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Historical Organ in Cantrell needs repair Time not only takes a toll on people, but also on musical instruments. Read more on page 2

February 11, 2011 Volume 82 Issue 15

SNU dodgeball: Where legends are made The first things you ever need to know about dodgeball are the five “D’s” of dodgeball. Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge. Read more on page 8


Southern Nazarene University – Bethany, OK (405)491-6382 SNU’s Bethany campus closes for three consecutive days

day’- safety of our students, faculty, and staff being of primary concern,” Jones said. “Weather warnings and watch status as issued by the National Weather Service are probably the single most important piece of data. That is why we cancelled class for Tuesday on Monday before any snow had fallen,” Strawn said. Students were made aware of campus closings through the SNU Alert system. There was cheering in Sodexo on Monday evening, during the dinner hour, as students si- The Bethany campus receives a 6-inch layer of snow. Photo by Kelly Hall, Echo Editor multaneously received the text message announcing the following vided the material for spontane- cold protection and most of the day’s campus closing; although by ous snowball fights across campus guys were bundled up like Eskithe third day, the student popula- over the course of three days. mos,” Richard Mooers, sophotion had mixed feelings about the Others, however, enjoyed the more, said. continuous cancellations. snow in a perhaps more unconSNU has successfully survived “On the one hand, it is nice ventional way. For example, a the storm, jokingly referred to as to get a break from classes in the group of students enjoyed a game “Snowpocalypse 2011,” and, for middle of the week. On the other, of snow football. the most part, students and faculty having as many days off back to “We were out in the snow play- enjoyed their few days off. Negative temperatures freeze over the campus fountain. Photo back with very ing football Students venture out Thursday to enjoy the last of their surprise by Kelly Hall, Echo Editor little ability to at about 2:30 snow break. Photo by Kelly Hall, Echo Editor leave campus in the mornhas left both ing with about others and 15 or so guys. myself with [a We would play case of] cabin about 15 or fever,” Stepha- 20 plays then nie Mabe, a se- head back innior psycholo- side to get gy major, said. warmed up. The fresh Everyone had snow pro- some sort of Brad Crofford, Staff Reporter SNU closed both the Bethany and the Tulsa campuses from February 1 to February 3 because of the major winter storm that passed over the Midwest and the risks associated with the ice and snow that lingered. Additionally, the Tulsa campus remained closed on Friday, February 4. The main people involved in the decision to close campus for a snow days are Dr. Mary Jones, University Provost; Donna Nance, Vice-President for Financial Affairs; Dr. Scott Strawn, Vice-President of Student Development; and Ron Lester, Facilities Management Director. When asked what these individuals weigh when determining if the campus should be close, Jones noted that there are numerous considerations. “We look at all sorts of factors in making a decision about a ‘snow






A mass of protesters maintained their ground at the epicenter of demonstrations Wednesday after Egypt’s vice president said the call for President Hosni Mubarak’s immediate departure is disrespectful to the people of the country.


Traffic is stopped on a road through a submerged banana plantation near the Queensland town of Tully, Australia, on Feb. 3, after Cyclone Yasi passed through the northern part of the state. Australia’s biggest cyclone in a century pummeled the coast and shattered entire towns as it churned across the country. Damage was substantial.


Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg obtained a restraining order against 31-year-old Pradeep Manukonda, claiming he is a threat to Zuckerberg, his sister Randi Zuckerberg, and girlfriend Priscilla Chan.

Historical organ in cantrell music hall needs repairs Jaclynn Gray, Staff Reporter could, was stuck at his hotel on tory of the instrument. Time not only takes a toll on Tuesday due to weather, and re“I would be sad if it were ever people, but also on musical instru- sumed work that Wednesday. replaced. It is, when it works, one ments. The organ will not be fixed over of the finest tracker instruments in The 32-year-old historic organ night, but it is in the process of the area,” Taggart said. in Cantrell Music Hall needed a getting back to tip-top shape and SNU is very fortunate to have visit to the doctor. keeping its historical importance wonderful connections at BFC, as The organ is a mechanical-action in the Music Department and well as several other local churches. tracker organ; meaning there is no around the community. School of Music students who electrical connection between the The Music Department said need a place to practice can regukeys and the pipe. the problems with the organ were larly do so on the organs available Instead, there is a series of le- not severe enough to warrant a re- at these churches. vers and wood slats that open the placement, and chose to repair the Questions concerning practice valve beneath the pipe. Cantrell organ instead, partially times should be directed to the Over the years these have be- because of the quality and the his- Music department. come warped or broken, The restoration of the 35-year-old Cantrell Organ is still in progress. Photo by Sarah Privott, and this causes complica- Photo Editor tions in practicing and performing at recitals. Several notes were dead on each keyboard, as well as some of the petals. “This was frustrating, but nothing could be done due to lack of funds until recently,” Corbin Taggart, senior, said. Even though the organ is 32 years old, the tracker mechanical action that it uses dates back thousands of years. “It is very important to fix and maintain the instrument, otherwise it will just get worse, as with anything of age, “ Taggart said. To make matters worse, another large issue is that the organ has shifted on its concrete foundation, and is essentially falling away from the wall and tipping towards the audience. “I’m glad we received funds when we did, it was just in dreadful condition. Because of the condition I was unable to practice properly for my recital,” Taggart said. A repairman came a few Sundays ago, he worked all day Monday, fixed what he




