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This is for my loves My first and longest love, Jesse My truest and deepest love, Chloe For my sweet loves My dedicated loves My lonely loves And for the love that described me As a master of love and inspiration My muse I love you I’m listening

May - June 2013


I live in the world that lies between Last night and the morning after I know the windows dark And the bars quiet I walk in the middle of these silent streets Unchallenged by cars Somewhere over there is a world that never sleeps If I held residence there I could go (right now) to a club where they are all dancing Or eat greasy food on a ceramic plate Or just ride a bus around and see the lights go by I could lie in my bed In a constant glow Hear the thrum of many people living And dream of walking down the middle Of a silent street


I know that blanket is soft

The one you’ve been wrapped in for a year or so It’s comfortable You know it’s holes and rips and how to sleep so they don’t make you too cold I know, it’s soft too Just so you know If you wake one night And know that it’s too thin That you’re ready There is a new one ready One made for you Just the way You like it


I know where you go When you’re not here

I know about the faraway The long low bridge over the ravine The one that filled with rainwater and last years leaves When the sky went grey for the year I know about the inroads The ones with no signs And slow names I know where you go When you’re not here


Out round the last curl of road Down the bank And under the reaching trees (wait not yet) Above the sand littered with leaves and ants A blanket And a pair of smiles (wait not yet) The sky whips past the clouds The bay sends wisps of sea smell And the birds cry (wait not yet) Wholly kiss You (Now


Old Mother rocks in her sitting chair And weaves the threads of time Have I not shown you? Look, here, between the eaves and the drop A shadowed hollow And blind mouths wide Downy sticks and twine The leaves are transformed into tendrils and talons Against the dark sky And lost lost shushes the wind The archer aims an arrow Cross the sky That world we made under veils of breath It still spins And I (one who lost time so long ago) still wake there Some dawns There was a nest On the roof And tiny birds You showed me constellations And how the night trees move Now there is room For something I can’t see And the stars just stare


It comes hot and fast

Molten gold just pouring out of fingers spread too wide in ecstasy This is the visceral root of all matter Tiny swirling systems of light There are not enough words Enough worlds The world next door borrows a soul or two No one knows why Time slips into itself folding in and under Even a mountain is mostly empty This would be wonderland is mostly hype There is only water And a whispered wind beneath the floorboards Hanged men cry out And the warriors turn away When it comes It comes hot and fast And no words can form but far cries rape the throat with fire I am calling you here Now Your name has been inscribed in a book written in my native tongue And I can taste the last of my suffering on tomorrow’s dawn


I move like the slow wind in the deep grass Making dreamy waves in my wake And the dance has begun again

This is more than it ever was Before Spring’s fingers did their trick My beloved moves too In large patterns that cannot be discerned by small eyes He is the grass I move over He is the deep path cut through the tangles He is a body of holy water Waiting to be drunk I see slow moving smiles I want the taste of new berries I whisper love I tease the length of you I sing the songs of solace I strain up and out of my self I focus in on an inch of skin I mind my breathing heart This is not a concession stand at a second rate flea market This is not a dime store fedora This is no handbill for last week’s show This is the water breathing at last This is the moisture in the wind caressing a damp brow This is a chance A choice A reason So I move like the slow wind in the deep grass Touching all the gold at once


The shadows of the leaves make fingers (stroking) on my wall Where a silent photograph of some time and space Sits quiet I cannot speak just yet I move about my head, a spacious palace with more corners within than without I find the things that cannot wait I meter them time Still the murmurs of the other place remain Those travels last sleeping time were far and wide I saw you kiss the silence again I know what you feel beneath the mask you made I see you there (where the trees grow into the banks of the deep deep river and the sky is always purple) Today perhaps I will be allowed To see the way One day A small girl came singing through the soft shadows of the east I will sing


I want to curl up in you

I want us to transform into some third thing Beyond a you or a me But that does not mean there are not countless fires at which I am welcome That there are not open doors all the along the way It does not mean I will be forlorn and loneliness wailing in the hills I want your arms But I need no more than what I have always had This voice, this heart (welcoming in the light just doors thrown wide) and a guitar were all my birthright I need only a pen And the nights soft blindness (Seeing stars only stars now) Waste what you will The tangle is too deep for me to tell you which thread is the one I want to curl up in you Buffer me from the desolate wind that blows west from my heart Take me home Just let me Sleep


