The Etsy Market - Etsy Saskatchewan Summer Online Market 2021

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The Etsy Market is a series of virtual shopping events that pop up across different cities around the world. Some events are run by groups of Etsy sellers, directly sharing their creativity with their community. Others are run by us, with the goal of celebrating incredible makers. Either way, you’re sure to have an incredible, inspiring time!

Welcome to The Etsy Market Saskatchewan is a wide open place FULL of creativity! Put on your comfy pants, put your feet up and shop local from the comfort of your couch, and have those treasures delivered directly to your home! Just flip through our lookbook to meet and shop from our talented vendors. Come July 9th-11th you’ll shop directly from each vendor. Remember to use the coupon code SKSUMMER21 at checkout to save from any vendor offering a sale during the market. Need a little music to shop to, checkout our Sask Soundtrack on Spotify

Glass Art by the Lake


Dorri Peterson Smeaton, SK What’s your favourite medium to work with & why? Stained glass. Glass is always unique, each piece has it's own beauty. Glass art is very fluid. Where do you make your items? I have a shop attached to my garage.

Kingfisher on Driftwood

Raven on Driftwood

How do you spend your down-time? Walking my dog, windsurfing and kayaking, working out, good movies, reading, quilting and craft hobbies. What inspires you? The world around me; water, nature along with the animals & birds I share my land with. A great driftwood find. An amazing piece of glass.

You end everyday by.... Evening yoga class and a good book. If you could have one superpower what would it be? Teleportation so I could visit my grandkids more often .

Stained glass Succulent Suncatcher

Stained glass and driftwood art. Original and unique creations - residential and commercial applications. Custom orders accepted.

Stained glass Fish with Seashells on Driftwood

Amaranth Designs Shop

Regina, SK You start every day by.... Start every day with gratitude that I get to design beautiful clothes that bring joy to my clients. You end everyday by.... Satisfaction of another day spent doing what I love! Where do you make your items? I am Regina based fashion design company. Everything is designed and made in studio. If you could have one super power what would it be? Warp speed! What’s your favourite medium to work with & why? I like working with knit fabrics. They are more forgiving on the body and it gives me more design flexibility. How do you spend your down-time? Family time and running. I have been known to run a few marathons every fall.

Our Mission To bring classic, timeless and comfortable clothing to every woman's busy life. We make getting dressed the easiest part of your day. With excellent fit, function and comfort, every woman starts their day feeling their VERY best!

Coral knit eyelet side gathered top.

Printed jumpsuit with pockets.


Soap Cutts Handmade Soap Saskatoon, SK What’s your favourite medium to work with & why? I like working with essential or fragrance oil blends. Its an art! Where do you make your items? In my kitchen!

Scrub a dub dub!

Beach inspired soap dish.

How do you spend your down-time? I teach yoga, I practice yoga and I love creating- jam, knitted socks, mitts and sewing yoga props, clothes and more! What inspires you? Nature. Gardening. Handmade artisans!

You end everyday by.... Reading! If you could have one superpower what would it be? Time traveller.

Prairie Berry- Saskatoon berry! Yum!

I make artisan soap using the cold processed method. I offer a variety of fragrance combinations , botanicals and have several different carrier oils to help moisturize your skin.

Find your favourite soap! Its right there!

Unravel Your Path


Susie Gourlay Regina, SK You end everyday by.... Saying "goodnight", "I love you" & "sweet dreams" to my 5 cats, 1 guinea pig and Basset Hound Jenny How do you spend your down-time? I like watching documentaries while embroidering or knitting and reading my growing collection of books. Favourite Etsy purchase? My fav purchase was a leather bound notebook. The seller added a bunch of thoughtful extras and really made the whole package feel special.

I have been a fibre worker for a million years and also a tarot collector. Been studying the cards seriously for over 6 years and have received my tarot certification from Ethony Dawn and the Tarot Readers Academy this year. I am lucky to be able to combine my many passions and hobbies into Etsy and have met many wonderful people along the way.

