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The Eve Appeal — newsletter #26 Autumn 2012

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The Eve Appeal is a registered charity in England, Wales and Scotland. Registered charity no: 1091708 and SC042612

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The Eve Appeal — newsletter #27 Summer 2013

welcome from Robert Marsh, CEO Welcome to the latest edition of The Eve Appeal’s newsletter. The covering letter accompanying this edition comes as a personal introduction from our ‘not so new’ Chairman, Helena Morrissey. I won’t repeat what she says but suffice to say that The Eve Appeal is very lucky to be able to replace Lord Sharman with someone of equal calibre. Helena has a keen interest in all women’s issues and so chairing The Eve Appeal is a natural choice for her. The Trustees and indeed all of The Eve Appeal team welcome her whole-heartedly and look forward to working with her to deliver our charitable aims. The Eve Appeal has not, alas, escaped what most in the charitable world have already experienced, and that is a significant drop in income. These remain challenging times, in spite of some of the very real economic indicators that suggest the bad times are arguably behind us. Fundraising for medical research is always difficult – people generally like to ‘see’ the thing they have

helped to fund, rather than the more intangible advancement of knowledge through research, that often takes years to have an impact. So I have decided to commit to raising some funds for The Eve Appeal by taking part in NightRider – a 100km cylce around London at night on 8th June. There are another twenty or so taking part for The Eve Appeal – amongst 3,000 participants in total - and I look forward to seeing them on the night. If you feel inspired to do something – and believe me if I can cycle 100km, anyone can! – then there are a host of things for you to get involved with: running, sky dives, Funny Feet – or indeed through attending one of our events, a full list of which can be seen on the back cover. One item in the newsletter that I would like to highlight is on page 8 and relates to womb cancer. Womb

cancer is on the rise – certainly in more developed nations – and yet, if caught early, is almost entirely treatable. The Eve Appeal is the only UK charity trying to raise the profile of womb cancer and the signs and symptoms of this and the other four gynaecological cancers can be found on our website. Please do share these with the women in your lives. Finally, I just want to renew my thanks to all of you who have supported, and continue to support, our very important work. Medical research is difficult, complicated and the progress often seems slow. Everyone at The Eve Appeal – staff, researchers and Trustees are working hard to make sure that whatever progress is being made, is contributing to saving women’s lives. Your collective role in this as our supporters is deeply appreciated. Thank you.

Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill The Eve Appeal has recently been consulted by Lord Maurice Saatchi in relation to his Medical Innovation Bill. The essence of the Bill is an attempt to widen the debate around current cancer treatment, particularly focused on the treatment of rarer cancers. The perception is that the status quo is preventing innovation and discovery, mainly due to fear of litigation. In his own words Lord Saatchi said:

“Fear of litigation for medical negligence is a deterrent to innovation in cancer treatment. The purpose of the proposed legislation is to encourage more innovation in the treatment of cancer. The Bill will safely shift the balance from therapeutic conservatism to therapeutic innovation.”

cover image: Our cover image for this newsletter has been inspired by our Funny Feet campaign. This will be held throughout the month of September in support of Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month – GCAM. It is a

The Eve Appeal is planning to help this Bill by mobilising its supporters to write to their own MP or to the relevant Health Minister.

chance to ditch those drab work or school

If you would like to register your support for Lord Saatchi’s Bill then please visit our website for all the relevant details including a synopsis of the Bill, how to contact your MP, who the relevant Ministers of State are and other useful tips.

The Eve Appeal.


shoes for the day and wear something a bit funny on your feet whilst raising money for

To find out more please read our Funny Feet article on page 5.

The Eve Appeal — newsletter #27 Summer 2013

our research In each of our newsletters we like to share with you some detail on the research that The Eve Appeal funds thanks to your kind and generous support.

cancer there is growing evidence that environmental exposures, before we are born and throughout our lives, can influence our predisposition for disease. Life events and environmental exposures cause biological responses which are ‘recorded’ in our cells by a biological process known as ‘epigenetics’. To use a computer analogy, if we think of our genes as our computer hardware, our ‘epigenetics’ can be viewed as the computer software that affects how the hardware (genes) behave.

cancers, and others do not. Practically this means taking a lot of biological samples from women, including from blood, saliva and from cervical screening swabs. In total, five different samples will be collected from 1,500 women. As many parts of the epigenome will be analysed across these samples, 3.6 billion individual data points will be identified and analysed. It’s a big job! Work is expected to finish in September 2016. what impact will this have on women?

what are the team doing?

