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Pitfalls for Newcomers Don't Count Sheep-- Sleep! Recipe: Out of the Mold Muffins


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“Pninat Har Nof” is an exclusive project in Jerusalem with a rare fusion of luxury, beauty and quality of life. The project includes such upscale community facilities as a luxury lobby, synagogues, a business center, an internet room, an events hall, a playroom for children, separate men’s and women’s gyms, saunas and jacuzzis, and more. The last few apartments are available at a discounted price for a limited time only, as construction begins.

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esterday, I had the pleasure of hosting a two-year old visitor who is a Hebrew speaker with a presently limited but slowly expanding vocabulary. After a confrontation with his mother on the other side of the room, he presented himself before me with his eyebrows furrowed and an extremely serious expression on his face. Since I count myself as one of his trusted friends, I understood that he was trying to tell me something, so I asked him, “Mah?” He said two words, “Lo marshah.” At first I thought he was saying something about the parshah, a word that I figured he might have heard in gan that morning. But then he said it again: “Lo marshah (She doesn’t let).” As I now understood the meaning, I also detected a perplexity tinged with sadness in his voice. I had no idea what he was being barred from doing, experiencing, or eating, and I wasn’t about to argue with the parental wisdom of that decision. But I could easily relate to his feeling of powerlessness and his need to understand. Instead of seeing an adorable two year old with knitted brows standing before me who I could easily distract with a toffee, I saw another questioning human being trying to make sense of things. Instead of strictly thinking of myself as “adult” and him as “child” with a yawning chasm in between, I felt myself relax into a gentle open focus. “Lo marshah,” he said for the third time, and I understood he was sharing his distress with me and waiting to be comforted. I drew closer and spoke to him in a whisper, heart to heart: “I’m also confused by a lot of things that I can’t understand about how the world works. Some things take time to understand and others continue to be a mystery.” He seemed to be drinking in my words, even though b’derech ha teva, there was no way he could comprehend them. His eyebrows loosened, and then he nodded his head as his whole face eased into a smile. It sure looked like he got it, and I’m waiting for the next opportunity to try it again. Have a beautiful Shabbos.


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VOL. 5 #162 • feb 14, 2014

I have never heard of Ritalin being addictive. And of course responsible parents would not overmedicate on any drug.

I was really interested in your fermented foods articles, especially what Nechama Wachsman wrote about the superfood called kefir. Do you know if there is any problem with getting kefir grains that are cholov Yisrael? -R.S., Minchas Yitzchak Nechama Wachsman replies: Your question about the kashrus of kefir grains is a good one, and each person must consult his or her Rav about that. Bear in mind that kefir grains are not food-- they are a blob of bacteria and yeasts. Halachically, the questions to ask would be: What is the kashrus status of bacteria? Do they have their own din or do they take on the status of the milk they are grown in? And: If they are considered milchig and originate from a non cholov Yisrael source, ask your Rav whether they can become batel if grown in cholov Yisrael milk. I personally got my grains from a cholov Yisrael farm, where they are making kefir for so many years that the grains were most certainly grown

in cholov Yisrael milk. My grains are from a goat farm run by the Pragin family in Bat Ayin, a moshav in Gush Etzion: 02-993-3908; 02-930-9684. I have been reading the English Update for a few months now and I would like to thank you for the interesting materials. It is such a good feeling to find a magazine that touches on so many interesting topics without improper images or anything else that would not be suitable in a Jewish home. -Z.M., Kiryat Moshe I believe that there is one major cause of the majority of ADD/ ADHD problems and it is not junk food, nutrient deficiencies and vision problems. Although proper nutrition will help as well as therapy, since this condition most often involves a chemical lack in the brain, it must be dealt with by Ritalin or similar drugs.  Anything else is wishful thinking. My seventh child, unlike his older siblings suffered from ADHD.  I cried when his special education teacher

told me that he could not write or line up math problems without Ritalin. I went to a top neurologist who confirmed through testing that my son needed Ritalin and he prescribed the proper dosage. I tried not giving my son sugar, additives, etc. and to no avail.  Eventually I started him on Ritalin and instead of my son hitting and spitting and being unable to sit in shul or in school, he became his delightful self.  He could hear the Rebbe.   He could sit in shul with his father.  I have never heard of Ritalin being addictive. And of course responsible parents would not overmedicate on any drug. Ritalin has been here for over 50 years.  It is possible that when my son is in his eighties they will discover some ill effects it has in old age.  That’s okay because he will have had a life. He is now, by the way, a happily married, productive person. -Signed, “A caring mother into health who could hear something else when she needed to save her child”   continued on page 30

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Photo Credits: Rimonah Taub

by Varda Littman

The Zhviller Rebbe During the British Mandate period, Sheikh Bader was an Arab village on a  hilltop in western Jerusalem and was  part of the Jerusalem Municipality. The  village was deserted by its inhabitants during the 1948 War of Independence. A  temporary cemetery for Jews who died  during the siege on Jerusalem was established  there. After the establishment of  the state, the area was renamed Givat  Ram. The Israeli parliament building, the Knesset, was built in this area. It is told that the Ponevezher Rav, Harav Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman, wanted  to build another 18 yeshivas all over  Eretz Yisrael — in addition to Ponevezh.  When he first saw the magnificent fields where the Knesset stands today, he decided this was the perfect place for one  of his yeshivas. But before he could put in his bid for this land, it was appropriated  by the new state, and the Knesset was  built there. The Zhviller Rebbe, Harav Gedalya  Moshe Goldman of Zhvill, zatzal, was buried here in 1950 before Har Hamenuchos was opened. Here is just one story about the Zvhiller Rebbe’s greatness.



The Rebbe was imprisoned in a Siberian labor camp during World War II. It was a horrible,  backbreaking experience. One  Shabbos, the commandant summoned  to his office both the Rebbe and another Jew, a  frail, old man. The commandant told them they were both free to go. All they  would have to do was sign some documents  and they would be released. Rav Gedalya Moshe, the Rebbe decided he could not desecrate  the holy Shabbos and therefore refused to sign. The furious commandant screamed and threatened that this refusal would mean that Rav Gedalya Moshe would never be released, but the Rebbe, was  adamant that he would not sign.  Concluding that Rav Gedalya Moshe was  insane, the commandant then asked  the old man to sign.  The old man also refused to sign. Cursing the two Jews that they would rot in the camp, the commandant retrieved the papers. Before he could take the forms away, though, Rav Gedalya  Moshe said he would sign the papers for  the older man. He explained that  whereas he himself was relatively strong and could survive in the camp, the other man was

old and weak and would not survive. This act of selflessness so impressed the commandant  that he allowed them both to leave,  without having to sign (heard from  Rabbi Yissachar Frand). A few years ago, a member  of the Zhviller Rebbe‘s family, who  lived in London, had a dream. In her  dream she saw the Zhviller Rebbe, who  asked her to publicize that he would  intercede in Heaven for those who would come to visit and pray at his tomb on a Monday, the following Thursday and again on the following Monday. People  should  daven  that their tefillos be answered in the merit of the Zhviller Rebbe and in the merit of the mitzvah of visiting his grave — which until that time was not visited often. Today his grave is  visited regularly by hundreds of people,  all seeking their personal yeshuos. To reach the gravesite of the Zhviller  Rebbe, travel on Sderot Yitzchak Rabin and  turn in at the Supreme Court onto Rechov Rothschild. After 100 or so  meters, to your left, you will see the  Zhviller Rebbe’s burial place. Go down  the stone steps to enter the cemetery.



