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Tuesday, 2.4.14


Voting process changes

Rick kobe Collects 500th win

Ryan Clancy tec staff

nick faulkner I archived

The Lady Pirate swimmers are undefeated this season and only Campbell stands in their way. A conference championship is on the horizon for ECU. The final match is slated for 1 p.m. on Saturday in the Minges Natitorium. For the full story on Head Coach Rick Kobe's historic victory, Turn to A8.

Vice chancellor appointed

Caroline West tec staff

Joining the university in just a few weeks Christopher Dyba, formerly of Tulane University, will begin his new role as vice chancellor of university advancement. Appointed last December by Chancellor Steve Ballard, Dyba’s experience and knowledge proved to university administration that he was qualified to lead the next chapter of university fundraising. “Chris Dyba emerged as the best candidate from a very competitive search,” wrote Ballard. “We could not be more excited about this appointment and know that Chris will be a strong campus leader.”

As vice chancellor of university advancement, Dyba will work as head of the Division of University Advancement, including development, major gifts and the annual fund. He will also work in Christopher Dyba conjunction with multiple university foundations, associations and boards to set strategies to engage alumni, parents, corporations and foundations to raise money for all aspects of the university. “This role calls for a lot of management, a lot of collaboration and a lot of good ole fashioned fundraising,” said Dyba.

Although fundraising is a major aspect of Dyba’s new job, it is not all Dyba is concentrating on. He is putting effort in explaining that his job does not include handing money to the university. His job is about making an investment and providing resources so the university can continue to grow and serve the region. “It’s not just people giving to they university because they feel good about it… but we want people to make investments in the university and when they do," said Dyba. Dyba worked in higher education for about 19 years and has 14 years of experience working >

Chancellor page A2

The SGA Senate has moved to a new voting method in order to provide more accountability for their senators. Senate Resolution 07, which was passed on Jan. 27, was sponsored by SGA Senator Adam Caldwell and will change the way the senate votes from general consensus voting to roll call voting. “There’s many different avenues to voting and I thought role call would be the best way to vote,” said Caldwell. “It would be professional but it would also instill a sense of accountability within the senate because people will now know exactly where their senator stands on a certain issue by the way they vote.” Previously votes would only occur by general consensus, a way that would only show how many senators were for and against a particular bill. “All we would know is in the minutes it would reflect 20 voted aye and 10 people voted nay,” said Caldwell. “We would just have numbers whereas under this resolution we’ll have names associated with how the senators vote.” Caldwell said the new process of voting will take longer than the old process but the end result will be worth it. This way students will know where their senators stand on certain issues. “If the secretary has a roster to reflect the senators who are there >

sga page A2

Brody Medical curriculum reconstructed Edward Boseman Tec staff

In Sept. 2013 the Brody School of Medicine began reconstructing its curriculum with a new program called Redesigning Education to Accelerate Change in Healthcare. BSOM is one of 11 medical schools nationwide that received grants through the program to change the way medical education is taught. According to Elizabeth Baxley, senior associate dean for academic affairs at BSOM, REACH started in Sept. 2013 and is a five-year reconstructive program for the medical school. According to the university’s REACH webpage, out of 143 medical schools in the nation 30 were invited to fill out a full application to the program. Only 11 schools, including BSOM were chosen. BSOM will hold this program alongside other applicants, including NYU,

Brown University, Vanderbilt and other universities in the U.S. As part of the $1 million grant initiative, Brody will be focusing on reevaluating patient safety, clinical quality and improving rural and underserved populations healthcare, according to the REACH webpage. Baxley said BSOM’s curriculum has changed over the years but the new advances will revolve around providing better healthcare. According to the REACH webpage, along with basic science courses, the new curriculum will include classes catered to patient care and teamwork. Grant proposals from other schools include reevaluating other aspects of health care training, such as a virtual health care system, introducing a more immersive >

brody page A2

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BSOM was one of 11 medical schools in the U.S. to receive the REACH grant.



Former Pirate wins Super Bowl ring

Sheppard Library to host book sale

Operation Beautiful event tonight

Former ECU defensive tackle, Michael Brooks, earned a Super Bowl ring this past Sunday as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. During his time at the university, he majored in criminal justice with a concentration in homeland security. Brooks is the fifth Pirate with a Super Bowl championship ring within the last four years.

The 23rd Annual Friends of the Sheppard Memorial Library Used Book Sale will be held at the Greenville Convention Center on Feb. 7–9. A wide variety of genres will be sold, such as fiction, classics, biographies, cookbooks, mysteries and many more. Proceeds from the book sale will benefit Sheppard Memorial Library and its local branches.

Student Leadership and Engagement presents Caitlyn Boyle, founder of Operation Beautiful, to speak to students tonight at 6:30 p.m. in Mendenhall Student Center. Operation Beautiful is a program that encourages a positive self-image for women and men. The goal is to build confidence in oneself, which can lead to amazing leadership opportunities. This will count as a Passport Event.

