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February 8, 2013 Volume 84 Issue 15


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Coach from Remember The Titans speaks in chapel Brad Crofford (Editor-in-chief) and Garvis Long (Staff Writer) Former football coach Herman Boone addressed students in a special chapel service at Bethany First Church of the Nazarene on Thursday, Feb. 7. Boone was portrayed by Denzel Washington in the 2000 film Remember the Titans. “This move [Remember the Titans] is not about football,” Boone said during his speech. “It’s about how one can learn to accept another’s soul rather than reject them based on the color of their skin.” During his speech, Boone spoke at length about diversity. He talked about how his football team at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Va. came together and won games despite the racial tensions of the time period.

He then spoke about the United States now. He noted that at lunch time in schools around the country, there is still division as “another routine is a racial comfort zone.” Diversity is about more than race though, according to Boone. While people often think about race and gender, it also includes characteristics like age, ability, religion, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation. “You must find ways for people of different races and simply talk to each other,” Boone said. Boone also spoke about not Coach Herman Boone spoke with The Echo in an interview before addressing the being afraid to fail. He spoke of fa- student body in chapel. Photo by Audra Marston. mous men like Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill who had failed Boone also congratulated the sethey leave Southern Nazarene at something as a child but gone on niors. He said that they are expected University, they need to show the to make a difference and that once to do great things. Continued on page 4

Fake blood, video games and other Heartpal invitations Ronna Fisher, Assistant Editor SNU, a school full of tradition. TWIRP, Yule Feast, Back to School Bash, Finals Fling, and do not forget Ring by Spring. And, now with Valentine’s Day approaching, there is Heartpal. Comparable to a formal banquet, for the past couple of years Heartpal has been held at the Oklahoma City Art Museum. This year Heartpal will be held in the Hall of Mirrors at the Civic Center and will include ballroom dancing. The event entails dessert, dressing up, and taking plenty

of adorable “I’m-in-college” pictures. This also includes the wellknown tradition of boys creatively asking the girls. This creativity can include anything from scavenger hunts to singing guys to a programmed video game. How are guys asking girls this year and why go to all the trouble? After much scavenging by social network and word-of-mouth, here are the top three most creative ways that girls have been asked to Heartpal this year.

Number three: While on her way to Snowbarger Hall to pick up some friends, Natalie LeMay, freshman, was surprised by a large group of people jumping out into the street with a bunch signs. They were lined up all along Asbury with signs that said, “Will you go to Heartpal?” and “Honk to say yes.” “There was another [sign] that was “Keep honking to say no,” and I kept honking just to confuse them,” LeMay said. Eventually, a completely surprised LeMay joined the group

and her asker, Blake Frazier, with a “yes” for an answer. Number two: Freshman Gentry Smith turned his interest in technology into a unique way to ask Miranda Garlett, freshman, to Heartpal. “I asked my date to Heartpal by programming a Pokémon game. I always love messing with technology, and I figured this would be both a unique thing and consistent with my personality. She wasn’t expecting it at all! She almost completely

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Fake blood, video games and Heartpal invitations, cont’d

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missed it, too,” Smith said. Number one: Junior Tyler Copeland used quite a bit of theatrics to pull off asking Emily Gammill to Heartpal. “Tyler asked me to Heartpal by using fake blood and acting like he had cut his hand,” Gammill said. “All I could see was blood coming though, and I completely fell for it. As I was in a frenzy to stop the bleeding and get help, he pulled out a paper that said, ‘Heartpal?’” “I knew she was a Nursing mage, so I had to put her nursing skills to the test,” Copeland said. A lot of time, work, and creativity can go into asking someone to Heartpal, and all for one night. Why go to all the trouble? Felipe Simóes believes getting

creative makes it more memorable. Smith explains that it makes a “statement.” “When I asked Miranda creatively, I told her that she was worth the time to ask creatively,” Smith said. In addition, it is just plain fun. “It’s fun for both the guy and the girl,” Celeste Forrest, freshman, said. After all of the asking, students have a lot to look forward to. While some students have never ballroom danced before, there is excitement about getting to try something new.. “I’m most excited about the ballroom dancing! First of all because it gives us all something to do besides eat desserts and take picture. And also, ballroom dancing is something I’ve never done

Gentry Smith asked Miranda Garlett to Heartpal by programming a Pokemon game. Image provided by Gentry Smith.

before and will be fun to learn, even if it means looking a little ridiculous!”Gammill said. Heartpal is meant to be a time away from the stresses of everyday

school. It is a time to spend a great night with all of your friends. “It’s just a great way to dress up and have fun together,” LeMay said.

