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The poet

The poet is a seed Reaching out to an audience it so desperately needs A poet’s progression is like a plant’s It only grows off of the feedback it recieves He or she is an instrument of intuition But is to be played by no one The poet is the interpreter of the intermission Between what is thought and spokun Speaking of the spoken word The poet is the precursor to the modern day performing artist The mastermind behind millions of nouns and verbs Yet humbly receives no recognition for what is heard The poet is passionate He or she is tirelessly trying to perfect their craft Words get dipped in delectable fondues Each piece marinates in an alphabet soup bath A poet’s words inspires, simultaneously, a poet’s words can start riots Niggas with Attitude was urban poetry, The result of which was gangsta rap and a trail of ensuing Los Angeles fires Poetry is an art Unseen with no easel in which to lean Real poetry infiltrates your heart A poet doesn’t just speak , he or she bleeds* The crowd takes in the flow Blood cells only rush to what they know I claim the name of the universal donor Also known as Type O.

The poet thinks with his or her pen The pen touches the pad Thus a new piece is born The poets sees with his or her mind The images are relayed to the eyes Thus a story is told The poet feels with his or her heart His or her community serves as the skin So whenever there is an itch A scratch comes from the pastor, an educator, or a record spin The consensus is: For anything to be genuine it must undoubtedly come from within So if you do not feel poetry You have grown numb to what real is Maybe that is your choice; maybe you’re in need of prescribed med-icin-es Or is it because poetry has shed you, and made you into its moccasins? To be worn on the feet of the hunter The being fleeing is called “hip hop” Lucky rabbit’s feet compliment key chains Rappers need not neglect who gave them their spot… *Read Christopher KP’s A poem for poets


The Poet  
The Poet  

Had this one in my head at work all day and finally downloaded it in about 10 minutes in between all my work at the firm. I really am feelin...