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SNAPSHOT Holiday Club 2013 draws nearer In just six weeks’ time we’ll see the likes of hundreds of kids running around with crazy amounts of energy, loud noises, singing, laughter, infamous jam sandwiches, really early mornings, and many little lives changed for the glory of God. This is Holiday Club! We have seen the faithful hand of God year in and year out; we don’t expect this year to be any different. With all this excitement growing, we took a moment to chat to Robyn Ball and hear a bit about her children’s ministry background, her heart and expectancy for Holiday Club 2013– Master Baker. Here’s what she said: (go to next page…)


What is your first memory of Holiday Club? I was holding a little boy, a naughty little boy – not sure why. He jumped out of my arms and landed on the hard floor! Scream, sob and cry he did, and I thought his parents wouldn't ever bring him back near the church (but they did fortunately). What made you decide to get involved on a greater scale? It’s rather addictive being part of changing little lives as well as having your own life changed. Explain a bit of your heart for children in this community and how Holiday Club is a tool in that. Kids in our community face so many challenges; some have no hope, they don't have Christ. What better tool than a week-long programme to show children our Saviour, and to grow their faith in Him. What is your fondest memory of Holiday Clubs? Being a clown, literally, all day, playing pranks and making people laugh. Kids can get a little crazy sometimes, what’s the joy of doing what you do? Kids can be crazy, and tiring, but they can also be refreshing and encouraging, lovable and just child-like. I am always learning from them – such a personal reward in seeing children live and love Christ.

What do you trust God to do this Holiday Club? I'm trusting God to give us favour amongst private schools for our first Holiday Club over mid-term breaks, for God to move in families that haven't been a part of this before. Are you nervous? Excited? Nervous? Never! Excited? Always! The highlight of my year is six weeks away! How can people get involved? What things are needed? People can get involved by giving time during the two week program or giving resources needed to turn this church in a giant bakery!

Clockwise from top right: Collecting food; wonderful arts and crafts; prayer is important to kids too; just another crazy sock day!

[May 2013, Issue 12]

[May 2013, Issue 12]

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[May 2013, Issue 12]

Snapshot Issue 12  

In this week's issue we chat to Robyn Ball about Holiday Club and her heart for children's ministry.

Snapshot Issue 12  

In this week's issue we chat to Robyn Ball about Holiday Club and her heart for children's ministry.