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Lee Redmond gazing longingly at a pen

nce we’ve eaten, I’ll scoot off by myself to the salon in the drop top, my nails blowing softly in the wind behind me. The rest of the afternoon is solely dedicated to my manicure. I have three professional nail artists working on each hand at any one time. By about four o’clock, I feel like a new woman. Paying the bill is another story as signing cheques and picking up coins can prove difficult for me. Thankfully, I have a tab there, and Bingham handles our accounts. I go home and take a long shower, taking care not to blind myself when I’m shampooing. And speaking of pooing; not a problem. Ways and means people, ways and means. After I’ve wrapped myself up in my fluffy robe and I’ve given the babies their evening moisturisation mask, Bingham

and I tend to watch television. We’ll fight over the remote a little as he normally wants to watch the game, but throwing a ball around feels alien to me… I just can’t connect with that kind of TV. I like ‘The Swan’, that series about women who want a load of surgery. They’re all so weird; it’s a regular freak show.

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