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The Dream Chaser (Lunch break poetry)

Some have the nerve to ask me what I know about chasing dreams What I speak isn’t tangible so some tend to doubt me But to have faith is to believe in the unseen Guess they also can’t see the fresh pair of sneakers I sport on my feet In 2010 I’m trading in my Saucony’s for Tailwinds So whenever you feel the breeze that means I’m picking up speed Very few will choose to run on the road that is least traveled The path of a dreamer is enduring and uphill Everyday is a personal battle Truly a war of the worlds Minus Tom Cruise and the little girl Will you speak your dream into existence? Or when adversity comes will it become ignored?

Continue to press forward With knees buckling and feet blistered The race is not swiftly given Many stop short of their dreams only to proclaim they’ve missed them Endurance builds a strong core From within the abdomen springs strength Your pace is not what’s important Your perseverance through pessimism is

Like I’ve said before The pursuit of self propulsion is priceless Along my marathon of miles run I’ve come across other dreamers that share my crisis

Shot out to Christopher Bell When we first met We talked about our dreams over waffle house and 3,000’s nicest One day we won’t be sippin on Andre’ no more* It’ll be that expensive champagne flown in from secluded islands His hustle inspires mine and vice versa now C* the picture If one dream is attached to another the result yields positive ventures Enough of those strung together And you’ll inevitably gather the attention of others You see, our dreams are like germs…… Plenty circulate but nobody trusts them

Dream chasing is a choice You can choose to follow the crowd Or you could follow your heart, mane [Lion]. Daniel was thrown in a den for his dream In my parents den is where I began writing fire Yet y are most afraid to chase their dreams? Because dreams don’t pay the bill And we risk losing so much trying But you’ll never know what will happen until you try Colonel Sanders was 60 something before success with his 11 herbs and spices Like my man KP say, it’s a new day And we all aint getting any younger There’s a reason why protein’s ideal for hunger It’s the perfect fuel for a runner.


The Dream Chaser  
The Dream Chaser  

Yo, I ws feeling really upbeat on lunch break at work so I decided to pen something to celebrate how positive I felt about the future. Plus,...