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True Story # 2 © Once in Language Arts, second grade, Ms. Rankins asked me to write the name of my favorite dinosaur on the page. What I wrote spurred such a roar of controversy amongst my classmates in a unified chorus. “Silly Corey, everyone knows there’s no such thing as a dinosaur named Thesaurus!” I begged to differ, as did my teacher who remained silent. At first she tried to play it off, but right then and there she could see her pupil’s response was timeless. She pulled me into the hall, but not for long because you know how an unobserved classroom of mischievous kids can be. Her inquires appeared to be prodding, for years she had limited the capacity of other Broncos like me. All children have limitless potential. The million dollar question is when will it be reached? “Corey at home would you rather read books or play with your treasure box full of toys? Do your bus buddies ever look at you strange when you use different words than all the other boys? In church, do you sing along or frolic with verbs from your mommy’s purse? Are you familiar with predicates Corey? Do you think participles are a type of dessert?” I thought she was humorous with all her questioning. I was just a kid in love with how words worked. Nonetheless she was impressed. She attempted to be so poignant with her approach. “Yes, Ms. Rankins I love to play with a multitude of many words! Crosswords puzzles are my favorite, The Houston Chronicle’s have a very challenging learning curve! Me and my mommy, we play hangman, and my daddy and I often enjoy games of scrabble! He keeps all of the batteries for my vocabulary flashcards stored in the attic! Mom says my wit and smarts are stored up there, so I must frequently practice at shoots and ladders! One day I wont have to search far for words, but I do search for Waldo in those big books without the chapters! Sometimes when it’s too hot to play tetherball, I prefer to stay in and play with verbs. Indeed, I can recite my abc’s from front to back, eat a Whataburger, and then say them backwards again unrehearsed. I am quite intrigued by the usage of predicates, and fascinated more by the appeasement brought by participles! My favorite flavor is red*, especially the one’s with the cream stuck in the middle! I like how after each lick, I lean closer to seeing the riddle upon the stick!" In Good Humor she would hint “I would have never guessed creamsicles were the snack of choice for such a talented wordsmith !” “Yup!” In haste, from my pocket with no time to waste, I presented her the handle from my last frozen candle, delightful in texture yet even yummier in taste. Mrs. Rankins took the glasses from around her neck and she placed them atop her eyes… After closely observing the stick amidst high fructose corn syrup and diglycerides cherry dyed she couldn’t help but giggle from what she saw was inscribed. Q: “What is the only dinosaur that can survive in any climate and is alphabetically omnivorous? A: The Thesaurus!

*Remember how as a kid you favorite flavor was a color?? !!!


Tru Story #2  

This is Tru Story # 2, enjoy! There is a particular little friend of mine that inspred me to write this piece. When I wrote this little stor...

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