It is hoped that by understanding more about the causes of the EpiFem Programme EpiFem is looking at the epigenetic gynaecological cancer, scientists profile of women, to explore what will eventually be able to prevent This new programme of work is could be happening in a woman’s them. One million women a year to be run from our core research body that would lead to are currently diagnosed with a unit – The Department of Women’s gynaecological cancer. In doing gynaecological cancer and The Cancer at University College so they are focusing on the Eve Appeal is determined that London. The EpiFem programme patient’s biology as a whole, rather this figure should be significantly looks at epigenetics. than just the cancer tissue. The reduced. team believes that there will be what is epigenetics? much to learn about the development of cancer, including potential If you want to know more about the Aside from genes that are known research we fund, please visit the explanations as to why some to predispose some individuals to women develop gynaecological website at

bending over backwards

to support The Eve Appeal The brave yogis of Barefoot Birmingham battled through the March snow to complete a Yoga Mala in support of our work. The yoga challenge organised by Faye Fenton and her team consisted of 108 sun salutations; a sequence of stretching and strengthening

movements and postures. The participants were sponsored by friends and family to take part and together raised a truly fantastic £1173.50 which will be put to very good use by our research team.


The Eve Appeal — newsletter #27 Summer 2013

celebrating with The Eve Appeal am so pleased to have been able to support, with the “Ihelp of very generous friends and family, the important work being undertaken by The Eve Appeal to improve detection and screening of ovarian and other gynaecological cancers. I hope that this work will significantly improve survival rates for those cancers in the not too distant future.

Tamara has been a supporter of The Eve Appeal since 2006 after running a half marathon in memory of her aunt, who sadly died of ovarian cancer. This April has now seen Tamara celebrate her 40th birthday, and to mark this special occasion she decided to support The Eve Appeal once again. After hearing about the important research that The Eve Appeal continues to fund, Tamara asked her generous friends and family to make donations to the charity as opposed to buying her birthday presents. This has

been a huge success and Tamara has managed to raise over £1,500 in donations for The Eve Appeal whilst also spreading the word about gynaecological cancers. If you have a special event coming up and would like to support The Eve Appeal in the process then please do get in contact with us at or call 020 7605 0100. We can provide you with the help and support to make this process as easy as possible and allow you to enjoy your special occasion.

The Eve Appeal Track Day Thursday, 30th November saw the second annual Eve Appeal Track Day take place at the prestigious Goodwood Motor Circuit. With the event being a sell out, we were lucky enough to have a great mix of cars in attendance: a Ferrari, Porsche, Classic Mini and a selection of Mercedes, to name just a few. With the weather also holding up its end of the bargain and producing a particularly sunny day for late November, we could not have asked for much more. The result of all of this was an excellent day of driving.

cancers. As well as attending the day itself, we would also like to thank the attendees for purchasing raffle tickets and making further donations to The Eve Appeal. Due to the success of this event, we are planning the 2013 Track Day on Friday, 29th November. Based on the feedback we have received we can only assume that it will again be a sell out, so please keep the date free and a close eye on our website for details.

The day was not only an opportunity to make the most of the ample track time, it was also a If you have any questions about the 2013 chance to raise funds for the better detection Track Day please email events@eveappeal. and improved treatment of all five gynaecological or call 020 7605 0100. 4

The Eve Appeal — newsletter #27 Summer 2013

get your Funny Feet on September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month and to spread the word we are asking people to get their Funny Feet on and raise money for vital research into the five gynaecological cancers (cervical, ovarian, vaginal, vulval and womb). The idea is simple; pick a day in September and get everyone at your work, school or club to wear silly, odd or unusual footwear in return for a donation to The Eve Appeal. For example you could wear wellies, football boots or slippers for the day or if this isn’t allowed, try some bright or mismatched socks. Every year in the UK over 19,000 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer, and 7,000 die. The Department for Women’s Cancer at UCL which is funded by The Eve Appeal has a five year strategy to advance research into gynaecological cancers. Jointly we

are aiming for better detection and improved treatment into all five gynaecological cancers. Everyone who signs up to take part in Funny Feet will get a free fundraising pack with a poster to promote your day, a fundraising guide and stickers for those taking part, plus there are lots more materials and ideas for activities online. So to jump in feet first and register for Funny Feet please visit funnyfeet or call 020 7605 0100.