Storm Survival Kit program provides a new way to encourage students Abby Johnson, Staff Reporter Following a mid-week snow break, many SNU students are slowly finding themselves needing an extra boost of encouragement. College students are constantly required to work hard to finish homework, study for tests, turn in assignments and write papers. Usually, encouragement takes the form of long, wordy talks, ending with some form of advice from parents or authority figures. Or in some cases, the “thinking of you card” sent by our grandparents, encouraging us to keep working hard. With encouragement taking on a new shape in recent years, SNU has developed a program that provides students with the extra boost of encouragement they need. The Storm Survival Kit program gives students and parents the chance to send a gift basket to world-weary SNU students. “The Survival Kits give parents the opportunity to be able to send students something they like; something that is packaged well,” Marian

Redwine, Director of Community Life, said. “[They are] treat baskets that parents can send to their students to brighten their day, lift their spirits when they’re not feeling well or have a big test,” Redwine said. The idea for the kits was developed during the summer, as Redwine examined the different options available to students at our campus and other students at campuses across the nation. “I liked the idea of having something easy for parents to send if they wanted to get something for their student,” Redwine said. The Storm Survival Kits have been available since the beginning of the year, and a large number of parents and students have already

Congratulations to the winners of last week’s gift card contest, Abby Jaggers and Madison Ferrell. Keep reading ‘The Echo’ this semester for more chances to win.

taken advantage of this service. “About 150-200 kits have been sent out this school year,” Redwine said. The program is rapidly developing and providing the encouragement and motivational Storm Survival Kits come in three different varieties. All opboost many stu- tions are detailed at Pictures provided by SGA dents need. pen,” Redwine said. The Student Development ofThere are currently three Survivfice plans to continue the program al Kit options available, with each next year, changing it as new ideas kit costing the same amount, $23. are added and new suggestions are Survival Kits can be purchased made. through the SNU Student Gov“If parents make suggestions we ernment Association website, at can make work, we’ll make it hap-


February 11, 2011

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Fish “sleep” at the top of the bowl Morgan Koehn, Opinions Editor As we all know, life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows. Sometimes we just feel like we’re riding the rollercoaster without a seatbelt. We’re just trying to make it to the next turn without falling out. And unfortunately I experienced this last week. Luckily, it was on a small scale; however, it did involve death, which no one likes. Whenever I got out of class on Friday afternoon, I put my key in the door and quickly turned the knob to step out of the frigid air. I walked straight through my apartment without looking up, missing something on the way. When I walked back into the kitchen a moment later, I noticed an unusual bowl—not a cereal or soup bowl. It was a large glass bowl full of water with pink rocks at the bottom. My sweet fiancé left a note asking me to Heartpal with five fish swimming around in the water. Of course, I was so excited, and I loved the surprise. I know a fish is not a “cool” pet to have, but I’d always secretly wanted one. It’s not the kind of pet I feel anyone should buy. Personally, I think fish should be a gift, which worked perfectly for me in my invitation to Heartpal. A bunch of girls were getting ready for the evening over at my apartment. After an hour or so had passed, my roommate went into the kitchen and yelled, “Hey, Morgan, your little fish are sleeping!” I immediately yelled back, “Aren’t they great? My favorite is the one that swims laps around the bowl.” I was working on a friend’s hair, so I wasn’t focused on what Tamara was actually telling me. My new goldfish friends were dying, floating on the surface of the water. To use a few common clichés, they took their last few breaths with one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave. My fish went belly up. They kicked the bucket and bit the dust. They went out in a blaze of glory and were pushing up daisies.

So there I was … heartbroken and alone. I was up, and I was down. I was high, and I was low. And my fish were dead, dead, dead. Now when I go in the kitchen, there’s a fish bowl setting on the table with zero occupancy to remind me of the fish I could have loved. I heightened my emotional state in the telling of this story only to suggest to you how the smallest things throughout our day can impact us much more than they should. I was thinking, Didn’t Chris know to distill the water before transferring the fish? Yes, he did. But he didn’t intend for me to keep the fish; he was going for the whole it’sthe-thought-that-counts scenario. He filled the bowl with cold tap water, for goodness sakes. Of course the fish died. There are some circumstances in life that we blow way out of proportion, and this is a perfect example. I heard a very wise preacher once say, “Worrying is our indication to pray.” And I think he was right. If there were an award given to the worst worrier, I would receive it. And my little fish incident is a small reminder to not sweat the small stuff. And if you’re going to worry, worry about things that re-

ally matter. Some say, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” But I say, “Don’t pout over dead fish.”