5 Card Tarot Reading

Unraveled Oracle - A fibre friendly oracle deck

Tarot Cheat Sheet Upright & Reversals

Digital Zines



Naturally Dyed Cutch & Iron Screen Printed Altar Cloth / Tarot Mat

Studio Rosaleen


Saskatoon, SK Why did you start your Etsy shop? I enjoy creating art and starting my Etsy shop enables me to share this with others and keep producing more pieces by helping me to prioritize producing art even if I get busy. How do you spend your down-time? While not curled up quietly crafting I also enjoy Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and kayaking. How did you come up with the name for your Etsy shop? I chose to name my shop Studio Rosaleen as my middle name is Rosaleen and I wanted a name that would encompass multiple mediums as I enjoy painting, drawing, and knitting, though the primary focus for my shop is polymer clay and jewelry making.

Handmade in Saskatoon Studio Rosaleen features small batch polymer clay jewelry. My name is Jenna McMullan, I’m the maker behind Studio Rosaleen, I combine skills from my degrees in Studio Art and Graphic design to create unique earrings, pendants and hair clips. Polymer clay allows a wide variety of techniques and I enjoy creating functional wearable art that is both comfortable and creative. Polymer clay is very lightweight and I use high quality components to ensure the earrings are comfortable for all day wear. Take a look through my Etsy store to see what's new or email for a commissioned piece.

Prairie Lily Dangle Earrings

Prairie Sky Dangle Earrings

Blue Daisy Stud Earrings

Iridescent White Dangle Earrings - Polymer Clay

Small Cream and Brown Dangle Earrings



What inspires you? I am inspired by true expression! The continual process of learning & unlearning holds great meaning for me. Curious, creative & quirky people light me up! As they tend to open me up to new ideas & experiences! Why did you start your Etsy shop? I started the shop as a way to share preloved finds! I have always enjoyed curating special pieces for myself and appreciated the history old things carry with them. The shop became a way for me to pass on lovely treasures, to ensure they lived another life. Sustainability & conscious consumerism are the back-bone values of KidtheSyd! How did you think of the name of your shop? Antique shows & garage sales were my favourite pastime when I was young, and now I enjoy curating vintage goods for others who can appreciate them. Since the search for nostalgia in preloved things has always been a special part

Our main passion is sharing preloved & past treasures with all of you! Curating special, second-hand items to live another life is our effort to encourage the practice of conscious consumerism. We believe there is fun to be had in treasuring old things, and value the sustainability that it brings!

of my life, it seemed fitting to name this endeavour after my childhood nickname (with a twist!)

Vintage Floral Cream & Sugar Set

Vintage Stoneware Dessert Plates

Vintage Marble Cheese Board

Vintage Pastel Melmac Pitchers

Danu Soaps & More


What inspires you? Nature is my main inspiration for all my products. If you could have one superpower what would it be? To pass on or teach my knowledge of plants and their ability to naturally heal our bodies. What’s your favourite medium to work with & why?

Thieves Herbal Soap

Brewmaster Soap

Nature, there are so many naturally properties to work with for peoples nourishment whether through skin care products or ingestion and also for natural colorants options. Why did you start your Etsy shop? To share my love of nature with customers through my herbal skin care line. How do you spend your down-time? Hiking, on the water at the lake and with family.

Chamomile Detox Herbal Bath Salts

Welcome to Danu Soaps & More! Here you will find organic, handcrafted soaps, lotions, body butters and much more. My handmade soaps, lotions and body butters are mainly made from ingredients from my own farm and surrounding area (I love to support my local farms and business)!

Natural Herbal Sweet & Orange Deodorant


Tooaquarius Elaine Robitaille Swift Current, SK

What’s your favourite medium to work with & why? I think I like polymer clay best - it's so versatile with so

Handmade bumblebee beads

Primary colour rose cane set

many colours and possibilities. How did you come up with the name for your Etsy shop? Tooaquarius was one of my first online gaming handles... and I just kept it. You start every day by.... Drinking a little too much coffee! You end everyday by.... By loading the coffee pot for the next morning.

