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“I was beaten up pretty badly and, as I came to, I looked up and there was a name spraypainted on the wall: ‘Stylus’”

So I took that as my moniker and donned a mask.” A fan of comic books, he is currently developing a new outfit based on DC Comics’ Red Robin, but for the time being he patrols in a suit and tie, plus a shiny black skull mask. Most of his activity is breaking up fights, but he also deals with muggings and vandals. “Truth be told, during weekdays, there’s not a lot going on, most days I will come home in about an hour as the streets are dead. But weekends, when people have been out clubbing and drinking and worse there can be a fair few incidents. “It does get quite physical and assailants have turned on me a few times, but I’ve always been able to deal with them.” He does however use force “only if absolutely necessary”, adding, “I’ve never seriously injured anyone and I stick to the mental point that I’m not batman and if I do seriously hurt someone there will be repercussions.”


ack in Birmingham, Nighthawk is trying to push the activities of RLSHs in the UK to the next level. He is currently looking for new members to join his own group the Justice Union, and is urging anyone who is interested to get in contact with him through Facebook. He provides full training and vetting before membership to make sure people are serious. He is also in the process of building a tech and communications department inside the Justice Union. The communications team are focussing on developing an ‘Oracle’ system to watch over hotspots and the RLSH out on patrol, tracking locations through google maps and radio contact. He certainly has some big ideas and it can only be a matter of time until the RLSH movement is as big here as it is in America, if Nighthawk has anything to do with it. Criminals of Britain, watch out.


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