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Holiday Party Sunday, Dec. 2

Eric Williamson, President 214-821-8894 Dan Warren, Vice President 214-616-7677 Mary Edlund, Secretary 469-441-4564 Phillip Bryan, Webmaster 612-237-8672 David Allen, Communications 214-887-8708 Gaye Maris, Social 214-826-7777 Bill Kurtze, Treasurer 972-358-7902 Judy Jacobs, Membership 214-821-8899 Mark Ingram, Security 972-677-7858

THE ANNUAL BRYAN PLACE CHRISTMAS PARTY will be held on December 2, 5:00 - 8:00pm at the Bryan Place Swimming Pool clubhouse, 3030 Adolph. As we did last year, the main course foods—turkey and dressing - will be catered. Feel free to bring a salad, side dish or dessert to round out the menu. All Bryan Place residents are invited. It is our big party of the year, and we look forward to seeing all of you.

B.P.N.A. Wants You! In order for Bryan Place to remain one of the greatest neighborhoods in Dallas it takes participation from all the people who live here. It is that time of the year again where we are seeking Bryan Place residents to volunteer a little of their time to serve on the Bryan Place Neighborhood Association board for 2013. This also includes residents who belong to condo and homeowners associations within the Bryan Place neighborhood. The board meets at the pool club house once a month except in September. If you are interested, please contact any of our current board members. It is a great way to get to know YOUR neighborhood and neighbors! See page 4 for a summary of board /positions.

Jeff Lumkes, BP Pool Association

Keep Your Home Safe During The Holiday Season


Bulk Trash Pick Up Starts: Monday, NOVEMBER 19 Please place bulk trash out no sooner than 7 a.m. Thursday prior to bulk pickup week through 7 a.m. Monday of bulk pickup week. Thank you for helping to keep Bryan Place beautiful! For more information dial 311 or go online at:

Next Pick Up Week Starts: Monday, December 17


Many of us will be traveling during the holidays. To keep would be burglars from knowing this, here are a few tips to help. •

Most important, inform your neighbors of your absence.

Halt delivery of your newspaper and maybe even your mail.

Etch your telephone number or driver’s license on the back of flat screen televisions and monitors, laptops, and other smaller items. We have made it easy for you to accomplish this with helpful links on the Bryan Place website. Visit preparations.




Bryan Place Voter Turnout More And Less Than 2008 1,232 voters in Precinct 3009, which includes Bryan Place, cast ballots during the November 6 General Election. That is 63.6 percent of the 1,937 eligible to vote. Though this accounts for only two more voters than in the 2008 election, it is 8 percent less than eligible those who voted in 2008. So the turnout was higher, but the percentage was less. About 604 of us were early voters this year. One cannot underestimate the power of a good turnout in an election. When our elected officials know we all vote, our concerns receive that much more attention. So thank you for voting and to those of you who encouraged others to vote, special thanks. You are all to be congratulated. With almost all our votes counted here are some of the key results from precinct 3009: PRESIDENT U.S. SENATE U.S. CONGRESS STATE REP . STATE SEN. COUNTY COMM. Mitt Romney 461 Ted Cruz 453 Washington 456 Branch 553 Lawson 471 Lingerfelt 600 Barack Obama 733 Paul Sadler 698 Johnson 644 Woods 361 West 695 Price 539 The complete results of our precinct and county may be found at: But we’ve made it easy for you. Just go to our website and click on the link

Monthly BPNA Board Meeting!

Planning A Party?

Our next monthly board meeting will be on Monday, Please respect your December 3, 2012 at 7PM, held at the pool club neighbors and have house at 3030 Adolph. Anyone can attend. designated areas for your guest to park. It is also the safe thing to do in case of Last month’s BPNA Fall General Meeting was well emergency vehicle attended. The weather cooperated and there were no playoff games to distract us. Attendees were updated on traffic. Please keep in mind that cars parked BPNA board related issues. Afterwards there was an illegally are subject to informative presentation given by former city council member Alan Walne with a Q & A about the bond elec- ticketing or towing.

Well Attended General Meeting

tion which passed November 6. Mr. Walne was given high praise after the presentation. Before the meeting was adjourned, reminders of upcoming events were announced. You’re invited to attend the monthly board meetings. The next general meeting will be next spring.

THE BRYAN PLACE BOOK CLUB Join the BP Book Club. If you’re interested in joining us, please call 214-826-7777 or e-mail,

PLEASE SUPPORT OUR ADVERSTISERS Remember, it’s Small Business Day on Saturday, November 24, 2012.




Ross Avenue Gateway Gets Makeover The nice fall weather prevailed allowing Bryan Place residents and dozens of students from nearby Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts to enhance the Ross Avenue and Central Expressway underpass known as the Gateway To The Arts District. Masterpieces were painted on eight columns with teams lead by school instructors Paige Furr and John Hernandez based on experiences from a recent field trip to the Dallas Arboretum. We appreciate the volunteers who labored their Saturday to clean up the landscaping and remove debris while the students painted during this all day event. Several weeks of planning went into this event which helped to brighten and enlighten your visit to the Arts District from East Dallas, walking, biking, or by car. Of course none of this would have been possible without the generous donations from two nearby businesses, Sherwin Williams Paint store at 2506 Florence Street and Texas Paint & Wallpaper Company at 4410 Ross Avenue. Our thanks go out to Stacy Ashby, Blaire, Kathy Hardy and their wonderful staffs for going above and beyond to help this project come to fruition. So please keep them in mind every time you pass this wonderful work of art. There are more columns and landscaping still to be updated. We hope to do this again next spring. So if you weren’t able to join us this time, rest up and try to make it then.