A sample of tiny flower beads

A pair of blue green floral pillow beads Polymer clay beads, buttons, and canes



Saskatoon, SK

What inspires you? All the vibrancy and colours were in my culture If you could have one superpower what would it be? Since I’m a mom and businesswoman I would like to able to make clones of myself to get everything done. How do you spend your down-time? Enjoy with my Family How did you come up with the name for your Etsy shop? It reflects my culture You end everyday by.... Relaxing with my family

A blend of vibrant colours and timeless patterns used to create items that are both fashionable and versatile Triangle Scarf


Tote Bag



Violet & Viva


Saskatoon, SK What inspires you? Nature truly inspires me how it is always changing and the beauty that is found in the simple things like a leaf on a tree. Where do you make your items? In the summer time I love sitting in my backyard otherwise I’ll be hanging out in my studio creating in Saskatoon. If you could have one super power what would it be? To open people’s hearts so they can embrace all the love. What’s your favourite medium to work with & why? Wood is my favourite, I love the different grains and colours. The colours I have found in a Birch tree amazes me they ranged from black to white to green and blue!

Handcrafted jewelry inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

White wood bead bracelet with gold tree of life charm.

Wood stud earrings made from Birch wood from Saskatchewan.

Simple brass circle pendant with a Swarovski Crystal

South40 Designs


Art by Allison Brandt Malinski Bradwell, SK What inspires you? My natural surroundings, my family, my friends... Where do you make your items? In my NEW sewing studio...I'm so lucky!!! What’s your favourite medium to work with & why? Fabric and thread of's SO versatile How do you spend your down-time? If I'm not sewing, I'm gardening You start every day by.... Coffee...always coffee

Allison is a fibre artist in Bradwell, Saskatchewan. She repurposes fabric, then hand dyes, threadpaints, and appliques her original designs into one-of-a-kind wall hangings and magnets. South40 Designs is known for the bright colours and detailed stitching on every, unique piece.

Saskatchewan magnets 2x3"

8x10" UNFRAMED wall hanging - brown eye susan

10x10" wall hanging - Bumblebee

6x6" wall hanging- Dandelion

The Cranky Leprechaun You start every day by....


Pilot Butte, SK

Reheating my coffee while wrangling my children You end everyday by.... Watching an episode of Criminal Minds and enjoying a snack What inspires you? Other artists inspire me to be more creative and to push myself past my imagined limits. Where do you make your items?

30oz Skinny Neon Rainbow Swirl

24oz Mom Fuel Coffee Tumbler

At home, I have an creative studio in my home.

If you could have one superpower what would it be? To lift things with my mind. Imagine the ease of vacuuming of you could just “whoosh” the furniture into the air instead of playing “do I move it or do I vacuum around it” everyday.

20oz Leo Zodiac Tumbler

Specializing in custom resin tumblers. Each tumbler is handcrafted by me and is truly one of a kind. Our store carries both ready to sell and offers custom creations. We guarantee all of our work using only the highest quality resin and materials. Our tumblers are sourced from small Canadian business and our glitters and pigments are all sourced from Canadian and US small businesses. We have you covered for gifts for all occasions and work with almost all budgets.

30oz Count Dracula Blood Drip Tumbler

ELL Jewels


Erin Lysak Meath Park, SK Where do you make your items? My jewelry is created on a table in my living room so when inspiration hits we can make it! How do you spend your down-time? Outside on our farm or up at the lakes kayaking.

RCMP - Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Biwa and Freshwater Pearls wire wrapped necklace

Favourite Etsy purchase? More Labradorite and Moonstones How did you come up with the name for your Etsy shop? My business name is my initials! You start every day by.... One cup of black coffee! You end everyday by.... Sitting in my "mom" chair.

