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China cabinet accessories BY SHARI HILLER


ome people think of their china cabinet as simply a storage piece. That’s partly right. The main storage space is below in the cabinet with the “opaque” wooden doors. The glass cabinet doors above usually close over glass shelving and accent lighting. Glass shelving and accent lighting are used in department stores to display fine china, porcelain knickknacks and even jewelry — things the store owners want you to think are beautiful and thus should be purchased. In your home, the upper portion of the china cabinet is meant to hold all the special china, crystal and objets d’art you have collected over the years. It is not a place for tax papers, recipe boxes, tablecloths and stacks of dishes. When it comes time to “dress” your cabinet, think of it as an opportunity to show off some of your favorite things. It is also a chance to see what additions you might need to bring the whole display together. That means shopping. And, shopping around for little “deals and steals” on these types of things is fun. Consider changing the cabinet’s decor for the seasons. That doesn’t mean you need a dinnerware set for each season. It means changing the accessories. The first step in getting the cabinet in order: Remove everything and start over. Eliminate items that have no place behind glass doors. Next, consider displaying china or dinnerware or perhaps a lovely collection.

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In most arrangements, it’s best to place the largest, most dominant pieces first. If you collect flower vases, they would probably go in first because of their height. Maybe you have china with the completer set of a pitcher and covered casserole or other special items that could be focal points. Sometimes the dinner plates go in first because of their size. Center flower vases in the cabinet windows. Put completer-set items in the middle of the cabinet, making them the center of attention. Place dinner plates on plate stands to show off their lovely pattern or shape. Spread them evenly throughout the shelving. In this display, the dinner plate is the background, and the dessert plate shows up nicely in front of it when placed on a plate stand. Add the cup, saucer and a special soup bowl, and the image looks complete. Stack the display on multiple shelves and your cabinet really starts to take shape! OK. So you’ve made great progress and it’s time to step back and think about what else you might add. Over the years, I have added silk flowers in and among the dinnerware, either just lying on the shelf or in tiny glass vases. Interspersing a collection of salt and pepper shakers would be nice. I’ve seen porcelain figurines, trivets, wine glasses, greeting cards, ornaments — all sorts of things — added to such displays to make them special. I added framed black-and-white photographs to the center of one display.The photos are of my grandparents, who gave me the china being displayed. The addition of photos makes sense; the images completed the story I’m telling.



i n su Ra n c e

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I didn’t add flowers in this case because my grandmother, for some reason, didn’t like flowers. Instead, I placed lace doilies on the center shelves that held the photos, further emphasizing the center area and, as well, the antique quality of everything in the cabinet. With the addition of the lace, I stepped back and felt confident my display was complete.

I closed the doors to the cabinet and stepped back one final time to make sure that the photos were placed so they could be seen through the double doors. Because of the configuration of this particular cabinet, anything placed directly in the center gets hidden by the wood frames of the doors, so sliding things a bit left or right is always needed.

ComforT, STyle anD ToTal mainTenanCe

a TraDe Down ConSiDereD...

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hen the house was hit by a “microburst” a.k.a a tornado a couple of years ago and was totally remodeled, I was made to promise not to put any un-supervised nail holes in the wall. Basically, my boyfriend is in charge of hanging anything that requires a hammer and nail, which limits my decorating whims which usually take place after removing the Christmas decorations. I like to switch things up and what better time to accomplish this task than after I had already taken all down the artwork to replace with Christmas wreaths. A new year deserves a new look but the dilemma was how to do it without additional nails and the fact he doesn’t like change as much as I do. I waited until I knew he would be out of the house for several hours and began a master plan of which pieces of art could be exchanged and still use the same nails. It took awhile but eventually I had successfully placed all of the art on a new wall and more times than not, new rooms. It

brought new life to the decor and the artwork seemed brand new in a different location. By the way, I finally had to point out the changes to the boyfriend, and he was more excited I didn’t put any more holes in the wall for the new locations. For tips on jazzing up a room with artwork see the article on page 4. Going green is more than just a saying for most of us these days. From using canvas bags to bring home groceries in to finding ways to reuse and recycle, we are tackling the issue at hand of keeping our world healthy with more passion than I ever thought would be possible. There are so many ways we can help contribute to a healthier environment and whether you just practice one “green” eco-friendly habit or one hundred, it does make a difference. Read some green consumer trends for 2011 on page 8. This week’s feature story and cover photo is on Primrose, a maintenance free community in Blue Springs. After interviewing Realtor Christina Fought with The Rob

JANUARY 13, 2011

Jazz up a room with artwork....................................4

Ellerman Team of Reece and Nichols and builder Bob Frost, I have a whole new appreciation for the term “maintenance free.” Primrose proves the misconception that maintenance free communities are only for seniors or those living with a disability that keeps them from being able to tend to the exterior of their homes. Without age restrictions, Primrose offers any age, any lifestyle to take advantage of living life at it’s fullest, without the worries of mowing grass, shoveling snow or the need to paint the house. Check it out on pages 10 and 11. Last year I made my sister and daughters a scrapbook of old photos and favorite recipes for Christmas. This project was so huge I had to skip this year of scrapbooking just to recover although I’m beginning the year with a new idea. Check it out on page 13. Thanks for stopping by,

Sandy Turner

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The variety behind Asian-influenced tabletops.................................5 The mystery of the 3 a.m. shower .......................7 Tax tips that will save you time and money....................8 Growing your own food isn’t just for summer anymore..................9 Maintenance-free community promotes leisurely living................ 10, 11 Scrapbooking through a Rolodex..............................13 House plan of the week......14 A cleaner, healthier home leads to a happier mom.....16 Family room recaptures the family . ...........................17 How to locate wall studs..............................18 Classifieds.............................19



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4 Mary Carol Garrity is the proprietor of three successful home furnishings stores in Atchison, KS, and the author of several best-selling books on home decorating. Write to Mary Carol at


Jazz up those boring walls with artwork and mirrors


y husband Dan’s favorite day of the holiday season is the one on which the decorations come down. After months of sharing his space with greenery and other decorations, he’s ready to get his house back. While I miss the holiday pomp and circumstance, I have to admit that once the tinsel and trim are packed away, I can look at my home with fresh eyes and envision the changes I want to make in the new year. Early January is the best time to do an honest assessment of your decor and come up with a list of projects, like getting the rugs and upholstery cleaned, touching up paint and rearranging accents. While you’re making your list, be sure to put “hang artful artwork displays” at the top, because filling your home with wonderful art is one of the simplest and most effective ways to dramatically improve its look. If you’ve filled your home with lovely furnishings and accents, yet still don’t like the way your rooms look, scrutinize the walls. Are many of them blank? Do others feature lackluster displays, like a small painting hung all by itself in the middle of a big open wall? If so, “finish” the rooms by decorating the walls. To me, artwork is one of the most important elements in a room. It not only adds visual interest, it gives a home character.