No mail service on Thursday, November 22, 2012. Happy Thanksgiving !

The "Happy Shapes" electrical drawings have been okayed by Oncor and are on their way to TXDOT for approval. The project will then go to the City Council for approval. Keep those fingers crossed for maybe a spring installation!!

LIGHT UP BRYAN PLACE! Each holiday season residents and visitors enjoy our bright displays. Let’s dazzle everyone again and show Dallas that Bryan Place is a winter wonderland during the holidays. If you have any announcements or news of interest for your neighbors, please contact David Allen at 214-887-8708 or .




Become A 2013 BPNA Board Member Below are the board positions and their functions. Please consider becoming a board member and keeping Bryan Place a vibrant community. If you are interested, please contact any of the board members listed on page 1 of this newsletter. President • The president shall call and preside at all meetings of the Board and the general membership. • Represent the Association in its relations with persons and organizations outside the Association. • Insure that each Permanent Committee chairperson understands the operating responsibilities during their term of office. • Assist chairpersons in making operating decisions between regularly scheduled Board of Directors meetings. • Monitoring and reporting to the membership any and all activities of the various city boards, committees, commissions, and City Council of the City of Dallas, which affect or potentially affect the Bryan Place area. Vice President • The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President at the President’s request, or whenever the President is absent or unable to perform, and shall perform such other duties as the Board of Directors may prescribe. • The Vice President shall serve as Parliamentarian for all Association Board and general membership meetings. Secretary • The Secretary shall keep a record of minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and the general membership • Keep record of all important documents, correspondence and newsletters and perform such other duties as the Board of Directors may prescribe. Treasurer • The Treasurer shall have custody of Association funds • Pay bills within approved budgets • Keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures • Prepare a written report each month for the newsletter and a final financial report to be given at the annual meeting of the general membership and perform such other duties at the Board of Directors may prescribe. • File all Federal and State Tax Returns for the corporation in accordance with the law and maintain an understanding of legal, incorporated status.

Social Chairperson • Oversee the Social Committee • Responsible for planning and implementing social functions for members of the Association. It shall be the general policy of the Association to have a general social function at least once each quarter. Membership Chairperson • Responsible for promoting new memberships • Collecting the dues • Maintaining a list of all members once a year • Publishing a directory for the Bryan Place area every two years. Communications Chairperson • Prepare and publish a monthly Bryan Place newsletter and supervising its distribution. Webmaster • At large chairperson responsible for maintaining the website. Landscaping Chairperson • Communicate with landscaping company about maintaining and recommendations to common areas • Select Yard Of The Month Zoning Chairperson • Head the Architectural and Covenant Standards Committee. The Architectural and Covenant Standards Committee which is responsible for seeking and maintaining the Building and Use Restrictions provisions of the various Bryan Place development areas. • Notifying any person in violation of any restrictions of said noncompliance. • Making a monthly report in the newsletter of the inquiries received, actions taken, and status of each instance of non-compliance. Neighborhood Security Chairperson • Responsible for organizing and maintaining such “neighborhood watch systems”. • Obtaining and disseminating information of any criminal activities in the Bryan Place area. • Foster a healthy and close relationship between the Bryan Place residents, Dallas Police Department.

THANK YOU TO VOLUNTEERS WHO DELIVERED NEWSLETTERS IN OCTOBER Please let our volunteers know how much we appreciate their hard work by thanking Wayne & Sharon Smith, Lynn Sparrow, Gary & Joy Mitchell, Alicia Ruiz-Rivera, Mark Ingram, Todd & Sandy Knauer, Cobbie Ransom, Gaye Maris, Richard Marvin, Ron & Kathleen Burton, Mabel Peck, David Allen, Don & Miki Hendrickson, Dan Warren, Jon Morehouse, Lisa Mitchell, and Judy Jacobs. If you can assist with distributing the newsletter in your area, please contact David Allen at 214-887-8708.



City Lights In Bankruptcy According to the Dallas Morning News, the owners of the land at Live Oak and Cantegril, known as City Lights to most of us in Bryan Place, put the property under Chapter 11 protection in September. As previously reported, the buildings were demolished near the deadline required by the city in September and clean up continued through this month. The News article says the partnership is seeking court approval to sell the land to South Carolina based high end apartment developer, Greystar. But limited City Lights partners are seeking to halt the proposed sale, requesting open bids for the land. It has been almost ten years since the property became a concern to our neighborhood. Perhaps it will be a while longer before we see any real development.