Illustrations by Samuel Duce




He said, she said Herschel Hepler and Ashley Lugrand, ECHO Columnists HE: All right, here’s what we’re going to do, Lugrand. I have some thoughts and questions about girls that I have always pondered over, wasting precious hours of my manly life, and I am selecting you to give me (a.k.a. Herschel, the representative of true manhood) clear answers. So, if you would be so kind, please accept my proposition. SHE: Well, I am both honored and a little frightened. I would hate to misrepresent the female population because girls can be a tad bit scary. But throw your questions out there, and I’ll knock them out of the park! HE: Oh, snap, a sports metaphor … impressive! SHE: That’s right. I’m going to destroy some myths here. HE: How commendable. Anyway, here is my first question, miss destroyer of myths: would you say that girls get all dressed up, wear makeup, and make themselves all nice and pretty in order to feel comfortable around other guys or around other girls? It seems to me the answer would be yes. But as a girl, you would know better than I would. So what do you think? Please explain your answer. SHE: Well I would say there is definitely an element of self-respect involved in the way we dress. Experts (whoever they may be in this case) will tell you, if you want to do well on tests or even just working from home, you should dress up. People (and girls are people no matter how they may be acting) feel better about themselves when they look nice. I would say other females are the next most important motivating factor. Whether they realize this or not, girls generally judge other girls more than guys do. Guys are a factor, and you can’t deny the fact that some guys respond better when a girl is all dressed-up, made-up, and feminine. So it’s all three. Plus societal expectations are thrown in there somewhere. A long answer I know, but we can sometimes be a tiny bit complicated ... or so I’ve heard. HE: Okay, that makes sense. I just wanted to make sure because most of the guys I talk to agree that makeup and pretty clothes don’t have to be a daily thing. In some cases, if a girl looks “pretty” (meaning dressed really nice) every day, the assumption is that she is

ten style list of the reasons I’ve heard. high maintenance, but enough of that stuff. Ladies, if you’ve never considered the Let us move on. reasons why you go to the bathroom in groups, My second question is as follows: why here is a list you can use to justify your admitare girls so mean to each other all the time? I’ve tedly strange behavior. Guys, though these seen “Mean Girls”, and I see what goes on here might not seem like serious reasons, they kind on campus; girls are stinkin’ mean to each oth- of are. er. There is so much backbiting and undercutting and rumor spreading and quick jabs that they disguise as a “joke”. It’s disgusting and a 1) To borrow makeup serious turn off. Please shed some light on this. SHE: First, I think girls are often unaware of how much of a turn off it is to guys. 2) So you can avoid awkward eye conMany girls don’t realize how much guys value tact with complete strangers loyalty, and I can’t necessarily say if we all did that type of behavior would stop. But, I would say the biggest reason girls are mean to one an3) So there is someone there to hold other is because we are insecure. the broken stall door closed We backbite and undercut and spread rumors about the girls who make us feel unworthy or less valuable. If they have something 4) So there is someone to hand you toiwe feel we need to be pretty or accepted, we let paper when you realize your stall is will poke and poke just to make ourselves feel a out little better. It’s sad, but that’s why. HE: Oh my goodness, I absolutely hate that fact about our sinful nature, and we all 5) So there is someone you know to are guilty of it. Guys undercut and backbite in stand in line with (Yes, there are lines in competitive situations while girls do the same the women’s bathroom.) in social interactions. I hate it. It is repulsive how we see someone that may be better off than us in a certain context, and our solution 6) So there is someone there to tell you is to lower their status and cut their legs out if you tucked your dress into your hose from under them so that we can stand on their or have TP stuck to your shoe shoulders selfishly triumphant like some kind of god. And then we turn around the next 7) To escape awkward situations weekend, go to church, raise our hands in worship, and claim to be a God-fearing Christian. Yikes. We should all read Isaiah 1 daily. I need 8) (On a double date) to talk about to cool off; obviously the topic touches on an the guys; It’s mean, sure. But you guys idea of our selfishness that really gets under my don’t have to worry if you don’t say skin. Any further thoughts? weird things. SHE: Nope, that seems to cover it quite nicely. Any other questions for me? HE: Oh, of course, enough to fill this 9) Safety in numbers newspaper 10 times over. But for the sake of time and the reader’s boredom, I’ll limit it to 10) So you don’t look stupid searching one more. Here it is, the final question, the for a bathroom all by yourself most important of them all: why in the world do girls go to the bathroom in groups? Weird. SHE: I have to honestly say I’m not HE: Wow. I now know everything there completely sure. I can, however, give you a top is to know about girls. Neat.



