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Mimico Secondary Plan to cap heights of buildings

fri dec 14, 2012


TAMARA SHEPHARD A document to guide growth and change in historic Mimico-By-TheLake over the next 20 years will come before community and Toronto councils next spring. City planners presented the public with the emerging MimicoBy-The-Lake Secondary Plan of their recommendations last Thursday at an open house at the Mimico Adult Centre. Earlier, an open house in November had gathered public feedback on the work of Mimico 20/20 consultants’ Urban Strategies. That feedback then informed city planners’ emerging Secondary Plan. A Secondary Plan is part of Toronto’s Official Plan that establishes more detailed local development policies to guide growth and change within a specific area. There are 32 Secondary Plans across the city. T h e Mi m i c o - By- T h e - L a k e Secondary Plan will distill hundreds of pages of documents from cityhired consultants’ Urban Strategies Inc., city planning research and documents, as well as public feedback into a concise 20-page document, explained Matthew Premru, the city planner who will author the secondary plan. Among planners’ recommendations in the emerging secondary plan is that heights of any future >>>MIMICO, page 2

Staff photo/MARY GAUDET

MORNING SONG: The Holy Child Catholic School choir perform at Humberwood Centre's holiday breakfast on Wednesday morning, which brought together students from Humberwood Downs Junior Middle Academy and Holy Child Catholic School. Singers include Michael Gomes and Bianca Pereira in the front row, with Nyasia Borland, Shelby Among, Rhea Alveres, and Cassandra Guevarra.

Plans for Olympium upgrades revealed Swimming facility to shut down in July for one year CYNTHIA REASON Nearly 75 Etobicoke Olympium patrons came out to a meeting

Wednesday night to hear plans for the year-long, $20-million renovation project at the facility in advance of the Toronto 2015 Pan/Parapan Am Games.

The Olympium, a multi-sport facility that features an Olympicsized pool, leisure pool, gymnasium and fitness centre, will be used during the Games as a training site

for swimming, water polo, diving and synchronized swimming. To prepare for the Games, the Olympium will be closed to the public from July 1, 2013 to July 1, 2014 for extensive renovations, including: improvements to the >>>feds, page 4


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Mimico 20/20 revitalization project launched in 2007 >>>from page 1 buildings be restricted into three bands of development: • Tall buildings be contained to an area between Lake Shore Boulevard and the lake, to a maximum height of 25 storeys, with a two to four storey podium and minimum tower separation distance of 25 metres between buildings; • Avenues mid-rise buildings along the Lake Shore Boulevard West main street to a maximum of eight storeys; • Lake front tall buildings to a maximum height of 15 storeys, with the same podium height and separation distance as tall buildings. City planners heard from residents at earlier meetings a desire for redevelopment, including the potential for condominiums, not reach the heights of those to the east in the Humber Bay Shores’

community where the Eau du Soleil condominiums to replace the recently demolished The Beach Motel are proposed to be 44 and 66 storeys. “We don’t want tall buildings to override the main street and take away from the pedestrian experience or the main street,” Premru, lead planner on Mimico 20/20 and Mimico-By-The-Lake Secondary Plan author said Wednesday in an interview in his Etobicoke planning department office. “We don’t want to override the lake and public parks or the village heart.” building height restrictions However, while the building height restrictions may be amenable to many residents, the development industry has given the height restrictions a thumbs down. “The development industry

has said the heights we’re recommending as not an incentive to redevelop,” Premru said of lands currently occupied by apartment buildings. “The public is concerned about height and density. Our role is in the middle to achieve a reasonable balance and at the end of the day make recommendations for appropriate development standards.” Urban Strategies Inc. identified Superior Avenue as the village heart of Mimico-By-The-Lake. After residents told city planners the village heart should be extended to include Mimico Avenue, Superior Avenue and Amos Waites Park, that change has been made in the emerging secondary plan, Premru said. Mimico 20/20 is a revitalization project launched in 2007 to develop a comprehensive planning framework to inform future development in the lakefront community. The

study area stretches from just east of Miles Road to Fleeceline Road, mostly south of Lake Shore. Premru and senior city planner Kathryn Thom addressed ongoing community concerns that affordable housing be protected in the community by a 1:1 replacement policy embedded in the city’s Official Plan. One-to-one rental replacement will be upheld, but the details of how it will be implemented has yet to be determined in the final secondary plan report, Premru and Thom said. Planners also heard from residents that Mimico Linear Park is too narrow. In future, any lakefront redevelopment will require a developer to provide a strip of lakefront property for park purposes, Premru said. But he stressed future MimicoBy-The-Lake’s revitalization can’t come only from redevelopment.

“The (secondary) plan can’t rely on redevelopment because it may not be every owner’s objective,” he said of existing apartment building owners. “We need to provide a range of options for revitalization to take place, including redevelopment, infill development and renewal through the city’s Tower Renewal project to improve existing facilities, make them more modern, more efficient, improve the aesthetics. The plan cannot solely rely on redevelopment.” feedback wanted Residents are encouraged to provide their feedback to the recent open house on the Mimico-By-TheLake Secondary Plan by Dec. 17. Visit pdf/dec_6_2012_open_house_ feedback_form.pdf to access the comment form online.

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Specialized physio hoped to get toddler walking Community rallies behind family to help fund treatment TAMARA SHEPHARD


en Benoit is a personal trainer who works 16 hour days to build his business and help his clients achieve great health and fitness. Yet the one person he’d like to help most, he can’t. Benoit and partner Aida Kadic’s one-year-old son, Kaden, can’t sit or crawl yet on his own. Kaden has been diagnosed with hypotonia, a state of low muscle tone and control. Its cause in Kaden is a rare chromosomal deletion that affects his motor nerve control by his brain. The baby is missing some genes along chromosome two, but the deletion is so rare doctors can’t predict his future. This week, Kaden started his third, two-week block of specialized physiotherapy called CME with physiotherapy Simona DeMarchi, founder and director of North York-based Blue Balloon Physiotherapy. CME or Cuevas Medic Exercises was created by Chilean physiotherapist Ramon Cuevas in 1972. CME is an avant-garde approach inspired to provoke automatic motor responses in motor-delayed children three months of age and older with need of the child’s co-operation or motivation. CME is not covered by OHIP. DeMarchi moves Kaden’s body through a series of exercises during intensive 50-minute sessions. DeMarchi trained under Cuevas in Chile. She is the only level 4 certified CME physiotherapist in the world. “She’s our angel,” Benoit said of DeMarchi. “She’s my best friend. I see so much hope in her,” Kadic said. “Kaden is responding really nicely to CME. His head control is much better. It’s God-given luck Simona happens to be in Toronto.” But the family, who lived in Etobicoke up until a few months ago and now call Mississauga home, cannot afford ongoing CME treatment, which costs $150 a session or $1,500 for a twoweek block of treatment. Two-

Staff photo/IAN KELSO

Little Kaden Benoit who has hypotonia, which results in decreased muscle tone, does exercises with the help of his parents Aida and Len.

week treatments are followed by two-week breaks. “Going into the first block (of treatments), we knew we wouldn’t be able to afford ongoing treatment,” Kadic said. “It’s hard to accept money from family, let alone ask friends and strangers.” Last month, clients of Benoit’s Etobicoke-based Fit 1 Boot Camp, led by client Leah Cook, organized a fundraiser at a Bloor West Legion that collected more than $10,000 to help with the cost of Kaden’s CME physiotherapy. Benoit and Kadic were moved to tears as they recalled the generosity of both the clients who organized the fundraiser and the people, including strangers, who attended. “(M)any of us on the periphery feel we need to become the “village” to help get Kaden literally up and running,” Benoit’s Etobicoke client Sandi Hymers said. “I sometimes think that it’s

hard enough ‘doing a life’ when you are 100 per cent. I’d like to see a little guy like Kaden have a fighting chance at a full life.” Benoit said asking for help did not come easy for him. “I’ve never asked anybody for anything in my life,” Benoit said, sitting with Kaden on his lap. “It was so hard to put what is so private out so publicly to everyone. My brother-in-law wrote a letter on Facebook. ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and he asked everyone to be Kaden’s village. I cried like a child. It was so hard to read.” kindness of strangers Complete strangers donated on Kaden’s website. “Donations started coming in one, then another one, then another one,” Benoit recalled, his voice breaking with emotion. “People were sending texts and emails asking how they could

help. Kids were giving us money from their piggy banks. I’m not sure anything was harder than that. “People are beautiful. There’s a lot of good people out there who just want to help.” This week, CME physiotherapist DeMarchi began a third, twoweek block of daily treatment with Kaden. CME therapy offered in the community is simply not sufficient, DeMarchi said, to see improvements in children with complex needs. “We’re trying to provoke Kaden’s brain to make connections (to fix) whatever happened in his development with the deletion on his chromosome map,” DeMarchi explained of the therapy that provokes improved motor control. “We’re trying to encourage sitting, crawling, keeping his weight on his hands, movements of a child typically does at a year old.”