ECO-pirates and The East Carolinian would like to remind you to recycle this paper.

Check out: "Grimesland shooting" by Amanda Adkins and "Girls' night out" by Emily Schultz at

Tuesday, February 4, 2014



chancellor continued from A1 on several multi-million and billion dollar fundraising campaigns. Vice Chancellor Virginia Ha r d y w r o t e , “C h r i s’ successf ul f undraising background, experience in building strong development teams, ability to cultivate donor relationships and contagious personality will serve the university well towards achieving our future advancement goals.” At Tulane University Dyba served as the senior

associate vice president of development since 2010. In this role he spent most of his time focusing on major gifts and school-based giving. “There are several things that I am excited about,” said Dyba. “I was very impressed with the leadership… the loyalty of the alumni base… and am looking forward to going to ECU sporting events.” This writer can be contacted at

brody continued from A1 style of teaching and looking at the time required for actual studies, or shortening the usual four year school to three or longer as needed. “ Together all these grants will be used to create a new system or model,” said Baxley. REACH faculty will be derived of faculty from BSOM, College of Nursing, College of Allied Sciences and the university’s dental school. Staff from Pitt County’s health department will also join REACH staff. This group of faculty will

attend REACH’s “Teachers of Quality Academy.” Not including other student who will be a part of the program, 10 students from each class will be picked to be Leaders in Innovative Care. These students will assist other students by coaching and mentoring them. This particular aspect will not begin until after the fall semester in 2015. Baxley said students will need to be prepared for a rigorous environment. This writer can be contacted at

The friends of the Sheppard Memorial Library


Feb. 7-9, 2014

Cash or Check only! Friday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

**Bag Day $5 per paper grocery bag

**Sunday 1-3:30 p.m. Greenville Convention center DSS02042014DH

303 SW Greenville Blvd.


sga from A1


at the meeting and she just goes straight down it and every senator records their vote, more than likely it will take more time,” Caldwell said. “But it also provides accountability to the students because I believe they need to know where their senators stand on issues that come before the senate.” The results from the votes will be posted online on the SGA website. Jacob Miller, a junior economics major, said he thinks the new voting system could be good for students. “I think it could be useful to see how the senators vote,” said Miller However, if the speaker of the senate feels a bill does not need to be determined with a roll call vote, he can put it up for general consent instead. “If there’s a resolution before the senate, such as a resolution to honor East Carolina on its birthday, I’m not sure if there’s senators who oppose that,” said Caldwell. “So that might be one of those issues where we might not want to take up the time to do a roll call vote.” A decision to vote with general consent can be overridden by the senate. “For example, if the speaker was to say that he believes a certain issue is for general consent, and there is a sizable number of senators that do not believe that an issue should be decided through general consent, they can stop that from happening,” Caldwell said. The new voting process is based on a parliamentary guidebook known as “Robert’s Rules of Order,” that was published in 1876. This writer can be contacted at


A3 Tuesday 2.4.14

pirate rants

I’m honestly not waiting to be “courted” by anyone. What century is this? Why do textbook and MyMasteringLab prices have to be so expensive? If the professor requires the books, the university should provide them for free to students. We already pay more than enough to be here! ECU is so concerned with safety; they should work on the real danger zone, the stoplight at the bottom of college hill! If you don’t like the way we deal with snow, PLEASE go back to where you came from. New 305 Gold Bus Drivers, for the record you’re not supposed to leave Belk ‘til on the eight. People on campus need to watch where they are going. Put your phone down for two seconds and pay attention to the world. We need another snow day. Can’t I be a woman who has both self-respect AND copious amounts of sex. Yes, building a new dorm will make campus look newer and nicer, but it is very inconvenient for people that lived in Belk. Not only did we have to move in the middle of the year, but it causes problems with parking and transportation. It was not a good decision to tear Belk down! The struggle is real crossing 10th to go to class. Am I the only one who feels like frogger? I think every intersection in Greenville needs a stoplight. I put the FUN in functional alcoholic. Do not get on the bus and sit yourself in the middle of those three seats in the back. What kind of sense does that make? Pirate Rants...making me look busy at work since 2012. You can’t rock a toboggan that says freak on the front then rep a Vera Bradley book bag. You look confused. #Fashionfail. To the girls in the 2nd floor study room Monday night: Are you FREAKING kidding me? Everyone on the whole floor heard every word you said. Those walls are paper-thin, not to mention y’all were loud as h*ll. Super classy. ECU should do a poll to see who likes the new logo. Can TEC finally figure out why the ground outside Rawl is smoking? It’s been a few months now. *Enter ignorant message here* Fried shrimp, grilled shrimp, shrimp sandwich, shrimp burger, shrimp stew. What about Seinfeld The East Carolinian does not endorse statements made in Pirate Rants. Questions regarding rants can be directed to Will Farrar at



Logo change is the right step

Over the last week, the new ECU athletics logo has been ridiculed and judged with many for it and many against it. We at The East Carolinian believe that the athletic department has taken the right steps to rebrand ECU in the correct way. In the past, many people recognized the Pirates by the Pee Dee logo, the Jolly Roger (Skull and Crossbones) and as well as the Pirate State of Mind logo. ECU Athletic Director Jeff Compher and the marketing staff created a way to rebrand the university by combining all of the significant logos into one recognizable logo.

