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"Be yourself, but make that self all that God wants it to be." Cornelia Connelly

WELCOME TO HOLY CHILD Holy Child Killiney was founded by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus (S.H.C.J.) in 1947. The school aims to help its students to become mature Christian women, imbued with Gospel values and able to take their place in helping to create a more just and peaceful world. It also aims to give each student a deep appreciation of the unique value and worth of herself and others so that she may develop and use to the full her talents and gifts in the service of society. We hope to prepare our students for the demands and challenges of modern society and to encourage critical awareness of, and reflection on, issues relevant to the world of today and tomorrow. To do this we strive to create an atmosphere of openness and trust in which there can be real education towards freedom, self discipline, individual initiative and personal and social responsibility.




A complement of 60 academic, pastoral and administrative staff work closely together, ensuring that each student is encouraged to optimise her potential while she is in our school. By creating an organised yet relaxed environment, where a strong work ethic is gently nurtured, all staff members at HCK are committed to providing the best possible atmosphere to facilitate the full personal development of every student in their care. The staff is supported by a student support team which includes the Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Heads, Chaplain, Learning Support and Guidance Counsellor.


"Practice virtue little by little in act after act." Cornelia Connelly



At Holy Child we provide a learning environment that encourages students to develop their individual talents and to reach their maximum potential. Each student is valued and every effort is made to ensure that she receives the academic support she needs.

Leaving Certificate

Following the requirements of the Irish National Curriculum for Junior Cycle, HCK offers a broad range of subjects to our girls during their Junior Cycle in the school. All abilities are catered for, with a strong emphasis on self-motivation and personal responsibility to ensure that all of the girls’ potential is fully achieved.

Holy Child is fully committed to providing a curriculum that develops and engages students to reach their full potential and emerge as mature young women, who are confident and caring and capable of making decisions that enrich their own lives and contribute to the lives of others. Following the requirements of the Irish National Curriculum for Leaving Certificate, HCK offers a broad range of subjects to our girls during their Senior Cycle in the school. Training and opportunities for leadership positions are offered to every student at Senior Cycle level.

TRANSITION YEAR Transition Year is a one year school-based programme between the Junior and Senior Cycles. It is designed to offer a wide range of subjects and activities, contributing to the growth and development of self confidence in our students through a wide range of academic, cultural, aesthetic, sporting and leisure activities. It also offers experience in the world of work and community care.


SPORTING TRADITION We want our students to have a love of sport so that they will stay in sport throughout their lives. This will promote good mental and physical health for them and their families. It will offer them opportunities, help them to learn and lead to better educational and life outcomes. With our new Sports Hall we can now offer our students: Hockey, basketball, tennis, athletics, cross country running, gymnastics, aerobics, soccer, softball and volleyball.




"To do anything well we must do it with our heart, with our mind and with our strength, for the love of God, of ourselves and of our neighbour." Cornelia Connelly


" Generosity, generosity, generosity must be at the beginning and end of our life." Cornelia Connelly


EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Extra-curricular activities have always been an integral part of the Holy Child Killiney philosophy. With the emphasis being on participation rather than competition, every student is encouraged to become involved in at least one activity, and to enjoy the many benefits afforded by partaking. Involvement in an extra-curricular activity is widely recognised as contributing positively to academic achievement, in addition to increased self-esteem and confidence among students. As part of a holistic education, HCK values the contribution which extra-curricular participation gives to the students understanding of commitment, accountability, responsibility and sportsmanship - all cornerstones of an all-round education.


FACILITIES In order to achieve the highest standards and results, it is necessary to provide students with the best possible facilities. At HCK, our academic, sporting and creative facilities continue to be regularly updated which includes the most recent addition of a new Sports Hall. Further development is currently underway in the STEM, Art and Home Economics as part of our School Development Plan. We work to ensure our school at all times responds to the ‘wants of the age’ (CC).


" Be accurate in all you teach, in all you say, in all you do." Cornelia Connelly


"Trust the children and never let your confidence in them be easily shaken. Confidence begets confidence." Cornelia Connelly


COME AND SEE US Choosing a school for your daughter is one of the most important decisions you are ever likely to make on her behalf. At HCK, we know that you will have many questions which need to be addressed before you can make a fully informed choice for your daughter. Your priorities will vary depending on the individual needs of your child. We are here to help at all times. While you may choose to organise a private tour of the school, viewing the facilities and dealing with the specifics for your daughter, due to Covid-19 and for the health and safety of our students and staff access to the campus is limited. Please email admissions@holychildkilliney.ie for further information. Our Admission Policy, Expression of Interest Form and Application Form are available on our website.

Phone: + 353 1 282 3120 Fax: + 353 1 282 2391 E-mail: admissions@holychildkilliney.ie Web: www.holychildkilliney.ie


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HOLY CHILD KILLINEY Military Road, Killiney Co. Dublin Phone: + 353 1 282 3120 For Admissions: admissions@holychildkilliney.ie Email: admin@holychildkilliney.ie Web: www.holychildkilliney.ie