation.

1-800-222-TIPS P.O BOX 3392, CASTLEGAR BC V1N 3N8

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����������������������� ���������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������� �����������������������������������������



Preventing forest fires in the West Arm Clear cut and burns planned for West Arm Provincial Park to reduce fuel load but slash piles on private property still pose risk to the city by Chris Shepherd A plan to manage forest fire fuel in the West Arm Provincial Park includes thinning trees and even a sizeable clear cut, but all those plans could be spoiled because slash piles on private land lay between the park and the nearby neighbourhoods. In the dry summer of 2003, the trees in the West Arm Provincial Park burst into flames when a lightening storm rolled through the area. At the same time, homes in Kelowna were burning to the ground and so few resources could be sent to the blaze that eventually burned up 7,000 hectares of the hills above Nelson, Procter and Harrop. It was with that fire in mind the latest plan for managing the fuel loads in the West Arm Provincial Park was introduced, says Mike Gall, , ecosystems officer for the

Ministry of Environment. The results of their study found several ways the public lands could be improved to make things safer for the Svoboda neighbourhood to the east of Nelson. Trees in a 60 hectare (148 acre) are will be thinned, says Gall, and a 23 hectare (56 acre) patch will be clear cut. The clear cut is in an area where 80 per cent of the stand has been killed by the mountain pine beetle, making those trees tinderdry matchsticks that would burn easily. The clear cut worries Craig Pettitt from the Valhalla Wilderness Society. Pettitt acknowledges the need for fire guards to protect the homes, but questions how effective a clear cut would be. Under the right conditions the trees and shrubs that would replace the clear cut would still be susceptible to a

fire. Pettitt is also concerned about the private land owners in the area. Slash piles on some properties would pose a tremendous risk of feeding a forest fire, Pettitt said, and he says there need to be strong bylaws to address the problem. Ramona Faust is the directorelect for Area E, which abuts the provincial park. She remembers the fire in 2003 and the ash that fell on the deck of her Procter home. Area E doesn’t have any bylaws to enforce forest fire fuel reduction and she hopes it doesn’t come to that. Faust plans on talking with the land owner, the Ministry of Forests and Range before she considers a bylaw that would force someone to take care of potential problems. Gall expects work to begin in January 2009.

Hospital renos Interior Health picks design firm to make schematic designs by Chris Shepherd Interior Health has taken one more step towards renovating the main floor of Kootenay Lake Hospital. Interior Health awarded the contract to make a schematic design for the hospital’s first floor to Stantec Architecture last month. The schematic design will take feedback from functional planning done earlier this year and create drawings that will show what the redesigned

first floor would look like, says Diane Gagnon, Interior Health health services administrator for the Nelson area. The schematic redesign will answer questions such as where the CT scanner would go and what the actual layout would look like. With a schematic design in place, Interior Health would have a better sense of costs for the renovation, Gagnon said. Interior Health expects the renovation will cost $16

million and Gagnon said “a certain percentage” of that cost accounts for inflation. The schematic design will begin early December and Gagnon expects it will be done in March 2009. From there, the project would be submitted for approval to the province. Gagnon says the renovation is the number one priority in the health authority’s West Kootenay Boundary Region and number five for the entire Interior Health region.

Please proof for accuracy then pho Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 25 The Express is not responsible


December 10, 2008

Briefly Nelson Reflections Christmas Water Show

Friday, Dec. 12, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Nelson and District Community Complex, 305 Hall St. The Nelson R e f l e c t i o n s Synchronized Swim Club is presenting its annual Christmas Water Show. This year the


The nuts and bolts of carbon neutral

Reflections showcase the talents of their many swimmers including their provincial champion tier 2 team. All of their swimmers have been working hard since September to put on a show that will entertain and impress everyone. They will also hold a fundraising raffle during the event with many prizes. Admission by donation at the door.

During his inaugural speech on Monday, Dec. 1, Mayor John Dooley identified climate change as a priority for the new city council and indicated that the city must now live up to its commitment under the Provincial Climate Action Charter – carbon neutrality with respect to operations by 2012! This comes shortly after the RDCK committed significant funds toward achieving the same carbon neutral goal by 2012 and opens up many possibilities for the city and RDCK to dovetail their efforts. For all who are concerned about climate change, these commitments to solving our part of the global warming

Eco Centric Mel Reasoner and Ulli Huber

problem are overdue and most welcome. That said, achieving carbon neutrality in city operations in only three

years will be an enormous challenge. Carbon neutral means “net zero emissions” or a 100 per cent reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide and methane. In order to do this without purchasing carbon offsets, the city must eliminate the use of fossil fuels from everything the city does – from heating city buildings to weed whacking – from police cars and fire trucks to lawn mowers. This is a tall order and will not be an easy one to fill. However, the scale of the challenge is not an excuse for inaction and any significant reduction in carbon emissions will be a huge step in the right direction. The climate change

goals our local governments have identified are fully laudable and the West Kootenay EcoSociety will support the city and RDCK in their efforts to achieve them. This level of commitment demonstrates that local politicians accept the consensus of the scientific community concerning the magnitude of the climate change problem and the urgency with which it needs to be dealt. In addition, in light of the recent spectacle in Ottawa, it is heartening to see our local governments on the same page and taking a strong leadership role on an issue that requires immediate attention.

Dr. Mel Reasoner and Dr. Ulli Huber are board members of the West Kootenay EcoSociety and climate change scientists. For more information contact the EcoSociety at or 354-1909.

More on the local hospice society

Last week’s Saga touched on a few areas of the Nelson and District Hospice Society’s activities. Today we continue to tell their story. The society now has offices in Kaslo and the East Shore as well as the head office in Nelson. Advisory committees have been developed for each area, all operating under the auspices of the society’s board. In order to create a self-sufficient, sustainable society, member-

Seniors’ Saga

George Millar

ships are now lifetime rather than annual. There are three payment levels for the memberships: $25, $50, and $100. Still, the society appreciates

the financial support of Interior Health, Nelson and District United Way, the Vancouver Foundation Endowment Fund, the Province of British Columbia, and the CMHC, as well as all the community donations that have allowed for the expansion of programs. Specific programs the society has provided recently include a Family Grief Support, with a child grief support sub-component open

The���������is Read Everywhere, even in Thailand!

������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ �������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������� ������������������������������������

������������� Going somewhere? Send us a photograph ������������������ of you with your Express in a far away land. Whether it’s Trail or Timbuktoo, your community wants to know where �������������������������������� you are and what you are doing. Send your 50 words and photo to:� ��������Community������������������� Newspaper, 554 Ward Street, Nelson, BC, V1L

1S9, or email us at


to children five to nine years old. The Hospice Volunteer Training program has been replaced by an educational series regarding Hospice/ Palliative Care offered by Selkirk College. Donation of a variety of titles related to coping with bereavement and grief in different settings and dealing with various relationships are now available at the Nelson Public Library. The hospice lending library now functions as a resource centre for volunteers. One interesting bulletin included in the information package from the society was entitled “In Difficult Times, Compassionate Care.” It describes the Compassionate Care Benefit available through EI for anyone in the workforce who needs to supply care or support to a parent, spouse/ common-law partner, or child. Some other specified relationships also qualify. This EI program covers situations where the care is given to a patient described by a physician as at significant risk of death within twenty-six weeks. For more information regarding the Hospice Society, call Stevi Urban, executive director/coordinator, at (250) 3522337. This column intends to publicize agencies that support seniors’ activities, the lifestyle of interesting seniors, and topics of interest to seniors and those who care about seniors. As well, we – the column and I – will express opinion related to the things, both naughty and nice, that governments and their agencies do to and for seniors. Those opinions will be mine, and not necessarily those of the Express.


December 10, 2008 EXPRESS Page 7

He knows if you’ve been bad or good The best seats in town for Santa Claus’s arrival on Saturday, Dec. 6 was definitely on Mom or Dad’s shoulders, far left. The man in red light the Christmas trees with some help from the Nelson fire department and he was watched by excited boys and girls of all ages, left. The big event of the night, of course, was a chance to meet Santa himself, as Santa himself as Elora Luke did, below.

All photos by Chris Shepherd

Santa Claus comes to town


December 10, 2008

Disappointed by Shambhala’s plans for helping the community Dear editor, I’m writing in response to “Shambhala wants to support the community” (Dec. 3 2008). I was happy to see this letter written and eagerly read it through only to be filled with disappointment. The original letter addressing this issue had many good points about the music festival having very severe consequences for our community, most specifically the soup kitchen(s). To state that Shambhala wants to help the community by asking food vendors and patrons to donate is very inadequate. With over 10,000 people attending this festival and paying between $180 and $210 per ticket, I think Shambhala could afford to donate something themselves. If 50 cents per ticket were put aside to go to local charities that would be at least at $5,000! This amount would greatly offset the expenditure other people are covering on their behalf. Most local businesses make a concerted effort to use some of their revenue to give back to the community, as a good corporate citizen I would strongly suggest Shambhala does the same. Morgan LeBlond, Nelson

Opinions & Letters Editorial

Give the coalition your full consideration before passing judgement There are a lot of strong feelings and equally strong words flying around our country in the wake of a surprising political crisis in Ottawa, but our feelings and the fears conjured by some words shouldn’t put Canadians off from considering whether a coalition government is good for the country. We at the Express aren’t sure where we stand on the matter. The actions of Prime Minister Stephen Harper do not suggest he’s willing to work with the opposition parties in Parliament. At the same time, some of the rhetoric coming from the opposition parties does little to encourage us, nor do reports of divisions within the parties over whether they actually want to be part of a coalition. If the two parties are unable to shore up support within their own ranks, they surely cannot be expected for form a functioning government, which is what this country

Fish Heads & Flowers Flowers - to all the volunteers who visit and pamper our elderly citizens! Fish heads - to people who try to discover who’s to blame before they try to solve a problem. Get the cart after the horse! Flowers - to all the wonderful Kootenay residents, who respect their neighbours, showing kindness, tolerance and love to all. What a wonderful place to call home. Fish heads - to solicitors who throw dog treats out their car window. If there is a big dog barking at you that means stay in your car, turn around and get off my land! - Big Dog Owner

Flowers - to the clients and loyal customers who have kept our Baker Street salon going strong for 7 wonderful years. We all love our jobs and are so very passionate about making you beautiful. Fish heads - to the person who hit my parked car and didn’t leave a note or number or apology! Not good “car”ma! It’s never too late to report it! - A frustrated local driver. Flowers - to the kind people of Nasookin who threw a welcome party in honor of their two newest and youngest residents. Thanks for the outpouring of generosity. - Appreciative Moms

Send us your Fish Heads and Flowers!

All submissions to the Express Fish Heads and Flowers section will be considered provided that no one is identified in the text or signature, all signatures are anonymous, and the submission is both concise and written in good taste. We reserve the right to withhold publication of submissions if these standards are not satisfied. To submit your gift of Fish Heads or Flowers, you may send email to, drop off or mail to 554 Ward Street, Nelson, B.C., V1L 1S9, or fax to (250) 352-5075. We will not accept submissions over the telephone. The Express cannot guarantee that your submission will be printed due to space limitation.

needs. The idea of a coalition suits Canada. Imagine members of Parliament from different parties co-operating to make laws that reflect a broad segment of the country, not just Liberals, not just NDP, or the Bloc Québécois and not just the Conservatives. The results of November’s elections show that no party has the trust of the nation. No party received a blank cheque to allow them to pass whatever they like. The opposition parties were elected by Canadians and their views must be considered in all bills that appear before the House of Commons. If a coalition were able to form government, they would have to reflect some of the Conservative party’s views as well. Their views were not respected by Harper’s economic statement which provoked the coalition of the Liberal and NDP parties. While the provocation

was undeniable, whether the coalition is the best thing for Canadians is debatable. There’s a risk that backroom deals could be made to keep the coalition together. All such negotiations should be done in the public eye so we know what is being promised. We believe coalition governments will become a regular occurrence in the future, especially if proportional representation is ever brought in, something we would applaud. Under such electoral rules, we would have an even more diverse House of Commons where government would be formed by a coalition of men and women willing to work together and to compromise to create laws that represent a wide variety of Canadians. We’re not sure such a government has been put before us these past few weeks, but we will watch to see what they do and we encourage everyone to keep an open mind over the next month.

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What part of Canada would you like to visit?

I’m just reading a book about a latenight radio show in the Northwest Territories. It’s got me thinking I should go there. Della McLeod, Nelson

Ten tips for a good letter to the editor 1. Keep it short. The more concise your letter, the more dynamic it will be. 2. Address one issue per letter. If you have more than one issue, write a separate letter. 3. Be opinionated. Avoid citing facts, but rather express your opinion regarding the facts. 4. Don’t get personal. Attack the issues, not the person. 5. State your premise in the first sentence. Make the subject of your letter known immediately.

6. We’re unique. The Express gives priority to letters written especially for the Express. 7. Have a “second set of eyes” review your letter before submitting. This will help ensure your idea is being conveyed. 8. Handwritten is okay; typed is better; e-mailed is preferred. 9. If you see a problem, suggest a solution. 10. The purpose of a letter to the editor is to provoke discussion within the community.

I would have to say the Maritimes. I spent a short time there for a wedding. The people and culture really interested me. Al Brind-Amour, Nelson

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Street Talk

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The Maritimes. My ancestors came from Nova Scotia and I’ve never been out there. Sandra Irvine, Nelson

December 10, 2008 EXPRESS Page 9


Year end for Express Holiday dates mean longer break at community newspaper and earlier deadlines for submissions by Chris Shepherd The Express will go on a longer-than-usual break this year because of the way holidays fall on the calendar. The final issue of the Express for the 2008 year will be Wednesday, Dec. 17. The next one will be Wednesday, Jan. 7. The office will be closed from Tuesday, Dec. 16. We will be taking the opportunity to do some maintenance and will be checking phone messages daily. People who need

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Key contacts for the Express during the holiday break Phone: (250) 354-3910 E-mail:

Coalition has nothing to do with economy, Zandee

BEYOND ALL REASONABLE DOUBT by Colin and Jeannine Turner A new and revealing book on who we really are, why we’re here and where we’re going.

