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S.Y. 2017-2018


ENGR. JOY ARNAIZ OFF TO UNIKA AS VISITING PROFESSOR Engr. Joy Arnaiz, BA Dept Chair, was visiting Professor at Soegijapranata Catholic University in Semarang, Indonesia from November 6 to 17, 2017. He spent days with Indonesian faculty and students sharing his expertise in Operations Management as an Educator and industry practitioner. This is in line with the faculty development program in collaboration with USC and SCU where faculty from both Universities are given opportunities to visit their Universities and share their expertise. Joining Sir Joy was Mrs. Eleanore Paclijan of the USC Accountancy Department. Sir Joy came back with many new ideas and possible research endeavors between the two Universities that, when implemented, will further strengthen the ties. Photo by Sierra Photography

Entrepreneurship majors witnessed the re-birth of the Student Enterprise Center (SEC) last Thursday, December 7, 2017. SEC was a brainchild of the administration of Dr. Grace Marie V. Lape, then Chair of the Department of Business Administration in 2010. For the 2nd semester, Engr. Joy Arnaiz, current Chair, together with the Entrepreneurship cluster reignites it with a bang. A BIG thank you goes to Father Joseph Suson, SVD whose persistence bore fruit. The affair started with a mass held by Fr. Jun Balay, SVD followed by the ceremonial ribbon-cutting ceremony and blessing of stalls. Entrepreneurship Cluster head, Dr. Corazon G. Anzano, gleefully welcomed the students to their new place of development and practice and which the students responded positively. The USC Student Enterprise Center is a campus-based business incubation designed to nurture enterprises of students enrolled in the BS Entrepreneurship program. As part of their curriculum, BS Entrep students establish their own enterprises and run it for two years. They undergo business review every semester to monitor and evaluate the growth of their enterprise. The goal of the Center is to provide technical support during the vulnerable early stages of business development. Each enterprise is assigned a faculty adviser, mentors from the industry and faculty consultants to journey with the students in the two years implementation of their enterprises. The vision

is for the student enterprise to be ready for scalability as the students graduate from the program. The place serves as the office, product development and selling area – all rolled into to. The facility is fullyairconditioned with 10 stalls allocated among the student enterprises. Each stall has distinct light and water meter to track usage. The current occupants of SEC are the following enterprises owned and managed by 3rd and 4th year BS Entrep majors. Food enterprises are Ato-a Snacks, Bakeology – Cakes and Pastries, Creamily Spreads, Fruble Icecream, Hao Chi Foods, Kopuklu, Kubu Cuisine, Mongo Avenue, Spud – everything potato, , MVM Company – Danggit, NutriCenter, SnackLab, Zato – Potato Crust Pizza, Products and services enterprises are Affinity Souvenir items, Bucket list, Carry On, Comfies, Daijon Creations Good Mourning Raffabac Design, Serra Photography. Ms. Georgia Villarin, PRODIGY Chairman, said, “This (SEC) makes it easier for me to let the guards understand why I bring my products to school and why I bring them with me”. The Student Enterprise Center is open from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. in all weekdays. The Center is located on the ground floor of JW Building, USC Downtown Campus, in front of Carolinian Café.


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THEME: Empowering Millennials: Conquering the Corporate Arena the Race for the New Ambassadors.” by Alyssa Jann Chu and Mariah Camille Zabala The whole of SYBEE week was riddled with fun games, booths, talks and more for all of the business administration student body. SYBEE athletes from the different clusters battled for the tops spot in various sports like basketball, volleyball, table tennis and much more for the SYBEELYMPICS event. SYBEE talents were given the change to showcase their skills through the open mic event and to have fun playing games like the academic cup and jeopardy, and booths like the marriage booth, blind date booth, and a jail booth at the Wrocklage Yard. The week also made way for BA Carolinians to relax and unwind while watching a movie at SYBEE Flix that was held in Theodore Buttenbruch Hall. There were also events that were on an educational and professional side, the BLUE Job Series and the Alumni Talk and Interact, that provided valuable knowledge to the BA community. On the morning of the 9th day of December 2017 in the Anselmo Bustos Gymnasium, Carolinians lined the bleachers hoping to see where their day might lead them. That being the opening of SYBEE Days - a week that brings back the enthusiasm of USC Days with its own dramatic flair, “Mr. and Ms. SYBEE Ambassadors.” In fact, it is the perfect event to finish the year off by showcasing a new breed of businessmen and women. To accompany the much-awaited pageant, a dance competition was held. Each team was a representation of the five clusters, namely: Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Executive Resource and Operations Management. They all lit the floor on fire with their cool choreography that corresponded to the contest’s theme: Powerful. Different interpretations of the theme showed how talented the Business majors were. SYNERGY OF THE Human Resource cluster brought home the crown that gave them a spot to dance at the eve of the Mr. and Ms. SYBEE Ambassadors Pageant.