ings. Blend different frames — natural wood, metal, gilded gold — and even canvases that have no frame at all. Mix up the subject matter, too, including portraits, landscapes, architectural drawings and abstracts. If your style is mostly traditional, throw in a piece of modern art, or vice versa. Be sure to get a wide variety of sizes, too, from very large statement pieces down to tiny masterpieces that measure no more than a few inches. Don’t discount the big

Have you ever stared at a big, blank expanse of wall and been perplexed by how to fill it with art? Try a grid. I love this technique of hanging a mass of similar pieces together to create one huge square or rectangle. The repetition of shape, subject and color scheme, amassed as one large group, is not only arresting, it’s a great way to use a number of smaller, inexpensive pieces. When designing montages, let your creative instincts lead. Start by gathering a wide array of artwork that includes a range of media, such as oils, pastels and engrav-

role that diminutive pieces play in the arrangement’s overall look. They give a big punch by breaking up the monotony of standard-size frames. Don’t forget about mirrors. They are available in every style and price range. And dishes are masterpieces in their own right. Hang them on walls, either in a grouping by themselves or with pieces of framed art. When grouping, however, make sure they share a similar color scheme, theme or pattern so they look harmonious.



Asian-influenced tabletop varieties


sian-influenced tabletops can have a variety of looks, from calm and serene to vibrant and exciting. The key to all of them is composition. Asian tabletops are all about balance, color, placement and the simplicity of the objects. Here are some ideas for setting various moods with Asian elements: 1. Use deep reds and golden highlights to set an opulent Chinese-inspired tabletop. A gold platter with Chinese inscriptions adds drama when used as a charger under red lacquer plates, with the golden hues repeated in amber stemware.The centerpiece could be a small group of stone figures flanked by small bunches of red roses. 2. For a serene mood, try a soothing muted green and move the party into the living room. Incorporate a coffee table for serving, and sit on pillows. 3. Look for geometric shapes, unusual colors (from bright to muted), bamboo linens and placemats, and natural textures such as reed and silk that blend into a balanced presentation. Few elements are needed to get an Asian feel: Put glazed ceramic plates over bamboo placemats and use black iron lanterns for festive but simple centerpieces. 4. A reproduction Chinese cabinet is a wonderful backdrop for a buffet table decorated with vegetation. Cabbage can overflow from a wrought-iron vase while a row of miniature pineapples stand at attention underneath. 5. Use ordinary rice in a tray with the plates set on top or in a vase with flowers or fresh vegetables. Or line an oblong wooden bowl with rice and place votive candles on

top to use as the centerpiece. 6. Wrap the outside of cylindrical glasses in plastic for protection, moisten spring-roll wraps and drape them around the outside of each glass. Once dry, remove the wraps and place a votive holder inside. 7. Place a seaweed wrap between each plate and charger for decoration. Moisten udon noodles and wrap them in a small circle to use as napkin rings once dry, and tie individual name cards to pears with raffia. Rest a pair of chopsticks on a tiny pepper next to each plate.

– By Home and Garden Television

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NeeD HeLP reNTING YoUr ProPerTY? we sPecIaLIze IN resIDeNTIaL ProPerTY maNaGemeNT


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Fantastic lake view from this newer Front/ Back Split. This 3 bedroom/2 bath home features an open floor plan, fireplace, and a large kitchen. Excellent craftsmanship went into building the home. Welcome to your new home.

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Adorable 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch in Atchison, KS! Almost new too! Nice and open Kitchen/Dining and Great Room. Nice corner fireplace. Fabulous Master Bedroom with large Master Bath and walk in closet. Great lot with lots of trees and no neighbors! Newer Barn/Shed right next to your new garden.

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The 3 a.m. shower mystery


can’t believe that another year has come to an end. I’m so thankful to all our loyal readers: We’re closing in on 10 years of great plumbing questions and stories that come into my office every week. Some of my favorite letters have been about critters such as frogs and squirrels that get into a plumbing system and end up climbing out of people’s toilets. Or, the gentleman who was concerned that his toilet bowl only held two cups of water. He followed up his question by saying, “PS: Don’t

tell my wife I used her measuring cups to figure this out.” Anyway, it’s only fitting that we begin 2011 with another reader’s humorous plumbing letter. It shows that you never know what can cause your plumbing system to go crazy. Hi, Ed. In your column, I just read about the person who thought he had a ghost turning on his shower. Well, have I got a mystery shower story for you. A few years ago, my bathroom shower would turn on

by itself full blast in the middle of the night. It happened like clockwork at 3 a.m. every other day or so, and as you can believe that can get one’s attention. I have a shower valve that you push to shut off and some nights I could not get it to stay off. The knob would pop right back out and cold water would shoot back out of the shower head and completely soak me in my pajamas. It’s 3 a.m., I’m wet, cold, sleepless, and now I have to go to the basement and turn off the water for the entire house so I can go back to bed. One night it happened at 2 a.m. instead of 3 a.m., and this confused us even more. Luckily, my next-door neighbor was a service director for our town, and I called him. He said: Hmmmm, the only thing that happens around 3 a.m. is we fill the water tower and that could make a pressure surge, but you just said that now it’s happening at 2 a.m. Could it be ... what’s going on? Then my sister reminded us that we just turned the clocks back an hour. Bingo! With a high-tech water pressure gauge, we were able to confirm that in the middle of the night when the town’s tank was filled, I did get a water pressure surge. We installed a pressure reducer valve, rebuilt the shower valve, and I’m pleased to say that I haven’t been awakened since by my shower alarm clock!

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Eight tax tips that will save you both time and money


hen all the holiday dust settles, tax time begins for millions of Americans. Regardless of when you file, follow these tips to make preparing your 2010 taxes easier. 1. Good record keeping cuts down time spent doing your taxes and may be required if you receive an Internal Revenue Service notice or are audited. Records should include information that impacts your federal tax return, including a copy of last year’s return. 2. Don’t procrastinate. Rushing encourages errors that can result in lost time and money, and ultimately a rejected return. If you haven’t kept good tax records, you’ll likely need extra time to find documents. 3. Hundreds of changes are made to federal tax law every year. Dedicating a few minutes to learning about major changes can save you money and time. At minimum, learn about the tax breaks still available in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, including credits for energy improvements to your home and “green” cars. Start with the IRS’ website at www. and click on “Individuals.” You don’t have to be an accountant to understand the information. Do-it-yourself tax preparation solutions also offer helpful information; the “Tax Information” tab at

summarizes key changes for 2010 returns. 4. File and pay on time, or pay late fees and interest. While state deadlines vary, 2010 federal returns are due April 18, 2011, (April 15 is a federal holiday). Can’t file by then? File Form 4868 for a six-month filing extension and pay as much as of your taxes as possible by April 18 to minimize interest and penalties. If you can’t pay all of your tax bill totaling $25,000 or less, apply for a monthly payment agreement via Form 9465. 5. Do your taxes online or download tax preparation software, even if you have a

complicated return or have never prepared your taxes. “Tax law can be complicated, but doing your own taxes doesn’t have to be,” says TaxACT spokesperson Jessi Dolmage. “The best solutions go well beyond completing tax forms and doing the math for you. They’re affordable, easy, identify potential tax-saving opportunities, alert you of possible errors and missing data, and provide answers if you have questions. They even help you strategize for next year.” 6. Do comparison shopping before choosing a tax preparation solution. Check out the free products. Are there fees for cer-

