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ISSUE #5 / JAN/FEB 2012


BOARD OF DIRECTORS CONTENTS MISSION Harry Helling The Ecology Center seeks to bring all Chairman, members of the community together in Crystal Cove Alliance a solutions-based educational setting to Jamie Welsh create a healthy and abundant future for Co-Chairman, 10% Solution all of Orange County.

Jan/Feb 2012 Issue #5

Dale Howe

03. 2  011 RECAP Evan Marks

04. T  OOLS FOR CHANGE Evan Marks

06. P  ROFIT WITH A PURPOSE Trisha Deshmukh

07. E  CO-LABS Evan Marks



12. T  UNING INTO HOME Christian Beamish

13. BOOK REVIEWS Christian Beamish

Treasurer, CPA VISION The Ecology Center is founded on the principle that people can make a difference. Individual actions can transform the community, elevating the health of our environment for future generations.

Cristina Cherpas Changing Lanes Kimberly Krantz

The Boeing Company CONTRIBUTORS

Evan Marks


Having worked extensively in California and abroad, Evan Marks learned firsthand that that people have the ability to directly impact the environment by taking matters into their own hands. Inspired to instigate change in his community, Marks created The Ecology Center in 2008 to serve as a community hub for a solutions-based ecological educational setting.

Christian Beamish WRITER / EDITOR

Former Associate Editor of The Surfer's Journal and author of the upcoming book The Voyage of the Cormorant (Summer 2012, Patagonia Books), is also a naturalist, a surfboard shaper, and a follower of John Muir's nature philosophy.


Trisha Deshmukh


Trisha Deshmukh has worked for nonprofits in New York and California, writing grants and managing programs. She has a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley and an MPA specializing in nonprofit management from New York University.


David Rager


David Rager lives and works in Paris, France where he solves problems using design as a tool. When he’s not at his desk he’s likely to be found out and about trying to perfect the art of a beautiful daily life.

Scott Sporleder PHOTOGRAPHER

Since graduating from San Diego State University, Scott has dedicated 3 months a year to travel and photographing the world's unique cultures. While not on the road, you can visit Scott every summer at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach. You can can also view his travel photography at


Maxwell Isles Secretary, Transition Laguna Beach

Shaheen Sadeghi Lab Holding Evan Marks Executive Director FOUNDING MEMBERS

Kris Linn & David Bronner Mary Cook & Jerry Elliott The Joseph Hoyt Foundation Donna & Ken Friess Marjorie Lesovsky Sylvia Marks Vicki & David Marks Jan & Warren Siegel Sambazon The Segerstrom Foundation Quiksilver Foundation Volcom VISIONARY

Hurley Anonymous The Boeing Company SDG&E Ford Motor Company Pacific Life Foundation New Belgium Brewing Swayne Family Foundation Roger & Helen Abramson Carl & Dotty Hagmier John Paul Anton & Jennifer Segerstrom GUARDIAN

Chuck & Terri Benson Cox Communications Cristina Cherpas Brian Dunn Dale & Rita Howe Thelma Machlin Bruce & Barbara Matsui Marcy Pattinson Kate & Buz Roberts Steve & Celina Stratton Jamie Welsh SUSTAINER

Anne Bowlus Kirsten Horning Killer Dana Norm & Theola Kirschenbaum Andrew Malone Six Degrees LA The Winkler Family


Brad & Joanne Allen John & Donna Amette Lora Allison Christopher Blank Mike & Debbie Bosse Barry Campbell Phil & Alisa Chacon George & Ines Cuzakis Andrea Drexelius Marty Enniss Marissa Floyd Sheryl Gillett Tom & Nancy Hawkins Harry & Kathy Helling Douglas Hibbard Evette Jaeger Jeff & Jennifer Kirschenbaum Mark & Vicki Khrumin Lindsey Koob & Therry Vargas Larry & Christine Kramer Kimberly Krantz Jeanne Congdon Leonard Francoise Levine Barbara Lorenz Greg & Barbara MacGillivray Shaun & Katie MacGillivray Gail Massoll & Roger Mangrum Manuella Melchert Jon & Danielle Morris Christiana Nibbe & Richard Rook John Nikelsky & Jeannie Blilie Lisa & Russell Parks Isobel Pelham Amy Rasmussen Ken Ravitz Vicki & Robert Redding Olivia Remijio Shaheen & Linda Sadeghi Joe Sands Dani Sellers Stuart & Cheryl Shapiro Andrew Sieger & Lori Marmolejo Elisa Slee Graham & Bahara Stapelberg Kathy Tanaka Dylan & Kimberly Taylor Jessica & Drew Watkins Dee White Jean Wilson Dolores & Gary Wright Kelley & Heidi York ADVOCATE

John K. Adams Kate Bartholomew Brian Black Anne Caringella Corrainne Carroll Sandy Cestari Colleen Cowell Vipe and Kim Desai Daniel & Elizabeth Evans Heidi Figge Brett Flaherty Andrea Gates Tammy Glossip Dick & Nancy Gray

Craig & Teresa Heberer Becky Heinzen Teresa Howe Sue Jackson Bridget Lanigan Betty Lou Kelly Joyce Kiel Nia Kiel Charles Lenz Christine Maclean Brad Marshall Sean Mastler Janet Miscione Cristie Montgomery Carlene Myers Leslie Nelson Mayra Noveron Jeanette Orel Debbee & Steve Pezman Dick & Shar Pulice Pamela Quigley Laila & Nessa Raiza Debby Rightmire Lisa Rosen Arne Rosencrantz Jane Ryan Pat Ryan Derek & Sibley Sabori Tirzah Schmaltz Alice Schreiner Scott Sporleder Tupper Spring Hannah Day Sullivan Tracie Sullivan Marianne Susong Linda S. Thomas Janice Turner Judy Tyler Jenny Vidal Laura Waite Gary Zegley COMMUNITY

Alex Balazs Marilyn Egler Victoria Foley Robert Hagstrom Idelis Herrera & Kyle Thordarson Elise Higley Matthew Honey Hannelore Inman Andrew Klimkowski Robert Layton Anna Lodder Scott McGregor Samantha McIntosh Jody Pike Erica Rubin Tom William Sue Winterhoff

Profile for The Ecology Center

Evolve / Issue 05 / Tools For Change  

An eco-journal of obtainable and sustainable solutions curated by The Ecology Center

Evolve / Issue 05 / Tools For Change  

An eco-journal of obtainable and sustainable solutions curated by The Ecology Center