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Feature by Esther Sender

w e N his d T In l r o W



by Penny Harow Thau

There are certain things that happen to people when they leave their places of birth.  Natural reactions to a sound, a smell, or a situation are not as keen or responsive in the new environment.  Take, for example, the goldfish you won at the local fair as a child. If you came home and put him straight into the new  cold water in the bowl, he’d be in serious shock, or worse.  He has to stay in the plastic bag a while so that he gets used to the new climate and new surroundings.    It’s the same with people, only it takes a much longer time to acclimate not only to climate, but to completely new cultures, their inherent expectations and belief systems.  And this is what happened to many of us that landed in Israel for all the right reasons, but sometimes  ended up in the wrong situations. What happens is that things that you would automatically understand and never allow, or  in previous familiar circumstances not accept, somehow become acceptable and even desired.  The basic instincts get thrown off for a while, but they eventually awaken, only it takes some time. What I’d like to do here is discuss some basic things where this concept applies, from electricity bills  to making shidduchim.

Feb 21, 2014



Reading the Signs I’ll start with electricity bills. “What in the world are we doing to have to pay 2,000 shekels a month?” the lady one turn before mine with the thick American accent asks.  She gets the natural upper shoulder shrug that if you’ve lived here for at least a year you’ve come to understand means, “That’s the way it is.”  I remember getting the rega sign (four fingers up against the thumb) flashed at me for the first time, and wondering, Why are people cursing me?  New signs in a new world. That was about 23 years ago.  I think even I use those signs now. Until today, every time I get into a taxi, the driver corrects my Hebrew and then asks, “So, when did come to the Aretz?” I’m never embarrassed to say 23 years ago, to explain that I’m leaving the Hebrew to my children.  I believe that just getting here was a great enough feat.  We laid the foundation, built the house, put up the main beams.  Construction sites are not always the cleanest and most organized places.  Usually the builder looks a little dusty and his shoes a little muddy.

Reading the Electricity Bill So when I walked into the spacious, beautifully decorated Chevrat Chashmal building located at the bottom of Kanfei Nesharim, I thought to myself, I paid for this marble lobby. I paid for those tall glass ceiling windows. For years we’ve been paying extravagant electricity bills, but that plastic bubble bag we were living in has finally opened and led me to ask, “What exactly are we paying for?”  Now I ask for a print- out of exactly how much each utility uses. The first time I did that, I was actually escorted to the big back offices where they had to do a deep search to find the paper with the exact numbers. What basically came out of it is that dryers, boilers, ovens and radiators take extraordinary amounts of electricity. On the other hand, you can use a blech, a computer and a kum kum without getting nervous.  Now I understand why our new immigrant Israeli neighbors who lived across from our home in New Jersey when I was young  were the only ones with a real laundry line and a freezing house in the winters.  See, the acclimation thing works both ways. They were the only ones with stone floors.  The mother was my Hebrew teacher, and the father cut diamonds in the basement. They were the only ones in the neighborhood who actually sat out on their front porch and had all the time in the world for a little girl like me. Through knowing them, I got to see a piece of Israel, and I believe I am here today because of them.

What’s a Chocolate Sandwich? What does a 10 a.m. snack mean? Is it breakfast, or is it lunch? Do they eat again before they come home, and what in the world is a chocolate sandwich? If we were in our natural habitat when we sent a child off to kindergarten or first grade, we’d know exactly what they’d need.  We’d know they’re going to finger paint, so send a smock.  They’d need a drink on the playground, so send an apple juice box. We’d know what songs they’d be singing, and be able to sing along. We’d know how to pledge allegiance to the flag, and even be a class mother.  I’d be able to teach them the name for a broom and dustpan, and the different words for



We are on new ground and the climate is different, the culture, expectations and belief systems are not what we know.

frying pan and pot. On class trips I’d pack the right amount of snacks,--not too much so they stand out, and not too little so they feel deprived. We’d know how to help them with their homework, and exactly where they needed extra help.  We’d know what time they get out on Rosh Chodesh. We’d know when to get involved with friends and when not.

Different Fields


The other issue I want to talk about is shidduchim.   In America,  we understood, could  feel, and smell a family who was in  our  same playing field. We could catch small nuances and hints that give so much information. In Israel, we can miss or misinterpret many important signs in the same way that I thought the rega hand motion was a curse. Many times in the shuk you’ll find an item that usually sells for ten times its price somewhere else.  Later, you find out the material wasn’t really cotton, and the shoes fell apart within a week, or even a day. We didn’t grow up with a shuk.  We didn’t understand there is a game involved, a hondle expected.  We went to Macy’s and the price was the price. The product was the product.  We understood when or if the price didn’t fit the product.  An American should be alarmed and on full alert if a shidduch is proposed that isn’t in the same playing field. We are on new ground and the climate is different, the culture, expectations and belief systems are not what we know. It doesn’t mean that it can’t work, just that both sides should be aware and forewarned that since they can’t read the signs, they may not know what they are getting into. I personally know ten families who have bought the shidduch bargain and paid the heavy price. Just as it is a mitzvah to cover an open pit on the road so that another should not fall in, I believe it is the same to warn, Buyer Be Aware.

A Bigger Perspective Sometimes everything looks like it’s all a big mess when you’re in the middle of an acclimation process to this Land which is really, bottom line, our natural habitat. Years ago, I wanted to put a bumper sticker on the back of our car that says, “Don’t beep, we’ve already been humbled.” Now as a first generation immigrant, I remind myself how construction sites can look like disaster areas.  It just takes some long-sighted vision to see we’re in the middle of building something very beautiful and everlasting.

Feb 21, 2014


Feature by Penny Harow Thau

Can’t Sleep? You have been lying in bed, tossing and turning for the past hour. You had a jam-packed day and you have to be up at the break of dawn.  Nevertheless, you just cannot seem to fall asleep.  What should you do? (A) Sit in bed and do the newspaper’s latest Sudoku puzzle. (B) Pick up the medical thriller that is on your night table (the one you have been too busy to read during the day).  Prop up your pillow, and delve into the drama. (C) Call your mother-in-law and get the complete run down on what you are doing wrong in the parenting department. (D) Take a sip of chocolate liqueur, just to take the edge off. Okay, I’ll admit that was a trick question.  The answer is:  None of the above.  Let’s go through the choices and see why none of them is ideal.



It is advisable to stop if you have not fallen asleep after about fifteen or twenty minutes.  It is time to get out of bed!

Counting Sheep You might remember that when you were younger, you were told to count sheep if you could not fall asleep. You might have even given that advice to your child when he or she knocked on your door at 3:00 am complaining that dreamland was nowhere on the horizon and suggesting to you that a snack or a story might be a better alternative.  While the concept of engaging in a

encourage your mind to concentrate –

cleaning your clothes, etc. The same

relaxing, almost mindless, activity

to be awake and alert. If you are eagerly

attention and care must be given to the

(assuming you know how to count and

waiting to see who-done-it or who the

rules that comprise your sleep routine.

it is a fairly routine activity for you) is a

hero will be, how will you fall asleep?