DeMarchi reported Kadic has already booked CME therapy blocks for Kaden with her throughout 2013. “We don’t know what will happen with Kaden over the course of his life,” DeMarchi said. “We want to give him as much therapy as possible to see how far he can go. Aida is convinced he will walk independently. But it’s a long course of therapy. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Teya is a case in point. DeMarchi treated the little girl from seven months old until age two-and-a-half. Teya has an underdeveloped cerebellum and could not sit, walk or talk. She is also deaf. Cuevas then worked with Teya from age four-and-ahalf to eight-and-a-half. Today, DeMarchi reported Teya walks independently, gets around on her own and is “doing far more than people predicted she would do.” DeMarchi is convinced CME therapy will benefit Kaden. “I wholeheartedly believe if Kaden has the ability to become independently mobile, this is the therapy that will get him there. Whether his brain makes that step, we have to see,” she said. Kaden is also far-sighted and requires glasses to see properly. When he was first born, it was his hearing not his hypotonia that concerned doctors. After birth, he was rushed to the neonatal ICU, where he stayed for three days. After numerous tests, Kaden was diagnosed with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, which can range from profoundly to moderately deaf to not deaf at all. Kadic and Benoit learned Kaden’s auditory nerves are too thin, ruling out a cochlear implant to help him hear. Soon Kaden will start speech therapy. Kadic is determined to see her youngest child walk, talk and lead a full life. “I refuse to believe anything over than he’s going to be just fine,” she said. “I’m going to watch him play with his brother (Aidan, 8). He’s going to grow up walking, talking, listening and playing just like everyone else... “This little guy has taught us so much. We’ve been through so many emotions. We love him so much.” Visit to donate to Kaden’s CME therapy costs. Donations may also be made at any TD Canada Trust bank branch to the account “Kaden Ermin Benoit”, account number 10362 004 06346324520.

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Feds, city to fund upgrades

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>>>from page 1 existing pool, upgrading the dive tower to meet Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA) requirements, major overhaul of the facility’s mechanical and electrical systems, and renovations to the building’s lobby and administrative areas. “We have here what has been a high-class, top-rated, world-class facility for many years, but now the building needs some help,” said Etobicoke Centre Councillor and Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday. “Fortunately, that’s transpiring and we’re going to get some financial aid and we’re going to build what’s needed to make this building last for another 40 years.” The federal government will take on the lion’s share of the project, providing 56 per cent of the funding for the $20 million undertaking, with the city picking up the tab for the remaining 44 per cent. Catherine Meade, director of 2015 Pan/Parapan Am Games for the City of Toronto, said the much-needed upgrades to the Olympium would not have otherwise been possible. “For a project like this one, this is work that absolutely needed to be done, but we couldn’t really afford it,” she said. “That’s what’s great about partnering with the federal government for the Pan Am Games – it’s allowing us to do work that needed to be done and actually be able to afford it.” At the pool level, the Olympium’s leak-plagued Olympic-sized pool will essentially be replaced, with a brand new pool liner that will be fitted over the existing pool, the dive tower will be widened to allow for synchronized diving, and new showers will

Staff file photo/IAN KELSO

The Etobicoke Olympium will close in July 2013, for one year, to accommodate renovations leading up to the Pan/Parapan Am Games. The Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club is just one of the many groups who use the facilities.

be added at the tower. New bleachers, a new sound system and LED lighting is also set to be installed. And, perhaps most “critical”, said Meade, will be the new ventilation and dehumidification systems for the pools. For patrons like Ron Armstrong, who swims with the Etobicoke Olympium Masters Aquatic Club, the new dehumidification system will be a breath of fresh air. “It’s just a fabulous facility, but it’s tired...The ventilation definitely needs upgrading. There’s a lot of people in our Masters Club who have difficulty breathing,” he said, noting that the leisure pool area is especially stifling. “We’ve even had to open doors in the middle of winter to allow air to flow through, and even then the fumes coming off the pool are such that you can’t catch your breath, you can’t breathe sometimes.” To help the Olympium’s “treasured” users find temporary new homes during the facility’s year-long renovations, Olympium staff have

been seeking out alternative facilities in Etobicoke and across the city, said Janie Romoff, director of Community Recreation for the city’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation department. While Olympium staff have successfully relocated 1,500 of its 2,000 annual swimming lessons to other area pools, and have negotiated with Alderwood, Norseman, Memorial and Gus Ryder pools to add more leisure swims to their schedules to accommodate for the greater demand during the Olympium’s closure, they’re still working closely with many of the competitive swim clubs and diving clubs to find them alternate facilities. “This has been a big struggle for us around finding the appropriate place to try and accommodate those needs, especially because this pool has so many specialized functions,” Romoff said, noting that potential pools have been identified with the school board, at University of Toronto, in Mississauga, and at McMaster University.

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picture perfect: Sonya Aslan, left, and Radika Tennassee of the Rexdale Women’s Centre displays some paintings created by residents at the Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the Montreal Massacre at the École Polytechnique 23 year ago. Community partners came together at Woodbine Shopping Centre last Thursday to honour the 14 lives lost and to shine a light on those who are working to end violence against women.

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a day to remember

ETOBICOKE GUARDIAN | Friday, December 14, 2012 |


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ith less than two weeks until Christmas Day, the festive spirit is increasingly evident in the streets of Etobicoke . For some, that means decorating the Christmas tree or buying gifts for loved ones. For others, volunteering your time to help those less fortunate is a rewarding experience. Need more ideas? Visit our website at and scroll down to the Featured Content section where our columnists offer no shortage of things to do. Get creative and try making a winter snow globe with simple instructions provided by entertainment columnist Jennifer Peters. ( Or make your holiday season delicious by following the easy-to-do main course recipes ranging from salmon with oven roasted tomatoes to sweet potato mash. (http://bit. ly/W9ebQ9) If you would rather go out and eat, listen to the advice of Jessica Ruby, the Gourmet Frugalista, in her latest column on where to dine for comfort food to get you through the cold winter. ( To keep this season festive, it’s important to stay healthy and pain-free as health columnist Gita Mikal reminds readers in her Less Pain, More Gain column this week. ( ) “The sweet smell of freshly baked gingerbread fills the air, a stack of greeting cards are ready to be mailed and a pile of wrapped gifts are all reminders of the hustle and bustle of the season and the joyful time to be shared with family and friends,” Mikal writes. “Let’s make it pain free and enjoy the festivities.” For sweets lovers, heed the words of dentist Dr. Jody Zajacz in her column and take care of your oral health, especially when sugary foods like cookies, chocolates and candy are readily available. ( And pet owners, keep your animals safe as veterinarian Dr. Brad Cotter warns that veterinary emergency hospitals see an increase in accidental poisonings during the holidays. ( “Chocolate may be the most well-known toxin, but is still one of the most common,” he writes in his 24/7 Vets blog posting. We welcome more ideas and suggestions on how to keep Christmas merry and the holidays happy. Write us a letter to the editor at and share your annual traditions that make this time of year enjoyable for all.