The huntress

Rusted breath The taste of the living kill On an all but forgotten tongue Tense and ready Crouched, taut The hunted Unaware (Thisisgreenthisistasteofsafeandwarmthelightishereonthisgreen) Twitch of ear A widening of eye Thrum The wish of the arrow is narrow; unimaginative and precise For a moment nothing breathes Death is a sudden victory for one, breath returning in a violent rush, For the other a transfer From being (seekingalwaysseeking) To meat An absence of need then, for this pair, closer than lovers


I haven’t had my coffee yet

So speak sweetly The night is still in my eyes So be gentle Light is still a challenge So protect me I will be a warrior for your cause Just let me get here


That’s the diminished key the hidden door The outer ways And the would be warriors Screaming war cries of Hey Nani Nani Hey Right out loud That’s the sound of yes and now That’s the singing of the high wires bringing the know to the in crowd That’s the revolution of the wheel Comin around again



am the type of woman That would judge a man by his virtue And a woman by her mind So don’t bother me with your sass and prattle Tell me a story Ask me a wish Let us be uncomfortable together About yours About mine I am the type of woman That would cry out in the night for want of rain And carry pails all day to fill the well So please let the serenade begin Once upon a Oh if I only I read a book I thought you’d finished About love About life


The way has been cleared before you

From now on your path is wide You may choose any of the golden ways Walk not as though you were still hobbled As though the way was difficult As though only one step could be seen at a time Go forth Heart open wide And dance across the wide open way I’m dancing there too


I want an earnest man

Who speaks cynically I want an alpha female Who knows how to kneel I want duality Right here and now I want a chameleon and a shape shifter I want the dramatic, understated I want a silent tear and a screaming hard on I want perfect timing of recycled ideas I want individuality Right here and now The only sin that’s left is to be a bore I’m sorry to break it to you, but low self esteem has been done You’ll have to leave that one at the curb It’s far past time For you to be



You were my favorite distraction And now I see All the things I left undone

With renewed fire I attend to the tasks at hand and eye I hold the hands that had grasped empty before I fix the tiny hurts before they fester But eventually there is the time When no matter how busy I was I would have made time to find you To see if you were whole To make you smile To confirm your continued existence Those times I feel lost and small Adrift Then I sigh a plume of smoke And go off to my quiet bed And sleep so well And dream Of the restless nights When you distracted me the best


Well that boy we kicked out last summer Is down on Main Street Doing the stations of the cross in drag And the lady with the implicating lipstick Is hitting on the DJ’s dad It’s a complicated situation If you look too close So glaze your gaze accordingly And have another shot We’re all here for something May it come as it should

Remember? Remember tomorrows

When we made it? When the little hurts we created Out of the confusion of yesterday just melted away And all that was left was joy?


I know I didn’t sing that song that made you smile last year But I spoke the eightfold path

I know I didn’t give you the secret gate out of the garden But I taught you how to scale I know I didn’t say the things I could have to make you stay But I am waiting still for your return I know you’re as confused as I But I can’t fix this broken for you It’s mine as much as yours And the rhythm just won’t stop Ba dum ba dum ba dum I’m going to sleep if it kills me And the dreams can do their worst Waking days and working nights I’m only halfway here I can predict the moths path Slam yourself against my heart and dust me with your loss I will still be a light I am starting to see how you see me I am just like you, though Small and lost in the night Seeking solace in a song Wishing the wait away The only difference Is that I know what song it was


Your eyes are small translucent stones

polished by a silent sea The sometimes night behind your gaze is a sudden brimless dark That dares me to slip around and behind To drag blind lips across the landscape of skin there To taste the scent of you

Wake the fuck up

Baby, c’mon it’s time I been whispering atcha All nice and slow For so long now Wake up There’s shit to be done That only you can do There’s songs to be sung And you wanna sing ‘em too Wake the fuck up Baby it’s time



ay out here Past the in roads and the road signs A night peppered with frog song We took the turns and risks of the drive To get to the other side of the ridge Where the city was only a glow And we could pretend the moon was constantly rising


I hesitate to be presumptuous

But it seems to me That instead of letting boredom reign (dinner parties martini drunk illicit affairs in the hallway) You could use that knowledge you gained in between keggers To change Into something more fabulous I mean, wouldn’t that be delightful?