Eileen Montador and her pupils at Kirkcaldy High School in Fife took part in Funny Feet in 2012. Eileen said “Everyone in the school got involved and had a great time. We even managed to get one of our boys in a pair of gold stilettos which caused much hilarity. We were thrilled to raise more than £300 for The Eve Appeal.”

crafty support Rachel Bland of Derbyshire supported Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month by making a beautiful collection of tea themed bracelets to sell to her family and friends. After Rachel’s Grandma was diagnosed with ovarian cancer she came across The Eve Appeal on Facebook, and got in touch to offer her talents in support of

gynaecological cancer research. Rachel has handmade her jewellery from scratch, including hearts and tea party charms for a personal Eve Appeal touch. The bracelets have been selling like hot cakes, raising a wonderful £110. Rachel said that she really enjoyed making her Eve Appeal jewellery and found that it was ‘a nice little way of doing my bit’.


The Eve Appeal — newsletter #27 Summer 2013

All Bar One: This national wine bar chain recently undertook a month of intensive fundraising efforts during their Wine World Tour – a five week celebration of remarkable wines from some of the world’s most renowned wine-producing regions. Not only did the company donate 50p for every ‘wine flight’ (a tasting trio) bought by their customers during the wine festival, they also

Vectair Systems Ltd: A leading manufacturer and supplier of hygiene products worldwide, Vectair Systems Ltd supply all sorts of washroom, aircare and babychange products such as soap dispensers, air fresheners and hand sold pin badges and undertook dryers to washrooms all over the other local fundraising initiatives. country and beyond. The chances are that if you’ve been in a public Robinson Healthcare: One of washroom of late, you’ve seen some the leading manufacturers of of their kit! Vectair are supporting healthcare consumables, Robinson The Eve Appeal by donating 50p Healthcare provides medical for every ‘FemCare’ sanitary unit professionals, pharmacists, that they sell. Each of these units retailers and consumers with will also display the charity’s logo products they can trust. The to raise awareness of the cause. company is currently supporting What’s more they are actively The Eve Appeal through sales of promoting the charity more widely their ‘Instraspec’ plastic speculums in the hygiene market, with a recent which are used in cervical golf day raising in excess screening tests by the NHS and of £600 for The Eve Appeal. private healthcare providers. For each case of 100 of these speculums THANK YOU to all of our corporate partners, who help us to raise funds and crucial sold, Robinson Healthcare generously donates 60p to The Eve awareness of gynaecological cancers. If you think you would like to get your company Appeal. For more information see involved in fundraising then please contact us on 020 7605 0100 or email heather. eveappeal

Make Time for Tea thank you

a jazzy Saharan fundraising idea … insanity

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who organised or attended a tea party for The Eve Appeal as part of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Parties were held everywhere from The Shetland Islands to Gibraltar and hundreds in between!

Louise Kent, a lovely supporter from Chester, held a jazz concert for us and was lucky enough to have almost her entire musical family in the lineup. Louise, who works for Bravissimo’s Chester store, was motivated to get fundraising after Bravissimo chose The Eve Appeal as their charity partner for 2013. She organised a wonderful evening of music and fun at Rydal School in Conwyn Bay. The evening was a great success and raised an amazing £905 through tickets sales, a raffle and a bake sale. Louise really enjoyed organising the show and said that she ‘nearly fell over’ when she worked out how much she had raised.

corporate partners The Eve Appeal is incredibly grateful for the support we receive from our fantastic corporate partners. Here’s a snapshot of what’s currently going on in businesses, large and small, across the UK:

Traditional tea parties were popular as always but there were some new and unique ideas this year including a virtual tea party and competitive bake offs. If you have been unable to hold your tea party yet it is not too late, please get in contact if we can help.