Yes, the jawline and teeth may be different than what ECU has seen for years, but change is a good thing. A group of 82 people came together to create a logo that can be used universally. There will be no need for the Pee Dee logo to appear on TV Saturday afternoons because the new Jolly Roger is the look of Pirate Nation. Adding ECU to the Pirate hat designates whom the skull and crossbones are directly related to. Not to mention the upgrade to the American Athletic Conference, where ECU can start fresh and have a TV deal connected to big time college football. Pirate Nation can be spread throughout the United States on Saturdays and not just in the southeast.

Defense shines in Super Bowl Will’s Way Well, the Super Bowl did it again. For the fourth time in five years, the NFL’s biggest a n n u a l Willliam Farrar event has T ec staff set a record for the most-watched television event in U.S. history. The Seattle Seahawks destroyed Denver’s highoctane offense as over 111.5 million viewers watched across the country. For many of us football fans, especially those of us in Denver, the 43-8 blowout became nearly unbearable to watch. We all can reflect on the excitement and hype that built up in the weeks before the game. The record-setting offense led by Peyton Manning and a host of receivers were sure to put on a show on sports biggest stage.

web photo

Seattle’s defense put on one of the best defensive performance in Super Bowl

Most everyone was disappointed with the game, obviously with the exception of Seattle fans. However, for anyone like myself, I thoroughly enjoyed watching a defense dominate a team that has scored at will all season. If you did not enjoy it, any sports fan could surely respect it. In recent years, has the NFL not been considered to be a league designed for offenses to thrive? ESPN, NFL Network, and many

other media outlets have all argued this hypothesis. New rules being implemented to keep players safe has made tackling ball carriers a bit more complexed then what it was before. With that being said, was it not interesting to watch a game become complete opposite of what we all expected? Even though the Seahawks have been the number one defense in many categories all season, many fans and sports

broadcasters didn’t give them the chance to put on such a show. Everyone has heard that saying “defense wins championships,” a theme that is exhausted by coaches in all sports, not just on the gridiron. Head coach Pete Carroll stayed faithful to this old saying and shocked the world. Cornerback Richard Sherman and the infamous ‘Legion of Boom’ caused four turnovers, one being a safety and fastest score in Super Bowl history. Whether you have realized it or not, the Super Bowl was not boring or disappointing. Although Peyton Manning and his many weapons did not dazzle us with a four or five touchdown performance like they did all season, it was even more dazzling to watch 11 determined athletes out perform a well-oiled machine. Farrar is a senior majoring in communication and the Opinion editor. To contact him, email

No snow days off for some Take a step back As the last few patches of snow are melting away, students have been forced to return to class and suck up the fact that we have no more snow days. What has been called the “snowpocolypse” of 2014 granted students three, four if you were lucky, much-needed days of relaxation. News of the wintry blanket that covered the Greenville area made national headlines as some ReAnn Melaga braved the cold and celebrated the break with a T ec C olumnist school-wide snowball fight. But as students were playing in the snow or choosing to staying warm inside, there was a lot of work going on behind the scenes that some have failed to recognize. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication by many people to keep a university-based town running. It requires even more effort when a large portion of the student population has been stranded on campus or in their apartments due to unsafe traveling conditions whether by foot or motor vehicle. With roads and sidewalks too dangerous to use, routine trips to the grocery store, Wal-Mart and fast food restaurants become virtually impossible. Because students were unable to venture from their residences, it was up to the on-campus staff and the hard work of local employees to make sure everything and everyone was well taken care of. Typically, college students are able to fulfill their constant need for food by going to one of the many convenient dining locations found in Greenville. However, the inclement weather temporarily took away this privilege forcing on-campus residents to quench their hunger in the dining halls. With such a large number of people to take care of, the dining hall staff quickly stepped up to the plate and was able to keep the needs and stomachs of students satisfied. Another big concern that ECU students and Greenville residents were faced with was unsafe travel conditions. Being so close to the coast, it