Take a stand

Outdraw the moon Shoot that star down Give it to your love Pick the pages off One by one Loves me Loves me not Let loose a war cry “Another round!” Drink it down Remember your love Let the pages fall Loves you Loves you not Be Breathe And light it It’s time


Well I’ve been falling rather often And the whole town knows I’m ethically immoral And the whole town knows I’m singing what I’m feeling And the whole town knows And I’m drinking in the evening And the whole town knows I’m staring at the sky again And the whole town knows I’m falling for it And the whole town knows I’m leading the charge And the whole town knows I’m saying what I mean now And the whole town knows I’m doing what I was made for And the whole town knows


I’m not a prophet

You’re telling me a story With your hands, artfully open The tilt of your shoulders Your mouth pouting in between smiles Don’t worry, you have my approval Relax We’re all barely breathing So, please, let it be an open eyed gasp Instead of an oblivious apnea



his is self evident You do not dishonor your past By finding a better way We do not abandon our family By celebrating ourselves Wake up, my sweet sleepers It’s time The dream is no longer a luxury of someday It’s time Wake, and be You It’s time


How high

A rabble of butterflies Flowing, fast Across the sea How low Sing down down down And the far cry How soon Creating the fullest now That potential can spawn How long Til the ends of forever And the birth of hope How far The fullness of in-world As a jungle blooms How near The landscape of your skin The taste of the corners of your eyes


Silent slips around

The one you love tells you a story About the one they love Screaming skin A willing torture of want There is nothing new about this Once upon a television A child had two parents That were always married And had answers and pocket money Any time you wanted it Luckily we had a remote And that offense could be turned to a dull black I’m only alive for a moment And I don’t want to hear About your reluctance I want Your screaming skin Once upon a social service A touched woman asked for help Endless lines of fevered babies and gunshots It’s just not a priority Outward happiness Pursue a fleeting want I smell the last of the night In your screaming skin It tastes like a moment When even the sun cannot dictate time Like tears wetting a chest Matted with hair and forgiveness


Let me break it down

It ain’t about making it any more It’s about doing it with heart If you don’t mean it Don’t bother This market is saturated The only ones that will make it Are the ones who care enough The ones who can’t help it The ones that would leave their loves Quit their jobs And forget to call Because they have to They have to That’s how I see it That’s how it breaks down When you can’t help But break down


Searching for something new I let it all in

Rappers slinging home grown shit Flavored vodka Broken pavement Off brand cigarette butts Eventually the night yielded a difficulty Just walking home is a chore My blue jeans are uniform enough At least they ain’t skinny The railing trembled in fear of what I may say You ask for so much You offer so little What’s a pint? Where’s the hot spot? Fine is the line Naked (quite quiet) Don’t piss off the land lord Let’s just pretend that we meant it to be this way Trying not to let it go So late (and) Late For the dreams we scheduled for tonight.


It seems

From this particular view That the darkness and its small hands grasping Is only the first of many locales So enjoy the time there But don’t get comfortable You don’t need to buy furniture that matches the abyss There’s no reason to fill out a change of address form When you visit, say hello to my old friends for me (Just don’t mention that I don’t miss them much these days)


Poets make terrible pets Should you choose to bring one in out of the darkness Magic may gather in the corners of your house, like spiderwebs, catching breaths in its net releasing sighs at odd intervals You may find flowers in your hair upon waking to a house empty of spirits One should not feed a poet by hand, the danger of being grasped and forever changed is great Most of all, prepare for the space they leave behind Poets make terrible pets


Sparrow wings stutter a surprise

I wear this skin well these days Some bright thing is on the horizon Envy what you like It’s all been bought and paid for Streets were built for strutting down You can meander in a meadow Heel click here come the snares My drummer knows all the signatures Here’s the thing: No one does that thing you do quite like you do Bring me another I’ll see your call It’s not losing when I get to see


Death casts a wide shadow

But it is only the shadow of an open door with light just radiating from within This is not the end of the story Fear should not be a guest at the dinner table Drink deeply from this life And, sated, know the next awaits Hold, but do not hold on Love, but do not yearn An embrace is defined by the releasing of arms


There are faces everywhere

We look for them (make them) in everything We seek a reflection In the world Here is my prayer May the faces you make Be beautiful Smiling softly with loving attention May the people you see in the clouds and the trees Be friendly Kind compassionate and open To the sweetest Self you know May we then See these faces In each other In the mirrors I want that then Amen