Green consumer trends to watch in 2011


s more Americans become concerned with sustainability issues and eco-friendly habits, the days of specific eco-fads like reusable shopping bags and refillable water bottles have become everyday lifestyle choices. 2011 also looks to be the year that many former-fringe practices, such as avoiding processed food or fuel-efficient driving practices, continue to trickle into the mainstream. Here are some predictions for green trends we’ll see in the coming year: n Savvy green consumers: Dating services, dry cleaning, cookware and cat food -all kinds of companies are marketing countless green products. However, consumers have become savvier about deciphering eco-friendly claims. In 2011, the Federal Trade Commission will revise its guidelines for environmental marketing claims to combat “greenwashing,” or misleading information about environmental benefits of a product or practices of a company. It’s impossible to know everything about the products we buy, but simple acts like reading an ingredient list and recognizing overly

vague advertising claims can serve consumers well. n“Eco-superior” consumer products: More households are open to buying green products, but an eco-friendly dishwashing detergent still has to do a good job at cleaning the dishes. The trend-tracking website says 2011 is the year for “eco-superior” products that are better for the environment than the old versions and better in practice, too. nUrban farming goes mainstream: Municipalities across the country are revising their rules for keeping chickens, bees and other animals as Americans grow more concerned with eating local, unprocessed foods. Keeping a chicken coop in the backyard will become increasingly normal in 2011. So will another farm standby: canning and preserving food. nGreen data centers: You’ll likely never see the data center that stores your emails, health records, Flickr account, Google searches or Facebook information, but these clusters of computers and servers burn up huge amounts of energy. Some studies estimate the IT industry alone is responsible for

2 percent of the world’s carbon emissions. Companies are working to create more energy-efficient ways to secure and store our growing body of data, and the EPA has introduced an ENERGY STAR rating for data centers. The move towards “cloud computing,” or storing our data on the Internet, could also mean significant reductions in carbon emissions. nBuying quality that’s built to last: Inexpensive, disposable products have been around long enough that consumers are learning the pitfalls of a cheap item with a short lifecycle. Add to that concerns about chemical off-gassing and huge landfills, and 2011 is likely to be a year when many people embrace vintage china sets, handcrafted furniture and locally knit sweaters. While these products sometimes cost more up front, savvy consumers know the long-term cost of buying cheap. DID YOU KNOW... According to research from the national

tain forms or to e-file? What help is free and what do you have to pay for? Will it walk you through tax implications of life changes? Can you import data? Are you guaranteed accuracy and a maximum refund? Can you try it risk-free? If you’re using a paid product, at what point in the process do you have to pay? 7. Electronically file. Nearly 70 percent of all federal returns were e-filed last year. Unlike paper filers, you’ll receive e-mail confirmation when the IRS receives and accepts or rejects your return, usually within 48 hours of e-filing. You’ll need last year’s adjusted gross income or your five-digit self-select e-file PIN used last year to e-file. If you’re claiming the First-time Homebuyer or Adoption Credit, the IRS requires you to mail certain documentation with your return. 8. Want your federal refund in as few as eight days? E-file and select direct deposit. You can track your refund status and receive your refund at least one week earlier than those requesting checks. More tax tips and information can be found at TaxACT Free Federal Edition allows all taxpayers to prepare, print and e-file an IRS return free and offers free tax help via e-mail at

– From ARA Content environmental marketing company TerraChoice, the number of green products available to U.S. consumers increased by 73 percent between 2009 and 2010. However, 95 percent of these products commit some form of “greenwashing.” Weight Watchers is overhauling its popular points system, assigning zero points to most fruits and vegetables and higher points to processed foods to encourage people to focus on healthier fare.



Growing your own food isn’t just for summer anymore BY WYNNE EVERETT

GateHouse News Service


hile you’re browsing the seed company catalogs and dreaming about a lush summer garden, consider getting a head start with some food you can grow indoors. For a successful indoor garden, you’ll at least need good light from a south-facing window. If you have a sunporch or other small, warm room that gets plenty of winter sun, you have a perfect environment. If not, you may need to invest in grow lights to develop healthy plants. You will also need a good collection of pots and good-quality potting soil for best production. n Herbs are good plants for a starter garden indoors. Basil, parsley, mint and oregano all do well in containers and can add a bright, fresh element to winter meals. n Some fruits and vegetables can even do well indoors. The Virginia Cooperative Extension service recommends trying small varieties of tomatoes such as Roma, Tiny Tim or Small Fry, all of which grow to less than 3 feet. Some tomato plants do well in

Smaller varieties of tomatoes are a good choice for indoor winter gardening. hanging baskets, which are also ideal for indoors. n Small pepper plants can grow alongside your tomatoes. They’ll both produce nice additions for your salads and other

winter dinners, even though they’ll be smaller than their summer garden counterparts. n Advanced gardeners should be able to take on radishes and lettuce as indoor con-

tainer crops, according to extension agents. n Remember, indoor plants can still fall prey to pests and disease. Also, container gardens will require frequent watering in dry, indoor winter air. The neeDle in The haySTaCK

Real estat e


M o Rtgag e


t itle


i nsu Rance

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Whispering Meadows, independence. stunning custom built 3 bedroom ranch, reverse 11⁄2 story. Beautiful oak cabinetry, lots of crown molding. covered deck and patio. Finished family room w/walkout to private and secluded grounds. $250,000 The mcgraw Team 816-655-6526

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With ranch home with a 3 car detached garage with seperate living quarters. 3 acre pond. Just spectacular $390,000. miChelle SmiTh Team 816-215-6436