The SYBEE week would not be complete without the Ambassadors of SYBEE event, whose participants were introduced during the opening ceremony. Six dashing young men and six gorgeous young women all vying for the title. The crowns were bagged by Mr. Ryohei Ito from Marketing Management and Raven Mariz Ravanes from Human Resource Development Mangement. The exciting week of various events organized for the SYBEE student of the University of San Carlos - Downtown Campus from Dec 9 - Dec 15, 2017, was concluded at the SYBEExUnli Closing Ceremony held at the Wrocklage Yard on Friday, December 15, 2017, from 3 PM onwards. During the closing ceremony, the participants of the different sports events of SYBEELYMPICS were recognized and awarded by the SYBEE officers, represented by Ronel Querobin and Eunice Valeroso, for their hard work and perseverance during the whole week. Also present during the awarding were the newly crowned Ambassadress and Ambassador of SYBEE, Raven Marriz Ravanes and Ryouhei Ito, to present their proposed business plans that they have come up with during their journey to becoming the new Ambassadress and Ambassador of SYBEE. There were also enjoyable performances by Chiara Alontaga, John Abraham Andales, Myra Joy Mante and the School of Business and Economics Cheer Dance Team. The series of events were successful and concluded with a night of fun and a boodle dinner for all of the BA Carolinians to enjoy.

sybee days

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A Race for the Crown by Janelle Sarvida We saw the candidates strut their stuff on the 9th of December, but the reason of this pageant proves more than just physical appeal. “The Race of the New Ambassador and Ambassadress” brings to the surface that business students are not just their looks but have ideas and passions that they would like to achieve; their dream—change. In fact, the whole event was planned around that theme, furthermore, it wants to send a message to others that time is of the essence and with our combined effort, we can make a difference. It was truly a steamy match as the contestants try their best to keep composure and balance their every step during their catwalk with designer wings for their fun wear competition. Some struggled while others persisted and rose to the top, garnering special awards. This was followed by a flurry of talent from the intermission numbers by Marketing Maverick Merchants, the second runner-ups from the opening ceremony’s hip-hop dance competition, a song and accompaniment by Audre Garcia, Mira Mante and Aj Andales, and a dance performance by Synergy, the winner from the opening ceremony’s hip-hop dance competition. Afterwards, the Formal Wear section of the pageant began. The gowns and suits being showcased were part of the majestic collection designed by Mr. Lowel E. Rosos. To get to know the candidates better, the Casual Interview brought forth their own personalities and aspirations to aid the judges in picking the first ever Mr. and Ms. SYBEE Ambassadors.



Mr. SYBEE Mr. Kevlo Mr. Oh My Lash Mr. ICM Mr. Best in Theme Wear Mr. Face of Teatro Sugbo

Ms. SYBEE Ms. Kevio Ms. Best in Theme Wear Ms. Best in Formal Wear Project Business Proposal Award



Mr. SYBEE, 1st Runner Up Mr. People’s Choice “The pageant is not just a celebration of physical attributes but also of the heart”

Ms. SYBEE, 1st Runner Up Ms. Friendship Ms. Carolinian Values Award Ms. People’s Choice Ms. Best in Production Ms. Face of Teatro Sugbo