The stars are to blame, or

Perhaps the wind in the night grass Shushing through the chaff It can’t be us We only whispered love The world is to blame Or perhaps a softly rounding mountain Reaching across the way It can’t be us We only tried to hold The ocean is to blame Or perhaps a first dream of gasping triumph Wishing across the shore It can’t be us We only wetted lips The sun is to blame Or perhaps a spiraling galaxy beyond Spinning out like thought It can’t be us We are not burning


Above the cloudscapes

Over the sea (I remember flying) Beneath the lizard tree Under the shadow of the stone (It’s so beautiful here) And heat just bakes from within Over the bay Waves like slaps And oh sweet heaven how the salt tastes I can only speak for my own heart It sings Oh it sings And heat just bakes from within


The deep and present dirt of it all

The depth of ripped open wide (and all the dreams just falling down and out) I see you I feel it too May you sleep like there is no dissonant whisper in your ear May you cry out loud and be heard by a heart that can hold yours I’m here I hear you


Way out far

Past pity and despair Is a world for lying on Won’t you come? The beaten down and the broken open Got together for a time And danced their skins to sweat And drank the sometimes wine Way out far Past need and desire Is a sea for swimming Won’t you come? The cast off and the faint of heart Went sky diving one afternoon Screaming earth-bound bags of blood The rushing green of soon Way out far Past the was and wouldn’t Is a sky for sighing Won’t you come?


Dreamscapes I have never travelled Embraces I only imagine I am a thief of forever I speak knowingly But I am ignorant Of touch These long days But If that speech of something Only imagined Makes one lover turn to Another And say This This is what I felt when your hair was a veil This This describes the heat of your skin Then who am I To beg for solace?


These are the songs for the lonely

These are the bedtime stories for night creatures These are the small fires lit against the rain and the sea spray Impossibly small Unimaginably bright I cannot curl into myself because you are there So I sing the broken tunes And I make my voice steady as I moan a once upon a time And I defy the poorness of this climate with flame Impossibly small Unimaginably bright


The space between heartbeats The intake of breath

Do not hurl into the night blind This is not a test of your strength The rapid tingling of skin The eyes wide and blind Do not hold back This is not a dress rehearsal The raggedness in the throat The hair wet with sweat Do not dismiss this This is not commonplace Stay


So the stars disappeared

And the world became Redbrown liquid desert Acrid cardamom scent of skin Roots grew within stretching like yawns The world eyelid painted A mingling of that which was yours Into a swirling patchwork of One A straining of want a blind desire to be beyond The screaming silence The tipping wish of wave And something that wasn’t explodes into stars



he unlimited potential that exists before the kiss forever is only alive until touch solidifies all moments into Now.


This is the death of forever This is the birth of a scar This Is The first kiss And to know this to be true And to reach still For lips blind with mine Is what the children know Is little birds in the snow This Is The first kiss


In my dreams

I tell you all my secret truths The ones I rarely look at The rare true gems of me I open that chest For you to admire, run your fingers through Their naked beauty In my dreams, love You see me as I am And you treasure me Hold me Like a petal soft butterfly wing And I love what you see More Because of your gentle gaze



ime is a liquid It flows as it goes I see all the water at once (There is a fountain that flows into itself) That tiny speck Floating Matters I refute the contemplation This is not insignificant This here and now (And oh the diamond bright galaxies) The very atoms conspired With the All Matter rearranged To create the chance For our hearts to meet With eyes that see (And lips wet with the first dream to kiss)


I'm telling the same story Aren't we all? I just haven't found the way Yet The right words But isn't that a true calling? To spend forever trying to describe The overwhelming love I have


When it comes

It comes suddenly and all at once The process, if there is one, goes unnoticed There is only the rush of it The warmth of it The ohgodnow of it This has happened before But never this good This real This oh wow Is it me You Does it matter I would not stop it if I could (And mind chatters about pain and loss) All I see is the garden again And the gateway The swirl of hair (universes) And the rose Alone And Allone


The angel lit a cigarette

(She lit it with a smile) And the secret knowledge made her dimples Extra deep and wise “So tell me,” she throaty whispered, “where the worldly go to eat.” (the answer wasn’t half as heavy as the wind) I fell down a deep deep well once And an imagining of you lit a lonely soggy night Legs crossed Food that was presented like fine art High heels and ties Whispered conversation and perfect service No one noticed that she was already dead She had the perfect shoes The ash at last was falling flame Extinguished before it began “But,” stammered the warrior, “you don’t eat.” “Never think you know until you have died alone Only to wake In your lovers arms.”


