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in front of the spaceship before it takes off. “I will miss my little princess most, my daughter Jeannie,” he says. “I hope someday she’ll come to meet me on Mars.”


n spite of the fact that, as Paul acknowledges, the Mars One expedition seems likely to be “the biggest television event in history”, not one of the candidates seems worried about Big Brother style tiffs on the

rocket. Vinod is sure that human nature requires a certain level of compromise, while Erica points out that “training with these people for seven years will give the ample opportunity to learn about them and learn how to get along with them.” And Melissa? “If I got on that spacecraft and couldn’t stand someone, I’d just have to deal with it. I mean, we work with people we can’t stand every day; it’s not much different to that. Except it’s forever.”

I will miss my little princess most. I hope someday she’ll come to meet me on Mars


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