Hi! My name is Erin and I am the artizan behind ELL Jewels! I have been creating jewelry for many years and decided to sell at local craft markets over 11 years ago. I love playing with beads and creating one of a kind pieces. I am blessed that my 2 sons have followed suit and with our imaginations we create unique pieces. Labradorite Angel Necklace

Labradorite and Gunmetal Necklace

LegacyWoodArt Shop

Where do you make your items? I make these in either my work shop or Regina or at our cottage. How do you spend your down-time? working in my shop, playing piano, walking our dog How did you come up with the name for your Etsy shop? The legacy of these old weathered buildings become a

a variety of sizes and colors of weathered wood photo frames and mirrors

medium for my artwork. How did you come up with the name for your Etsy shop? The legacy of these old weathered buildings become a medium for my artwork.

We have a variety of sizes and colors of wood starts all with their original finish and patina.

My art uses weathered wood from old buildings, by reworking different finishes into works of art.

framed wood stars in a mahogany frame

Wood quilt pattern designs with original weathered finishes set into wood frames.

Chemist Creations


Abigail Unrau Saskatoon, SK What’s your favourite medium to work with & why? Resin is definitely my favourite medium to work with. I love it because it’s a very challenging medium and requires lots of practice to get good at. I also really like it because of the endless creativity I feel when I work with it. Sometimes I feel inspired but not creative when pursuing my hobbies, but my ideas for resin jewelry come very naturally Why did you start your Etsy shop? I wanted to challenge myself with this new opportunity. I told myself for the longest time I couldn’t, but over the course of a few months I improved my business so much that I found myself ready to at least give it a try! Jewelry isn’t something people buy every day, so I knew that the only way to reach a wider audience was to make an Etsy.

Handmade Dried Flower Resin Jewelry

I’ve thought about making a website where people can shop from, but I like Etsy because it’s a platform where people specifically shop for handmade items like the ones I offer. I don’t have a large enough client base or social media following to start a website, so it may be something I look into in the future!

Honeycomb Necklace

Baby’s Breath Ring

Alyssum Earrings Forget Me Not Studs

Custom Pet Sweaters

Buffalo Charlie Co.


Stony Rapids, SK

What inspires you? Learning about local plants that I can incorporate into my soaps. Ex. Horsetail for shampoo bars. Where do you make your items? In my kitchen, watching the buffalo roam. If you could have one superpower what would it be? Super strength. What’s your favourite medium to work with & why? Oil infusions for cold processed soaps. Why did you start your Etsy shop? As a family project. How do you spend your down-time? I enjoy other crafts like card making, drawing & jewelry

Bringing you bison products from a local SK buffalo ranch. Specializing in artisan bison tallow soaps with local wild plants & bison fiber products.

making. You end everyday by.... testing my homemade soap samples in the bath & reading a good book/magazine.

Homemade Artisan Soaps with Bison Tallow & Local Ingredients

Tatonka Bars - Buffalo Shaped with a Leather Scent

Special Gift Sets

Thrummed Mittens & Headbands - Bison fiber is warmer than wool & hypoallergenic

Bison Fibre - For making your own cozy projects!


KB Card Shop Kristen Bartel Drake, SK You start every day by.... Coffee!!! Lol You end everyday by.... Card making! I love to unwind at the end of the day by being creative.

Beautiful Floral Congratulations card featuring metallic, hand painted watercolor background.

Masculine Art Deco-inspired cards in a variety of ocassions.

How do you spend your down-time? In addition to cardmaking, coloring and painting, I also love calligraphy, hand lettering, gardening, and renovating! Favourite Etsy purchase? Handmade, color shifting watercolors from TinyCactusDesigns!

Cute sasquatch cards with punny sentiments.

Quality Handmade Cards for all Ocassions! With a variety of styles and designs available, you can be sure to find the perfect card for that special event or someone.

Adorable baby cards featuring a handcolored stork in a variety of colors.

Field & Fable


Elaine Robitaille Swift Current, SK What inspires you? I'm a big fan of nature and fairytale elements Where do you make your items? I work out of the studio end of my brick and mortar shop. If you could have one superpower what would it be? If I could have a *crafty* super power it would totally be that whatever I made turned out just as I envisioned it, each time How did you come up with the name for your Etsy shop? I wanted a play on the surrounding prairie and my love for stories

A little prairie shop filled with handmade goodies

A bookmark with amazonite and a great handmade bead

A fun, swirly purple keychain

Dainty earrings with deep navy blue roses

Whimsical Canada Day post earrings!