University uses wells to keep costs down during drought Brad Crofford, Editor-In-Chief Oklahoma has been experiencing a severe drought. According to the US Drought Monitor, 92 percent of Oklahoma was rated as having extreme drought and 37 percent as exceptional drought. From least severe to most severe, the scale goes moderate, severe, extreme, exceptional. While the availability of water on campus has not been affected by the drought, the university has lost some trees and other plants because of the heat and lack of water. Some students have suggested on social media that the university’s use of its sprinkler system in January in the middle of a drought is wasteful. Ron Lester, Director of Facilities Management, explained in an email response to The Echo how the university’s grounds are irrigated. “We make every effort to be conservative in our usage of water. Our Grounds Manager, Brett Benson, does a great job of only giving the grass the water it needs to thrive and not over watering, which has not always been the practice here. We have

been trying to improve the watering policies and schedules in the past few years to be more conservative and to water mostly at night, when it is most efficient,” Lester said. Lester then pointed out that sometimes watering occurs during the day in order to avoid freezing temperatures at night. This helps avoid ice hazards. This system uses sensors to help improve safety and efficiency.

“We also have sensors on our irrigation stations that are supposed to shut the system off if there has been sufficient rain or if the temperature is near freezing,” Lester said “Occasionally, we get caught with one of these not working properly and have sprinklers coming on when they shouldn’t be.” The university’s irrigation costs are also kept low by the way in which it obtains its water. “All of our irrigation water on

Photo by camknows used under Creative Commons license.

campus comes from wells and our main cost for irrigation, other than the maintenance of the system, is to power the pumps,” Lester said. As a further sustainability measure, several underground reservoir tanks were installed under Hills when it was built. The water from the roof then drains into these tanks and is used to water the grounds around Hills.




Fink Fast challenges students to fast and pray Brad Crofford, Editor-In-Chief On Thursday, Feb. 14, students will have the opportunity to sacrifice a meal for the greater good. Fink Fast is an annual tradition at Nazarene universities and colleges. During the fast, students can give up a meal at Sodexo in order to

benefit a noble cause. “It’s named after a student body president at NNU who lost his life the night before his graduation in the may of 1989,” Zach Bond, student body president, said. “This effort is both to honor his mem-

ory and continue in the vein of reaching out to support the labors of Nazarene compassionate ministries.” This year’s beneficiary will be an inner city outreach program in Kansas City. Past Fink Fast ben-

“we’re encouraging students to use the time they would usually be using to eat to pray and fast” eficiaries have included The Luke Commission in 2012 and a Nazarene student ministry at the University of Nebraska in 2011. While the charitable aspect involves giving up a meal at Sodexo, Bond hopes that students will also be engaging in the spiritual side as well. “Although students can simply buy food elsewhere, we’re encouraging students to use the time they would usually be using to eat to pray and fast,” Bond said.

Photo by Meneer Zjeroen used under Creative Commons license.

Measures taken to deter further vandalism in Hills Macy Silman, Staff Reporter Though only a few years old, the A.M. Hills Residential Complex has already been plagued by vandalism. Hills’ Resident Director, Tim Cole, spoke with The Echo in an interview about the latest vandalism in the dorms.

dormitory. The vandalism started just before Christmas break featuring inappropriate drawings in white sharpie. The custodians were able to clean it up completely. Since the stairs is where these “artists’” work were featured, the only place in the building that does not have security cameras, there are new security measures being taken. Cameras for each stairwell will most likely be installed to ensure this type of disrespect does not happen again. “We mainly think that the reason these things have happed are because it’s getting close to break, the students are getting This type of defacing school antsy and cooped up, therefore property is not unheard of, but they tend to act out,” Cole said. it is not so common in this new There are currently a few sus-

“Students are getting antsy and cooped up therefore they tend to act out.”

The A.M. Hills Residential Complex. Photo by Stephany Reyes.

pects. The resident staff is able to watch the video footage from around the designated area, narrowing it down to a couple of students. The measures taken

to convince any guilty parties to confess are given via e-mails. Any students found guilty of this vandalism will be addressed and more than likely given a fine.