…continued from p.1

But Rob Zandee, the Conservative candidate who came second to Atamanenko in the November election, sees the coalition differently. Zandee says he’s received hundreds of phone calls and e-mails from people upset with the prospect of a coalition. “Basically it’s a coup and that’s not Canada as far as they’re concerned. It’s not what they voted

for.” Zandee said that while the coalition is legal in Canada, the Liberals and NDP have different motives than what they’ve said. “It has nothing to do with the budget. It has nothing to do with the economy. It is all about power. It is all about [outgoing Liberal leader] Stéphane Dion and [NDP leader] Jack Layton wanting to get onto the governing side and hold onto power. It was strictly a power grab and nothing less.”

Over the past two budgets, Zandee said the Conservatives have put $200 billion into economic and fiscal stimulus initiatives. “Everybody seems to ignore that. According to the Liberals and the NDP it’s only stimulus if they’re the only ones spending the money.” The coalition was proposed after the Harper government released an economic statement that proposed, among other things, stopping public financial assistance to political parties and,

Answers on page 16

according to the opposition parties, had little to say about the worldwide economic crisis. The economic statement could have been a “golden opportunity” for the Conservatives to cooperate with the opposition, Atamanenko said. Instead he saw the Conservatives try to attack the opposition by cutting off public funding. Atamanenko says he’s always wanted to make decisions based on what’s best for the country, not for his party. “I honestly believe this is the moment and I want to see this through so we can do something together. “We need to change the direction where our country is going. We need to offer some hope to Canadians that we can do things differently.”

BOOK SIGNING Saturday, December 13, 1:30 - 3:30 pm at Gaia Rising, Baker St., Nelson (Book available at both Otter Books and Coles Books.) Colin Turner • 250.225.3423 •

Please proof for accuracy then ph

Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 2 The Express is not responsibl


December 10, 2008

A Christmas Shopping Directory

GREAT GIFTS UNDER $50! ��� ���������������������������������������������� � ������������������

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Abacus Beads & beyond �������������������������� �������������������������� �������������������� ���������������������� ���������������������� �����

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gaia rising ���������������� ��������

Gerick Cycle & Sports

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Warm & toasty! Ski gloves and mittens Starting at $34.95 702 Baker 354-4622

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�������������� Make sure you ������������������ are well fed. ��������������� ��������� ������������� KC’s

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resistant �������������������� antistatic ����������������������� ������������

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��������������� ������ ��������������������� ������������� ������������� ������������� ���������������������� Please proof for accuracy then phone, fax or email with Please any proof changes for or accuracy an approval. then phone, fax or email with Please any proof changes for or accuracy an approval. then ph ������������������ ������������������� �������������������� ����������������������� Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 250.352.5075 • Email:Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 250.352.5075 • Email:Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 2 ����������������������� ����������������������� ����������������������


������������ �������������������������� The Express is not responsible for any errors after ������������������������� the The client Express has issigned not responsible off. for any errors after the The client Express hasissigned not responsibl off. ���������������������������� ����������������������������

������������ ������������������������


���������������������������� �������������� ����������������������������� ����������������

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������������ ���������������


������������� � � �������������������������� ����

�������������������� ��������� ������������� ������������� �Please ���������������������������� Please proof for accuracy then phone, fax or email ��� with any changes an approval. ���������������������������� proof for or accuracy then ph �������������������� ����������� ��� � ��������������������������� �������������������������� Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 250.352.5075 • Email:Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 2 ������������������ ����������������������� ��������������������� ���������� ������������ ������������ The Express is not responsible for any errors after the client has issigned off. The Express not responsibl ���������������������������� ���������������������������� ������� ������������ ��������������� ��������������� �������������������� �������������������� �������� ��������������� ������������������ ���������� ������������ ����������������������������� �������


December 10, 2008 EXPRESS Page 11

A Christmas Shopping Directory


Highest quality. Best conditions. Many shapes & sizes UNDER $50

250-352-3844 • 557 Ward St. (Just up Ward from Baker)

TRILLIUMʼS CRÈME FRAICHE Made with shea & mango butters this is the ultimate restorative moisturizer. $18 Available at Maison, 550 Baker St. • 354-0969

����������� ��������������������� ������������� ����������������� ���������������������� ��������������� ������������������������� ��������������������� ������������������� ����������������������

TRILLIUMʼS CANDLES Soy wax candles, longer, cooler and cleaner burning for 35 hours $18. Six fresh scents.

Available at Habits 579 Baker • 505.1120


Reveal silky polished skin with Trillumʼs decadent and natural Butter Scrub. $22. Available at Trillium Soaps and Candles Chako Mika Mall

�������������������� ������������������ ��������������� �������������

������������������ ������������������ ��������������� �������������

������������������ ���������������������������� ���������������

������������������ ���������������������������� ���������������



����������������������������������� �������������� ������������ ������������������������������ ��������� ��������� ��������������������������� ���������������������������� �������������������� �������������������������� �������������������� ��������������������������������� ������������ ������������ ������������������ ������������������ ��������������� �������������

������������������ ������������������ ��������������� �������������

������������������ ���������������������������� ��������������� ��������������������

������������������ ���������������������������� ��������������� ��������������������


1. Our Distinctive Character! 3. Reduced Environmental ���������� ���������� Impact! Help sustain walkable Our area specialty shops and ������� ������� downtowns, and shorter drives boutiques, and one-of-a-kind to shopping destinations. That businesses are�������������� part of the in turn reduces automobile ���� ���� ������������������ fabric that gives us a distinctive ������������� use, and air pollution. ��������������� flavour. Let’s shop locally and ���������������������������� �������������������� �������������� ������������� 4. Support Local Organizations! Please proof for or accuracy then ph Please proof for accuracy then phone,keep fax or that email character with Please any proof changes for or accuracy an approval. then phone, fax or email with any changes an approval. vibrant. �������������������������� �������������������� Local business contributes Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 2 Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 250.352.5075 • Email:Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 250.352.5075 • Email: ������������������ ������������ ������������ 2. Keep Money in Our significant dollars to local non Theclient Express not responsibl The Express is not responsible for any errors after the The client Express hasissigned not responsible off. for any errors after the hasissigned off. ���������������������������� profit groups and sports teams. Community! Shopping in ��������������� �������������������� �������������������� our region sustains more 5. Uniqueness! Give���������� a gift made ���������� ��������������������������� jobs, helps fund more local locally by a hot new artist, ������� ������� and treasure a one-of-a-kind, services, and encourages neighbourhood improvement. unique and original gift.

�������������� ���������

�������������� ��������� ����

������������ ���������


Shop Local is a partnership of the Nelson and District Chamber of Chamber of Commerce,������������������������������ The Nelson and District Credit Union, The Nelson Business Please proof for accuracy then phone, fax or email with Please anyproof changes for or accuracy an approval. then phone, fax businesses or email with Please changes for or accuracy an approval. then ph Association and these community minded . . any . proof


Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 250.352.5075 • Email:Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 250.352.5075 • Email:Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 2 ������������ The Express is not responsible for any errors after the Theclient Express hasissigned not responsible off. for any errors after the Theclient Express hasissigned not responsibl off. Street Clothes Named Desire Feelings with Flowers �������������������� Phoenix Computers Hipperson Hardware ���������� Touchstones Museum Remedy’s RX Chahko-Mika Mall Shoes for the Soul ������� A Subscription to the Mountain Baby RHC Insurance Otter Books Ripping Giraffe ����������������� Culinary Conspiracy Annie’s Boutique ���� ������������������ Lonnie’s For Her and Him Valhalla Pure COMMUNITY ��������������� Cottonwood Kitchens McLaughlin’s Printers ������������� fax Connection or email with any changes or an approval. The Craft Kootenai Moon Furniture N E W SPlease P Aproof P E for R accuracy then phone, Pharmasave Nelson Silver Fern Framing Phone: 250.354.3910 • Fax: 250.352.5075 • Email: What a great idea for anybody on your ����������������������� Hall Printing Glass House Optical


ROAM Natural Way Home Sears Nelson Kootenay Co-Op Maglio’s Building Centre Cotton’s For Her and Him Save On Foods Nelson Toyota Gaia Rising Country Furniture and Home Decor

list who wants to keep in touch with The Express is not responsible for any errors after the client has signed off. ���������������������������� our community! See page 21 for the The EXPRESS newspaper supports the Think Local First initiative. ���������������� complete subscription form.


December 10, 2008

Arts & Entertainment ��������������������������������������������

������������������ ����������������

����� � � � � � �

�������������������������������������������������� ������������������ ���������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������ � ������������������������������� ����������������������


��������� �������� ��������� ������������������������������� ���������� ������������������������� ����������� �������������������������������� ����������� ������������������������ ����������� ������������������������������������� � ������������������������������������������

Loved artist in hospital Fall

My Fair Lady

The play, which features Rachel Thursday, Dec. 11 to Farquharson as Eliza Saturday, Dec. 13, 7:30 Doolittle and Wade p.m. with a matinee on sends David Orcutt, creator of WorldSign, to Vancouver hospital Courson as Professor Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Higgins, is directed by by Chris Shepherd Capitol Theatre Robyn Sheppard with David Orcutt, a wellL. V. Rogers musical direction by known Slocan Valley Secondary School pres- Tim Bullen and choartist, has been in a ents the musical My Fair reography by Lynette Vancouver hospital for Lady” at the Capitol Lightfoot. much of last year and Theatre. Tickets cost $15 for friends hope those who The cast of 39 Grade adults and $13 for stuknow him will get in 9 to 12 students has dents. Tickets are availtouch. been rehearsing since able at the Capitol Orcutt, 76, is best September to bring Theatre. To charge them known for creating a this famous Lerner and by phone call (250) 352new form of sign lan��������������� 6363. Loewe musical to life. ����������������������������������������������������������������� guage called WorldSign. SUBMITTED ������������������ Orcutt, or David O. as David Orcutt’s design for this ��������������� ����������������������� he likes to be called, cre- year’s greeting card. ated WorldSign as a way ������������� to communicate with �������������������� his son, Kevin, who suf������ fered brain damage at ����������������������� birth. The language can ����������������������������������� also be written and the ������������������������������������� symbols are internationally recognizable, says Laverne Booth, a director on the WorldSign �������������������� Communication Society, ���������� a society formed to fellow residents at the spread the use of Purdy Pavilion at UBC. ������� WorldSign. WorldSign has been is now living a 40-year project for SUBMITTED ��������������������������������� at Orcutt the UBC Hospital. In Orcutt and each year Kid eh! ���� May of this year he fell he creates a greeting ����������������������������������� Friday, Dec. 12 at 10 p.m. at The Royal on Baker and suffered a concus- card that illustrates one Kid eh!, the Best Radiohead tribute band in the sion. of his signs and which Kootenays, is back and everyone is invited. The accident has left also serve as a fundCool visuals, great sound, and an awesome set Orcutt with some mem- raiser for the WorldSign list of songs from “Pablo Honey” to “In Rainbows” ory loss, writes Orcutt’s Communication Society. and everything in between; even B-sides, Kid eh! son, Lowell. Booth says the society provides an unforgettable experience. The son says people is still active and just With Sebastian Alban on lead vocals an guitar, who visit him should added new board memSebastien Payette (Mr. Smith) on lead guitar, Malik understand “that while bers at their recent Mourah on drums, Ion on keys, and Rob Leishman he would feel the close- annual general meeting. on bass. ness to the many people Orcutt can be reached $12, doors open at 9 p.m. in his life, he may not be by writing to: able to connect them to David Orcutt specific memories such Purdy Pavilion, 4th Under Current: The FX create an immersive as name and place.” floor, and interactive media Despite these hinUBC Hospital, mix is the message experience. drances, Lowell writes 2211 Wesbrook Mall, Friday, Dec. 12, 10 p.m. in After the November that his father’s creative Vancouver, BC Spiritbar launch of this new event and independent spirit V6T 2B5. Coz & FX present a series, the second instalshines through. Those directions will multimedia environ- ment of Under Current Booth agrees. also take visitors to ment of visual projec- kicks off with several “He’s a beautiful man. Orcutt. tions and assorted sound- short film screenings of He’s just a very generPeople interested in scapes resulting from a projects by PostModern ous and kind person.” learning more about collaboration between Times, Illuminated, That beauty still WorldSign can consome well travelled DJs, Ninja Tune Records, shines through his mem- tact the society at a graphic design enter- Negativland, Adbusters ory loss and Booth says l a l a c r e a t i o n s @ y a h o o . prise, an internationally and Synergy Project UK. Orcutt uses WorldSign com or call (250) 355renowned record label For more info visit when he talks with his 2408. and three ever curious minds. Fusing still and Front room disco vibes motion graphics with free will be served up by DJ Popular Slocan Valley artist, David Orcutt, seen here from his range electronica Coz & Hoola.



80th birthday in 2003.


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Starting at


$ 95

• Water Bottles • Many varieties available • Safe and durable

We have many Christmas Gift Ideas! Shop early for best selection! • 624 Baker St., Nelson • 250-354-1006 • Toll Free 1-877-554-1006

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December 10, 2008 EXPRESS Page 13

Arts & Entertainment ������������������������� R I V E R S , O C E A N S & M O U N T A I N S S H O P, N E L S O N , B C

639 BAKER STREET • 354.2056

Christmas concert for Grans to Grans

Handbell Choir and the Nelson United Church Choir, directed by John Pengelly and the Bon Accord String Ensemble, Sunday, Dec. 14, 2 p.m. directed by Stephanie at the Nelson United Judy. Church, 602 Silica St. Narrator David Three Nelson musical Stewart will recount ensembles will collabo- stories behind favourite rate on Sunday afternoon carols and will lead the to present “Sing We Now audience in a carol singof Christmas,” a concert a-long. to benefit Nelson Grans Proceeds from the to Grans and the Stephen concert will go to Nelson Lewis Foundation. Grans to Grans, which The concert fea- directs its funds to grandtures the������������������� Jubilate Deo mothers in Africa who

������������������ ��������������� �������������

are raising children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Grans to Grans is one of more than 200 community-based groups in Canada, which have raised over $4 million dollars to provide grandmothers in sub-Saharan Africa with food, housing grants, and school fees for their grandchildren. Admission is by donation. For more information, contact Stephanie Judy at ����������������������������������������������������������������� or (250) 366-4623.