This is not necessarily easy, especially

sound recommendation, it is advisable

Better to save those books for earlier in

if you did not realize that your routine,

to stop if you have not fallen asleep

the day when you want to be awake.

until now, was not hygienic. Many of

after about fifteen or twenty minutes.  

us have that last-cup-of-coffee-before-

It is time to get out of bed!

Your Mother-in –Law and the Alcohol


The intense discussion you are about

become part of our daily lives. We even

These activities have

Bed is for Sleeping

to engage in is just that   -   an intense

People often believe that if they will fall

conversation. This is definitely not

Am I suggesting you change your

asleep more quickly if they do a relaxing

the kind of conversation you want to

nightly routine? If you fall asleep easily,

activity in bed (for example, reading or

be having right before you go to sleep.

sleep well during the night, and feel

knitting). Although these activities may

When you sleep, you turn off your

well-rested during the day, then there

not have a negative impact on someone

arousal system. You relax: you “shut

is no reason to change what you have

whose sleep patterns are “regular,” they

down.” Having an in depth dialogue

been doing. However, if any of these

can have a counterproductive effect on

does just the opposite – it arouses

three conditions (falling asleep, sleeping

someone who is having trouble getting

your system. If your goal is to be less

soundly and being alert during the day)

a good night’s sleep. Even though these

aroused, why would you deliberately

are not being met, it is important to look

activities may be otherwise soothing

engage in an activity that would perk

into the reason(s) why your sleep is not as

and relaxing, conducting them in bed is

you up and make you alert?

fulfilling as it could be.


look forward to them

This is the same reason that having

There can be any number of reasons

If you are having trouble sleeping –

that alcoholic (or caffeinated) drink

why you are not sleeping well. If the

not falling asleep, not staying asleep,

is not a good idea. Both alcohol and

reasons are not due to a medical

not sleeping soundly, waking up much

caffeine are stimulants that keep

condition, then cognitive behavioral

earlier than your body tells you it needs

your body aroused. Again, this is the

therapy might be just the cure you are

to – then the first rule you must follow

opposite state of the one you want to be

looking for.

is: Your bed should be thought of as a

when you are going to sleep.

place for sleeping. Bed equals sleep.

Sleep Hygiene

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

This is the equation we want your body

The suggestions above are part of

In addition to the rules outlined

to learn. Even if the reading material

what cognitive behavioral therapists

above, there are numerous other

you choose is not intensive, you should

refer to as sleep hygiene.  Good body

clinically proven methods that can

still refrain from reading it in your bed.

hygiene is imperative in order to keep

enable you to get into a healthier sleep

So too, when the choice of activity

you healthy. So, too, good sleep habits

program. These include: learning -

requires a great deal of thought (like

are an integral part of healthy sleep. The

and following - all of the sleep hygiene

a mystery or suspense novel or a

same way you have a proper hygiene

recommendations. (When your dentist

complicated book or puzzle), there is an

routine, you must develop a working

says brush, you brush, right?).

additional reason to abstain from the

sleep hygiene regimen. Proper body

A cognitive behavioral therapist

activity. You want to sleep when you

hygiene includes brushing your teeth

can go over the rules with you and

are in bed. Thought-provoking books

regularly, taking a shower or bath,

see what changes should be adopted

continued on page 18 Feb 21, 2014



SOMETHING NEW IN ASSISTED LIVING FOR THE SHOMER MITZVOT POPULATION Ramat Tamir makes the move into assisted living an easier adjustment for its new residents. According to Hillel Leibowitz, Ramat Tamir’s manager, one of the biggest obstacles for golden agers moving into assisted living is the adjustment to the environs of a different living place. The decision of moving into an assisted living facility is not an easy one. Not for the parents making the move, nor for their children. On one hand, everyone understands that at a certain point, living in an assisted living facility offers many advantages and provides a warm and supportive community after many years of hard work raising a family and being part of the work force. Assisted living affords a means of living without the everyday concerns of running a household and lets you enjoy your children and grandchildren in a more care-free atmosphere. However, alongside all the advantages, it’s still not easy for the older generation to leave the house where they’ve lived for many years. Ramat Tamir is offering something new to ease the adjustment for those who decide to make this move. The Tamir is offering these new residents the opportunity to move in along with their personal household belongings plus get remodeling and decorating done on their new apartment a cco r d i n g to their own taste free of charge. “We noticed that a major difficulty

This year, TOUR PLUS brings you a totally mehadrin Pesach experience, not just

in the kashrus of the food, but in the high quality level of the hotels, programs and meals as well. TOUR PLUS offers you a choice of glatt kosher Pesach vacations at several hotels throughout Israel plus two overseas options. Reservations are quickly being made for the upcoming holiday and some of their locations have only a few rooms left. Dafna Cohen, TOUR PLUS’ marketing manager, points out that the main concern for Pesach vacationers is that the food provided be strictly mehadrin. TOUR PLUS decided to expand on the mehadrin concept and make sure to bring their guests the very best – the most mehudar, in every possible way starting from the best hotel choices, to the most professional haute cuisine chefs, to the most captivating chol hamo’ed programs to the loyal staff dedicated to make sure that this Pesach holiday vacation will be something to remember. Among the Israeli hotels where TOUR PLUS will be hosting their mehadrin Pesach vacations (including a special English speaking option) are the Blue Bay in Netanya, the Gardenia, the Kitron Boutique Hotel, Maale Hachmisha, Shefayim, and the King Solomon Hotel in Jerusalem. Their foreign options are located in Crete and Dubrovnik (Croatia).

Book now with TOUR PLUS – with every plus for you! For info & booking, call 03 905-0505.

for golden agers making this move is the acclimation to a very different looking living space. This can cause an insecure feeling and a lack of comfortableness. We decided to accommodate the senior citizens and make the move easier. It is important to us that our residents feel confident and secure in their new home.” Leibowitz adds that at the Ramat Tamir in addition to the design and remodeling that is given free to each new resident, there is a convenient shul on the premises with ample room in both the men’s and women’s sections, a kosher l’mehadrin dining room with a rich menu and 2 paramedics available on a 24 hour basis (round the clock). Communal activities include Torah shiurim, lectures and various chugim. Ramat Tamir has also been a step ahead of other facilities as far as providing for their residents’ security. Since it opened 20 years ago, residents in the Ramat Tamir have had their apartments registered in tabu under their own names like condominiums. This is a concept that was just recently passed as a law here.

More information on the Ramat Tamir Assisted Living Facility is available from Mr. Yeshurun Turgeman at 054 465-5887. continued from page 17 to increase the quality of your sleep. In addition, the therapist will teach you how to monitor your sleep schedule so that you and the therapist can determine how much sleep your body needs. Finally, your therapist will educate you about your body and its need for sleep and, most probably, disillusion you of many misconceptions that most people have regarding general sleep rules and requirements.

doing something one way, the harder it is to change. However, measurable change can take place if you are committed to making that change happen. The same way you can learn to drive on the left side of the road or read a book from the right side to the left side when you have always been doing the opposite, so, too, you can relearn the facts about your body’s need for sleep and the best methods to achieve these

Does it work?

needs. Once you are sleeping

Does cognitive behavioral

more comfortably and more



regularly, you just might find

people who are having trouble



that your daily activities seem

sleeping? The answer is that

more pleasurable, too.