February 8, 2013

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I <3 Valentines Day but I don’t <3 …

I remember (and if you’re lucky, things associated with romance, you remember too) making a mail- my love for Cindy was unrequited. box out of road-kill pelts in third On the back of her card she wrote grade the week before Valentine’s simply, “From Cindy.” Little affecDay, all a-twitter, knowing that with- tion hangs off the word, “from.” “Well,” I reasoned, “there’s in a few days Cindy was going to tell me she loved me. always fourth (Little And there I sat Prehistoric grade.” at home for hours, did I know that Legends by fourth grade, trying to scribe the all girls had cooperfect words in by Prof. Jim Wilcox ties.) perfect grammatiSo Valentine’s Day has its pros cal structure (even in third grade), to reveal my undying devotion to and its cons; its positives and its her, as well as my syntactical skills. negatives; its reasons to celebrate Picking out the right motif/packet and reasons to remain celibate. Here’s a list of things I love of one-sided “hot shots of love” at the local pharmacy, sometimes with about Valentine’s Day and things I a cupid, usually with a heart, and al- hate about it: I love the banquet SNU sponways in pink and/or red marked the sors; I hate the name of it, “Heartonset of Adoration Flu. But, as was my destiny in most Pal.” (In trying to include both

romantic couples and platonic couples, they’ve just muddied the waters, as far as I’m concerned. It looks like it’s from a hospital chart: “heart palpations.”) I love the little messages on those pastel hearts; I hate the ones made from Sweetarts. (Valentine’s greetings should be sweet, not tonsil-slapping bitter.) Here are some candied-heart sayings I’d love to see: “Stupid Cupid,” “Get over it,” “Dnt txt me,” “U R S A I,” and “2BZ4UQT.” I love dinner by candlelight; I hate vanilla scented candles. I love buying a card for my Valentine; I hate seeing them displayed in stores as they remove

their Christmas cards in December. I love simple engagement rings; I hate to see couples spend a 30year mortgage to buy one. I love loving one Valentine; when I was in college, I hated loving two. I love a nice sweater; I hate seeing holiday sweaters for every holiday. (Really? Camouflage on Veterans Day?) I love red and green at Christmas; I hate red and pink at Valentines Day I love love songs; I hate Billy Joel, Hall and Oats, and Celine Dion. (Oh, and anything from the 80s)

Boone speaks in chapel Continued from page 1 world role models outside of the pimps and gangsters of the world. Boone sat down for an exclusive interview with The Echo before chapel and spoke about the movie. One of the aspects where there was some creative license was the dramatic scene where he leads the team in a run to Gettysburg at three o’clock in the morning. “I might be a little crazy as some

coaches are, but I am not crazy enough to run them through swamps at three in the morning,” Boone said. He said they had instead taken a bus at 8 pm, but it had the same effect the movie shows. Those interested in learning more about Boone and the others involved with the T.C. Williams Coach Herman Boone speaks in a chapel service at Bethany First Church. Photo Titans can visit their website, by Audra Marston.

Heartpal is February 8 at 7:30 in the Hall of Mirrors at the Civic Center downtown. Tickets are $10 or $5 with a Crimson Card.


February 8, 2013

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Two individuals taken away by ambulances during games Brad Crofford, Editor-in-Chief Last saturday’s basketball games against Arkansas Tech University were far more tense than usual, but it wasn’t because of what happened on the court. Over the course of the women’s and men’s games, two individuals were taken on stretchers from the Sawyer Center by paramedics. The nature and extent of their injuries were not announced. The first incident happened soon after halftime during the women’s game. Jared Webster, SGA Vice President for Athletic Relations, was at the game. He described what he saw in an interview with The Echo soon after it happened. “It was an older gentleman trying to make that first step onto the Storm Chaser section. He fell and injured his hip,” Webster said. Webster thinks it was a hip injury because “That’s what they [the personnel taking care of him] were looking at the whole time: his side. That is an assumption.” The game was stopped and the players left the court while athletic training staff and paramedics looked after Robert Norris. After Norris was taken away, Scott Regester, the public address announcer, announced the man’s name and said a prayer, his paramedics, and his doctors.

The women’s game then resumed, and the SNU women won with a score of 99-80. Lightning struck twice as one of the opposing men’s team’s players, #22 Jeff Reese, also required paramedics’ attention. With 9:41 remaining in the first half of the game, play stopped as Reese was lying on the ground near the visiting team’s bench. “There was a player who had just come off the court. He complained of being short of breath and collapsed,” Webster