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Selkirk ensembles celebrate


Thursday, Dec. 11, 9 p.m. at Finley’s Irish Bar and Grill, 705 Vernon St. With the first semester now done and over with, students are ready to welcome the holiday season with a concert featuring three of the school’s finest groups. The night features original songwriting

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The Rippin’ Rattlers

Friday, Dec. 12, 9 p.m. at Finley’s Irish Bar and Grill, 705 Vernon St.; Saturday, Dec. 14, 9 p.m. at the Salmo Hotel, 101 Fourth St., Salmo; and Wednesday, Dec. 12, 6 p.m. at the Eagles Lodge, 641 Baker St. The Rippin’ Rattlers have just finished a brand new CD One Hot Minute and they are using the release to help Nelson area food services. “We are really excited about the CD and the chance to get it out to the public, but at the same time we wanted to give back to our local community and we found a way to do that,” says Brad

Fenton, guitarist and singer for the group. Items from both shows will go towards the Food Cupboard and Our Daily Bread. On Wednesday the band is donating their time and equipment for a fundraiser for Our Daily Bread, a daily free hot meal program run at 812 Stanley Street. The evening will feature the Rippin’ Rattlers performing original and cover songs, and the comedy stylings of Joe Ringrose. A dinner will be served. The Eagles organization has donated the use of the hall. Chef Cam Mah has volunteered his time to cook the meal.

Mike Bennett, lead guitarist for the Rattlers, says, “We hope to raise a big bulk of next years funding for Our Daily Bread. It’s used by low income earners, people in need, and families. When you make minimum wage that one good meal a day helps out a lot.” The Rattlers CD, One Hot Minute, features 15 songs, 13 originals and two cover tunes. It was recorded at Thunder Funk studios in Blewett and mastered by Ohan Vandermeer of Serpico Audio Productions in Taghum. Go to to check out the Rippin’ Rattlers online.

Dance for Noluthando

Friday, Dec. 12, 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Trinity Presbyterian Church at the corner of Kootenay and Victoria Streets Like many Xhosa families, Noluthando’s parents left their smallholding in the Transkei and moved to the Western Cape to support Nelson Mandela in the first democratic election in South Africa in the hope for a better future for themselves and their children. Twelve years later they still live in a wooden shack in a temporary settlement and the father still works for the minimum wage of $120 per month. Noluthando attends Dassenburg Waldorf School where she

from the group Push Me Pull You song �������������������� writing ensemble led by Cheryl Hodge, followed up by Squirrel Stompers classic ���������� rock ensemble led by Darren Mahe. �������off the night is Tried Tested Topping And True led by Laura Landsberg performing R&B favourites as well as more modern ���� flavoured tunes. Tickets are $5 at the door.

learns in her native language and English which is the language of instruction in most of the universities, and is seen to be the way towards further education and the possibility towards socio-economic improvement. This event is organized by the International School of the Kootenays and SelfDesign. Suggested donation is $10.

The proceeds will help see the Max Frobe production of the Sinixt Nation movie, Extinction of Truth, through its post-production process. The evening will include a silent auction, food and drinks. Gemma Luna, DJ Poppa Roots, DJ Alex-I and vocalists Kayla Frobe Wilding and Loesha Kayle will join Shaikh.

Benefit for the Sinixt

Wednesday, Dec. 17, 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. at L.V.Rogers Secondary School Courtyard Theatre, 1004 Cottonwood St L.V.R students are hosting an Amnesty International Write-A Thon. Admission is by donation and refreshments will be provided.

Saturday, Dec. 13, 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the Vallican Whole Community Centre, 3762 Little Slocan River Rd. Adham Shaikh has organized this benefit dance and will perform there as well.

Amnes“Tea” Party


December 10, 2008

Arts & Entertainment Sub Swara with Beat boxer Shamik and Lion-S


Heddy Acclaim

Benefit concert for the West Kootenay Toy Run

Thursday, Dec. 18, 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. at the Spiritbar Rockopolous Promotions has organized this evening featuring six live bands including: Heddy Acclaim (‘70s jam rock and a set of Pink Floyd); Hap Mandala (high energy folk/rock and originals); Razzberry Rocket (‘60s psychedelic); The Random Device (progressive rock/fusion originals); Jones Brothers’s Blues Group (rockin’ blues); and a sixth band to be announced. These are all local bands from Nelson & Slocan and area. The musicians, artists, promoters, and sponsors and volunteers are volunteering their time and talents for Nelson area families By purchasing an advance ticket to this show and bringing a new toy (there will be a toy bin at the front doors of the Spiritbar), participants will help Nelson and area families in need. All moneys and toys will go to the West Kootenay Toy Run. Advance tickets are available at Eddy Music or The Hume Hotel. To donate directly to the West Kootenay Toy Run call Kevin Chernoff at (250) 365-6466 or Roger at Rockopolus Promotions at (250) 551-3508.

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Saturday, Dec. 13 at Spiritbar DJs Haj and Dhruva of Sub Swara are flying in from New York City to drop some serious dubstep/dancehall grinders with live tablas and special guest beat boxer Shamik. Some of you may have seen their epic Shambhala debut in 2007 in the village before Skream. Hot off the press is the Coup d’Yah album remixed by artists such as Fort Knox Five, Ninja Tunes artist Ghislain Poirier and Heyoka to

mention a few. But the real appeal here lies in the way that they meld their dancehall and dubstep inclinations with Middle Eastern melodies, subcontinental percussion and ragga style toasting into a spare, dark stew with its precise arrangements keeping the focus on the funk. $10 at the door.

The Original Spoiled Child

Wednesday, Dec. 17 at the Spiritbar The Original Spoiled Child (OSC) play original reggae dancehall/hiphop flavour with a lyrical versatility for a universal

audience. Brace yourself to be spoiled, for better or worse. OSC will be backed by the Foundation Stone band featuring Robby Roots, Chris I, Lee “Yardy” Banks and others. Bring your booty cause you’ll need to shake it. The evening is a fundraiser for Off the Mat Into the World, an organization that raises money for The Cambodian Children’s Fund and this local event is organized by Lea-Rae Belcourt. If Belcourt can raise $20,000 (she’s raised $12,000 since July), she’ll go to Cambodia and work though the Cambodian Children’s Fund.

Doors open at 8 p.m. and the night begins with a silent auction (Shambhala tickets, ski passes, paintings, photography, jewellery, pottery, body work to name a few. The silent auction tables close at 9:30 p.m. People can also make a secure online donation at sevachallenge. Look for Belcourt’s name.People can write a cheque made payable to “The Engage Network” with Lea-Rae Belcourt’s name written in the bottom left corner and drop it off at Dog Patch Pottery or mail it to her at Box 152, Crawford Bay, BC, V0B 1E0


Saturday, Dec. 13 at The Royal on Baker Pureblend blesses the dance floor with various musical styles. From original house to dub, disco, hip hop and more, Pureblend channels their multitalented vibrations. Don’t miss the e x t r a o r d i n a r y Pureblend tribe, with keyboard styling from Adrian “ BlueHand” Wagner (Wassabi and Terradactogon), Andrew Cook ( Jerry Garcia re-born), El Papa Chado on bad ass bass, Matthew Steedman ( the Tuques) laying down the beats keeping time and one for your mind, and Ms. Ruby Love (Stargazing Lilly Lea Productions) chanting and a channeling the


love peace vibe. Ozmosis Visuals will be brightening up

the dance floor for full effect. The belly dancing

tribe called the Kootenay Hipnotics will dance at the show at 11 p.m.



Disappearing Act: opening reception

lisher and author of several books. She is publisher and contributor to The Purcell Suite, an anthology of Friday, Dec. 12, 7 p.m. at Our Glass 25 essays by Canadian and US writers which explores the ecological Studio, 568 Ward St. Disappearing Act, by artist wonders and beauty of the Purcell Christophe Quillévéré, is about Mountains. Kivi also co-authored the decisions people make when The Inner Green: Exploring Home considering their own imperma- in the Columbia Mountains. Luanne Armstrong, author of nence, when a shift in perspective can change everything they the recent ecological memoir, Blue Valley, is deeply interested in writthought they knew. “I would refer to myself as a ing about place and nature. Author visual opportunist, a bricoleur,” of 13 books, including an essay says Quillévéré. “I don’t consider in The Purcell Suite, Armstrong’s myself a painter or a printmaker writing expands understanding so much as someone who mess- of what it means to belong to a es about with rearrangements of place. ����������� Richard Vision, along with the popular icons and symbols at ������������������ Ellen Burt are both contributors hand.” Quillévéré finds inspiration in to The Purcell Suite, and long-time ��������������� the process of storytelling; of cap- residents of the area. Burt’s essay, ������������� “Columbine Valley” describes the turing the imagination. Quillévéré works with a mixed sights, sounds and seasons of this media approach that allows ������������������ him to most beautiful part of the world. Vision, another contributor to The combine photos, drawings, colours ���������������������������� and textures in layers. “I������������������ hope Purcell Suite, has also authored for images that will make people Butterfly Changes, a novel set in care enough to squint a little. I’ve 1980s Shanghai. cobbled these images and textures together for them to be shared and Honduras Exhibition seen. These images are invitations for a viewer to connect the Now until January at the Capitol dots and consider what these frag- Theatre The Cranbrook Interact Club ments might speak to in them.” is a group of 26 youth aged 15 to 19 that is sponsored by the ������������������������������ Nature writers sign books Cranbrook Rotary and Cranbrook Friday, Dec. 12, 7 p.m. at Otter �������������������������� Sunrise clubs. Last summer, these youth travelled to Honduras on a Books, 398 Baker St. K. Linda Kivi is a naturalist,������������ pub- project to help an orphanage but

�������������� ���������� �������������������� ����������

the youth on the project experienced many of the true benefits. The photo exhibition at the Capitol shares just a few of the group’s discoveries. For more information, contact Rod Osiowy (250) 426-5241 extension 610.

Colin Turner book signing

Saturday, Dec. 13, 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Gaia Rising, 449 Baker St. Beyond All Reasonable Doubt, co-authored by two local authors, Colin and Jeannine Turner, has just hit the book stores in Nelson and Whitehorse and is due for release soon in Ottawa and London, England. The main theme of the book is an account of seemingly miraculous healings with the transfer of healing energies from discarnate sources through Colin and Jeannine in a healing centre in Ottawa which operated under a non profit and registered charity status. The non sectarian organization known as Blue Feather Healing generated a high level of interest in the Ottawa media through the healing of many conditions that had not responded to recognized medical treatment. The book also deals with answering questions as to who we really are, why we are here and where we are going after life on earth is over.

December 10, 2008 EXPRESS Page 15

Arts & Entertainment Photos from the polar bear capital

Friday, Dec. 12, 5:30 p.m. at Elephant Mountain Gallery, 527 Josephine St. In N o v e m b e r, JakobDulisse travelled to Churchill, the “polar bear capital of the world,” on assignment and says, “I felt really privileged to be able to share space with these wild bears and I got to see a wide range of behaviours. It was also bittersweet because polar bears are really getting hit hard by climate warming. About 60 per cent of the world’s polar bears live in Canada and

I think it’s important that everyone know about the trouble they are facing. They also happen to be really interesting animals and I encourage people to learn more about them.” In order to bring more awareness to the polar bears’ plight, Jakob will be donating opening night sales proceeds of his exhibit to the World Wildlife Fund Canada to support their polar bear conservation efforts. Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served. For more information contact Melissa Welsh

Sleigh full of Songs


at Elephant Mountain Gallery, (250) 352-0921, (info@melissawelsh.

com) or contact Dulisse at (250) 352-6947, (www.

The Tortoise Forfeits

Fourth Annual Christmas Sale

Thursday, Dec. 11 at 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at The Cedar Creek Cafe, 5709 Hwy. 6, Winlaw The Tortoise Forfeits are moving their sound a little to the west as Britt, Rich and Aaron make their debut in lovely Winlaw. Recently emerging on the Nelson music scene, The Tortoise Forfeits are bringing a raw folk/pop sound to the table, with a menagerie of catchy originals and clever covers. Their self-titled debut album will be available in stores as of Monday, Dec. 15, with a CD release party on the horizon in January. For more information, contact

Art without borders

Friday, Dec. 12 at the Hume Hotel, 422 Vernon St. Tradewinds Art Project is a new art business based in the West Kootenays. Tradewinds will present a series of theme-based travelling art shows in various locations in Western Canada. Their first show is called “The Wild, Wild, East.” The art show will feature Asian-inspired art from local artists. As well, the show will include works from independent artists and small art dealers in Asia. The theme for the travelling art shows will change yearly. Private showings are also possible. To view the artwork or contact the project, go to Tradewind’s website at: home.

Morrow’s latest book at Touchstones

The Shop at Touchstones Nelson has Dr. Kenneth Morrow’s latest book, Comfortable for Life.

Sunday, Dec. 14, 2 p.m. at the First Baptist Church, 611 5th St. This is the Nelson Community Band Christmas Concert with the sweet jazz standards of Tangerine, topped off with a bit of carol singing. December just wouldn’t be complete without a concert, and the community band has just the selections to delight everyone, varying from seasonal songs to grand suites. Special guests Tangerine are a local jazz duet enriched by some experienced Jazz Men from the Nelson Community

Saturday, Dec. 13 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at 703 Silica St. Christine Dell’s porcelain work is featured with guest potters Diane Burt and Callie Chatten. Fun and functional, elegant and earthy, there is a hand made vessel for everyone.

First Annual Festival of Art


Author of several local favourites, including Boyhood in Nelson and Leaving Nelson, Morrow has turned his attention to his future, and is sharing his experience with his audience. A child of depression-era poverty, Morrow has created his affluence through work and wise planning, but in these volatile times, how can anyone predict their economic future? With a straight-talking approach to this complex subject, supplemented by personal experience, interviews and thorough research, Morrow hopes to share his methods for being ‘comfortable for life’. Bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the Kootenay Kids Christmas Hamper and you’ll receive 10 per cent off your purchase.

Carol Reynolds’s paintings

Now until the end of December at Kolmel’s Silver & Gold, 459 Ward St. Paintings by Carol Reynolds are now for sale. They include a variety of subject matter, sizes, and prices.

West Kootenay Journal now available

Artist and naturalist Susan VanRooy has created a unique day planner specifically for the West Kootenays. “After many years of keeping an illuminated nature journal and teaching others about the joys of this art form, I began looking for a way of sharing observations and information about this unique West Kootenay Region”, says VanRooy The West Kootenay Journal is a colour, illustrated day planner with watercolour paintings and pen and ink sketches from VanRooy’s journals, as well as keen observations expressed in essays by 12 diverse people with expertise in local history, wildcrafting, gardening, biology, and natural history. VanRooy hopes to encourage participation and investigation in nature throughout the seasons, month by month. Its undated format allows people to start using it anytime of the year, any year, and leaves them plenty of space for your daily notes.