Mr. Photogenic Mr. Warrior’s Turf Mr. Rising Star Award

Ms. Photogenic Ms. Oh My Lash



Mr. Friendship Mr. Carolinian Values Award Mr. and Ms. Best in Formal Wear

JOAN THERESE CRUZ, BSBA Mktg 3 Ms. ICM Ms. Warrior’s Turf

NESTOR LERIN JR, BSBA ExRM 3 Mr. Best in Production

CHERRY DELA CRUZ, BSBA HRDM 4 Ms. Rising star award



December 9, 2017 – In celebration of SYBEE days, the School of Young Business Executives and Entrepreneurs officers organized a forum entitled - SYBEE Alumni Talk and Interact: “Demand Change,” which was filled with opportunities and insights of the global business. The forum was held at the Gansenwinkel Hall around 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Engr. Glenn A. Java, new cluster head of the Operations Management, opened the forum by encouraging the graduating students to reflect on the speaker’s words of wisdom upon embarking on the new chapter of life. After Engr. Javas’ welcome remarks, it was followed by the SYBEE President, Ronel G. Querobins’ introductory speech. In his speech, he invited students to join and engage their minds in the collaborative talk and welcomed the speakers of USC business administration alumni who are already at the peak of success. The first speaker of the forum was Ralph P. Camacho, a graduate of the USC BS Entrepreneurship program batch 2004. He is currently managing their family business – the Camacho Seafood Supply. He talked about how to cope up with consumer’s demand and the rapidly changing world of business. In order to survive in the corporate world, Mr. Ralph stated that we should plan ahead because it is very crucial in the business and more importantly, we should join the trend to entice people’s interest and engagement. The second speaker was Alyssa Lorraine Dayot, BS Entrep graduate batch 2016, the Owner and Managing Director of Chambre Hotel Mactan. Ms. Alyssa talked about the lessons students must learn in pursuing studies and career. Students should know how to value those opportunities given to them; they should treasure the time and stop neglecting it; learn and grow from their mistakes and failures, and always remind themselves to seek one’s passion and purpose. Putting all the lessons together would lead to success and contentment in the future career. She said, “Success is not about who finishes first or who finishes on top, but success can be about winning your own battles.” The third and the last speaker was Rolando Calamarde Jr., currently the Operations Assistant of Philippine Airlines Inc. and a BSBA Financial Management graduate batch 2012. Mr. Calamarde highlighted on valuing oneself and part of valuing oneself is change. Students after graduation should dare to change and it is okay to be conscious in life changes because it’s part of growing up and they should aspire to change because if they aspire, they dream big and when they dream big, motivation level will expand. However, at the end of the day, what matters most in the corporate business is your personality as Camalarde quoted, “You change to become yourself, not to become someone else.” The open forum was held right after the talk session. 6 students from different clusters confidently participated in the discussion. Closing remarks followed which was led by Camille King, the PRODIGY PIO officer.

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ACADEMIC CUP by Carrie Sytiongsa

Last December 13, the Academic Cup was held in the Man Lab, USC from 1:30 – 3:00 pm. The contest was divided into categories, which would test how much the students have learned and experienced during their university days. The topic ranged from books to tv shows to movies The questions were in further categories from easy to difficult. The answers would be inputted into the phone apps. Five groups participated with each group consisting of 5 members. The event had a total of 38 questions and throughout the whole event, all 5 teams were neck to neck – getting the right answers and getting the right answers. Everyone had so much fun that when the score was being tallied, everyone agreed on a special round which would not be included in the points. Winning third place was ‘Anak ni Arnaiz’ with a total of 13,394 points, answering 16 out of 38 questions. Second place went to the team ‘God’s will’ with a total of 18,153 points, answering 21 out of 38 questions. In first place and a champion was ‘WEHAVETOLEAVE!’ with a total of 20,535 points, answering 22 out of 38 questions. Each winning team was given a certificate of recognition per person and a photo with the MCs. It was a joyous, loud and memorable event which could have continued, but due to the venue being used, ended early.