CBT has being clinically proven to help people with sleep disturbance issues. Is it easy to readjust your sleep patterns?  No.  Change is not always easy and the longer you have been

Sweet dreams! Penny Harow Thau is a licensed master of social work and licensed CBT therapist with a private practice in Beit Shemesh.  Penny can be reached at 054 656-5192 or

SHARING THOSE SPECIAL OCCASIONS Bris » Pidyon HaBen » Bar Mitzva » Sheva Brochas » any family occasion » meeting or gathering BRUNCH BAGELS can make it an occasion to remember


TO ORDER CALL: RAV SHEFA 02-500-4055 GEULA - 02-500-4001



CATERING OFFICE: 052-488-1101 COFFEE SHOPS: 16 Shamgar, Rav Shefa Mall – 02 500-4055 Ezer Yoldot Street, Geula - 02 500-4001 Shatner Industrial Center – 02 651-6551 W



New branch! Ramat Beit Shemesh A Shopping Centre - parking area under Yesh 02-6541210 02-6451210



1 - 700 - 557 - 060



The Beggar by Daniel Meijers and Marilyn Zwaaf Part Four Now this might have been where my story ended, but then the visit by the two tax inspectors did not end there, either. Something happened and I saw Reb Leizer once more in an entirely different light. The senior inspector had emigrated from Russia six years earlier. He was called Shimon Bogomilsky, and it’s a name that stuck in my mind for a couple of reasons. Quite a common surname in Russia among Jews and non-Jews alike, it was also the name of an ethnic group. Meeting Reb Leizer had made a big impression on Shimon Bogomilsky. His days were filled tracking down cheats and swindlers. When did he ever come across a man like Reb Leizer? After donating some of his own money, Shimon had asked if this was what Reb Leizer did all day and if so, could he let him have a statement of all the gifts and loans he had made? Reb Leizer had told him that he did indeed keep a list of all the people who had ever received money from him. “But I will never show that list to anyone. It will be buried with me in one hundred and twenty years (when I die). Then, when I’m called to account in the other world, I can offer that list as proof of what I did with the money. The judges on High will be able to see with their own eyes that I never kept a single pruta for myself. The two inspectors exchanged glances and decided to leave it at that. What was to be done about Reb Leizer? He could not very well be prosecuted for tax evasion or anything like that now, could he? The law tries to provide for every contingency but is not always successful - Reb Leizer came under the latter category. Shimon Bogomilsky was intrigued by Reb Leizer, however, and intended to pay him another visit. He felt the need to become closer acquainted with him. After all, you seldom came across a person like Reb Leizer, who spent his entire life working for the benefit of others. A person like that should be cherished and treasured as a precious jewel. Reb Leizer made such a big impression on Shimon Bogomilsky that each month he made a donation amounting to one-tenth of his wages. Reb Leizer was very grateful for this new source of income, and he was eager to show his gratitude, as well. “Reb Shimon, come and sit down. You bring me some money for the poor of the city and in return we shall study a little together.” Then Reb Leizer took down a book from the cupboard, drew up a chair for Shimon and they would study together for half an hour. These meetings came to mean a great deal to Shimon, much more than he could ever have imagined possible. It was not that he learned anything particularly extraordinary, but the contact with Reb Leizer, the way Reb Leizer looked at and spoke to him, gave him the courage to get through the month. You see life was not easy for Shimon Bogomilsky. To be continued





(732) 730-7546 U.S. OFFICE HOURS


PESAarCinHYe2ru0sh1a4layi! m This ye

N ir E tz ion & K ibbutz L av

1 night F R

*with book in

Group tours and activities.

ISRAEL 02-650-8840

US 1(800) 651-7026 I UK 203-150-0418


g of full Pe sach pack ag e



by Nesanel Safran



The secret is to create a thick, dough-like batter that will hold its shape, as opposed to the usual “pour” batter. But since an example is worth a thousand words (unless of course, it’s a more than thousandword example), let’s walk together through one of our family’s faves: Ingredients:


• • • •

Pre-heat oven to 180º C. Grate the apples and pumpkin. (The apples may alternatively be chopped into small cubes, but the pumpkin must be grated to soften sufficiently during baking.) Combine in an ample mixing bowl with the remaining ingredients, except for the flour and oats. Mix gently and thoroughly with a spoon (or your hands if no one’s looking). Knead in the flour and oats, tweak the grains-to-liquid ratio (by adding a little more flour or water) until you have a thick, pasty dough. Line one or more oven/baking trays with parchment paper.Now comes the fun part. Take a handled, dry-measure measuring cup (plastic or metal kind they sell on rings), either 1/3 or 1/2 cup size, depending on whether you want more substantial muffins or prefer “minis.” Dip the cup into a bowl of water set aside for that purpose, and shake dry. Then dip your “scoop” into the dough, patting it down so it fills the bottom and just reaches the top. Now, here’s the really fun part. With a flip of the wrist, quickly bang down the front edge of the cup onto one corner of the papered baking sheet and quickly pull back. This should release a nicely shaped disk of dough, sitting squarely in its place. You might have to practice this two or three times until you get the hang of it (replacing any mess-ups back into the mixing bowl and trying again). It’s all in the wrist action. Proceed, as above, in a series of horizontal or vertical rows (your choice) leaving at least a half-inch between each muffin. You don’t have to re-dip the scoop in water each time, once every three or so muffins should be enough that the dough won’t stick to it. Bake 25-30 minutes until crisp on top and bottom-- you can lift one with a spatula to check. Let cool (if you can wait), and enjoy.

• • • •

• • • • •

3 cored apples (peels on or off) ½ kilo raw pumpkin (dalat) ½ cup soaked golden raisins ½ cup brown sugar (or sweetener equivalent) ½ cup canola oil 1 cup whole wheat flour 1 cup oatmeal flakes Approx. 1 cup water (apple juice or white grape juice are also good) 1 tsp salt 1 Tbsp baking powder 1 Tbsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp ground ginger 1 tsp ground nutmeg (optional)

Intriguing side tip: This technique works well for savories (fish cakes, etc.) too.


sk anyone what word association pops into their head when you say the word “muffin,” and as likely as not, it will be the word “tin” -one of those ubiquitous six or twelve - mold baking pans especially made to neatly nest a batch of those wholesome little cakes. That is how most people make muffins, and who am I to argue? However, along the way I discovered an alternative, mold-less method (which, perhaps reflects my own tendency to resist being placed in a mold) that produces just as good—if not better—results and which I find to be more versatile, easy, and fun. • Grain-like base. Anything from flour (brown or white), bread crumbs (I love food-processing the leftover slices of my wife’s amazing whole wheat challah), cooked rice, rolled oats (oatmeal), or even potato starch (obviously only a Pesach first choice). • Shortening to add richness. Oil, nut or sesame butter, (or mashed bananas or applesauce, if you’re on a diet). • Flavor ingredients. Any combination of chopped fruit, grated “cakefriendly” vegetables (i.e. carrots, pumpkin, or zucchini), raisins, nuts or seeds. • Sweetener of choice. • A few other things. Liquid to bind it all together; a pinch of salt; rising agent; and spice.


THE ENGLISH UPDATE joins Klal Yisrael and the family in mourning the loss of

Rabbi Meir Schuster, zatzal, who touched the lives of so many.