The journal is available at Otter Books, Still Eagle, the West Kootenay Co-op and Gaia Rising. It sells for $24.95. See www.kootenaylakegallery. com for more information.

Tales of a Broken Hearted Stick Girl

At Lux Shoe Boutique, 564 Baker St. Winlaw artist Emily Beamer is now showing her new comic book illustration series “Tales of a Broken Hearted Stick Girl” Beamer runs her own company called Emily Beamer Graphic Design and Illustration in Winlaw. She spends her days designing for local and international companies, and illustrating serious and detail specific scientific illustration. She just wanted to do an illustration series that was more light hearted and not so serious. And plus its all pink! The series is not autobiographical. The series includes framed works and a comic book that is for sale. Beamer’s work can be viewed at

Tuesday, Dec. 16, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Prestige Lakeside Resort and Convention Centre, 701 Lakeside Winds of the West is sponsoring this first annual festival of art event. Art will include works of local artist Lester Weisbrich and Yukon artist Natalie Parenteau. There is natural artist Paul Young from

Band. Adult tickets are $10, seniors and students are $8 and children 12 and under free.

Pancake breakfast with Santa

Saturday, Dec. 13, 10 a.m. at Taghum Hall Welcome Santa as he rides down Taghum Frontage Road starting at 9:30 a.m. People can make food bank donations and all kids will receive one on one time with Santa and a goodie bag. Breakfast is $5 per person. the Northwest Territories with his masterpieces of horn, ivory and antler. Winds of the West is also sponsoring eight Northwest Aboriginal carvers in wood, stone, ivory and clay. Runs until Friday, Dec. 19.

Holiday Boutique

Friday, Dec. 12, 2 p.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 13, 10 a.m. to 6 pm. and Sunday, Dec. 14, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at The Factory, 301 Vernon St. Support local artists at the first annual Holiday Boutique, hosted by The Factory. A three-day event featuring holiday gifts made by local artisans, live entertainment and a bake sale in support of The Factory. St. Nicolas said he will pay his visit at 2 p.m. on Sunday.

LAPOINTE, Bev Nelson/Creston NDP

“BC Rivers belong to all of us. . . keep them wild for all life to enjoy.” �����������������������������������

�������������� ���������������������������������� ���������������������������������� ������������������������������ ������������������������������� ����������������� �������������������������������������� ������������������������������������ ��������������������

West Kootenay/Boundary

1-800-222-TIPS P.O BOX 3392, CASTLEGAR BC V1N 3N8


December 10, 2008


Ongoing Events Wednesdays


NEED INEXPENSIVE BIRTH CONTROL? Options for Sexual Health drop-in clinic. 333 Victoria St. 5:30-8 p.m. *Closed Dec. 24th. Open Dec. 31st limited clinic to current clients only for product pickup. OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS. Do you have a problem with food? Meet every Wednesday, 719 Vernon St. downstairs, 5:30 p.m. 1-800-611-5788. DROP IN GREIF SUPPORT GROUP. 7-9 p.m. at Broader Horizons, 905 Gordon Road, back door. THE NELSON SCRABBLE CLUB meets Wednesdays at 1p.m. Info 250-505-5583 WOMEN’S HOCKEY SCRIMMAGE at the old rink 8:30 - 9:30 p.m. $10 drop-in fee. Full equipment required. Info 250-359-7036 ALCOHOLICSANONYMOUS Harrop Hall, Harrop 5:30 p.m. DOES SOMEONE’S DRINKING TROUBLE YOU? Al-Anon meeting noon The Cellar. 717A Vernon St.

QUAKER MEETING 723 Ward, upstairs, 9:45. 354-3859. SUNDAY MORNING WORHSIP, Community Church, Passmore Hall, 11 a.m. All welcome. SUNDAY WORSHIP, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Slocan, 2:00 p.m. All welcome. UNITY CENTRE of the Kootenays, 905 Gordon Rd. Broader Horizons. Back door, 11 a.m. Everyone welcome. NELSON AA Sunday Morning 10 a.m. The Cellar. 717A Vernon St. NELSON UNITED CHURCH service, 10 a.m. 602 Silica St. All are welcome. ASCENSION LUTHERAN CHURCH Ser vice 10:15 a.m. 1805 Silverking Rd. You are welcome. 352-2515 ST. JOHN’S LUTHERAN CHURCH fternoon worship 4pm, 21 Silica St. 354-3308

Thursdays IS ALCOHOL A PROBLEM IN YOUR LIFE? AA Meetings, Lunch Bunch at Noon. Into Action Big Book Study at 8:00 p.m. The Cellar. 717A Vernon St. Nelson ACUPUNCTURE FOR ADDICTIONS Free drop-in clinic, 1:30 p.m. Located at 333 Victoria Street, 2nd Floor. 505-7248 BIBLE STUDY JOY BAPTIST CHURCH, 6:30 p.m. 560 Baker St., Suite #3. Ever yone welcome. SIGNING CHOIR (sign language) 3:30 p.m. at NDYC, 608 Lake St. NELSON BADMINTON CLUB 7-9 p.m. at the Mary Hall Gym. For information call Anne at 3527536 or Guy at 352-6330.

Fridays GENDER OUTLAWS, a support & social group for trans & gender variants. 354-5362. Nelson AA - F-Troop meeting at the Cellar 717A Vernon St 8 p.m. DOES SOMEONE’S DRINKING TROUBLE YOU? Al-Anon meeting 8 pm at 601 Front St, Nelson.

Saturdays WILDERNESS SURVIVAL, HERBALISM and Stone Age Skills classes! Ongoing program. Children, teen, adult classes. 357-2822. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Noon meeting at The Cellar. 717A Vernon St., Nelson THE NELSON SCRABBLE CLUB meets Saturday at 1 p.m. For further info. please call 250505-5583 CHAIR MASSAGE with Nicole Carere. 11 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. $1/minute, walk-in or by appointment at Natural Way Home, 535 Baker Street. 250-352-2980

Sundays WILDERNESS SURVIVAL, HERBALISM and Stone Age Skills classes! Ongoing program. Children, teen, adult classes. 357-2822. TIBETAN BUDDHIST MEDITATION 10-11:30 a.m. Open to everyone, beginners welcome. 6425 Sproule Creek Rd. Nelson. 3522455. SHAMBHALA CENTRE NYINTHUN: Join us for Sunday sitting meditation 9 a.m. to noon. There will be a break for refreshments mid-morning. You are welcome to come & go as you please. Everyone is welcome. 444 Baker St. 352-5560 WORSHIP SERVICES JOY BAPTIST CHURCH, 10 a.m., 11 a.m, 6:30 p.m., 560 Baker St, Suite #3, 825-4095.

Mondays NELSON TABLE TENNIS CLUB. 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. at Blewett Elementary School when school is in session. 352-9547 or 3525739 SHAMBHALA CENTRE OPEN HOUSE: 7:00 p.m. meditation instruction and practice; 8:00 p.m. talk and discussion; 9:00 p.m. tea. All welcome. 444 Baker Street, 352-5560. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS open meeting. 7:00 p.m. Passmore Hall, 3656 Old Passmore Road. F-Troop Meeting 8 p.m. The Cellar. 717A Vernon St., Nelson REDFISH ADULT BADMINTON Mon Thurs 7 - 9 p.m. $3 drop $20 two night week. Join us for more details. MT. SENTINEL SCHOOL South Slocan BADMINTON Mon Wed 7:30 p.m. 359-7610 NELSON BADMINTON CLUB 7-9 p.m. at the Mary Hall Gym. For information call Anne at 3527536 or Guy at 352-6330.

Tuesdays PARENT & CHILD TIME at the Harrop Hall. 10 a.m. - 12 noon Information: Lesley 825-0140 ACUPUNCTURE FOR ADDICTIONS Free drop-in clinic, 1:30 p.m. Located at 333 Victoria St, 2nd Floor. 505-7248 DOES SOMEONE’S DRINKING� TROUBLE YOU? Al-Anon Meetings: Lunch Bunch at Noon and open meeing at 6 p.m. The Cellar. 717A Vernon St. YOUNG FELLOWS OFF BOOZE Al-Anon Meeting 8 p.m. The Cellar. 717A Vernon St. AA TARRY ENG- RUSSIAN GROUP Brent Kennedy School, 7 p.m. Slocan Junction. ‘DRUMMING FROM THE HEART’ Community Drum Circle with Kim Massé. North Shore Hall 7:15 - 8:45 p.m. $7.00 505-2684 GRIEF COUNSELLING & LIFE coaching with Eve Pries. By appointment. Natural Way Home, 535 Baker St.,, 250-352-2980.



Sat. Dec 13 (continued)

ALMOST ACOUSTIC JAM at The Royal on Baker, 9:30 p.m. No cover. LIVE MUSIC at FUSION 301 Baker St. 352-3011 Call for reservations. PAUL LANDSBERG & BERT PETERS, jazz guitar duo, Library Lounge in the Hume Hotel, 6-10 p.m. KARAOKE Amy Poznikof f putting on the Ritz and Wild Women Wednesdays at Finleys Irish Pub. OPEN STAGE at The Royal on Baker, 9:30 p.m. hosted by Estevan. Everyone welcome! RYLAN PLAYS AT MAX & IRMA’S Solo finger syle guitar 6-9 p.m. Tasty tones, great food, good times!

JUDE DAVIDSON SINGS classic songs & originals, 6-9 p.m. at Max & Irma’s Restaurant. Good food and music. SALSA NIGHT GINA’S Birthday Bash! Dancing 9 - 12:30 p.m . $5 cover Finley’s, 705 Vernon St. PUREBLEND bring the vibe to The Royal on Baker

Thurs. Dec 11 DAM UNPLUGGED ACOUSTIC Open Stage, Thursdays, 9 p.m. hosted by Estevan, Dam Inn, South Slocan. DJ BRYX AND FRIENDS Bryx has been doing his thing for over 11 years now, perfecting the art of mashup and turntablism. Doors at 10 p.m. at Spiritbar.

Sun. Dec 14 SARAH AND RICH Perform soulful jazz standards in a pleasant lounge setting. 7:30 p.m. Redfish Grill 479 Baker St. THE TRUMAN SHOW for brunch and Nikko plays evenings at Nelson’s live jazz venue, The Library Lounge, in the Hume Hotel. SLEIGHFUL SONGS - Nelson Community Band Christmas Concert with Special Guests ‘Tangerine’ and old fashioned carol singalong. 2 p.m. 611 Fifth St. Adults $10, student and seniors $8.

Mon. Dec 15 SARAH McGLYNN & RICH RABNETT live at The Library Lounge, in the Hume Hotel. 6-10 p.m.

Fri. Dec 12

Tues. Dec 16

FINLEY’S GAME NIGHT, ‘Name that Tune’ at followed by live music at 10 p.m. RYLAN PLAYS AT MAX & IRMA’S Solo finger syle guitar 6-9 p.m. Tasty tones, great food, good times! DJ HOOLA HOOP This local funky, disco, house meets new age, dub step DJ is guaranteed to get you on the floor. 5$ at Spiritbar 10 p.m. DANCE FOR NOLUTHAN with Mushana Marina One World Choir and Friends. Trinity Presbysterian Church, corner of Kootenay and Victoria St. 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. Suggested donation $10

LIVE OPEN STAGE at Finley’s Irish Pub, everyone welcome. LISTEN TO THE SWEET SOUNDS of Nikko at Fusion on Baker Street. 7-10 p.m. ALL AGES OPEN MIKE! Poets and jammers welcome at the Cocao-nut Lounge 116 Vernon St, 6 - 10 p.m.

Sat. Dec 13 BESSIE WAPP, FRANK Brooke & more t.b.a enter tain unplugged at Ellisons Market & Natural Foods Cafe, 12-3 p.m. LIVE at The Library Lounge, in the Hume Hotel, the Incomparable Hume Quartet.

Wed. Dec 17 PAUL LANDSBERG & BERT PETERS, jazz guitar duo, Library Lounge in the Hume Hotel, 6-10 p.m. KARAOKE Amy Poznikoff putting on the Ritz and Wild Women Wednesdays at Finley’s Irish Pub and Grill. ALMOST ACOUSTIC JAM at The Royal on Baker, 9:30 p.m. No cover.

Fri. Dec 19 TERRADACTON LIVE AT the Royal on Baker. Info:

Special Events Wednesday Dec 10

Saturday Dec 13

GLIMPSE INTO FEMINIST activism in India today. Gitta Ridder sharing of her work in India. At the Women’s Centre 5 - 7 p.m.

NELSON HOLIDAY MARKET at the Nelson Community Complex, concourse level. 40 vendors, a great chance for holiday fun! 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. 4th ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SALE. New work in porcelain in the studio of Christine Dell with guest potters Diane Burt and Callie Chatten. 12-6 p.m. 703 Silica St. FIRST ANNUAL HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE 10 a.m. -6 p.m. The Factory, 301 Veron St. ART WITHOUT BORDERS see Friday. BALFOUR BEACH INN CRAFT FAIR 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Interested vendors 250--229-4235. THE SHAPE OF A GIRL see Wednesday.

Thursday Dec 11 THE SHAPE OF A GIRL - a powerful one woman drama by Joan Macleod about the tubulent teenage years. At the TNT Playhouse (corner of Ward and Carbonate St) 8 p.m. Advance tix $15 at Eddy Music. TOASTMASTERS WANTS YOU! Join us, 7:00pm, Selkirk College (Silver King Road). Bring friends! Info 250-551-5472

Friday Dec 12 BOOK-SIGNING AT OTTER Books with contributors to The Purcell Suite, K. Linda Kivi, Luanne Armstrong, Ellen Burt and Dick Vision. 7 - 8 p.m. DISAPPEARING ACT is a new show of paintings and prints by artist Christophe Quillévéré. The show opens at Our Glass Studio and Gallery in Nelson, B.C. with a reception at 7 p.m. FIRST ANNUAL HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE Support your local art community 2- - 8 p.m., The Factory, 301 Veron St. Nelson. CONTRA-DANCE at the Scout Hall, 310 Cedar St. CHRISTMAS WATER SHOW Presented by Nelson Reflection Synchonized Swimming Club 5 6 p.m. at the Nelson and District Community Complex. ART WITHOUT BORDERS Asian inspired art from local ar tist and the ‘Wild, Wild, East’ at The Hume Hotel. Info:

Saturday Dec 13 BELLYDANCE HAFLA Come dance and enjoy a Tribal Community Dance Circle, 34:00pm, Moving Center, $15. Karen 250-352-7267 BREAKFAST WITH SANTA 10:00 a.m. Support the Tagum Hall. Tickets $5.00 at Taghum Shell. Limited to First 120 Seats. Info: 352-5825. KOOTENAY DANCEBEAT Christmas Dance at Brent Kennedy School 7:30 p.m. Waltz mini-lesson with Lui 8 - 11 p.m. social dancing. Latin, Ballroom, Countr y & Swing Music Plus Mixers, Refreshments and Doorprizes! Bookmark www. for local dance news.

