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Index  Electromagnetic waves….. 1  Radio waves……………………..2  Microwaves……………………...3  Infrared waves…………………4  Visible light……………………...5  Ultraviolet……………………….6  X-rays………………………………..7  Gamma rays ………………………..8  Conclusions ……………………….9  Citations …………………………..10 Electromagnetic Waves: Electromagnetic waves are a type of transverse waves that have electric and magnetic properties. Electromagnetic waves are able to travel as vibrations in both, electric and magnetic fields that perpendicular to each other. This type of wave does not require a medium to travel through, but it can also travel through a medium. Electromagnetic waves behave as other waves, meaning that they can diffract, reflect, refract and interfere, besides other different actions. They all travel at a same speed of 300,000 Km/s at a vacuum, and they travel slower when in a vacuum.

Radio Waves Radio waves are considered to be the first wave of the electromagnetic spectrum, if we view it from longest wavelength or from lowest frequency. Radio waves have a wavelength oscillating from about 1 millimeter and 100 Kilometers. On the other hand, this wave has a frequency between 3,000 Hertz and 3 X 1010 Hertz. Radio-Radar

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Tired of not knowing where you are? The brand new radar, innovative, new, but most of all, efficient, is capable of providing you the exact location in which you are at. It’s ideal for tourists, you can´t get lost! (Antennas are sold separately). Warning: If not near an antenna, you may indeed get lost.

Portable Radio

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You can now tell that you heard it on your radio. Tune from the news to your favorite music albums/songs with versatility. (FM or AM included). Remember every event happening on the radio is live, and reported directly from the nearest antenna on your zone. Warning: If driving through a faraway zone, the signal of the wave may be interfered or even damaged, so stay on track, no tricky pathways.

Microwaves Microwaves are located between radio waves and infrared rays on the electromagnetic spectrum. These waves have a shorter wavelength and a higher frequency than radio waves, but a longer wavelength and lower frequency than infrared rays. The frequency of microwaves can differ in the amounts between 3 X 1010 Hertz and 3 X 1011 Hertz. Also, this type of electromagnetic wave possesses a wavelength of about 1 millimeter to 1 centimeter. Ultra-Smartphone guarantee

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A communication device could have never been better. The portable electronic device detects your thinking to text and talk with the person you want to. This artifact uses microwaves in order for you to communicate with your family, friends or girlfriend. Why is it the best option? It is cheaper, more efficient and uses the quality of microwaves of the electromagnetic spectrum. Warning: quality does not reflect on the sound, but on the light given by the cellphone and also during communication. (Available in two colors: black and white).

“The Heat is Hot”

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Are you tired of eating cold food? This will no longer happen due to the new microwave heater. It penetrates the food you eat and causes its molecules to vibrate and get heated. Finally enjoy a “hot” dinner after returning tired from work. (You recive courtesy food for over one week to test your brand new microwave). In case there are problems with the artifact, call the engineer and he will instantly repair it for you to eat. Warning: Don´t let any time pass to call your manager, or else you will have to stand the taste of a cold food.

Infrared Rays Infrared rays are located between microwaves and visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum. In relation to these two types of waves mentioned previously, the infrared has a shorter wavelength and higher frequency than a microwave, but a longer wavelength and lower frequency compared to visible light. The length of an infrared´s wavelength is of: about 1 millimeter and 0.740 nanometers. The frequency of an infrared ray is between 4.05 X 1014 Hertz and 3 X 1011 Hertz. Galaxy Detector

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Aren´t you tired of the same world? It has been years since customers stopped getting amazed for the lack of new inventions. Have you ever wondered what was it like to live in another planet? Check out our planet detector that uses infrared rays to detect the different planets surrounding the Milky Way. (Consult your nearest rocket dealer to reach these planets far away). We provide the artifact to reach the planets, but the travelling is not our responsibility although we are sponsored the different rocket supporters. Warning: We are not responsible for possible hallucinations after this marvelous voyage.

MEL-1 Remote Control

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Why is our product the best? The answer is simple, because it uses infrared rays. Buy this new remote control, compatible to any type of television (plasma, LED). This controller uses wireless connection to the port that works to change channels. (Remember, a TV is not included unless you pay what takes to buy one). An innovation made on this is that it does not use batteries, meaning that it works most of the time. Warning: If the signal is interrupted, the worst thing that could happen would be that you would need to stand up and change the channels manually.

Visible Light In the electromagnetic spectrum, visible light is located between infrared and ultraviolet. Visible light is the light that we can actually see with our eyes. The frequency of visible light is of: 4.05 X 1014 Hertz (the red color) and 7.90 X 1014 Hertz (the violet color). On the other hand, the red color has a wavelength of 740 nanometers, whereas that the violet color has a wavelength of 380 nanometers. Rainbow CD

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Forget painting your house or putting fancy paintings or artifacts in our wall, that is simply tiredness and a useless spend. With our CD like product, create rainbows all around your house, with light reflecting on the disc and transmitting the different colors of the rainbow to your walls: red, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet. Warning: If the lights are turned off, the decoration may not be seen by your visits.