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e s o r m i r P


Maintenance free community promotes leisurely living




n its final phase, The Primrose subdivision in Blue Springs, offers homeowners the opportunity to enjoy life at its fullest. Located less than five minutes from the 39th Street Hub Corridor and Centerpoint Medical Center, these maintenance provided ranch villas are a perfect fit for any age or lifestyle. With two villas which are move-in ready and more than 20 home sites available for

custom build, Christina Fought of The Rob Ellerman Team from Reece and Nichols talks of the amenities Primrose has to offer. “Everything on the exterior of the homes is taken care of for the homeowners,” she said of the active homeowners association in Primrose. “From tree trimming to mowing grass to shoveling snow, Primrose residents enjoy the comfort of knowing it’s being taken care of.” The villas, built with full lower level living areas, already stubbed for bathrooms, have spacious and open floor plans with

high ceilings and an oversized front room. The kitchen and attached dining room provide amble space for an active family life or entertaining and come with the homeowners’ choice of appliance colors. “Each home site is provided with a deck or patio which can be screened in for additional privacy,” Fought said. Behind the quality of these villas is Bob Frost, long-time local builder, member and past president of the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City and whose skills and expertise craftsmanship have

caught the eye of many throughout the housing industry. “The model home at 1601 Primrose Lane won awards during the Parade of Homes,” Fought said. “Not only does Bob have a passion for the quality of work when building the homes but he listens to the needs and wants of his customers, and then acts on it.” Each home built in Primrose can be customized to fit the needs of any lifestyle from zero entry showers to universal designs to extra bedrooms in the lower level, the floor


plans are customer oriented. Homes range in price from $169,000-$240,000. “The concept for Primrose is that you own the house, the house doesn’t own you. Homeownership in Primrose provides the freedom to spend the weekends doing the things you enjoy and not the things you feel need to be done,” Frost said referring to the maintenance provided community.


“Many people are under the misconception that maintenance provided means it’s a community only for seniors, and this just isn’t the case in Primrose. Primrose is not age restricted, so it’s the perfect scenario for homeowners who travel often, work long hours or don’t have the time or interest in yard upkeep or worrying about exterior repairs.”

The ranch style homes range in size from 1,300 square foot to 2,200 and come equipped with a security system, two car attached garage, walk-in closets, central air, and many choices in floor coverings from hardwoods to carpeting. “If you can dream it, we can build it,” Frost said. Located in the Blue Springs School Dis-

trict, Primrose is just five minutes from shopping along the I-70 corridor. “Primrose is a whole new style of living in Eastern Jackson County,” he said. “It provides the ability to be mobile, to enjoy life and live securely and comfortably.” If you would like additional information about Primrose subdivision, please contact Christina Fought at 816-820-6581.


n e e r G

welcomehome 1st NAHB Certified

Home in Independence, Missouri

The Riverton

■ ■

Energy Star certified Water and energy effiecient products and practices

The Cambridge
















The Sullivan


Improved air quality Renewable and/or recycled durable building materials

Conveniently located 2 blocks north of Pink Hill on R.D. Mize

For more information, please contact Ken Willey & Associates at 816-503-4690 or



Creating a Rolodex 3-D daily scrapbook BY DANIELLE BRAFF

GateHouse News Service


f an apple a day promotes good health, then I wonder what the result would be of a photo a day? This year, I’m going to find out. With a new year beginning, my thoughts usually turn to calendars. But with smart phones and all kinds of electronic scheduling devices, it seems like paper calendars may be becoming extinct. So I decided to combine my love of paper calendars with my love of photos in creating a three-dimensional, daily scrapbook. I started with a standard Rolodex rotary card file, converting it into a diary-style journal by making monthly dividers from black card stock, labeled with a white pen and 30 to 31 colored pages to go behind each divider. I thought the only tricky part would be cutting out the holes that bind the pages to the holder. Turns out that’s easy, with the aid of an inexpensive punch that Rolodex makes. Both the hole punch and the rotary card file are available at any office supply store. Instead of using my handmade “calendar” to keep track of upcoming appoint-

ments, I will use it to keep a daily journal of whatever I want to remember. Instead of a calendar, think of it more like an informal journal of daily events. Most pages will be made from a photo, trimmed to fit the card shape and inserted into the file to mark special days like birthdays and everyday events like the cat sleeping in the discarded holiday boxes. The back of each photo is perfect for not-

ing the story behind the picture, and the monthly dividers have scrapbook embellishments that coordinate with each month. Because a picture really is worth a thousand words, it’s not necessary to write very much. Most of the talking is done with the photographs. This three-dimensional scrapbook will look great sitting on a table and will provide a unique look back at my life during 2011.

FEATURE HOME OF THE WEEK 5136 NE ASH GROVE DR. LEE’S SUMMIT • 4 bedroom • 1.5 stories • Formal dining • Fireplace

• 2 full baths • 2 half baths • Eat-in kitchen • Wet bar


This home marketed by



Williamette: A cottage design with lots of space


he Willamette takes its name from one of the great rivers of the Northwest. This cottage would blend in well there, or just about anywhere else. Nearly 3,000 square feet of living space is on the ground floor, while a window-bright recreation room with storage sits over the garage. Craftsman windows and door with sidelights grace the front facade. Slender columns seated on bold stone veneer bases flank an arched entry porch with a lofty 12-foot ceiling. The foyer ceiling is equally high, as are those in the den, dining room, and living room. Double doors on the foyer’s right lead into what could be a den or home office. The built-in work desk there is centered on one wall, between a wealth of storage cabinets. A wide opening on the foyer’s left opens into a richly windowed dining room. At the rear of this octagonal space, another wide opening feeds into the living room, which can also be reached by walking straight ahead through the foyer. Four informal gathering spaces flow together at the rear, if you count the covered patio. A transom caps the wide Craftsman windows on both sides of the gas fireplace, and another bank of windows fills most of the nook’s rear wall. From the kitchen, you can look out across the eating bar to keep an eye on everything. Other kitchen features include a roomy walk-in pantry and a work island with a built-in prep sink. Secondary bedrooms are to the left of the Willamette’s gathering spaces; the posh owners’ suite is to the right. Luxury touches here include a large walk-in closet with a hutch and a bench, plus a private bathroom with a dual lav and step-in shower. For a review plan, including scaled floor plans, elevations, section and artist’s conception, send $25 to Associated Designs, 1100 Jacobs Dr., Eugene, OR 97402. Please specify the Willamette 30-788 and include a return address when ordering. A catalog featuring more than 550 home plans is available for $15. For more information, call (800) 634-0123, or visit our website at





Discover Eastern Jackson County’s best kept secret!

Enjoy all the amenities that Lakewood has to offer such as a private golf course, swimming pools, tennis courts, clubhouse, security, special interest clubs and so much more!!

319 Landings – $200,000

805 Fairway Homes Court $175,000

Pride of ownership shows here! Open floor plan with vaulted ceilings. Spacious home with 4 bedrooms and 2.2 baths. Finished lower level with plenty of space for entertaining.