Right Left VS

There is no “internet kill switch.” There has, however, been some controversy about a cybersecurity proposal in Congress advanced by Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT), Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), and Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE). This proposal would allow the President to take emergency measures to quarantine or possibly shut down parts of the Internet related to critical infrastructure in the event of a cyber-attack against the U.S. These emergencies would not remain in place after 120 days unless approved by Congress. The members of the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committees plan to reintroduce this proposal, essentially the same as the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act from 2010, which has critics likening the

Protecting cyberspace as a national asset

situation to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s temporary shutdown of Egypt’s Internet. However, the limitations on when it can be used (in the event of a cyberattack), what it can be used on (those parts of the Internet related

bill that is passed or a different one, it is imperative for Congress to consider this issue. Current law allows the President to shut down or take over wire and radio communications if there is a threat or state of war. There is some disa g r eem e n t as to whether or not the Internet actually falls under this category. For example, while Adam Cohen writing for Time states that the PresiPhoto courtesy of Google images. dent’s auto critical infrastructure), and later thority under the 1934 law includes congressional approval ensure that the Internet, Gregory Nojeim, it won’t be used to stifle freedom senior counsel for the Center for of speech. Democracy and Technology, is Whether it is this specific quoted by PC World as saying that

Tim Rice, ECHO Columnist Our dear Congress has chosen a very bad time to introduce legislation calling for any semblance of government control over the Internet. Not only was the bill introduced while the country of Egypt had cut itself off from the world for the sole purpose of depriving its people of information and a voice, it was also introduced when the PATRIOT Act was being reconsidered. Either Congress likes very stressful days or likes to group similar legislation in very tight sessions. Not only is this bill an unwise move on the part of many Congress members who may get quite a bit of backlash later at the polls, it is also a redundant (if not utterly useless) set


of possible laws to add to the books. No major infrastructure in the United States is connected to the Internet at large. Any digital danger for the Hoover Dam comes from

Brad Crofford, ECHO Columnist whether the law applies to the Internet is “open to debate.” What law potentially gives the President this authority? … Section 706 of the Communications Act of 1934. Let me say that again. Our Internet security is based on a 77-year-old law that predates the Internet. As technology advances, so must our security measures and our legislation. Let’s be clear: cyber-attacks are not just theoretical but are very real. Jeffrey Carr, an expert on cyber-warfare writing an article on cyber-warfare for Forbes magazine, outlines five clear examples of cyber-warfare, dating from as far back as May 7, 1999, to as recently as January 2011. As the battlefields across the world are increasingly joined by battlefields in cyber-space, we must have clear, unambiguous legislation guiding how our commander-and-chief is to protect our nation.

any of its staff carelessly plugging flash drives that may be infected with dangerous software into computers inside the Hoover Dam network.

A poll conducted by the EastWest Institute supports the necessity for the bill. Chart courtesy of Google images.


SCORE BOARD Mens Basketball vs. John Brown W 55-51 vs. St. Gregory’s W 93-75 @ Oklahoma Baptist L 93-105 vs. USAO W 90-64 vs. Wayland Baptist W 74-65 vs. Lubbock Christian L 66-69

Womens Basketball vs. John Brown W 82-49 vs. St. Gregory’s W 73-50 @ Oklahoma Baptist W 68-46 vs. USAO W 76-52 vs. Wayland Baptist W 78-72 vs. Lubbock Christian L 63-72

Results and scores at


February 11, 2011

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Stealing one in Sawyer Courtesy of sports information BETHANY, Okla. — Xavier Alexander scored a game-high 18 points and added six rebounds for No. 12 Southern Nazarene in a 6966 loss to Lubbock Christian. The loss ends a nine-game home winning streak for the Crimson Storm (195, 12-4 SAC) inside the Sawyer Center. “I thought Lubbock was the aggressor for the larger portion of the game,” said SNU head coach Adam Bohac. “Especially there in the first half, they beat us to several loose balls and were playing with more purpose than we were on the offensive end. They are a talented team and they put some personnel groupings that made it tough on us defensively.” After the Chaparrals (14-8, 9-7 SAC) used a 9-2 run to take a 1410 lead with 12:39 left in the first half, LCU held off every SNU

MENS BASKETBALL @ Oklahoma Christian Saturday, February 12 8 p.m. @ Rogers State Thursday, February 17 8 p.m.

charge to pull off the upset. SNU trailed as much as 10 in the first half before the Chaps took a 35-27 lead into the break. LCU took its biggest lead of the game right out of the gate in the second half with Matt Read completed a traditional 3-point play

22 seconds on the clock to keep it at a 3-point game before Alexander went up strong to the goal and hit a quick two, but couldn’t draw a foul call, as SNU trailed just 6766 with three seconds left. LCU though was able to throw the ball the length of the court and Rashad

Photo by Matt hew Styers, Sports Information

to put LCU up 38-27. The Storm cut it to three twice before A.J. Thomas hit a free throw to make it 55-53 with 5:12 to play. Lubbock pushed it back to a six-point lead at 63-57, but the Storm answered with a 7-2 run, capped by a pair of C.J. Henry free throws, to make it a 65-64 game with 52 seconds left. Kenny Hewitt hit a jumper with

WOMENS BASKETBALL @ Oklahoma Christian Saturday, February 12 6 p.m. @ Rogers State Thursday, February 17 6 p.m.

