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• High intelligence • Fantasy-based thinker • Extremist-prone

Dumb Smart

• Low intelligence • Reality-based thinker • Happy bogan

Dumb Dumb

• Low intelligence • Fantasy-based thinker • Extremist-prone


Smart Smart

• High intelligence • Reality-based thinker • Humble

Wolf Fighter

• Puppet Master • Leader & manipulator • Violent warlord • Puppet Master • Leader & manipulator • Non-violent diplomat / Cult leader

Wolf Talker

Sheep Fighter

• Puppet (manipulated follower) • Violent foot soldier

Sheep Talker

• Puppet (manipulated follower) • From happy bogan to • SJW screamer

IS foot soldier: Dumb Dumb Sheep Fighter

•Could be a smart dumb but manipulated to obsess over fantasy-based ideology •Parrots motivated reasoning from leaders to cope with massive contradictions

Noam Chomsky: Smart Dumb Wolf Talker

•Brilliant in narrow specialty / unhealthy fantasy-based thinker outside specialty •Uses motivated reasoning to justify massive contradictions

Gwyneth Paltrow: Dumb Dumb Wolf Talker

•Talented actor & performer but clueless about why science-based medicine works •Could be a smart dumb if knowingly scamming her fans

Yuval Noah Harari: Smart Smart Wolf Talker

•Attempts to integrate through writing how humans behave from their origins to future •Will be wrong on many things but can integrate new ideas into worldview easily / / @chaffeyhippie on Twitter

Adding nuance to the smart / dumb divide  

IQ is a spectrum, so is fantasy / reality-based thinking, so is leading / following, so is talking / fighting. There are very few Smart Smar...

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