A brave supporter has shown his dedication to The Eve Appeal by running an amazing 156 miles across the Saharan Dessert in just 5 days. Nick Richards battled 50°c temperatures, sand dunes, blisters and scorching sun to complete the Marathon Des Sables challenge, also known as ‘the toughest foot race on earth’. Nick, husband of The Eve Appeal Trustee, Melanie Richards, said ‘I was very pleased with the amount raised for The Eve Appeal, plus I actually really enjoyed the event which puzzles a lot of people.’ The enjoyment does puzzle us, but we are over the moon with the £6964.97 Nick very generously raised!

Alternatively, if you have held a party and need to pay in your money then please visit our website or call us on 020 7605 0100.

Thank you once again, we really appreciate all your hard work. ↑ Catherine Hawik’s tea party


↑ Nick’s Marathon Des Sables kit

The Eve Appeal — newsletter #27 Summer 2013

remembering The Eve Appeal At the age of just 30, Samantha was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and underwent surgery in order to avoid the chances of a reoccurrence. The process that Samantha went through to get to a point of diagnosis was unfortunately a particularly long and drawn out one. Samantha is now a supporter of The Eve Appeal as she feels she can turn her negative experiences around and encourage more women to be aware of the symptoms of gynaecological cancers so they do not have to endure what she had to. An important part of this process for Samantha has been to support

The Eve Appeal by remembering the charity in her Will. Legacies play an essential part of the funds raised by The Eve Appeal every year; they allow us to put plans in place to continue to fund worldclass research and raise awareness of all five gynaecological cancers. Leaving a gift to The Eve Appeal in your Will is really simple and will help us realise our vision of a future where fewer women develop and significantly more women ↑ Samantha survive gynaecological cancers.

For more information on remembering The Eve Appeal in your Will, or for a free guide to “Wills, Legacies and The Eve Appeal” please contact us on 020 7605 0100 or email

would you prefer to hear from us via email?

The Eve Appeal Golf Day If you are keen to get involved with one of our activities but running, cycling or skydiving are not your thing, then we may have the answer for you. We are excited to announce a new event in The Eve Appeal’s calendar – a ladies golf day. Details are still to be confirmed but it will be taking place in the Surrey/Kent area in the autumn. If you would like to register your interest in playing on the day then please call 020 7605 0100 or email

If you work for an organisation which may be keen to sponsor one of the holes or mini competitions on the day (nearest the pin and longest drive) then please call Claire on 020 7605 0105 or email claire.nethersole@

We like to send you these newsletters to keep you informed but we know some people may prefer to hear from us via email. Cutting back on what we post can also save the charity money. If you would be happy for us to contact you by email then please send your email address, along with your full name and postcode to

Thank you!


The Eve Appeal — newsletter #27 Summer 2013

what do you know about womb cancer? You may not be an expert, but the chances are you know the drill when it comes to breast cancer – checking for lumps and bumps regularly. But what about the UK’s most common gynaecological cancer? Do you know the risks and symptoms – do you even know what it is? Every year in the UK over 7,500 women are diagnosed with womb cancer, and 1,700 lose their lives to the disease. It is the UK’s most common gynaecological cancer with incidence rates on the increase each year. It is expected that due to lifestyle changes these figures will double by 2020.

Early diagnosis can save lives. Womb cancer is almost always curable if caught at an early stage.

what is womb cancer? Also known as endometrial cancer or cancer of the uterus (uterine cancer), womb cancer is a cancer of the lining of the womb. This differs from cervical cancer which occurs at the entrance to the womb.

Our message to all women of any age, but especially those over 50, is to get unusual bleeding checked out. The odds are that you don’t have cancer but it is important to check.

what to look out for…

what are the main risk factors?

90% of womb cancer cases are picked up because of irregular bleeding:

• Women over the age of 50 are at a higher risk • Being overweight – the risk of womb cancer increases

• •

Vaginal bleeding after the menopause Vaginal bleeding between periods

Unlike some of the other gynaecological cancers, this main symptom is very easy to spot but many women are just too embarrassed to talk about it and see the doctor.

Remember, cervical screening (a smear test) picks up pre-cancerous changes in the cervix and is not designed to detect womb cancer.