Sample hit a layup at the buzzer to end the game. Thomas was the only other Storm in double-figures as he scored 12 points and dished out four assists. Horace McGloster added nine points while Henry had eight and six rebounds. LCU shot 45.3 percent (24-53) from the field and were 9-of-21 from 3-point range. The Chaps

TRACK AND FIELD @ Pittsburg State (Kan.) Saturday, February 11

BASEBALL vs. Ottawa (Kan.) Satirday, February 12 1 p.m. vs. Oklahoma City Tuesday, February 15 2 p.m. @ Northwood (Texas) Thursday, February 17




Stealing one continued from page 7 hit seven of those treys in the first half, going 7-for-14. Lubbock was also 12-for-15 at the line. SNU struggled from the charity stripe going 16-for-27, but shot 46.2 percent (24-52) from the field. SNU also had a hard time finding their stroke from outside

the arc, firing just 2-for-11. Read led LCU with 15 points while Hewitt had 13 and Williams had 10. The four-game home stand comes to a close Thursday night when SNU hosts Northwestern Oklahoma State for an 8 p.m.

game. “We just need to get better,” said Bohac. “It’s all of us. If we can admit that and have some humility and say today wasn’t just a bad day, but that we need to improve then we will come out a much better basketball team on Thursday.”

SNU dodgeball: where legends are made TRACK Gerrod Coney Del City, Oklahoma Freshman

Nickname Coney Interests & Hobbies Drawing and music Most Prized Possession Family Three Words that Best Describe Me Funny, hungry, athletic One Word That Describes My Coach Different If I Could Have Any Superpower It’d Be Teleportation to get out of tight situatuons A Non-Athletic Talent I Possess Doing the Michael Jackson Experience on Wii Biggest Fear Drowning As A Child, I Dreamed to Be A music artist What Motivates Me The fear of being a failure If I Could Be A Type of Food, I’d Be Mexican food Best Memory Winning state my Junior year Pet Peeve When people drive slow in the fast lane

Foster Biggers, staff reporter The first things you ever need to know about dodgeball are the five “D’s” of dodgeball. Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge. Knowing how to do all of these are simple, but putting Photo courtesy of SNU SGA them all together while under fire and balls flying at that the unique uniforms are for your face is something that only flash and fun, while other say it’s few ever piece together. for the aerodynamic edge they get Dodgeball isn’t a game for the while on the court. faint of heart, because as soon as “I’d say watching the Mosshart you let up for a moment, someone brothers look fly has always been on the other side of the court is one of my favorite memories of aiming a ball directly at your face. dodgeball,” Bryan Poff said. People will throw balls at you while Current SNU student, Braden you are down, while you have your Mosshart, and his older brother back turned, while you are falling, Even Mosshart, who is an alumni, and while you are trying to show have both dominated the fashion off for that pretty boy or girl in world of the SNU dodgeball tourthe stands that you are trying to nament. impress. Both have worn a wrestling “I like to blow a single kiss to leotard, and both have worn either the unfortunates who meet the a ridiculous bandanna or a fake fury of my throws,” said Senior beard. But being known as “the Ryan Campbell when asked about master of style” isn’t Braden’s fahis taunting skills. vorite thing about dodgeball. Dodgeball is always a place “My favorite move was last where you will find the strange year in the small gym when I and odd when it comes to clothing went 1-on-1 with Donna “Baxter” styles. From red, white, and blue Auter without a dodgeball. I juked, bandannas, to leopard leggings Barry Sanders style, a couple times, and fake beards, to short shorts dropped down in the pushup poand a wrestling leotard. Some say sition to evade a throw, and then

immediately threw myself back up to evade yet another throw. I tried to run on the wall after that and she got me,” Braden said. Team chemistr y is also key when trying to lodge a dodgeball in someone’s face. Having multiple people running after the same ball will easily get you picked off, or trying to form some kind of strategy midgame when you should have had a plan from the start. Having a brother on your team will always boost team chemistry; just ask the reining champions, the Bond brothers. “My favorite dodgeball strategy is “the human catapult.” I get on my hands and knees while Zach runs and jumps off my back where he then flies over the line into enemy territory and does work in the air,” David said. This years Dodgeball tournament will be on Friday, February 11 inside the Broadhurst Gymnasium where a new champion will be crowned. The new champion will have bragging rights for the next year and memories for a lifetime, with the possibility of lifetime injuries.