IDEALAB RAISE FUNDS FOR A CAUSE by Janzyl Mae Go From December 11 to December 15, the Laboratory for Ideas, Student Leadership, and Advocacies, aptly shorted as IdeaLab, held its fundraising activity, TABO NG USC. The mini-garage sale was held in tandem with SYBEE Days in Wrocklage Yard, spearheaded by Troy Leonardo III and SYBEE’s own Jacqueline Roble. TABO NG USC offered many pre-loved and brand new items at a steal: all items were either PHP 20, PHP 50 or PHP 100 only. Magazines and small knickknacks were at PHP 20, whereas different iPhone cases, perfumes, and sunglasses were at PHP 50 alongside assorted pre-loved clothes. For PHP 100, both brand new and pre-loved branded clothes, real leather skirts and bags, and perfumes were made available. Stacks and stacks of books from all genres were also available across the different price ranges and were the most bought items throughout the whole run. In those stacks were gems like hardbound books from authors like John Grisham and David Levithan, as well as brand new sets of different young adult series and old classics. All of the items were donated by IdeaLab members who thought those things would find better homes in others and wanted to contribute to the student organization’s fundraiser. IdeaLab is an extra-curricular student organization in the university that aims to foster and realize the advocacies of its members. One of their more well-known projects is TEDxUSC, which they have held annually since they started it in 2014. Proceeds of TABO NG USC are going to fund their upcoming projects like BIL Cebu and Purrfect Pawject. Organizers are happy with the outcome of the project and look forward to more TABOs with more items at just as low prices. To keep updated on IdeaLab projects, they can be found at


Dr. Khanser Wins 2017 IDE Best Idea Award in Thailand

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by Chelsea Nemenzo

Kudos goes to Dr. Marites Khanser, Professor at the School of Business & Economics, who received the “Best Idea” Award from the Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship (IDE) in behalf of her Team Perpetual Light Biotechnologies last November 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand. Their winning entry was the perpetual lighting system using bioluminescence, inspired by the light of the firefly. The prize money was 10,000 Thai baht together with three other entries.


IDE is created through the partnership between the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) in Bangkok and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is an organization that aims to redefine an industry’s performance through innovative ideas contributed by the winners of their competitions. It is an accelerator where the participants are trained to be disciplined entrepreneurs by following the 24 Steps of MIT’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship. The end goal is to be selected for the Pitching Competition for February 23 and 24, 2018. Dr. Marites Ariola Khanser is a full-time professor of the School of Business and Economics (SBE), handling various subjects, from Business Research, Statistics, and Marketing Management, to Entrepreneurship, and Finance. She joined the University of San Carlos on June 1, 2010 and stayed for eight memorable years. Before USC, she taught in ten other universities in the Philippines, including three top universities in the country –University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and De La Salle University, spanning more than 37 years of nomadic teaching career. Dr. Khanser retires from USC SBE starting this April 2018. In an interview with her, she eagerly talks about this new phase of her life: “Retirement age at USC is at 65, but I opted to retire at the age of 60. This is because I want to enjoy life while I am still in good health and be capable of doing what I love to do – foreign travel and writing. I will continue writing books, traveling to foreign lands, and looking forward to the coming best years of my life. I also look forward to a life shared with my special someone who will soon be my husband. Age does not really matter when it comes to love. We both believe we are soul mates and this is the best time to fulfill our shared destiny.” We wish Dr. Khanser a lifetime of love and happiness she ventures on a new path.


BA faculty

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BA Faculty Pause Plan for Transition Semester, AY 2018-19

BA Department Chair, Engr. Jovenal Arnaiz in participation of BA Faculty Pause Planning for the transition semester.

(Left to Right) Mr. Edgar Albia and Ms. Zenaida Confessor dance to a tune as the rest of the BA faculty follow in the background.

(Left to Right) Dr. Lolita Velita, Dr. Corazon Anzano, Dr. Roberto Visitaction, Mrs. Maria Angelita Valles and Dr. Marites gleefully sung in front of the rest of the BA Faculty.

(Left to Right) Ms. Caroline Borres, Ms. Ethel Dicdican, Dr. Liberato Reyes, Mr. Glenn Java, Dr. Melanie De Ocampo and Mr. Joseph Gallur strike a pose together in culmination of the BA Pause Planning.

(Left to Right) Dr. Grace Lape. Ms. Carmencita Alviola and Ms. April Bagano in deliberation of the transitional semester plans.

BA Faculty in discussion accompanied by student, Liza Marie Vercede during the pause planning activity.

(Left to Right) Ms. Maria Angelita Valles, Dr. Lolita Velita, Dr. Corazon Anzano and Dr. Roberto Visitacion at hard-work discussing future plans for the academic program.

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