May his extraordinary contribution of returning thousands to Yiddishkeit be an everlasting merit and a blessing for his soul.

Menu Shabbos Night

é é é é é é é é é é

Terriyaki Salmon Coleslaw Salad Chumus Fresh Garden Salad w\ garlic dressing Pesto Chicken Soup with Matza Balls Honey or L’orange Wine Sauce Chicken Rice Sweet Potatoes Sliced Roast Beef

Before Shul

Rugelach, Chocolate Milk and Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Shabbos Day

é é é é é é

Seuda Shlishit

é é é é

Tuna Salad Egg Salad Mushroom & Potato Burekas Zucchini Quiche

Malave Malke é

Salmon Sushi

$98 per person

From 2 - 20 people

Gefilte Fish Roll. Cucumber and Onion Salad Techina, chumus, Tomato Salad Cholent with Chunks Meat and Kishke Potato Kugel Schnitzel

Desserts breads & more!

TO ORDER CALL 054-805-2080.

1 8 5 4

8 5 3 2 7 7 5 8 4 1 2 9 6 3 • Every row of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in9 any order 5 1 4 2 • Every column of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 4 in any order 6 5


• Every 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square must include all digits 1 through 9



2 5


8 3 4 2 9 8 7

8 5 1Sudoku Puzzle 7 9 42 4

3 5 1 8

3 9 22 55 11 83 47 69 76 8 2 9 7

9 5 4 7 2

7 8

6 9 3 1 3 6 9 5 8

Sudoku Puzzle 3 Solution

Sudoku Puzzle 3 Solution Sudoku Puzzle 4 Solution

9 5 6 3 1 8 4 7 2 3 4 7 2 6 9 1 8 5

1 9 8 7 4 3 6 1 6 86 91 73 54 49 25 38 2 5 9 74 32 29 48 17 86 61 5

Sudoku Puzzle 5 Solution

Sudoku Puzzle 5 Solution Sudoku Puzzle 6 Solution

8 9 4 1 6 7 5 3 2

3 9 6 HARD

5 6 7 2 8 3 1 9 4

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3 8 5 4 1 7 2 6

5 6 2 1 9 7 3 4 8

787 46 8 9 5 155 98 5 4 6 69 32 6 3 71 23 7 3 8 14

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5 1 9 4 2 8 6 3 7

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9 5 3 2 7 4 1 6 8

19 95 53 36 41 82 74 28 67

27 41 35 64 16 79 58 82 93

84 73 46 22 95 18 67 31 59

58 32 99 77 63 41 86 15 24

2 3 5 4 6 8

Sudoku Puzzle 7 Solution Sudoku Puzzle 8 Solution

Sudoku Puzzle 7 Solution

8 2 5 3 1 6 7 9 4

46 72 68 84 17 61 59 98 74 57 35 23 22 35 93 49 81 16

7 8 1 6 9 5 3 4 2

5 3 7 8 2 6 1 4 9

2 4 6 1 8 3 5 7 9

6 8 1 5 9 4 3 7 2

24 75 93 67 41 82 39 44 72 16 18 91 55 23 66 58 87 39

16 29 38 75 53 87 44 91 62

41 55 97 62 38 23 89 14 76

99 78 23 16 84 55 67 32 41

32 14 66 21 47 79 98 85 53

Tasty, Fresh and glatt l'mehadrin! Call now

to place your order for a whole baked salmon for Purim 054-847-0452

‫טעם לכל אחד‬



‫ קייטרינג ואירועים‬,‫רשת מסעדות‬ group events for up to 35 pepole

1 Meah Shearim (Kikar Hashabbat) 054-800-0123 | 054-844-4209



7 2 9 1

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9 7 4 8 5 6 3 1 2

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6 2 1 7 9 3 5 8 4

8 2 3 9 1 7 6 5 4

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6 5 9 2 8 4 3 7 1

Sudoku P

Capture the Image!

Toameha will make your Shabbos

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Sudoku P

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4 2 6 8 5 1 9 7 3

61 17 28 83 32 54 99 76 45

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Sudoku P

srulovitz | 0527685309

Sudoku Puzzle

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74 6 7 9 21 1 8 55 98 8 29 49 4 71 37 63 7 6 97 33 84 55 26 42 11 3 2 6 8 4 6 47 9 2 3 5 2 4 36 11 72 68 59 93 84 Last weeks answers 8 7 5 69 47 92 83 26 38 15 6 9 1 8 2 7 3 5 4 8 2 38 13 66 75 94 51 47 7 8 5 1 4 3 2 9 6 4 1191 55 2 3 2 4 6 3 9 5 8 1 7 4 35 27 9 72 67 83 3 7 13 29 41 66 85 94 52 5 2 9 4 8 6 7 3 1 6 4 22 88 57 91 33 19 76 1 7 1 8 5 3 2 8 6 4 9 9 4 6 3 9 7 1 5 2 8 292 83 5457 7665 1848 3172 6581 472362994 8 1 5 2 7 5 4 9 6 3

SUDOKU Obviously a horse MEDIUM doesn't need to get an apology.3Abby 8 needs to give the apology for her own 4 9 personal growth.

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3 8 2 6 5 9 4 1 7

6 1 9 8 4 7 2 3 5

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typing editing proofreading layout printing option for distributing


We accept manuscripts and recordings for transcription


Nosson Feldman 054-8401840 02-6504055

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972-(2)-581-8299 • 972-(54)-631-5518

Women receive meals after birth so why not before when no one knows and it’s needed to survive? Our organization is here to help women suffering from nausea at the beginning of their pregnancies. Please call now if you can use some extra outside help from women, just like you, who have been there and are happy to help anonymously. We will provide you with food and loads of helpful information and supportive tips to carry you through this challenging stage. PLEASE CALL DEVORA HENNER at 052 769 6444. (After the initial call we will do our utmost to respect and protect your anonymity or have someone call on your behalf.) To volunteer your help or to start a branch in your neighborhood please call SHIRA FRUCHTER 054 840 6594 or email

A big thanks to all of you who have already eagerly reached out to help.



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BRANCHES STARTING in Ganei Geula/ Belz call to volunteer SHIFFY: 057-311-0394 or DEVORELE: 052-713-2220 and for a branch on Sorotzkin call Etti: 02 561 9967

Classifieds Classified ads must be submitted by Monday 2 pm to or call 02 801-8001 ext 203 between 10 am – 2 pm. Payment is by credit card: regular ad - 20 nis, bold - 25 nis, pkg of ads ‘til you sell’ ( rent, etc.) 120 nis ( limit- 12 ads )


Minchas Yitzchak, 3 bdrm, from right after Purim til after Pesach 054 536-9185

Planning to visit Yerushalayim ? Ideal Komona location, sleeps 2 02 500-1207

Shaarei Chessed Enjoy this cozy studio! Private house, 1st floor, a/c, under-floor heating, beautiful linen, full kitchen BOOK YOUR DATES NOW !!! Puzzles Property Mangagement 052 484-2481 puzzlesisrael


Ganei Yasmin, 4 bdrm, 3 bath absolutely stunning, beautifully furnished 3 porches, low floor Puzzles Property Management 052 484-2481 puzzlesisrael