“It got really tense in here all of a sudden.” said. “They had to do CPR and resuscitate him.” It was initially unclear to those in attendance at the game what was going on. Freshman Katie Goodman was at the game when it happened. “I don’t know what happened. All I know is they said someone passed out, and it got really tense in here all of a sudden,” Goodman said. Reese cried out repeatedly while being tended to by athletic training staff and then paramedics. The gymnasium was almost entirely silent. The cheerleaders

formed a circle on the floor and prayed. Reese was taken away on a stretcher. Regester again announced the name and led a prayer. Students took to Twitter to solicit prayer for Reese and show their support. “Pray for Jeff Reese, Arkansas Tech basketball player. Just taken by ambulance from this basketball game,” Jakob Williams tweeted. “Praying for Arkansas Tech and everyone affected by today,” Kaitlyn Belanger tweeted. It was not immediately clear whether the men’s game would resume. Bobby Martin, SNU Athletic Director, came out to speak to the head coaches of both teams and the referees. After a brief delay, it was announced play would resume in ten minutes. When Arkansas Tech University’s men’s team regained the court to warm up, they were greeted by a standing ovation. In a show of solidarity, the members of SNU’s men’s team hugged each of Arkansas Tech University’s players. SNU’s men’s team went on to win the game with a score of 61-54. According to Arkansas Tech’s Facebook page, Reese was released from the hospital on Wednesday .

Make sure to support the basketball and baseball teams in their upcoming games!

SNU Keep up with results and scores at snuathletics. com Athletics



Heartpal Court 2013


February 8, 2012

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Maia’s Hometown: Arromanches, France

Three hobbies: Traveling, running/ biking, and watching depressing movies. Major: Elementary Education Favorite food: Eggs. No, I am not joking. Childhood dream: Hip hop dancer Hidden talents: You will never know... Biggest fear: I’m fearless. Like Taylor Swift. Favorite verse: Genesis 50:20

Maia Brown Katelyn’s Hometown: OKC, OK

Katelyn Lamb

Three hobbies: reading, writing, arithmetic (ha.). Major: English Favorite food: Ice cream cake. Yep. Childhood dream: Sea World dolphin trainer Hidden talen: Telling secrets. Biggest fear: Being locked in an insane asylum when I’m sane. Also, wasting my life on unremarkable pursuits. Favorite quote: “You are a tree in a story about a forest” -Viktor Frankl




Shelby’s Hometown: Olathe, KS

Three hobbies: Samuel Duce, playing music, and playing baseball in Central Park Major: Urban Ministry Favorite food: Ice cream Childhood dream: Famous singer/gymnast Hidden talents: I can yodel Biggest fear: Getting trapped in the ocean and eaten by a shark. Favorite verse: Isiah 54:10

Tickets for sale in the commons

Shelby Oxner Laura’s Hometown: Midwest City, OK

Three hobbies: Music, traveling, and learning how to cook Major: Vocal Music Education Favorite food: What food don’t I like? Childhood dream: Pro soccer player or a veteranarian Hidden talents: speaking in strange accents Biggest fear: failure Favorite verse: Romans 10:15

Laura Miller

Courtney’s Hometown:Edmond, OK

Three hobbies: Being with friends, traveling, watching The Bachelor Major: Elementary Education Favorite food: Italian Childhood dream: Teacher! Hidden talents: I can roll my belly Biggest fear: Snakes Favorite verse: 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10

Courtney Redwine




Jason Hubbert and Jake O’Bannon predict the Oscars

Jake Best Picture: Argo Best Director: Steven Spielberg Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway

Jason Hubbert: If you love movies, it’s been a great year! Love the comic book movies? Batman’s conclusion was epic (and unjustly locked out of the Best Picture category), and the Spiderman relaunch was decent, The Avengers was awesome fun, and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer was surprisingly entertaining. Love the rom-coms? Silver Lining Playbook hit the rom and the com while showcasing two of the hottest actors working today. Dig the serious period pieces? Lincoln had you covered. Love fantasy? Beasts of the Southern Wild, Life of Pi, The Hobbit, John Carter, and Cloud Atlas made for an unusually diverse (and bigbudget) year. Art house? The Master. Political thrillers? Argo and Zero Dark Thirty are the best since Syriana.

loves her. Should Win – Amy Adams; She is iron masquerading as velvet as she controls and channels the fire in Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Master. Jake: Will Win – Anne Hathaway; There is no doubt. She has won at every award show thus far, and the Oscars won’t be any different. Should Win – Anne Hathaway. Sure, Field was incredible (and got to do her signature cry), and Jason, you hit it on the head, Adams was awesome. But this has to go to Anne, even if it’s really only for one (flawless) solo.

man “The Master”, Tommy Lee Jones “Lincoln”, Christoph Waltz ‘Django Unchained”