Death by three Courtesy of sports information BETHANY, Okla. — Abbey Marra scored 17 points and pulled down eight rebounds for No. 19 Southern Nazarene in a 72-63 loss to No. 22 Lubbock Christian, Saturday afternoon inside the Sawyer Center. The Lady Chaparrals (16-6, 13-3 SAC) move into a tie for second place with the Crimson Storm (19-5, 13-3 SAC), but have the tiebreaker by sweeping the season series if the tie should remain the rest of the year. The loss also snaps a seven-game win streak for SNU and increases LCU’s streak to seven straight. “I am proud of what we’ve done the past couple of weeks,” said SNU head coach Lori Carter. “I was disappointed today because for whatever reason they (LCU) just had more energy than we did.

They got to the loose balls and came up with big rebounds. We just didn’t do the things we needed to do to win the game.” LCU couldn’t miss in the second half from 3-point range as the Lady Chaps went 9-for-17 after shooting just 2-for-6 in the first half. Severyn Smith, Haley Burton and Brittany Hampton all hit a trio of threes as Smith led the Lady Chaps with 16 points. For the second straight night, SNU was just 1-for-12 from beyond the arc, yet still shot over 40 percent from the field. The Storm were 19-for-46 from the floor, but went cold in the second half. After shooting 57.1 percent from the field in the first half, SNU went just 7-for-25 from the field and 1-of-6 from 3-point range. “When things are going that well

like they have up until last night, you hope you shoot like that all season, but that’s tough to do,” said Carter in talking about SNU leading the NAIA in 3-point percentage coming into the game. “I think we started thinking about it. The bad thing is when you don’t hit from outside, it doesn’t open up things for you on the inside and that showed today.” SNU still had three players in double figures as Logan Martin scored 12 points while Audra Skimbo had 10. Martin also grabbed seven rebounds. The Storm held a one-point lead at halftime even though they turned the ball over 14 times. SNU answered to tie it at 42, but Smith scored seven points in a 10-2 run to give LCU a 5244 lead with 11 minutes left. The Storm cut it to 55-54 but that was Photo by Matt hew Styers, Sports Information as close as SNU came. The Lady Chaps responded with an 11-2 run to take a 66-56 lead and then took its biggest lead of the game twice at 69-58 and 71-60 before putting it away. The Crimson Storm now will host Northwestern Oklahoma State, Thursday, at 8 p.m. in the final game of a four-game home stand.

LUBBOCK, Texas —ofJackie Stevens Honors kicked off her 2011 indoor Marra Earns Player the Week track season in fashion as she captured first place with a 12.61-meter

throw Sports Information in the shot put as week. Southern Nazarene traveled Week selection to Texas for Tech Marra for and its SHAWNEE, fir LUBBOCK, Okla. — For the Texas She — scored Jackiea Stevens career-highkicked 22 the fifth offoverall her 2011 nod forindoor SNU this track fourth time season in fiveinweeks fashion and points as she andcaptured just missed afirst career-place season. with a 12.61-meter throw the third in straight the shot week, Southput as high Southern in rebounds Nazarene with 17 in the traveled Logan to Texas Martin, who Tech earned for its ern Nazarene first meet claimed of the the over USAO. the previous weeks’ honors, has er Athletic St LUBBOCK, Conference Women’s Texas She —scored Jackie 20 Stevens points and had kicked been off named herthree 2011 times. indoor track Basketball season Player ofin thefashion Week. 16 asboards she captured in the win over first Way-placeThe with Crimson a 12.61-meter Storm will host throw Abbeyin Marra thecontinued shot puttheas land Southern Baptist before Nazarene close the traveled Northwestern to Texas Oklahoma TechState, for its streak first after meet the junior of the center year.week with 17 points and eight Thursday at 6 p.m. in the final averaged Stevens 19.7 points knocked and 13.7 off rebounds Angeloagainst State’s Lubbock. (Texas) Kimberly game of a Williams four-game home and New rebounds Mexico’s in three games Shelby lastChancellor It was the second for the Playertitle. of theThat stand. mark already qualifies her for the NAIA Indoor National Championship. She also took

TRACK Kylie Cooper Edmond, Oklahoma Junior

Nickname Coop, Super Cooper, Coopster Interests & Hobbies Being fly Most Prized Possession Harry Potter Wand Three Words that Best Describe Me Hard-working, alpha-male, jackhammer One Word That Describes My Coach Featherweight If I Could Have Any Superpower, It’d Be Flying A Non-Athletic Talent I Possess Wiggling my ears Biggest Fear I am fearless As A Child, I Dreamed to Be A herpetologist What Motivates Me The desire to be number one If I Could Be A Type of Food, I’d Be A clementine Best Memory Any day from high school track Pet Peeve When people spell the word cool “kool” Favorite Quote/Verse Isaiah 41:10