Gabrielle, 61, from Woodbridge, Suffolk knows how important it is to get bleeding checked. Gabrielle put a lot of her early womb cancer symptoms down to ‘being menopausal’ – and dealing with a stressful year. She felt tired, had no appetite, lost weight while struggling to do up her trousers, and noticed odd aches and pains. But it wasn’t until her three-year-old grandson asked why she had blood on her dressing gown on Christmas Day morning – she’d started 8

significantly in women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 25 Having diabetes

what can you do to reduce the risk? There is no way of knowing who will get womb cancer but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk

• Maintaining a healthy weight and being physically active • Using a combined oral contraceptive (COC) • Make sure you are aware of the symptoms and visit your

GP if you have any concerns.

vaginally bleeding – that she suspected something was wrong. Yet not wanting anything to spoil her Christmas, Gabrielle waited until her family had left at New Year to see her GP.

‘ I blamed my symptoms on the menopause’ She was quickly diagnosed with womb cancer, and had a radical hysterectomy the following March. Although she delayed visiting her GP for a few days, she knows if she’d put it off any longer her story might be different.

The Eve Appeal — newsletter #27 Summer 2013

sports & challenges Here at The Eve Appeal HQ we are in the midst of a fantastic season of sport; we have had record numbers of runners take part in the Brighton, London and Edinburgh marathons, 18 incredible cyclists are preparing for the Nightrider challenge and two trekkers are about to embark on a journey across Iceland’s lava fields. That is just the beginning! We still have places in some exciting events and lots of opportunities for you to get involved. So, pick your challenge and sign up today to do something inspiring. British 10k – 14th July 2013 This is a fantastic run, ideal for those who are looking to get fit or are new to running. The route takes runners past some of London’s most popular landmarks including Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye. places to rest. Choose from either the 50km or 100km route. Great North Run – 15th September 2013 Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon – 6th October 2013 The world’s largest half marathon - with over 54,000 runners pounding This is an iconic and picturesque half the streets of Newcastle, Gateshead marathon race through four of and South Shields every year. This is London’s Royal Parks (Hyde Park, one of the most exciting events in Kensington Gardens, St James’s the sporting calendar and has an Park and Green Park) and past some electrifying atmosphere. of the capital’s most historic landmarks including Buckingham Palace, Thames Path Challenge – the London Eye, the Houses of 14 –15th September 2013 Parliament and the Royal Albert Hall. Following the unique Thames Path National Trail this is a walk steeped in history and beautiful scenery. This is a flat route and you can take part at your own pace; there are rest stops every 12km with hot food and snacks available as well as quiet

We are now accepting applications for the Brighton and London Marathons 2014; for your chance to take part or to find out more about any of our sporting events email or call 020 7605 0106.

save the date On Thursday, 12th December 2013 The Eve Appeal will be holding its third annual Festival of Carols and we would be delighted if you could join us. The service will be held at the Church of St Botoloph without Bishopsgate in the heart of London. We will be in contact with further information later in the year, but please keep this date free for what we are sure will be a magical and poignant evening.


The Eve Appeal — newsletter #27 Summer 2013

Santander superheroes!

A group of superheroes from Santander Corporate & Commercial Banking recently undertook the challenge of travelling coast to coast from Liverpool to Hull in one day, with a total budget of just £50. They did this whilst dressed as some favourite superheroes. Using all manner of transport options along the way, the colourful teams completed the challenge at 6pm at the Santander offices in Hull after stopping off to switch tag teams and ‘save the world’ at the Santander offices in Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds.

Many thanks to Superman AKA Nigel Sims, Relationship Director at Santander in Manchester, for organising this fantastic event, along with all of his superhero colleagues for their great efforts which have raised in excess of £2,400.

Feeling inspired? Have you got a crazy idea for a fundraising challenge that you’d like to undertake? Please contact us on Big thanks also to the Santander 020 7605 0100 or Foundation who have pledged

dig out your old bras!

bras are recycled for good use. Those which are in a useable condition go directly to developing countries across the This may sound like an odd world. Those bras which cannot request but you can help The Eve be used in their entirety are Appeal by having a good clearbroken down into parts which out of your underwear drawer. are recycled into new items. You can recycle your old bras of any brand and in whatever On top of this recycling scheme, condition by popping them in the lovely Bravissimo colleagues all recycling bins at any Bravissimo over the UK have been busy with store. Bravissimo donate £1 to all manner of fundraising of late The Eve Appeal for every including raffles, walks, tea kilogram collected. All donated parties and much more. Many


to match every penny raised by the superhero team.

thanks indeed to everyone at Bravissimo for their continued support of The Eve Appeal. To find a store local to you, check out their website

Direct Debits

Your regular donation will play a vital role in The Eve Appeal’s ability to provide continued funding for world-class research programmes, including the pioneering work of the Department of Women’s Cancer at University College London.

goes directly to where it is needed most.