609 NE Dick Howser $300,000

402 Point Drive - $300,000

Completely updated patio home! Renovated kit, new paint, carpet, roof, windows, HVAC and so much more!

Priced to sell! 1.5 sty, 3 car garage, 5 bdrm, 4.1 bath on a quiet cul-de-sac lot-Large kit/ hearth room w/ woodfloors.

Rare find! Lakefront town home in maintenance provided parcel of Lakewood. 3 bedrooms & 3 full bathrooms.

604 NE Pinehurst $220,000

Beautiful ranch reverse, tranquil setting on scenic Lakewood Oaks Golf Course #6 hole. Nestled on quiet, low traffic cul-de-sac.

225 Aspen $250,000

Stately Lakewood home with lake views! This 4BR home is move-in ready – new carpet & paint thruout, newer appliances, new light & bath fixtures. Awesome walkout lower level.

5337 Northgate Crossing $600,000

Exquisite Mediterranean estate situated on Lakewood Oaks golf course. Private treed lot w/3 deck/patio areas & circle drive.

3902 Woodridge Drive $225,000

Great 2 story floor plan on a cul-de-sac. 4BR, master ste w/sitting room, tub, double vanities, & large w/i closet.

4212 NE Courtney Drive $475,000

Gorgeous lakefront-original owners - pride of ownership shows! Updated kitchen with island, granite counters, hrdwd flrs in kit/great rm.

609 LaCosta -$300,000

Enjoy lakefront living in this reverse 1.5 story, 3BR, 3BA, patio home. Neutral decor, 2 fireplaces, finished w/o lower level .

312 NE Landings - $550,000 Stunning waterfront home with one of the best views in Lakewood! Completely renovated interior 2010. Screened in porch and finished walkout lower level.

THE MARCIA WALLACE TEAM | 816.251.1745 Visit our website to take a virtual tour:



Study reveals a cleaner home leads to a happier mom


aking care of the family and home is a main priority for moms; however, what they don’t often admit is that 68 percent enjoy cleaning their homes. According to the Scrubbing Bubbles Dirty Work Index, a comprehensive national study; more than half of women (55 percent) also clean to control germs and keep the home healthy. In addition, it was discovered that women today clean for their own emotional well-being and benefit. The Dirty Work Index found that women report feeling accomplished (91 percent), relieved (87 percent) and proud (81 percent) after cleaning their homes, giving them a sense of calm and happiness. “I connect with thousands of women each day and constantly hear that having a clean home gives them confidence and peace of mind. Knowing their homes are healthy and clean eases the stress of preparing for last minute guests,” says Colleen Padilla, founder of “As a busy mom of two, I want to help women find solutions to get the job done quickly and easily.” Padilla has partnered with Scrubbing Bubbles to help women form habits that

can keep their homes healthy and happy this year. She offers five tips to help keep the home clean and clutter-free. n Fifteen minutes a day or less. Make cleaning a quick and efficient part of your daily routine. Rather than letting clutter build up, clean five minutes each day so it is never

a huge to-do. Spend five minutes putting away toys and other knick-knacks. Waking up to a clean home helps start the day on the right foot. n Out with old, in with the new. Now that the holidays are over, get rid of old toys, clothes and books that have accumulated

over the past year. When faced by a sea of toys and clutter, it’s sometimes hard to ever feel organized. Donate the outgrown items, and you’ll be surprised how much space has cleared up, in your home and your head. Check with your local school or Salvation Army for locations and drop-off times. n Pick products that work for you. Why scrub away when you don’t need to? According to the Dirty Work Index, one third of women clean their bathrooms daily. n Two for one. If you can’t get to the gym, there are plenty of ways to burn calories and get your heart rate up. For example, cleaning your home for one hour can burn roughly 200 calories or more, depending on your height, weight and level of exertion. Cleaning never sounded so good. n Be spontaneous. Goals and resolutions are important to help stay on track and form healthy habits. However, nothing beats a last minute trip to the skating rink with the family or catching a movie with your best friend. Kicking back and letting loose is important for keeping stress low and spirits high.

– From ARA Content

20101 E. Jackson DrivE inDEpEnDEncE, Mo

816.373.9292 dan o’neill gri

creaM PUff!

cell: 816-786-0317

website: e-mail:

Just like new! Three bedrooms and two full baths on large lot. All appliances including washer and dryer are staying. Energy efficient furnace and A/C. New windows. jUdy reynolds 816-810-5581

a nice sTarTer HoMe

MainTenance ProVided Villa!

Ranch with siding. 3BR and 2 full baths. Oversized garage. Finished basement. Covered deck. Thermal windows. Fenced yard and storage building. $79,900. Bond money available.

LikE nEW! Spacious two bedrooms and two full baths. Deck. First floor laundry. Double garage. $160’s

barbara bridgforTH 816-898-3043

rHonda dyKal 816-522-1124/503-4615

the clemons home team on THe Hill! There’s plenty of charm in this two story, two bedroom, one full and one half bath home. Private setting with two car attached garage. Great for a large family. Very well kept home. larry lagrece 816-665-3135

UnUsUal ProPerTy!

Two homes…main house has open floor plan, skylights and vaulted ceilings. Second house has 700 sq. ft and steel siding. 6 car detached garage. Call or text Jennifer at 699-0619 or KaTHy liggeTT 816-616-4273

selling ParenT’s HoMe!

MUcH neW Here!!!

First floor laundry and two full baths in this remodeled 1.5 story home. Great neighborhood. glenna lUnceford 816-517-9988

Custom built ranch home. Roof, C/A and furnace newer. First floor utilities. Walkout basement. Convenient location. barbara bridgforTH 816-898-3043




Call us for all your Real Estate Needs. We also specialize in Short Sales and Foreclosures.

robin clarK: 816-200-6513 Kelly jennings: 816-695-1027 Kelly Monaco: 816-564-4026





Interior decorator Candice Olson is host of HGTV’s “Divine Design.” For more ideas, information and show times visit www.HGTV. com or