It’s far too late for me to be awake, let alone communicating. But I am. I’m wide eyed and sweetly awake And this song is crying for your voice This time it’s too late But perfectly so Like a solo that doesn’t start Until a measure into the break Perfectly mistimed I know you’re sleeping But in my perfect world We’re driving With the world just blurring by And somewhere off in the near future Is a warm plate And a private moment (your arms are like silent) I’m almost undone


I don’t

Really, I don’t know The party’s over And all the girls have gone home The beer is gone And the lights are on And I don’t I don’t know It’s all the same In the end We all go to bed And (heavy breathing) sleep Until another sunrise I don’t I really don’t know What dreams are coming But I know I know They will cry out Those small hearts In the dark They will cry out To be held Mine does



ll of my lives are forever And all of my loves are endless I want to know you For ever and ever We may not always see each others eyes Or kiss the way we do and did But I want to greet you With the same love and kindness That I knew When we were at our most intimate When we held Our hearts so close We did not know Which was mine And which was yours


Oh now it becomes serious

Here in a dirty back room Suddenly There is no thought There is no pain I cannot breathe and my face and body say don’t worry Be calm I cannot breathe There is a blind yellow Where my mind was Now black I cannot breathe Fa ll In G Gasp smack voices now ahhhhhh! I am still I am Breathing And oh the sweet smell of it all And here comes the fear like a wave I drown And then I am Breathing


Slow play One moment at a time Each it's own whirling world Br (Feeling wells up and over) Ea (Thought tailspins into oblivion) Th (Fingers stretch and reach) Ing Takes forever Time is irrelevant Slow play Each fleck of Gold Drifts In its own tiny whorl Slow play Eternity In an evening Waiting


Circle round the sacred flame again And share breath Smoke Rises In roses And leaves The earth

The naked dream of now Is alive within Bare it Share it This flame is alive Let it burn Burn I want to bathe in your fire


You should have some fun, Tom

Now tonight With the light dark And the water making small sounds Oh the touch of small hands nights blindness What you want is always near What you need is right here Hey what the hell Why not? And this vessel This cocoon Is making The night glow Your should have some fun, Tom And you are You are And the night just flows like a lick On a fret board of a cheap guitar On a well lit stage Just then Take me home


A smile in the dark sounds like a kiss

Lips snick-slip over teeth The sound Smiling And when I hear you smile Over there in your radiating silence I know That my (heart spilling over oh the warmth and vibrating beat beat beating of it all gasp) Smile Is already being born


Do it

Now do it again, better Here Now I’m interested Challenge me Make me care Give me a reason Make it a good one Do it Now Do it Again Better Much better



nce I was alone Then I saw that only I made that true So I let me go And was welcomed


Steal a night bloomed kiss

And call it a dark haired beauty of a night What’s left Is too far and wide For these busted ass legs to wander Just tell me this: That choir of angels that’s been singing, (oh sweet love of mine) Do you hear the Yes?


I know you’re near

Because my heart Opens Like wings Like crinoline wrapped candied orange Like hands And I (blushsmile) take a breath



he time has come And oh (dancing shoes dancing) aren’t we ready? With our eyes just open From the pale grey dust storm of the yesterday Throw off those old ways And smile like mango juice spilling over Lets dance



ou, Whose heart I did not know I held If you could hear me I would say Small birds and lost love letters Dreams of desert and a wind in the rafters Long and lonesome wails I would ask Only forgiveness My heart is also yours Do you not feel it opening (like Spring’s small fingers prying) and welcoming in Love Enough for us all


Catch this A heartbreak in every eye And a crack in every heart Only the few and far make it at all Hear this Bom bom Bah That beat hits just so And the shit that’s spitted is hot Roasted beast grease hot See this Twirling silk slips Screaming blue blue wave And ankle twist and toe tip tap tip Now Kiss this



h those boys The ones that have seen the inside The short walks and the long days The ones that know the ways to do the time This little blue jay Came slowly Crumbs on bars ‘Just two little jail birds ain’t we?’ And that got put in a letter That made absence seem better than it was People who have always been up standing Don’t know as much about heaven As those who have been lying in the gutter