February 11, 2011

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“The Wedge” serves up classy pizza, offers relaxing environment Bethany Warnock, ECHO columnist Every city has a cool strip, and Western Avenue seems to be ours. Every time I hear of a new, cool restaurant, it sits in that part of town. So it is with my new favorite pizza joint, The Wedge. When I pulled up on a beautiful Saturday, the place was packed. The memory of the amazing Margarita pizza from last time spurred me on, though. Parking down the street, I walked in to the small, comfortable space and sat up at a tall table. Lots of families and big groups seemed to be coming in and out, but while I was there, no one had to wait. It seemed as if the hostesses kept finding more and more space to seat folks. Everything about the inside was beautiful, but it seems like The Wedge is known for serving pizza outside on the patio. Outside, people played bocce ball after ordering, and the huge umbrellas kept the sun out of diner’s eyes. I also saw some kids playing with balls of pizza dough, keeping them plenty busy while waiting for their food. While more expensive than I want to pay every week, the Wedge’s $15 pizzas are worth saving up for. Plus, the one I got was more than enough for my lunch, and my roommate’s dinner. I’m sure that unless you crave weird toppings, splitting a Wedge pizza could be a great

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option to cut the cost. For a birthday party or a special night out, the Wedge also provides that little something extra- ritzy, but accessible. Now let me tell you about the pizzas- those things couldn’t taste any better if they were topped with locally grown vegetables. Oh wait, they are. After the chefs get back from the farmer’s market, they light up the brick oven that heats those delicious pies. Just knowing that your meal was roasted over a pecan wood fire can put you in the mood to enjoy yourself. Order from their list of pizzas (like the Vedge and the Italian Stallion) or check out the bottom of the menu for a “Build your own”. When I ordered, the waiter was fast to point out, “We’ll actually do the building for you just let us know what you’d like”. My bell pepper and spinach decision was one I could be proud of. Now, I like to stick to the classic pizza, but I’ve heard great things about the homemade meatballs, flatbreads, and salads. The folks at the Wedge use the freshest ingredients for everything they serve, including a delicious hummus. If you’re in the mood to check this place out, but happen to be downtown, you can be the first to tell me all about the new Wedge location in Bricktown - Deep Deuce. The addresses, hour, and menus of both pizzerias are online at



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Rothwell lectures Rothwell lectures Rothwell lectures



South Spring

Following the adventures of an SNU student studying abroad in Quito, Ecuador, South for the Spring features selections from the blog with the same name. South for the Spring is written by and printed with permission from Marlene Smith, a sophomore Spanish-English translation major currently enrolled in the NILI program. Read more about Marlene’s Ecuadorian experiences at



Quito Colonial

posted: February 4, 2011 at 1:08 pm Yesterday we had one of our field trips.


After leaving Colonial Quito we went to

ones as well as longer – they really help halfway through it. It’s called “Total Truth”

El Jardín (a mall) to eat. Several of us ate at

break up the semester (that’s already bro- by Nancy Pearcey and talks about how

Pizza Hut.

ken up further into blocks).

Christianity is supposed to be an integral

We went to Quito Colonial. As one of the

Oh… on the topic of food, that reminds

Speaking of blocks, we had our final exam part of our everyday lives, not just our “re-

NILIs commented, it looked almost as if

me. During our trip to Otavalo, I didn’t eat

for Block 1 this morning. Poof – 3 credits ligious” activities on Sundays. Mainly the

we were in Europe. Think narrower streets

rice – I went without eating rice for three

down. In 3 weeks – I can hardly believe it.

with tall buildings on each side, little shops

full days. Afterwards, I was actually kind of

on the street level. We went to the Iglesia

glad to have rice again. Watch… I’ll come

de la Compañía de Jesús, a cathedral. In-

home and miss it a lot.

author addresses the fact that our culture separates “scientific fact” and “religion and

Granadilla and Worldviews

values” into different categories, where in

posted: February 2, 2011 at 2:30 pm

reality our Christian worldview should de-

side the walls and ceiling were covered

Today after lunch (It’s 12:42 right now but

Today was a pretty normal day. I got up at fine everything we do. It’s a pretty interest-

in intricate designs in gold leaf, paintings,

I won’t post this until later) a group of us

6:30, went to breakfast at 7 – we had empa- ing read, and I really appreciate it… espe-

and nearly life-sized statues of some of the

are going to the Mercado Artesanal (sp?).

nadas filled with what tasted like (as Catie cially after last semester reading a book for

saints. We weren’t allowed to take pictures

We were there briefly during the “Amazing

put it) sloppy joe meat. They were good. World Civ II where one of the author’s ma-

inside, but it was really elaborate.

Race,” but obviously we didn’t have time to

Also, a fruit called granadilla – very interest- jor points was that “fact” and “myth” should

look around then.

ing. According to my Spanish prof., grana- be separated from each other.