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Chief Blair left with limited options


t the centre of the debate freezing the Toronto Police Service budget is the question of whether residents will remain safe. Police Chief Bill Blair originally thought that limiting his budget expenditures to last year’s level would have consequences. “When we don’t have enough police officers,” he was quoted as saying, “our ability to keep ... communities safe can be affected.” But the Police Services Board remained unconvinced, and unanimously voted to approve the budget without an increase. Chief Blair commands 5,320 uniformed officers and a budget of almost $930 millon. Like Blair, residents may now wonder if they will remain safe. Toronto’s backdrop of declining crime rates is promising. The most recent data show substantial decreases in all forms of crime, with the exception of a minor jump in the murder rate. On a per capita basis, we are safer now than we have been for decades. Part of the reason is demographics, since the section of population most engaged in crime, young

Beyond the headlines

david soknacki

men, is declining. Part of our crime reduction is due to the intelligent use of technology and smarter policing. Yet the Police Services Board, in combination with city council, has given Chief Blair a tough assignment. With a budget consisting of more than 90 per cent in labour costs, he must look at the number and productivity of his staff. He begins from a difficult position, since the board agreed to a collective agreement that keeps Toronto’s officers the highest paid in Canada. With increases on average three times more than council paid to its unionized staff, the board locked-in budget increases and expensive officers. Nor was the board particularly helpful in wresting productivity gains during labour negotiations. It follows that Chief Blair must get more out of his workforce. He will probably

start with reviewing his organization, and work to reduce the practice of twoofficer patrols. Although these and other changes are essential, such ideas are easier said than done. The biggest challenge to achieving enough productivity gains is due to the size and power of the police union, the vigilant, wellfinanced Toronto Police Association. The board is already anticipating legal challenges should Chief Blair downsize his organization or attempt productivity gains contrary to the wishes of the union. And so we come back to questions of whether Torontonians will remain safe, and how Chief Blair can make that assurance with constrained resources. Thanks to fewer young men in our population, adequate investment in technology and a history of smart policing, Torontonians will be safe. But due to inflexibility in labour relations, Chief Blair’s options are limited. n David Soknacki is a former City of Toronto councillor and budget chief. Contact him at

To the editor: I would deduce that Clayton Ruby’s victory in dislocating our great Mayor Rob Ford from city hall has outraged hard-working, taxpaying Torontonians like myself who welcomed Ford’s prudence after the excesses of the David Miller years at city hall. Maybe Ford will delight Ontarians if he announces that he is going to run provincially in the election next spring for the Conservative Party paving the way for PC inroads into the heartland of Toronto along with other candidates. Turning it a Tory blue would finally mark a cessation to teacher and public sector compensation increases that have far outpaced the rate of inflation over Dalton McGuilty’s stewardship, which has become a legacy of skyrocketing debt, over two-fold the damage of Bob Rae’s N.D.P., shamefully leaving Ontarian’s well over $100 billion deeper in debt. Should Rob Ford lose his appeal I only hope for the sake our city that Doug Holyday or Doug Ford will fill the void, shielding Toronto from regressing back to the Miller-era days, which elected to support union jobs rather than go with the most cost-efficient TTC streetcars and subway train replacements at the expense of the taxpayers and who gave us the abhorred land-transfer tax that has hindered real estate transactions across the city. David C. Searle

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| ETOBICOKE GUARDIAN | Friday, December 14, 2012

ETOBICOKE GUARDIAN | Friday, December 14, 2012 |


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Goody Hair Brushes

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Spinbrush Pro-Clean

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Bionaire Quartz Heater

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Sarah Peyton 5 Pc. Tealight Set

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Twilight Straightener

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Vaseline Extra Strength Body Lotion 725ml

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Assorted Socks 12 Pack

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A Good Deal for Us… Means a Great Deal CLEARANCE WAREHOUSE • 375 QUEENS PLATE [Off Hwy. 27 across from The Woodbine Centre]


Real estate


Five tips to help you make a smooth move Some say it's a period of time that's worse than rush hour or tax time. What is it? It's the months leading up to moving. Libby Langdon and David Gregg- s h e i s a h o m e d e s i gn ex p e r t ; h e ' s a new-produc t specialist--say "moving stress" stems from a lack of planning and preparation. "Nobody likes to move; it's a complete upheaval of your life," said Gregg. Both agree that by incorporating the right technology with the right design elements, you can eliminate much of the stress. Here are their tips: Clear Out The Clutter - Gregg suggests that moving is a great time for introducing new technologies to organize and de-stress your living environment. " The average person has five to six remotes sitting around on the coffee table,"

he said. "Moving is a perfect time to clear out the clutter and get rid of them all, except for one. Upgrading to a universal remote can help; they've gotten a lot simpler to both program and use." Hide The High Tech - Also, Gregg recommends hiding all your tech equipment behind closed doors or in other, less-traveled rooms. By using a device called a radio frequency extender, you can keep your DVD player and other electronics hidden and still operate them from up to 100 feet away. Create A Familiar Feeling - As a designer, Langdon believes the key to a seamless move is to focus on creating the feeling from your old house in your new home. She notes this can be done in a number of economical ways. "Think vertically when it comes to your drapes and hang them where the wall

meets the ceiling instead of at the top of your window frame," said Langdon. "This draws your eyes upward, making the ceiling seem higher and your rooms feel bigger." Update With Paint - Langdon also points out that when it comes to paint, people tend to be fearful of picking the wrong color. "Painting your walls is an inexpensive way to update the look of a room with your existing furniture," said Langdon. Creature Comforts First - Above all, Gregg and Langdon say you can eliminate a great deal of moving-related angst by making sure creature comforts, such as your cable television, your Internet and your phone services, are transferred prior to your move. - MS




0 ,00

2 ES


9 $6


Sales Representative Office:

416 Cell: 416

236-1241 NORSEMAN HEIGHTS BUNGALOW RIDGEHAMPTON CRT. On Quiet Court! Lovingly Maintained 880-4442 4Home W/ Great Potential! Generous Principal Rms W/ Original

Professionals Inc., Brokerage



Hrdwd Flrs. Large Eat-In Kitchen! Full Height Fin Bsmnt W/ Rec Room, Games Rm, 3 Pc Bath & Sauna! Pie Shaped Lot W/ Pool. New Windows Throughout! Family Friendly Neighbourhood Close To Parks, Schools, Shopping, Transit & Easy Hwy Access!


Sales Representative



Rare opportunity to own on this quiet, sought after court in fantastic location. Fabulous, family friendly floorplan featuring top quality finishes. This completely finished home exudes luxury & warmth & boasts a top of the line kitchen, fabulous bathrooms with no detail spared, stunning wainscoting, numerous custom built-ins, an entertainers dream in the Royal LePage Real Estate lower level featuring w/out to fabulous salt water pool & more. $1,249,000 Services Ltd., Brokerage Visit for virtual tour & floorplans.


Tina Klein Stanley Broker



Totally Renovated! This Is An Ideal Two Family Home With A Nice Above Ground In-Law Suite Complete With Separate Entrance. Dream

Realty Executives Plus LTD., Brokerage


SRECKO (LUCKY) MILIDRAG Sales Representative




Top ucer d Pro




ROYAL YORK/EVANS!! Wonderful detached brick 2 storey full of charm and character. This home has been totally renovated, new electrical, plumbing, insulation, drywall, nicely finished trim & hardwood thru-out! Finished Re/Max West Realty basement with bar, new roof (2011), new windows (2011) furnace (2009) Inc., Brokerage Independently Owned and Operated fully fenced yard with Gazebo, and many extras for only $499,000!!


Clean, Bright Renovated detached 3 bdrm bungalow with separate entrance to finished basement apartment. Modern eat in kitchen, Re/Max Diamond Inc., Hardwood floors. Walk to excellent schools, Brokerage Independently Owned and Operated shopping park. Easy access to highways.

