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THE EVERYDAY RESISTANCE MOVEMENT IS A FREE MONTHLY OPEN SUBMISSION CHAPBOOK AND BROADSIDE. The Everyday Resistance Movement (erm) was founded last year setting out in an attempt to break up the monotony of existence for a few minutes at a time. Founded in Birmingham the ‘city of a thousand trades’ or more recently where the people off channel 4’s Embarrassing Illnesses come from, the movement has spread across the country producing monthly chapbooks and broadsides offering fodder for the disillusioned and screen weary. The erm is always looking for more submissions to their monthly literature, to contribute any piece of writing/ wit/ comedy/ lyric/ song/ illustration/ design/ art/ video/ ballad/ other send to; contact

HERE WE FEATURE REGULAR E.R.M CONTRIBUTOR AND JAMBOREE ORGANISER JOHN BOBBINS: Why did you start submitting to The Everyday Resistance Movement? It started a while back now. I was sat in Spa on a stool, in the bit they call the breakfast bar; it’s just a few stools by the shop front really. Anyway it was Sunday evening so it was the only place open to get something in and I was just having a sit down reading a paper with a coffee before getting my proper shopping done. So I’m sat there playing with the little wooden coffee stirrer in my own little world thinking about ironing my shirt for work the next day or something. Then I hear this noise and I look up and I see Miriam Stoppard, the agony aunt- only at this point I didn’t have a clue who she was. So I see her but one of her bags has broken and her shopping’s falling out and she’s now somehow tripped over. She ends up flat on her back on the floor. I picked her up and helped re-bag her stuff and she introduced herself and the name rang a bell. We got talking and I told her to sit down and I’d get her a drink of sugary tea for the shock of the fall. So we sat for a little while and she told me what she does for a living and how she helped people then she asked me what I do. ‘I don’t really know what I do’ I said, ‘I know what I did’, I always liked to be poetic

when the subject of current employment came up with a woman, there’s only so much one can say about Data Input. I said I used to do a lot of things but my one real passion is music. We talked until we finished our drinks. I was just saying how I didn’t feel I was getting the most out of myself at work and that I felt I had this whole other side to my character that was just going to waste. Miriam told me I should take any opportunity to get back in to doing music or anything creative, even just in my spare time as a hobby. Three days later I had a leaflet through my door looking for open submissions to the first Everyday Resistance chapbook. I sent off some old lyrics for songs I had worked on but never performed and that was that in a nutshell. What is your inspiration? What or who? Both I suppose I have always looked up to people like your Manilow’s and Humperdincks’s, true entertainers at heart but also just what I see around me. It’s all well and good them fella’s singing like velvet liquor but you know there’s not much about filling up the bath with a kettle or whatever. I think that’s where I fit in, getting the recycling into a separate container for a Tuesday morning, that sort of stuff. I try to be in the tradition of entertainers, singing songs from the heart just in blue harbour trousers.

CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT THE EVERYDAY RESISTANCE JAMBOREE YOU HAVE ORGANISED There were quite a few lyrics sheets published in the last chap book. Although I thought this was great I thought it would be even better if we could get a few of us together to put a night on to perform our songs. I got in touch with Tristen Wankwimper of the ‘Charity Wrist Band’ and a few other guys and asked what they thought about performing live. They were mostly all up for it and we agreed we would perform all the material we had featured.

Anything else coming up? Just more of the same really. I will be contributing to next months chap book again. I’ve been watching a lot of Midland’s Today lately and would really like to do a body of work around that. Nick Owen went through a sticky patch a few years back where it seemed like he might have been sleeping in his car but I think he’s been back to his best lately. ISSUE 3 IS AVAILABLE AT:








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ERM Jamboree  

Thurs 23 March, Batchley Sixth Form Centre. Keen to make the most of the array of ballads and lyric sheets featured in the movement’s month...