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The Journey of an Empath By Michelle J Howe

How does an Empath advance on their unique path? There are so many wonderful Empaths trying to find their way in this time of awakenings; there are a few key things I wanted to share with you. Regardless of how you might feel, you are absolutely not alone, too sensitive or crazy! You are awake and chose a very unique path for yourself in this lifetime. This means the sooner you stop the pain of resistance, the sooner you can move forward to advance on your path.

lightness to your energy. Lightness is expansive and feels like an uplift of joy, happiness or excitement. The opposite is anything that brings density (constriction) with uncertainty, fear, guilt, anger or resentment. This insight is stated very simplistic for you today and, yes... there is more to it.

Along on this journey and to support you, there are many others Open up and find your family online or in nearby gatherings of like-minded individuals find a friend who is an Empath - find your support! You, along with other Empaths as a collective, are here to shift perceptions and bring healing to the world.

Those living normal lives will or won't understand what is happening to you is simply dependent on their experience and ability to be open. Please note, only those walking a similar path to you could truly understand you and your journey. My wisdom to share is to stop looking for validation from outside yourself and particularly from those who cannot truly understand your unique experience in life.

Each individual on this path is guided in many ways. One key insight to guide you is your energetic response. What does this mean? This means that, in any given situation, your best choice brings



Additionally, this whole journey is not about asking or expecting the world to change for you! Instead, the journey about you - as an Empath – to

The Empath magazine - Issue 2  

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