You couldn’t really call this dark (Birds just twittering away) But it sure ain’t light

I recounted the legend of you over illicit whiskey and trust And you were the hero in that story (The gold abruptly ending in cloud) I listen only for your praise These tears are not of loneliness I am more than most at my worst Follow me then, into the future falls The sound of you playing for me Echoes through the years And it sounds like Hope



own the jagged coast Swoop up and out on these back ways The gold just goes on for hours Then the ocean suddenly And the smell of the salt Is right here Even though the sea is so far away


All those things I cannot say

(when eyes graze so close that all I see is smell) Come to me like small birds nesting at night Crowding softly into me, murmuring their pre-dream sounds Once upon a tomorrow’s promise I just don’t know how to maintain sometimes The meat, for god’s sake get to the meat of it I can start a story so well… and I have been making up endings since I can remember So somewhere in the mysterious middle Lies a land without lies And when I find my way I will say I love you I love me more I want you I want freedom more I need your arms and eyes on me But don’t look too close Don’t hold too tightly No, no That’s not it Wait, wait the birds are coming to nest Ah I love you


I wasn’t going to mention it

The slip of hair that teases your ear It wasn’t relevant But that band just didn’t do it And I was feeling small and I needed something bright I didn’t mean to make it difficult For you to lean in


Some girls singing about her feelings on the stereo And the fog clouds just can’t seem to stop They’re moving so fast I’m slowing down again

There’s a couple of us like to go out to the edge Wait for the light to leave Toasting our survival Cracking jokes and bottled beers Before we crawl back into our cocoons for the night


a pack of papers and a fine tipped pen

I got a handle on the walk its breaking and splintering and the lights shining through the only way down is out there’s a brokedown bench growing out of the concrete it flowers every season or so I find myself there some days watching the sun go down and the waves just come and go


So they came

Soft rubber soled blue jean dreams Flannel framed family crests disguised as band names The tribes arrived


There’s a man

He lives in the great land of the east Where all the gods of my youth once lived He wrote a story It was about a girl who lived in the wilds She stumbled and strained through a life of want, Small determined chin (etcetera) The critics They gushed and praised Such gritty reality, still stuck in my teeth My my It was a good enough story I’m sure he’s a good enough man But If you’re going to make a girl up Don’t leave her at home They like to be taken out These girls that get stuck in your teeth



Sipping champagne Peppered shade Oh we are Open for Business Momentum Feeling the groove Moving with the mood Do you dance? Sometimes Sometimes Words words words Yes And step step spin



his time around I will navigate the circumstance This time With grace This time around I will understand the other side This time With hope This time around I will circumvent the desolate This time With help This time around I will throw the door open wide This time With joy


The thief of tomorrow

Is yesterday’s pain The idea in your mind Of could be Is not an excuse to ignore What you have This kiss, now Is on your lips


Hey you, you’re gonna make it

You got this You’re the only one strong enough to bring yourself down The only one strong enough to bring yourself up Why not start today? Get out there Take a walk Hug someone We need you Be kind to yourself You got this And I freaking love you


Lightning soft flashing behind the low sky

There are other worlds than these Travel beyond the touch of your level eyed gaze into them, then I’ll see your hand I am afraid to see you as you are But I cannot help but love what I see This time This time So the far cry And the hard sleep I am hungry for a taste I cannot recall I will stand proudly My heart will not fail that great test This time



here’s this window Up and around the side Where I can see everything I can smell the band from here Feel their rhythm and chords A manager offers a cup to the lips of the main man People say musicians can be needy Wouldn’t you be in need if you drove yourself to such extremes? I have, I can’t be the only one


Once upon the day after tomorrow

We found something good Clean and easy to use And it’s on the top shelf right at eye level And all the blasÊ just melted away And we (interested at last) Banded together At the refilling stations Discussing the possibilities And what dreams came Of course



ome with me Through the gateway in the tall tall hedge Come Come see the sky on fire And the golden grasses aglow Come lie with me come my love Come with me There are worlds and skies and seas to travel Come with me I will show you



ell hot damn If it ain’t just a day to remember All uncertain And unbelievably hard to navigate All amazing And perfectly in place Hot damn What a day Bet it’ll flow right into A perfect good night


Thank you, all of you The ones who read The ones who listen The ones who speak The ones who can’t The ones that save The ones that fall The ones that try The ones that love Thank you I love you You are all in my heart


