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EXTREMIST BINGO 1 100% Certainty About Ideology

2 Trite Slogans Obtuse Jargon

3 Blame Externalities Conspiracies Scapegoats

4 Empathy Reduction

5 Fear Mongering Slippery Slopes

6 Ideology Reduced To Simple Narratives

7 Outsider & Ex-Member Demonization

8 Humourless About Ideology

9 It’s War! Fighting Words

10 Delusions Of Grandeur

11 CherryPicking Supporting Evidence

12 OTT Obsession With Ideology

13 Persecution Complex

14 Flaming Contradictory Evidence

15 Shock Trolling Emotional Appeals

16 Myopic & Rigid Thinking

17 Ends Justify Harmful Means

18 Proselytising To Convert Outsiders

19 Insider Glorification

20 Zombie Myths & Distortions

21 Hair Trigger To Rant

22 Must Win Debates

23 Harm Denial

24 Unchanging Unscientific Dogma

25 No Compromise Or Apologies


Goal is to mark a cross on five squares in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row, then scream, “EXTREMIST!” There are 12 possible winning lines: 5 vertical, 5 horizontal and 2 diagonal. Cross squares when extremism is found that aptly fits the description. Provide evidence by copying the extremist quotes or links in the notes section above. Post extremist bingo winning cards to or email for confirmation and adoration. As an added bonus, Dave Chaffey Hippie will donate $10 to the World Food Program for every extremist scalp converted to a cuddly moderate scalp; up to $1000 per year. References: /

Extremist Bingo v3  

How can we make extremism less depressing? Bingo!

Extremist Bingo v3  

How can we make extremism less depressing? Bingo!