Sweet violet earrings


The Tea Witch Regina, SK Why did you start your Etsy shop? I started my Etsy shop to be able to offer my clients some fun and different things that could be delivered quickly and for every budget. It's an easy way to get a bit of work from me and see if I'm the right witch or tarot reader for you! How did you come up with the name for your Etsy shop?

Impactful energy work based on the tarot.

I've always loved tea, and I have a wonderful collection of antique and vintage teacups. Tea, tarot, and witchcraft are just the perfect fit together. Favourite Etsy purchase? Either my tiny altar broom which is just the cutest thing, or the Lovely Omens tarot deck.

Powerful magic including small item enchantment.

I'm Jessica, The Tea Witch, a professional witch and tarot reader from Treaty 4 territory. I offer accurate, insightful tarot readings, powerful magic, impactful energy work, and more all delivered within 48 hours. I love providing clarity for my clients and my favourite people to work with are those who not only believe in the power of spirit, but in the power of themselves as well. Pour yourself a cup of tea and explore what I can do for you! Insightful email tarot readings.

Sue Bland Art


What inspires you? plants and trees Where do you make your items? I have an art studio (and old bedroom of one of my grown daughters), but I also love to paint outside. If you could have one superpower what would it be? Understanding the languages of animals

"Spring is in the Air" - a Covid -inspired piece!

"Sylvia's Prairie" - Saskatchewan wildflowers in midsummer

How do you spend your down-time? reading and napping How did you come up with the name for your Etsy shop? I used to raise chickens, sell eggs and I love poached eggs (short answer) Favourite Etsy purchase? cards

Frameable art cards of Saskatchewan scenes

Sue Bland (aka Poached Egg Woman) explores her world with watercolours and paper collage. You can often find her painting on the coulee hills near her farm home in Southeastern Saskatchewan. Sue celebrates imagination and beauty, and our close relationship with the natural world that we are all a part of. You can find art cards, original art, and high quality reproductions in Sue's shop.

"Deep Diver" (Loon) - Giclee Print

Three Little Moons Textiles


Riceton, SK What inspires you? My children and their love of adventure, nature abs the great outdoors. Stopping along the way to pick out “special” stones is very much a part of our daily life, abs I never want them to lose that. Why did you start your Etsy shop? In the very early days of lockdown, we encouraged the kids to do something active outside each day as well as to do something creative. Within days, we had combined the two. Unfortunately we went into lockdown with only one skein of rainbow yarn, so many of our initial pieces were of the same bright persuasion. We’ve since advance our inventory abs continue to create new products.

Three Little Moons textiles started as a fun activity for our kids to keep active and creative in the very initial days of COVID-19 isolation. We spent our days exploring on our farm in the trees and open fields and find cool branches and sticks and other found objects, bring them home, and create nature inspired pieces. It quickly escalated into a creative love that we still share and enjoy.

How do you spend your down-time? Our Etsy shop is now our downtime. We aren’t folks that like to sit still, so when we are done our sports abs school and errands for the day, we unwind at home by created, catching up, and enjoying our home.

Since we create each piece, the branch may look slightly different. Custom colours and orders available. Can be loose cut or arrowhead cut, options shown in photos.

Large single macrame feather. Custom colours available, 4.5”w x 12” long

Modern farmhouse cotton dishcloths.

Boho macrame dual feather branch wall hanging

This 30”w x 36”wall hanging is made entirely of wool blend, branch and hemp string.

Pretty Sick Designs Saskatoon, SK


What inspires you? The amazing strength and resilience of chronic illness warriors. My hope is to help them feel like they are understood, seen, and not alone. Plus, I hope items from my health journey helps them in theirs. If you could have one superpower what would it be? Super knowledge! ..... and to fly. How did you come up with the name for your Etsy shop?