Our staff

Chase Kroll Jessica Richmond Cas Norris Emily Gardiner

Editor in Chief Managing Editor Production Manager News Editor

is unusual for anything other than a few snowflakes to reach the area. Although the weather radars were calling for the severe conditions, it is another issue to deal with first-hand. But, thanks to the hard work of the Greenville and ECU police departments, local weather stations, department of transportation workers and many more, safe travel was achievable as quickly as possible. Winter weather can rapidly cripple a town in more ways than one. For students, the cancellation of classes can be seen as an opportunity for a momentary break from the stress of school. For campus staff and many Greenville residents however, the inclement weather was accompanied by the need for hard work. More often than not I think the amount of effort put in by campus staff and those who keep college towns such as Greenville running goes unnoticed. If not for the constant hard work put forth by these dedicated men and women, instances such as severe weather could easily be more unmanageable than it already is. It is important to give thanks to those who sacrifice their time and effort to make snow days safe and enjoyable because without them it might not be possible. Melaga is a junior majoring in communication and a TEC columnist.

Poll results

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? Broncos or Seahawks?

Broncos - 63% Seahawks - 37%

Will Farrar Melissa Phillips Ronnie Moore Andrew Carter

Opinion Editor A&E Editor Sports Editor

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Tuesday, 2.4.14

Photographer captures the bug life Brooke Rowe T ec S ta f f

Imagine if your history professor was secretly a racecar driver, or that your accounting professor was also a talented opera singer and musical composer. Though it’s easy to think about the unlikeliness that someone successful and trained in one area could be skilled in another, it is more common than you would think. ECU’s Division of Health Sciences campus discovered a way to show that someone’s profession does not define or limit him or her from pursuing their passions outside of their careers. Art as Avocation, a series of exhibits, have been put on display on the fourth floor of the Laupus Library since Jan. 2012 to emphasize the artistic works of the Division of Health Sciences faculty, staff and students. Tomorrow’s opening reception at 4:30 p.m. celebrates the most recent exhibition “Downeast Bugs, Birds, and Butterflies,” a gallery of up-close wildlife photography from a retired ECU professor. Jerry Lotterhos, who taught in the department of addiction and rehabilitation, demonstrates his love for nature and appreciation of being outdoors through vibrant photographs. “It started way back when I was really interested in wild life,” said Lotterhos. “I love the outdoors and had done some photography and I’d gotten involved in the wildlife in North Carolina.”

After retiring, Lotterhos began a serious pursuit of wild life photography around 2003, and enjoys spending his time exploring the natural beauty of the Eastern wild life in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. Lotterhos emphasized the importance of truly understanding wildlife photography as a process and as “a fascinating reality,” and taking the time to get close and observe what is right in front of you. After constantly observing nature, he really took an interest in photographing creatures with wings including dragonflies, birds, bald eagles and butterflies, which he referred to as “God’s flying flowers.” “I love wild life and being outdoors, and I enjoy the hunt to the critters in the wild,” said Lotterhos. “It’s almost a spiritual thing for me, it’s how I get my soul nourished in a way.” Using his Canon 7D, Lotterhos keeps a photo journal online and constantly seeks out the perfect photo opportunities in places, including his favorite local park, River Park North, and several fish ponds around Pitt County. “One of my favorite birds is the eagle because they are such regal and beautiful birds, are on the top of the food chain and are dominant,” said Lotterhos. “There are quite a few in Pitt because several people I know own fish ponds.” Lotterhos’ online photo journal, www., documents many adventures his passion has taken him on, from his back yard to national wild life refugees. Though most of his time is spent Nicole Agresto I the east carolinian


bugs page A5

Jerru Lotterhos, retired professor emeritus from the department of addictions and rehabilitation studies, speaks about his latest gallery show "Downeast Bugs, Birds, and Butterflies."


Web Photo

"That Awkward Moment" raked in $9.01 million in revenue opening weekend. The film was directed by Tom Gormican, who also directed "Movie 43" (2013) and "Save the Date" (2013).

New release brings an 'awkward moment' Jessica McGettigan T E C S ta f f

For such a good looking cast “That Awkward Moment” was surprisingly ugly. Not to be mistaken, there are definitely several humorous moments and it never hurts to see Zac Efron with his shirt off. This bromance tried too hard to be funny at some points in the movie, for example when Mikey, played by Michael B. Jordan, accidentally used Daniel’s, played by Miles Teller, self tanner. It seemed a little far fetched and unrealistic that the palest person in the cast would be using self tanner at all. “That Awkward Moment” seemed to be more of a guy’s movie rather than a chick flick. There were many points in the movie where it was difficult to follow the jokes they were making and a lot of the script was forced humor.