Silver Oaks Offers Plans Again For several years the vacant lot at Bryan Street and Washington, across from the Exall Park Recreation center, has been waiting to be developed. The board received a call from developer, Tom Matcalfe, saying the plans are to move forward with the original idea of building townhomes. The land is plotted for 55 units, but Metcalfe says 54 will be built and a pool will be included. The group is not requiring any variances, so no approvals should be expected from the neighborhood. A few years ago, many residents opposed an idea to develop an assisted living center which variances were being requested. According to Metcalfe, work should begin at the start of next year.

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Please Pick Up After Your Pet Bryan Place is home to several dog owners and several who don't’ clean up after their pets. Recently our city council woman, Angela Hunt, supported the idea of Poo Prints, a test to match dog poop to the perpetrator and assessing a fine. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this. Always pick up after your pet in Exall Park and our yards. It’s the law! Let’s Keep Bryan Place Beautiful.

What To Do If You Find A Lost Pet In Bryan Place Lost and found pet signs attached to posts around our neighborhood is not uncommon. Recently a neighbor’s dog escaped and we found out that there is a quick way to reunite micro chipped pets with their owners. If you call the Animal Control office under Code Compliance Services, they may be able to locate an officer in the area (or schedule one) to come to you, saving you a trip to the animal shelter. They will check for a microchip on the found dog or cat. The field and shelter staff have and use universal microchip scanners. Each officer has a scanner on their truck. Just call animal control at 311 for this convenient service. Also, we recommend that you have your pet micro chipped if you have not done so already.

Feral Cat Population Growing In Bryan Place Some neighbors have voiced concern over the recent increase in feral cats (homeless, wild, or untamed cats) roaming our neighborhood. Please do your part to curb this population growth by not feeding them. Dallas code enforcement supports trap, neuter and return programs like KittiCo or Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance where feral cats are humanely trapped, then evaluated, vaccinated, sterilized and marked by an identifying ear-tip of the left ear by a veterinarian and returned to the trap location. For more information, please call 241-670-8246 or visit online at , or




Everyone A Winner At Bryan Place Blocktoberfest And Pet Parade BLOCKTOBERFEST was held as usual at Ruben Ramirez' house on Trevolle. (Thanks, Ruben, for hosting us.) We watched the Cowboy game, ate lots of hamburgers and hot dogs, and drank a little beer and wine. The PET PARADE was held at half-time, with the following pets taking home prizes: Damien Maris' Lady Bug and Bella, as the Grim Reaper and skeletons: Best Pet/Owner Costumes. Shana Stephens' Lucy, as a hot dog: Most Delicious Jaff and Leslie Crook's Joey, as a Cowboy Fan: Most Optimistic. David Allen's Mathis, as an Old Cow Dog: Least Likely. Kitty Lewis' Petunia, as a Halloween Fairy: Scariest. Tracy and Tom Ziellisky's Junior as Hugh Heffner: Sexiest (Tracy as his Bunny helped a lot in this category!!)

BPSPA and BPNA invites

ALL BRYAN PLACE RESIDENTS to taste the holiday spirit at its best at the


Stepping Out Near Bryan Place Enjoy these FREE events just steps away from home. Dallas Museum Of Art 1717 N. Harwood Street Bancroft Family Concerts: Vivez Joyeux – A Celebration of French Music, 214-922-1200 Saturday, November 17 @ 3:00 p.m .

Dallas Black Dance Theater 2700 Flora Street Behind The Scenes Free Performance! (Reservations Required) 214-871-2390 Monday and Tuesday, November 19-20, 12 Noon

PLACE: Pool Clubhouse

TIME: 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Full Catered Dinner and beverages provided.

Nasher Sculpture Center 2001 Flora Street Target First Saturdays 214-242-5100 Saturday, December 1, 10am-12 Noon




YARDS OF THE MONTH I’m sure all of you enjoy the landscapes of the homes on “lower” Pecos throughout the year; they have been absolutely gorgeous. During my tenure of serving in this capacity, this street has always been so appealing and such an enjoyment to see. Jim Haiduk is the primary caretaker of these four yards and puts in many hours making these consistent and beautiful. Each yard is manicured to the max with each having a variety of blooming flowers and plantings that make these landscapes a treasure to be had in our neighborhood. So, the YARDS of the Month for November 2012 from Pecos Street are 1407 Diane Cuellar, 1411 Lareatha Clay, 1415 Jim Haiduk and 1419 Minh Lam. (You all will have to switch the sign during the month ☺). Thank you for these neighbors who work together to provide such wonderful landscapes for all to enjoy. We appreciate all the efforts put forth in making Bryan Place beautiful and more appealing to live. —Dan Warren

NEW TREES IN EXALL PARK You may have noticed the new additions to our fabulous park. Dozens of volunteers showed up on Saturday morning, November 3rd to help the Friends of Exall park plant trees donated by the city of Dallas and neighborhood townhomes. These trees were planted on the northern side of the park and around Whimsy”s rock garden. They replaced many that had to be removed over the past few months. In addition to these trees, a few others were donated by condo associations across from the park. Our thanks to all who helped with the planting and for those who donated trees. This will keep Exall Park the jewel that we’ve come to know it as.




Bryan Place Neighborhood Association, 2012-11  
Bryan Place Neighborhood Association, 2012-11