Top ucer d Pro






9 49



“Service is our Motto”




Kitchen With Granite Counters, Bathrooms With Granite Counters, Master Bedroom Has An Organized W/I Closet. Skylight In The Office Or 3rd Bedroom. Gas Fireplace In Living Room, Fabulous Lot! Too Many Extras Too Mention. For a Picture Tour visit

Independently Owned and Operated


Stunning Town Home Backing Onto Park. Located In Rockwood Village East Mississauga. Office: 905 Dining Room Over Looking Magnificent Cell: 416 Living Room With Fireplace And Walkout To Private Patio And Park. Great Family Size Kitchen, Three Large Bedrooms. Re/Max Performance Exclusive Home. Realty Inc., Brokerage Independently Owned and Operated Super Value.



7 59


416 416

762-4200 505-7513


This is your Opportunity to Live by the Lake. Det. bungalow with in-law apt. with private entrance. The home boasts hardwood floors, French door, plaster crown molding, stained glass, Eat in kitchen, formal living & dining room. You are a 5 minute Sutton Group Realty walk to the lake, shopping on Lakeshore, 24 hr. public transport Systems Inc., Brokerage & easy access to the highways. Activities include hockey, Independently Owned and Operated tennis, walking trails. You must come & see this lovely home.

Happy Holidays 80 X 150 FT LOT!

Detached 3 bedroom bungalow with gorgeous brick & stone exterior, on a huge premium lot in Royal York/Dixon area, long private double driveway with garage. Re/Max West Realty Large open concept living and dining room, 2 renovated bathrooms, walk-out to spacious serene back yard, huge Inc., Brokerage Independently Owned and Operated workshop, fabulous opportunity only $639,900.

From your Toronto West real estate team!

416 493-4400

Zoie, Jennifer, Brian

| ETOBICOKE GUARDIAN | Friday, December 14, 2012

The Etobicoke Guardian is delivered to 70,320 homes. Call 416-493-4400 to advertise in the #1 read newspaper in Etobicoke.

ETOBICOKE GUARDIAN | Friday, December 14, 2012 |


PROVEN RESULTS!!! Frank Leo Custom built Classic Victorian inspired all brick 4 bdrm homes in south Etobicoke. Incredible imported high end finishes thru-out, state of the art automation system. Definitely a must see located just minutes to the airport or downtown Toronto from $928,888 & $958,888!!


Prestigious executive 5+2 bdrm 2 storey, gorgeous stone & brick exterior, professionally landscaped lot, backing onto Conservation lands, absolutely a must see, beautifully finished thru-out, Jatoba hardwood & granite flrs, custom kitchen inground pool, & much more for $1,990,000 Call to view!!



Large restaurant with drive thru on a ¾ acres lot, in the heart of Bolton, zoned for fast food national chain, completely renovated (09) seats 75, 35 parking spaces, currently very successful business also included for $1,975,000!!


Gorgeous Property 90’ x 143’ lot backing onto the Humber River & situated on quiet dead end street. Custom built 2 storey with addition & walkout bsmnt. Fabulous layout, granite countertop & floors, 5+1 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, finished basement with second kitchen ideal for entertaining or nanny suite, w/o to professionally landscaped lot with inground salt water pool, patio, deck, & spectacular ravine views. Meticulously well maintained property offered at only $1,699,900!!

Sponsor of

Children's Miracle Network & Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation ROYAL YORK/NORSEMAN!!

#1 in West and Central Toronto combined by units of listings sold for all Companies of all Brokers & Sales Representatives 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and #1 in Etobicoke 1995 to present according to a study of MLS data prepared by an independent auditor of real estate statistics.



Custom built 4+2 bdrm 2 storey with addition, gorgeous renovated kitchen & baths, granite counter tops, gleaming hardwood floor, 4 full baths, main floor. Family room & den, 2nd floor laundry, finished basement with separate entrance, quality craftsmanship through-out, thousands spent must be seen for $1,100,000!!

Situated on a quiet court location. Mississauga/Etobicoke border. Backing onto ravine, totally renovated detached 2 storey 4+1 bedroom is simply amazing, gorgeous gourmet kitchen, s.s appliances, Granite countertop, main flr family room gas fireplace, formal living & dining room, prof finished basement. Backyard paradise, heated inground saltwater pool, jacuzzi, pattern concrete patio, solarium plus much more only $949,000

Fabulous design, great curb appeal, Large 4 bdrm with 4 washrooms, finished basement. Stunning classic combination of hardwood, marble & ceramic floors, high ceilings, skylight, Oak stairs, family size kitchen with breakfast area, granite countertop, centre island, stainless steel appliances & many extras for $888,800!!

BACKING ONTO GOLF COURSE!!! Large detached 4 bdrm 2 storey, finished basement, huge 50’ x 199’ lot! Located close to all conveniences, quick access to Hwys, many upgrades thru-out, Well maintained home Must be seen for $799,900!!

KEELE & 401!! Fabulous detached 4+1 bdrm 2 storey, double garage, interlock, large verandah, double door entry, centre hall plan, 4 washrooms, combined living and dining rm, cathedral ceiling, gas fireplace, gleaming hardwood floors in family rm, wonderful family size kitchen, w/o to large deck & heated inground pool, gorgeous prof. landscaped lot, finished bsmnt and many extras for only $799,000!!

Gorgeous 4+2 bdrm 2 storey, beautiful custom kitchen, granite countertops, s.s appliances, gleaming hardwood floors, 9’ ceilings, crown moulding, California shutters, gas fireplace, main flr. laundry, huge master with 5 pc ensuite and professionally finished basement, ideal for In-law suite, + much more for $785,900!!


THE VICTORIAN! 2790 sq ft classic custom built 2 storey all brick semi detached luxury homes. Located in the Long Branch area, Newly built, select your luxurious finishes starting from $799,000


Rare 5 bdrm 2 storey on a beautiful lot. Just steps to Gametwood Park along the Etobicoke boarder. Gorgeous family rm with w/o to private fenced lot 20’x40’, inground pool. Huge bedrooms and principal rooms, renovated baths, fabulous country kitchen with s.s appliances and breakfast area, large finished basement 2nd kitchen & 2 bedrooms, gleaming hardwood flrs. and much more. $739,000


Incredible totally renovated 4 bdrm, 2 storey, gleaming hardwood floors, spacious principle rms, gourmet kitchen, granite countertop s.s appliances, large family rm addition, walkout to amazing prof. landscaped lot, interlock, inground salt water heated pool, patio, stupendous perennial garden, plus finished basement. Simply must be seen only $649,900!!

80 X 150 FT LOT!

Detached 3 bedroom bungalow with gorgeous brick & stone exterior, on a huge premium lot in Royal York/Dixon area, long private double driveway with garage. Large open concept living and dining room, 2 renovated bathrooms, walk-out to spacious serene back yard, huge workshop, fabulous opportunity only $639,900.

FREE Confidential Home Evaluations WEST REALTY INC., Brokerage

Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated

Call Today And Start Packing!!!

Frank Leo’s Amazing Guaranteed Home Selling System

• Your Home Advertised 24 Hours a Day Until Sold • Your Home Advertised to Millions on • Learn the Secrets of Selling your Home, without ineffective Open Houses • Your Home Listed in Full Colour Print Ads Until It’s Sold • Our team of Professionals for the same price as hiring a single broker

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“The Name Friends Trust & Recommend” Experience and Service you can count on!! HER T O N A SO LD KINGSVIEW VILLAGE!!


Incredible luxury condo, great location close to Vaughan Mills shopping centre, Canada’s Wonderland, restaurants, and all conveniences. Fabulous gated community, 24hr concierge, Fantastic facilities, spacious 2 bdrm condo, stainless steel appl. Granite countertop, gleaming ceramic & hardwood flrs thru-out. A must see for $619,900!!


Totally renovated Etobicoke beauty, gorgeous stone exterior finish & curb appeal. Custom kitchen, granite counter top, stainless steel appliances, skylight, gleaming hardwood flrs, prof. finished basement with separate in-law suite, garage, large back yard only $589,900!!