Sunday Dec 14 SLEIGHFUL OF SONGS - Nelson Community Band Christmas Concer t with Special Guests “Tangerine” and old fashioned carol singalong. 2:00 pm611 Fifth St, Nelson. Adults $10, seniors and students $8, children 12 and under free. CHRISTMAS CONCERT RAISES Funds for Grans to Grans and the Stephen Lewis Foundation. 2 p.m., at the Nelson United Church. Admission by donation. Info:, 250-366-4623. FIRST ANNUAL HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. St. Nicolas visits 2 p.m. The Factory, 301 Veron St. ART WITHOUT BORDERS see Friday. BREAKFAST WITH SANTA and silent auction at Slocan Park Hall Hwy 6, Slocan Park. Breakfast 8:30 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Monday Dec 15 FREE LIVE OUTDOOR Nativity Pageant 7:30 p.m. 222 W Richards.

Wednesday Dec 17 AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL WRITEA Thon 3:30 - 6:00 p.m. L.V.Rogers Secondary School Courtyard Theatre, 1004 Cottonwood St.

Thursday Dec 18 THE SHAPE OF A GIRL see Wednesday.

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Easy Sudoku Hard Sudoku

Answers to Kootenay Crossword

see puzzle on page 9

TO WIN : every row, column and 3 by 3 square must each contain the digits 1 to 9. Moderate difficulty. Solution on page 20

TO WIN : every row, column and 3 by 3 square must each contain the digits 1 to 9. More challenging. Solution on page 20

December 10, 2008 EXPRESS Page 17

Ancient healing art 101 Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is an ancient healing art that dates back 2,500 years. TCM practitioners use an holistic approach when treating and preventing illness. During a TCM treatment, the practitioner aims to treat the root or underlying cause for the disorder as well as the branch or symptom. Traditional Chinese medicine views the human body as a micro- universe and describes many of its imbalances with terminology such as hot and cold or dampness and dryness. During the initial visit to a TCM practitioner there will be an interview regarding how your body functions. Questions pertaining to your energy level, thirst, sleep patterns and other bodily functions are key to a TCM diagnosis. Another important TCM tool for diagnosis is the tongue. By looking at the tongue coat, body, colour and texture the practitioner will be able to better understand what is happening inside the body. Pulse diagnosis is also employed in assisting in the comprehensive internal/external diagnosis. These diagnostic tools are among many that help the practitioner put the puzzle pieces of your individual case together. Once a diagnosis is made the practitioner is able to offer an individualized course of therapy. There are many therapeutic options available in TCM such as acupuncture, herbal therapy, acu-

Exploring Health

Shauna Robertson

pressure, heat therapy, Chinese diet therapy, and tuina (Chinese therapeutic massage) to name a few. Quite often these treatments will be combined for the best therapeutic outcome for example acupuncture is often combined with Chinese herbal therapy. TCM has become a widely used and accepted form of healthcare treating a wide range of concerns including muscularskeletal and neurological disorders, gynecological and obstetric disorders, gastrointestinal and eyes, ears, nose and throat disorders. British Columbia has recently included acupuncture in the Medical Services Plan.

The information used in the Exploring Health column is for education only. It is important to consult a health care provider about your specific health concerns. Shauna Robertson is a registered acupuncturist practicing at the Community First Health Coop. She enjoys treating a wide range of conditions including acute and chronic pain, women’s health issues and pediatrics. She can be reached at (250) 352-2167 or




Kate Butt, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine ......... 551-5283 Claudia Kavcic RAC, at Mountain Waters Spa ....... 352-3280 Sandra Mason, RAC ....................................................551-0110 Michael Smith, Dr. TCM, 10 years experience.........352-0459 Marion Starr, Dr. TCM ............................................... 352-9890

Art Therapy

Clearwater Art Therapy ............................................ 505-1100


Thai, Jin Shin Do, dance, Qi Gong, Bliss. Marisa . 352-3312 Integrated Healing Touch, Biodynamic Craniosacral,Esalen® Massage; Madelene 352-0084


Blanche Tanner, BP, Family Constellation .................. 227-6877


McKenzie Community Chiropractic ........................... 352-1322


Richard Klein, Stress Reduction Coach .................... 352-3280 Holistic Health,


Hydrotherapy, Living Foods, Coaching ..................... 352-6419

Counselling & Consultation

Carmen Carter, MEd, RCC, Play & Art Therapy ........354-4485 Miriam M. Martineau, MA, Integral Counselling ..... 505-8170

Now available - 12 Days of Christmas Punch Pass for only $27 ____________ • An awesome way to try out the facility! • Great for visiting family and friends! • Get a jump start on your New Years Resolutions! • Fantastic way to keep off the extra “Christmas Cheer”

All this for only $2.25 per punch ______ Passes on sale December 1-15. All punches must be used during the month of December 2008. One punch per person. The membership allows access to the aquatic center, fitness studio, cardio studio, weight room and arena.



Feldenkrais Method

Susan Grimble, Classes/Sessions Learn to move! .. 352-3449 Judy Katz, GCFP, Private & Group Lessons ..............352-3319 Physical Problems & Nothing has worked? Give me call and let’s get moving! Call Hilary ......................................354-7616

Hair Care

Front St. Hair Studio, The Key to Beauty ............... 354-1202

Hypnotherapy Sharon Best, Certified Adv. Hypnotherapist ............ 354-7750

Massage Services

A Touch Of Aloha, Lomi, Cranio, Struct’l, Sports ..............229-4424 Ginger Joy Rivest, Neuro Somatic Therapy ..............505-4284 Palliative Massage Course, July 3-10, 2009 ...........1-800-611-5788 Power Essentials, True Aromatherapy & Massage...........505-4144 Rub It In, Mobile/Studio, Deep T., Neuro, Sports ...... 352-6804 Thai Massage, Mina Palmer, CTT at Shanti Yoga ...........352-7703 Galena-DeepT,Swedish,Lomi,structl Shalimar ...................354-4408 BodyMind Union, Chronic Pain, Deep Tissue....................505-9945 RebalancingTouch, deeptissue, energywork. Nathalie......352-2250

Nutritionists Tara Stark, RD, Nutrition Counselling......................505-9854

Pharmacy Remedy’s RX Custom Compound 737 Baker St. ..... 352-6928


Kootenai Pilates 540 Baker St. ................................ 352-1600

Registered Massage Therapists Daniel Voykin, RMT 523 Josephine ...c509-0345 o352-0459 Jennifer Johnston RMT 101-518 Lake St. .............. 551-1197

Reflexology Mountain Waters Spa, 205 Victoria St............................352-3280

Shiatsu Kimberly Davitsky, RST at Shalimar Spa ............... 354-4408

Social Work


Val Amies, BSW, RSW, Counselor .............................505-8044


Mountain Waters Spa, 205 Victoria St............................352-3280 Shalimar Spa, located at the Prestige Inn ............. 354-4408

Janice Poloway, Certified Iridologist, Herbalist ...... 551-4528 Margo MacLaren DHom ............................................. 354-7072


NATURAL, ORGANIC FOODS & PRODUCTS SINCE 1975 Open 8:00 - 7:00 Mon. to Sat. 295 Baker Street, Nelson 354-4077


December 10, 2008

THE HEALTH PAGES Learn about youth suicide prevention The West Kootenay Regional Crisis Line, a program of the Trail Family and Individual Resource Society has announced a new program called Reaching Out, a youth suicide prevention educational workshop that is available to local schools. Created by the Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of

B.C., Reaching Out is a leading-edge classroom educational and professional development presentation that includes a comprehensive film and workshop package based on current evidence-based research. The goals of Reaching Out are to help break the silence that surrounds suicide, to teach youth how to recog-

nize the warning signs of suicide and prepare youth to Reach Out to get help for themselves and their peers. Trained facilitators are now booking secondary schools for this complimentary presentation. For more information or to make a booking phone (250) 364-0274 or email

HEALTH CALENDAR ���������������� �������� ���� ������ ����������


Fibre Chew On This

Tara Stark

Breakfast is a meal that is relatively routine for most people, and it’s a good opportunity to boost the fibre in your diet. If you are a cereal eater, check in with your breakfast cereal. Whole grain hot cereals like oatmeal and Red River are a great choice as they naturally high in fibre. If you are buying a commercial cereal, look for one that has at least five grams of fibre per serving. Include a piece of fruit in your breakfast and top up cereals with a spoonful of ground flax seed for an extra nutrient and fibre boost.

Tara Stark is a registered dietitian who specializes in helping people optimize their nutritional wellness and prevent diet related chronic diseases. For more information e-mail or phone (250) 505-9854.

���������� ������� ��������������������� ����������������� ������������������������ ���������������� �������������������������


����������������� �������������������� �


��������������� ���������������������������� ������������������� ������������������������������ ��������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������

������������������� ���������������������������������������� ������������������������������������� ����������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ������������������� �������������������������������������������������� ������������������������ ������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������� ������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ����������������� �������������������������� ����������������������������������������� �������������������������������������

��������� ������������������ ������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ������������������������������������ ������������������������������������� ������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������� � �������������������� ������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ����������������� �������������������������� ����������������������������� �������������������������� �������������������������� ���������������������������� �������������������������������������

������� ������������������ ���������������������������������������� ������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������� ������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������ ������������������� ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������ �������������������������������������� ���������������������� ������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� �������������������������� ������������������������������������������ �����������������������������������

��������� ������������������ ������������������������������������� ����������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ���������� �������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������

������� ������������������ ����������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������

������� ������������������ ����������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������� ������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������ �������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ����������������� �������������������������� �������������������������� �������������������������� ���������������������������� �������������������������������������

�������� ������������������ ���������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ����������������������������������� ������������������� ����������������������������������� ���������������� ������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������ �������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� ����������������� ����������������������������� �������������������������� ���������������������������� ������������������������������������� �������������������������� �������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������

December 10, 2008 EXPRESS Page 19


*Kootenay Reader ads only. Not applicable for businesses or associations Free classifieds not taken by phone. Must be submitted in person, mail, e-mail or fax. Ads accepted for buying, selling, giving, renting, lost & found, etc. All ads must have a phone number. One ad per phone number per week First 15 words are FREE, each additional word 25¢ • Deadline: Thursday noon.

Forward your ad to: 554 Ward St., Nelson, BC V1L 1S9 • Fax: 250-352-5075 •

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illy Yofonoff and Christina WeedenYofonoff would like to welcome their new baby boy, Kaj William Yofonoff, born October 25th, at 10:25 a.m., weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces.



ryan and Christine Boyes proudly announce the arrival of baby Jack Robert, born October 26th - second grandbaby to Rob and Shirley Boyes. Thanks to Dr. Dobrescu and all the nursing staff at Kootenay Hospital.




Help Wanted

Lost & Found

BALI YOGA RETREAT AND CULTURAL ADVENTURE FEB.23MARCH 7 2009. info-www. or contact Karuna-erickson@netidea - (250)229-4793 LEARN MORE ABOUT Michelle Mungall, the youngest candidate for the Nelson-Creston NDP nomination. ADORABLE DOGGIE DOOR draft stoppers. Great gift against winter’s chill. By “Bonnell Fabric Art”, Craft Connection, 378 Baker Street. TAKEN FROM MAZDA truck on Ft.Shep Dr. 15” tire. P265R15 with alloy rim. If found call 250-352-9847 MICHELLIN X-ICE SNOW tires: 22560-16 only 2 months wear, bought wrong size. Cost $750, asking $500. 4TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY Sale at private studio of Christine Dell. New works in porcelain by Christine Dell, Diane Burt and Callie Chatten. 703 Silica St. D SHARE NELSON DECEMBER AUCTION Ends Dec. 20th Great specials in time for Christmas including Coins old and rare, Immaculate Titano Accordion, Oscar Schmidt Autoharp, HO Scale trains and track, Stained glass by Larry James, Water Fountain, Yamaha Keyboard, Carnival Glass and more Medalta Crocks. KIM ADAMSON - Your first choice for MLA next May. To learn more www. 250-354-1005. BALFOUR BEACH INN Christmas craft fair Dec. 13th 10-3 vendors call 229-4235 ON THE HUNT for that perfect Christmas gift? Why not purchase a gift certificate towards a continuing education course. Call your local Selkirk College campus today. SPECIAL DELIVERY SELKIRK College Continuing education winter calendar is heading to your mailbox. Watch for it mid-January or check out courses on our website at

EVEN-FLO STROLLER AND car seat travel system, used, in reasonable condition. $35 obo (250)5055252. BABY EINSTINE PLAY Pen $30.00. 25 motherease cloth diapers with outer pants and inner linners $160.00. Safety 1st car seat $45.00 Baby Bjorn Snuggly $45.00. 825-0188 DRUMMING MAKES A great activity at any party with children. It opens the door for every child to interact while achieving a common goal. Our caring professional service gives you, a chance to relax and enjoy the children’s creativity and fun through music, stories and singing. Our service supplies all the drums and others musical instruments from West Africa.Toddlers through teenager are welcome. Ideal for children’s birthday parties, wedding receptions, dinner parties - anywhere kids congregate and need entertaining! GRACO DOUBLE STROLLER & Infant car seat. Only 3 months old. Paid $360.00 asking $180.00 OBO 250-352-6465 GOOD QUALITY CHILDRENS clothing, baby rocker, highchairs, and misc. please call Teresa at 250-3525518 NAVY BABY TREKKER, 50.00 3520342 Little Tikes tree climber 100.00. 250-352-0342 LOOKING TO DONATE gently used children’s toys and clothes for xmas. contact lia 250-359-7774.

COMPUTERS KASPERSKY 2009 ANTI-VIRUS one year instalment $20 250-505-5583

LOST GLASSES AROUND Walmart. Please call 250-825-9692 FOUND (IN FRONT of ACOS) - A part of your earring? Several layers of silver hoops. 509-0957. LOST: SMALL BLACK Black Diamond bullet pack, keys, etc. Please call Rik at 250-509-0335.

