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Four year old Robert Tufts has proved that age need not be a barrier to a political career in Minnesota. The toddler has been elected mayor of Dorset, a small town of 22 people that claims to be the restaurant capital of the world. Each year, the town chooses its mayor by pulling a name out of a hat at its “Taste of Dorset” festival. The electoral system works exactly like a raffle where candidates names can be submitted as many times as they like, but each submission costs one dollar. Mayoral candidates need no qualifications and can be of any age and residency. The town’s website strictly stipulates that “votes received without the dollar will be void”. Tufts’ campaign manager and mother, Emma Tufts, spread their campaign poster around the village and secured enough submissions for his name to be pulled out of the hat. Mayor Robert “Bobbie” Tufts lists fishing as one of his hobbies and confidently claims that leeches and worms are the best baits. Reportedly, he is a better fisherman than his dad. He has also settled on only having one girlfriend, Sophia. Most decisions in the town are made by the local business community so the mayoral post is largely ceremonial.

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Four-year-old governs town

580m passengers

His duties include helping residents cross the road, and the new mayor also takes it upon himself to brighten the residents’ day by singing and dancing. Tufts’ mother told ABC that he takes his duties seriously. “Mostly it’s just going to daycare and schmoozing with the girls, but he did the Governor’s Fishing Opener, and he loves meeting and greeting people at the restaurants. He greets everyone.” Kathy Schmidt, whose family has lived in the area for four generations, has high hopes for the new mayor. She told local reporters that “he’s amazing. He’s just completely amazing. He’s right in your face and well-spoken. You can’t imagine what a ball of fire he is”. When Australian morning television show Sunrise tried to interview Tufts earlier this year, he ignored their questions and broke into song instead.


Estimated value of 4ft long spliff confiscated by police at a 4/20 rally in Santa Cruz, California



Number of letters in the longest word in the German language, before changes to EU meat legislation in June made it obsolete

Annual number of users of the Prague metro. The company that manages the network have announced plans to introduce a ‘singles only’ carriage for busy Czechs looking for convenient speed dating

15 %

Pay rise offered by US Real Estate brokerage, Rapid Realty, to staff who tattoo their logo onto visible parts of their body

1st place

Position two Indonesian High School students came in the country’s Science Project Olympiad; they had created an air freshener from cocunut water and cow manure

9.14 metres

Height an NYPD officer found himself stuck up a tree after rescuing a cat in Queens. He was helped down by the Fire Department. Witness Jeff Yu described the scene as “kind of comical”

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A new quarterly magazine that offers a ‘meander away from the mainstream’ by documenting the more unusual and offbeat people, places and ide...

The Eccentrist  

A new quarterly magazine that offers a ‘meander away from the mainstream’ by documenting the more unusual and offbeat people, places and ide...