In the heart of Woodbridge quiet enclave, steps to Market Lane. Totally renovated open concept living room, gleaming hardwood flr, walkout to patio, formal dining, amazing custom kitchen granite countertop, stainless steel appliances, California shutters, potlights, finished basement, truly a masterpiece, must be seen only $499,900!!


Wonderful detached 3 bdrm raised bungalow with pie shaped lot, quiet court location, in East Mississauga.Fabulous potential In-law suite, finished basement with separate entrance. Upgraded family size kitchen with s.s. appl., huge combined Living & dining rm with walk out to balcony, renovated bsmnt with fireplace and w/o to yard, gleaming hardwood flrs & much more.


THE R O N A OL D S ROYAL YORK/EVANS!! Wonderful detached brick 2 storey full of charm and character. This home has been totally renovated, new electrical, plumbing, insulation, drywall, nicely finished trim & hardwood thru-out! Finished basement with bar, new roof(2011), new windows(2011) furnace(2009) fully fenced yard with Gazebo, and many extras for only $499,000!!


PRIME DEVELOPMENT LAND!! Surrounded by Thistletown Plaza, 3+1 bedroom Semi-detached bungalow on a 35’x183’ lot (3 adjacent lots also) providing over 20,000 sq ft for all kinds of development potential, $449,900!!

Prime Kingsway/Edenbridge neighbourhood. Fabulous layout, 2+1 bedroom suite, open concept living and dining rm, w/o to private balcony/terrace, thousands spent on upgrades, granite countertop, breakfast bar, high ceilings, steps to transit, Humbertown Plaza, & amenities only $469,900


Rare huge 1,590 sq. ft. 2 + 1 bdrm corner unit in the exclusive Manhattan Place. Spacious open concept layout, gleaming parquet floors, Large master bedroom with gorgeous 5 piece ensuite & walk- in closet, modern family size kitchen, unobstructed South West view, voted North York Condo of the Year in 2009, a must see for $499,000!!




Live in downtown Toronto without compromising on space. Completely renovated, designer finishes thruout, this spacious 2 bdrm corner unit features gorgeous kitchen with Quartz countertop, gleaming hardwood, and many extras just steps to Subway, Dundas square, Eatons Centre, Hospitals, & all amenities.

Totally renovated 4+1 bdrm 2 storey, gorgeous Cartier kitchen, s.s. appl., porcelain tile, gleaming hardwood flrs., finished basement with separate side entrance to In- law suite with second kitchen. Large California style deck, renovated bathrooms, & many upgrades, located close to all convenience.



LIBERTY VILLAGE!! Beautiful Dufferin/King 2+1 bdrm condo townhouse, open concept living & dining rm with fireplace, gleaming laminate floor, separate Den, w/o balcony from mstr bedroom, great view of the city. Fabulous location the best of city living, close to all conveniences for only $334,900!!

Spacious 3 bdrm townhouse, 4 bathrooms, large combined living and dining room, bright family size kitchen, finished basement w/ kitchenette & bath, w/o to backyard, garage access door, and many extras, located close to all conveniences for $329,900!!


JANE/WILSON!! Spacious 3 + 1 bedroom bungalow. Updated kitchen, Corian countertop, open concept living & dining room, updated bathroom, separate side entrance to finished basement ideal for entertaining or in-law suite with 2nd kitchen. Long driveway only






Luxurious Tridel built, immaculate 1 bedroom plus den, bright open concept layout, French doors, laminate floors, W/O to balcony, modern kitchen granite countertop, breakfast bar, 24 hr concierge, world class amenities, steps to Subway and Go Train, only $289,900!!



Rare Investment opportunity, at affordable price. Store with a 2 bdrm apt, above. Previously a convenience store, 4 car parking & lrg basement, high traffic area, great central location, close to all conveniences & transportation for $349,000!!

Spacious 3 bdrm detached 1 1/2 storey, on a large 40’ x 136’ lot, finished basement, separate entrance, hardwood floors, crown moulding, wainscotting, detached garage, long private drive and many extras, located close to all amenities for only $379,900!!

Totally renovated 3+1 bdrm 2 storey, Stucco & Stone exterior, Spacious open concept living & dining rm, gorgeous kitchen with granite countertop, s/s appl, ceramic & laminate floors thru-out finished basements, new 2 car garage, plus many extras, new roof, new washrooms, New oak staircase with steel rail, hi-eff. furnace & much more.





Charming 2+3 bdrm bungalow, large 40’ x 133’ lot, thousands spent on upgrades, new kitchen, prof. finished basement with separate entrance to in-law suite, second kitchen, 3 bdrms, and large living room. Great location close to schools, transit and all conveniences, hardwood floors and many extras.


(L (L




Fabulous 2 bedroom suite over 1000 sq. ft, open concept living & dining room, walkout to large balcony. Updated kitchen ceramic floor, renovated bathroom, spacious bedrooms, includes parking & locker only $165,000!!


• Find out about the newest homes on the market that meet your needs • Get more informed about the specific areas and how to get the best price • Find out how to get the best mortgage rates and saving programs, plus much more - Call today!!

N N) )

5 4 6 6

SEE MORE PHOTOS : Not intended to solicit persons under contract. *Certain Conditions May Apply. ReMax West Realty Inc. does not guarantee the sale of your home. Exclusively offered by Frank Leo.

Copyright© 2009 Frank Leo

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Real estate

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Prestigious Tollendale Woods Nestled Between Conservation Area & Private Marina in Barrie. This Luxurious Open Concept Custom Bungalow W/Master Loft Retreat. 3 + 1 bedroom, 4 baths, 3 F/P’s, Soaring Ceilings, Walnut Flrs, Custom Kit. Stone Ext. Professionally Landscaped Dream Property W/Beautiful Waterfalls And So Much More!! MLS# X2430574. Our Featured Home of the Week is being offered for sale by Jody Thompson, Sales Representative with ReMax Professionals Inc., Brokerage. To find out more about this featured home, call Jody at 416-450-5900 or visit


Jody Thompson

“The One Friends Recommend”


Sales Representative

270 The Kingsway, Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario M9A 3T7

Off: 416.236.1241 • Cell: 416.450.5900

REMAX Professionals Inc., Brokerage Independently Owned and Operated

Gorgeous Bungalow With Spacious 2 Bedrooms, Rear Main Floor Addition With Full Basement And Enlarged Bright Eat-In Kitchen. Sliding Door Walkout From Kitchen To Large Deck. Fenced In Private Back Yard On A Beautiful Tree Lined Street. Great Home In Norseman Heights Area. New Roof And Landscaping Completed Fall 2012. 18 Edgecroft Rd $569,000



Nestled Between Conservation Area &

PRESTIGIOUS TOLLENDALE WOODS WATERFRONT COMMUNITY. Private Marina. Definite Wow Factor In This Luxurious Open Concept Custom Bungalow W/Master Loft Retreat. Architectural Delight Offers A Combo Of Classical Beauty & Sophisticated Elegance. 3 F/P’s, Soaring Ceilings, Walnut Flrs, Custom Kit. Stone Ext. Professionally Landscaped Dream Property W/Beautiful Waterfalls And So Much More!! 41 Royal Oak Drive $999,000


Great Caledon Location, On Heart Lake Road, Between Beechgrove And Charleston. Front 35 Acres Clear Land, Rear 15 Acres Rolling Hills, Ponds, Stream, Mixed Forest. Clear Land Is Being Farmed. Designated Residential For Executive Home, Hobby Farm/Nursery, Horticultural, Home Occupation Etc. Close To Devils Pulpit Golf Course Shopping, Schools, Firehall. Do Not Walk Property. Call Lb For Appt. Minutes To Orangeville And Headwaters Hospital. $1,499,000

Five thrifty fix–ups to sell your home When preparing your home for market, there are some relatively inexpensive home improvements that can make a big impact with buyers. As the old saying goes, there’s a buyer for every home; however, there are a few simple and inexpensive things you can do to attract a crowd. In addition to investing in the mainstays such as bathrooms, kitchens, windows, roof, heating and air conditioning, there are inexpensive projects that can go a long way in bumping up interest in your home: 1. Clear the decks. Counter space is extremely important for buyers, so be sure to store kitchen and bathroom items off the counters. Purchase some wicker or linen baskets, in several different sizes, to enable you to clear the decks in a hurry and minize clutter. 2. Brighten up storage spaces. Closets and cupboard space are big selling features. You can make the most of what you have by purging unused items and painting a light colour inside cupboards and closets. Adding battery–operated lighting is also an inexpensive way to brighten a dark closet.