Ramat Shlomo, 1 bdrm apt, f/f, a/c, light, airy 050 229-9377

Neve Yaakov, 2 bdrm, newly renovated 3,000 nis @ month Ehrman Realty 052 763-3049

R’ Petach Tikva 2 bdrm apt, beautiful Puzzles Property Management 052 484-2481


Minchas Yitzchak, 3 bdrm beauty, new furniture + appliances, baseboard heating 02 537-9474

Various apts - all sizes in Gush 80, Minchat Yitzchak, Nofei Eliyahu, Nofei Shefa, & Ramat Hatzafon 052 765-9865 (agent)

Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel, 3 bdrm, new, gorgeous !!! 054 451-3050

Divrei Chaim, 4 bdrm apt, on low floor, option to expand 052 765-9865 (agent)

Weetabix with Hisachdus hechsher Kemach Rice Krispies 02 537-4557

PolanskiBeit Yisrael duplex- 4th and 5th floor w/elevator, can be divided into 2 – 90 sq m apts, 180 sq m expansion potential on roof 02 537-9474 057 317-9474

Sauter stove/ oven, exc cond, 1,200 nis 02 581-3008

Treadmill, Sport Time BS 1712 1,600 nis o.b.o. lv message @ 02 537-3036

Tzefania, brand new building, 300 sq m, can be less, high buildIng standard 02 537-9474 057 317-9474


White men’s shirts, all top quality imported brands, Minchat Yitzchak 057 311-3411




Situated near the Rav Shefa Mall, this well-furnished and spacious apartment is the perfect blend of style and location. With a large dining room, 4 bedrooms and 2 spacious balconies everyone is sure to have a comfortable stay. Sleeps 9. Price $185-$230 per night. Call The Shia Getter Group Today – 077 234-6011 - 718 473-3950 – 020 8150-6082

New stunning suites located in the heart of the Geula neighbourhood. Perfect for couple on holiday – shopping and restaurants on your doorstep, shuls in close proximity. Sleeps 2 – 4. Price $120-$150 per night. Call The Shia Getter Group Today 077 234-6011 - 718 473-3950 – 020 8150-6082

Luxurious new apartment, located in the heart of Romema (Oholiov st). Shopping centers, shuls and central bus station are just around the corner. Amongst the 4 bedrooms is a computer with internet and a treadmill for the extra calories put on. Sleeps 8.Price $275 - $350 per night. Call The Shia Getter Group Today – 077 234-6011 - 718 473-3950 – 02081506082

Our office specializes in Jerusalem real estate

19 King David Street






Experienced travel agent- frum Romema office, great at phone sales & customer relations, MS office knowledge, Amadeus -Worldspan- a plus, English- mother tongue level, Ivrit -conversational, exc verbal/written communication skills, full time, + 1-2 eves per wk, or fx

Are you / looking for a gan asst, babysitter, household help, tutor, secretary? JOB GEMACH 02 651-7345

Seeking an experienced secretary to work from home, Mon – Thurs 7 pm-12 am, office experience – a must, customer service & detail oriented, highly organized, US native + great phone skillsSend CV to: jerusalemoffice 123

Looking for p/t experienced secretary, US native, 3 yrs office experience, great computer & communication skills necessary, Monday-Thursday 3 pm - 7 pm, Send CV to: jerusalemoffice

BROOKLYN BAKE SHOP looking for factory worker, Shomer Shabbos, at least 23 yrs old, intelligent, physically fit, willing to learn how to bake & clean, full time + 1 – 2 nights per wk, Marty 054 497-1352


@ THE PLACE Depression & Anxiety in your Life- 8 pm, TUES FEB 25 – 35 nis men & women 054 840-7453

Tickets for Dames of the Dance- benefit performance for 1000 Gush Katif kallot, Wed 3, Adar Bet, women only 050 575-5436

Need someone to take megilla to St Louis, MO before Purim, (would pay) 052 248-9686

CBT Therapy for women & children, alter negative thought/ behavior patterns, reasonable rates 052 764-6222

Balloon Twisting shows, face painting -all ages, Purim balloon décor, balloon clowns & hats, gd prices 02 533-3105

Need a place for a Shabbos meal in Kiryat Sefer? Call Hepner by Friday – 11 am ALL WELCOME 02 625-7665

Looking for replacement blade for old Graetz mini food processor model CP 110, any ideas? 054 582-6434

Piano lessons

MITZVAS HACHNOSAS KALLAH for a well respected but needy family Please send very much appreciated donations to: A. Cohen PO Box 23477 Jerusalem, Israel 91233

Shlomo Kory’s NLP counselling skills cassettes Hebrew & English FREE 052 763-7029

Looking for used guitar, reasonably priced 02 585-9069

anyone? Kids seminary girls, women 02 537-1971

Checks to help sick woman w/basics + medication can be sent to Reb. Heller Neve Yerushalayim 1 Beit Yitzchak Har Nof, Jerusalem 94130

No matter what "ShNitt" you are... we have aN apartmeNt that SuitS your NeedS! GaNei Geula peNthouSe

ew Magnificent vi m le of Jerusa Tremendous sukkah porch 180 square meters 4 Bedrooms s / 3 Bathroom in Roof included e! ic pr ₪ Price: 19, 262 p/ m2

ZichroN yaakov 5% Return! Newly renovated Low Floor 80 square meters Big Garden 2 Apartments – 2 Bedrooms each Price: $530, 797

rechov mem Gimmel

prime locatioN dupleX

On Rechov Mem Gimmel Two levels (4th and 5th floors) Lower level 2 occupied rental units (approx 90 sq meter total) Upper level - 90 sq meter apartment NIS 2,900,000

Spectacular view of Jerusalem Sukkah porch Over 220 square meters 7 Bedrooms / 4 Bathrooms Study High end design t Brilliantly laid ou Call for price • 073-797-1570 ... A breath of fresh air

Feb 21, 2014





lthough the common practice in the United States for people interested in financing the purchase of a home is to consult with a mortgage broker, in Israel it is still quite a new concept. Most people who have bought apartments for themselves or married off children are well acquainted with the hassle involved in shopping around for a mortgage, trying to digest all the information supplied by the various banks, and ultimately coming to a decision. They also know the accompanying feeling of never being sure that you really made the best choice or got the best terms available. Mortgage Capital’s CEO, Reuven Phillips, is trying to make this process a lot easier, better understood and actually much more cost effective. Reuven himself is an oleh from Los Angeles who has been living in Israel for over 20 years. His educational background is in finance and he spent eight years in Israel working in the Forex industry during which time he developed special working relationships with many Israeli bankers. Reuven decided to put his financial background, working experience and special banking connections to use in a way that could help many olim as well as long-time residents navigate the mortgage maze. He did intensive training with top experts in the field and succeeded in opening Mortgage Capital, an English/Hebrew speaking mortgage brokerage firm, five years ago. According to its management, Mortgage Capital has saved its clients a total over NIS 100,000,000 collectively so far.

According to its management, Mortgage Capital has saved its clients a total over NIS 100,000,000 collectively so far.

What are major differences between obtaining a mortgage in Israel and the United States? In the U.S. almost everyone uses a mortgage broker. Here in Israel, people run from bank to bank and the cultural divide becomes very evident. Often, English speakers are not offered the best terms available or don’t really know where/how to look. I have often been asked to look over mortgages and discover that people are losing a lot of money because of the poor terms they agreed to. In 80 – 90% of cases, it can even be worthwhile to refinance.