Jake: Will Win – Tommy Lee Jones; Lincoln may be underperforming at the other award shows, but I really feel like The Oscars are going to be much more kind. And Jones was strong in a field of AWESOME performances. Should Win – All of them (but Christoph Waltz if I had to pick); Waltz was fantastic in Django. But he won’t win because he won the same award for another Tarantino film in 2009. Jason: Will Win – Philip Seymour Best Supporting Actor Hoffman; in an extremely tough Nominees: Alan Arkin “Argo”, race to call. Should Win – Philip Seymour Robert De Niro “Silver Linings Playbook”, Phillip Seymour Hoff- Hoffman; but, any other year, Alan

Jake the Movie Guy: I couldn’t agree more! And I think we would both agree that because of that, the Oscars are wide open this year in a number of categories (but not all of them *cough, Anne Hathaway, Daniel Day-Lewis cough*) and that will make them tough to pick. But let’s give it a shot anyway. Here are Jason Hubbert and Jake The Movie Guy’s picks (and wishes) for the major categories at this year’s Oscars.

Best Supporting Actress Nominees: Amy Adams “The Master”, Sally Field “Lincoln”, Anne Hathaway “Les Miserables”, Helen Hunt “The Sessions”, Jacki Weaver “Silver Linings Playbook” Jason: Will Win – Anne Hathaway; She should have gotten it for Rachel Gets Married, and the academy

Photo by Craig Lincoln used under Creative Commons license.




Jason and Jake predict the Oscars, continued Arkin.

Best Actress Nominees: Jessica Chastain “Zero Dark Thirty”, Jennifer Lawrence “Silver Linings Playbook”, Emmanuelle Riva “Amour”, Quvenzhane Wallis “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, Naomi Watts “The Impossible” Jason: Will Win – Impossible to call, but I’ll go with Emmanuelle Riva. The Academy doesn’t like to make tough calls and votes old. Should Win – Jessica Chastain, who keeps cranking out greatness. Jake: Will Win – Jennifer Lawrence; Her movie is not controversial, she isn’t too young, she isn’t too old, and people actually saw her movie. My process of elimination says this one goes to Lawrence. Should Win – Jessica Chastain. As far as I’m concerned this one isn’t even close. But the Academy isn’t going to vote for such a controversial role. What a shame.

Best Actor Nominees: Bradley Cooper “Silver Linings Playbook”, Daniel DayLewis “Lincoln”, Hugh Jackman “Les Miserables”, Joaquin Phoenix “The Master”, Denzel Washington “Flight”

the Academy loves in a film and Daniel Day-Lewis is our greatest living actor. Should Win – Joaquin Phoenix. What he does in The Master is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Jake: Will Win – Daniel Day-Lewis. No arguments here. His performance as Abe Lincoln was perfect. Should Win – This award is all Lewis, but I would love to see if go to Jackman too. He played a tough role. And yes, Phoenix is hauntingly brilliant in The Master.

Best Director Nominees: Michael Haneke “Amour”, Benh Zeitlin “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, Ang Lee “Life of Pi”, Steven Spielberg “Lincoln”, David O. Russell “Silver Linings Playbook” Jake: Will Win – Steven Spielberg; This award was decided when the nominees were announced. No Bigelow or Affleck means Spielberg is a lock. Should Win – Christopher Nolan. Why not? Give him the Oscar for the trilogy. If only… Jason: Will Win: Steven Spielberg Should Win: Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty) or Ben Affleck (Argo), neither of which were even nominated!

Best Picture Jason: Will Win – Daniel Day-Lewis. Yet again. Lincoln is everything Nominees: Amour, Argo, Beasts Editor: Brad Crofford Adviser: Melany Kyzer Content Editor: Kendra Nixon Layout Editor: Kira Roberts Assistant Editor: Ronna Fisher

of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty Jason: Will Win – The trends say Argo, but I’m going Lincoln. The Academy tipped their hand with the Affleck snub, and Lincoln is a movie they love to reward. Should Win – There were four perfect movies made this year: Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, Silver Linings Playbook, and The Avengers. I’d rank them in that order based on originality and relevance, with ZDT the best. Jake: Will Win – I’m buying the hype. I don’t like the hype, but I’m buying it. This is going to Ben Affleck and Argo Should Win – Lincoln. It’s the best film of the year. And that means a lot in such a strong year of film. If it were last year, any of these nine movies would have competed with The Artist for Best Picture. So there it is. Tune in to the Oscars on February 24th to see how we did!

Disclaimer: This article does not represent an endorsement of any of these movies by SNU. Students should research any movie and determine whether or not they are comfortable with the content prior to watching it.

Jason Best Picture: Lincoln Best Director: Steven Spielberg Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis Best Actress: Emmanuelle Riva Best Supporting Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway

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