3. Replace interior and closet doors. Quickly and inexpensively brighten hallways and rooms by replacing interior doors and hardware. New white panelled doors and hardware can make a huge difference to a home. Look for sales on doors at your local building centre. 4. Tear up dingy broadloom. You may be pleasantly surprised by what’s underneath. And even if you don’t like what you see, replacing broadloom is one

of the least costly improvements you can make, in terms of overall return on your dollar. Be sure to opt for a neutral colour. 5. Paint. Even high-end interior paints are a bargain when you look at what can be achieved with a fresh new finish. Opt for neutral colours, in matte or eggshell finishes to camouflage flaws. Trim is best handled with a satin, semi or high–gloss. - News Canada


Rondoletti Cookies & Cream Wafers

Paterson’s Shortbread 380g

Cadbury Truck Tin 200g

Toblerone Chocolate Bars



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$4.99 Reg. $9.99

Pyrex Christmas Serving Tray


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3 Pc Bath Gift Set

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Baker’s Secret Cookie Sheets

Baker’s Secret Roasting Pan w/Lid



Corelle 16Pc. Set

Corelle Coordinates 4 pc. Set

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Patterns May Vary

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Glade 2 Candle & Air Deodorizer 3pc Set

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Side Sleeper Pillow

Playtex 2Pk. Spill Proof Cups

Playtex Newborn Baby Bottle Gift Set

Reg. $29.99

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Corningware Creations 5 pc. Set

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Snapware 2 Tier Cupcake /Cookie Carrier


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Corningware Soup Mugs with Lids

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Band-Aid Flexible Band-Aids 50 Pack

Lysol Wipes

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Lakota Pain Relief

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Pyrex Bake & Store 16 pc. Set

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Christmas Cards

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for You! Prices So Good it’s CASH ONLY!

day 10am-8pm • Saturday 10am-6pm • Sunday 11am-5pm

ATM on Site

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Cadbury Cookie Collection 300g

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Newediuk Funeral Home Community Corner Community

Olga Krawec, Myrtle Marknette, Vickie Leet, Mike Newediuk (Newediuk F.H.) Eve Charanduk

NEW YEAR’S EVE DANCE Monday, December 31, 2012 at St. Demetrius Parish Hall 135 La Rose Ave., Toronto Doors Open at 6:00 p.m. Dinner with Wine served at 7:00 p.m. Catered by Baby Point Lounge Music by the “NEW VILLAGERS” Cash Bar Tickets: $65.00 per person Reserved Seating For more information call: Betty (416) 242 -9228 Olga (416) 241-4352

2058 Kipling Avenue

(North of Rexdale Blvd.)

(416) 745-7555

Family Owned & Operated

Since 1919

Smith Monument Company Ltd. On Site Manufacturing


Serving All Cemeteries In GTA, outside of GTA & Province DON’T BE PRESSURED INTO VERY COSTLY “ONE STOP SHOPPING” Providers of quality Granite Memorials, Natural boulders and Bronze Markers On-Site Cemetery Lettering Quality & Workmanship Guaranteed Visit our well stocked showroom Landscapers welcomed Shop and Compare pricing


349 WESTON ROAD, TORONTO (416) 769-0674 or Toll Free 1-888-836-7771

Cloverdale Mall collects donations for Daily Bread The Daily Bread Food Bank will be able to provide close to 11,000 pounds more food to needy families this holiday season thanks to Cloverdale Mall. Cloverdale was just one of many Bentall Kennedyowned shopping centres across the country to participate in the company’s annual National Fare Fight for Food campaign. The Etobicoke mall partnered with the Etobicoke-based food bank this holiday season’s drive and collected 10,980 pounds of food and $7,000 in cash donations.

“I would like to thank Bentall Kennedy for supporting us through their Fare Fight for Food drive this year. The 10,980 pounds of food you raised will make a huge difference in the community,” Gail Nyberg, Daily Bread’s executive director, said in a statement. “Thank you again for all your hard work, time and generosity.” Nationally, the Fare Fight for Food campaign was able to raise a total of $279,115 and 366,291 pounds of food to benefit food banks in 22 communities across Canada. “According to Food Banks

Canada’s 2012 HungerCount survey, every month 870,000 Canadians are assisted by food banks. Bentall Kennedy was determined to make a difference in the communities in which we live and work,” said Domenic Imbesi, regional director of marketing retail services. “Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign. As the holiday season approaches, we can all feel good that we helped boost the inventory of our local food banks as the need for their services continues to be on the rise.”

Al-Anon offers support for families While families and friends gather to celebrate the holiday season, this time of year can present special challenges for the families of those who dealing with alcohol abuse issues.

For these families, every festive event has the opportunity for conflict if their family member drinks too much. Al-Anon/Alateen Family Groups offer help and hope to anyone who has been affected

by someone else’s drinking. That support is especially important and needed during the holiday season. Call 416-410-3809 or visit for more information.


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City Hall

Board of health nixes idea of Toronto casino DAVID NICKLE

10% off

with this ad (on cash)

Toronto council should flatout reject any attempts to locate a casino in Toronto on strict public health grounds, Toronto’s Board of Health has recommended. The board voted to refuse the casino after considering a report from Toronto’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David McKeown, looking at the public health impacts of locating a gambling casino in Toronto.

Lunch specials................... starting from $5.25 and up

900 Albion Road, Unit 18 Toronto, ON M9V 1A5 (East of Islington Ave)


The report from McKeown recommended that any casino be subject to 10 conditions, to mitigate the significant health problems surrounding problem gambling. The recommendations including limiting the hours of operation, restricting the number of slot machines, eliminating loyalty programs, keeping ATMs off the gambling floor, prohibiting casino credit, mandating a maximum daily loss and reducing the maximum bet size, banning alcohol service on the casino

floor, and issuing monthly statements so players can rate their losses. McKeown told the board that problem gambling could grow into a significant public health problem as casinos become easier to access. “The overall evidence is that an increase in availability of gambling leads to more problem gambling,” said McKeown. And according to the report, just one per cent of problem gamblers enter treatment programs.



g Av


in your neighbourhood Albion


Hear For You 1525 Albion Rd.

hysio flex

Can. Inc,




Finchwood Shopping Center 19 Woodbine Downs Blvd, Unit #108 Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 6N5


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Hear what you’ve been missing Serving Etobicoke for over three years, Hear For You continues to support the hearing impaired with specialized aural rehabilitation. Along with his team of medical technicians, owner David Highgate offers over five-years experience diagnosing hearing impairments and offering best treatments to enrich the lives of all patients. If you’re experiencing sudden or progressive hearing loss, make an appointment at Hear For You, located at 1525 Albion Rd., for a free examination. A free hearing screening, and listening test are provided and once hearing quality is assessed, Hear For You takes the time

to thoroughly walk patients through their hearing test results. If treatment is necessary, a technician will assist in choosing the best solution to suit the individual needs, without any pressure to purchase a device. Treatments include specialized hearing and personal communication devices outfitted and monitored by David Highgate. Hearing aids are among the best treatments to restore mild to profound hearing loss, and Hear For You offers Open Fit technology to ensure the most comfortable, discreet designs, and the most natural sound quality. To ensure patients get the most of out their hearing aid, follow up

Hear what you’ve been missing.

services and rehabilitation appointments are encouraged. David Highgate and his team will address any questions or concerns and make sure hearing is being experienced at its fullest potential. For those already fitted with a personal hearing aid, Hear For You provides free hearing aid cleaning services to ensure patients continue to receive the best performance from their device. Assisted living devices are also available at Hear For You. A technician is available to introduce patients to a multitude of technologies including a Shake Awake alarm clock, and Pocket Talker Pro

to assist in difficult communication situations. Visit Hear For You today to discover The Clarity P400 amplified corded telephone. The Clarity Power technology makes sounds not only louder but also clearer. It’s an ideal solution for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Patients are welcome to make an appointment by calling Hear For You at 416-746-4968. No referral necessary. Office hours are Monday to Thursday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Friday from 10 am to 4pm. For more information on the products and treatments available, visit www.