Who is your typical client? Usually it is an average person buying an apartment to live in. We have an excellent track record of getting our clients the best rates and getting incredible deals, saving them huge amounts of money.

How do you help? Due to our technical know-how, we can look over the entire market and find options that a private person would normally not be privy to. We are apprised of any special discounts being offered for a limited time and unique loan opportunities that may come up suddenly. Our broad scope allows us to compare many options at one time and advise clients regarding the pros and cons of each plan so that they can decide which one best suits them. We also have the knowledge and connections to get borrowers



higher percentages than the banks generally allow.

What is the main objective of Mortgage Capital? We want to make sure our clients avoid situations where they find themselves paying out more money along the way than they would have, had it been done correctly, and being forced to refinance because of pitfalls that they were too naïve to realize. We believe that it is better to prevent this kind of situation up front.

Do most of your clients already live in Israel? Yes. However, we also specialize in helping foreign investors & buyers. We can arrange for our clients to obtain a mortgage without setting foot in the country.

Where are most apartments that you help finance located? Actually, our service is provided country-wide. We have clients buying in Jerusalem, both new and used apartments. A very popular area now is the new Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel. We have also had clients in Tel Aviv, Netanya, Herzliya, Haifa, and Beer Sheva, literally from the north to the south of the country! Wherever someone wants to buy – whether for residential or investment purposes we are here to help them. Buying a home in Eretz Yisrael is a tremendous mitzvah and we feel it is our privilege to help our clients along the way.

3 rooms apt, permit to extend to 115 meters + porch + storage room. NIS 1,950,000 Close to Sanhedria, 120 sqm + elevator. NIS 2,750,000 Great Investment!

Huge, 120 meters apt, 3rd

Meitzarei Tiran, private house, 200 meters. NIS 6,200,000

up, new kitchen. NIS 1,500,000

Great opportunity! Big spacious villa on Sheshet Hayamim. Great location, stunning view. NIS 4,500,000 Quiet Mevo, 3 rooms, low 1,600,000 Ramat Hagolan, 400 meters house, excellent return, great investment. Beautiful and renovated.

Beautiful 2 bdrms apt on 1,500,000

renovated. NIS 2,000,000

Especially spacious 3

Gorgeous 3 rooms, on Yam

Excellent condition. NIS 1,950,000

NIS 1,800,000

Great investment! Beautiul modern 3 rooms apt, stun ning view, elevator, rents Centrally located, 4 high! NIS 1,650,000

bright and sunny.

Meitsarei Tiran, 240 meters. Huge storage room. 2 rental units + storage room + shelter + huge back yard. NIS 5,000,000 Mevo Di Zahav, future option for extension. NIS Mevo close to Sanhedria, 1,700,000 4 rooms, elevator. Succa porch. NIS 2,750,000

with elevator. NIS 1,350,000

New! Stunning, very spaGreat Opportunity! Mevo, cious 4 rooms apt. Amazing 2 adjacent apartments, 200 view, elevator. NIS 2,500,000 NIS 3,950,000 Ramat Hagolan, 200 meters house + rental unit, excellent condition. NIS 6,350,000 Sheshet Hayamim, top NIS 1,650,000

Stunning 4 rooms apt, 2nd NIS 1,600,000

up, new kitchen, NIS 1,600,000


Renovated large 4 rooms Succa porch. Bright and airy + storage room. NIS

Ramat Hagolan, modernly Ramat Hagolan, stunning 4 Shderot Eshkol, 2 rooms, renovated 4 rooms, 1.5 elevator. rooms apt, succa porch, 3rd NIS 1,200,000 Gorgeous villa, newly Great apartment! Mevo, renoaved, excellent location on Givat Hamivtar. NIS succa porch. NIS 1,950,000 6,000,000 Great Price!!! Shderot Great Mevo, spacious 3 Eshkol, 120 meter apt, 4th 1,750,000

Great condition, 120 2450,000 Huge house on Ramat stunning views, large yards.


Meitsarei Tiran, private house +rental, NIS 5,950,000

Meitzarei Tiran, biggest house on the block. NIS 5,000,000

Meitzarei Tiran, huge

Mevo Timna area, 120 me-

Mevo Timna area, 120 meter apt, succa porch, nicely renovated. NIS 2,800,000

Mishmar Hagvul, spacious

Paaran, spacious 3 rooms,

Beautiful large 5 rooms Shderot Eshkol. NIS 2,590,000Yam Suf. 2nd

Private entrace, spacious 4 rooms, very central location, rents very high! NIS 2,500,000 Beautifully renovated 4 lent Mevo. NIS 3,300,000 2,000,000

Sheshet Hayamim, part of villa, spacious and airy, beautiful view, renovated.

space. NIS 8,000,000

150 meters apt devided into two apts. NIS 3,000,000

2,000,000 Private house, stunning view, Midbar Sinay. 250 meters. NIS 4,500,000


Centrally located, spacious vated. Large succa porch. renovated. NIS 2,000,000 Sorotzkin, New!! Huge penthouse, stunning view elevator. NIS 6,000,000

Sorotzkin area, unique villa, Shderot Eshkol, beautiful Sheshet Hayamim, 200 Well designed, 3.5 rooms 250 sqm built, 300 sqm spacious 4 rooms, succa meters house, huge garporch, option for master den. Gorgous view, close to amazing garden, stunning 1,95,000 NIS views, $ 2,500,000 French Hill. NIS 5,200,000 2,700,000

Special!! Ramat Hagolan, 2 adjacent apts, 4 rooms each! NIS 4,150,000

Ramat Hagolan, huge house, panoramic view, rental units.

Spacious 3 rooms, fully renovated, succa porch. NIS 1,800,000

Spacious house, very close to Paaran. NIS 6,300,000

la casa restaurant


At La Casa, we offer you a menu featuring your choice from a wide range of meats, appetizers, entrees, side dishes elegant desserts and house specialties. Come in today and enjoy a special culinary experience with a top hechsher!

12 Yaakov Meir street, Jerusalem tel: 02 502-3807


Optical ShOp

We Make it Easy! WANTED car rental agency

Graphic Artist for Printing Business Sanhedria Area English & Hebrew required


US#: 212-901-5205

• eye exams • eye glass fitting • large selection of sun glasses • contact lenses Sunday - Friday: 9 am - 1 pm • Sunday - Thursday: 4 pm - 7pm

6 Yechezkel Street • 02 537-0421 |

Call Yossi:

The BesT way To RenT!

02 532-7402

la casa restaurant JERUSALEM REAL ESTATE


4 room apartment Building 424, 6th floor At La Casa, we offer you a menu featuring your choice from a wide range of meats, appetizers, entrees, amazing view side dishes elegant desserts and house specialties. Tivuch Yerushalayim Come in today and enjoy a special culinary experience with a top hechsher!