Designing a family room that recaptures the family


ick and Megan’s family room was missing just one thing: the family. Their two young children were taking over this grand space with a mishmash of toys, books and games.This left little room for Dick and Megan and Megan’s parents, who live on the third floor of this beautiful old home. Dick and Megan wanted a multigenerational family room that would promote some “together time.” They also wanted to organize the books and toys and make the room more appealing to adults. This space had some wonderful features, including beautiful leaded windows overlooking the garden, a fireplace and classic hardwood floors. But peeling paint on the radiators, an understated mantelpiece and unsuitable furniture groupings were detracting from the room’s true potential. The main point of interest was the fireplace, so I decided to give it a radical facelift with a gorgeous new fireplace surround and over-mantel made from cast stone. This manmade product looks like real stone but is actually cast in rubber moulds and then cemented into place with mortar. Although this elegant look does not come cheaply, I justified the cost by reworking and repairing the room’s existing cabinetry and shelves and re-using some of the furniture. The existing cabinetry surrounding the fireplace did balance things, but it was in sad shape. Years of storing the kids’ toys were taking a toll in the form of chipped doors and broken hinges. So we repaired the doors and added a decorative mesh screen inset to the central section of shelving. The screen conceals some of the contents while adding

a touch of elegance. The old white shelves were replaced with new wooden shelves painted in a rich chocolate brown. The same color was painted on the walls behind the shelves to add depth and interest. The radiators drew the eye with their chipped and peeling paint. To disguise them and blend them into the room’s architecture, we designed custom radiator covers and painted them a fresh ivory. Dick and Megan had already installed recessed halogen lights in the ceiling, so I decided to add some variety. We installed two sconces on either side of the fireplace and an elegant chandelier over a game table in front of one of the windows. This area is the perfect place for the adults to read the paper, play chess or share a chat and a cup of tea. Since the family room’s windows overlooked the garden, privacy was not an issue. The view was gorgeous, so instead of covering up those spectacular leaded windows, I designed flowing two-tone sheers to frame the glass and bring some of the great outdoors inside. In fact, all that greenery outside the room inspired my palette of moss green, bark brown and mustard. These colors are worked into the room’s furnishings and accessories and are set off by the soft vanilla cream on the walls. To finish off this spectacular space, I brought in a couple of comfy leather chairs and snuggled them up to the fireplace. A new sectional sofa, an armoire that holds lots of toys and an elegant table and chairs for the adults completed the look and pulled everything together. Now Dick and Megan have the family room they were looking for.

There is so much more to welcomehome than just our magazine. Visit our website at:






Putting up shelves — a towel bar — mirror? You’ll need more than drywall to hang them on. You’ll need the solid backing of a stud (the vertical 2x4s behind finished walls). Here are six ways to find them! Most reliable is the electronic ‘stud finder’. It detects changes in density. Pass it over a wall and lights and tones signal a stud. Some locate pipes and wiring, too! ‘Low-tech’ magnetic finders locate screws and nails, but they also pick up wires, pipes and air ducts that may be nowhere near a stud. ‘No-tech’ methods include tapping and listening or noting where switches and outlets are installed, as well as eyeball techniques like holding a light close to a wall and looking for nail heads and seams. Finally, there’s the ‘what-the-heck’ method. It involves drilling a hole and either being lucky enough to hit a stud, or (if not), inserting a coat hanger and fishing around inside to find one. The best part? They all work!



It’s January!Today you’ll learn how to start your year off right — with a bathroom switch that controls more than light. Indeed, if you’re like most, you don’t run your bathroom exhaust long enough to remove all the moisture from a steamy hot shower or long relaxing bath. The result? Grout lines turn dark with mildew, and wallpaper starts peeling off (to name but a few!) What’s needed is a complete exchange of room air, which takes about 20 minutes of bathroom fan time.To make this easy, you can pick up an automatic bathroom timer switch with four presets (5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes) as well as a conventional on/off switch. It installs in just a few minutes and only costs about $20. Pick one up and install it, then check off — one good deed — on your New Year’s resolutions and get on with watching football!


– From

Did you replace your furnace filter last fall?Think there’s lots of time until your next install? Today you’ll learn that it might be time to do it again to keep your furnace fit and trim! Here’s why: if you only change your filter once a year, you may be shortening the life of your furnace. During winter, you should check your filter monthly and change it as often as needed. To determine if it’s too dirty and needs replacing, remove it and hold it up to the light. If it’s dark rather than opaque, change it. Filters protect the blower motor from dust and dirt, and a clean glass fiber filter costing only about $1 can avoid costly repairs caused by reduced airflow. For a little extra, you can add room air filtration, too, which includes pleated filters or electro-statically charged fiber filters. Remember, when filters do what they’re supposed to do, after a while, air can’t get through! Check them often!

– From

Solving furnace problems fabulous inventory!


ometimes furnace issues don’t require the services of a heating and cooling specialist. However, at any point during repairs a homeowner feels unsure of his or her work, a licensed, trained individual should be consulted. There are a few common furnace issues that homeowners often find easy to address without the need for professional help. FREQUENT ON AND OFF OF UNIT: A furnace that is constantly turning on and off can be a nuisance and wastes energy. There may be a few reasons for this problem. It could mean the home is just drafty and the unit cannot adequately keep it warm. Extra insulation and/or resealing around windows and doors may be able to alleviate this problem. Clogged furnace filters can also restrict proper airflow through the system and cause the unit to routinely turn on and off. Some units have a safety precaution where the furnace turns off if it is overheating or airflow is compromised. This could be the reason behind the improper functioning. Replacing air filters may fix the trouble. Blower motor ports need to be lubricated at all times as well. If they are dried out, it could cause the unit to turn on and off.

Another factor could be the thermostat. A faulty thermostat that is not accurately reading the indoor temperature can trigger the furnace to turn on frequently. Replacing the thermostat with a new one might do the trick. BLOWER CONSTANTLY ON: An improper fan setting on the unit may cause the blower to stay on. If the blower is set to “continuous,” it may need to be adjusted so that the fan turns on and off. Otherwise, the fan switch may be faulty and need to be replaced by a professional. FUNNY NOISES: Furnaces all have their unique noises, but if something seems out of the ordinary, it could mean a malfunction. A high-pitched whine could indicate a failed belt or one that is worn out and requires replacement. Loud rumbles may mean the pilot light is not properly set or there is a dirty gas burner. Homeowners can try changing filters, adjusting belt tension, replacing thermostats and improving the insulation on their homes to alleviate many common furnace concerns. If these don’t remedy the problem, it’s best to consult with a qualified HVAC technician or the local gas company.

– From Metro Creative Services

3BR, 2BA, 2 car garage in Blue Springs.........................Lease $850/mo...................................$99,900 All brick ranch, 3BR, 2BA, Independence...............New oveN ANd Stove! .........................$116,900 2BR bungalow on 1/2 acre, Independence....................... New PRICe!....................................$69,900 2BR, one car garage, Independence .................................................................................................$65,000 3BR, full bsmnt, Independence ...........................................................................................................$107,000 8.75 acres in oak Grove, 5BR....................................................Hot deAL! ....................................$220,000 $10,000 price reduction in odessa.....................................Lease $1150/mo ................................$129,000 Raytown, 3BR, 2 car garage, fenced........................................BARGAIN!.....................................$80,000 23rd/Ralston. darling 2 bdrm w/ massive bsmnt.........................................................................$60,000 Lotawana, 3 bdr, 2 ba, 2 car, 2nd tier...............................................................................................$1,300/mo. Lotawana, 1st tier, gorgeous, covered well dock................AvAIL Jan 1...................................$1,400/mo. Lotawana, 1st tier, possible 5 bedroom, covered dock................................................................$450,000 Lotawana, 1st tier, huge walkout basement, private dock .........................................................$260,000 Lotawana, 2nd tier dollhouse, all new, dock! ..................................................................................$132,000 we do ProPerty management! we need rental inventory! $800-$2200

record fourth quarter!

reduced rates to sell, amazing internet coverage! we’re working harder for you!