The movie appears to try and give insight on anyone who might be questioning what a group of twenty something guys say and do when they are together, almost like a younger male version of “Sex and the City”. However, it makes you wish that you never questioned what goes on behind closed doors. The movie starts out with Mikey getting dumped by his wife, and in the midst of his crumbling marriage his two roommates dump on him for trying to take comfort in the form of chocolate ice cream. Snatching the ice cream away Jason, played by Zac Efron, and Daniel buy some beer and drink their troubles away. Parts of the movie were particularly embarrassing to watch, not because they were too risqué butbecause the script was so poorly written that it was sad to have to watch the talented male leads have to perform talentless scenes. It couldn’t have been more predictable from the beginning

that this bromance rom-com would end with at least one of the characters falling in love, let alone two. However, it was almost cute in a way how sneakily the three roommates tried to hide their feelings for their love interests from one another, which was probably the most realistic part of the whole movie. The appropriately titled “That Awkward Moment” certainly speaks for itself. Overall the movie was cute and something that would be entertaining for a rainy Netflix day.

Grade: C This writer can be contacted at

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Arts & Entertainment





ECU Student Media is now accepting applications for MEDIA EXECUTIVES 2014-2015

Nicole Agresto I the east carolinian

Lotterhos' wildelife photography is now being displayed in The Laupus Library February 5-13th.


C: 86 M: 100 Y: 0 K: 12


AD AGENCY C: 0 MANAGER M: 24 Y: 94 K: 0



Nicole Agresto I the east carolinian

Photographer Jerry Lotterhos helping set up for his show, "Downeast Bugs, Birds, & Butterflies."

bugs continued from A4 in photography, he said that the exhibit was not about being professional, but rather appreciating sideline hobbies. The display was a part of the showcase series, Art as Avocation, which holds a gallery of artists’ works for six to eight weeks in the Evelyn Fike Laupus Gallery. It was a program designed to bring more to the library and utilize the gallery space. Kelly Dilda helped create Art as Avocation as a way to bring more art into the library on the Health Sciences campus and utilize the gallery space. Each spring and fall, a different artist


nt: LavanderiaApplicants Sturdy must be a full-time student with a GPA at or

above 2.50. Media Executive applications available at: or from the department has their work highlighted. “We came up with a concept of putting on an art exhibit with pieces from staff who pursue art in their downtime for their hobbies,” said Dilda. “You might be with a doctor who does brain surgery all day long but is this amazing woodcarver on the side that you wouldn’t know otherwise. This is our way of celebrating those talents.” This writer can be contacted at

Self Help Building, 301 Evans St., Suite 205 A, Greenville, NC The deadline for submitting applications Feb. 21, 2014 at 5pm

For more information email SMB02042014MA




and Puzzles Tuesday, 2.4.14

FOR RENT Downtown loft apartments/houses in the GRID. One, two, three and four bedroom options available in both places. For information visit or call 252-531-5701. Reserve your Riverwalk home now for Fall 2014 and pay just $300 for your 1st months rent! Now offering all inclusive pricing. Contact Eastern Property Management at 252-3213281 Ext 2 for details. ECU duplexes at Wyndham Circle 2 bedroom, 2 full bath, cathedral ceilings, newly decorated. Great price, large deck in big back yard for grilling, pets okay. Available January 1, February 1, 2014. $595/month. Call fast 252-321-4802 or text 252341-9789. ECU student duplexes on bus route or walk to class! Duplexes at Wyndham

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On the bus route! Move In Specials! Contact 252-321-3281 Ext 2 for details! PIRATEPLACES.COM  It’s time to pick your perfect house across the street from ECU for next year.  We have over 80 of the best and closest houses next to ECU.  Pick your favorite house that is listed as AVAILABLE at PIRATEPLACES. COM and request a showing.  We are signing leases NOW for this summer. Last year all of our houses were rented by March so don’t miss out. Go to PIRATEPLACES.COM today.  Walk to class! 6, 5, 4, and 3 bedroom houses available in August: How about living in your own house with a yard (some dogs OK), a large bedroom and be able to walk to campus, downtown, the rec center, etc. (1 to 2 blocks from campus). Private bedrooms with privacy locks. Central heat/air.  Basic cable, high speed Internet, washer/ dryer, lawn care, monitored alarm

system all included in rent. Call (252) 916-5680. Walk to class 1 block from campus. 2-bedroom apartment with hard wood floors and central heat/air. Washer, dryer, dishwasher, high-speed Internet, basic cable, water & sewer all included. Available Aug 1. Call (252) 916-5680.

HELP WANTED The graphic designer will be responsible for creating design solutions for Student Media that have a high visual impact. Their design skills will be required for a huge variety of products and activities such as designing advertising for local businesses that will be placed in The East Carolinian, and creating marketing materials to help promote WZMB 91.3 FM, Buccaneer yearbook and Student Media Events. This is a great opportunity for individuals interested in a graphic design career and will like

to expand their portfolio. Must have a 2.25 GPA. Call (252) 328-9245 or email Sales associates needed at Once Upon A Child. Ft/Pt apply in person Monday through Friday from 10am-5pm at 923 Red Banks Road, Greenville. The East Carolinian is searching for a webmaster. The webmaster’s role is to coordinate the planning, maintenance, and accessibility of TheEastCarolinian. com to assure all users a rich online experience. This position will ensure that the look and feel of the website is  consistent across and throughout the organization. The webmaster will also be expected to perform day-to-day administration of the website. Computer Science major needed to collaborate with high school students for 5-10 hours per week. Must be familiar with Java language. Call 252341-5460.