12 Yaakov Meir street, Jerusalem 052 228-9444


Optical ShOp


car rental agency

Graphic Artist for Printing Business Sanhedria Area English & Hebrew required


US#: 212-901-5205

• eye exams • eye glass fitting • large selection of sun glasses • contact lenses Sunday - Friday: 9 am - 1 pm • Sunday - Thursday: 4 pm - 7pm

6 Yechezkel Street • 02 537-0421

continued from page 8 they search for a given term. When you do, it will come up like oil slick on water, giving true value to the searcher, ensuring that your business stays on top for the relevant searches, and driving traffic and new income your way. A final point to remember is that Google Search is not the same everywhere. There’s local search, based on where you are searching from, as well as personalized search based on which results you clicked on in the past. You may see your site in the first page, but that doesn’t help you unless it comes up that way for your prospective clients. A good SEO company can certainly help with this, but make sure you are getting white-hat SEO and real, relevant content. It’s the only way to make sure you are building a business for the long term, not just a flash in the pan. In short, SEO works. And the easier the terms for which you want to rank your website on page one are to achieve, the easier the job will be. But no matter what you are trying for, it’s all about strategically positioned and relevant content, content, and content.

tel: 02 502-3807 |

Call Yossi:

02 532-7402

The BesT way To RenT!

continued from page 6 I am writing in response to the Inbox several weeks ago which said that the new brain imaging technology would make diagnosis of ADD foolproof. As a clinical microbiologist with over 30 years of experience in laboratory diagnostics, I and everyone in this field knows that no diagnostic test is infallible. No amount of medical advancement will change this.   Abdicating your judgment and common sense to the “technology gods” is anything but “foolproof.” What is  actually  being investigated, is whether children JERUSALEM REAL ESTATE who  take  Ritalin are at greater risk of drug addiction later on. Also, if Ritalin only treats some of the symptoms and is not a cure, why is this4 a good solution? There is a whole world outside room apartment of brain imaging and drugs, and Yael Tusk’s main point is for us Building 424, 6th floor to explore every avenue that exists and to find solutions that work amazing view for each individual. Tivuch Yerushalayim  -Hannah Katz


052 228-9444



Keren Kayemet Street near Ussishkin, Shaarei Chessed

French Café

Keren Kayemet Street near Ussishkin,

30,000 s happy treaIsder throughou rael!!!! BEITAR

CityBook Miklat on Kav Hachaim Ohr LaGolah Kollel Nshei Zahav Doar

Rav Shefa Mall 16 Shamgar Street Beit Yisrael Hall (outside)

Shaarei Chessed Newspaper & Magazine Shop

Gerelitz Bake Shop

1 Malchei Yisrael Street near Kikar HaShabbat

Kiyosk (snack shop)

5 Malchei Yisrael Street, Geula

Kupat Cholim Schlechter Family

Gezunter Health Foods

5 Malachi Street off Malchei Yisrael Street, Geula

Hall Family

Hacker Meats

33 Malchei Yisrael, Geula

Kiyosk- Candy Shop

Hameiri Boulevard, Kiryat Moshe

Keren Kayemet Street. Rechavia

19 Ezrat Torah


on Chana Street near Eli Hachohen

Gal Paz

Eli Hacohen Street near Bar Ilan

Maadanei Zahav

25 Avinadav Street off Bar Ilan

Beit Tovai Ha’ir

12 Achinoam Street, Sanhedria

Kiosk-newspaper stand

on Yam Suf near Zol B’gadol & Katzefet, Sanhedria Murchevet

Littmann Family

Neve Amit Assisted Living

10 Paran Street, Ramat Eshkol

Merkaz Hadagim V’habasar

22 Birkat Avraham Street, Ramat Shlomo

Branfman Home

23 Admor M’Lubavitch, Ramat Shlomo

Chabad Mikve Ramat Shlomo

Geula Haktana Bake Shop 33 Hapisga, Bayit V’gan

72 Nof Ramot Ramot Daled 02 586-9019

2 Shefa Chaim Street off Golda Meir Blvd (Ramot Hwy)

Beit Knesset



47 King George Street

31 Frank – in miklat, Bayit V’gan

Leonardo Plaza Prima Kings

60 King George Street


Herzl Boulevard

Prima Palace

4 Pines Street off of Yaffo at Davidka Square


9 S. George Street near Mussrara, Old City

Olive Tree

22 Keren Hayesod

23 S. George Street

Heimishe Essen

19 Keren Kayemet Street, Rechavia-Shaarei Chessed

Angel Bake Shop




JERUSALEM STREETS WITH DISTRIBUTION IN INDIVIDUAL MAILBOXES Har Nof – entire neighborhood Rechov HaMem Gimmel Rechov Zichron Yaakov Rechov Panim Meirot Rechov Sorotzkin Rechov Petach Tikva Rechov Divrei Chaim Rechov Torat Chaim Rechov Kedushat Aharon

Beit Knesset

Reuven Street corner Asher Street, Sheinfeld, Beit Shemesh

Beit Knessest

Wine Seller Makolet Sinai Birkat Habayit Ramat Tamir

46 Hapisga, Bayit V’gan

Israel Center


Zevin Street, Neve Yaakov

Bruckenstein Family

1 Sorotzkin

3 Asher Street near Pierre Koenig & Emek Refaim, Baka

35 Yitzchak Street, Telz Stone

Super Hatzlacha Reuven Shopping Center,

Neve Simcha

Beit Knesset Nitzanim

24 Bloch Street, Telz Stone

Tzundak corner Even Shmuel, Ramot Bet

Beit Knesset

Rosenbaum Butcher Shop

69 Bayit V’gan, corner Meshulam Roth Street Makolet Uziel 105 Uziel Street across from Michlin Street Beit Knesset Chovevei Tzion Street, Talbiya


Rechov Yirmiyahu – Ramat Hatzafon Rechov Shamgar – Rav Shefa Rechov Tcheiles Mordechai Rechov Ohaliav Rechov Ohel Moshe Ganei Geula Rechov Minchat Yitzchak Rechov Ezrat Torah Rechov Even HaEzel Rechov Eliezerov Rechov Grossberg Rechov Eili Hacohen Rechov Imrei Binah Rechov Zayit Raanan Rechov Givat Moshe

Sheinfeld, Beit Shemesh

Shoshan Street, Sheinfeld, Beit Shemesh

RAMAT BEIT SHEMESH Shopping Center Makolet Gila Street

Beit Knesset

Nachal Achziv Street

Beit Tefillah

Nachal Refaim Street

Aish Kodesh

Nachal Maor Street

Nechama Bakery

Nachal Dolev Street

Best Market Nachal Dolev Street (Shopping Center) COMING SOON Maale Adumim Efrat Alef, Efrat Bet Elazar, Neve Daniel, Alon Shvut – Matnas Modiin, Modiin Illit, Chashmonaim, Mattityahu Bnei Brak Raanana Givat Zev

Rechov Yaakovson (Komona) Rechov Machal Rechov Maavar Hamitleh Rechov Mevo Tzalmona Rechov Yam Suf Rechov Paran Rechov Ramat Hagolan Rechov Mevo Yotvata Rechov Etzion Gever Rechov Mevo Livnah Rechov De Zahav Rechov Mishmar Hagvul Rechov Mevo Timna Shderot Eshkol

Before the door closes Last Chance! Don't Miss Out.

Come live in a private semi-detached spacious home with breathtaking mountain views.

A House from a Good Home From the Kiryat Sefer Modi’in Housing Ltd. Group

Occupancy within 9 months!

Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel

Private Parking • Storage • Garden Facing The View • High Technical Specifications 052-718-1555 | 1-800-22-22-24

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