Mer ry Chri stmas!!

C o m e i n t o d a y f o r y o u r c o m p l i m e n t a r y H e a r i n g Te s t !

“Service is our Motto”

Tina Klein Stanley, Broker

• Complementary Hearing Aid maintenance and repairs for everyone • State of the art equipment for real ear measurement • We accept existing WSIB clients and process new ones • We are community based, independently owned and operated • We accept Master Card,Visa and Interac

Accredited Senior Agent

Steeles Ave

Inquire about our home visit service.

Albion Mall

Re xda le Blvd

io n



Weston Rd

A lb

Islington Rd

He ar For You

Kipling Rd

Martingrove Rd

Phone 416.746.4YOU(4968) Fax 888.411.7552 1525 Albion Road, Suite 209 Toronto, ON M9V 5G5 (In the Medical Building)

Finch Ave

Hwy 50

Hwy 27

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416-621-2300 Independently Owned and Operated

416 743-3832


798 7284

fax: 905

| ETOBICOKE GUARDIAN | Friday, December 14, 2012

call: 416

853 1765

175 Gordon Baker Road, Toronto, ON M2H 2N7

Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Telephone Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Cash & Interac Transactions: 9 am - 5 pm | Circulation: 416 493 4400

Adjustments: Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of your ad. Please check your ad on the first insertion. For multiple insertions of the same ad, credit will be made only for the first insertion. Credit given for errors in connection with production on ads is limited to the printed space involved. Cancellations must be made by 2 p.m. one business day prior to publication date. Cancellations must be made by telephone. Do not fax or e-mail cancellations.

Sales Opportunities

Sales Opportunities

Townhouses for Rent

Townhouses for Rent


FULL TIME RETAIL FULL TIME RETAIL SALESPEOPLE You must enjoy serving and satisfying SALESPEOPLE customers, exhibit work ethic, and integrity, and also be Youvalues must enjoy serving and satisfyconfident in your abilities.

ing customers, exhibit work ethic, LONG TERM values and integrity, and also be CAREER in your abilities . Baseconfident Salary, Commissions, Bonuses,


Extensive Benefits, (manufacturer’s points program & trips), SPIFFS, Base Salary, Commissions, Management Training.

Bonuses, Extensive Benefits, emailpoints resume to & trips), (manufacturer's program or SPIFFS, visit the store in person with resume.

Management Training.

81 Gerry Fitzgerald Dr.

(Corner of Steeles & Dufferin)

348 Jeff-Manager Bayfield Street Ash @Phone(705) 726-3633 9100 Jane St. fax(705) 726-4614 (Rutherford Rd. and Jane St.) Reno-Manager



DRIVERS who seek to earn additional income wanted to transport people Monday to Friday in the GTA. Flexible work hours. Must have own full size sedan or mini van 2008 or newer. Email: Administration


Full time Payroll clerk required with min 2 years exp. New Views 2 exp an asset. Knowledge of filing all payroll related remittances including UNION, EHT, WSIB, and ROE. Knowledge of A\P and Excel a must. Excellent communication skills required Please fax resume to 905-794-1378

To h i g h l i g h t yo u r

Home I m p rove m e n t Business

Spacious, 3 Bdm. Townhouse, gleaming hardwood flooring, five appliances, full basement, private patio, garage parking, park-like setting.

Lions Gate Townhouses 59 Waterford Drive Call today for a viewing!!

1-888-471-9408 or

Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Clear My Snow • Single Driveway • Double Driveway • Large Driveway 905.272.9939

Technical/ Skilled Trades CNC MACHINIST positions for StackTeck Systems in Brampton. High Speed Mill Operators, 5 Axis Mill Operators, Jigbore Operators, EDM(Sink) Operators, Boring Mill Operators, CMM Operators and Universal Grinder Operators. Please send resume to: Gene Massa

Restaurants/ Hospitality


Business Opportunities

$294.00 DAILY MAILING POSTCARDS! Guaranteed Legit Work. Register Online! www. ZNZ Referral Agents Needed! $20-$95/Hr! www. Multiple $100 Payments To Your Bank! www. S u p e r C a s h D a i l y. c o m More Amazing Opportunities @

Full time & part time experienced Line & Prep Cooks FAX: 905 479-5059 or EMAIL RESUME TO ATTN:

HELP WANTED!!! Make $1000 a week mailing brochures from home! FREE Supplies! Helping Home-Workers since 2001! Genuine Opportunity! No experience required. Start Immediately!

Land, Lots, Acreage for Sale



20 ACRES FREE! Buy 40-Get 60 acres. $0-Down, $168/mo. Money Back Guarantee, NO CREDIT CHECKS. Beautiful Views. Roads/Surveyed. Neaer El Paso, Texas. 1-800-843-7537

MUST SELL ASAP (health reasons). Unisex salon & spa in Mimico area. Come see and give your best offer! 416-884-3023.

$$$NEED MONEY$$$ Do you have a pension plan from an ex-employer? (LIRA) or (locked in RRSP). Call NOW! 1-416-357-9585

Stuff to get rid of? Call (416)






Nannies/Live In/Out

$$MONEY$$ CONSOLIDATE Debts Mortgages to 90% No income, Bad credit OK! Better Option Mortgage #10969 1-800-282-1169

FILIPINO LIVE-IN Caregivers or Nannies available. Call 416-924-5727

Travel & Vacations CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. NO Risk Program STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call Us NOW. We Can Help! 1-888-356-5248 CONDOMINIUM HOTEL 1-2-3 BR Condominiums 825 - 1850 sq. ft. Convenient Beach Access Heated Pool/Hot Tub In-room Washer/Dryer Flat Screen TV’s Free Wi-Fi Private Balconies Daily Housekeeping Handicapped Rooms Available Weekly/Monthly Rates Free Local Calls Free Local Beach Transportation Conveniently Located to Shoppes and Restaurants www.crystalpalmsbeach 1-888-360-0037 11605 Gulf Blvd. Treasure Island FL 33706

NANNY (LIVE-OUT) for children- 10, 8 & 4 years. Bloor Street. Call 416-236-7767 or cell: 416-558-0372, leave message.


Articles for Sale


GREAT GIFT IDEA!! Chillspot is The COOLEST Dog Bed-A new and innovative, thermodynamically cooled dog bed, that enhances the cool tile surfaces our pets rely on during the warm weather months. Use promo code COOLGIFT For 10% off!

TUTORING. EXPERIENCED teacher available. Math, English, grades 1-9, your home. Emphasis on EQAO testing. Ernest B.A., M.Ed. 416-233-3077

Astrology/Psychics PSYCHIC SPIRITUAL Healer. Tells the past present and future. Help for all problems, 3 free questions by phone. Tulina 647-201-1425

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Submitting is easy. And it’s FREE! Visit Publish. Your way. Right now.


Widdicombe Place 53 Widdicombe Hill Blvd.


With breathtaking city & lake views. Close to shopping/TTC. Easy access to all highways. Hardwood, ceramic floors, A/C, 5 appliances, Concierge services. Indoor pool, sauna, tennis crt, whirlpool, Exercise facility, golf simulator.



Garage Sales



FRIDAY DEC 14 NOON-7PM Sat/Sun 15/16 10-2 Final Sale!!!

DOWNSIZING SALE Sunday, December 16th 10am - 4pm 41 Cedarcrest Dr. SIDE DOOR

(Royal York/ Dundas) Kitchen stuff, Crystal, dishes, books, golf clubs, & TV.