NORDIC TRACK MEDALIST Edition Pro-Skier w/digital work out monitor & video. Never used. $150 obo 354-3636

TRAVEL NURSE CANADA and never miss a pay check. We are seeking RN’s for OR, ICU and ER assignments. Visit www.travelnurse. ca for more information. A DISCONNECTED PHONE? Cheap telephone reconnect! Very low rates, fast connections. Internet and long distance offered. Special holiday discounts! Call now. Phone Factory Reconnect 1-877-336-2274; BENCHMARK PLUMBING AND Heating requires journeyman experienced plumber. Fax resume to 780778-6954. Will pay based on years of experience verses years of school. Closing date Dec. 12/08. Whitecourt, Alberta. REACH 2.5 MILLION READERS in BC and the Yukon through Community Classifieds. Contact or 1-866-669-9222. DENTAL RECEPTIONIST REQUIRED. A/R, A/P, people-oriented person, exceptional organization skills. Pay negotiable, experience an asset. 199 Saltspring Way, Saltspring BC, V8K 2G2 or call 250-537-1400. REGULAR SNOW SHOVELLER for large House on Victoria St. 352-3226 NELSON FOOD CUPBOARD Society seeking Coordinator for 1 yr maternity leave with possibility to extend. Necessary skills: grant writing, event planning, public speaking, management experience, writing and computer skills. Bookkeeping skills an asset. Salary commensurate with experience. View full job description at Deadline for application: January 5, 2009. Email resume to: or mail to: NFCS, 602 Silica St, Nelson, BC V1L 4N1 CERTIFIED DENTAL ASSISTANT, preferably with front desk experience for P/T position in upbeat, team-oriented dental office in Nelson starting immediately. (250) 352-2711 or 1-877-647-8476 or email resume to . PART-TIME / On Call Maintenance contractor required by th Nelson & District Housing Society. Call for full job description. 250-352-1608

NEW INVERTEKK INVERSION table $160 250-365-5608

Home & Garden

Help Wanted

FARMALL CUB TRACTOR with Factory Wagner loader, sickle bar mower with extra blade, and snow chains. $2750.00 Runs well, new battery starts in cold weather 250352-3248

Business Opportunities MONEY MAKER - Local route, no selling on your part. For more info call 1-866-821-2569. A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to own a pet food business - High quality cat/dog food. Excellent returns, exclusive territories. Information call Julie Mutch toll-free 1-877-738-3287 Ext. 217 or (604) 518-7706, www.

Career Training COEN ERIK MORRIS


ngela, Ben & sister Ella are pleased to announce the birth of Coen Erik Morris on 14 Nov 08 weighing 7lb 9oz. Many thanks to the Catherine and the midwives.

TRAIN FOR A NEW CAREER in medical transcription. Train from home! Work from home! Contact CanScribe today for a free information package. 1-800-466-1535, www., BECOME A VETERINARY ASSISTANT in 24 weeks at Granville Business College. Specializing in veterinary assistant diplomas for 15 years. Classes every 3 months. www., 604-683-8850.

Christmas Craft Faires UNIQUE CHRISTMAS GIFT Certificates for Feng Shui ASTROLOGY readings & Feng Shui design tune-ups. Call 505-1113 NELSON HOLIDAY MARKET. Saturday Dec. 13th, Nelson Community Complex, Concourse level. 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. 40 vendors. A great chance for holiday fun! Contact Brenton 250-352-3539. SHOP LOCAL! BEV’S hemp-oil soap will be at Kootenay Artisans Market/Carnival (Rod & Gun Club), Dec 5-7, Gifts under $5! 4TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY sale at private studio of Christine Dell. New works in porcelain by Christine Dell, Diane Burt and Callie Chatten. 703 Silica St. Dec 13th, noon-6pm. 250352-7813 THE FACTORY CHRISTMAS Boutique needs artisans. 11th,12th,13th,14th of Dec.Call Melissa at 505-3829 to book table.

Computers NEW LOADED COMPUTER ONLY $29.99/month! EVERYONE’S APPROVED*. MDG Desktop right to your doorstep from only $29.99/ month: Intel Processor, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB HD, 22” LCD Flat Panel, Windows Vista and loads of Software, or 15.4” Notebook! IN-HOUSE FINANCING (*Call for conditions) 1800-236-2504.

Education HOLIDAY FENG SHUI: Less Stress~more joy! Dec 14th 1-3 pm, $25.00 Call 250-505-1113 Free Book! AVALANCHE SKILLS TRAINING (AST) with Cold Smoke Guiding Services. AST Level 1 couse running December 19-21 & January 16-18. Level 2 course running January 1215. Call 357-2119.

Free BROTHER COLOUR PRINTER complete. Works great, needs some ink. FAX, Copier, Scan. Call before 8pm 505-2070 FREE LARGE FRIDGE. Works great. 60’’ tall, 24’’deep, 32’’wide. Please pick-up. 250-229-5265. LOOKING FOR PULL-OUT daybed, free or cheap. Also need portable dishwasher. Thanks. 250-352-9445 COUCH, OPENS TO double bed, funky and comfortable. You take at no charge. 352-9547.

Furniture BLUE TWIN METAL frame bunkbeds with ladder and 1 good mattress. Asking $100. Ph. 250.354.0207 BLUE CUSTOM MADE sofa and two chairs $400, blue floral antique loveseat $350 229-4544

Health & Fitness FREE SPIRIT HOME gym from Sears. $399 new, asking $150. 359-7499 GIVE THE GIFT OF WELLNESS! Healing treatments, detox foot baths, nutritional counselling, past life regression and life readings. Gift certificates available from internationally renowned healer, Addie Strasser, B.A., H.T.P., H.N.C. 250-352-9445

REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY CLASS 1 drivers for chip and log haul. Log haul will run until approximately March 31. Must be willing to operate with a cross shift as trucks work double shift. Successful applicants must come prepared for a full season. Accommodations are provided. Paying top wages. Must have minimum 2 years driving experience with on and off hiway hauling. Fax resume with current drivers abstract to Dan Bloomfield 780-523-5910 or Keith Branting 780-523-5422 at Buchanan Lumber in High Prairie, Alberta. Only successful applicants will be contacted.

REGENCY GAS FIREPLACE with chimney insert and built in fan. $100. 352-0885

Lost & Found FOUND SOME MONEY Uphill - call with date lost, location and amount to claim. 354-4229 LOST-SMALL BLACK (BLACK Diamond brand) Backpack with all of our KEYS!! Please call 509-0957.

Misc. for Sale A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE - Get Your First Month Free. Bad credit, don’t sweat it. No deposits. No credit checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines today toll-free 1-866-884-7464. AMAZING RELIEF THE first night! Restless Leg Syndrome and leg cramps gone. Sleep deeply, safe with medication, proven results guaranteed! 1-800-765-8660. ADD AND SAVE on home phone reconnection. Bad credit - no problem! Up to $30. off for new customers, plus lower monthly rates! Call Tembo 1-877-266-6398 or sign up online BLACK APPLIANCES: FRIDGE, COOKTOP, walloven, rangehood, dishwasher, microwave. all $500 obo (may separate). 352-2637 after 4 150CM SNOWBOARD WITH bindings and size 10 boots $200. Total gym like new $100. Small woodstove $200. 250-359-7177 PORTABLE DISH WASHER $75. Corner computer desk c/w filing area & overhead storage $150 obo. 250509-0536 ELECTRIC RECLINING CHAIR. Assists you from standing-to-laying down. Must be tried. $200 OBO. 250352-5445 WASHER & DRYER exellent condition moving must sell 250-352-1621 ASAP 2-22’ LENGTH STEEL I-Beams. 20’ x 3’ illuminated sign. 3’ x 5’ illuminated sign, both sides with 18’ pole and concrete base. 250-352-8859. X-MAS WREATH, HAND crafted, 22-24” in diameter, $15 Must be seen. 250-352-6762 INHERITED LIKE NEW heavyduty Kenmore washer & dryer $600. Dishwasher $250. Professional home gym & weights, sacrafice $750. 250825-9542 MINI GAS BOILER & gas hot water tank, ex cond, $550 for both. Ph 229-2353. FOR SALE 21” color television, good working order. $50. 250-359-8103 NDCC 1 MONTH pass - $50 Summit Gym 3 month pass - $140 Swingers Punch Pass - $50 OBO 352-1376 MINOLTA Dimagexi Digicamera, topline 2003. Full-featured, tiny pocketcam. Easy/intuitive, all books/software, extra batteries. $100. 551-5683 RENOVATION ITEMS ; ceiling/light fan , railing with posts. 825-4399 DIGITAL SONY 5.1 Home Theatre Receiver, 6oo watts, lightly used, perfect condition, $150, ph: 352-2823. VITAMASTER TREADMILL $100.00. Good condition. 354-4014


December 10, 2008


Misc. for Sale

Misc. for Sale

Music & Dance

Music & Dance

Pets & Livestock

GAS FIREPLACE FREE standing B-vent , ivory 30,000 BTU $500 3541188 CANOPY FOR 2004 dakota duadcab $300 new inversion table $160 air compressor $40 250-365-5608 HEATER, DESK, RANDOM cabinet doors. KHY 352-0327 WOOL COMFORTER 72” x 86”. New 1/3 H.P. Electric Motor, hand seeder, Teck cable connectors, oil furnace pump motors, furnace oil nozzles, 200 amp fuses. 250-359-7443 VINYL RECORDS BUY, sell, trade. 1000s to choose from. 226-6783 LARGE 2006 “HERCULES” by Homesteader. 16’x8’x8’8” (interior). Dual axle, Side Door, $4700 Phone250-352-2531. JANOME COVERLOCK. 1 YEAR of light use. $699 new, selling for $300 firm. Call Freya 352-5042 KENMORE 10 5 0 WAT T MICROWAVE/VENTHOOD white $150. Double stainless sink with sideboard and faucet $25 229-2225 CRAFTSMAN 15” SWING floor model, 12 speed drill press, 5/8” chuck. $150 firm. 359-7622 ORGANIC HAZELNUTS FOR sale. $2.50/lb. Chicken manure by the bag $2. 250-359-7773 FIREWOOD, SPLIT, DELIVERED, all species, dry, $200-$300/chord. Free estimates for tree removal. 5517833 or 352-6662 NEVER WORN M/C BOOTS redwings 7/8 mens new $230 asking $175 great xmas gift 250-354-5362 POTTERY KICK WHEEL.$80 OBO. Approx. 200lbs. dried clay. Cone 810. $80. OBO ph. 250-229-5406 DO YOU HOMEBREW? Growls & beer bottles with ceramic clips. $.50/ bottle 250-352-9245 TWO LOCALLY MADE satin dresses, worn once. one is white w spaghetti straps and a plunge back, full skirt, $150; the other has a cream strapless top with a six color paneled skirt, $200. Either would be fantastic as a grad dress. they were made for me and will sit someone of similar dimensions, 5’1”, 110lbs, chest 32”. jennie 354-7812

MIG WELDER 120V Lincoln with gas reg. & hose $500 obo. 352-7402 HONDA GENERATOR 5000 watt with wheel kit $1200. Call 250-3545353 (cell) or message 250-352-1389 1 ROLL 90 lb rolled roofing (white) $50.00 Brand new mid sized car cover $75 (250)357-2525 AWESOME SIMS BINDINGS, with a hardly worn pair of women’s size 6 reichle snowboard boots $150, jennie 354-7812 EXCELLENT XMAS PRESENTS: fox fur jacket, heavy gram sterling silver bracelet, white gold wedding band. 250-354-1192

VINTAGE 1965 EPIPHONE Crestwood solid body electric, EC $3000; 1940’s Rickenbacher lap steel, $500. 825-9320 CD & DVD DUPLICATION, direct to disc printing and graphic design located in Nelson: www.shortyburns. com 352-BURN(2876) LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED, reliable musician/singer for original rock and cool covers, guitar, keyboards. 365-7776 FOR SALE! VIPER ELECTRIC GUITAR plus 10W amp, case, strap, whammy bar, new strings. $300obo. 505-9943 THOMAS PLAYMATE ORGAN, double keyboard, excellent shape with pedals and internal rhythem box $500. 250-229-4415 FOR SALE: BACH student trumpet with mute $300 phone 250-3597163 PRACTICALLY BRAND NEW Deering 5 String Banjo. Retails for $1000, will sell for $800. 505-5254 OLDER MASON-RICHE PIANO, made in Toronto. $700 obo. 250352-6308 BOSS EFFECTS PROCESSOR,$100. 2 P.A. speakers $395. 2 speaker stands $100. wedge monitor $100. excellent condition 352-5067 KOOTENAY DANCEBEAT† CHRISTMAS Dance, Sat. Dec. 13, at Brent Kennedy School† 7:30 Waltz mini-lesson with Lui† 8 - 11 p,m. social dancing† †Latin, Ballroom, Country & Swing Music† Plus Mixers, Refreshments & Doorprizes! Bookmark for local dance news FRIENDS OF CLASSICAL MUSIC informal listening and/or participatory soirees for music aficionados. 250505-5583 YAMAHA MS-100DR ELECTRONIC drum monitor, fits Roland kits, manual, excellent condition, $500 3653538 NELSON COMMUNITY BAND presents “Sleighful of Songs”, jazz combo Tangerine and carol sing-along, Sunday December 14th, 2:00 pm, 611 5th St. Tickets $10/$8, under 12 free!

FOR SALE PROFESSIONAL Charango from Bolivia $365.00 inlcudes case, extra strings, instructional CD/book Call: 352-6555 PRINTED LYRICS,CHORDS OR tabs. All genres. Call for info. Bean (250)357-2525 PIANO LESSONS. WELCOME beginner or advanced. Registered music teacher trained at London Royal Academy of Music. 250-509-0024 cel

SALT WATER FISH / REEF ENTHUSIASTS: interested in sharing experiences, frags, possible club? Email:, 250-3043535.