Visible Light Filters

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Aren´t you tired of spending your money on an HD camera, but not getting the colors you want to get in your pictures? Well, the solution is very simple, and actually you don´t even need this kind of camera, all you need are the visible light filters to get the colors you want on your pictures. (It is ideal for photographers). Warning: If not taken care properly, the quality of your pictures will be vague.

Ultraviolet Light The Ultraviolet light is named as this because it is “above” violet, which has the highest energy among all colors, meaning that we can´t see it. The wavelength of an ultraviolet ray goes from 10 nanometers to 400 nanometers, while the frequency is of 7.5 X 1016 Hertz and 3 X 1016 Hertz. Ultraviolet 2340 Portable Scanner


Are you willing to have a healthy life? With our new Ultraviolet 2340 Portable Scanner you can have these benefits for a healthy eating menu. With your scanner, make sure to get rid of bacteria and other organisms that may be inside your food by sterilizing it.(It also sterilizes cutlery). (Batteries are not included withthe product). This scanner can live up to 3 days without any need of charging. Plus: Order now and get a free travel bag for your scanner so you can take it anywhere you wish. Order now and you will never regret it! Warning: Be sure not to be exposed for a long time, since it can be harmful by causing skin burn, skin cancer or damage the vision (eyes).

Nutrition Rays This ultraviolet light I not just harmful, actually it stimulates the skin cells of humans to produce vitamin D to have strong bones and teeth. Our product can make you bite strongly and eat better than ever. It also stimulates customers to maintain or even make their teeth brighter and stronger than it is now. Warning: Do not exceed exposure thinking that it´ll make your teeth and bones stronger, it may just kill you instead. Be exposed in a dosage amount of time (with regularity).

X-Rays In the electromagnetic spectrum, x-rays are located between ultraviolet rays and gamma rays. X-Rays have a very short wavelength, and hence a high frequency. To prove so, the wavelength of an x-ray is of 0.01 nanometers and 10 nanometers, while the frequency of the same light wave is of 3 X 1016 Hertz and 3 X 1019 Hertz. Prevent Terrorism Campaign

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Prevent terrorism, a practice that has commonly increased nowadays. Secure the life and the flight of your passengers. The brand new hand-scanner permits the authorities of the different transportation mediums to track the artifacts everyone carries on their trip. Travelling has never been safer! Warning: Be strict about scanning everyone but do not exceed the exposure on one individual only.

Detectives and Clues

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Have you ever dreamt of being a detective when you were a child? We bet at some point everyone had an inspiration during the childhood to have this profession. Stop crimes with your X-Ray scanner. Locate the part of the body where a bullet hit the victim or even an object that led to his death. Warning: If you do not resist violence scenes, do not use the XRays or else take the risk to pass out.

Gamma Rays Gamma rays are the last type of electromagneti wave in the spectrum. This wave has the shortest wavelength, but the highest frequency of all light waves. As difference to other waves, gamma rays are able to penetrate most likely everyhting since they have the most energy. The frequency of a gamma ray is of 1 X 1019 Hertz and its wavelength consists of under 1 X 10-11meters. Therapy against Cancer

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Finally, one of the worst diseases, cancer has a treatment. This disease has killed many important figures such as: Hugo ChĂĄvez, president of Venezuela. Gamma rays have found the way to treat cancer, and in some cases even to defeat it after a long term therapy that requires compromise but most of all of will. Our treatment not just offers the possibility to defeat cancer, but also to increase the hope of the spirit by letting it know that everything can be possible. Warning: There might be a possibility that the treatment is not successful.

Cellular Activity

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Have you wondered how the cell´s activity inside your body is? With simple gamma rays, you may detect cellular activity on the different regions of your body (recommended in the brain so you know why you think that way). Warning: If your cells get killed after too much exposure, you may have the same faith unfortunately.

Conclusions: 1.

An engineer needs some electromagnetic waves to detect cracks in the joints of an oil pipeline. Which types of waves would you recommend? Explain your choice. If the engineer needs the provision of electromagnetic waves to find the cracks in the joints of an oil pipeline, he would have to use x-rays. X-Rays would be the best selection to detect small cracks in the pipeline since it is able to penetrate most matter. It is usually used In medical imaging, but instead, here it would produce an image of the pipeline, making the crack(s) be highlighted and different from the rest of the structure.


A customer doesn’t believe your claim that electromagnetic radiation does not need a medium. How could you prove that your claim is true? In order to prove this client that he is wrong on attempting to tell us that our claim that electromagnetic radiation does not need a medium to travel through first of all, our response would be that we are able to see light in space, or at least people that have travelled through space could see light, meaning that the waves there travel without a medium because outer space is a vacuum, and therefore there is no such thing as matter nor a medium there. Another fact we could use to support our claim would be that an example of a light wave: gamma rays, is created on outer space, but it can still reach Earth for the same reason mentioned previously.


Your company just purchased 10,000 fireflies. Why do you think your company would be interested in these organisms? Justify your answer. The reason why our company just purchased 10,000 fireflies is because the fireflies are insects that provide light. Our company would be interested in these organisms because they are a medium of providing visible light to customers instead of using light bulbs.

By: Roberto Beneras, Canela Cobo, Paula López, Paulo Torres

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