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• Elementary schools * Numbers based on the 2011-12 year. u Chapel Lakes Elementary 3701 N.E. Independence Ave., Lee’s Summit 816-525-9100 Principal: Bryce Johnson 435 students u Cordill-Mason Elementary 4001 S.W. Christiansen Road 816-224-1370 Principal: Greg Johnson 657 students u Daniel Young Elementary 505 S.E. Shamrock Lane 816-224-1335 Principal: Ryan Crum 329 students u Franklin Smith Elementary 1609 Clark Road 816-224-1375 Principal: Jan Castle 479 students u James Lewis Elementary 717 N.W. Park Road 816-224-1345 Principal: Todd Nurnberg 499 students u James Walker Elementary 201 S.E. Sunnyside School Road 816-224-1380 Principal: Abbie Swisher 480 students u John Nowlin Elementary 5020 N.W. Valley View Road 816-224-1355

Principal: Kacey Roush 458 students u Lucy Franklin Elementary 111 N.E. Roanoke Drive 816-224-1390 Principal: Doug Nielsen 586 students u Sunny Pointe Elementary 3920 South R.D. Mize Road, Independence 816-224-7800 Principal: Nick Goos 478 students u Thomas Ultican Elementary 1813 Main St. 816-224-1365 Principal: Kelly Flax 481 students u Voy Spears Elementary 201 N.E. Anderson, Lee’s Summit 816-478-9899 Principal: Renee Murry 615 students u William Bryant Elementary 1101 S.E. Sunnyside School Road 816-224-1340 Principal: Jennie Alderman 386 students u William Yates Elementary 3600 Davidson Road, Independence 816-224-1350 Principal: Ramona Dunn 358 students – Kelly Evenson

• Middle schools * Numbers based on the 2011-12 school year. u Brittany Hill Middle School 2701 N.W. First St. 816-224-1700 Principal: Dallas Truex Mascot: Eagles Colors: Red and blue 849 students u Delta Woods Middle School 4401 N.E. Lakewood Way, Lee’s Summit 816-795-5830 Principal: Steve Cook Mascot: Gators Colors: green and orange 769 students

u Moreland Ridge Middle School 900 S.W. Bishop Drive 816-224-1800 Principal: Kevin Grover Mascot: Husky Colors: forest green, silver, black and white 1,017 students u Sunny Vale Middle School 33930 South R.D. Mize Road, Independence 816-224-1330 Principal: Steve Goddard Mascot: Grizzly Colors: purple, black and white 754 students – Kelly Evenson

• High schools

Four schools serve secondary students All high school freshmen in the Blue Springs School District attend the Blue Springs Freshman Center before entering the Blue Springs High School or Blue Springs South High School. The Freshman Center, 2103 N.W. Vesper St., opened in 1999. The building once housed GeorgeffBaker Middle School. Students who will attend Blue Springs High School are considered Wildcats and those who will attend Blue Wildcats Springs South are considered Jaguars. The Freshman Center uses the colors and mascots from both high schools. Students are separated only for organizations, sports and other extra-curricular activities. Those who want to participate in activities are bused to their assigned high schools. Students from both high schools are mixed for all academic purposes. Freshmen take classes in the four core subject areas – communications arts, science, social studies and mathematics. There are also a variety of exploratory classes to choose from to complete the rest of a student’s schedule. These exploratory classes include prerequisite classes in two programs – Project Lead the Way and agricultural sciences. Project Lead the Way is a pre-engineering program, and agricultural sciences allows students to study a variety of careers such as animal science, cell biology, golf course and turf management and food science. Upper level courses in these programs are offered at both high


schools. Another opportunity for students is the A-plus program. Students can begin participating as a freshman and receive two years of free tuition at any community college in Missouri if all requirements are met. To qualify, students must complete 50 hours of unpaid tutoring/mentoring, maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average; have at least a 95 percent attendance average over four years; meet good citizenship standards and attend an A-plus designated school for the final three years of high school. u Freshman Center 2103 N.W. Vesper St. 816-224-1325 Principal: Brandon Martin 1,070 students u Blue Springs High School 2000 N.W. Ashton Drive 816-229-3459 Principal: David Adams Mascot: Wildcats Colors: purple and gold 1,789 students u Blue Springs South High School 1200 S.E. Adams Dairy Parkway 816-224-1315 Principal: Randy Dowell Mascot: Jaguars Colors: green and blue 1,415 students u Valley View High School Valley View High School 5000 N.W. Valley View Road 816-224-4388 Principal: Charles Weber – Kelly Evenson

Blue Springs City Guide 2012  

2012 Guide to Blue Springs, Missouri