Afterwards we went to an archeological museum by the plaza. We did take pictures

Our next big trip is scheduled for a week

in there. It wasn’t really big, but there were

from Sunday. (I’m not sure if we leave Sun-

care for it… but at least I tried something ing. It has a lot to do with philosophy and

several exhibits with artifacts dug up from

day or Monday.) We’re going east – to the

new (and I did eat it all.)

an ancient civilization in Ecuador.

jungle. For a week! Well, I think they said

Today we had my Christian Faith class. For saying “this is what we believe… and that’s

I also took pictures of the plaza. When

we were only actually going to be in the

a semester project, we have to each read that.” Instead, this is what we believe as

you see the plaza with a fountain in the

jungle for an hour or so. So I’m not really

a book and then write a 5-ish page paper Christians, not just because the Bible and

middle, a ton of pigeons, and the colonial

sure where we’re going to be the rest of the

on it and give a 15-minute presentation. tradition say so, but also because of reason.

buildings around it… no wonder it feels

time. But it’s going to be fun nevertheless.

The book I picked is really long, 370 some The concepts I learned in my Worldview

like being in Europe.

It really is nice having so many trips, short

dilla is really good for you. I didn’t much

This class is going well. It’s really interestlogic, so it’s a lot more appealing than just

pages, but it is really interesting. I’m over class in Jr. High are falling into place…


The Echo congratulates junior Chesney Burgweger on being chosen as the 2011 Southern Nazarene University Heartpal Queen. Burgweger was coronated at the annual Heartpal Banquet February 4 at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. [photo provided by Jenna Mitchell]

Get involved @ SNU This week there are plenty of ways for you to get involved on campus! Start tonight, with the Dodgeball tournament. Come to Broadhurst between the hours of 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. and cheer on your friends as they compete in the Dodgeball games, or compete yourself, if you signed up in time. If you find yourself fighting the Valentine’s Day blues this weekend, pay a trip to the library and study your blues away - the library will be open this semester until midnight Monday - Thursday and on Sunday, as per popular student request. If that doesn’t cure you, there are sure to be plenty of your friends around, so get a few together and find a way to celebrate. Whatever you do this week, get involved at SNU!

Album Reviews

The benefactor of uncanny

a dingy likability that only

levels of blog buzz and

the most cynical of patron

online LA

Matt Styers music columnist





But just on the preci-

climbed their way

pice of finding themselves

to the pinnacle of

among the indie elites,

the indie scene by capital-

the Cold War Kids have

izing on their listener base’s af-

turned heads again with

finity for obscurity. Dissonant and

the release of their third

minimalist, the band sound has sat

studio LP, Mine is Yours.

for the last several years tangent to, Cold War Kids- Mine is Yours Having spent the last several years

cannot appreciate.



yet not squarely within, any of a num-

and borderline grandi-

ber of genres.

ose, the 180-degree turn

working hard to elude labels, define a

The Cold War Kids’ live set has

distinct sound, and remain unpredict-

also played a significant factor in their

able and mysterious, the Cold War

leaps in popularity. Having toured al-

Trying to maintain the precarious

without a home in any demographic,

Kids’ blossoming music career has had

most incessantly since the latter half

balance between pleasing an exist-

the album is of the rare sort of quality

more than its fair share of surprises re-

of 2006, their scarce-yet-potent sound

ing fan base and broadening appeal,

that will most likely propel them even

flected in sharp changes in sound with

has accompanied an equally eerie

Mine is Yours is a hesitant leap into

further into the throngs of acclaim the

each release.

and compelling stage presence and

an entirely new arena. And though

world over.

the North American market

upper echelon, and their tendency

opening tracks. Additionally, the effort

and are poised to explode

to wow crowds with dynamic and

lacks a calling card, a single song that

in 2011 with the release of

energetic shows as a support act has

sticks hard enough to separate it from

their fourth studio album,

increased their fan base exponentially.

similar albums.

The Here and Now. High

As a whole, The Here and Now is

Because it features a sound for-

rates of member turnover

leaps and bounds ahead of each of its

mula beaten almost to death in futile

and a pressing tour sched-

predecessors in musicality and produc-

efforts to replicate the game’s heavy

ule have done nothing

tion quality. The album rises and falls

hitters, The Here and Now runs the

to slow the momentum of

almost continually, alternating without

risk of becoming a shelf-dwelling dust

Architects’ ascent to the

warning from melodic to chaotic even

collector. But with a burgeoning base

hardcore premiership, and

within single tracks. Rounded off by

of loyal supporters, an impressive

LP IV serves as a testament

melodramatic lyrics and a hearty

live set, and an exhausting tour and

to the quintet’s insatiable

serving of breakdowns, the entire

festival schedule ahead of them, there

taste for progression.

album oozes the sort of brilliance that

is little to suggest that anyone actually

has catapulted their peers to massive

cares about the album’s degree of

international success.


Architects’ popularity

in sound marks a dramatic turn toward mainstream appeal.

their new sound could easily find them

Architects (UK)- The Here and Now

has come in part from the help of very

Having enjoyed years of success

influential friends in the hardcore com-

abroad, British bomb-droppers Archi-

munity. The band’s tour history reads

tapers off slightly, a disappointing de-

images provided by im-

tects are quickly finding their way into

like a who’s who list of manic metal’s

cline after the fast-paced, memorable


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The last half of the album, however,

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