Home Sweet Home Realty 816-808-4000 •























Blue Springs. $800/mo, 3 bdrm, 2 full, fin walk out bsmnt w/ FP. 2 car, fenced, cal-de-sac lot. Easy access to I-70. Super clean, available immediately. Lee's Summit w/ Blue springs schools off W o o d s Chapel/Lakewood Blvd, 4 bdrm cal split, fin. walkout, 2 car, $1500 mo.


Darling 2 bedroom with huge full basement, wet bar, & pool table. 23rd/Ralston. Big bedESTATE WANTS rooms and big liv rm...much nicer than what you're OFFER! used to seeing in a 2 bdrm! Brick ranch with three Really good buy! $60K bedrooms and two full Home Sweet Home and one half baths. First Realty floor family room. 816-808-4000 Sunroom enclosed on back. Fenced yard. Barbara Bridgforth 816-898-3043/503-4626 REECE & NICHOLS EASTLAND

Basic three bedroom ranch with two baths. Full basement. Double garage on nice lot! Home Sweet Home Priced Thousands below Realty county assessment! 816-808-4000 Only $144,900 Rhonda Dykal 816-522-1124/503-4615 For Lease! REECE & NICHOLS Blue Springs, 3/2, fenced EASTLAND cauldesac, $800. Lotawana, 2nd tier, 3/2, private dock, $1,300. 1st tier, 2264 sq ft, covered GREAT RANCH! dock, $1,500. 2nd tier, Three Bedrooms and 3/3, $1,150. Odessa, 3/2, two full bathrooms. granite kitchen, priv Finished basement. fence, 1,200 New paint, hardwoods, Home Sweet Home Comfort, Style And built-ins, updated vanity Realty Total Maintenance and fixtures. Lots of new 816-808-4000 Whispering Meadows, and move-in ready! Kelly Monaco Indep.. Stunning custom built 3 bedroom ranch, The Clemons Home Tea HOMES FOR SALE reverse 1 1/2 story. 816-564-4026/503-4601 REECE & NICHOLS INDEP./SUGAR CRK Beautiful oak cabinetry, EASTLAND lots of crown molding. Covered deck & patio. Finished family room with walkout to private, secluded grounds. $250,000.


The McGraw Team 816-655-6525 Reece and Nichols

3 bdr RANCH, 20 x 22 master suite w/ FP, sliding door walks out to garden like, fenced yrd from master. 2 sheds, 90% eff hvac, new roof, new water heater, vinyl siding, must see! Easy to move Washr/Dryer upstairs. Full basement, partially finished $107K. CREAM PUFF! This one has been Just like new! Three loved!!! clint's cell 816-519-4489. MLS# bedrooms and two full baths on large lot. All 1680214. Home Sweet Home appliances including Washer and dryer are Realty staying. Energy efficient 816-808-4000 furnace and A/C. New windows. Judy Reynolds 816-810-5581/503-4651 REECE & NICHOLS EASTLAND

Rates Are Still BEAUTIFUL MILTON Low!! Buy Now!! ESTATES

RANCH! Contact me to find the

Three car garage. Custom built. Three bedrooms and two full baths. Daylight, Full basement. Screened porch. Barbara Bridgforth 816-898-3043/503-4626 REECE & NICHOLS EASTLAND



BUY of a lifetime. Move up or move down, NOW is the TIME! Call me to set up your PRIVATE HOME SEARCH! Steve Adams 816-589-2687 SteveAdams@ Reece and Nichols


ROOM TO ROAM! In this 1.5 story raised ranch. Three full and one half baths plus four bedrooms. Finished Basement. So much to see. Check it out!. Glenna Lunceford 816-517-9988/503-4639 REECE AND NICHOLS EASTLAND

Great all brick home. New roof with maintenance-free exterior. Inside livable but needs updating. Three bedrooms and one full and one half baths. Call for showing at 816-786-0317. Super Condo Back On Market Dan O'Neill 816-786-0317/503-4668 Check out this wonderful 'like new first floor REECE & NICHOLS condo. 2BR, 2 full baths. EASTLAND All appliances stay. No worries! pool and clubhouse. $80,000. Give me a call. Mary Jo Wilson 816-838-4606 Reece and Nichols MOVE IN READY

AND ONLY $47,500!

Three bedrooms and one full bath. Newly remodeled. Very spacious for this price! Call for A private showing at 816-786-0317. Independence All Brick Ranch, Dan O'Neill $116,900. Enclosed 816-786-0317/503-4668 WOW, $116,900 porch, huge kitchen, finREECE & NICHOLS ished downstairs, new Independence, all brick EASTLAND roof, garage doors, aranch w/ new applicoil, h20 heater. Huge ances, 3 bdr, 2 full ba, fenced yard w/ shed. MASSIVE finished baseNicely manicured, well ment, huge, level fenced cared for home. All RANCH WITH WALKOUT yard w/ enclosed sun newer appliances stay Three bedrooms and porch. New roof, siding, incl washer/dryer! three full baths. Two car A-coil, H20 heater, Warranty! MLS#1691776. attached garage. garage doors/openers, in 23rd street cutie, big 2 Finished rec room. Two super shape! Subdivision bdrm w/big basement. Fireplaces. Opportunity pool. Close to everyNicely maintained. for you to get a lot space thing! nice neighborGreat price! Warranty. for little money! $114,900. hood, 42nd/Phelps MLS $69K. #1691776 Larry LaGrece

Home Sweet Home Realty 816-808-4000

816-665-3135/503-4609 REECE & NICHOLS EASTLAND

Home Sweet Home Realty 816-808-4000

Blue Springs True Ranch Super clean 3BR, 2.5BA straight ranch. Brick & vinyl siding, newer windows. Desirable subidvision with golf course. Call me today!