By setting up a Direct Debit today you can help make a difference to the lives of those affected by gynaecological cancer.

Regular donations are also the most cost effective way of supporting The Eve Appeal as they involve less administration meaning that more of your money

If you would like any more information, or have any questions, please contact us on 020 7605 0100 or at office@

Setting up a regular donation is quick, simple and secure. You can set up your Direct Debit online at or over the phone.

The Eve Appeal — newsletter #27 Summer 2013

a day in the life of an Eve Champion 2007 was a difficult year for my family; in the February my Aunty Christine was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and devastatingly just a couple of months later my mum was also diagnosed. Our lives fell apart. My mum found out about The Eve Appeal and all through her illness she campaigned to raise both money and awareness for women like herself and her sister. My aunty lost her brave battle in July 2009 and just 8 months later my mum also passed away, sadly not living to see the birth of her new granddaughter, Daniella Christine, born six weeks later.

Helen Kay is a long term supporter of The Eve Appeal and volunteers as an Eve Champion in her spare time; raising awareness of gynaecological cancers and The Eve Appeal in her local community. emailed me some statistics and facts and her gratitude at my agreeing to take part was such that I knew that whatever I did or said would be graciously appreciated.

So, 6pm arrived and I locked myself away in the bedroom, with our very vocal 2 year old Daniella kept out of earshot by Daddy. The DJ was lovely and he told me a bit about his own experience with ovarian cancer through his mother-in-law and I told him about my mum and Aunty Christine. His advice was “just speak from the heart”, which I did. Once I started speaking the words just came to me, I was So when I heard The Eve Appeal were worried afterwards that I had rambled on asking for people to become Eve or missed something out, but I was Champions it seemed like a natural assured that I had in fact done a good job progression of the work my mum had and that my mum would be proud. The done. In fact I would say it was an honour. DJ himself apparently called our conversation “inspiring” – wow! I had I campaign in my local area to raise both never done anything inspiring before! awareness and funds, including putting up posters, distributing leaflets and leaving badges and collection boxes in places such as my daughter’s nursery, local hairdressers and the corner shop.

As a volunteer there is no pressure for you to do anything you don’t want to and every effort, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated. The support and advice you are given is incredible and there is always someone available to answer any questions at the end of the phone or an email. As an Eve Champion I have been able to help The Eve Appeal but The Eve Appeal has also been able to help me; not only in supporting my family through the darkest and most difficult time of their lives but also in building my self confidence and feelings of being able to do something to help others, so that the loss of my mum and aunty has not been in vain.

Map of Eve Champions

Most recently I gave a live interview on Salford City Radio; it was a normal day at work when I received the call asking me if I would be willing to do an interview on the radio promoting The Eve Appeal! I was told that the interview would be live at 6pm that day, but as the initial excitement wore off, the nerves set in. What if I didn’t know what to say? What if I got the facts wrong? What if I said something stupid? And most importantly what if I let my mum or The Eve Appeal down? But of course I needn’t have worried; Liz Engel (The Eve Appeal’s Press Officer) We are looking for passionate and enthusiastic individuals to become Eve Champions; can you help us by raising awareness of gynaecological cancer in your local area? We still need Eve Champions all over the country. If you would like to volunteer or find out more email or call 020 7605 0106.


The Eve Appeal — newsletter #27 Summer 2013

calendar of events: British 10K

14th July 2013


Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month

September 2013

Thames Path Challenge 14th —15th September 2013 Great North Run

15th September 2013

Newcastle – South Shields

Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon

6th October 2013


Track Day

29th November 2013

Goodwood Motor Circuit, West Sussex

The Eve Appeal’s

12th December 2013

Festival of Carols St Botoloph without Bishopsgate, City of London

Golf Day


if you require any further information on any of our events please telephone 020 7605 0100 or email

thank you for your support

we would love to hear from you. you can contact us using any of the details below: t: 020 7605 0100 e: 12


get in touch!

all about eve  

The Eve Appeal newsletter #27