Majoring in Awesome

Brent Koehler

tec C A rtoonist

Brain teasers


Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Level: 1


3 4



Solution to Thursday’s Puzzle

Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit, 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit © 2014 The Mepham Group. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency. All rights reserved.

ACROSS 1 Find the answer to 6 Chicago mayor Emanuel 10 “The Wizard __”: comic strip 14 Bird-related 15 Blue Bonnet spread 16 Musical symbol 17 Hosiery support item 19 Astronaut Shepard 20 Jai __ 21 Suffix with billion 22 Subway entrance 23 Barbecue veggie eaten with one’s hands 26 Southwestern desert 29 Actor Stephen 30 Washer maker 31 Snorkeling site 37 “Wheel of Fortune” purchase 38 Hose nozzle option 39 HDTV brand 40 Ice cream drink 43 Play the coquette 45 Debtor’s letters 46 Award hung on a wall 47 1988 U2 album and movie 53 Be a ham 54 Oboe insert 55 Fancy cracker spread 59 1990s vice president 60 Wimbledon feature 62 Curling appliance 63 Mexican-American War president 64 Damaging bug 65 Cong. meeting 66 Dazzles 67 Kind of reptile found at the starts of 17-, 23-, 31-, 40-, 47- and 60Across DOWN 1 It’s a long story 2 Avocado shape 3 Coin once tossed into Italian fountains 4 Pope’s place, with “The” 5 WSW’s opposite


By Kevin Christian

6 Red-breasted bird 7 Olds model 8 Trojan beauty whose face launched a thousand ships 9 Witty remark 10 Painting the town red 11 __ acid: prenatal vitamin ingredient 12 “Boot” country prefix 13 Star in the constellation Cygnus 18 Red inside 22 “The Giving Tree” author Silverstein 24 Egg cells 25 Highchair feature 26 Sir counterpart 27 Bygone science magazine 28 The slammer 31 Tax season VIP 32 Mork’s planet 33 Arctic explorer John 34 “ER” actor La Salle 35 Stationery hue 36 Karma 38 Cage’s “Leaving Las Vegas” co-star

Monday’s Puzzle Solved

Thursday’s Puzzle Solved

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41 Little tabbies 42 One and only 43 Winter malady 44 Satirize without mercy 46 Degrees for many profs. 47 Longtime morning co-host, familiarly 48 What it is “when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie”


49 Barcelona bulls 50 Archery missile 51 Harlem Renaissance writer Zora __ Hurston 52 Classroom fixtures 56 Subtle glow 57 Arduous journey 58 French I word 60 Student’s stat. 61 “CSI” network


A7 Tuesday, 2.4.14

Home winning streak continues Corey Keenan tec Staff

Mike Seegars I the east carolinian

Jada Payne (23) leads ECU in points (20.3) and is second in rebounds (7.4) per game.

Head Coach Heather Macy and her Lady Pirates picked up two big conference victories this past week in a pair of exciting games against Old Dominion and Charlotte. The wins gave the Lady Pirates 25 consecutive home victories. The Pirates earned a win against Old Dominion Thursday that snapped a 28-game losing streak to the Monarchs. Shae Nelson played one of her best games as a Pirate. Nelson hit a three to give the Pirates a five-point lead (40-35) with 16:13 left in the game and gave the ladies enough space to get a comfortable lead. Despite falling behind, Old Dominion showed no relent. Following two free throws by Janesha Ebron, the Pirates led by seven (61-54) with 1:45 left. The Monarchs immediately came down the court and drained a three to cut the lead to four. After the Monarchs cut the lead to two on free throws, Ebron was fouled on the inbound pass and sent to the line. She put the game out of reach by hitting both of her shots with 13 seconds left and gave her Pirates a 64-60 lead. The Pirates’ 64-63 win over ODU made them 5-2 in Conference USA play.