Misc. Wanted ALL FRIDGE FRIDGE,PLASTIC carport,travel guides for Indonesia and Central & South America,exterior french doors, 355-2269 SERGER SEWING MACHINE in good condition. Also parts for a Pfaff 1222e. 250-354-9618 WANTED GARDEN TRACTOR implements sleeve or 3pt hitch 250357-2729 FREE AQUARIUMS AND or accessories for 10 year old who loves fish. thank you 250-505-9569 SEEKING A GOOD quality, secondhand bed for teenager. Maybe even two. Stacy 250-505 4108, or 250352-3358 WANTED. SLIDE-IN ELECTRIC range in good working condition. 359-8078. ART SUPPLIES, BROKEN tiles or ceramics, wire, wood for painting on, recyclables for art? 352-09784. HAVE FREEZER-BURNT MEAT? I’ll take it off your hands! I make my own dog food. 250-226-6796

Music & Dance 12 FT. SAILBOAT. needs some epoxy work. No trailer. $700. 250352-3538 87 4RUNNER FOR parts. 3 cylinder automatic. 8 good tires on rims. 1000 obo. 352.5431

JOB POSTING FITNESS TECHNICIAN NELSON & DISTRICT COMMUNITY COMPLEX The Nelson & District Community Complex is looking for the ideal candidate to become a part of our Fitness Center Team. This is a casual position consisting of mornings, evenings and weekend shifts. Duties will include: • Monitoring of the wellness center, demonstration of equipment use and basic technique, ability to provide orientations and bookings as needed. • Assistance to patrons Inquiries, customer care and maintenance of public relations to the wellness center. • Other related duties as assigned Preferred qualifications include: • Previous experience in the fitness industry preferably in a recreation setting. Ideal candidate will possess knowledge, skills and abilities which have been gained through a combination of education and practical experience. • Grade12. • Basic CPR with AED, Standard First Aid and Fitness Theory (BCRPA) required. • Ability to communicate effectively and positively with our customers and staff. The salary is $15.50/hr. plus 15% in lieu of benefits. This position is open to both male and female applicants. APPLICATIONS in the form of a resume and cover letter detailing qualifications and experience relative to the position will be accepted by the undersigned until 4:00pm on Thursday December 11, 2008. We thank all applicants but only those considered will be contacted. The RDCK is an equal opportunity employer. Michael Laughton Head Fitness Technician Nelson and District Community Complex 305 Hall Street, Nelson, B.C., V1L 5X4 Fax: (250) 352-3812 • E-mail:

Personals DATING SERVICE. LONG-TERM/ SHORT-TERM relationships, free calls! 1-866-512-8367. Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes 1866-573-0914. Live adult casual conversations -1on1, 1-866-522-7131. Meet on chat-lines. Local single ladies 1-866-512-9083 (18+). JOSHUA CALL HOME.

Pets & Livestock IF YOU COULD talk to the animals! Study Animal Health Technology at NAIT, Fairview, Alberta campus. Oncampus residences and full working farm, large and small animals. September, 2009. 1-888-999-7882. YORKYIE/CHIHUAHUA FEMALES, READY to go, 5-8 lbs. $500. 352-9694 RAT CAGE. LIKE new. 104X52cm. $75.00 ph:354-4296. 17.5Î ENGLISH SADDLE Crosby Grand Prix all-purpose. Medium tree. New condition. $700.00 OBO Phone 250-354-3922. BIRDCAGES FOR SALE! Mainly for smaller birds. One suitable for a larger bird. Call 250-354-4546. FREE: BANTAM HENS, (pet)Isabrown, For Sale Welsh Pony 250-229-2393 4YR HIGH-HO-SILVER GELDING, athletic, amazing potential, super conformation/bone, mountain raised, experienced trainer/horseperson. Mssg. 366-4374 20 GALLON FISH Tank. Completely setup. Comes with fish/filters and all accessories. No Cycling! 250-5055875


Services $500$ LOAN SERVICE, by phone, no credit refused, quick and easy, payable over 6 or 12 installments. Toll Free: 1-877-776-1660. 0$ ARE YOU SINKING IN DEBT? 1st, 2nd & 3rd Mortgages - Bruised Credit - Bank Turndowns - Debt Consolidation - Refinancing - Power of Sale - Past Bankrupt - Home Renovations. We can lend a Hand. Toll-free 1 (866) i CAN LEND (1-866-422-6536) CALL NOW! DIAL-A-LAW OFFERS GENERAL information on a variety of topics on law in BC. 604-687-4680 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.565.5297 (Outside LM); (audio available).Lawyer Referral Service matches people with legal concerns to a lawyer in their area. Participating lawyers offer a 30 minute consultation for $25 plus tax. Regular fees follow once both parties agree to proceed with services. 604-687-3221 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.663.1919 (Outside LM). WILL PICK UP your recyclables; popcans, beer bottles, glass, tin, and plastic. No paper or garbage. Call 250-505-5452 or 250-505-9287. ROCK BOTTOM BOBCAT SERVICES: Site Preparation. Landscaping. Backfilling. Cleanup & Removal. Call for an estimate. 250354-1020 ORCA TRUCK FOR HIRE. Will do dump runs, moving, etc. Patrick 5050612 AVAILABLE 24/7 SNOWPLOWING service. Book now for your snow plow needs. 250-505-3877 K O O T E N AY CLEAN HOUSEKEEPING offers experienced, caring service from Nelson to Slocan Valley. Call Rachel 352-0133 DOMESTIC DIVAS IS here with quality insured services. Animal care, artwork, baking, bodywork, catering, childcare, construction, clean-up, deliveries, errands, housecleaning, home organizing, landscaping, painting, reception, sewing repairs, tile setting & design, yard clean-up. Call 505-4691. SWEET HOME HOUSEKEEPING is ready to help get your house ready for the holiday .Reliable, charming,professional Angella 250 825-4462

The Nelson & District Community Complex is looking for the ideal candidate to become a part of our Fitness Center Team. This position may consist of mornings, evenings and weekend shifts. Duties include: • Developing specific exercise prescriptions (programs) to meet client’s goals. • Monitoring, assisting and demonstrating equipment Solution to use, techniques and administration of personal training programs as needed. Easy Sudoku • Assistance to patrons Inquiries, customer care and maintenance of public relations to the wellness center. Preferred qualifications include: • Previous experience in the fitness industry • Ideal candidate will possess knowledge, skills and abilities which have been gained through a combination of education and practical experience. • Grade12. • CPR with AED, Standard First Aid • Recognized Personal Training certification. • Ability to communicate effectively and positively with see puzzle on page 16 customers and staff. The rate of pay is dependant upon accreditations and experience, and will include 15% in lieu of benefits. This Solution to position is open to both male and������������������ female applicants. Hard Sudoku APPLICATIONS in the form of a ������������������ resume and cover letter detailing qualifications and experience relative to the position ��������������� will be accepted by the undersigned until 4:00pm Thursday ������������� December 11, 2008. We thank all applicants but only those considered will be contacted. The RDCK is an equal ����������������������� opportunity employer. Michael Laughton Head�������������������������������� Fitness Technician ������������������ Nelson and District Community Complex 305 Hall Street, Nelson, B.C., V1L 5X4 Fax: (250) 352-3812 • E-mail:


see puzzle on page 16

Sports Equipment WOMEN’S DALBELLO LOTUS Boots 24.5 Used one season, excellent shape. $250obo 250-551-7259 SCARPA T2 TELEMARK Ski Boots Size 11-12 Good Condition $200 ph 250-354-0323 BOND FUSION SNOWBAORD, Rossignol- Ratchet Bindings and Airwalk boots size 7 $75.00 Call 250229-5796 after 4:00 K2 SNOWBOARD BOOTS, women’s size 7-8 $100 obo 250-825-9985 SKI BOOT DALBELLO Custom MXDiva, used once. Size 7 ladies, $250. 825-0168 evenings or 352-5775 daytime. TELEMARK SCARPA SKI boots made of leather with bindings.Good conditon Woman size 7.5.Asking $200.00.352-5456 VOLKL GOTAMA SKIS: 190cm, new in factory plastic. Great powder/ AT ski. $600obo. 250-365-2600. SCARPA T3 TELEMARK boots for sale. Size 12/13. $175.00. Please call (250) 2929-4482. 170-NORDICA DOWNHILL SHAPE skis with bindings. Used twice, like new, 1/2 price $295. 352-6221 DOWNHILL SKIS $25. Snowboard boots $15. Sanyo stereo $25. Speakers $25. Antique dresser $75. 250-359-7756 NEW HEAD SKI boots, size-6 1/2,$150.00; ATOMIC ski boots, size5,$75.00; 140cm ATOMIC skis w/ bindings, $75.00. 250-825-4413. WOMEN’S SNOWBOARD BOOTS - 2007 Flow Boa system. Worn once, size 7 1/2 (fit small). $90 354-1121 SNOWBOARD, PRIOR KHYBER 170cm, excellent condition. $340. 250-551-4469.

Travel ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES - Book Online at and save more on your vacations. Use code NCA74327 for discount or call us toll-free at 1-800-563-5722.

Work Wanted CHEERFUL CARPENTER SEEKS small renovation and fix-it up projects, painting. Call Nathan Hume at 825-4482 TWO GUYS AND A TRUCK renovations, landscape, stone work, decks, big jobs, small jobs. Call Eli 250-5519187 Eric 250-505-4592

������������������ ������������������ ��������������� for 25 words ������������� $ 9.00 each additional word

����������������������� These ads appear in ���������������������������� approximately 100 community newspapers ��������������������� in BC and Yukon and reach more than 3 million readers. To place an ad call The Express at 354-3910



Auto Financing

d all Yea

# #1 IN CREDIT REBUILDING. Need a car, truck, van or SUV? Auto Credit Fast. Bad credit! No credit! Bankruptcy, Repossession! No problem. Call today and drive away. Call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599. Free delivery anywhere




EXPRESS Your Community Newspaper

SUBSCRIPTION Please have the Express delivered right to the door of: Name __________________________________________ Address ________________________________________

98 JETTA GT. Reliable, spacious, cheap car for commuting. Black exterior. 505-7962 91 CHEVY SPRINT- Rebuilt engine, new exhaust system,battery & Tires. $2000 Ph.250-229-4644 1988 ARIES FOR parts. Drivable. New fuel pump, computer, good tires. $500 obo Call 352-5695 2005 SUBARU OUTBACK 61,000km, 5sp, AWD wagon, green, many features, clean, winter tires, $19,700. 250-354-1241 1994 SUBARU LEGACY, excellent condition, 108,000 km, zero rust. Sunroof, loaded. 2 sets tires. $7500. 354-3922 1984 V.W. JETTA 5-Speed STD, fuel injection, new plugs, new wires, good winters all around, runs well, needs exhaust system. Offers cell 250-608-0572 1987 FORD TOPAZ Sedan, runs great, good winter & all seasons. No rust. $700. 352-0975 1999 VW GOLF: $6,500, 185,000 kms, must see! winter tires, all info at, 505-5075

City, Province/State _______________________________ Postal Code/Zip __________________________________


Phone # ________________________________________ Within Canada $.80 per issue US $2.00 per issue (CDN Funds) International $4.00 per issue (CDN Funds) ❑ 13 weeks $ 11.02

❑ 13 weeks $ 26.00

❑ 13 weeks $ 52.00

❑ 26 weeks $ 22.05

❑ 26 weeks $ 52.00

❑ 26 weeks $ 104.00

❑ 52 weeks $ 44.10

❑ 52 weeks $ 104.00

❑ 52 weeks $ 208.00 All prices include GST.

Enclosed is a cheque for $_____________

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MASTERCARD or VISA # _____________________________________

EXPIRY Date ___________________________________________________ NAME ON CARD _______________________________________________

Trucks/SUVs/Vans Trucks/SUVs/Vans 1998 EXPLORER 4WD, excellent, full load, NO RUST, V6, auto, 8 mounted tires, receipts, $4750. 250505-2139 1994 JEEP GRAND Cherokee LTD.4L, 6cyl., auto, alloys, hidden hitch, 200.000 km, incl. three-bikerack, $4300, 250-226-7716 1992 PATHFINDER, STANDARD 4 wheel drive, newish Michelin allseason radials, CD player. $2200. 250-229-4782 Ainsworth. 1991 YJ $2865 hard top, 4X4, 200,000 km 2001 GMC SAFARI-SLT Van AWD, 8 passenger, dark blue, 157,500km, no rust, good condition $8,500. 250229-4957 93 DODGE CARAVAN. GOOD shape, winters, stereo, roof rack. $900 or trade for 4X4 june 352-0974 93GMC SONOMA 4.3L v6, 4x4, ext cab, std, $1000 recently invested, $700obo call katlin 352-6387 93 DODGE XCAB Diesel std 4x4 long box 3200rpm new-studded, highway km no off-road $8000 353-9643 1993 ISUZU TROOPER 4x4 SUV. asking $1000 -333 km, runs well, winters 359-7920

1990 TOYOTA 4X4 P.U. Ext.Cab. Rust free, inspected, 225,000km, 8000lb winch (newly rebuilt), box liner, tool box. $7500. OBO 354-3636 1993 ISUZU TROOPER 4x4 SUV. asking $1000 -333 km, runs well, winters 359-7920 2004 JEEP LIBERTY 4x4 Columbia series, AC, sunroof, new tires, CD, khaki w/black leather. $12K 250-551-1003 1993 CHEV ASTRO 203,600 km. Was $1800, needs alt. now $1400 obo. Ex. cond. otherwise. Tinted windows, ex. tires. 82 Chev-510 Pick-up 4spp. L. box. Needs minor repairs. 85 parts truck, runs $995 obo both. G.E. profile dryer $200 obo. Kenmore portable dishwasher $150 obo. 352-6983 1989 FORD 3/4 ton van. 351v8 Work racks inside. Great shape. $1350.00 (250)357-2525 2003 NISSAN PATHFINDER low kms, loaded, great condition $9,999 obo! 250-551-0927 1991 TOYOTA TOWNACE Royal Lounge, AWD, 2.0L Turbo Diesel, Automatic, Right-hand drive, 55,000km, exc.cond. $10,900. 250442-5531

Boats & Marine BRAND NEW 46 foot Aft Cabin Motor Yacht. Sleeps 6. Shared usage & expenses. Professionally managed. Call 604-657-9739 for more info.

