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Students drop in, not out, these 40 days ECC Hatfield is powering on with our 40 Day Journey, and it’s been a blessing to see these young adults committing to walk as a community in this time. There are about five small groups running on the three different university campuses and we’re seeing people being added and growing in their faith as individuals and together. Second semester is in full swing and we’re seeing God working among us. We’ve settled into our venue at the Hillcrest Swimming Pool and last night we had our first baptism, Lauren Hudson. It was an incredibly beautiful moment to watch a public declaration of rebirth of this young life – we thank Jesus and trust Him for many more. We have been asked to be one of the churches partnering with them on a continual basis. This will take the form of assisting in their worship on aWednesday afternoon, developing a Girls High Worship Team in 2014 and being part of a inter-schools SCA fraternal. In addition, Mark will be doing training with the in-coming SCA leadership on the 5th of October as part of our on-going leadership development programme.He is continuing to open doors and we’re trusting His hand as we walk forward.

Pray for this evening, as we are hosting our first ever creative worship evening at Girls High; pray for open hearts. Our God has done great things and will continue to do great things. We’re expectant in this exciting season as youth and young adults commit their lives to living for Christ.

Lauren Hudson: my baptism story As I sit here and think of the journey I have walked with Jesus, I am reminded so much of how faithful He has been in directing my every step. I've been in a relationship with Jesus since the Spring of 2007 and it's an overwhelming realisation to think back on how blessed I have been to know the living God and now be able to testify of His undying love for, and devotion to, me. I decided to get baptised as an expression of my surrender to Him as King of my life. Also, it's biblical, check :) I know that I am not my own and I desire to celebrate my understanding of new life in Christ with the family into which God has called me. I am nothing without Jesus and, just as Jesus gave it all for me, I wish to do the same for Him. I am humbled to know that in my brokenness

and weakness, Jesus made a way for me to have life. Mainly, I love Jesus with all my heart and the whole baptism experience was a fun time. I am blessed to be a part of the Eastside family where everyone was filled with so much joy and a spirit of celebration. Thank you to Mark for leading me through it and to Thembani and Ruthanne for praying over me. I am grateful for community... We simply are better together. Psalm 34:1 "I will praise the Lord at all times. I will constantly speak His praises." No matter what happens to me in this life, I know that I always have reason to worship my Jesus. He is good always and His faithfulness never ends.

Under the sea This past Sunday was dark and fishy as our children boarded Submarine ECC13 to travel to the beautiful Friendship Falls. On board they could hear the sounds of being under water and were able to look out the windows to spot a variety of underwater creatures. Steered by our experienced Captain Neville Arendse, the children had a great trip. Some were even awarded lovely naval photos for Bravery and Knowledge (memorising Scriptures). A few even managed to borrow, indefinitely, a shark, octopus and a jelly fish. Once the children had checked in at customs and entered Friendship Falls, they learned how we belong together and how God wants us to be in meaningful and lasting friendships. Don't miss our coming week of further and greater travelling together! Special prizes on 15 September for those who can memorise all eight memory verses!

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Snapshot Issue 27, 22 August  

Exciting things are happening at our Hatfield campus - 40 Days, Girls High ministry and our first baptism this week! Lauren Hudson tells her...