“Today was all about focus; I got myself more focused than I normally [do],” said Nelson. ECU played without one of its big contributors in Kristine Mial. Mial’s absence was not hard felt however, as junior Shae Nelson scored her ECU careerhigh 17 points. “There’s no doubt we know Shae can do this every night,” said Coach Macy. “We’re hoping that this can be a breakout game for her.” The Pirates had a big improvement from the line (82 percent) following their loss to Southern Miss where they shot 57 percent from the charity stripe. “I’m really proud of the kids down the stretch to respond and make buckets,” said Coach Macy. “Great team-win today.” The Lady Pirates then took on Charlotte Saturday night in front of a packed Minges Coliseum. Nelson played a big part in the Pirates’ victory again and was shocked by the energy in the arena. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the crowd that engaged,” said Nelson. Feeding off the energy in the arena, the Pirates were able to pull out to an early lead. Despite the ladies holding a six-point lead with 2:03 left in the half, the 49ers stormed back and took a 9-0 run to end the half with a

30-27 advantage. Usual leading scorers Jada Payne and Abria Trice were nowhere to be found in the first half, combining for six points. Trice erupted in the second half however, as she scored the first nine points for the Pirates and finished with a game-high 21 points. “It was all about confidence,” said Trice on her stand out second half. The Pirates fell behind in the second half as they committed turnovers and played sloppily. The 49ers held a five-point lead (54-49) with 6:55 left in the game. But ECU stormed back with a 22-8 run to close out the game. Nelson hit a huge three pointer with 2:43 left that put the Pirates ahead, 63-61. “It was all about our mentality and poise on that play,” said Nelson, who picked up 17 points in the win. ECU ran away with the rest of the game and took the win, 71-62. The Lady Pirates are now 18-3 on the season and 6-2 in conference-play following the big weekend. The Pirates’ next game will be tomorrow against Marshall in Huntington, W.Va. This writer can be contacted at

Pirates notch first conference win

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The elusive first conference victory can be hard to earn. Stuck in a slump isn’t a place a team wants to be. But Saturday, ECU climbed out of the hole and claimed an all-important win, boosting the Pirates confidence. Winless in Conference USA and going no where fast, ECU headed to Birmingham, Ala., a place where the North Carolina Tar Heels fell to their demise exactly two months ago. The 74-67 victory over the Blazers wasn’t just a win; it was a breakthrough for the rest of the season. Junior Paris Roberts-Campbell had his best and most complete game of the season on Saturday where he scored 21 points, eight rebounds and five assists. Not only did he lead the Pirates offensively, but he also hit three of six from three-point range, while hitting crucial free throws to close out the Blazers late in the game. ECU led at halftime, 33-27, like they have for the majority of the conference games this season. But this time the Pirates started the second half strong with the 12-2 run, not surrendering the lead. With 13 minutes left in the game,

Tuesday 2/4 (Away) Men’s Golf Sea Best Invitational Ponta Vedra, FL

the Pirates held a 16-point lead, but ECU saw their lead diminish to just 68-66. ECU Head Coach Jeff Lebo and the Pirates held their breath during the late stretches of the game, but that’s as close as UAB would get. After trimming the lead to just two, the Blazers missed their last six shots while ECU connected on six free throws. C.J. Washington led the way for the Blazers with game-highs of 25 points, nine rebounds and three steals. Rod Rucker, a preseason player to watch in C-USA, scored 13 points, grabbed seven rebounds and dished out five assists. The 36 rebounds by the Pirates were the second most against a Conference USA opponent (41 vs. Florida Atlantic) this season. With limited post players, rebounding has been an inconsistent part of the Pirates game, but four players grabbed six or more rebounds to help the Pirates. Three of those ( R ob e r t s - C ampb e l l, A ke e m Richmond and Antonio Robinson) played “bigger” as they rebounded well from the guard positions. Another factor to ECU’s success was the efficiency from downtown. The Pirates love to shoot the trey ball and three different Pirates went

(3-6) from behind the arc. Richmond, the nation’s threepoint leader per game (4.6), is closing in on ECU history. The Sanford, N.C., native knocked down 105 last season, setting the ECU single season record, and already has 101 this season. His 206 three’s are third in ECU history, only 23 behind Lester Lyons who hit 229 in his four years as a Pirate. Richmond has been a Pirate for only two seasons. Before ECU got over the hump and won its first conference game, the Pirates traveled to Middle Tennessee State and faced off against the Blue Raiders. MTSU, standing at 15-7 overall, beat down the Pirates in the paint and ran ECU out of the gym Thursday night, 84-67. Shawn Jones shined for the Blue Raiders as he scored 22 points and grabbed 11 boards against the Pirates. Tweety Knight chipped in 15 points and six rebounds from the guard slot, while running mate Kerry Hammonds II had a game high six assists while pouring in 13 points in the game. For ECU, freshman Caleb White has stepped up his game and been a consistent force on offense. White

Wednesday 2/5 (Away) Women’s Basketball Marshall 7 p.m.

Thursday 2/6 Men’s Basketball UTEP 9 p.m.

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Freshman Caleb White (2) has scored in double figures in 19 games this season.

has scored in double figures of every game this season except for three. The freshman swingman has averaged more than 14 points per game in the last six games. ECU’s first conference win is a build up to a big time matchup Thursday night in Minges Coliseum. The UTEP Miners head into town for a bout on Fox Sports 1 at 9 p.m. Last season, McKenzie Moore

Friday 2/7 (Away) Softball Grand Canyon/BYU 1 & 3p.m.