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Toys & Wheels

ll be Aro i w ift tha G t he

STEEL SLED DECK $700.96 680 Polaris $1500. 3 old Artice Cats $350 each. Ph. 357-2087 1987 POLARIS STAR 250cc. Good condition $800. Call 250-354-5353 (cell) or message 250-352-1389. 2005 SUZUKI KING Quad 700, Winch, New 26” Mudwiser tires, heated grips. $5500 OBO 250-359-6970

Tires/Parts/Other FOUR NORDIC WINTER Tires on rims. Size 205 70R14, fits 86 - 95 Taurus/Sable. 250-359-7933 WINTER TIRES ON Nissan rims, P215/75 2 Hankook studded, 2 Cooper. $250. 250-226-7874. 8000-LB WARN WINCH $200. 2-14’ Toyota aluminum rims 5 on 4 1/4, $50. Ph 352-7962 P185/70R14, 4 HANKOOK studded winter tires, Great shape tread 80% or more, $150, 505-1174 WINTER TIRES. 265/75 R16. Good tread, good deal. 175.00 352-9630 DOUBLECROSS TOWERS TO fit Yakima roof racks for Dodge Caravan. Paid $165. Asking $100. Ph 250-352-7035 FORD FOCUS 4X100 Winter Wheel and Tire 353-9643 P205/60R15 MOUNTED 4 hole Icetrack tire, 70% tread, good as spare, 3 1/4” between holes, $30 365-3538 SNOW TIRES, NEW Cooper Weather Master T/2 185/70 R-14 Universal Rims $200 (250) 509-1222



PO BOX 922, NELSON, BC V1L 6A5 PHONE (250) 354-3910 or 1-800-665-3288 • FAX (250)352-5075 • Phone or fax orders if paying by Mastercard or VISA.

Trucks/SUVs/Vans 1995 F-150 4X4 5spd runs excellent. $2500.OBO 1992 Buick Regal 101,000kms, automatic. $1500. Ph: 250-226-7732 1992 PATHFINDER: STANDARD 4-wheel drive, newish Michelin allseason radials. CD player $2200. 229-4782 (Ainsworth) 87 4-RUNNER FOR parts. 3 cylinder automatic. 8 good tires on rims. $1000 obo 250-352-5431 2002 GMC 3/4-TON Supercab, longbox, tow package, automatic, 4x4 6-liter A.T.C. 250-352-2051



December 10, 2008

Real Estate

Real Estate


BRIMMING WITH POTENTIAL 4 bedroom, 2 bath home in good uphill neighbourhood with in-law suite. Recently upgraded heat and electric. $299,900 Call Trevor@NelsonRealty. ca 250-354-8409 CHARMING SALMO HOME in quiet neighbourhood close to schools and shopping. Many recent upgrades $184,900 Call Trevor@NelsonRealty. ca 250-354-8409 THINKING OF SELLING? Get a FREE, no obligation market evaluation of your home. Call 354-8409 WATERFRONT LOT FULLYSERVICED WITH spectacular views of Kootney Lake/Mountains. 5min to downtown. Call Brent 604-7159181. 3 QUIET ACRES in Pass Creek. Level, new well, forest setting, owner financing, $125,000. 365-1080. PARK LIKE SETTING 1 acre just outside of Salmo. Older 2 bedroom mobile and 22 x 40 shop. $189,900 Call 250354-8409 HERITAGE IN THE HEART OF TOWN! Spacious 4 bedroom home on an easy care lot. A must see! $299,900 Call Trevor@NelsonRealty. ca at 250-354-8409 NELSON HOME HOSPITAL Area, 4 Bed., 2.5 Bath., Potentiel Basement suite, Big lot, Garden Shed, wood floor, new detached garage, $350,000, 352-7635

NELSON HERITAGE HOME, zoned commercial/residential. $250,000. phone carol 250-352-9150 or paul 250-229-4338 512 FOURTH CHARMING home in Fairview, 4 bed 1 bath on double lot with fruit trees. Original wood floors, large sunny eat-in kitchen, wood fireplace, semi-finished basement. Lots of potential. $325,000. 604-874-6116 1 ACRE PARK-LIKE setting just North of Salmo. Older 2 bedroom mobile with 22 x 40 shop. A mustsee! $189,900 Trevor@NelsonRealty. ca 250-354-8409

PRIVATE, CLEAN MOBILE home on Bonnington acreage. Nonsmoking. Available Jan. 1. $850/mo. 359-7367 or 2 BEDROOM SUITE. Lower Fairview. 900 sq.ft. Newly renovated. NS/NP. Available Jan 1. $850+Gas. 250-505-1174. 3 BEDROOM UPHILL HOUSE. Carport, deck, private yard close to Rails to Trails. $1350/month plus utilities. 250352-2100 BEAUTIFUL 3 Bedroom Blewett home. Wood/electric heat, dishwasher, washer/dryer, Pets OK. $1200/ month +utilities - Jan1/09. Contact 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT in Fairview Dec. 1st. Clean, quiet, on bus route. $600 plus utilities. 825-9282

Real Estate Wanted FAMILY SEEKS LONG-TERM home in Nelson. 200-300k, 3+ bedrooms, quiet street, room for a garden, walk to Central School. Robin or Michael 354-1412.

Rentals LOWCOST/ OFFGRID WORKTR ADE / HOUSESITTING CABINS for a Wilderness NVC community experience 1.5 hours from Nelson. 250-226-7311, 3552393Beep!1421, 354-9117 AVAILABLE MID-JANUARY. 1 bedroom suite near hospital, includes utilities, shared entry, N/S, N/P, N/ C, no drugs. Quiet, mature, helpful lodger sought. 250-352-3400

UPHILL LARGE WELL maintained house - $1,400. Available immediately. Phone 250-505-1387 day or 250-352-1761 evenings. CUTE 1 BDRM house on shared property in Harrop. Available Jan 1st $700/mo +utilities Call 250-229-4158 3 BEDROOM FARMHOUSE in Procter. Recently renovated, wood floors, quiet and private. $850/mo Rentals@NelsonRealty. ca 250-352-2100 2 & 3 BEDROOM SUITES in Fruitvale. Recently renovated, heat & hot water included. Close to Trail. $750/$900 per month. Rentals@NelsonRealty. ca 250-352-2100

Rentals Commercial ESTHETICS ROOM AVAILABLE in beautifully decorated, busy salon. Prime baker street location. Call 250505-3098 DOWNTOWN OFFICE SPACE 1000 sq.ft. on 2nd floor in Vernon Street building. Centrally located, highly visible with great views of mountains and lake. $833/month + triple net costs. Call Re/Max RHC Realty, Tad Lake 354-2979 or Brady Lake 354-8404

Recreational TIMESHARE FORECLOSURES Save 60-80% off retail! Best resorts & seasons! Call for free catalogue today! 1-800-597-9347. Browse hundreds of worldwide properties online -

Homes For Sale

Shared Accom.

REPOSSESSED PRE-FAB HOMES!! Save 50%+++!!! Canada manufacturer’s USA order cancellations. Brand new 1260SF preengineered package originally $29,950.00, liquidation $14,975.00! Other sizes - sacrifice prices! GreenR-Panel Building Systems: 1-800871-7089. FALL/SPRING DELIVERY AVAILABLE!

CASTLEGAR, SHORT TERM RENTAL. Furnished bedroom with internet, and utilities. 150/wk. 3047806 LOOKING FOR ONE person to share uphill house. $450 month plus utilities & deposit. 250-354-4733.

Shared Accom. BEDROOM IN SHARED house. Looking for someone into health and well being. $500, Judy 250-3523319 BASEMENT SUITE. SEPARATE kitchen/entrance. Close to Selkirk College. Available Jan. 1. 495.00/mo. includes utilities. 250-352-6832.

FURNISHED BEDROOM SALMO. Cable, internet, long distance, utilities. s n/p, suitable for shift worker. $450/month Available immediately. 357-2525 EASYGOING PROF FEMALE looking to share fully furnished 2bdrm/2 bath 1/2dupex fr. Baker Jan 1, 2009. 250-551-0076 1-BEDROOM WITH PRIVATE bathroom in a large shared home available for clean, quiet person. 3522051

Rentals Wanted MATURE CONSIDERATE FEMALE requires affordable accomodation within city limits. Helpful, clean, respectful, knowledgeable. Cynthia 250-352-9876 MATURE EXPERIENCED COUPLE from Nelson New-Zealand housesitting houseswap option Feb March. Contact here Noel:399-4814 CLEAN, QUIET, RESPONSIBLE, mature single parent wants long term rental in the country. Melanie @ 250509-1044


House Insurance Commercial & Business Ins. Life - Annuities Boats - Travel 421 Baker St. Nelson

Your Insurance Broker Understands

352-7217 Fax - 352-7099

Autoplan Vehicle Transfers License Plates


Lorne Westnedge & Drew Evans: THE TEAM THAT WORKS -- FOR YOU! Contact 250-352-7199 Lorne at: Contact 250-505-2466 Drew at: Web-site.


Immaculate 4 bed. 2 bath. Convenient Uphill location with awesome views, close to schools, hospital and downtown. Hardwood floors, private landscaped back yard, wood & gas fireplaces.



Each office is independently owned and operated

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Fully rented commercial building with highway access and off-street parking located in downtown Nelson is an excellent investment or development opportunity. mls k3708015

mls# k173345


Affordable 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath family home on 71 x 85 fenced, landscaped lot with garden area in central location. Open layout main floor. New flooring, covered patio, main floor laundry.



Enjoy tranquil views of Slocan River from this east facing 27 acre vacant land parcel located 30 min. from Nelson/Castlegar. Drilled well already in place, power at lot line. Just cross the road for a dip in the Slocan River!

mls k174631


mls k167176

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Enter them online at C ������������������������ O M M U N I T Y �������������������� ����������

N E W S P A P E R ��������������������������������� �����������������������������������



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HOMES & GARDENS Tankless water heaters offer energy savings The time is nearing to change out our old hot water tank. We are considering going with a tankless water heater. What are the pros and cons of this style of water heater and are they all the same? Tankless water heaters, also called instantaneous or demand water heaters, provide hot water only as it is needed. Traditional storage tank water heaters consume energy to keep the water stored in the tank at the desired temperature. It is estimated that water heating can account for up to 25 per cent of the energy consumed in your home. The yearly operating costs for conventional gas or electric storage tank water heaters averages $200 or $450, respectively. In homes that use approximately 151 litres of hot water per day, tankless water heaters can be up to 34 per cent more efficient than conventional storage tank water

Home Front

Bill Lynch, Paul Muntak & Dale Olinyk

heaters. The efficiency of the tankless water heaters is reason enough to make the upgrade, but also many of the manufacturers have a life expectancy of 20 years compared to the conventional storage tank water heaters of eight to 12 years. Tankless water heaters can be purchased in either electric or gas-fired. The electric tankless water

heaters can produce hot water up to a rate of 15.2 litres per minute (lpm) and gas-fired heaters will produce hot water flow rates up to 22.8 lpm. To determine which tankless water heater to purchase, you need to consider where you need the hot water and how much hot water is needed. These flow rates are important since tankless water heaters generate a temperature rise based on the flow rate demanded, for example you are using a 6.0 lpm shower and a 4.0 lpm kitchen sink you will have a total demand of 10.0 lpm. The next thing to determine is the ambient temperature of the supply water coming into your home. Lets say the temperature of the incoming water is 15 C and now you want the hot water to be at 43 C. Based on this example you will require a tankless water heater that will produce a 28 C temperature rise at a 10.0 lpm flow of water.

Typical flow rates for household fixtures • Bathroom sink: 2.84 litres per minute (lpm) • Bathtub: 9.46 to 13.25 lpm • Shower: 4.54 to 7.57 lpm • Kitchen or laundry sink: 2.84 to 9.46 lpm • Dishwasher or clothes washer: 3.79 to 7.57 lpm

Bill, Paul and Dale are building consultants with Lynch Building Inspection Services Ltd. of Nelson. Send questions to Archived copies of Home Front can be found at

Kids’ closets easy as ABC

I thought I’d take my most recent column, creating a “child friendly” bedroom, one step further and provide you with five simple steps to maximize the use of your child’s closet. The “old school” closet design has to be the best way to not use a space efficiently. Those closets waste even more space when used as a child’s closet. Consider your child’s current and future needs to design a closet that works. It’s important to declutter the closet and then see what you want to place back in before buying anything. Installing a second lower rod creates more storage. Lowering rods allows the little ones to be more independent by being able to put their clothes away and choose their outfits. Now, if you’re on a tight budget and purchasing a closet organizer isn’t feasible,

Restoring Order

Jen Heale

Remember your kids aren’t mind readers; just ‘cause you know where everything goes, does not mean your kids do. you can use a broomstick or cheap rod, attaching it with two s-hooks and a chain. Install shelves to cre-

ate room for clothes, toys, or books. A cheap alternative to shelves is a hanging shelf bag. Oh the magic of hooks! Kids have a hard time with hangers, so often installing a few hooks for robes, jackets and sweaters creates that user-friendly space. Now another little trick is to place a bin labelled “donate” in the closet for clothes that they outgrew or dislike. Once full, take it to your local charity. Remember your kids aren’t mind readers; just ‘cause you know where everything goes, does not mean your kids do. Use creative labelling for bins, shelves, and drawers. Your child can help by drawing pictures, writing names, or by taking photos of items. Add colour and cheerful pictures to make the space inviting.

Jen Heale is the owner of Neat-Organizing and Decluttering Service and a member of POC (Professional Organizers of Canada). You may contact Jen directly with organizing questions to or 551-NEAT(6328).

���������������������������� RHC Realty 601 Baker Street, Nelson


Tad Lake 354-2979 Brady Lake 354-8404 FOR E LEAS



1000 sq. ft. on 2nd floor in Vernon St. building. Centrally located, highly visible with great views of mountains and lake. $833/mo + triple net costs.




This well kept 1/2 duplex is located near schools and recreation. There are 3 levels of living area spread over almost 1600 sq feet. 3 bedrooms, full bath upstairs with main floor set up nicely for entertaining and dining. Break into the market.




Outstanding waterfront development located on pristine Kootenay Lake near Kaslo. This 2 bedroom condo is tastefully designed with open floor plan, modern kitchen, walk in closet, fireplace, large sunny deck, boat moorage, wine boutique and liquor store.


One of the nicest condo’s available in Amber Bay. This front corner unit offers great lake views and privacy from its 2nd floor location. The 1300sqft unit offers 2 bedrooms 2 full bathrooms, hardwood and tile flooring, infloor heat, patio, secure parking and more.


Here’s an exceptional, private, forested 25 acres at Sunshine Bay near Proctor. This property is benched with great views of the West Arm of Kootenay Lake and the Purcell Mountains. Water is available and an access road is already in place.

MAKE A SPLASH $835,000

Why own waterfront if all you hear is highway noise. Enjoy the features of this 5 bedroom 3 bath home 20 minutes from Nelson with a sandy beach, 2 car garage and carport, pool and rental suite.

N E LS O N 5 D AY W E AT H E R F O R E C A S T ���� �������� ��������� ��������������� ����������



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