CONTENTS SALE! Saturday, December 15th 9am-2pm. 46 Appledale Rd. Etobicoke (Rathburn/Kipling) Furniture, crystal, dishes, housewares.

Articles for Sale (Misc.) HOT TUB (SPA) Covers Best Price, Best Quality. All shapes & Colours Available. Call 1-866-652-6837 w w w. t h e c o v e r

Apartments for Rent

Apartments for Rent

1 BEDROOM basement. Finch/ Kipling. Separate entrance. Laundry, parking. $699. Near bus, school, mall. No smoking/ pets. Immediately. 9 0 5 - 9 1 5 - 9 1 4 5 , 416-843-8013

BROWNS LINE/ Horner. 1 bedroom basement apartment. Available immediately. $750 inclusive. Close to TTC, schools. Parking. No pets. 647-281-7707

Estate Content Sale 4 Farningham Cres.

Vehicles Wanted/Wrecking


MARTIN GROVE/ Steeles. 2 bedroom basement. $875 per month. 1 parking space, separate entrance. Available Immediately. Call Dhillon 416-674-8286.

9am - 3pm

TOP $$ for scrap cars, Free pick up 24/ 7 Dead or alive, Call today! 647-688-3423 647-898-1332

EXECUTIVE APTS. Islinton & 401. Large clean 1 bedroom. Available immediately. Call 416-747-1043

(Eglington/ Kipling)

10am- 4pm

SAT. DEC. 15TH Fine furniture, antiques, & collectibles. Visit

to view pictures

WE BUY ALL CARS! Running or Not, we will buy it! Cars/Trucks/vans. Sell ANY Car today with ONE FREE Phone call to: 1-800-551-8647

Vehicles Wanted/Wrecking

$200-$2000 Cash 4 Cars Dead or alive Same day Fast Free Towing

647-861-7399 1-888-989-5865



Home Renovations BUILDER/ GENERAL CONTRACTORS RESIDENTIAL/ COMMERCIAL. Finished basements. Painting. Bathrooms. Ceramic tiles. Flat roofs. Leaking basements. Brick/chimney repairs. House additions 9 0 5 - 7 6 4 - 6 6 6 7 , 416-823-5120 CEILINGS repaired. Spray textures, plaster designs, stucco, drywall, paint. We fix them all! 416-242-8863

Home Renovations

Handy Person

INSTALL: EVERYTHING -flooring, backsplash, tiles, plumbing, electrical, doors, trim, baseboards, lighting, kitchens, painting, vanities. Estimates are free. Larry: Cell:647-992-9038 647-347-4100

HANDY PERSON, Home Improvements, Electrical, & plumbing. Appliance installation. Painting. Upgrading bathrooms/ kitchens. Basement renovations. Landscaping. Floor heating. Call: 647-680-8750

Waste Removal

Moving & Storage

PETER’S DEPENDABLE JUNK REMOVAL From home or business, including furniture/ appliances, construction waste. Quick & careful!

0$ Truck Fee. $19+/hr, Licensed. Insured Local/ Long Distance. Free Estimates. 24/7. Free boxes. 416-887-6696

416-677-3818 Rock Bottom Rates! Plumbing

EMERGENCY? Clogged drain, camera inspection Leaky pipes Reasonable price, 25 years experience Licensed/ Insured credit card accepted Free estimate James Chen

647-519-9506 905-884-3106

ANY MOVING/ junk removal, Local & long distance. 24 hours. Insured, licensed. BBB and BNI Member. Voted #1 by Metro! 416-253-7641. APPLE MOVING and Storage. Residential/ office moving. Packing services. In business 30 years. Reliable & courteous. Insured & licensed. 416-533-4162

Flooring & Carpeting NESO FLOORING Carpet installation starting from $1.29/ sq.ft. Hardwood, laminate at low prices. 26 yrs experience. Free Estimates. Best Price! 647-400-8198

Tree/Stump Service DAVE’S TREE Service, tree/ stump removal, pruning, fully insured, free estimates. Call 647-979-2006

Appliance Repairs/ Installation APPLIANCE/ TV Repairs (since 1988) Free Estimates Warranty, Credit cards, TV’s, Fridge’s, Stoves, Dishwashers, Washers, Dryers, Air Conditioning, & Heating. 416-616-0388



LOCAL, long distance Packing service, FREE boxes.


Flooring & Carpeting MAINLY FLOORS Carpet, hardwood, tile from $1.29/sq.ft. installed. Free estimate in GTA. Christmas Special! Call 416-873-8043 E:

Recently married? Let friends & family share in the details! Call








• Custom Installation, Sanding, Refinishing and Staining of all types of Hardwood Floors, Staircases & Decks • Hi-Tech Dustless Machinery

25 Years Painting & Decoration Experience • Quality Work • Reasonable Pricing


The Wood Flooring Professionals

Michael 416-571-5857

Unmatched Quality - Call 24 Hours “Great Service Comes From The Heart”





• Shingles • Flat Roofs • Skylights • Chimneys • Eavestroughs • Repairs • Free Estimates



Save UP TO 15% OFF Lic. # B21358

(416) (416) 234-9006 234-9006

Fully Licensed & Insured



(DAVID) M.J. Yelavich & Sons, Etobicoke, Ontario










· 24 Hour Emergency Service · Plugged Drain Repair •Backflow Prevention · Service Specialist · Flat Rates · Fully Insured · No Extra Charge for Evening & Weekends

Jack 416-236-7071

FREE ESTIMATES Master Lic.# 20557 SASHA 416-371-7137 ALI 416-828-6611

Based in Etobicoke, Serving all GTA for 20 years All Work Guaranteed! ECRA/ESA Lic 7001515

Delivery questions? Call us at:

416-774-2284 or Email:


Quick Service!!! • Experts in Removal of Dangerous Trees • Trimming, Pruning, Removal • Stump Removal • $2 million Liability + WSIB WINTER SAVINGS 20% OFF!

Call Bobby 416-828-TREE (8733)

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SOMETHING Save time & money this holiday season! Dr. Flea’s has 1000’s of gift ideas. FOR EVERYONE! Something for everyone with over 400 vendors.


ING! K Save time & money this holiday season! Y R L A R P U R HO FO FREE N! YS! of gift ideas. ! A E W N Dr. Flea’s has 1000’s A O Y E IO GIV EVER ADMISS Something for everyone with over 400 vendors.


HwyHwy #27 & Albion Rd Rd #27 & Albion 8 Westmore Dr. 416.745.3532 (FLEA)(FLEA) 8 Westmore Dr. 416.745.3532 OPEN SATURDAY 10AM-5PM OPEN SATURDAYAND ANDSUNDAY SUNDAY 10AM-5PM

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MON-FRI 8:30 AM - 7:30 PM SAT 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM SUN 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM



SALE ON NOW!! EURO TOP QUEEN SET FROM $299 SALE PRICE Single 4” Foam Mattress Single 6” Foam Mattress Orthopedic Single Mattress Orthopedic (Semi-Firm) Double Set Orthopedic (Semi-Firm) Queen Set Orthopedic (Firm Support) Double Set Orthopedic (Firm Support) Queen Set High Density Foam (Firm) Double Set High Density Foam (Firm) Queen Set High Density Foam (Extra Firm) Queen Set Kensington Pillowtop Queen Set Ortho-Back Support No-Flip Queen Set Heritage Classic Plush Queen Set Pocket Coil Euro Top Queen Set Back Care Euro Top Queen Set Alyssa Plush Euro Top Queen Set Brittney Memory Foam Queen Set Heritage Classic Plush King Set Back Care Firm Euro King Set


$40 $65 $99 $219 $269 $269 $325 $349 $399 $449 $599 $749 $649 $899 $999 $849 $999 (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST) $899 $1,299


OVER $699


VALUE @ $499



ore stm We

23 Westmore Dr. Unit 4 Albion/Hwy 27 (across from Flea Market)

Albi on R d

7 y2 Hw



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