Chronic Illness Health Tracker

Always Tired Crewneck Sweatshirt

Despite my brothers protestations (he thought it would flop), I thought it was a positive spin on chronic illness. You start every day by.... Getting my nose licked by my cat Zoe. She likes to wake up for with nose licks and cuddles. Then, of course, I have to feed her! Favourite Etsy purchase? All of the lovely cross-stitch patterns! :)

Rose Gold Collection - Essential Oil Diffuser Dainty Slider Bracelet

Heather DeSandoli started Pretty Sick Designs in 2018 to encourage the forgotten community of chronic illness warriors. This endeavour has brought so much light and joy into her life, allowing her to harness her creativity, re-enter the working world at her own pace, and meet so many amazing people. Starting with sweatshirts, she quickly moved into making bracelets, custom journals, get well cards, and more. All her products are infused with a bit of sass, a dash of femininity, and a lot of love. Each item is either something that has helped me in my health journey or something I hope will encourage and help someone just like you!

Hugs Card (Thought You Might Need One)


DaniMarieYXE Saskatoon, SK What inspires you? Nature! I draw a lot of inspiration from my garden and watching the birds outside. What’s your favourite medium to work with & why? I mostly work in watercolour and ink but I'm venturing more and more into digital painting with my iPad. How do you spend your down-time? In the summer I love gardening and spending time outside with my dogs. I also love watching movies and sketching. Favourite Etsy purchase? Crystals from CrystalsRockSask!

Hi! I'm Danielle from DaniMarieYXE! I work with watercolour, ink and digital painting all from my home in Saskatoon. All of my prints are printed with care by me, with high quality archival ink and paper. I love painting anything from nature and like to mix in a few Harry Potter illustrations once in awhile! I also take requests and do commissions! :)

Sweet Peas, watercolour and ink.

Lovely Lilies, watercolour and ink.

Snow Leopard, digital painting.

PolyJuice Potion, watercolour and ink

Chickadee Dee Dee, watercolour and ink.



Erin Pell Saskatoon, SK What inspires you? I’m inspired by nature & the fluidity and play of light through glass. How do you spend your down-time? Cooking, reading and gardening. You start every day by....

DIY Lily Suncatcher kit

With our cat Cate meowing at me to feed her. You end every day by.... Reading & listening to stand up comedy.

Daffodil Sculpture

I'm a Canadian lampworker & glass blower based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. After years focus on making lampwork jewelry I'm currently focused on creating botanical sculptures featuring mainly native wild plants & those that evoke childhood memories. My blown glass is focused on beautiful functional items for everyday use. That embrace the fluidity and play of light through glass.

Blown Glass Tumbler

Fairy Garden Mushrooms


Hand Knit Goods Diane Robinson Regina, SK You start every day by.... Relaxing with my yarn and a cup of coffee. What’s your favourite medium to work with & why? I love using yarns made from recycled fibres. My goal is to be as eco friendly as possible, and using yarns made from denim offcuts and recycled plastic bottles allows me to achieve this goal. How do you spend your down-time? Knitting! Favourite Etsy purchase? I love purchasing hand made pottery through Etsy. Where do you make your items? All items are handmade in Regina, SK.

I believe in knowing where your products come from and being as eco-friendly and sustainable as I can. I make each product myself, by hand and have developed relationships with my suppliers (also small businesses) so I can be confident that that my items are made ethically from start to finish. I also offer an option to ship my items using packaging that is made from recycled materials and recyclable.

Each set of two succulent plant pot cozies is hand knit using eco-friendly yarn made from recycled plastic bottles.

An eco-friendly reusable market bag made using tencel & pima cotton.

A great alternative to single use disposable cotton rounds, each set of 3 hand knit facial pads are made out of 100% cotton.

These cotton Scrunchies are made from 100% natural cotton which is gentle on hair while still being able to secure it.

Hand knit using yarn made from recycled denim, this market bag is perfect for a trip to the Farmers Market, Grocery Store or holding the essentials for a trip to the beach.

Scattered Fingers Martensville, SK



Knuffel Stuff



Jamie Lavalley of Amber Rayne Designs Regina, SK