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Common Issues or trend noticed after using a lesson learned approach. After having several meetings and learning from common trends what happens next is still is up to an organisation to fix this issues. Have you ever noticed the common issues, how were you able to resolve this issues in Organisation? 1 Lack of Inside Knowledge of the System/Application Ensure that there is an Internal expert or someone that has the knowledge of the product before buying the product or implementing a product Ensure that we have an Internal Resource that has a wealth of experience in the field before embarking on a project otherwise get a consultant/3 party till handover takes place Identify who the implementation system manager should be to accept the handover of the product; ideally it should be done during the Project Initiation stage and properly managed during transition 2 Quality statistics for the number of defect should be monitored and made available with a set tolerance pass rate being set before allowing a project/product to be released before a go live is approved e.g showing the no.of defects, number of resolved errors and who it is assigned to before releasing the product to the users Quality assurance process should be well defined 3

Communication Issues/Discussion

A. Implement regular formal project meetings with meeting notes shared on a central site B. Adequate support from senior management and stakeholders to get buy in before the commencement of a project, if they do not have a vested interest then there is no point starting the project till one can identify someone that can make decisions. C. Communication plan should be in place in a project plan that identifies who to contact in several cases. D. Consistent communication of any cultural change in the system or the way organisation does things should be publicised to the wider audience before commencing the project E. Gather regular feedback with surveys,questionaires,1 on 1 regular catch-up session F.

A dialogue/meeting should be held to discuss the level of involvement on a project between IT Support services, project leader/Technical leader and if possible create a responsibility matrix(RACI) To identify clear responsibility for the operational handover in a project

G. Input of any project that will affect the global community should be communicated at the start to the wider audience H. Having a divisional presentation on new processes or tools or new projects should be communicated to gather people interest on what’s going on in the department 4

Identify the product Success Criteria before Release

1. E.g Number of Higher priority defects 2. The number of defects that has decreased for x weeks and the estimated number of residual defects is acceptable 3. Performance goals achieved on all target platforms 4. Specific required functionality is fully operational 5. Quantitative reliability goals are satisfied 6. X% of system test have been passed 7. Specified legal, contractual, or regulatory goals are met 8. The optimum market place time to release has arrived 9. Customer acceptance criteria are satisfied Whatever criteria used should realistic, objectively measurable, documented and aligned with what quality means to our customers


Prioritise projects better

Adopt a better prioritisation model to identify projects that are of value to the organisation rather than taking a project based on popularity request


Resource planning issue

Resource planning issue should now become a priority in project environment has their are limiting resources and time constraint to meet demand , we should therefore give urgent attention to how we manage resources Identify and monitor critical part of any project and other dependencies and plan for this duration in the project plan Use proper estimation techniques such Pert estimation and network diagram to determine the critical parts. We need a better visibility on the availability of resources within each division and this can be shown using an excel sheet which is shared and accessed by all.

Review project plan produced by project manager to get an understanding of the task ahead of team of resources, identify when a particular unit will be needed to work on projects and we can plan this schedule to show a period of 3months ahead with the expected projects, System Requirement and capability living a window for new task or BAU activity Review availability with team leader/resource manager and create a calendar showing team’s workload for the next 6months to understand their capacity/workload and how many task they can take in parallel. Ask the project manager or team lead an approximate of how much effort is required to complete the task and use that to plan respectively Those not involved in operational or support areas are to project manage projects

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Training/Handover processes Training should be provided to support the team in carrying assigned task/Documented manual will help or videos which users can view when needed. Training should be provided to the project team on the method or approach a project will take i.e agile, scrum or kanban etc Proper handover document should be made available to the test teams/operations team/IT Service desk before deployment etc. ICT should ensure that a product meets its requirement/expectation before signing off to accept Provide the necessary training before handover is completed, also include the training period into the project plan/schedule. System Requirement and capability Ensure that infrastructure capacity is accounted for at project initialization and budget assigned if necessary, check the system requirement necessary, system capacity which ensures that we can implement the product or carryout the project Allow department to specify an outline requirement for project to be handled Develop an estimation procedures and checklist/requirement document which matches a unit expectation that everyone can use e.g Security department might produce its requirement document or expectation document/Network team may have a separate requirement document and standards/checklist/ so also the design team/test team/operation team/service desk will all have different expectation for requirement let all be specified with the duration of efforts on task and their availability this should be reviewed regularly showing standard or metrics we can all follow before pushing a task to another unit and this should be stored on a central location where others can view.

The project team should focus on how to track the delivery of in scope and scope fall out Create a project delivery folder that monitors delivery based on the milestones set in project definition and find a way to track outstanding work Create a project delivery folder that monitors delivery based on the milestones set in project definition and find a way to track outstanding Resultwork on accepted change note should be fed back into the project plan and monitor progress using Status Updates or daily scrum meeting. Result on accepted change note should be fed back into the project plan. Standardize all templates and procedures across all departments

Common issues or trend noticed after using a lesson learned approach  
Common issues or trend noticed after using a lesson learned approach  

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