Some pieces of infinity are fleeting (A kiss in the dark) Others (Love) a private always


Remember that story I told you last year? The one about the lost one And the love The one about the fever drinks And the hours before dawn The one that ended in a sad song Remember that story? I've decided to rewrite it Don't worry You're all still in it


The angel in the combat boots

Looked him over with a carnivores grin (All drooling teeth and skin) "I'm going all the way, you should come." The prophet in the secondhand suit Took the last balloon to Mars (And put on airs of I don't care) "I'm going all the way, won't you come?" The voice of all earthly reason Was teasing the acrobatic smiles (And somewhere past the looking glass is Mars) "I'm going all the way, c'mon now hon."


Listen Let me tell you something I see it I know how it can be All you have to do is take my hand Trust me I won't promise it will be easy But I do swear it will be worth it I will be there with you And I will hold your heart in mine And oh, my love, the light There is a small home Bright and table set Flowered sills And music being made there An open door For the wandering strangers And a bed for dreams Listen This bright future is calling



nce upon a time Tomorrow afternoon We went out singing And the world was in bloom


If this is the last time we are together like this You must know It was viscerally electrifying (My heart expanded into a flush) It was la fruta de mi alma If this is the last time You must know It was enough For this life, or the next I would seek you out again, though To smell the baking heat of your skin As our hearts beat against each others’ And our arms



ho is that beside you? The one shrouded in mist and would I see your companion there when I look ahead But when I look to the side there is only your earnest gaze (Asking me how can this be) Perhaps there is no one there Perhaps on my other side There is a shadowy winged thing Floating half here That you see When you look ahead But I wonder Who is that beside you?


Somewhere behind and between A song Lyrical leaves And boughs of rock Molten rhythm And melodies made of wind

When the weather of my heart is balmy I sing along Sometimes when I dream (travel) That song is all there is And it is difficult To come back to to this watery room my soul inhabits Waking (slow) is habit A wild horse that should not be broken That wistful look about my eyes Is for that song Someday I will only Sing


There is an island, in the river of songs i have built a small fire there warm, and impossibly bright

the dark wet-eyed creatures that rustle the underbrush sniff and snarl but leave me to fish there are other fires but they are far off the dark is my constant companion some nights i only watch my slack line others i can barely keep my creel from spilling itself from fullness pregnant with wet poetry not dead yet no matter the catch i have to go there there's something gets in the blood about fishing


The ocean Is in me with me I move like the waves The tidal movement of my heart Pulls in and out Does the sea dream of a body in its waters Does it crave that inside touch I do I want you to submerge yourself in my heart I want you to ride the endless wave of my love Drink from the fountain That forever spills That water The ocean


There's something I'm trying to say (To my Self) There's this idea That's forming A push of words behind my eyes A pleasant pressure (Like a lover at last) There's something I'm trying to say Out loud I don't think it really matters If I ever get it right It's the telling of the tale that inspires Not the ending (Happy or not)


Woke up in a dream, do you remember? You were there And the moon rattled high In its lavender sky So you brushed my shoulders bare

Woke up in a dream, do you remember You were there The stars rained down In our secondhand town So you wove them into my hair You can say That you never really cared much You can say That that was just then But to say you don’t recall The Honeyeater’s Ball Well, darling, that would just be a sin Woke up in a dream Do you remember You were there And the cage of your heartbeat Was cool to my cheek In the crushing heat Of you stare


When reflection is just right

It's hard to tell Which is real Which arm can I grasp And which is only water and light The molecular perfection Swirling around itself Dances it dances I want to show you What I see in you I become the joy and loss I extend the hand I want to grasp Full of water and light What does it Matter We can create something that never was And then it happens That once and future yes Everything is all at once And it is all real All water and light


And then it was different It was suddenly clear All the happenings past All the heartbreak and pain Was just training For this For understanding how to love When it mattered most Without that pain I would have never understood how to hold you now Without loss I would never have been brave enough To grasp this tightly When you needed it too And oh, oh the light Bring on the trials I will face them, fearless I see the pattern now (if only for a nanosecond) And I will not forget its proportionate perfection One part yes and a part and a half (give or take) of Now And then it was different


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Thank you Without you There is only words in the darkness You make it light


Carnivore's Lullabye  

A colleciton of poems written over a two month period of my life. They are in no particular order and are meant to be read randomly. Book...

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