Linda Stevinson 816-589-7039 Reece and Nichols

BUILD YOUR VILLA AT LAKE LOTAWANA! This is a wonderful 1ST TIER building lot on Bandit Bay with a peaceful slope to the lake. It has already been cleared and a stake survey has been done. Plus, this lot now includes a boat well swim dock to be transferred once your dream home is built! Bring your builder or pick one of our great local builders. Great access to 7 Hwy. Come and join an incredible community. Please contact me with questions. Belinda Olson belinda@ 816-401-8190 Reece and Nichols


Home Sweet Home Realty 816-808-4000

Victorian Elegance Updated Previously a model home with all of the extras and updates. Contact me today for a showing! Belinda Olson 816-401-8190 belinda@ Reece and Nichols


Jane Ann Williams 816-655-6574 Reece and Nichols

Dollhouse! 3 bdrm, huge din/liv rm w/ gleaming hardwoods. Covered deck, fenced yard, shed. Big master. full bsmnt great shape, no piers, dry...a keeper! Best part, TWO CAR GARAGE for $80K! Won't last, MLS #1700546.

Home Sweet Home Realty 816-808-4000


Lease Available $1,150/month. Oh, Oh, O, Odessa, The cook will kiss you! Granite kitchen, tons cabinets, nice appliances, tile floor, travertine backsplash, big mster w/full bath, vaulted ceilings, privacy fenced level yard, lots of square footage! NEW PRICE, 129k! MLS#1690626

Home Sweet Home Realty 816-808-4000

Choosing One Owner Elegance on Ash Grove

Lotawana 1st Tier Dock just steps from home. 2 nice decks. 4, poss 5 bdrm, 3.5 bath. Fireplaces in two bdrms, liv rm. Amazing lake views. Great space, layout. Covered well dock w/ lift. 2 car garage. Everything you'd want at the lake! $450K. 1st tier, 3 bdrm, 3 full bath, HUGE walk out bsmnt, level yard to private dock, new roof, windows, electrical, $260K MLS #1707115

Great Price For Great Location 115K buys with super sized 2BR townhome that shows like new. All kitchen & bath contents included in sale. Updated with the best!

Raytown Rd, 68th Terr.


Stunning custom built 1 1/2 story in established Lee's Summit subdivision. 4 bedrooms, 2.2 baths, see thru fireplace, kitchen to living room & a wonderful finished rec room in the lower level with a walkout to a fenced yard. $229,900 The McGraw Team 816-655-6525 Reece and Nichols

Once you see this home, you'll look no further. Convenient to schools, shopping in Blue Springs. Cozy and warm with new tilt-in windows and carpet. New kitchen and bath updates from tile to faucets! Come visit today! Go ahead, take advantage. Someone else has done the hard part, just move in! Call Pat Carlson...Let's go see it! PAT & BRUCE CARLSON 816-665-1371 Reece and Nichols

In Grain Valley Schools. Beautiful 5BR Custom Built 1.5 story home in Grain Valley on 3+ acres, with a huge kitchen and large rooms. For 24 hour info, call (888) 203-3708, code 02. Travis Hagewood 816-655-6596 Reece and Nichols

is one of the most important




a home

A Trade Down Considered...


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1 & 2 yr leases. 2nd tier 3 bdrm, 2 full, 2 car, sits on 3 lots, private dock, granite kitchen, gas stove, cool back yard, fin bsmnt, new carpet, beautiful slate tile, $1,300 includes assoc dues. Available immediately. $1,000 deposit. Get ready for the best summer ever! Available Jan 1, 1st tier, 2 bdrm, 3 ba, 2264 sq. ft, covered well dock yards from back door. Main floor laundry. $1,500/mo includes sewer, trash, lake rights.

Two wood burning fireplaces and main floor laundry. Fourth bedroom is a dormer with full bath. Concrete tile roof. Located ona cul-de-sac. Call or text Jennifer at 699-0619. Kathy Liggett 816-616-4273/503-4637 REECE & NICHOLS EASTLAND

$220K for 8.72 partially timbered acres, 5 bdrm, 4 ba, 2 kitchens and a finished walk out basement! Only minutes North of 50 Hwy, Oak Grove Schools. Lots of work has already been done, new roof. Huge potential to capitalize in this market! This is one SWEET deal! MLS # 1643639.

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SALISBURY HILLS...ONLY $76,900! Seller willl pay $2,500 of your closing costs on this pretty 4BR + 2 full bath...all updated! See photos: LINDA PRINGLE 816-807-2428

INDEPENDENCE 4 BEDROOM More than an acre! 2 car garage + big workshop, open country eat-in kitchen, great room w/wbfp. Recorded info – 24 Hours 1-800-808-5509, ID #1986 JOHN COVERT 816-478-9555

LAKEWOOD 4 BR, 41⁄2 BA – REDUCED! Awesome 2-story home. 4,000+ sq.ft. Price lowered $40,000 – NOW $300,000. See pictures at ronvanfleet@remax. net/1639594 RON VAN FLEET 816-721-4048






2 WARM AND COZY FP’S – $105K A fireplace on main level plus another in finished walk-out bsmnt. Enjoy tons of updates. Indep. schools, 3BR, 2BA, 2 car garage. MLS#1688653 RACHEL HARRINGTON 816-529-4301


New from studs to inside, 2 car garage, great room with wood-burning fireplace. Beautiful hardwood floors! Recorded info – 24 Hours 1-800-808-5509, ID #1699 ANITA COVERT 816-478-9555

Super sweet 2BR + 2 full bath. Seller will pay $3,000 of your closing costs! Bigger than it looks, all on one level. Easy access garage + level driveway. LINDA PRINGLE 816-807-2428 JUDY ENGLE 816-589-8933


904 NE LAKESIDE COURT – BSMO WATERFIELD NEIGHBORHOOD Come tour this beautiful home Sunday, January 16, 2011 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Contact Mary Carol at 816-210-6731



Two bed, 1 car ranch with wood floors and built in appliances. 4.75% interest for 30 years, taxes $860, APR 5.112%, $2,170 down payment. TERI CARTWRIGHT 816-285-8828 KS1686080

BUYING? SELLING? NICE 2 STORY! 4 BEDROOMS! Great wood floors. Open floor plan! Huge master suite, jacuzzi tub, walkin closet. 4th bedroom has a bonus area space. Corner lot! $238,900 DENNIS HOEHN 816-588-1697

AWESOME HOME – FT. OSAGE DIST. Move-in ready on cul-desac. Immaculate condition, finished, walkout lower level. 3BR, 2BA. Call me for showing TODAY! BILL VINYARD 816-200-6785

26 ACRES This home sits on a treed lot with lots of privacy. Front gate needs code to enter. Home has great view and in good shape. All electric. Roof 2 yrs old. DAVID SANDERSON 816-373-8484, EXT. 367

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LAKE FRONT! 5 CAR GARAGE! $350K Located in a quiet cove with great lake views. Boat dock! Fin. walk-out basement with 4th BR and Bath, Loft bdrm. REDUCED $50,000! Open Sundays 1 to 4. DENNIS HOEHN 816-588-1697


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