CALENDAR Takeaways WOMEN’S BASKETBALL Coming off home wins over Old Dominion and Charlotte, the Lady Pirates travel to Marshall on Wed. in hopes of improving their conference record to 7-2.

MEN’S BASKETBALL The Pirates hope to continue the momentum from their first conference win when they host UTEP on Thursday. The 9 p.m. matchup will be nationally televised by Fox Sports 1.

hit a half court shot to down the Pirates at the buzzer. This season, Moore was kicked off the team earlier this season for gambling on athletic events. The Miners are still a tough pill to swallow as they are tied for first in Conference USA and they are led by two big men (Vince Hunter and John Bohannon) in the paint. This writer can be contacted at

Saturday 2/8 Men’s Basketball UTSA 5 p.m. (Away) Women’s Basketball UAB 3 p.m.



Junior Jeff Hoffman was named Preseason First-Team All-America by Baseball America.

Head Coach Rick Kobe picked up his 500th career win this weekend. He is only the sixth coach in NCAA history to accomplish the feat.

CHARLOTTE BOBCATS The Bobcats are 21-28, eighth in the Eastern Conference.

CAROLINA HURRICANES The Hurricanes are fifth in the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference with 59 points from a record of 25-20-9.

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Kobe makes history on Senior Day

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The Men’s Swimming team finished 6-2 on the season while the Women are still undefeated with one meet left.

ECU Head Swimming Coach Rick Kobe becomes the sixth coach in NCAA history to reach 500 wins t ec Staff

Heading into Saturday’s highly publicized contest, ECU Head Swimming & Diving Coach Rick Kobe needed only two more wins to be just the sixth coach in NCAA history to amass 500 victories. If the pressure wasn’t on enough already, it just so happened to be ECU’s senior day and there was no way the Pirate seniors were letting Kobe walk away empty handed. The Lady Pirates defeated William & Mary 184-108 to extend their undefeated record to 10-0, while the men knocked off the Tribe as well to advance to a 6-2 record after a final score of 158-130. Kobe’s 500th win now puts his

overall record after 32 years of service at 500-180-1 with eight conference championships, seven Coach of the Year honors and a possible ninth conference championship looming in the distance. “It’s unbelievable,” said Kobe on his record-breaking achievement. “It’s just a little piece of history today and I’m just so happy to be a part of it.” Kobe’s modesty doesn’t do his accomplishments justice. His 500 victories place him sixth all time behind Boston College’s Tom Groden (698), North Carolina’s Frank Comfort (578), Yale’s Bob Kiputh (528), Virginia’s Mark Bernardino (510) and current Georgia Bulldogs Head Coach Jack Bauerle (505) as the only revered


members of the “500” club. But Kobe’s place in college swimming immortality wouldn’t be possible if it were not for the combined efforts of a women’s swim team that some doubt can be beaten and a men’s team that has proven it cannot be taken lightly. The Lady Pirates ‘A’ team set the meet’s tempo with a first place finish in the women’s 200-meter medley relay. The combined efforts of Anna Gibas, Anastasia Amoiroglue, Megan Sellers and Tori Angermeier helped the ladies to finish with a time of (1:45.35). Lauren Baker would also be a difference maker for the women. She recorded a first place time of (1:52.47) in the 200-yard freestyle. Anna Maria Svannbergson was hot on her

2.5.14 MSC 7 PM

Wayne Hall

East Carolina University

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Individuals requesting accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) should contact the Department for Disability Support Services at least 48 hours prior to the event at (252) 737-1016 (Voice/TTY). For more information contact SAO at 252.737.1808 This event sponsored by student fees.


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Diver Will Beliveau approaches the water and enters as narrow as possible.

heels with a second place finish. For the men, the Lithuanian phenom Rokas Cepulis took care of business as usual, touching first in the 200 breaststroke with a time of (2:20.68). While Michael Dugan swam to victory in the 500 freestyle with a time of (4:37.02). Kobe’s accomplishment aside, Saturday’s victory has ECU sitting in full control of the conference after beating a William & Mary team highly favored to win its own conference championship. “It took fast swimming,” Kobe said. “It was a big win for us and it sets the girls up next weekend to be heavily favored in going undefeated.” Senior Pirate swimmer Noam

Bechar, whose personal bests in the 200 backstroke and 200 individual medley came at William & Mary’s expense in 2012, was almost at a loss for words following Saturday’s huge victory. “It’s amazing to be able to reach the big ‘500’,” Bechar said. “I’ve been here for four years swimming and competing, and it’s just amazing to be a part of this team.” For now, Kobe and his team can celebrate. But Monday he and the Pirates are back to business as the women prepare for a possible undefeated run against Campbell on Saturday. This writer can be contacted at

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